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  1. Apologies if already covered...

    Forget It.
  2. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    This MAG Spring Bending U - Tube seems to please a lot of it's viewers. By the way -- some folks say they never had a problem, others say the were going to junk the gun until they did the Spring Bending per the video. Shucks -- could not get the URL to the U-Tube Video to post on here.
  3. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    Good post. Thanks. I have seen some stuff on U-Tube regarding modification of MAG (bending lips and putting bends in the spring) and polishing the ramp. The one fail to load I had was as I said (after firing the very first round thru the brand new gun, the second nose dived as shown and did not load). As I said before -- no further problems for next 84 rounds. I realize 86 rounds total so far is not a point to say HOW GREAT IT IS. PS: I have not done any modifications to Gun or MAG after taking it out of the box. I did lube what I could without disassembly the night before I shot it as it seemed particularly dry.
  4. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    Cause I have a Taurus Millennium G2 9MM and wanted a 380 (simple reason). In addition there are some self defense 380 advantages (one is less chance of collateral damage and consequences from that, also most higher calibers are harder for average shooter to be accurate) and some disadvantages (not as much stopping power, but I say adequate at close range gun fight). Have read --- A hit with a 22LR Hollow Point is better than a miss with a 45 caliber. I don't intend to carry the 380 at least not the Hi Point as it is heavy 2 1/4 pounds with loaded MAG and 6.75 inches long (could use it for home defense or in a vehicle or at a business). Just thought for $129.99 would be worth a try for some target fun.
  5. I was interested in a 380 maybe to carry, but do not like the itty bitty carry ones (they do have their advantages). Anyway, I sort of gave up on a medium size 380 to carry cauise of cost, weight, etc.. That said, there are some that would work, EX: Bersa make a Carry Model of the Bersa Thunder. Anyway, that search led me to Hi Point (USA Made in Ohio) for a fun target gun (It would be large and heavy to carry at 6.75 inches and 2 1/4 Lbs with 8 RD MAG loaded). After reviewing (U-Tube - mostly positive performance) and seeing price I bought a 380 ($129.99 plus tax and background at Bud's in Sevierville, TN). This one had only one clip (in the gun), a Ghost (peep) sight as extra, and a decent Plastic Hardcase (I did not realize I was getting a hard case when I made the buy as they show a gun, one with a commentator (that one comes with an extra 10 RD MAG), and one with a hardcase on web site -- prices vary on options). Can buy accessories online (E-Bay) and at Hi Point. I bought an extra 8RD MAG at Floyd's in Sevierville for $19.99 plus tax (that is high but decided to help a local dealer who also had 380 AMMO,brass, on sale at $8.99 plus tax). Then just ordered a 10 Rd MAG from HI Point for $19.50 free ship and no tax. I bought the gun SAT, shot 86 rounds thru it SUN. I ahd one fail to load (nose dive) after firing the very first round (second one nose dived). Then all the rest worked GREAT (no failures). I had lubed the gun SAT Eve (parts I could as I did not disassemble cause you have to punch a pin out to take slide off). I made some adjustments to the sights (probably most of it was me anyway, but it shot a bit low, 2 inches, and right, 1 inch, at 15 foot). Eventually got the last group in a 3 inch target at 15 foot (good for me). The gun is a bit as I call it (Clunky) at 29 OZ and 36 OZ with loaded MAG. It has some funny features (there is not a slide release button, it locks back after last round and you have to remove the MAG and jerk the slide back and release it to close it). Not a big deal, just an unusual thing. Once you load a MAG in it and pull slide back to load a round (the trigger pull has a sligh move to firm and then a decent release) - same on auto loads. I PRESENT all this as an opinion that it is a decent gun (reliable based on U-Tube and my limited use so far) for a VERY Reasonable Price (say around $129.99). I also notice they have Carbines in mid $300 range in all calibers (380, 9MM, 40, 45, 10MM). I am not interested, but some might be. GO TO THEIR WEB SITE. My first two Groups (Adj sights a bit between 1st and 2nd group). I wanted to post the last group all but one in black of a 3 inch target at 15 foot (one was just out of the black). Like I said, I am not a competition marksman, but did good for me after adjusting rear sight Up and to Left. This site would not allow the extra KBytes (over 49KB).
  6. PT 111G2 and free 22

