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  1. These blades are spoken for men. They are smaller blades and all come with combo leather and kxdex sheaths and are each $100 shipped. First is made from 1/8" thick 1095 carbon steel with a RC of 58-60.OAL is 8 1/4" and a blade length of about 3 1/2". It had Tennessee hickory handles with brass pins and lanyard hole. It has thumb jimping on the spine and has a small bit of sculpting on the handle. And this is 1/8" thick 1095 carbon steel with an OAL of 8 1/4" and a blade length of 3 1/2" It is stone washed with red oak handles, thin red G10 liners and black and red G10 accents. and SS pins and lanyard hole. It also has thumb jimping.
  2. This is spoken for men. It's made from 1095 5/32" thick 1095 carbon steel differentially heat treated to a RC of 58-59 so it sports a small hamon. It's a hollow ground blade with an OAL of 10" and a blade length of about 5 1/4". It has large lanyard hole, synthetic antler handles and mechanical and epoxy fasteners which makes it pretty tough and easily to care for. It comes with a black kydex sheath and is $120. shipped to your door. I don't bite...well at least not too bad...so if you want to make an offer the worst that can happen is we have a good laugh and move on. If you want to lay it away we might be able to work something out with a non-refundable deposit if you are serious. This is a hobby for me and not a business so I'm fairly flexible for an old man. IMG_1563 (2) by Gran Torino 49, on Flickr
  3. I have a gently used pair of Swaro 8x30 CL's for sale. $800 and no trades please unless its a Glock 26, 43 or 29.I have only used these on a few whitetail hunts. I have another pair of bino's that cover this range so freeing up cash for another purchase. These are in 'like-new' condition and no scratches or wear on housing and the glass is in perfect shape. Includes everything that was included in box: lens covers, neck strap, original box, protective case, etc...
  4. This is made from 3/16" 1084 carbon steel differentially heat treated to an RC of 58-60 that sports a hamon and hand made finger guard made from 1084 carbon steel as well. The OAL is 11 1/4" and a blade length of 5 7/8". It has walnut burl and African blackwood handles with light grey G10 liners and accents, SS pins and lanyard hole. It comes with the black kydex sheath pictured. It's $135 shipped to your door. I don't bite...well at least not too bad...so if you want to make an offer the worst that can happen is we have a good laugh and move on. If you want to lay it away we might be able to work something out with a non-refundable deposit if you are serious. This is a hobby for me and not a business so I'm fairly flexible for an old man.
  5. This is spoken for men. This is a tapered tang, hollow ground blade made from 1084 carbon steel differentially heated to a RC of 57-59 and sports a bit of a hamon. It's 11 1/4" long with a blade length of 5 7/8". It has mesquite burl and Tru-Stone handles, red liners and black and red accents. It has brass pins and lanyard hole with thumb jimping on the spine. It comes kydex with a black kydex sheath. This blade is $130 shipped to your door. I don't bite...well at least not too bad...so if you want to make an offer the worst that can happen is we have a good laugh and move on. If you want to lay it away we might be able to work something out with a non-refundable deposit if you are serious. This is a hobby for me and not a business so I'm fairly flexible for an old man.
  6. A like new bow. Used by my grandson 2 seasons(2-weeks) upgraded sights,whisker biscuit,and stabilizer. Will include some arrows and broadheads. Bow is totally adjustable with allen wrench for weight and draw length. No press required. adj wt. 20-60# draw length 15-27 inches. RH camo. 200.00 will consider trades on 223 dies rcbs or redding and 9 mm ammo at reasonable pricing.
  7. Up for grabs is a Echo PB-500-T backpack blower. It's only been used by me around my home. Never used commercially. Used for about 2 or 3 seasons. Those leaves are starting to fall. Old Hickory, Wilson Co. area. $200.00
  8. I have this posted on all the normal car websites, but I figured I’d post it here as well just in case anyone has been eyeing a new vehicle. I’m trying to buy a second house as a rental property, so I’m selling my truck. I really love this truck, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made! I just bought it brand new in February 2017 with a sticker price of a little over $48,000. It’s a 2017 Nissan Titan Pro4x crew cab. It currently has 9,300 miles on it, but it will go up slightly as it is my daily driver. It has the Pro4x utility and towing package. When I bought the truck I got the dealer to install the factory remote start. I’ve also added BFG KO2 275/70R18 tires (added at 7,200 miles), N-Fab step rails, Weathertech floor mats, Borla Proxs muffler swap, 5% tint all around, 50% tint on the windshield with a 5% strip, and an Ultra Undercover Flex tonneau cover. KBB on it in very good condition is $40,500. I’m asking $39,900 for it. Please shoot me a PM or text me at 615-653-8522 if you have any questions.
  9. MOVING. No room. 9 reloading manuals in very good condition or better. 75.00 firm pm if you need specifics.
  10. READY TO HUNT. Sight,arrow rest,stabilizer upgraded. Arrows,broadheads and release included. 50-70# right hand camo. Sighted in. In excellent condition. $425 Will consider a trade on a SMALL 9mm plastic handgun sw/ruger/taurus....to keep on an offshore boat. Plain Jane...no bells or whistles.
  11. Bought it new. Wife used it a few times and decided a mini-garden was not her thing. Starts right up. Will take $75, Mt Juliet area.
  12. I have an extra pair of Costa Del Mar Brines for sale. I have had them for two months and wore them twice. I have two pairs so this one needs to go. $70 and they are yours.
