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    This TX22 is getting some Great Reviews. https://americanhandgunner.com/handguns/taurus-tx22-love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDqmRS-aLNU&feature=em-uploademail https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/109810-taurus-tx22/

    Tell me about your favorite gunsmith

    Shultz Precision Machine 2205 Boyds Creek Hwy, Sevierville, TN. Taken from the web site is following statement; This is business for the repair and modification of firearms only. The smallest jobs to complete precision rifle rebuilds. No Firearms are sold. Friend saw a sign at Jct of Boyds Creek Hwy and McLeary Rd. The sign says something about Precision Rifles. Same friend found a Web Site and Facebook for Shultz Precision Machine. Other than what is on the Web Site and Facebook -- I know nothing about Schultz. I would like to visit (supposedly opened a new shop late in 2018). I have not see the shop. I live about a mile from that sign on Boyds Creek and go to Boyds Creek via McClearry frequently and never saw the sign. However, I am always turning at the intersection onto Boyds Creek or off of Boyds Creek and watching traffic (my excuse for not observing the sign). Web Site and Facebook links -- for some reason I can not copy and paste these URL Addresses from my browser, but found out I can copy and paste into an E Mail and then copy and paste from an E Mail to put it here. CRAZY WEIRD THING. https://www.autoyas.com/US/Sevierville/603928659709962/Shultz-Precision-Machine https://www.facebook.com/ShultzPrecisionMachine/ PS: Be interested to know if anyone knows anything about Shultz Precision Machine.
  3. Lot of interesting views on this gun stuff: too many guns, not enough guns, make it easier to get guns, make it harder to get guns, spend more money to lobby politicians (both sides), vote gun haters out of office, vote gun lovers out of office, too many laws, not enough laws. I wonder if ever be a solution to reduce gun violence / incidents or away to keep guns out of bad guys hands, that be criminals, mental cases, mean people or those about to be criminals, mental cases, or mean people, or people with no training in use of guns, no knowledge of Laws of Self Defense.

    Does TN have special taxes on Ammo?

    Interesting -- didn't even know was taxed extra, I thought just TN sales tax. Money well spent for TW -- but wish they would add more shooting ranges.

    Working the Ammo Deals

    BTW -- I get E Mails from Floyd's Golf and Guns (Sevierville, TN) - recent Valentine Special showed Remington Thunderbolt 500 Rounds for $12.99 (add tax estimated $1.20) = $14.20 (rounded off) $0.0284 per round. Not bad for a walk in and walk out buy from local dealer. No shipping involved and no DANG Rebate Forms. TAURUS G2C for $199 (about typical). PS: Interested in their E Mails? - contact them and get on their list. They don't bug you with E Mails (just now and then).

    Working the Ammo Deals

    I think wonderful there are still some honest folks around (to call them and point out their error). NICE they rewarded you (maybe would not have if their records made sense to them). GOOD DEAL.
  7. Heritage Rough Rider Keyholing seems to be reduced since gave it a barrel brushing with copper brush and lot of Hoppe's. I shot 12 rounds of each (710, 1135 FPS) and 6 rounds (1200 FPS) thru it with decent results. That said, still got a couple keyholes, one with 710 FPS, and 2 with 1200 FPS. Then DANG it shot 7 more 1200 FPS and got 3 keyholes.


    U-Tube Review on TX22 -- guy likes it and good review. Can't copy and paste the URL Address. DANG IT !!! I guess go to U-Tube and search for TX22. Title -- TAURUS TX22 Range Time Review Sweet Handgun

    Handgun storage in gun safe

    Hobbies become a problem. I only have about an 18 inch wide and 18 inch deep gun cabinet (not a safe). So, t is getting full even though I only have a shotgun (one extra 30 inch barrel), a 22 Rifle, 4 Pistols, and AMMO. Good deals on AMMO on large quantities has become a problem for storage (stacked as good as I can). PS: One other Pistol (Spectrum) will fit but is stored at TAURUS for up to 3 months (after one month it is still in Received Status). GROAN PSS: Maybe rotate guns back to MFG for temporary story? LOL

