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  1. sccy 9mm range report

    I have not seen SCCY for less than $239 around here (Sevierville, TN). $200 sounds good. I don't own one, like the feel of them (only have dry fired at gun dealer) and would like to shoot one to see if I do better than with my Taurus. I have a TAURUS PT 111 Millennium, $189 bought a couple yearss ago. Taurus seems reliable and I like the feel of it. However, I am not very accurate with it. I practice some at least once a month, but limit 9MM practice to around 50 rounds cause of AMMO Cost (say $.20+ a round). I shoot the 22 RUGER more cause AMMO is cheaper (say $.06+ a round). I am more accurate with it. Not sure I would buy another 9MM as I am not into owning a bunch of guns - maybe trade TAURUS for something I like better. Seems some good buys on S&W with rebates going on now. Like to try one of those also.
  2. Castle doctrine, yes or no?

    The law posted by one responder is "The Law" is the thing to go by FOR SURE and it varies in some states. I just add this info about my experience in TN. PS: Searched for my son in GA and the Law as I read it is the same as TN. IL is another story (have to have it in a container and ammo separate place, etc.) A couple years ago when I bought my first pistol, I asked Sevier Police at the Police Station. AT THAT TIME I DID NOT HAVE A CC Permit and wanted to take the pistol to the range. I was told -- you can carry in your vehicle (car or on a MC). Can be Loaded - Unloaded - Visible or Hidden. However, for the MC (pistols and sometimes a rifle in a scabbard). I was told - basically same as for a Car (Officer did say best to keep pistol in a saddle bag or someplace and not on your belt in a holster. Rifle would be OK in a scabbard). ALSO, you are not allowed to take it out of the Vehicle (Car or MC) to go into a store, etc. Law apples to in or on the vehicle only. I Now have a CC Permit -- so, that is a new ball game.
  3. I just posted this on another topic -- but felt it is applicable and would get more attention here. Smart Carry is a brand of "Holster" with it's on belt and compartments for carry inside your trousers. Don't laugh when you see it -- it works. Check U-Tube for demos. I used one around the house for a day as a test and it is reasonably comfortable even with a TAURUS Millennium G2. Bought one at Flea Market (Exit 407 of I-40) for $5.99. Probably not as good quality as some others (at $40 to $60), but OK by me and one could add extra stitching. The above would work for dress up when you might not want a belly bag. HOWEVER, Belly Bag is my choice. Posting a picture below to show what I do with mine. Zippered compartment for phone, two billfolds for cards and a little cash, and a compartment that is zipped up (can carry "whatever' - extra magazine for one). FINALLY, the Velcro Closed compartment for a gun - that is the Taurus G2 in there. Takes some practice to draw as you open the Velcro where the gun is. There is Velcro top and both sides. I am right handed, so I open Velcro with left hand and put right hand on grip at the same time. Leave it on in car - seat elt foes under teh belly bag and keeps eat belt down at your pelvis where it should be. I have used on a bicycle ride also. Could use on MC, but I keep gum in tank bag or saddle bag on MC as do not like the gun on body in case of accdent.
  4. I was at the Flea Market (near Exit 407 of I-40) a week or so ago. Ran into a stand selling mostly Belts, billfolds, and saw some Belly Bags and what I call a Holster (not like a holster as you think, can see on web site Smart Carry as an example). The Holster "thingy" is best seen on internet as "Smart Carry" (a brand), The one at the Flea market was $5.99. Don't laugh when you see it - it works and is pretty comfortable. I tested it around the house for a day. . Belly Bag (my choice for like $14.99 at Flea Market) looks like any other belly bag. It has a place for cell phone in front compartment, a place for bill folds (I use two for cards and a little cash) in second compartment, another compartment for "whatever - whatever could be extra magazine :-)". All those are zippered compartments. FINALLY, the main compartment against your body is for a weapon (to give you an idea of size - a Taurus Millennium G2 12 rounds +1 fits and is not too heavy). That compartment is unique --- it opens via Velcro Closures on top and both sides. So, you can lay a pistol in there and quick draw (not as quick as some holsters of course) by grabbing corner of the bag and pull the whole thing open -- takes a little practice to be opening with left hand and and get your right hand on the grip (I am right handed -- so that would be opposite process for a left handed person). Other advantages --- you have a place for phone, billfolds, and the "whatever" vs pockets for all that. It is comfortable in a car (seat belt goes under the bag and it helps keep the seat belt where it belongs down near your hips). I have used it when riding a bicycle. You could use it on a MC also. However, I don't like the idea of a gun on me on a MC because of risk of accident and the gun between you and a solid object like the street (so, I keep it in the tank bag or saddle bag). I have not been able to find that are a similar Belly Bag on the Internet. Guess I should make a picture of it.
  5. USCCA Carry Insurance

