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  1. TAURUS TX22 (black) @ SportsmanOutdoorSuperstore $219.99 FREE Ship Plus $50 Rebate
  2. I think made in Brazil. Heritage and TX22 are made in America, I think the Spectrum is also (not sure).

    Ruger Wrangler

    Safety is not a big deal (For Me) and if you have it on and drop the gun, gun hits on it's hammer (No Problem). And don't have to do the 19th century trick - Load one skip one then load four more (and only have 5 to shoot, I rather have 6). :-) Or, guess you can set hammer on the first latch point and hope if you drop it, it will not go off. For Me (defined) -- I just target shoot it, it's not a defense gun.
  4. I will chime in based on Subject "Fans of Mediocre" which I am, meaning low priced (I like low priced better than saying cheap LOL. The way I look at it is I mostly shoot a lot of targets (22, can afford AMMO) and also have a 380 and 9MM (defense and some target, but mostly point and shoot with minimum aim). I am not into collectible or odd guns where the thread seems to be directed. Good topic I say. Anyway, "low priced" works for that and can lay in the cabinet same as a "High Priced" gun. :-). That said I shoot pretty regularly (twice month at least). Low Priced Guns like: Taurus PT111 G2 $189, Spectrum 380 $134 after rebate, Heritage Single Six $119, GSG 1911 $239 (getting a bit pricey for me) and Firefly $159, Ruger SR22 more pricey at $285 with 3 MAGS included when I bought it, SW22 Victory bought used with a lot of extras, trigger mod (2 LB or less), 5 Mags with modified base, and slide attachment on it for $249, and a Phoenix PH22 kit with 3 and 5 inch barrel and extra Mag, and hard case $180. They all shoot reliable enough (for my use) including the defense guns. Prices not include Tax and background The Spectrum was the worst to get fixed (sent back to TAURUS twice Fail to Fire and then a Lock Back Problem they paid shipping both times). Now is reliable: NOT Fail to Fire, and NOT Locking Back when shooting, and NOT Fail to Eject or Fail to Load (I did file a small "U" shape into the bottom of the Feed ramp vs having it straight across).

