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  1. The way to get these to go away is to stop supporting them
  2. Do these light up right away or are they the newer type that wait until they are 200 yards out?
  3. As high as ammo is these days I'd bet they are impaired somehow and I wouldn't go over there for any reason. Let them talk to the Deputy Sheriff and if they are hopped up on something they will figure out not to do that anymore and could get a trip to town out of the deal.
  4. Been going on as long as I can remember late 80's early 90's
  5. 06 Brass will work if you run it through a 8mm Full length first with some imperial sizing wax. I would fire form it to define the shoulder before I worked up very high. Your only talking about .030 . If you really have to have 35 Whelen brass I might trade you something for some. Message me I don't have a lot of time through the week
  6. Use the 240 or 250 gr. size shot and blow there heads off unless your walking with a shotgun.
  7. I heard on the way home. They played together since 1969.
  8. Does anyone have a clue what is really going on? The whole lead situation seems to be on the skids.
  9. Why would anyone care what he thinks. Any thought that he has goes through his head at the speed of light and never returns.
  10. If anyone in the community has any savvy with these 4X4 auto units I could use a guiding hand. I am still having index issues off and on and primer feed problems. It has had the bushing replaced. The setting on the expander seems to be brand sensitive to the point of one chambers perfect with little or no bullet bulge and Geco brand brass gives trouble regardless if its trimmed or whatever. So many variables
  11. I would not buy them to shoot but that's me. Depending on what they were I might buy them for components. Pretty much buyer beware on anything remanufactured
  12. I've been cleaning up a older unit and RCBS has discontinued the updated indexing rod. If anyone has any idea where a person might buy or trade for one message me. They were redesigned from the original to be a slower twist and improve indexing issues. Thanks Sunfish
  13. One of the worlds largest https://www.aguilaammo.com/
  14. I learned to do it years ago for Mullet in Fla.


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