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  1. HB 2669 As introduced, provides that a person who uses justifiable force against another may request a stay of proceedings in any civil action based on the use of force until the criminal investigation has concluded; creates an immunity hearing at which the court may dismiss an action that is barred by immunity. HB 2661 As introduced, permits a person to carry a handgun in a concealed manner; permits a person carrying a handgun in a concealed manner to carry in parks, higher education campuses, and areas posted by local governments in the same manner permitted by handgun carry permit holders. HB 2536 As introduced, creates a civil action against any person or government entity that infringes upon a person's right to bear arms under the Tennessee or United States Constitutions; requires the person or entity to be liable for actual or statutory damages, punitive damages, attorney's fees, and court costs. Hb2937 As introduced, provides that a person's use of force in self-defense is not justified if the person was engaged in conduct that would constitute a felony or Class A misdemeanor, rather than unlawful activity, at the time of the use of force. HB 0409 As introduced, confers criminal and civil immunity upon a person who uses or threatens force in self-defense, defense of another, or defense from a person committing a criminal offense, unless the person against whom force is used is a law enforcement officer during discharge of the officer's duties and the person knows the person is an officer. (Bruce Griffey's bill from last year, still viable) In conversation with Sponsors, I am very optimistic about the possibility of passage of some, if not all of these this session.
  2. This bill died because Mike Carter and William Lamberth do not fear the gun owners of Tennessee mostly because no one contacted them. When you have to put a locked vault in your car, boat or House boat next year, well, you get what you deserve.
  3. No, you should call them and write paper letters as well, if they have fax numbers do that. You should start with HB 0409, which actually has a chance of passing this year f I could get some support from the folks...
  4. We are at a point where we need badly for Citizens to contact their elected employees in Tennessee and advocate for the passage of HB0409/SB1275. It is not everything that I would like it to be, but, it was negotiated with the Sheriff's Association, Chiefs of Police and DAs and even has the approval of the NRA and as such has a real possibility of becoming a Public Chapter. This is an opportunity to show some strength in numbers in moving a Rights restorative bill through the General Assembly. This one does not have the governor fighting it, has a real chance of success. Getting a big number of calls will let the legislators know that as a group we are paying attention, they were shocked at the uproar over Dickerson's Red Flag bill, if we piggyback that same attention on this bill (which has a real chance of passage as is) it builds on our effectiveness.
  5. The new governor did not want Constitutional Carry to be an issue, his agenda for ESAs (school savings accounts) and the push for college/vocational courses for incarcerated individuals are his focus. With the new speaker of the House, the Governor's wishes are going to get the attention. The Holt bill on two tiered permits was an attempt to honor the governos's statement that he thought permits should not "cost anything", but DOS and the Sheriffs Assoc. demanded background checks and fingerprints, and won the day, so the Holt bill wound up behind the budget. There was no use in putting up CC to have it beat down this year, we stand a far better chance next year with the additional States passing the same thing, and it being an election year. People have to get off their rears to work at it, we took 3 important seats in the House last year, removed Boss Doss, Tim Wirgau and replaced Jimmy Eldridge with pro firearms Rights members, Dogget, Griffey and Todd respectively. That has not gone unnoticed. For the first time in 8 years I have had a chance to sit down with the House Speaker to discuss a firearms bill (HB0409) and have opened a dialog about CC for the next year.
  6. Dickerson is going to voluntarily place his version in General Sub, so it is dead for the this year. A staffer for a well known anti-gun State Senator told me yesterday that she has never received the number of calls against a bill, ever.
  7. You can be sued if you are not found not guilty now, then you can hire your own attorney and defend yourself. If you are found not guilty you can purse the opposite side for your legal expenses. There is no affirmative duty for LE to investigate and make a ruling either. There is not stay on being sued in civil court if you are awaiting a criminal trial, you can have to afford council on two fronts. This bill says is you are not convicted of a crime you can not be sued civilly.
  8. So, if a guy is getting out of jail and tells his ex wife he is coming to kill her, and she calls LE they have to act now? If under the new governor, a felon is released and causes harm, is the governor responsible?
  9. Moved forward out of sub committee, and on to Judicial Committe next week.
  10. Spent the day on the Hill, it will make it out of Sub, we will see what happens after that, sampling seems very positive in the House.
  11. Goes before Constitutional Protections & Sentencing Subcommittee for 3/27/2019.
  12. All that jailing for drug sales, and stings for sex sales has stopped all that from happening too. Go government.
  13. Amendment No.________________ _______________________________________ Signature of Sponsor AMEND S e n ate Bill No. 1275 House Bill No. 409* *05936352* *005075* 0593635218 - 1 - *005075* FILED Date _____________ Time _____________ Clerk ____________ Comm. Amdt. ______ __________________ by deleting all language after the enacting clause and substituting instead the following: SECTION 1. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-11-622, is amended by deleting the section in its entirety and substituting instead the following: (a) (1) A person who uses or threatens to use force as permitted by §§ 39-11-611 - 39-11-614 and § 29-34-201 is justified in using or threatening to use force and is immune from civil action by the person, personal representative, or heirs of the person against whom the force was used or threatened if the civil action is based upon the use or threatened use of force. (2) The civil immunity conferred by this section shall not apply if: (A) The person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in § 39-11-106, who: (i) Was acting in the performance of the officer's official duties and identified himself or herself as a law enforcement officer; or (ii) The person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer; or (B) The force used by the person resulted in property damage to or the death or injury of an innocent bystander or other person against whom the force used was not justified. (b) - 2 - *005075* (1) If a civil action is brought against the person who used or threatened to use force as described in subdivision (a), the action shall be dismissed without prejudice for failure to state a claim unless the person against whom the claim has been made has been convicted of a crime involving the unlawful use of force that resulted from the same events as the civil action. (2) A civil action may be brought against a person convicted of a crime involving the unlawful use of force and arising from the same incident as the civil action within one (1) year of the date of the conviction for the use of unlawful force resulting from the same events. Notwithstanding any other statute of limitation or statute of repose that might otherwise be applicable, the one-year statute of limitation established by this subdivision (b)(2) shall be tolled from the time force was used or threatened until the conviction for the unlawful use of force. (c) The court in which the civil action is filed shall award reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that: (1) The defendant is immune from civil liability as provided in subdivision (a); or (2) A claim is dismissed as provided in subdivision (b)(1). SECTION 2. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1322, is amended by adding the following language as a new, appropriately designated subdivision: ( ) A person who possesses, displays, or employs a firearm under circumstances permitted in §§ 39-11-611 - 39-11-614 and § 29-34-201 is justified in possessing, displaying, or employing the firearm and is immune from civil action as provided in § 39-11-622. SECTION 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2019, the public welfare requiring it

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