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  1. New parts place

    PSA has a lot more ways to go and the deals they throw are pretty good. Most of the Bear creek stuff that I have seen was 1 in 9 and I like the 1 in 7.
  2. 44 Mag or 45 LC for a field gun

    There are 5 boxes of 44 magnum on shelves for every box of 45 colt. Mostly I see either Cowboy action lead stuff or 25 round boxes of defense stuff for Judges and Governor's. Another thing that I recently learned is if you have an older set of steel dies for a 45 Colt you better take care of them. The newer carbide stuff does not size correctly like the older ones do.
  3. When you give away pieces of something pretty soon you don't have anything left. I will also say the NRA is quick to bargain with things that really don't belong to them in the first place. People will just go full outlaw and jig drill them full auto. When a determined individual decides to end his life after a shooting spree or running a truck into a crowd there is not much that can be done about it.
  4. Hornady 6mm (243-244) neck size die

    The Hornady die will size the neck on a Creedmoor case. The reason they make one for BR is it's so short and fat with a long neck. Very different than even WSM or other short fat cases.
  5. I like the .45 Colt...

    I recently bought my first 45 Colt/45 ACP Ruger Redhawk 4.2 inch barrel thinking I would shoot mostly ACP with the moon clips and quickly learned to love the more powerful Colt round. So Far I have sent the cylinder off and had it reamed to .4525 and changed the main spring and wow what a fine shooter it is.
  6. Bad is a good word. Wrong is another fine word. They should put together a football team and have games with cheerleaders and a band. The Libtards against the skinheads. With live TV coverage of coarse. No Gatorade or water just beer in aluminum cans (no glass allowed)
  7. Buying a rifle in another state

    Any state that borders TN is OK for long guns. As stated above no handguns.
  8. Gallatin Gun Club Range

    The land around Gallatin has gotten pretty valuable and my thoughts are it will need to be located way out in the County and far from city hall. Regardless it's going to require a considerable investment and the insurance premiums will be costly.
  9. Super Nice, You must have something really good if your selling these. GLWS
  10. The Vietnam War

    I'm 60 now and it was all over before I was 18. I watched the news and remember how poorly the men were treated when returning home. Calling them baby killers and protesting coast to coast. Several older friends and brothers of friends were forever changed by that war.
  11. Might have to have a closer look at this. GLWS
  12. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    My ankles and around my waist line seems to be their favorite place to dine. Hi powered permethrin should only be sprayed on clothing and shoes. A friend sprayed his arms with it and got a rash that was almost as bad as the chiggers
  13. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    Always put the clothes you had on in the washer right away. With me it takes about ten days to go away using the 10 % itch cream
  14. That handgun should be C&R eligible as it is over 50 years old. GLWS
  15. Robbed.

    Did the alarm not Sound? No Cameras? Holy Cow a sack full of handguns and a long gun back through that hole.

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