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  1. We all have different interests. Guns are what brought us together here. On the steel guitar forum, one guy started a thread about what else do you do? After a few pages, the owner squashed it. "This is a steel guitar forum, not golf, bowling, guns, etc." However, it does get boring talking about tuning and setup issues all the time. Dead horse, ya know? Kinda like only talking to your wife about sex. (Ok, maybe not the best example, but you get my drift... ) I think it's good for folks, as they hang, to learn more about each other. HOWEVER, politics/religion can turn pretty nasty. Maybe the Benefactor idea is a good option.
  2. The 19 is a bit smaller, same capacity. The grip angles are different. PPQ trigger is far and away the better one. If size is the determining factor, or trigger, that's what would probably make the decision.
  3. Or if they ARE a joke...
  4. What we need is a free gun zone.
  5. Man, I'm gonna get beat about the head and shoulders, but... at least I'm able to admit when I'm wrong. Many of you have heard me express my dislike of the M&P series. I now have a .45 Shield on my hip. Wound up trading my trusty Glock 36 in. This feels better, holds one more round, shoots better and more comfortably... ... proceed with the beatings...
  6. Well, there is that...
  7. I can't believe this is still here. Crazy.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love CZ's! If their manufacturing process is that inconsistent on this, maybe they need to hold off a while.
  9. I put it on a PPQ, 4 lbs, Beretta APX, 7 lbs, and the P 10, which appears to mean the trigger pull.
  10. The bonus to this thread is seeing who all the true lefties are here LOL...
  11. Seen one. Trigger was godawful, 10 lbs on a Lyman digital gauge. Couple CZ fans came in, set it right down with a big "Yuck. No thanks." 1st impression wasn't impressive.
  12. FNS-9 is a G19 size slide, with a 17 rd grip. CZ P-10 fits G19 holsters, it's almost identical.
  13. Passed through their lips constantly, however.
  14. for-sale

    It can be yours...
  15. Looks good, but I'm happy with my FNS-9. Haven't seen one of these yet. Seems like it's higher priced than the FNS series?

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