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  1. Thanks for reply. Figured they knew what they were doing. Ran into another. Hospitals EXAMPLE (this stuff is ridiculous, make it hard to carry and know all the laws). LeConte (part of Covenant Health) has signs on every door. U of T Hospital does not. Many doors have no signs (well at least a couple I used did not). Then I saw one on a door at a side entrance we had not sued before. Then another day, I looked at main entrance -- (one door has a sign - another door some 20 feet away does not). Fort Sanders has signs (not sure if every door, but the main one did).

    Private gun sales- any laws?

    Thanks, does make more sense if had to pay another FGFL fee in GA. Guess he would need to check final deal.

    Made my first non-C&R purchase ever online

    Is palmetto state armory who you are talking about?

    GSG (German Sport Gun) 1911 22LR Bought / Shot Today

    That blown up (exploded gun worries me). That is a serious looking failure. That said, still like shooting it. Basically, it's been reliable and I like shooting it (feels good in hand). It does shoot high in my opinion and the tallest front sight is the one mounted on it (came with f 4 or 5 front sights in the box). I pretty much set the front yellow dot below the level of the two rear yellow dots and then aim below the bulls eye. I did have one case of not returning to battery after firing a round, It loaded the next round, but the slide did not close completely (1/8 inch maybe). I had to bump the slide into battery. To tell the truth, the spring action seems a little weak to me. I have dissembled, cleaned, lubed, and sanded a few spots that were rubbing (like one was right at end of the barrel). I did also have one failure to load a round today (only shot like 40 rounds thru it as I was also shooting a revolver and a Ruger SR22 - used 136 rounds total).
  5. Convinced it does much better (no Keyholing obvious) with Standard AMMO (been using CCI 1070 FPS). I shot it today at 20, 30, and 48 feet (no key holing obvious to me). I would post pictures of the targets, but have not figured out how to do that yet (I have not tried the recommended procedure, seems a lot of trouble). I hate that Standard Velocity costs more than HV AMMO. Best I have found in small quantity purchases is like $6.99 plus tax ($7.73 or something) for 100 rounds of CCI. That VS a buddy of mine and I bought some Blazer (CCI) HV for $0.04 a round in a 2500 quantity ($100 delivered - free shipping). We split the order. Maybe talk to them about taking it back -- have no idea what shipping costs.

    Private gun sales- any laws?

    Not knowing too much about transfers (out of state) for pistols (handguns more general), I am thinking (dangerous to start with) and wondering what is best for this deal. Thinking to buy a gun thru BUD's (KY) cause they have in stock what we are interested in and having it shipped (Free Shipping and no sales tax) to Bud's (TN - Sevierville) where I live. I understand there is a charge at Bud's (TN) to handle the transfer (FFL, but told it's $20 when it comes from Bud's in KY). I do wonder if that includes the background check. I guess I can get the part of my thinking about shipping to Bud's in TN answered at Bud's (TN) as I live near there. I want to gift the handgun (it is a pistol) to my son in GA. As I understand it, I would have to transfer to son in GA thru a FFL in GA. If that is true -- I assume he can locate a dealer there and I could actually carry the gun there and make the transfer. Another FEE. Might be easier and cheaper for son to buy the gun from Bud's (KY) and have it shipped to a FFL in GA. Probably stupid questions or thoughts --- but all this is running thru my feeble brain. DANG all the different laws for different states anyway.
  7. I went back and reviewed 39-17-13 (especially 39-17-1311) and I think the catch that allows them to post the Pigeon Forge Community Center (building) lies in the parts of 39-17-1311 that I am copying here. TN Code 39-17-1311 Carrying Weapons on Public Parks, Playgrounds, Civic Centers, and other recreational buildings and grounds (a) It is an offense for any person to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, with the intent to go armed, any weapon prohibited by § Code Sec. 39-17-1302″>39-17-1302(a), not used solely for instructional, display or sanctioned ceremonial purposes, in or on the grounds of any public park, playground, civic center or other building facility, area or property owned, used or operated by any municipal, county or state government, or instrumentality thereof, for recreational purposes. Then I am skipping a bunch of definitions and subsections that I don't think apply to this situation at PF Community Center building. And. Copying section (b) (1) and (H) of that while skipping other sections (A) thru (G) -- next. (b) (1) The provisions of subsection (a) shall not apply to the following persons: (H) Persons possessing a handgun, who are authorized to carry the handgun pursuant to § 39-17-1351, while within or on a public park, natural area, historic park, nature trail, campground, forest, greenway, waterway or other similar public place that is owned or operated by the state, a county, a municipality or instrumentality thereof, except as otherwise provided in subsection (d); The catch comes in the "except as otherwise provided in subsection (d)" which I am copying -- next. (d) Notwithstanding subdivision (b)(1)(H), any municipality or county may prohibit, by resolution adopted by a majority vote of its legislative body, persons authorized to carry a handgun pursuant to § 39-17-1351, from possessing the handgun while within or on a public park that is owned or operated by a county, a municipality or instrumentality thereof. If a legislative body elects to prohibit the possession of handguns within a park, the prohibition shall apply to the entire park, notwithstanding subdivision (b)(1)(H). If the area is jointly owned or operated by municipalities or counties, then a resolution adopted by a majority vote of all affected legislative bodies, voting individually, is necessary for the municipalities or counties to prohibit persons authorized to carry a handgun pursuant to § 39-17-1351 from possessing the handgun while within the park. All that said -- it is still unclear because in the (a) they also mention buildings used for recreational purposes (be a Community Center I think) -- then they drop those words from the exceptions in (b) (1)(h) and in (d). I am not a lawyer and DANG glad I did not have to deal with all this "legalize" during my career - no wonder they do so much double talk (at least the ones on TV Talk Shows). Do wish someone that really understands the laws would clear it up or sue 'em for reward of 3 times lawyer fees.
  8. Interesting Convention Center is no "No Weapon" and Community Center is "No Weapon". I have a difficult time going thru all the legalize with references to other sections (very confusing). I do think this part of the new "Thingy passed July 2017" gives them an out. The SECTION 3 (BOLD below) has exceptions (1) except as provided in subdivision (g)(2) etc., etc., etc. --- I think this part of (g)(2) (that section is in another part of this topic that I posted earlier) may be is what allows them to do the No Weapons" (2) Subdivision (g)(1) does not apply to: (A) Facilities that are licensed under title 33, 37, or 68; (B) Property on which firearms are prohibited by S 39-17-1309 or S 39-17-1313 etc., etc., etc. --- I need to go back and read thru that 39-17-1309 and 39-17-1311 again (or the rest pf 39-17-13 ). SECTION 3. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1359, is amended by adding the following new subsection (g): (1) Except as provided in subdivision (g)(2), nothing in this section shall authorize an entity of local government or a permittee thereof to enact or enforce a prohibition or restriction on the possession of a handgun by a handgun carry permit holder on property owned or administered by the entity unless the following are provided at each public entrance to the property: (A) Metal detection devices, (B) At least one (1) law enforcement or private security officer who has been adequately trained to conduct inspections of persons entering the property by use of metal detection devices; and (C) That each person who enters the property through the public entrance when the property is open to the public and any bag, package, and other container carried by the person is inspected by a law enforcement or private security officer described in subdivision (gX1XB) or an authorized representative with the authority to deny entry to the property.