    I see was $289 for Taurus and get Heritage Free. Still OK deal if need the Taurus. However, I have seen that Taurus (black) for $189 (bought mine for that) and Heritage for $119 (that I just bought). So, still good deal as guess you would only pay tax on the Taurus and better than buying separate. Howver, not as good a deal when I thought the TAURUS was $249 and get Heritage free. It is water over the bridge anyway as Dead Line was 11-19.
  7. Interesting thought -- that would move the right direction. I would be scared to mess something up (would thing barrel all ready tight). Do you think could screw it in enough to move the sight over as far as Ia m showing (looks like 1/16 inch at least)?
  8. WHAT I WANTED TO DO was see if I could use paint marks on FRONT and REAR sights to then position the sights when shooting to be on target. I was hitting mostly low and left (roughly 2 inches each direction at 20 feet). Realize I am not the best marksmen in the world and I had only shot about 90 rounds at Bud'S Gun Range the day I bought it (they allow you 30 MIN Range Time when you purchase a gun there). So, I went to Bubbling Spring Range (Nat'l Park) this AM - left home at 6:47AM and rode my MC there (it is about 60 miles). I took a break on the way for coffee and Biscuit & Egg. Three guys already there and shooting (rifle range - so I had 25 YD Pistol range, walk up to 20 feet). I think they get there at sunrise (same group last Sunday). Just saying - lot of shooting on SUN AM as day off work. I am retired and should not be taking up time from others on a Sunday. Back on topic - Here are two pictures of the sight modification I did. The first picture is not retouched and shows the paint mark on front sight (faint white dot) and also shows the paint mark at right side of the rear sight. The picture is off as the front dot needs to be on top the rear dot (hard to hold sights aligned and the camera aligned). Anyway, it gives an idea of the concept. My idea is to get the bottom of the paint on the front sight at top of the paint on the rear sight and on target. That brings in elevation (gun was shooting low before) and windage (gun was shooting left before). The Hammer is pulled back to firing position so can see see the sights. BTW, not much of a trough on the Old West Guns at the rear sight as you can see. The second picture is from another setting in basement and it was blurry. So, I edited the paint marks on the gun with white dots, and the trough ("u" area) with a black line. The front and rear sight are aligned better in this picture I will need to refine the dots some and use a better white paint (actually, this is a silver auto body paint I had on hand). The Experiment at Bubbling Springs - TARGET PICTURE I took. (remember, I am not a great marksmen) The right target was a group of 25 rounds when I was doing initial setup. Aimed first with front sight in trough on gun. Most of the first few rounds were low and left. I started adjusting aim (white dot on sights position) and finally got more in the black target. Results of new aim are shown in the left target (white dot on front sight aligned over white on rear sight as shown in first two pictures). That is another 25 rounds more evenly spaced and I was playing with sight position a bit. However, I reckon most of the scatter, not all bulls eyes is cause of me. GROAN Anyway, I hate putting the paint on a replica gun, but I would anyway if gun was right on with front sight in the trough as makes sights more visible. I do think I would rather do this than to start filing and bending he front sight. Anyone, have any comments are better way to get these fixed sight guns on target (comments will be appreciated).
  9. Can local gov ban carry in parks?

    Related. I use the Gym at Pigeon Forge (city property - community center) and they have a sign on door (don't remember exact wording -- but deal is No Weapons Inside and I think wording says on property, so maybe even applies to parking lot as all of that is part of the facility). I thought I would see that sign disappear when TN Passed the law about have to have Security and/or Metal Detectors if Carry Not Allowed. (By The Way, I don't know the exact wording of the TN Law). Wonder what anyone thinks about this? Thought about contacting the City Manager or Facility Manger to ask, but have not.
  10. Hey -- Thanks for the responses. Sounds like folks are happy with the pistol. AMAZED at gregintenn's 100 yard stuff. FUN. Makes me feel better as I all ready bought mine today (11-10-2017), should have waited for some reviews - but would have bought anyway with what has been said here. Bought it at Buds Gun Shop & Range, Sevierville TN. Best deal around here ($10 less than any place I checked). $119 + $10 Background Check + Tax = $142.xx Includes 1/2 HR Range FREE (pretty sure I took longer to shoot about 90 rounds of 22 LR I had taken with me and I also shot a clip of 9MM). Range setup (SEE PICTURES ATTACHED) -- My target (middle) is set at 30 feet in picture for last 2 groups and a 9MM group (earlier 6 groups of 22 pistol shot at 20 feet). 9MM group has squiggly outline (not too good shooting). It overlaps 22LR group #8 (top left). There are 4 rounds of 9MM I am OK with (one a bit high and two close and one a bit low) Heritage Rounds Refer to PICTURE ATTACHED for the new 22 Revolver (shot it with hands rested on table as wanted to take me out of the equation as much as I could). I am not the best consistent shooter. It's fun to shoot, might be more fun playing cowboy (draw and shoot and fan the hammer -- not recommended by the MFG). :-) By the way, even with the safety (it stops the hammer from hitting the firing pin), the MFG suggest leaving a round out of the cylinder and carry the gun with that hole in cylinder at firing position (prevent accidental misfire if hammer hits the firing pin). That was definitely the only safe way to carry a single action with no safety (like in old days). Then when you cock the hammer (single action pistol) the cylinder rotates a live round under the pin. However, if you intend to shoot right after you load, then load all six rounds. Sights are a bit hard to see (rear sight is like a troth in the frame and front sight is dark black). I think I will eventually put a dab of white paint on at least the front sight and maybe the rear as well. I Shot 8 groups at 20 Feet: First 3 Groups (6 shot groups): #1 in center at the X, #2 lower right at the 7, #3 lower left at the 7. Basically, I decided gun is shooting low and left a little (maybe me but U Tube reviews indicate the fixed sights are off some and cannot adjust except to file the front sight and bend it left or right) AS I SAID - it is old west like the 45s of the day). Next 3 Groups (12 shot groups): Not sure when, but some shots I aimed high and right (KY Windage) to compensate for the gun being off (I think it is off). I did some better. #4 at center 3 inch pasted on target, #5 at right 2 inch target, #6 at left 2 inch target. FINAL 2 groups at 30 feet (18 shot groups): I am pretty sure I aimed most all of those high and right of target in an attempt to compensate for the guns sights. #7 at upper right 4 inch target, #8 at upper left 4 inch target. #8 group, the last one had some a bit high VS low and not far off. There is some overlap from the 9MM that was aimed even higher and to the right of the 4 dot target in center at top (pitiful on the real bad ones).
  11. PT 111G2 and free 22