    Bud's Gun Shop

    I am in Bud's (Sevierville), Smky Mtn Guns & Ammo (most refer to that as Smky Mtn Knife Works as it is in the same building), and Floyds Golf and Guns (closer to down town Sevierville on east side of Hwy 66 and attached to a BP Station). Bud's is on a rode behind Knife Works. Either of those can have the best price at any given time on AMMO or GUNS. Some brands are not carried at either store. Some clerks in either store or great and some are not. Some ask you if they can help and some wait until you ask to see a gun. All that does not bother me, I just look and ask when I want to see something, and I am not that impatient (being a retiree :-)). Bud's is nice for looking at rifles as they set out in racks on the floor and are not locked in any way. You can pick them up unsupervised, look at it, point it, dry fire it. I say nice for looking at guns but not so sure about safety. NOTE: I think what if some CRAZY PERSON brings in some rounds and loads up and starts shooting? Not that there are any crazy people with guns in this country. BUD's is nice cause if you buy a gun there you also get 30 MIN range time to use within 30 days. BUD's also has a 10 MIN / 10 Rounds / 10 Dollar RANGE THING if interested in buying a gun. You get 10 MIN on range and 10 ROUNDS for $10 to try the gun. A used gun you can try it. A new gun you can try a rental if they have the model at the range. Then if you buy the gun -- the $10 comes off the price. Another thing about BUD's is the FFL support if you order a gun online from BUD'S. It's from KY Store and can ship to TN Store for FREE, FFL Transfer Fee is FREE Fee, only pay Background of $10. Save TN tax also vs buying in the TN store (but most guns online or a bit higher than in store, so can even out). One other thing about Smky Mtn Guns & AMMO -- FFL costs there are $10 Transaction and $10 Background (lower than some places that are $25 to $35). Only other nearby place is BASS PRO (All I can say about that is CHECK PRICES - OUTRAGEOUS for most part). I asked a clerk in there one day why their Taurus Millennium G2 was (think it was $50 or $60) more than down the road. His smart reply was why don't you buy it there. I said I did a year ago for $189 and now they are $189 or $199, but my friend here is looking at one. GOOD BYE. Another example -- I was in there today and saw the Heritage Revolved like mine (same grips, etc) for $179 - I paid $119 and got 30 MIN range time at BUD's a couple years ago. They are $119 at BUD's now. And have heard of $99 or $109 at places. Floyd's had $109 sale some time ago.

    Is There Such A Thing As Clean Ammo?

    It's mostly target practice, so I buy cheap AMMO (Blazer, Aquilla, some CCI, or whatever is brass or aluminum and cheap) and hope it shoots. Then clean gun, I get fun out of disassembly and cleaning (double fun messing with guns). I do buy better Defense Rounds (must be better if it costs more). I don't shoot those much at $0.75 plus a round (maybe use them up every year or every other year to make sure gun runs the hollow points). So, don't worry about dirty once a year.
  12. OK --- I will add SGAMMO to my Favorites and take a look when I need AMMO. Sometimes shipping charges rule out online buys (or have to get very large quantities (1000 to 5000) to avoid shipping. Msot of thee time, except for 22LR I don;t want a 1000 9MM or 380. Thanks, always, good to get new information. The 350 rounds of 380 95 grain Blazer Brass Black Pack from TARGET SPORTS USA came in Monday (as promised). Final: $99.99 - $14 (rebate) divided by 7 boxes = $12.28 per 50 round box. That be a couple bucks cheaper than cheapest local I could find (Browning 380 95 grain at $12.99 plus tax estimated at $1.20 = $14.19 per 50 rd box). It was Black Pack loose 350 rounds in a plastic sealed bag - inside two boxes (Shipping Box and the Black Pack Box). I applied for the $14 Rebate online. That was a bit complicated. I had to list the 350 rounds as 7 boxes (then select 350 rounds of other AMMO Caliber - rebate on 9MM is only $1 per box, $2 on other calibers). Then had to make four files for required Downloads in three area of the online form. Files I had to make to Download in the online application: One was of the UPC label which I got by Scanning the Label to a PDF File. One was of the Receipt for ordering which was an E Mail from Target Sports USA that came after I placed the order. So, I printed the E Mail and then scanned it to a PDF File. Lastly, I needed two images of the product. So, I took a picture of the outside box, then a picture of the Black Pack Box that showed the label and had the box opened to show the plastic bag with the 350 rounds in it. I loaded those two pictures in the computer (JPG File) and used those the final downloads. Finally, they accepted my submit (after I corrected error of providing only one image of the product). And, I got a notice back that subject to verification, I would get my $14 in 6 to 12 weeks.

    Pulling trigger to disassemble "hazzard" ?