    Ruger Wrangler

    Can't say much about quality comparison betwen Ruger and Heritage as I don't have the experience to talk about that. I can say Heritages a lot better looking (my opinion) and more choices in style. They also have more choices in size - 4 1/2 inch, 6 inch, and even a 16 inch. Plus MAG Cylinders for extra $30. Prices vary from $99 to $119, to ($139 or $169 for the dual cylinder). Depends on where you shop. Smky Mtn Gun & AMMO has a bunch in stock and marked down ($99 / $114 for some and think I saw $139 for one with the MAG included). They eben had one of the 16 inch (don't recall the price on it). I will go with the Heritage (looks, price, model choices, etc.) despite the fact I get some (I repeat some) keyholing out of my 4 1/2 inch 22LR Heritage (I don't have the MAG Cylinder, so shoot 22LR only). It seems to do better with lower velocity AMMO (less than 1150fps - discovered that one day when shooting with a friend looking at keyholes and switched to some 710 FPS and had no keyholes). Heritage said should shoot anything up to 1300 something). All in all - single six is jut sort of a fun (cowboy) thing the way I see it. Load and unload like the cowboys (except in movies when they just keep shooting).
  6. Have not looked at the Laws Regarding this, and for sure I am not a lawyer. However, I did before I got a Carry Permit, stop by Sevierville Police Station to ask about having a weapon or weapons on a MC because I use MC to go to Shooting Ranges that are 60 miles from me. Don't know exact answer (words), but basically was told MC like a car and like your home. Put guns in a bag on the MC. I did also sometimes take a 22 rifle in a scabbard hung on side of the MC (can't remember if I asked about that or just did it). I was told could not take guns off the MC (except to shoot at the range). That worked for me, cause all I did was ride to the range and shoot and ride back home. HMMM!!! I did sometimes stop at fast Food for a snack (and just left guns with the MC). NOT Sure I was legal on all that. Maybe lucky did not get stopped or checked when stopped. PS: Anyway, that was the main reason I got the carry permit at that time.
  7. It was changed to Lifetime after a brief period of the 1 year.
  8. Been some time since I returned to this thread I started. I have learned a lot in reading the replies. That said, I can see a mix of opinions that make it hard to decide what to do as far as statements at the time of an incident. I have my opinion and hope I can perform correctly. . Justice depends so much on the knowledge, honesty, and agenda of those involved including the suspect, police on the scene, DA, attorney's. Sad, thing is they are all humans and have agendas I imagine. There are many examples of Bad Police or Bad Decisions by Police, DA's and Judges in cases resulting in actions that can affect your life (many are shown in some of the posts in this topic - officers arresting someone for drugs when none where involved, Larry's case was a real extreme display of what the Police and Justice system can do to you in a SD case - obvious SD based on the facts - not determined by the Police or the system until much bad legal action against Larry). This country as a whole has become so hateful, not to say worse than in past if you look at history of treatment of Indians, Minorities, New Immigrants, Civil Rights, Equality, but it seems to be worse now (likely cause more news on it than in past). It's a shame things can't be always 100% correct. Not that it will ever be with Humans involved. Anyway, as far as a SD Incident - My opinion it would be an error not to make a statement (and I am not sure anyone is really saying don't make a statement, but saying don't get caught up into a lot of details that you may not remember correctly under the stress). My opinion it would be an error to try and give details of what happened and have the details used against you (likely, you will not give the exact details under the stress, and any errors can be used against you). PS: Besides some Police might get it right and some Police may not get it right (they are human). DAs and Judge don't get it right as a lot of innocent people are in jail, sentenced to life or death because of justice system errors (it's humans making decisions). So, I say for a SD Incident involving Deadly Force or any Force; - Give a Statement : Basically would include Feared for Life and / or Bodily Harm and there has been a Shooting: Tell 911 what happened, where you are, and what you are doing now (don't start answering detailed questions - that comes later with a lawyer); Tell Police what happened and add any information regarding witnesses, evidence (don't start answering detailed questions, that comes later with a Lawyer - do let them know you are willing to cooperate). Is That Bad Advice?
  9. Update NOT NEEDED as the Spectrum has been working since last repairs, but gonna give an update anyway. Review: The last repair resulted in replacement of the Slide Lock Back Lever Spring, a new Recoil Spring, and what appeared to me to be a new Striker Assy (certainly different one that the original). Plus my slight modification of the bottom of the feed ramp (I made it a slight "U" at the bottom vs a straight edge). There has been a lot of negativity about Taurus from various folks replying -- all I can say is "Whatever". Similar to what my G-Daughter use to say a lot. LOL My PT 111 G2 works fine and was like $189.99 when I bought it back in 2016. I see the new G2C for as low as $184.99 and there was a rebate of $25 on that. See the Spectrum for as low as $119 (RK) and a bunch of them at BUD'S Sevierville for $129.99. The TX22 is getting great reviews (don't thin ever seen a bad one) on U-Tube, have not seen a bad review. I see the TX22 at Smoky Mtn Gun & AMMO for $259.99 and Taurus rebate for $50 off that. The gun includes two MAGS (as most all TAURUS guns do), and a threaded barrel and an adapter, Plus, a Life Time Warranty and I have been happy with their service on the Spectrum despite being twice sent back and considerable time for return. All that said - I am a bit different and probably cheaper (value conscious I call it) than some gun folks. I am not into $400 to $1000 (+) for a pistol to target shoot (mostly what I do and include practice some defense shooting). Even to Carry when likely never need to defend and if I do, pretty sure the Taurus will work (that is if I can make the right legal decision to use it, to get it out, and shoot before the bad guy does GROAN).
  10. Liked the looks, features, and feel of FIREFLY when first saw these a year or so ago at $189.99 (that day decided on the GSG 1911 22LR for $239.99). BTW, you may know GSG made the Mosquito for Sig and Sig gave it up. Anyway, for a Low Priced Gun Buyer like me to spend the extra $50 for the GSG was a struggle. BTW, I say Low Priced vs saying Cheap cause makes me feel better. LOL Might add the GSG 1911 is a "I LIKE", feels good, shoots good and accurate , basically reliable (a few hiccups now and then). Anyway, Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo sent E Mail (get them near daily) on the FIREFLY for $159.99 with TWO MAGS (normally gun comes with one MAG). Don't laugh cause it is a Robin Blue Color Slide (only one on sale, at least it ain't Pink). Actually, I like the look - it's just that it is a bit "girly" looking. I add U-Tube Reviews are not the best (AMMO SENSITIVE) but it is advertised as needing 22LR HV AMMO (think 1250FPS or over is recommended). It does come with am extra Recoil Spring for lower velocity AMMO (not sure that helps and I have not tried it). So far so good, cleaned and lubricated before the first shoot where I ran 4 different AMMOS (Remington Golden Bullet, only had 20 rounds of that, and Remington Thunderbolt, Federal AM Eagle, and Blazer (made by Spear, CCI)). All worked OK in my mind, but did have three Fail To Fire (one with the Federal three trigger pulls that fired later when I inserted the round rotated to a different angle) and two Remington Thunderbolts (fired on the second trigger pull). The gun is single or double action, has a hammer release, slide safety, and easy breakdown lever. Trigger pull is heavy double (I think advertised as around 11 or 12 lbs and around 7 lbs single action). I am not as accurate with it as the GSG 1911 (say 3 or 4 inch circle at 30 feet). FIREFLY might need a bit of sight adjustment as seem to get a bit left of target (but also get some on target. BTW, I am not a 1 inch circle shooter at 30 feet, more like 4 inch circle (maybe 3 inch at my best). ANYWAY, main thing is so far I am satisfied at $159.99 with two MAGS.
  11. One mention of American made Heritage 22 Revolvers (single 6) but price said $169. Maybe retail is $169 with a MAG Cylinder included with the 22LR Cylinder. However, Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo (Sevierville) has a bunch on display for from $99.99 (4.5 inch) to $114.99 (6 inch) and even the dual Cylinder (MAG and Regular 22LR Cylinders) for I think I remember $139.99 (or at least you can buy a MAG Cylinder for $30). Might also note the TAURUS American Made 22LR Pistol (TX22)that EVERYONE on U-Tube is raving about (buddy has one, shoots great) for as low as $259.99 (advertised at Smky Mtn Gun & AMMO recently) with a $50 rebate from Taurus. Gun comes with two 16 ROUND MAGS and Threaded Barrel (adapter included). I think 10 round MAGS are available, but have not seen one. I see the Taurus Spectrum (380) was mentioned above. I did not know or remember made in America. I have one - paid $169 some months back (think end of 2018 or early 2019) and had $35 rebate from TAURUS. Now see them for $119 and $129 (BUD'S in Sevierville has a bunch in a case for $129). I had to send mine back to TAURUS twice (they paid shipping) to get issues resolved (Fail To Fire and Lock Back when shooting). Seems great now as last few times I have shot it ran reliably (thin 200 rounds are so). Finally with a new Recoil Spring, apparently new Striker, and repair of the spring on the Lock Back lever - all seems OK. The PHOENIX 22 (mentioned earlier) and 25 Caliber (available) are American made and run in the $119 to $129 range with 3 inch barrel and one MAG. Can get a KIT that comes with a case, a 3 and 5 inch barrel, two MAGS (10 rounds), and some cleaning supplies in the case for like $180 to $200. My son and I bought the KIT together (shared cost - in his name) out the door in GA for $200. Good shooting little gun with a few idiosyncrasies (two of those can be modified).
  12. Satisfied with TAURUS's Effort and basically I am satisfied with the Spectrum since they returned it (for what it is - a small 380, more costly AMMO, and with somewhat of a reliability question if you want a Pocket carry gun). . TAURUS Service certainly did not object to taking it back twice (their expenses on shipping, etc.) and working the gun (described in previous posts I made). I say "for what it is - a small 380" meaning I don't have much use for 380s mostly because of cost of AMMO VS say 9MM. The gun is performing regards to previous issues based on say 150 rounds since last return on to me on May 2. NO Fail to Fire and NO Slide Lock Back during operation. I did have One JAM similar to others where the bullet lodged against the bottom of the Feed Ramp and held their by the Slide when I released the slide on a FULL MAG using the Lock Back Lever VS Racking the Slide. (NOTE: it was only the one time after several MAGS and NOTE the point of contact for the projectile with the feed ramp was at a point just below the very point of the bullet). One would think a bullet contacting the feed ramp at that point would feed on up into the ramp. I THINK the bottom of the feed ramp being so flat and sharp allows a bullet coming in at say a flat angel to allow the. SO, I modified the bottom of the Feed Ramp by filing a slight "U" into the ramp as viewed from the top. The "U" is the best way I can describe the appearance what I did (maybe say recessed and Very Little recessed "U"). I think that bit of recess would keep the bullet from catching the ramp as it does with a flat edge on the ramp. Anyway, so far with only a few MAGS ran, no similar JAMS (does not mean it is fixed). Also, last time out shot 5 MAGS worth and two of them did NOT Result in Fail of the Slide to Lock Back on Empty MAG. Today it did Lock Back on Empty MAG. I do like the little 380 and have had some fun with it EXCEPT it is a 380 and not sure would trust it as a pocket Carry (reliability wise). Take a lot more rounds of pure operation for me to think that.


