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    Reset is good on my G2, has a long pull back to the break point and that use to be scratchy (not anymore). I consider the trigger OK.
  2. Received EMAIL from TAURUS on their new (I assume new) holsters. I don't know much about holsters as I don't own any, but these seem reasonably priced ($39) and look of quality (plus made in USA). Just thought I would pass on the link. They are for particular model of TAURUS handguns. https://www.shoptaurus.com/holsters BTW, I post a lot of info about TAURUS (including problems I had with the Spectrum, OK Now, and the Heritage cosmetic problem). I am a fan of reasonable priced and seemingly decent guns (own a Millennium G2, Spectrum 380, and a TX22, Heritage Rough Rider). I have NO FINANCIAL Interest in TAURUS.
  3. Good information, thanks DaveTN. I copied this from that web site as seems the most applicable section. Hunting, firearms and alcohol Hunting and fishing are permitted on undeveloped TVA public lands in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted. Please note, however, that hunting is prohibited on other TVA lands—such as TVA dam reservations, power plant reservations, power substations and developed recreation areas (such as campgrounds and day-use areas)—unless otherwise posted. Possession and use of firearms and other weapons are permissible on undeveloped TVA public lands subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted. If there is a conflict between federal rules/laws and other laws, federal rules/laws prevail. My Comment: They refer to undeveloped lands in the first "dot" , then refer to to other TVA Lands such as dam reservations, power plant reservations, power substations, and developed recreation areas (to me, the phrase "such as" leaves it open to other areas 'like about any developed area'. I don't know, like many laws it is hard to understand. My guess is they (TVA) don't bother folks unless you are causing an issue. Keep it concealed and as a lot of the so called Defense Insurance Programs specify, "they w ill not defend you if you use a gun in a restricted area for self defense". PS: I do know a friend lived around here all his life and told me about a place they use to go to shoot targets at a lake area when the lake was down. There is a road into the spot and when the lake is down, it is a good place to shoot into a hill side. I suspected that was not legal and called TVA to ask. It was not legal and basically (as I remember), I got the idea not allowed to shoot any place near the lake (been awhile so don't remember exactly what was said). Did not discuss having a firearm with or without a CC Permit.


    Friend sent me this Review of a TAURUS G3. Looks good, but I don't have a NEED at this time, not much into that size gun for carry and not into 9MM for target shooting (AMMO costs too much - ues 22 for targets). Maybe be a want, not need someday. LOL There is a great deal of similarity in the inner workings of the Millennium G2 (my gun), the G2C, and this G3. https://www.full30.com/watch/MDIyNjM4/taurus-g3-pistol-review-taking-it-to-another-level
  5. I want to hear from the customers they have that have arrested and charged with crimes, what happened to them, and how much the insurance paid. I would advise do some research. One case I am familiar with from reading (not personally involved) is the Maddox Murder Charge as he was a CCWSafe Member at the time (and likely would have gone to prison for life due to the charge if not for CCWSafe defense efforts). You can research the incident leading to the charge (I have read various articles with some variation in fact and saw some videos (U-Tube) regarding the incident. As I understand it here are the basics -- Maddox and Wilkerson had a disagreement from a MC ride event that Maddox had violated some safety rule the club had in Wilkerson's opinion. Wilkerson (a big guy) held a grudge about that incident. They were no longer in the club, but were at a MC event in NC. Maddox went into the bathroom and Wilkerson followed him to beat him up (had him down was choking him). Others pulled Wilkerson off. Later there was a second attack by Wilkerson (and one account said Wilkerson's wife was also involved kicking Maddox). Anyway, others pulled Wilkerson off again. Maddox then went to the parking lot to his MC to leave the event. Wilkerson again attacked Maddox, Maddox saw him coming and got his gun out of the bag on his MC and shot him (think was a 44). Wilkerson still managed to attack him and they were together on the ground rolling around, Maddox shot him two more times. Police arrived and arrested Maddox. Prosecutor pressed charges and did not do a thorough investigation (talk to witnesses, etc.). Maddox also made a mistake by doing a long interview with the police (like 3 hours). He had some errors in his interview. There were various reports and interviews (some on U-Tube, one of those was by Maddox discussing the impact on his life 92 years worth. lost his job, etc.). One review of the incident and what CCWsafe did is by Don West (CCWSafe National Trial Council) on U-Tube. I would want him to have actually have successfully defended some shooting cases. Wouldn’t you? I wouldn't necessarily, one can certainly have knowledge about the law and offer legal defense strategy (advice) in a Self Defense case (especially a person that has spent his career studying and educating on Self Defense Laws and worked with the lawyers involved in a Self Defense case).