    Some MFG say OK to Dry Fire. My Ruger SR22 Rim Fire is OK to Dry Fire per MFG. I don't cause I figure what ever block mechanism they have built in is gonna wear some. My TAURUS 9MM Millennium G2 is NOT OK to Dry Fire per MFG. That said, it requires Trigger Pull to disassemble. BY THE WAY, disassembly instruction in book does not say to Pull Trigger. I couldn't get the slide off and called TAURUS, they said Pull Trigger. I asked why not in the book, they said don't like to tell people to Pull Trigger (HMMMM!!!!). Anyway, I pull trigger to disassemble as only way you can disassemble and it does not concern me (obviously gonna check gun is empty). I don't use a snap cap then. I Do Use a snap cap for other Dry Fire practice.
  14. I am relatively new to this shooting game (started in Dec 2015 with a SR22 Ruger and have added some more 22's and a 9MM and 380). Just saying not much of an expert on anything. A buddy does a lot of shopping online and locally in Sevierville, TN (Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo, Floyds Golf and Guns, BUD's Guns). He has helped with my ammo purchases above my own shopping. We sometimes share a large quantity purchase from online source to get FREE SHIPPING with large quantity (small quantities ADD SHIPPING and that generally throws price per round way off). Some sites save state tax as well. Anyway, I have a list of book marks for buying AMMO and will present a couple. Just thought maybe condense information. Maybe, someone benefit or provide some good ones from their experience. Target Sports USA (just recently bought some 380 from them - Blazer Brass 350 Rouds at $99.99 (will get $2 per 50 rounds or $14 back via Blazzer Brass Rebate = $12,28 per 50 round box = c$0.246 per round). TargetSportsUSA.com NOTE: Reason I don't like a 380 is AMMO Cost (best deal locally is $12.99 plus tax about $1.20 = $14.19 per box. Palmetto State Armory (friend and I shared a 22LR AMMO some months ago, he buys from them often) PalmettoStateArmory.com Bulk Ammo (I have not used, just one I had in bookmarks) BulkAmmo.com RKGuns (I have not used, my friend has -- they have local TN Stores, so tax I guess is a problem). RK Guns.com FFL Thing: Smky Mtn Guns & Ammo is $10 Fee and $10 Background check. BUD's is $10 if shipping to BUD's in TN from Online BUD's in KY. Save TN Sales Tax on guns shipped from some places. .

    Why does taurus get such a bad rep?

    I am not experienced enough to say a lot but here is my experience. THE GOOD - I have a TAURUS Millennium G2 (bought 2016) that has been good (estimate 750 or so rounds). Trigger pull is long single or double action, reset is short single action ( Like fact it is either S or D). Trigger pull is pretty smooth (better after I removed firing pin and cleaned it up). Originally, some failures as of last couple years - no failures. I don't target shoot it much (consider it as accurate as my ability - I do better with the SR22 when target shooting). Mostly my practice is simulated defense (draw, rack, point, shoot - a bit more aim after first shots). Anyway, for $189 I am satisfied. THE BAD - To date the Taurus Spectrum I did a trade deal on DEC 22, 2018 is not good. (Price was good at $169.99, then a $35 Rebate). Taurus took it back for 'repairs on Jan 4' (free shipping for me) and it arrived there Jan 4 with estimated return within 12 weeks. So, far status shows received - no repairs done or started. Basically, it was a FAIL TO FIRE (double action, so used repeated pulls to fire a round -- say on a MAG 2 to 5 rounds required more than one pull, rest fire on first pull). I did get one MAG to fire all but the last round with one trigger pull. That was with two shoots: The first was 26 rounds. I had cleaned and lubed before first shoot, did some more cleaning and polished feed ramp a bit (also had one Fail to Feed first shoot). Next trip to range was same deal with 26 rounds (Fail To Fire and one Fail To Feed). That is when I called Taurus and they took it back. The likes and dislikes about the Spectrum (my opinions): LIKES, it feels good in hand for a mini semi, I like the double action only for carry as can safely keep one in the chamber so have 7 or 8 depending on which MAG, small for pocket carry, it is a nice looking gun, it's accurate considering my ability despite a scratch trigger take up, reasonable at $169.99 (then was $35 Rebate). DISLIKES, F to Fire and F to Feed mentioned above of course, scratchy trigger take up, and I am not much on 380s (ammo more expensive that 9MM so limits practice), difficult to remove firing pin for cleaning or polishing, I think the firing pin mechanism is the cause of scratchy trigger take up and maybe reduces the strike on the primer (light strikes - F To Fire). . NOTE: I have a Topic I started on this gun with details about the problems if interested but above pretty well covers it. Added comment about why I ended up with it when not crazy about a 380 anyway (dumb maybe).

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