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  1. Sunfish

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    When are lawmakers going to learn that full on outlaws/nut jobs could care less about their insignificant waste of resources. The horse has died from old age it has been out of the barn so long. And if you call a representative about any of their hair lipped proposals it will get shot down in committee according to them. They all think that they can reinvent the wheel.
  2. Sunfish

    Glock 21 and SilencerCo Osprey

    Does it fail to return without the suppressor?
  3. Sunfish

    RK Gun Show Franklin, TN

    I'm afraid you will be disappointed again. Dealers will never pay as much as selling it on the classifieds here. It's been a buyers market for sometime and long guns are hard to sell on the tail end of hunting season.
  4. Sunfish

    Primed hornady brass

    I would carefully punch out the primers. With worked up loads you would have to start over. If it's all new to you start low and keep your eyes open for high pressure signs. Flattened primers and hard extraction are signs of over pressure. Hornaday to my knowledge does not sell primed brass but there are many things that I'm unaware of.
  5. Sunfish

    Arisaka type 99

    I have a box of 7.7 Norma brass you can have. I went out of the Jap rifle business long ago. Might have some .311 bullets I'll have to look. Message me if your interested
  6. Sunfish

    Red flag laws claim their first victim

    I want to swear out a complaint on Joe Blow or His drama queen wife decides she wants a divorce and her girl friends tell her exactly how to neuter him putting him out of his home and taking his guns away and the old condition of release thing from the judge says he cannot return home. Sadly this kind of thing goes on all the time and a large % of the time it's based on here say or a pre conceived notion. I certainly can see where a person would go off especially if they are having family problems. Also if the News Media tells you the sun is shinning be sure to look up.
  7. Sunfish

    Lucky Day

    Euro is all I do. I need to skin it and boil the meat off. I bleach the skull and put a sealer on the horns.
  8. Sunfish

    Lucky Day

    Ten point showed up as the fog was lifting Biggest ever Hunting same spot 15 plus years
  9. Sunfish

    8mm Yugo Mausers

    I'm Sunfish and I am a real Mauserholic. These guns that are being offered are intermediate length actions. That in itself does not make them bad if you have no desire to turn them into something they are not. They are large ring but there are very few stocks around that fit them. Any 98 in 8mm that is in decent shape will accomplish anything that a 30-06 will. The fact that they have been around as long as they have is a testament to their worth. Somehow the stuff that is being sold today probably won't pass the test of time. As stated above pot luck with guns that have had a corrosive life may not have the best bore.
  10. Sunfish

    99 Savages

    I like the 99 in .250 Savage with the cartridge counter. If they have been taken any care of at all you better stay behind the muzzle end. Good handling and flat shooting.
  11. Your not alone in that. Opposite's attract for whatever reason.
  12. Could you make the guards from Aluminum ?

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