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Community Answers

  1. This is a great little plinker for around $200.00: https://www.savagearms.com/content?p=firearms&a=product_summary&s=28702 Then you can make it into this. But it is still a little plinker:)
  2. I have the 380 version and it has never failed with any ammo. Up till I saw this I was pretty sure I was through buying more handguns.
  3. @Hozzie , That would be too bad if the "old" trainers are left out like the 82G or the H&R, although I suppose the Mossberg 44US would be allowed. Heck, maybe they should just open up that factory class to all legitimate military trainers and factory production rifles under the dollar limit. If there is a date of manufacture limit then it would be a really odd class, leaving what, CZ's? Big jump from CZ to Vudoo, Cooper or Annies and the latter 3 wouldn't make the price cut.
  4. @TomInMN , My complete with paper, box, sights Kimber 82G w/Mueller 40x. The Kimber can shoot with its 6oz trigger and other tweaks. My trade partner needs a rifle that he can use in the new ARA benchrest factory class. My wife has taken to loving shooting "her" Savage heavy barrel 7.62x39 (barrelled action built by Dolomite Supafly) so I thought a Savage .22LR bolt gun was in order for her. Pic below is my 62yr old wife working out the kinks first time firing a centerfire rifle.
  5. I am trading into this Savage MKII McRees chassis with Rifle Basix trigger, 8-32x33 20mm Mueller scope. OK, the eyepiece and sunshade may have to go, but the package appeals to me.
  6. My only AK caliber rifle. Barreled action by Dolomite Supafly. Single shot Savage action 7.62x39. If I recall he used a Green Mountain .308 blank. Bushnell 30mm 10x on top. It shoots saltine crackers at 185yrds with ease.
  7. I got this in a trade a while back. Kind of rare PPC, being it is .357 GP100 with Mascot sight rib, unknown gunsmith. It is an early serial # GP100. The trigger rolls so nice. It is fun to shoot from cupcake .38s to fullhouse .357s.
  8. Picked up one of these S&W EZ 380s from Academy a while back for 329.00. This is the version without thumb safety. It does everything a .380 is supposed to but easier: 1) shoots fast to point of aim (recoil is negligible) 2)reliable 3) mags are the easiest center pistol mags I have ever loaded 4) You can rack the slide with two fingers. It is not as small as my Keltec P32 but it is so easy to grab and shoot. I can't begin to recall all the small handguns I have owned, including various ultra light revolvers. This thing beats them all in terms of ease of use. I am not getting younger. A review: https://dailycaller.com/2018/06/28/gun-test-sw-mp-380-shield-ez/
  9. My new to me 82G. Custom bedded, custom trigger to 6oz, shoots MOA with "cheap" Tasco Japanese 8-32x40mm target scope and SK Pistol Match.
  10. It ain't pretty but it is pretty functional (1022): Archangel Precision stock, Feddersen nitrided .920 barrel, custom trigger by the late "Cletus Hungwell," Kidd bolt, SWFA 20x42 30mm scope in BKL one-piece rings.
  11. I have a friend who lost his bolt for his Tikka T3 Lite .270 stainless between here and Australia. I have snooped around at the usual places that sell gun parts but can't find one. Other than contacting Beretta who imports them, any ideas or contacts who might be able to find one. Brownells has a couple lefthand ones in a couple of calibers for 339.99 but nary a right hand.
  12. I had one of these some years ago. I used youtube to disable one or two of the safeties. Ran great. I was impressed. Some body was even more impressed with it and bought it off me. I suggested to a big box store's corporate gun buyer that they should stock it and he looked at me like I had a 3rd eye.
  13. I wonder if the Savage MKI FVT has a loading tray that looks like that.
  14. I have this single shot Savage .223 with an aftermarket loading tray that I can literally toss a round in and slam the bolt home without thinking. Can anyone think of a moderate price (sub 700) single shot .22, any vintage, that can be loaded and seated the same way?


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