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  1. Satisfied with TAURUS's Effort and basically I am satisfied with the Spectrum since they returned it (for what it is - a small 380, more costly AMMO, and with somewhat of a reliability question if you want a Pocket carry gun). . TAURUS Service certainly did not object to taking it back twice (their expenses on shipping, etc.) and working the gun (described in previous posts I made). I say "for what it is - a small 380" meaning I don't have much use for 380s mostly because of cost of AMMO VS say 9MM. The gun is performing regards to previous issues based on say 150 rounds since last return on to me on May 2. NO Fail to Fire and NO Slide Lock Back during operation. I did have One JAM similar to others where the bullet lodged against the bottom of the Feed Ramp and held their by the Slide when I released the slide on a FULL MAG using the Lock Back Lever VS Racking the Slide. (NOTE: it was only the one time after several MAGS and NOTE the point of contact for the projectile with the feed ramp was at a point just below the very point of the bullet). One would think a bullet contacting the feed ramp at that point would feed on up into the ramp. I THINK the bottom of the feed ramp being so flat and sharp allows a bullet coming in at say a flat angel to allow the. SO, I modified the bottom of the Feed Ramp by filing a slight "U" into the ramp as viewed from the top. The "U" is the best way I can describe the appearance what I did (maybe say recessed and Very Little recessed "U"). I think that bit of recess would keep the bullet from catching the ramp as it does with a flat edge on the ramp. Anyway, so far with only a few MAGS ran, no similar JAMS (does not mean it is fixed). Also, last time out shot 5 MAGS worth and two of them did NOT Result in Fail of the Slide to Lock Back on Empty MAG. Today it did Lock Back on Empty MAG. I do like the little 380 and have had some fun with it EXCEPT it is a 380 and not sure would trust it as a pocket Carry (reliability wise). Take a lot more rounds of pure operation for me to think that.


    Hi-Power --- Understand his reviews are a bit what ever. LOL. That said, he does give some information and is a heck of fan of the TX22. I have only seen one bad review and I don't remember what that reviewers problem was. Saw a price the other day reasonable but charged shipping of $14.95. Be nice if the ever get it down near $200. TAURUS now advertises one with and without manual safety.
  3. I think Indoor Range Shooting is boring (so restricted, etc.) and way to expensive. I hope I never need to use an indoor range as a primary shooting range for practice. I like to do a,little draw, rack, point, shoot. As of now, I am 60 miles from 3 outdoor Ranges (I ride MC there so call it a ride and shoot -- not concerned about MC gas at 60 and 70 MPG).: Two or TN Wildlife and require a Hunting License (I have SR license for hunting and fishing for life), one is a National Forest Range (Golden Eagle Pass plus $1 or $2 with out the pass). So Called Responsible Gun Owners (that everyone thinks should have a gun easily) abuse the places. I hope they keep them open, one TN Wildlife range limits hours due to abuse to THU and FRI after noon and SAT / SUN all day. Not sure how that limits abuse -- but that is what the sign gives as reason for the reduced hours. ??? BUD's Sevierville is close (7 miles) and I do go once in awhile as guest of a friend that has a annual membership. I think $225 for a Veteran's annual. BUD's also gives you a FREE 30 MIN Range Time with a gun purchase.
  4. There is a 16 inch barrel now -- would be like a short rifle. By The Way -- been shooting AQUILA Std Vel (1135 FPS) and not getting any Keyholes out of my short Heritage. Guess giving the bore a good wire brushing helped. I would be haper if it would shoot 12oo FPS (have not tired that lately). It is cheaper as been getting Thunderbolt, 1200 FPS, and Blazer, 1235 for $12.99 plus tax for 500 rounds. That is less than $0.03 per round.


