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  1. You will need a note book of your own and place the bullets across one side and the powder the other. The COL is helpful in the bullet tabs. Case volume is also a variable with straightwall cases.
  2. Those Shaw barrels are short chambered so you will need a reamer to cut the last few thousands. I don't know anything about what Sarco is selling these days but you will need some sort of sights I recommend a Redfield or another quality one piece mount. The receiver will need to be drilled and taped 6-48 or perhaps 8-40. Also the safety will need to be fitted and it's better to let someone do it properly. This is going to cost as much as a whole entry level rifle will when you add it all up. There's a guy in Columbia, TN I will reach out to and see if he's interested in doing this for you. I don't talk to him very often and things change. I will message you this weekend when I find out.
  3. I would add that whoever does him please leave a note that's addressed to the new leader if you don't act nice we'll be back. Peace out
  4. Surplus ammo is a hot item in certain circles. If your friend had a ammo dump I would go through it first. This is usually the biggest and heaviest thing we drag home. If you find any all matching German stuff like lugers, K98's, or Broomhandles hang on to your hat because it's going to be a wild ride. Some of the accessory's go for more than you would think like stocks, Snail drums and the like. The SOS in Louisville, KY is the Hottest place on the planet for this. I have been around this kind of thing for 40 years and grew up with WW2 and Korean veterans that I learned from. I'm sorry about the loss of your best friend and it's noble of you to help his wife with his collection. It's a shame that your friend does not have an heir with his interest.
  5. I like a single action trigger pull verses a dart gun (striker fired). I also like double action for carry because if the gun is fired it's intentional and not a accident. I had a S&W 908s that had a smooth DA pull and should have kept it because The hammer was minus the spur and was perfect for a coat pocket. Springfield is big on marketing as there is not much new under the sun
  6. Ask Tom Whitman at Legacy collectables he buys and sells lugers all the time. I bought one from him and sold him a Tokarev a while back.
  7. Live stock is for true homebody's because it really ties you down. I keep things to where I can travel some in Winter and visit friends and family
  8. Most young people today want things until they figure out how much work is involved. I wouldn't beat myself up to bad. Good partners are hard to come bye.
  9. Taxes are something else you might want to consider. A lot of pretty places out there turn into a lot of work and in winter can be hard to get in and out of.
  10. Call Springer Precision about this and ask to talk to a tech about it. These guys know all the in's and out's of XD's
  11. This really has dookey dripping off of it. I guess over around MTSU it's believed that if you say something enough times it becomes true. The truth is guns are obsolete when it comes to killing and universal background checks will not stop the headlines that nobody wants to see. Band aids don't work on gun shot wounds and laws have no effect on people who decide they are going to take away life before losing their own.
  12. "The MTSU poll is actually a full fledged public polling effort. It's not just MTSU students or alumni. The Political Science Department doesn't run it, the Journalism Department does." Whoever it still has dookey dripping off of it
  13. Buy a Faxon barrel and seek help from someone who can torque and headspace it for you.
  14. In a short action bolt gun the 6.5/284 would work well in a 24inch barrel. The 260 would allow 5 in the mag and would be the way for high volume shooting because the brass is easy to produce from .308. If you are set on a 6.5x55 look for a commercial Husky in a 1900 action. They are really slick

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