    Hi-Power --- Understand his reviews are a bit what ever. LOL. That said, he does give some information and is a heck of fan of the TX22. I have only seen one bad review and I don't remember what that reviewers problem was. Saw a price the other day reasonable but charged shipping of $14.95. Be nice if the ever get it down near $200. TAURUS now advertises one with and without manual safety.
  14. I think Indoor Range Shooting is boring (so restricted, etc.) and way to expensive. I hope I never need to use an indoor range as a primary shooting range for practice. I like to do a,little draw, rack, point, shoot. As of now, I am 60 miles from 3 outdoor Ranges (I ride MC there so call it a ride and shoot -- not concerned about MC gas at 60 and 70 MPG).: Two or TN Wildlife and require a Hunting License (I have SR license for hunting and fishing for life), one is a National Forest Range (Golden Eagle Pass plus $1 or $2 with out the pass). So Called Responsible Gun Owners (that everyone thinks should have a gun easily) abuse the places. I hope they keep them open, one TN Wildlife range limits hours due to abuse to THU and FRI after noon and SAT / SUN all day. Not sure how that limits abuse -- but that is what the sign gives as reason for the reduced hours. ??? BUD's Sevierville is close (7 miles) and I do go once in awhile as guest of a friend that has a annual membership. I think $225 for a Veteran's annual. BUD's also gives you a FREE 30 MIN Range Time with a gun purchase.

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