    Good deal. IF YOU need or want a Taurus G2. DANG, I all ready have the G2 (buy them for $189). I am buying a Heritage Revolver - Probably Friday for $119. $249 and get both would have been ideal. The two guns end up costing me ($189 + $119 + 2 background checks at $10 each) = $328. VS ($249 + background check at $10) = $259 Academy Deal. GROAN PS: I did not want the 6 inch barrel revolver, but would take it over the 4 inch for saving of $70, and would like different grip VS Sunrise grip.
  12. I say toy as my use will be plinkin' and target shootin' at slow pace (reduce AMMO use with fixed cylinder load 'em one at a time). Maybe play like a cowboy cause it is old time cowboy weapon replica in 22LR or 22 MAG caliber. Taurus bought Heritage MFG, but the guns are made in Miami, FL. I am pretty sure based on U-Tube Reviews (basically good gun for the money) and MY WANTS (sometiems wants are needs HA!), that I will buy one tomorrow at Bud's as best price currently around here $119 and includes 1/2 HR FREE Range time. It's a Wants & Needs Thing. So, just posting this for your Information and any KNOWLEDGABLE EXPERIENCEEd COMMENTS -- I probably should wait to buy, but going to jump the gun and do it FRI - maybe SAT. That said, there are a couple issues from reviews per U-Tube: It can be off and only sight adjustment is file / bend front sight (it is old style western fixed sights - like old 45s). Also, saw one bad review when a guy supposedly had one new with cylinder alignment off to point he got lead back in his face (fired 5 rounds before he decided it was a problem - seems strange). Also, only 1 year warranty. By the way it has a safety that keeps hammer from hitting firing pin in case you should drop it or bang the hammer. So, can load all six rounds safely. Also, can get a 22MAG Cylinder to use in same gun for extra $29.99 (interchangeable with 22 LR). List price for Basic 22LR with 4 or 6 inch barrel is $179. Two dealers (Knifeworks and Floyds) in Sevierville, TN has them for $129. Just found out Bud's (Sevierville, TN) has them for $119 and includes 1/2 HR Free Range time. Have heard Sports Academy has Black Friday sales on these every year for $99. Their in stock price today was $179. FORGET THAT.
  13. Bold Face --- That is kind of info needed (educated opinion or real life expereince) to make decision which is best. I say best considering the fact it is very unlikely you will ever need such and the cost per year. I think CCW Safe overall has the winner (That said, very ahrd to evlauate all of them). Also, I like USCCA also (get a lot of info from their E Mails and expect would get more if member).
  14. I thought covered costs of Criminal and civil cases (don't think any insurance would cover damages if you are convicted criminal or civildamages). Am I wrong? 10% of Bond -- I was sort of led to believe that 10% is usual fee bondsmen charge to cover a bond. Am I wrong/
  15. I presently think this might be the best of them all considering their detailed web site presentation and the yearly cost. That said, I have not a clue as to their performance in an event or if they ever have had a situation. https://ccwsafe.com/ Backed by this Insurance Company. https://www.2ainsurance.com/ Did anyone take the time to look at this one? Takes some time in their web site (FAG seems a good place for INFO). Seems they have a very professional attitude and explain things (what they do and don't do). Cheaper than any other for the coverage as I see it.

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