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  1. Yea figure i can argue with them later. Worst come to worst send it back. It might not be false advertisement at it would be grey advertising. :)
  2. Thats what im thinking product description says everything you need to shoot thecartridge on your lower
  3. http://m.cabelas.com/cabelas/product?cid=&id=707618
  4. I need a bcg for one of my ar's anybody got one laying around. I'm not looking for anything special and would prefer it be local to clarksville
  5. Im out of the state for the next couple weeks shoot me a message if you still have it on the 1st i should be home for a few days then.
  6. Where in the state are you located
  7. Hey guys I'm looking for a couple stripped ar15 lowers. Anybody got a couple laying around? I'm around the clarksville area.
  8. Hey guys I'm going to the Wanenmacher gun shhow in Tulsa in Nov. and I would like to find an FFL dealer around Dover that I could have some stuff shipped to if I find something that I have to have. In the past I've missed a few really good buys because I had not lined up an FFL dealer prior to going out there and the fact that I wanted it right then (instant gratification thing). Any help woulf be appreciated. If you can help me out PM me. Thanks
  9. I just had one built form a friend in TX. I custom ordered this one with a zipper in it to double as a money belt.
  10. I guess a man and his wife three little monsters coming home from the movies just looked a little suspicious.
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