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  1. Could be. All I can tell you is what they told me when I stopped in Thursday.
  2. If you need ammo and you are willing to pay decent money for it, go to Champions Choice and buy some Tenex. I was just there yesterday picking up some Ceramic Coat and he said all they have is Tenex. $18.xx per box/50 I think. That is the normal price there. It's high quality ammo at least (most of the time) for what you are paying.
  3. No, you don't need a benefactor to purchase. Just send a PM with you contact info and we can work it out.
  4. My buddy uses 8.0 grains Accurate #5 for his 158 LSWC loads.
  5. Not a gun, but just received these guys this morning. Will be going on two USAF (Not USMC) Rem 40XB 22's. If you don't have a classic 22 and scope to go with it you are missing out.
  6. I would walk over to my neighbors and say "Hey, you good?" Yep, ok? See ya, let me know if you need anything. What are you expecting to have to discuss? Barricading the neighborhood? What did you do before cell phones and the internet? You drove over to see someone if it was farther than just walking. Or get handheld radio's/cb's? I am with Erik on this. If all communications are down, I suspect that is the least of your worries.
  7. Good for them. If someone is dumb enough to pay that, so be it. There is such thing as a stupid tax and we are seeing it at work every day. That guy may take those 40 cent primers (*although it isn't over yet) and load some rounds and sell them for $2 a round. People are doing and buying all kinds of crazy things right now. I don't have an issue if people are setting their own price as a buyer on sites like GB.
  8. I don't remember my load as it has been a while, but I almost exclusively use AA#5 for 357 with LSWC. I have a buddy that just loaded a bunch. Let me see what he used. He has loaded more 357 than I have ever thought about.
  9. @Erik88I have been here longer than you so I am well aware of how things work. Facts are a lot like statistics now. One can make them fit about any narrative they want. I can decide for myself what “facts” to believe or not. Facts nowadays aren’t “the sun is hot”. We are at a crossroads in our country about what is free speech and transparency. Before someone says this is a private site, I understand that. It would seem that if we want to limit discussion on a gun forum to a narrative only a few decide are worthy of discussion we have already lost. Prove the
  10. Is this a forum or a news outlet? These forums are about opinions. Sure, great if there is some additional backup, but that has never been a requirement nor should it be. People can decide for themselves what is pertinent. We don’t need others telling us what we should believe are facts or not.
  11. I actually hate to start this topic and it may be deleted, but has TGO now become just like Twitter? We shut down a discussion because we think there aren't any "facts" for discussion. Who's facts? We may think that there are conspiracy theorists amongst us and that some things are blown out of proportion, but does that mean we can't discuss them. We went from no politics to only 2A politics and now it's not even that if somehow one of the admins doesn't think it meets the "Facts" they would like to see. I agree that Facebook should be flushed down the drain, but jeez, let peopl
  12. I am in North Marshall and am waiting for them to arrive. Surprised they aren't here yet (or at least I haven't seen them).
  13. Chuck, that reminds me of a very early Southpark episode where the boys want to cross an elephant and a pig for a science experiment. Chef tells them the only way to do it is to get the elephant good and drunk. Only problem is the next morning you wake up next to some big fat pig. The really funny part was the video to go along with it. If anyone has 3 minutes of thier lives they don't want back, you can watch it here. Pretty funny. https://southpark.cc.com/video-clips/oifsw8/south-park-the-morning-after
  14. That is one heck of a pig. What general area was this?


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