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  1. Can local gov ban carry in parks?

    Thanks -- as usual, its a DANG mess of local (city, state, whatever) doing their own thing. WISH I KNEW WHO in CITY or STATE to Discuss this with. So DANG confusing -- I am too the point would as soon have one rule for whole country (same in every state, building, whatever) regardless of the outcome. State's Rights are somewhat a ridiculous hold over from many / many moons ago when folks did not get 5 miles from home in a lifetime and setup, I think, to get the states to join the Union (USA) to start with. State Big Shots wanted to have their hold on power I imagine.
  2. I think they are the ones that have a board that reviews the situation and makes final decision to Come to Your Defense or Not depending on how they interpret the situation (self defense or not). https://armedcitizensnetwork.org/ Not sure I would trust that.
  3. guns in cars

    Local police officer (went to station in Sevierville and asked) -- car is like your house (OK visible or not and loaded or not). But, you can't take it out of the car (can't carry concealed without carry permit) except like for hunting, a shooting range, or such. That said, I did not ask about school parking lots or anything else specific. And, like the rest of this states right bull -- it probably varies in every cotton picking state. Sometimes. you would think we don't all live in the USA.
  4. Just bought the 7 DVDs from www.concealedcarryuniversity.org --- bought off E Bay for $40 (Some on E Bay for around $90), where theya re $297 reduced to $197 on the web site. Anyway, I just started watching the First 2 DVDs. The first two DVDs are entitled MINDSET and called Part 1 (of 3 parts, each part has 2 DVDs and are about 2HRs 40 MIN each). Part 1 (first two DVDs) deal with the basics as sort of a introduction summary (good way to get started). They discuss items such as Myths, Legal Aspects, Decisions, Ability, Training, etc. So far I have learned this Carry Stuff is legally very scary stuff, you can get in a mess legally and of course mentally if you mess up and cause escalation or mess up and accidentally shoot some innocent person or a bystander, or damage property while doing what you think is "Self Defense" with deadly force. Brandishing is one of the things that can get you in trouble. The DVD presents three reasons: 1) Loose tactical advantage, 2) Be accused of escalating a situation, 3) Might be tempted (accidentally or on purpose) to pull the trigger and shoot the attacker as he turns to run (then you will be accused of murder - it is not self defense then).
  5. Dollywood

    They check bags at the entrance after you have a ticket. Checked my Fanny Pack and asked about pocket knives. I showed my pocket knife (it's OK), gun was at home. Guns are not allowed. You want to hide one and take a chance -- your business. I am not taking the chance (trespassing or whatever the charge might be). Neighbor works parking Lot (tickets) -- they allow folks with weapons in car to park near the ticket booths to keep an eye on your car. Snacks (cereal bars, crackers. etc. - another story - keep it in a coat or pant pocket).
  6. Husband Denied Carry Permit

    Maybe your TN Legislatures (House Representative or Senator) would go to bat for you. I would try contacting one or more of them. They like appearing Patriotic to Veterans.
  7. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    So far so good with an extra 8 RD MAG I bought at Floyd's (local gun retailer) and then ordered a 10 RD MAG from Hi Point. That said, I did have one fail to load with the 10 RD MAG and it came as I racked to load the first round. Sort of like 2 rounds tried to go in at same time (both came out of the MAG). Put them back in the MAG and all worked after that. Shot another 26 rounds thru the gun (using the original 8 RD, the new one I bought from Floyd's stamped 2013, and the new 10 RD from Hi Point). Floyd's was over priced at $19.99 plus tax) which I figured when buying it, but help local business out a little. The do have decent prices on AMMO frequently (like had 380 brass for $8.98 - 50 RDs plus tax). MAGs on E Bay ad at Hi Point are better buy. EX: Paid $19 at Hi Point for the 10 RD (no tax and free shipping).
  8. Enjoyed the gun so far. Saves on AMMO for sure and kind of fun unloading and loading like the Ol Cowboys and Gunslingers use to. :-) I managed to get the Cylinder locked up one time. I think I pulled the hammer back past position 2 as I was getting ready to unload it and the lock mechanism at bottom of the cylinder raised up. Coludn't turn it either way. Finally got smart enough to remove the cylinder (that fixed things). Then my G-Son turned around and did the same thing I did. Anyway, be more careful in the future.
  9. Apologies if already covered...