    I finally got to the Nitty Gritty of USCCA Membership Insurance. Like most insurance documents need a lawyer to use it ( I'm not a Lawyer) and make sure you comply with everything in the event of an incident that is covered. It is a .pdf file. Not sure it will open with this link, but can get to it on the USCCA web site. https://d3rmvquxnxa9wt.cloudfront.net/pdf/guides/USCCA_MemberResourceGuide.pdf Go to https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/membership/?id=3steps&sid=Homepage&kmi= and scroll down to a block "WE'VE Got Nothing To Hide)
  6. USCCA Carry Insurance

    Been getting E Mails (bunches) ever since responded to a USCCA add. Made me worry about the so called Second Problem after a shooting of any kind (self defense or accidental). Just now got on the ACLDN site and have been reading thru their information. Copied this statement regarding "Insurance Backed" Memberships which was part of a discussion of various methods to help with the problem. https://armedcitizensnetwork.org/index.php/learn/307-buyers-guide NOTE: I have not gone to the link they refer to at the end of the paragraph regarding USCCA Program "Read The Policy". I intend to do that. The “Insurance-Backed” Membership Program The only “insurance backed” membership program of which I am aware is sold by the United States Concealed Carry Association. Because they are alone in this category, there’s little choice but to address their program specifically. Their promotions emphasize that USCCA is the insured and their members are the beneficiaries. If one is considering joining the USCCA and obtaining their insurance backed coverage, I would STRONGLY advise you to read the policy, which can be found at the bottom of the page at this link https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/membership/?id=3steps&sid=Homepage&kmi=
  7. Taurus PT-111 update

    I did not intend to put the Video in the last Post (don't know how I did - was trying to put the U-Tube link). I did put the link to the site the previous poster listed (that worked, then I tried to add the link and got the video). ??? By the way - was in Knifeworks on Hwy 66 south of Exit 407 a few miles). A guy was looking at Taurus 709 (I think I have the number right). It is like a PT111 but has single stack (8 rounds). Selling for $209 with 2 magazines (AND 4 MORE MAGAZINES come with it from TAURUS after prurchase).
  8. Taurus PT-111 update

    Thanks for taking time for the ideas. I will keep working on it (as much as I can afford AMMO). :-) I looked. http://search.aol.com/aol/video?q=Rob+Leatham+video+for+"+aiming+is+useless"&s_it=video-ans&sfVid=true&videoId=4237E45F086B871A8D124237E45F086B871A8D12&v_t=client97_searchbox
  9. Any Airgunner's here?......My new PCP airgun addiction.

    I am only into Plinking in basement with CO2 BB Pistol, Pump Up (10 pump) BB / Pellet Rifle, Break Barrel Pistol (18 inch), and Break Barrel Rifle. I just posted details on another topic, so will not repeat here. Thought I would add a couple related web sites in case any interest. http://hardairmagazine.com/ http://www.pyramydair.com/?utm_source=americanairgunner&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=2015-q3-one-stop-shop-300x250 http://www.americanairgunner.com/
  10. Air rifle hunting west Tn

    I think air guns are a lot of fun. Mine are low price rage. BB and .177 caliber. I have a target area in basement crawl space (up to 50 feet range, but mostly like to shoot at 42 feet from a chair and support set up or go closer for the CO2 BB Pistol. I have a Crosman CO2 BB Pistol (like $29) and get like 100 shots on one CO2 Cartridge. BBs and clip holds 20 rounds. Good practice for draw and shoot at 20 to 30 feet. I have a Bear River $49 BB / Pellet Pump UP (10 pumps) - holds like 50 BBs in reserve (you pull bolt bback and sahe a BB into the slide) while pellets are on at a time hand placed in slide. I pump to 3 or 4 pumps in basement for 42 feet. It has a cheap BB Rifle Scope and gets within 3 or 4 inch circle - many with in 2 inches) at 42 feet. I have a Break Barrel Benjamin Trail N2 Pistol (about 18 inches long was like $70 at WALMART online) that was a pain to start with until I found out it was leaking air at the joint for barrel and frame (tightened the pivot screw and got that fixed). It has lousy sights (open original) that I could not adjust down enough to bring on target (shot low when leaking, then shot high when leak was fixed). So, bought a cheap ($8) TASCO BB Rifle scope to mount on it. Does pretty good keeping most shots well in a 4 inch circle and a lot with in 2 inches at 42 feet (supported gun and hand). I have a Crossman Break Barrel Rifle (about $100 with a scope 4 x 32MM). Scope has a nice clear image that gets within 2 inch circle and many with in 1 inch at 42 feet. Have shot it at 50 yards (like 6 inch circle). Never hunted with them, just fun to shoot in basement anytime take a notion and AMMO a lot cheaper than even a .22 LR. Couple target pictures. BB CO2 Pistol and Break Barrel Pellet Pistol
  11. Taurus PT-111 update

