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  1. One of our distributors said he knows, but was warned anyone that let the cat out of the bag would be fired.
  2. My understanding is Dec 14.
  3. Only thing I have that I could turn loose of is a Canik TP9sf Elite with three 15 rd and one 18 rd mag... glossier black finish, great trigger...
  4. When I was on the road with Tammy Wynette, we were working at Radio City Music Hall in NY in the 80's. There was a lighting cue in a theater like that where she finished one song, took a bow, the house go completely dark, she sat on a stool, got handed a guitar, and the spotlight was to open on her. Now, she was in a completely different position than she was in when the place went black. So, our light guy is asking who has the most experience. One of the guys in his gruff NY accent says, "I been runnin' this spot for 45 years." Moose tells him he's got the cue. He explains to him what it is, he says, "Yeah, yeah I got it." So... Stand... bow... room goes black... handed guitar... stool... sit... and the spot opens "POOF," right dead on the center of her face. Perfect. It's quiet in Radio City Music Hall, and everyone hears this quiet scream from up in the lighting rafters... "FU**ING A!!!!" Priceless.
  5. Rumor has it the debut of a 9mm EZ is slated for the 12th. Any official scuttlebutt?
  6. Book value at 100% is $700. 90% is $450... and it doesn't take much to get it down to 90%.
  7. As the original owner of this excellent piece, I can tell you first-hand you will not find a better specimen. Someone will be very fortunate, indeed.
  8. Wow.................... great pistol.....
  9. Yes, you should have set up a meet, and had a "friend" LEO tag along.
  10. Steelharp


    Yes, I believe you should. From us.
  11. Steelharp


    Well, got my hands on one. The grip is similar to the texture of the M&P 2.0. The trigger is long but smooth, the reset is considerably short, the finish is not stellar, but it's a sub $300 gun. And, as the G2, Canik mags fit it. The 15 rd Canik mags fit as flush as the Taurus mags. I really wish the trigger take up wasn't so dang long, but it is smooth. Anxious to try one on paper to see what it does.

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