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  1. Episode 54 Deals with a discussion (info exchange) with a Lawyer in Nevada they have on Retainer (or some agreement to contact her for defense cases). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juH8XtTjGWE Anyway, the main thing I was surprised about is: My name was mentioned at just after 49 MIN when they read a comment I had sent in after watching Episode 53. BTW, I did receive a tumbler (drinking container with lid - nice one with CCWSafe printed on it) that was a surprise also. And, I was amazed they read my comment on the Podcast. In case you want to watch that one click the U-Tube Link. Other Podcasts show up as well. Basically, my comment about Episode 53 to them was: Watching the VIDEO Version of a Podcast gave me the impression they are sincere in their mission to educate and defend members (defend legally their members regarding the use of force in a defense situation). I think Members or Non-Members can watch these episodes. Go to their web site and sign up. I get an E Mails alerting me to new ones and watch from a link in that E Mail. There are regular podcasts that are audio (I guess will be Video also now). They do provide information regarding Self Defense and the CONSEQUENCES that can happen after an event. The Podcasts are a bit long (done on kind of a friendly chatting platform). You may be interested in one of their membership programs if you carry for defense (actually, even if you don't carry and use some other weapon for defense). I suggest investigate the aspects of the Legal Defense (if you ever do Self Defense, there is a good chance you will need some support).
  2. Just passing some INFO in case anyone is interested or maybe know someone that might be interested in a CONCEALED Carry Permit. There is an ONLINE course for TN CONCEALED Carry by SFWA in case you can't find time to attend a class in person. The fee is $28 (very reasonable). I am not sure if this is a CONCEALED ONLY Permit (seems to be that per literature, but there is a mention of FREE Range Time with Instructor at Family Fun Indoor Range in Sevierville, TN). Maybe, ENHANCED Permit can be added??? There is a Registration Form with the information Susan sent via E Mail, but I can't forward that. So best to call or E Mail Susan. QUESTIONS? Call 865 329 3293 everyday except Monday for INFO to Register. Guess could E Mail also Susan@mysfwa.com Paul The Only Online Handgun Carry Permit Course Especially Designed for Women! Plus, FREE Range Time with SFWA Instructor, too! Carrying a handgun for personal protection of yourself or in defense of another is an awesome responsibility. This course is designed to provide you with the basic skills and information necessary to receive a certificate of completion to apply for a CONCEALED only HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT in the state of Tennessee. This course has a 90 minute minimum requirement under T.C.A. 39-13- 1366. Concealed handgun permit. [Effective on January 1, 2020.] There are also considerations discussed as to the best concealed carry options for a woman which will help increase the odds of prevailing in a life saving situation. Selection of a gun and gear is a very person specific choice and should be applied to your unique lifestyle and capabilities. Depending on the level of experience you have with handguns, the time it takes you to complete the course may exceed the 90 minute minimum. Our suggestion is to take the time you need to understand each segment of information and answer the short quiz after each one. You will do well and enjoy the course, too! (Help is available during the course if you need it.) As an added bonus, there are inspirational tips and comments at the end of each subject chapter from the founder of Shooting for Women Alliance, Susan Romanov, who was held hostage in her house at knife-point in 1992 and stalked for two years before there were carry permits or stalking laws. Her first-hand civilian experience has helped tens-of-thousands of women (and the men they bring with them) increase the odds they will prevail if attacked. Self defense and firearm proficiency and safety is a passion we have and it is our privilege to have you participate in this course. So, click below (There was a Link in her E Mail, but not here - Call or E Mail Susan for INFO) for more information and to make the $28 donation to begin the course which you can complete at your own pace! Thank you for joining the 100,000+ women who have trusted us for their firearms training! Call 865-329-3293 everyday except Mondays. We are only a phone call or email away!
