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  1. Sunfish

    8mm mauser head space

    I have a set of gauges. I will let you borrow/use if you can wait until the weekend. PM me
  2. If this doesn't work out I have one a 20 inch PSA came in.
  3. Sunfish

    On 'Code-speak'

    The media can't influence the people who don't listen to it or participate in it. You can also trust that when our guns are all gone these college educated gainfully employed anti's are not going to like it when the fascist's dictators show up with a whole new set of rules for them. At best they are near sighted and were not paying any attention in History class.
  4. Sunfish

    On 'Code-speak'

    The liberal mindset is if you say something enough it will become reality. Some of them grow out of it or wake up in mid life others continue to exist in a fantasy land where everything is free and there are no consequences. Never give an idiot a audience and stop supporting what they care about. Right now they have momentum but soon enough they will realize no one cares what they think. They don't believe it anyway. Attention seeking behavior has never been very popular in the foot to mouth world
  5. Part of this looks like a trap to me. The left has surely anticipated our every move and if the media shows up they will label us and take everything said and done out of context and it's likely to be victory for them at our expense. If you could figure how to get some accurate air time and printed word out there it would go a long way. The first thing the left does is involve the media and pass out literature. The NRA better be lining up a media campaign on steroids with some of the millions and get the ILA off their ass and on the move
  6. Sunfish

    Justice Department to ban bump stocks

    Reactive legislation at it's finest. Paddock and Cruz were both ill in different ways. Paddock was probably Bi Polar and Cruz is clearly Autistic. Paddock had a pretty good run on life but refused treatment which would have been a small inconvenience that amounted to taking a medication. Cruz on the other hand had an issue combined with being dealt a bad hand in the blood family department that was never going away. Banning bump stocks will not help frustrated angry and overwhelmed people ever. Life is a lot like a checking account. If you don't put much in you won't get much out. Sunfish
  7. It's Not. Look who is sponsoring it and where he is from. The Land of Taxes
  8. Sunfish

    Kroger to stop selling evil gun magazines

    Yes, I know them well. Everything hauled to Nashville now comes out of Louisville, KY.
  9. Sunfish

    Kroger to stop selling evil gun magazines

    When Kroger moved their operations from Nashville to Louisville, KY and the people that worked there for many years lost their seniority and their jobs I was pretty much done with them. They wouldn't have stopped selling those magazines if there was any money in it.
  10. Dang it is not warm enough for me to be sleeping outdoors Yet!
  11. Sunfish

    ad closed Ruger SR22 pistol SOLD

    I was a little short when I bought the XD-M or it would have been going for a ride to my house
  12. The guy at Guns and Leather does good work. He is well liked in the 45 community.
  13. Sunfish

    45 ACP "carry" ammo

    I would walk just about anywhere with mine full of Federal HST and I also like the Federal 185 HI-SHOK JHP. I get them at SG ammo
  14. Sunfish

    Bump Stocks

    Bump stocks are good at making a lot of noise and ammo disappear but I don't think there is one thing evil or sinister about them. The trouble with surrendering things as a bargaining tool will eventually lead to the anti's having all the cards. We are slowly being assimilated to the tune of one to many amazing coincidences. The timing is way to good for this to be totally random acts
  15. Sunfish

    compressed powder loads

    I turn on my vibratory tumbler with the lid on and hold my finger over the mouth and rest it on there lightly so it can bounce a little and it only takes a couple seconds to shake it down.

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