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  1. East German Makarovs

    Not sure where the thumb rest grips came from but my EG had a set and I carefully rubbed it off with a file. (It's not hollow) Sold it to a member a while back. good reliable carry gun
  2. A .32-20 Thread.

    Your doing the rite thing staying with the Colts that are in decent shape. Smiths of that era are bad to shave lead with bad timing and don't lock up as well. Some of the last Smiths that were J frame made in 32-20 were of better quality and are scarce in very good shape. Like all the two number cartridges is was black powder to begin with. They really woke up with smokeless and were a pretty flat shooting round in a carbine or pistol.
  3. I have shot plenty of 8mm Mauser and 9.3x62 S&B and it is far superior to Privi and PPU.
  4. Gun safes? What to look for?

    I like the S&G lock for the long run. Buy the biggest heaviest one you can afford and if your not putting it on a slab you may want to support it from underneath because over time your floor will sag. Mine cost $2100 in the 90's and weighs 1100 empty. Also go with the 72 inch high over the 60. Stop by Harbor Freight and buy two mover dollies. I have moved mine 3 times on a trailer. Sunfish
  5. Gun season opens in the morning

    A spike walked up rite at 8:00 and I shot him. He ran down into a hole and it took over 20 minutes to find him because there was no blood trail that I could see. The bullet lodged a piece of the heart in the exit hole which was large. I was surprised that I saw anything as windy and warm as it was. There was a few at the locker but slow for opening day of gun. I just stepped out with my dog and it's windy again today but much cooler than yesterday. I think I'll hang out and watch the race today
  6. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    They were moving Saturday Morning but it warmed up and the wind put them down again. A spike ran under my stand with about 2 inch horns and a Doe saw me and quartered away into a thicket. Heard several shots early but none after 9:30. Buddy shot his second spike Buck that was chasing the Doe that I saw. 92 pounds Field dressed. The natural selection thing is out of whack in Smith Co. I suspect a lot of bucks are being checked in as does on line and being home butchered. Some of the shots I was hearing in the distance were centerfire and two close together for a muzzleloader. The old way of checking them in was not broken and in my opinion they should go back to it. The TWRA is anything to make a buck now days.
  7. Relocation suggestions

    I resemble a long line of Hillbilly's. Better find you a car that's easy on gas and start looking because your going to see a bunch of no's before you find the right one.
  8. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Nothing moving my way today. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Heard 2 shots way off before 8:30. Turkeys were out in force. The wind was blowing in circles bad.
  9. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Going to be even warmer today. I'm going to hunt a little early and clean up around my stand with a chainsaw and loppers. The temp is headed down after the rain comes in. Be safe
  10. Got to meet !!

    Save all the brass and I'll either put them back together for you or buy them. 200 rounds will last a long time deer hunting
  11. Odometer, of sorts.....................

    My record keeping has never been very good. I do keep a notebook with my reloading manuals that has a few recipes scribbled down but its no spreadsheet by any means. BW tell us some good choices for powder in 45 Colt? So far I have tried 2 and have another that I intend to try. AA#5, 2400 and an old jug of unique. My Redhawk has a 4.2 barrel and the cylinder has been honed to .4525. Tried two different projectiles so far. The Hornaday 240 XTP Magnum and some HY-TEC coated RNFP 250's I picked up from Acme. The Ruger is New to me just picked it up a couple months ago.
  12. Ammo brass?

    What ya got to trade for some lead? I hoarded it for years and have come to the realization that I probably will never use it all. I got some big rolls of solder too.
  13. Remington 700 vs. Seven??

    Be careful with those 700's. Many can be tricked to fire when the safety is pushed off. I have seen this first hand on two different rifles that were bought used and bone stock. Remington had a huge recall and corrected the issue but there are many still out there. The 700 has the fastest lock time around and is a fine action
  14. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    My CVA is on and hoping for a good opening day. I went to .458 sabots and a 405 gr. swaged lead bullet in front of 2 777 pellets and have not lost one yet. Last year was the first time I got skunked in Muzzle loader. The weather and the rut were not in sync. The year before I shot a nice 8 point the second weekend. Good Luck to all and be safe.
  15. Do you carry cash?

    No ATM's in the pickle parks either

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