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  1. for-sale

    Is Friday for vendors only?
  2. sold

    I'll take 2000. See you tomorrow
  3. sold

    I'll take it. See you tomorrow
  4. I would like to learn more about this and work on the transportation aspect. Being older I have seen some pretty lean times and very familiar with doing without.
  5. What do you have to trade for some tracers? I'm not wanting to drive to Spring Hill
  6. If your scared and afraid why would you become a police officer. The pay ain't it
  7. My name is Sunfish and I'm a real Mauser-holic. Yes they kick pretty hard in 8mm with full power loads. They kick much harder in 9.3x62 and 35 Whelen and 8-06 though. This all started with a 7.7 jap as a child which was a cock on close action and pricey Norma ammo and evolved to where it is today. There were Mosin's and Enfield's and 03's along the way. My only 03 was a straight stock and I was about 11 when I would take the wheelbarrow and a can of ammo to the creek and shoot until my shoulder was green it was bruised so bad. The creek was the perfect place to learn because I could see where every shot hit without walking back and forth. I got away from the rimmed cartridges and nearly everything I have is based on the 30-06 with few exceptions. I don't get to shoot as much as I would like but I make a day of it when I go
  8. These are .323 not .318 so your good on that. I might check the headspace to see if it will close on a field gauge before firing. GLWS
  9. for-sale

    I have a C&R will you ship it to me for Cost? If so I'll take it. Let me know Thanks
  10. Sounds to me like you better prepare to bond out if you encounter the traffic Cowboys trying to make Detective.
  11. I would have been 12 in 69. Ten Years after and Joe Cocker are two I still watch on Youtube
  12. MG 13 mags can be made to work in the Hakim. I'm sure you know to be selective about surplus ammo for these. You'll need a good gas tool of coarse. They are amazing shooters even with steel case Romanian. Never shoot any Turk in these. Sunfish
  13. If you ever let one of these go indoors without hearing protection you won't soon forget it. GLWS very nice.
  14. I don't know much about these magazine guns but your going to want to control the gas with a Schuster or something. This being a non-standard gun I have no idea what it will stand pressure wise. M1's were powder and bullet weight specific. For example 150 gr. Ball with 4895 or 4064. I would stick to 147gr. 7.62 x 51 ball ammo and stay way from .308 Winchester with the heavy stuff like 168's and 180's until you can control the gas or you could bend the op rod. It could already be bent and that could be the reason it sold so cheap. There's a M14 mechanic in Madison named Ronnie Morris if he is still alive you might let him examine the rifle before firing it to be safe.

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