  3. AGREE and fact is in my opinion most folks don't take the "responsibility" to do the research, learning or training. EDIT 03-08-20 - Talk of Responsibility - It is not to hard to find examples of folks not acting responsible in many areas: I include driving (so we have some regulations and training for Driver License); Manufacturing of Products (most improvements in products come from regulations); And as far as gun owners, I think there are many irresponsible owners (Couple of EsX, ever see signs shot up on highways by drive by shooters, and in many cases there is a a houses in areas behind those, and go to Bubbling Spring Range and see a waterhole dug by shooters (about 2 foot wide and 4 foot long and 8 inches deep VS shooting into the target pits); Expand to hunters poaching, etc. My own EXAMPLE: I never gave the Laws of Self Defense a thought to start with. Then I got interested in the issues over time. Probably, never have all the training or knowledge needed (and no guarantee I or anyone will will do the right thing under a circumstance if one should come up). Anyway, a basic requirement to learn some knowledge for permit would help folks realize what they are getting into with Carry and Self Defense (Laws, etc.). I would venture most do not. Anyone includes the authorities make mistakes after an event (or before): Maddox case is a good example, should have never been charged; Zimmerman case as well (after listening to Andrew Branca's audio of the discussion between Zimmerman and Police Dispatch, he should not have been prosecuted. Zimmerman did make mistakes in my opinion, mainly getting out of his car to follow when the person disappeared around the corner. That said, if you listen to the audio, you will hear he was not told to stay in car, and he thought dispatcher wanted him to see where the guy went when he disappeared out of Zimmerman's sight. Then dispatcher realized he had followed and told him they did not want him to do that. Zimmerman responded as if to go back to his car, but the final event happened before he made it back (he was being attacked and shot the guy).
  4. This Thread has been an interesting read with a lot of different view points. Thanks - Good Web Site for making one think beyond the Extreme Conservative or Extreme Liberal views. Of course we all know Bad Guys get guns and don't worry about permits, or signs that say No Guns Allowed. Still, I am about as scared of some CC that Carry a Gun as I am of the Bad Guys. Lot of Hot Heads types and other types that get permits. I was not aware the new CC required any training. Looks like it does, copied this from the web site (TN) provided in a previous reply. Seems one might as well do the Enhanced Course. . Within 1 year - photo copy of certificate of completion, affidavit from instructor, school, club, org or group that conducted/taught attesting to completion of course/class, or copy of any document showing completion of course/class/required experience :  Hunter education/safety course approved by the Tennessee wildlife resources agency or a similar agency of another state.  Firearms safety/training course by one of the following: o Organization specializing in firearms training/safety (NRA, etc.) o Law enforcement agency, junior college, college, private/public institution/organization, or firearms training school  Offered to general public  Using instructors certified by TDOSHS or “organization specializing in firearms training.” o Law enforcement firearms safety/training course/class offered for:  Security Guards  Investigators  Special Deputies  Any division or subdivision of law/security enforcement  Firearms training/safety course/class, including electronic, video, or online course: o By firearms instructor certified by TDOSHS or “Organization specializing in firearms training/safety o Meets qualifications:  Conveys the basic knowledge and skills necessary for safe handling/storage of firearms/ammunition and includes firearm safety rules, handgun uses, features, basic skills and techniques, safe cleaning, transportation, and storage methods;  Conveys the current state law on carrying handguns;  ls not less than ninety (90) minutes in length;  Includes a test or quiz that confirms competency of the course or class curriculum; and  Provides a printable certificate of course or class completion.  Any other firearms training that TDOSHS deems adequate.
  5. My opinion --- you are CORRECT in thinking that way. I have made considerable effort regarding Laws of Self Defense (primarily info from Andrew Branca, including his book Laws of Self Defense and Bronze Membership / FREE? that gives weekly Podcasts, and CCWSafe podcasts and information). I AM NOT A LAWYER NOR AN EXPERT. I feel there is a need for more regulations (should say Education in the Carry Permit Classes) as it can only help us stay Legal in a Self Defense. Legal Defense is the second battle if you have won the First Battle by defending your self from Death or Bodily Injury. Those are the only two things you can be legal for defending (not property except in TX, BTW there are requirements to be met in TX for property defense). A legal defense if you are prosecuted for what YOU THINK is Self Defense is very tricky subject (you can spend a lot of money, which is where services like CCWSafe come in, defending legal aspect. You can also end up in prison for a long time if you mess up one of the 5 elements of Laws of Self Defense). Do you even know the 5 elements?
  6. Good extensive Review including all the different AMMO brands. I have the Heritage Rough Rider (6.5 inch barrel) and have improved my shooting with it. Took a long time for me to finally decide the sight picture (where to put the front sight in relation to the rear sight). I have been taking it to the range (Family Fun Indoor Range, Sevierville, TN) nearly every time i go and shoot 30 or so rounds thru it. Some FREE Hand, and some with using a rest when trying to check accuracy of the gun. Having read that it is best to have the Barrel at Rest as well as the Hands (Butt of Gun) at rest gives better result. I had only used Hands (butt of Gun) at rest before. I have been setting on a chair. Anyway, I don't have a fancy pistol rest for checking accuracy, but last time used some props under the barrel and had my hands and butt of the gun on the table while sitting on a chair). I was able to hols tighter alignments doing that (still I have to pull the trigger LOL). And using Dave's Procedure (IMGUR) to enter pictures here is one from last range visit. (I hope I can put it in). It WORKED BTW --- Shooting the cheapest of AMMO - Remington Thunderbolt (been able to buy 5000 rounds for from $14.99 or $12.99 and over Thanksgiving and XMAS for $9.99 plus TN Tax). This was using the barrel and hands (butt of gun) at rest at 30 feet and sight picture I have been using).
