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  1. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    Been looking at one of these since they announced them. Just found a deal I couldn't pass up. I got it in 260 Remington. It's a Tikka T3X TAC A1.
  2. My Best Friend

    I'll be glad to help out. I'll PM you HP.
  3. My Best Friend

    Terrible news to get, but we all know you will do what is best for her. Enjoy what time you have left. Sorry for the inevitable.
  4. Barrel change question

    Best bullet period for long range and accuracy for the 308 is the Lapua Scenar 155gr. I would try it before changing barrels. It will get you out to 1000 yards and should shoot in a 1/12. If Subs are the goal, then a new barrel is in order.
  5. Johnson City FullAuto Arrest?

    Sounds like the guys was a little off outside of the guns themselves. They potentially stopped something very bad from happening as well. No way to ever know, but this guy will not be seeing any time outside for quite a while.
  6. HPA Shelved by Ryan

    This was never going to happen anyway. Too much money to be lost.
  7. Washington D.C

    If you do nothing else, go to Arlington National Cememtary. No more humbling place in America.
  8. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    Black males are also only 6% if the population, but committ ~50% of all murders. Maybe there is good reason they are 2.5 times more likely per capita to be shot.
  9. Alleycat, are they the 15-55's?
  10. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I don't think I am attacking their protest. They certainly have the right to protest, no issue there. I do have an issue with the how and where they are doing it. To the content of the grievance itself, you are correct, I do not agree with it or believe that it is a systemic problem, more specifically that they are somehow targeted specifically for their race in today's society as a whole. There are ####ty people of all colors who make bad decisions and blame it on everyone but themselves. I am not a police officer, but I work with officers from around the world and I can tell you that the problem does not lie within law enforcement. It lies within the people who fail to take responsibility for their own actions. These are systemic problems which are easy to identify in many classes and groups of people, not just black communities. You don't have to go far to find the opiod issue in most communities. I have the same feelings about it. Your poor decisions do not make me responsible for your situation in life and I feel no responsibility socially or financially to bail these people out of hole they dug.
  11. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I am so tired of the entire narrative of social injustice. Have there been some bad things happen, sure. Is it the norm, not even close. I think some of you need to go ride along with cops and see what they deal with on a daily basis, especially in the inner cities. You would have a much different opinion about the term social injustice as it is being thrown around to basically say everyone is racist. If you haven't done that, you have no idea what these officers deal with on a daily basis. This is a community problem, which just so happens the predominant race in the communities with major problems is black. We are not still in the 60's. 70's, and 80's, although the black 'leadership' would like you to still think we are. All they have to use now is the false premise that Blacks are still being treated like they were 40 years ago. BS. The more I hear the complaining, the less I care about their supposed cause. Everyone has to be a victim, it couldn't possibly be that they are responsible in any way for what happens to them. I don't feel the least bit responsible for the poor decisions made by most and won't be shamed into thinking their problems are due to the color of my skin or financial standing. The smart ones know what the root cause is for all of this, poor decisions and a lack of accountability. When the black communities start to worry about cleaning up their own issues, then I may start to care. Until then, this white guy just don't give a rats ass.
  12. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I asked the Titans as a season ticket holder for a statement regarding Walkers comments. No response yet.
  13. Recommend a zero turn mower.

    If you have a Ferris dealer around I would compare one as well. Especially if you have a rough lawn.
  14. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I have decided to sell my tickets each week to the opposing team fans. They already have my money so its the only way I know to really protest. Hopefully more do the same.
  15. I can't make the game next Sunday (Sept 24th) so I am going to sell my tickets. Aisle seats, section 115, row CC, seats 1-2. On 15 yard line. High enough that you can see the whole field well. Parking Lot N. Picture shows a general look of where I am at. Easy in/out access to seats with Mens room just outside of entrance. $300 for both tickets with Parking pass. Meet somewhere near Franklin.

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