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  1. I have an LMT MWS 308, been sitting in the safe for 3 years now - never put a round through it. If you're still looking PM me and maybe we can work something out. Sp
  2. I switched over to the S15's in my G43X and have had zero issues. Put 1200 rounds through 5 mags in the past year. Do swap out the mag release as well, and the new S15 gen 2 mags are ambidextrous.
  3. I have a like new, Shield RMSC 4 moa red dot for sale. No issues, bought new from the Glock store 1/21 and it went on my wife’s 43X to the range once. She decided red dots aren’t for her. So I pulled it off, been sitting since I started to throw it on an extra SA Hellcat I have but the last thing I need is another subcompact carry. So thinning up some unused stuff. It includes everything as new and also the 43 plate from the Glock store. Shipped to your door $300 (ApplePay, PayPal, or crypto). TFL
  4. So I have a benelli M4 and also recently just got the shipping notification for a group buy I did at work for 25 Black Ace Tactical Bullpup Pro’s https://blackacestactical.com/product/pro-series-bullpup-semiautomatic/. It’s basically a Turkish import they modify and sell as their own. While I agree with the established pedigree of the M4, the BAT Pro fits a niche, and is guaranteed by the Florida based company. They run nicely and are much easier to run for home defense/cqb than my benelli. The M4 will break you off in cqb, it’s a beast and I would also never leave my benelli out of the safe. While the BAT at 28” (compared to the M4 at 40”) with a 10 round mag in a semi auto platform at $400 won’t bring me to my knees asking WTF if something happened to it because I left it by the bed and didn’t secure it.
  5. Same here, flawless and fun - kids and wife love to shoot my Henry X suppressed with 38s.
  6. I have had the Griffin Optimus for about 4 years now, nothing but good things to say about it. I also just got it back from them last month after sending it in for the baffle upgrade, they are very helpful and have always been responsive when I've asked questions. I run it routinely on my 10.3" 5.56mm SBR, 8.2" 300 BLK, 16" 5.56mm KAC, 16" 308 LMT MWS, QC9 8" 9mm AR, and Henry 357 X lever action using the taper mounts. I also use the 3 lug adapter on my B&T APC9 Pro and the booster piston on a host of pistols. I don't run it on any of my rimfires, that is solely handled by my Silencerco Sparrow. So if you have any questions on the GA Optimus feel free to ask.
  7. Thanks for the scoop fellas. I'll have to plan accordingly, looks like I'm just going to spend some time feeling completely naked.
  8. Headed to Disney this weekend with the kids and will be staying at a Disney property. Haven't been in 20 years, so I'm looking for any info on carrying in and around the area. I'm not planning on carrying in the parks themselves which are posted and have checkpoints but how about the areas not inside the parks but on the property. Do they have mag/checkpoints set-up? I will have my LEO creds and badge with me but would like to avoid any stink if you will. Anyone have any experiences there? Sp
  9. Uh.. heck yea - I just ordered one and also the arrow pouch and whisker biscuit. I gotta try it out.
  10. TDR / Dustbuster what's the device or app?
  11. +1 for Stealthgear AIWB for the G43. Mine is great, I used to daily carry INCOGs but not now. As far as OWB I have been using an F3 (with the wings) - I also highly recommend it as well.
  12. Excellent job, I'm gonna have to give it a shot now.
  13. Slpeod

    Glock 43

    If you're eligible for blue label I would recommend GT Distributors. I got mine for $368 shipped + transfer fees.


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