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  1. Walked into the lions den and did an interview with Van Jones, it will air next Sunday night at 8:00 Central. Jones is a Jackson, TN native and a graduate of UT Martin. An avowed communist, his crowning accomplishment was his tenure as Obama's "Green Jobs Czar", (from which he had to resign) now a commentator on CNN. The interview on my part lasted over an hour and a half, I doubt there will be 5 minutes used in the program if that, but I gave as good as I got. This is the trailer...
  2. The Senate will hear all Firearms related bills in s "special" calendar next Tuesday March 5th. One will expect the Commie Mommies and the Covenant Moms to be out in full force. SHR 0904 and SB 2615 are on notice. I will be in attendance.
  3. All for it. Been working this bill for years, I think we might get it over the hump this time.
  4. Added another 24 cosponsors today, now over 50 in the House, will post all names tomorrow. That assures passage in the House, now need to bolster support in the Senate!
  5. Call to action on HJR 0038! https://tennesseefirearms.com/make-the-tennessee-constitution-second-amendment-compliant/
  6. Current House cosponsors: Todd, Sparks, Doggett, Slater, Barrett, Capley, Moody, Grills, Fritts, Cepicky, Martin B, Russell, Littleton, Moon, McCalmon, Keisling, Lamberth, Bulso, Boyd, Gant, Davis, Bricken, Richey, Darby, Hill, Garrett. Need to get this to 50+ to force Senate to take action, only have three cosponsors there so far, Bailey, Bowling and Hensley. it has been assigned to Senate Judiciary, need Sen. Dawn White, Sen. Kerry Roberts, Sen Paul Rose, Sen. Jon Lundberg and Sen. Brett Taylor. Any of their constituents need to call and email asking for their support.
  7. Senate Joint Resolution 0904 is now running concurrent. Contact your legislators and get them to cosponsor.
  8. This is the only facially valid issue up for consideration this session. It haws to be passed in both the House and Senate this year and then again next year to be on the ballot in 2026, as a Constitutional Amendment. It is placed on Constitutional Amendment calendar in the House finance committee agenda (no date set yet). John Stevens, the agreed upon Senate sponsor was wanting to wait till it was passed fully in the House before "picking it up" to run through the committee system in the Senate which would have resulted in it be dead this year, mandating we wait till 2030 to get it on the ballot. I engaged a number of his constituents and got them to help me convince him that it was necessary to run the resolution concurrent with the House version, it has been interesting. I contacted the Sec. of State and the Clerks of both chambers to validate the Constitutionality of running it at the same time and was afforded the ruling that it was. We will see what happens. Anyone interested in taking back the rights enumerated in our 1796 Declaration of Rights needs to contact their Senators and insist they sign on as cosponsors and push for this resolution to be put on the ballot in '26.
  9. I have been down with total shoulder replacement (reverse method) since last Monday the 22nd. Kicked the opioids Tuesday night so getting my sea legs back under me. Anyone who did not understand this was an attempted hatchet job is not paying attention, but, needing live, grassroots 2nd Amendment advocates involved to counter a seeming tsunami of "organic" support for "common sense" gun laws should be apparent to everyone reading this thread. If we do not show up, they can point to a lack of desire on the great unwashed to engage and they win!
  10. Indeed, "Strongly Disagree" to every one. The tide is building, they are coming for us.
  11. https://tennesseeconservativenews.com/tennessee-gun-reform-group-supported-by-some-republicans-questioned-by-others/?inf_contact_key=f8d6ada04d1b49436e83cd80e712afd4680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1 They are dragging in stars and politicians. If we sit idle, they will get it all... From the article: “It is a public health crisis right now,” Waller told Channel 12 News. “If you remember many decades ago, there were a lot more vehicle deaths. […] That was resolved because people said, you know, we don’t want to take your cars, but we want to show you how to safely drive them and how to be a safe car owner. So, we think the same thing is needed for gun reform.
  12. Most likely this Non-profit is funded by Bill Haslam, sure smells like it.


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