    Can't Attach Pictures or Files

    Thanks Oh Shoot. I figured something like that and did search GOOGLE for IMGUR and found the site. I looked at it some. I did not try to upload any yet, may give it a try. I guess it is either that or not worry about pictures on this web site. At least now I know what the problem was and how to do it. FOR INFO: I do a lot of MC Riding and take pictures of scenery, roads, and about everything interesting while riding. I post on a web site www.EastTNBikers.com ride reports, they have a great website for posting pictures. You just write what you want to say, then click attachments and call up like 20 lines for attaching - click those lines and search your computer files and attach your pictures one at a time. Up to so many total MBytes (I usually limit that to 20 pictures per reply). Another web site I use KIA NIRO for a car is sort of like that. Anyway, never used any outside storage to send pictures. Maybe, try IMGUR - see one can keep them private or I think present them in sort of a report. Depending on how long it takes to upload a picture or a file of pictures on IMUGR I may not want to take time to post all my pictures on there. However, the MC Rides might be of interest to anyone planning a trip to East Tn for a ride if could also present a report with them.

    Can't Attach Pictures or Files

    I went to DaveTN 's post about IMGUR and procedure to then get picture into a post. What I did did not work, think because I do not know how to use IMGUR? Anyone have a step by step procedure to sue IMGUR? Like: What is it? Do you have to send all your pictures there to start with? If so, how do you sent the pictures.


    I see now I did not understand the first step (Click the COPY next to DIRECT LINK). I was in my computer files looking at an Image and right clicked that image. Then clicked COPY. There is not a Direct Link line. Apparently the image you are clicking is in some other web site IMGUR as you mentioned IMGUR in opening statement. How do you use IMGUR? Send all your pictures there first?


    I will "try" that. Life is becoming to "Techie" for an 80 yr old. :-) EDIT: I tried to post a picture here as a test, procedure did not work for me. Prbably something I didn't do? Nothing changed in the box (URL ADDRESS BOX) when I tried to "Paste" address from computer using CTRL and V keys. Also, tried using the "Paste" under "Edit" on my computer.

    GSG (German Sport Gun) 1911 22LR Bought / Shot Today

    QUOTE -- heres pics (see above by SonnyCrockett). That is something -- very scary (makes me wonder if I should shoot mine again?). What did ATI (GSG) do for you? Not sure a replacement would be the answer?

    pic test

    Pictures are good. Do you know what size (KB or MCs) the files were before you posted them.

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