    Forget It.
  10. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    This MAG Spring Bending U - Tube seems to please a lot of it's viewers. By the way -- some folks say they never had a problem, others say the were going to junk the gun until they did the Spring Bending per the video. Shucks -- could not get the URL to the U-Tube Video to post on here.
  11. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    Good post. Thanks. I have seen some stuff on U-Tube regarding modification of MAG (bending lips and putting bends in the spring) and polishing the ramp. The one fail to load I had was as I said (after firing the very first round thru the brand new gun, the second nose dived as shown and did not load). As I said before -- no further problems for next 84 rounds. I realize 86 rounds total so far is not a point to say HOW GREAT IT IS. PS: I have not done any modifications to Gun or MAG after taking it out of the box. I did lube what I could without disassembly the night before I shot it as it seemed particularly dry.
  12. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    Cause I have a Taurus Millennium G2 9MM and wanted a 380 (simple reason). In addition there are some self defense 380 advantages (one is less chance of collateral damage and consequences from that, also most higher calibers are harder for average shooter to be accurate) and some disadvantages (not as much stopping power, but I say adequate at close range gun fight). Have read --- A hit with a 22LR Hollow Point is better than a miss with a 45 caliber. I don't intend to carry the 380 at least not the Hi Point as it is heavy 2 1/4 pounds with loaded MAG and 6.75 inches long (could use it for home defense or in a vehicle or at a business). Just thought for $129.99 would be worth a try for some target fun.
  13. I was interested in a 380 maybe to carry, but do not like the itty bitty carry ones (they do have their advantages). Anyway, I sort of gave up on a medium size 380 to carry cauise of cost, weight, etc.. That said, there are some that would work, EX: Bersa make a Carry Model of the Bersa Thunder. Anyway, that search led me to Hi Point (USA Made in Ohio) for a fun target gun (It would be large and heavy to carry at 6.75 inches and 2 1/4 Lbs with 8 RD MAG loaded). After reviewing (U-Tube - mostly positive performance) and seeing price I bought a 380 ($129.99 plus tax and background at Bud's in Sevierville, TN). This one had only one clip (in the gun), a Ghost (peep) sight as extra, and a decent Plastic Hardcase (I did not realize I was getting a hard case when I made the buy as they show a gun, one with a commentator (that one comes with an extra 10 RD MAG), and one with a hardcase on web site -- prices vary on options). Can buy accessories online (E-Bay) and at Hi Point. I bought an extra 8RD MAG at Floyd's in Sevierville for $19.99 plus tax (that is high but decided to help a local dealer who also had 380 AMMO,brass, on sale at $8.99 plus tax). Then just ordered a 10 Rd MAG from HI Point for $19.50 free ship and no tax. I bought the gun SAT, shot 86 rounds thru it SUN. I ahd one fail to load (nose dive) after firing the very first round (second one nose dived). Then all the rest worked GREAT (no failures). I had lubed the gun SAT Eve (parts I could as I did not disassemble cause you have to punch a pin out to take slide off). I made some adjustments to the sights (probably most of it was me anyway, but it shot a bit low, 2 inches, and right, 1 inch, at 15 foot). Eventually got the last group in a 3 inch target at 15 foot (good for me). The gun is a bit as I call it (Clunky) at 29 OZ and 36 OZ with loaded MAG. It has some funny features (there is not a slide release button, it locks back after last round and you have to remove the MAG and jerk the slide back and release it to close it). Not a big deal, just an unusual thing. Once you load a MAG in it and pull slide back to load a round (the trigger pull has a sligh move to firm and then a decent release) - same on auto loads. I PRESENT all this as an opinion that it is a decent gun (reliable based on U-Tube and my limited use so far) for a VERY Reasonable Price (say around $129.99). I also notice they have Carbines in mid $300 range in all calibers (380, 9MM, 40, 45, 10MM). I am not interested, but some might be. GO TO THEIR WEB SITE. My first two Groups (Adj sights a bit between 1st and 2nd group). I wanted to post the last group all but one in black of a 3 inch target at 15 foot (one was just out of the black). Like I said, I am not a competition marksman, but did good for me after adjusting rear sight Up and to Left. This site would not allow the extra KBytes (over 49KB).
  14. PT 111G2 and free 22

    I see was $289 for Taurus and get Heritage Free. Still OK deal if need the Taurus. However, I have seen that Taurus (black) for $189 (bought mine for that) and Heritage for $119 (that I just bought). So, still good deal as guess you would only pay tax on the Taurus and better than buying separate. Howver, not as good a deal when I thought the TAURUS was $249 and get Heritage free. It is water over the bridge anyway as Dead Line was 11-19.
  15. Interesting thought -- that would move the right direction. I would be scared to mess something up (would thing barrel all ready tight). Do you think could screw it in enough to move the sight over as far as Ia m showing (looks like 1/16 inch at least)?

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