    I am for from a gun expert as just started shooting pistols DEC 2015 with my first one (Ruger SR22). Bought a Taurus 9MM Millineium G2 middle 2016 year (on sale then for $189 at Floyds Gun & Golf in Sevierville, TN -- $199 other places nearby). It has been reliable except when I use Steel Casing 9MM ($7.98 plus tax for 50 rounds) when I get some jams (fail to reject and tries to load another round and if you don't clear it properly can really be jammed). I mostly shoot Blazin Brass (50 rounds runs from $10.98 to as low as $8.98 on sale - plus tax). Runs those very good. My accuracy is not good - get a lot of low and left of target. My guess is it is Trigger Pull (find the trigger to be harder to pull and breaks way back). I have been practicing using snap caps (dry fire). By the way -- called MFG and they do not recommend Dry Firing unless snap caps are used. Compared to the 22 Ruger I am a lot less accurate with the 9MM. Very happy with it for my shooting (mostly plinking) considering the $189 price (plus tax and background check). I do have a carry permit (TN), but seldom carry except sometimes on Motor Cycle rides. I do keep it loaded with Hollow Points at home and when I do carry ( I have never practiced with those - expensive rascals). Here is example of last shoot. I found 21 of 23 rounds -- note the patch sheet was placed beside the target to cover previous holes on the cardboard. Then there are two black repair dots on the main target from a previous shoot.
  12. Taurus PT 111 G2

    Sorry for late answer, have not been on here for a time. Yes, it was called Royal Blue - now called N Cumberland.
  13. Taurus PT 111 G2

    Maybe getting a little better with the 9MM as compared to the pictures posted earlier. I was on a Motorcycle ride and took the Taurus 9MM and the Ruger 22 along in case I ended up close to the range (to be honest sort of had it planned to end up close to the range). The range is North Cumberland WMA (TN) located near intersection of I-75 and Hwy 63 North of Knoxville, TN. I only had a couple clips (not fully loaded - like 10 or 11 in each) and was sort of time rushed. I was on the 150 yard range as the 50 and 100 were occupied (NO, I was not trying to shoot at 150 yards HA!). Couple of guys were shooting when i got there and they were nearly finished. They offered to let me shoot, but I hung out with them until they left. I walked down range and set up a couple targets (actually found two used ones that were 6 inch and repaired the holes in them for use with the 9MM - need bigger target so I can see where I hit HA!). The first picture shows the gate at the 100 and 150 yard range. They are separated shooting areas (100 on left and 150 on right after the gate). Anyway, I think I did a bit better than previous with the 9MM, still mostly left. Realize these are 6 inch targets. Matter of fact - the Ruger 22 Pistol was not a lot better. The fourth clip of 22 (last picture) was way off (blame it on rushing and being old, 78yrs old, and tired). HA! The 22 targets are 4 inch and 3 inch. PS: Some of these shots were sort of a draw and shoot (simulated draw as gun was not in holster, just held it down at the side and then raised to shoot with a bit of aiming).
  14. TN Lifetime HCP Now $200

    Unrelated MO new law. Anyone that can legally buy a firearm can carry (no permits anymore). I think I have that right, heard about it when at a HS Class Reunion (60th) end of Sept.
  15. I'm finally getting around to checking back on the topic. Thanks for the response. I had hoped more folks might have info and share. Maybe, a few more will pick up on this. Seems so many insurances against everything and someone always trying to sell you something, I get concerned about joining anything. :-( I have not made up my mind at this point. What brought it to my attention was another solicitation with video. I get an E Mail daily from them (somehow I gave them information on me). https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/membership/uscca_GAD.html?id=promo-2016-10oct&sid=Pros_New&kmi=

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