    A friend bought the TX 22 (we had been discussing the guns performance) and he was ordering a rifle (BUD's Online). Buy 2 guns and get an extra $10 off. So, he ordered a TX 22 also. BUD's Online ships FREE and if to BUD'S in Sevierviile there is no transfer fee, just a background check (one B G Check for the two guns). Anyway, we were at the range and he surprised me with"Here Shoot This" and handed me the TX22. I LIKE -- it feels good shoots good and was very accurate (for me). It is a nice 22 I think. Mainly for target as would be too large for carry (and it is a 22). That said, I only shot 30 rounds thru it.
  6. Latest on Spectrum Repair. BTW, I have not shot it since got it back May 2. TAURUS received gun Apr 4 to address a Slide Lock Back problem during operation. I received the gun back (FED X) May 2 and had a MSG from FED X on May 1 that someone had to be home in afternoon to Sign For The Package. Decent time on this fix (they received April 4 and got it back May 2). One aggravation, I looked on web site for status and saw repaired, did not say shipped. I did not get an E Mail from TAURUS saying it was shipped. So, first indication I got was from FED X on May 1. Also, the last time the gun was held at Sevierville FED X. I stopped by there early AM to see if I could pick it up and not worry about being home this afternoon. I was told they cannot hold guns there, that it has to be at Knoxville Fed X (her computer said it was in Knoxville and had not left there at that time. BTW, last time it was shipped to Sevierville and I went there to pick it up. ??? I got home 20 minutes before Fed X showed up. So, it worked -- otherwise I would have had to make a trip to Fed X in Knoxville (say 30 miles one way). My final thoughts when I sent it in was that the Side Catch Spring was broke or not connected properly. I see they replaced that spring. I am not sure why they got into the firing pin as I considered that "fixed" from the first time I sent it in for Fail to Fire (I did have 2 Fail To Fire that required an extra trigger pull to get the round off out of like 100 plus rounds). Anyway, they seemed to have replaced stuff in the firing pin mechanism again. What they did: Side catch Spring Replaced Existing --- It does seem to have a working spring now (should hold the Lock back lever down during operation). Would be interesting to know if the spring broke or was just disconnected from the lever?? Feed Ramp No Problem Found --- Not sure why any of this was done??? as seemed to be firing OK. Firing Pin Replaced Existing Firing Pin Return Spring Replaced Existing Firing Pin Spring Replaced Existing Recoil Spring Replaced Existing They Fired 13 Rounds American eagle 380 95GR FMJ as Final Test.