  13. https://www.realtruck.com/highland-vehicle-pet-barrier/ I have no need for it. I can't leave my area right now too much to do and too little time to get it done. Text me Six One Five - Eight Zero Four - Five Eight Five Four ---------------------------------Spoken for McAllyn-------------------------------
  14. Guys and gals, right off the grinder and off to heat treat tomorrow! It's a Tactical-Hunter out of 5/32" 12c27 Stainless steel. This is a GREAT steel that can stand up to whatever you can throw at it and NO RUST! It will be professionally hardened to 60-61! 4 1/2" blade, 9 1/2" overall. Thumb Jimping and holes for 1/4" pins. Solid or Mosaic, you can choose! Scales can be what you want! G-10, Micarta, or Wood, this will all be discussed. This blade will include a kydex sheath. Brush satin finish. I am offering this at $155.0 I am not interested in trading unless you've got a Gen 3 Smith in 9mm, we can deal.
  15. This is made from differentially heat treated 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel. The lazy S finger guard was also made by me from 1/8" thick 1095 carbon steel. It features Gabon Ebony handles with SS pins and lanyard hole. From finger guard to tip it's right at 7" and the overall length is about 13". The handle is contoured to fit the hand comfortably and has a nice false edge on the top of the spine. It comes with the kydex sheath shown. If I was a leather maker I'd make a leather sheath as I really think it deserves one. This blade will run $185 shipped just due to the sheer amount of labor involved in this project. I don't see another one of these being made anytime soon. The hours involved are just overwhelming. Thanks for lookin'!
  16. Things they have in common....all are made in USA Alabama Damascus Wave pattern. They are a full 5/32" thick 416 layers. All are in the 8" OAL and 3 1/2" cutting edge size. All have premium wood handles and thumb jimping with G10 liners and accents . All come with combination kydex and leather sheaths. All have a RC of 59-60. The finished look to these Damascus blades is simply fantastic. The more you buy the bigger the discount. Buy one for $150 shipped. Buy two for $285 shipped. Buy three for $430 shipped. Buy four for $560 shipped. This is sold. This has Amboyna Burls handles with 1/8" mosaic pins and brass lanyard hole, white liners and red and white accents. This has Brown Bog Oak handles with 1/8" mosaic pins and brass lanyard hole, green liners with green and ivory accents. This one is sold. This has Black Bog Oak handles with red liners and accents. It has 3/16" mosaic pins and brass lanyard hole. This has 3/16" SS pins and lanyard hole. It has Sonoran Desert Mesquite handles with blue liners and blue and white accents. This one is sold. This has black mineral stained Bubinga handles with black liners and black and white accents and 3/16" mosaic pins and brass lanyard hole. This is sold. This has Arizona Ironwood handles with green liners and black and green accents. It has SS pins and lanyard hole.
  17. I bought this saw a few years back to install laminate floors in our house. I used it for a few projects after that but mostly it just sat. I realized that other day that I have not used it since we moved into this house about 5 years ago. I'm not much for wood work anymore and it is just in the way. It says Shopmaster by Delta on it. I bought it at Lowes and it is just a plain little table saw. It is on a stand and I have the fence for it. I will look around and see if I can find the miter fence for it but it was just plastic and not much help lol. I'm asking $60.00 but please don't be afraid to make an offer. I would rather see a tool getting use. I'll post a pic in a few minutes.
  18. Samick Sage 45# 62" takedown recurve with 9 arrows. 3- Beeman Centershot 6- Goldtip Trad Hunter (never used) Bow has been used less than 7 times and is in great condition. Also includes string and bow stringer. $100 for package. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Bought this for an emergency power outage that never came. Guess I'm feeling optimistic in my age and rather have the space in my garage instead of this big "what if?" machine. Other than starting it once in spring and once in fall for the past few years to run some gas through it, it's never been used. $275 Mt Juliet http://www.brandnewengines.com/30430A-R.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlMXMBRC1ARIsAKKGuwhGMeUOPCLZPMq5QshWzQucYUvtWnSPpac7QskCU-Fb1dN8saiIDuAaAqjlEALw_wcB
  20. These are Engrave a Crete concrete engraving tools. I have the shark and the barracuda hand tools and a bunch of stencils. I'm not sure if I can put a photo of all that comes with it. You can engrave all sorts of patterns in concrete. Selling all for 1,800.00. There is close to four thousand dollars worth of stuff. You can engrave stone patterns, Brick, slate, tile you name it and the company can make any stencil you like. Great to add to your business if your in the decorative concrete or concrete business. I can't use anymore due to an accident and have sold off most of my business. These tools still have original engraving pins in them haven't been used. I have more stencils than pictured. Thanks
  21. I bought a new truck and am putting electric running boards on it so these had to come off. These should fit any 15-17 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. it will actually fit back to 09, but from 2015 on the nuts are built in and the nut brackets are not included. Itt would be worth checking on your truck if you are interested. Have some dirt on them in the pictures, but no dents or issues with them. All Mounting bolts included of course. $100 - Pickup in Franklin
  22. Selling my 4 tickets and parking pass to the UT vs Indiana State home opener on September 9. Seats are in section BB row 10. Willing to split into pairs. Tickets are $45 each which is face value. Parking pass free if you buy all 4 or $10 if you get 2.
  23. Section 343 Row V Seat 5 & 6. Not great seats but these games usually aren't very crowded and you can sit wherever. $40 for both firm. Pickup in Brentwood

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