  7. Not sure I understand the "Really DUDE? and rest of that comment". It sounds like an inconsiderate reply to me. I have not seen much of that kind of stuff on this site in the past, hope it is not an ongoing thing. Anyway, I will explain further in case there is a misunderstanding about what I was saying. I was simply saying, sometimes one can find shooting ranges on a GOOGLE Map of an area. I have in past by opening a GOOGLE Map to an area, and searching for ranges. I did and it showed some, but would not let me copy and paste the GOOGLE link. So, I suggested to do your own GOOGLE Search.
  8. Thought I would update my experiences with the GSG Firefly. I will say I am OK with it at the price of $159.99 including 2 MAGS vs normal 1 MAG on a sale deal at Smky Mtn Gun and AMMO (add Tax and Background) for the Robin Blue Slide model. I like the look (despite Robin Blue Slide ), feel, and features of a Hammer, a Decock, etc.). I mean it's as entertaining as any other gun to mess with. BTW, Dave's Picture Procedure works (part of the reason I updated this was to make sure I could put pictures in the TXT). Also, should point out I have been shooting only Remington Thunderbolt 22LR (considered somewhat cheap and inconsistent AMMO by some). Maybe adds to the Failures? However at recent prices of $0.022 or $0.0286 PER ROUND, I have been shooting it in all my 22LR Pistols. It SHOOTS with very infrequent failures in all pistols except the FIREFLY. On average, I get 1 Fail to Fire per MAG (or per 2 MAGS). Also, get an occasional Fail to Eject (some stovepipes). Also, the TRIGGER (break) is a bit strong on this pistol, I am getting better with that. I recently (couple range visits ago) installed the spare (extra) recoil spring they sent with the gun. I understand it is for lower powered AMMO (MFG Recommends 1250 FPS and Thunderbolt is 1235 FPS). I think I have those numbers correct. I also replaced the taller front sight with the shorter front sight (because It was shooting low and I had to raise the front sight in relation to the rear which resulted in covering up the target). I still aim at the bottom of a 4 inch target using the shorter front sight to hit closer to the center (actually I like that view of the target). This day I realized shooting low. Later replaced front sight with lower sight. Then with lower sight had this result, took me a bit to realize needed to AIM Low. Then went Free Hand and was shooting High Right (me I guess). Next visit to the range did better and drew the sight picture (front to rear alignment) for the GSG Firefly and the Heritage Revolver.
  9. I wrote the steps down and lost the paper I wrote them on. LOL So, just wrote them down again. Going to try a photo into a post on the GSG Firefly Thread I started (or someplace). Dave, thanks again for all your effort.
  10. Laws and Regulations are hard to understand and I don't know details and I am not an expert. I do question Target Shooting on TVA Land (undeveloped)? I think the catch in the statement might be the Bold Faced part. "Hunting and fishing are permitted on undeveloped public lands in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws, and regulations". As far as I know as an Example -- Target shooting only allowed in Federal Forests & TWR, areas at Shooting Ranges, not in other areas. Hunting is allowed, but you can't just go in and shoot targets. .
  11. I think that is West of Nashville, TN ???? Harrison is north of Chattanooga, TN
  12. GOOGLE Map Search "Shooting Ranges near Harrison, TN doesn't show much. Can't post the link, but shows a Chattanooga Rifle Club close, Shooters Supply and Indoor Range across the river off Hwy 319, and a WMA Range (Prentice Cooper) in Prentice Cooper State Park (some distance off of Hwy 27).
  13. I would be concerned about TVA lands.
  14. OK on Preview. I should use that as I make many typing errors and have to go back to EDIT (seldom take time to read and proof before I post).
  15. Dave, maybe be good to start a new post regarding IMGUR and How to get pictures into TGO Post or Reply because the final you made is so good, yet hidden way down in this post. Suggest a Subject like "Use IMGUR Account to Post Pictures into TGO Forum"


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