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  1. Be very careful down on the ground and have your Blaze orange on. Some of these nuts shoot at noises
  2. 4.3 TBI 90,100 miles and counting. PW and door locks new exhaust including cat , new fuel tank with pump and sender. Ignition system has less than 10,000 miles MSD wires, complete new distributor Bought by Gibson guitar for Chet Atkins new. The ABS module has been disconnected and needs a AC blower motor switch that's less than $20 at Parts Geek. (Blower still works). Drive anywhere needs a good Home. Passes emissions $4000 Cash is the price. PM me if interested
  3. We have a bumper crop of Hickory nuts and Black walnuts. Very few acorns especially the little White oak ones deer go for. (Smith Co. above the Caney Fork)
  4. Hardly any acorns this year. Deer have worked their way into fields looking for something to eat.
  5. 1911's are very different animals than a striker fired rig. I will tell you a well oiled clean machine will always run better than a dry dirty one. I use really light Mobile one synthetic oil and make my own grease of sorts from nickel anti seize , STP and Moly powder. It must be stirred but is way better than Gunslick. Don't get any on your clothes. Certain ammo is way dirty and others not so much in my experience. Looking at the brass you have fired in your gun will give you clues to whether or not its hot enough or smoking the brass. The primer may also give you clues to things about your gun. Find something that works and stick with it if your going to carry it or depend that it will shoot.
  6. I'm not familiar with that particular model but it sounds like the disconnector plunger is hanging up. They are different from say a 70 series type to the newer 80 series stuff. Its going to be in the slide either way. Could have a burr or some dried grease. It's not hard to take the slide all the way down and look everything over. I'm betting a little TLC will put you back on top
  7. I'm pretty sure they trick or treated the wrong house. Not too much happens at 4 in the morning that's on the up and up. So let the good times roll in my opinion
  8. Gun folks need to breath some life into the younger generations. Education and right wing air time that has had some thought put into it. The left is just waiting on us to die so they can protect those that remain to death. The left also knows there is no changing our old asses and the young people flock to them because there is no structure and few rules. When they wake up in the real world with a couple kids of their own and a bunch of bills to pay they start getting particular about where their tax dollars go and after that they consider individual rights. Sunfish
  9. If the module was never flashed it will do exactly as you describe. When they have been flashed they are usually plug and play but not always. Try starting it and then reconnect the module to see if your ECM will learn it. Even then it may take several key cycles to put the ABS light out.
  10. I still have this and will throw in 200 rounds of clean Yugo ammo a $60 value @.30 cents a rd. New price $550 No Trades
  11. This dude is long gone. I'm betting he has had wheels under him from the start. Once he finds a weapon and is mobile it's on until they corner him.
  12. You can rent a wood chipper for a lot less than $52,000
  13. This is the liberal media's opportunity to make this 10 times worse than it is. Someone called it a political platform but that's really shaky ground to be standing on IMHO. Juarez probably has 20 gun deaths a month. Make no mistake this is a terrible thing that happened in Texas and Ohio but what the goober smootchers and attention seeking do gooder's are doing with it is just as bad. Trying to control sick minds is a losing battle and the majority of people know that putting Band-Aids on bullet holes does not work. For every time this sorta thing has happened and the different measures that have been put in place they need to be reminded what the definition of madness is because they are proving over and over that it's true.
  14. Another nut job with no regard for human life. I'm afraid the misery of his actions will cause a great deal of grief long after he gets the needle. He needs to get some Hell on earth before he goes to the real one.
  15. Buy a can of GGG from SG ammo. If you were closer I'd split a can with you.

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