  6. So far -- not for me. I like Rough Rider looks, price, and works OK.
  7. All this discussion is mind boggling (some seems to be just to create arguments, and some is useful even in doing that). It is hard to compare the different programs for sure. My opinions and Thoughts: 1) My insurance (Farm Bureau) company's Umbrella Liability does not cover a self defense situation per my agent. I assume that is true. 2) None of the programs for a defense of a Self Defense Claim cover a crime (murder), they only cover Self Defense. Who decides (?), they do I assume. Hopefully, it is an honest and correct decision. Per Andrew Blanca's posts - there is an ongoing conflict with a member of USCCA regarding USCCA not paying after "reportably" paying bail. I don't know the story to make a intelligent decision. However, my opinion based on INFO I have from Andrew's posts is that it looks suspicious. It may not have been a self defense. Best you research that one yourself. 3) Some memberships in some programs are not allowed in some states. Apparently CCW Safe is in all states because of the way they are set up (something about a model of Police Program and they fund the coverage in a different manner than others). 4) Some LIMIT $$$ coverage (amount allowed for defense) and some are not adequate to cover an actual defense. CCW Safe is UNLIMITED $$$$ including any appeals, mistrials, etc. (Bail is limited to I think $5000,000 or $1,000,000 for maximum program (they changed that recently). Since USCCA is one I would consider -- I state USCCA's coverage is Limited based on the program you choose and I think most basic programs are not adequate except for the premium. 5) Some have a list of Lawyers and some do not. CCWSafe does not - they assist in picking a local Lawyer and work with the lawyer in the defense and investigation. 6) Most do not cover Civil Liability, some do but require a higher premium. Talking getting into $500 +/- per year for Complete and Maximum coverage. 7) Some limit Bail Bond (Bail can be as high as $500,000 or a $1,000,000). Some allow that much coverage, but also require the higher premium plan. Don't forget Lawyer Retaining Fees ($50K +/- to start as well as fees for trial, appeals, investigators, experts. Skip 8 because when I hit the ) after 8, I get a smiley face. LOL like Weird 9) Finally, I say as Andrew mentions in his discussions of Choosing a Program (make sure you understand what they cover - $$$$ and how it is Limited). 10) Andrew has a Consulting Program (I think is like $250 in advance per year) to have him as a consultant in a case. Apparently, his Consulting Fees would be beyond most of us to afford. That said, I think (a guess) if you have a good Program (like CCWSafe and maybe USCCA), it would cover his consult fee if your lawyer decided it is needed. 11) Many programs provide some training FREE (Podcasts, E Mails, Videos). Some of that training you have to purchase. Might add Andrew does have a Bronze Membership (FREE, but time for advertisement of his products)) that hooks you up to his weekly reviews of some cases and other information. I find it interesting and though provoking. PS: My opinion - CCW Safe coverage for those with a Carry Permit at $179 a year is the best program that is reasonable (basically unlimited $$$$ for defense and at least $5000,000 bail - maybe it is $1,000,000). BTW, it does not include Civil Liability, I think that gets to near $500 a year. PSS: The safest thing from a Risk of Injury and a Legal Battle (either of which you may loose) is AVOIDANCE The "justice system" is not forgiving on such issues and is not always FAIR. I include the advice to only show (unconcealed carry can affect that), draw, or use your gun IF ALL CONDITIONS ARE MET. Ain't NO property defense, ain't NOr defense of your honor that is gonna keep you out of prison for a long time. In other words No ANYTHING except DEFENSE of LIFE (and the window for that is often very limited to seconds). Ask the Dude in FL acting up about someone parking in a handicap spot how short the window is.
  8. Received similar EMAIL from Heritage (now owned by TAURUS) that Heritage operations (all operations) moved to Bainbridge, GA. I guess that is ALL (mfg as well)?
  9. Glad someone, Dave, was able to post the actual information, thanks. Moped - I agree it is interesting, after just GOOGLEing Map for Bainbridge, GA (satellite view), it is a pretty isolated small town appears in middle of no place. I also entered address 100 TAURUS Way (Google did not show that location). Maybe a new street.
  10. I did not notice before that it says, 'Moving all our US Operations - including repair department'. I copied the picture that had the Info and placed it on Taurus Forum, but can't seem to post any pictures on this site. Get some MSG about limit on MB.
  11. I have impression they have a new facility (obvious) that may be more up to date (better). Just a guess on my part. That said, always depends on the individual working on the repair (good tech, bad tech).
  12. Received E Mail from TAURUS today, move effective Oct 26, 2019. TAURUS INTERNATIONAL ATTN: Repair Dept 100 TAURUS Way Bainbridge, GA 39817 NOTE: Course contact TAURUS first for authorization to ship in for repairs.
  13. CCWSafe and the Maddox Case --- best write up I have seen on that one. Maddox still ahd 2 years of memory, but would have been in jail for murder (life in NC) without CCWSafe's effort. https://www.concealedcarry.com/law/concealed-carry-charged-with-first-degree-murder/ Sad thing is, shows how messed up the criminal Justice system is (sometimes) when someone that has been beat up twice (within 7 minutes) and a 300 pound Arse is coming at you again when you are trying to leave the scene - and you shoot to defend yourself. Think article said 5 rounds total (with a 44). This was a NC mess, reckon can happen anywhere if can happen in a State like NC. The link came out of an article dealing with different providers of protection (mainly USCCA and CCWSafe comparison and dealt with USCCA's pullout if NJ). Some plans are considered insurance and some states have laws against (NY, WA, and now NJ). USCCA pulled out of NJ. CCWSafe plans are still active in all states (some different procedure they use). As far as I am concerned CCWSafe is the best -- Cheap for CC Permit Holders at $179 (does not cover Civil). I think their full blown maximum plan is like $479 or so (Covers Civil and $100K for Bail Bond, etc. etc.).
  14. I had not heard of a 41 until this thread, may not have read this article if not seen this thread before. Maybe someone else is like me (dumb about a 41), if so here is an interesting article on the history of 41 and later designs. Got $$$$$ you can have one. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2019/10/9/a-look-back-at-the-smith-wesson-model-41/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=insider&utm_campaign=1019
  15. I have had I think 4 Fail to Feed on I think about 300 rounds. Also, think a Fail to Fire twice.

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