    Taurus G2C

    As they say --- she has to decide. My comment is on the TAURUS G2C. I don't own one, but do own a TAURUS Millennium G2 (basically same gun with out the lock device). I think that would make the trigger take up less scratchy. Mine is much better since I took the firing pin out and cleaned it up, I feel one little click on take up and none after the first shot (reset is very good). Anyway, my G2 has been very reliable and guess at least 1000 rounds since bought in 2016. Typically, every time I go to the range I shoot a lot of 22 pistols (cheaper AMMO at around 3 or 4 cent a round). Then shoot the 9MM G2 say 20 or 30 rounds (practice more of a move a step or two, draw, rack, and point/aim at targets vs sight finding target shooting. PS: I was not an experienced pistol shooter in 2015 when I bought a 22 pistol Ruger SR22). Then got the TAURUS 9MM G2 in 2016. Considering my lack of knowledge (grip and trigger pull) I could not hit any place close to the target (say mostly low and left by 8 or more inches at 15 feet. It was not the gun - it was me. Much better now (not engineering competition, but feel much more confident). PSS; I just feel at $189 to $199 and a$25 to $30 Rebate in affect now), it is the gun for me vs some $500 pistol.
  8. I like the SW22. I do get an occasional Mag drop (not all the way out, just down a bit) when shooting. Matter of fact my friend did that on his SW22 the other day. Maybe I am hitting the release button. That said, one time when I was making sure that I was not touching the release button, I had a drop. Maybe take a look at the MAGS or the lock on the release.
  9. Will see how it goes in future as to if I keep it or not (guess would have to trade it in a a dealer if don't keep it). Not crazy about 380 Caliber anyway (cost of AMMO compared to 9MM is a big factor to me). Apparently, the Spectrum is not one of their better designs at least until fixed after initial MFG.
  10. UPDATE. I might add TAURUS CHAT (Web Site CHAT) has been very productive and encouraging responses. Disappointed in my gun, but will like it if all gets fixed. I finally made the decision to send the Spectrum 380 back to TAURUS for the Slide Lock Back during shooting problem. They received it April 2 with usual statement up to 12 weeks for return. Last time it was 8 weeks. It took me awhile to determine that it was a Slide Lock back (with the slide lock back Lever moving up to cause the Lock Back while shooting), I at first was calling it a Fail To Feed as I named it in above post (it was a couple times then). My error there is a long story and want go into all that, but let's say due to my lack of Gun Smith Skills LOL. Anyway, I thought the Slide Lock Back happened because the bullet rising in the MAG was contacting the inner TAB (the one the Follower pushes up to cause a Lock Back on an empty MAG). There is a very close clearance there that I was able to determine with the slide off and slowly pushing a loaded MAG up into the handle (simulate a rising bullet in the MAG). A bullet set in the rear of the MAG does clear the TAB. but one that is slightly FWD (say 1/8 inch) of the rear of the MAG will hit the Inner Tab and push the Lock Back Lever UP. Then the last time I shot it before sending it in -- I had a Lock Back after firing the 1st and 4th round with both the 6 and 7 RD MAGS that come with the gun. In each case I looked at the bullet in the MAG after the Lock Back and it was at the rear of the MAG. So, that shot down my theory that the upcoming bullet had to be a bit (say 1/8 inch FWD) of the rear of the MAG to hit the Inner TAB. A new thought is the Lever has very little spring tension, you can see a spring, but cannot see if it is attached to the Lever to hold it down until either you or the Flower push the Lever UP. Perhaps the spring is broken or came loose because the gun fires OK if you tape the edge of the Lever to the frame. It does not take much pressure to keep it down. So, why does it come up when firing if not pushed up by a rising bullet in the MAG -- maybe just recoil vibration or something. Anyway, it was sent back. I MIGHT ADD --- the Fail To Fire it was originally sent back for on JAN 4 seems to be fixed. I did have 2 Fail To Fires (fired second trigger pull) with about 130 rounds sent down range since receiving it back on MAR 7. I shot 68 rounds that day (2 Fail to Fire) and at least another 68 rounds investigating the Slide Lock Back problem with NO Fail To Fire.
  11. The Spectrum saga continues. WEIRD I just got it back from TAURUS as "repaired" for a Fail to Fire on Mar7. That fix seems pretty good (still had 2 Fail to Fire on first test THU, Mar 7 in like 68 round test, not that it matters). HOWEVER, THU, Mar 14, had many many Fail to Feed (nearly every round). That after having not one Fail to Feed at BUD's Range last THU. At times the bullet lodges head first and level into the bottom of feed ramp (puts a gouge in the front of the bullet just above the point of the bullet). At other times it is like the Slide Locked Back, bullet is still in the MAG. So, found can rack the slide back a fraction and it loads. So, it's shoot, rack, shoot, rack, shoot - etc.etc. GROAN Mostly good advice on here - get rid of it. I really don't need it (don't care for 380s), just bought it cause of wanting to get rid of the High Point 380 and the deal of trading the Hi Point for a $135 gun - Spectrum was $169.99 minus a $35 rebate. IT IS a CUTE Little Thing (LOL), has good ergonomics and thought I might have a use for a Pocket Carry some day (doubtful) despite more expensive AMMO. It is kind of fun to shoot (would be nice if it all worked every time). Anyway, I might mess with it awhile by contacting Taurus again, or adjust the Feed Ramp (thinking of filing a sort of u-shape at bottom of the ramp - might loose the warranty on that) or open the lip on the MAG. One guy bent his MAG opening to allow the bullets to be sloped up more and solved his problem. That said, my first round appears to set at a good angle, the subsequent ones set in the MAG to level, but would think they would get angled up when they move to the first position. PS: DANG Hard to Understand why a gun would NO Fail to Feed and a week later Fail to Feed say 80% of the time and just rack it a slight amount and the round loads OK. Shoot, Rack Shoot, Rack ain't good, it is kind of like a bolt action self defense gun. LOL
  12. Sorry somehow posted this topic twice. Don't see how to remove one. Can someone *(moderator) remove one
  13. Sorry somehow posted this TWICE. Can someone remove one post.
  14. TAURUS Rebate of $25 or $30 varies on the Model (color). Typical price on the gun varies from $189.99 up to $209.99. Rural King (RK) is offering it at $179,99 on the all black model (add tax and background in store) and take off the $25 REBATE. NOT BAD for a 12 +1 9MM that I consider a decent gun. Base that on my Millennium G2 bought in 2016 and guess 1000 plus rounds has been reliable and decent shooter for my ability. The G2C is near same gun with one modification (the lock feature has been removed). INFO in case interested --- go to Taurus WEB site for details on REBATE and search for the gun where ever suits you -- RK has advertised the best price as far as I know.
  15. TAURUS Rebate of $25 or $30 varies on the Model (color). Typical price on the gun varies from $189.99 up to $209.99. Rural King (RK) is offering it at $179,99 on the all black model (add tax and background in store) and take off the $25 REBATE. NOT BAD for a 12 +1 9MM that I consider a decent gun. Base that on my Millennium G2 bought in 2016 and guess 1000 plus rounds has been reliable and decent shooter for my ability. The G2C is near same gun with one modification (the lock feature has been removed). INFO in case interested --- go to Taurus WEB site for details on REBATE and search for the gun where ever suits you -- RK has advertised the best price as far as I know.

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