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  1. These are fun pistols. I have the original Bakail 46M, but essentially the same guns. Very accurate. Great for shooting 10M inside during bad weather, just get a simple bullet trap. Someone will enjoy this.
  2. I am all for people doing whatever they feel ok with. I got vaccinated because I didn't really have strong opinion one way or the other. My buddy just texted me and a few buddies that he tested positive today. We all had dinner on Tuesday night, but he thinks he probably got it on a weekend trip to KY last weekend. He had the J&J. Basically said he just has a fever at this point. At the end of the day, if the vaccine keeps me from getting really, really sick, ok by me. I am 46, overweight, and have zero cares about the possible long term side affects. I am more likely to die from a heart attack than anything the vaccine can do to me. Everyone has to make their own choice. Don't want it, don't get it. I just don't want to hear the words 'it's a tragedy' when someone that isn't vaccinated dies from COVID. We all make choices and we all have to live with the consequences, but it won't be a tragedy.
  3. This was my first year to plow up and prep a garden. It has went fairly well as my okra, corn, cucumbers, and watermelon all have done well. Time will tell on my asaparagus and horseradish as it needs a year to get started. My beans weren't great but I did get some. My peppers didn't do great, but I also planted late. I went over the top a usual and put a 4 strand electric fence around it or I am confident I wouldn't have had anything. By rough calculations I think I have about $50 in each ear of corn at this point.
  4. Me and my parents have used Tim Neal company for many years and been happy.
  5. No, I have everything to load for it, just been too lazy to do it. Maybe tomorrow
  6. Well, we cruising on that thing (or something) yet? We may have to have another TGO Motorcycle meetup one of these days. I just put in my order for a new Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro, but it won't be here for a month.
  7. I have used this site to see body position on different bikes. If nothing else it kills some time. https://cycle-ergo.com/
  8. I would agree with the above if you want a Harley. If I was buying a Harley now, it would be a road king most likely unless I was planning to do any real distance travelling, then I would probably go for a Road Glide. I had a 14 street glide special that was a really nice bike. I would look for something from 2009 and up as the touring frame was update that year and has some improvements. I am in the middle of overanalyzing myself, but I am leaning more towards an adventure bike now. I will ride 90% of the time on road, but want the ability to do some light off road if I get a hankering, so lighter is important. I also want to sit fairly straight. The challenge is many of the ADV bikes are tall. I am not short (6'1"), but flat footing some of them is a challenge with a 32" inseam.
  9. Appropriately named as I would look like the proverbial Monkey F'n a football on that thing
  10. Don't think you can go wrong with a Honda, but I would be more inclined personally to go with the CB500X. Just would depend what he likes. Too much leaning over on a CBR, but he is young. One thing is for sure, I would not have a bike now without ABS and those both do so that is good.
  11. Maybe even something like a BMW G 650 GS. A bit of a do all bike but without a lot of the extra complexities of some of the newer bikes. Also not huge and heavy for a first bike. One can always add hard cases, etc if one really wanted to take it for trip. I should add, I also have been without a bike for a bit, but am also considering getting back to having one. I am a bigger guy, but will probably end up with something like an R 1200 or F 850.
  12. This has been going on since the beginning of time. They just acquire a new target depending on the day. I do like the term as it succinctly states the reality.
  13. Or just SBR them from the get go and don't worry about it. The amount of money and time most spend bitching about it, they could just get a stamp and be done with it. This isn't a statement on if we should need stamps to start with simply that it isn't that hard or expensive to just get one.
  14. Good deal, not for me. Ok deal, maybe. If it is near new condition I would say the gun is worth $800. Some wear, closer to 650-700. Basic weaver scope can mean many different things. Things are high now so maybe they have went up, but I wouldn't pay more than $750 for it with scope if I was looking for a good deal. If it is perfect and has one of the really nice old gloss weaver scopes, then maybe $850.
  15. A little while back I posted about obtaining this pair of rifles. I know we have some 22 guys that will appreciate these. These are consecutive serial numbered Remington 40xb's from the CMP. What's somewhat rare about these is 1) They are part of a small Air Force run towards the end of the government contract for 40x's and 2) they are as close to new as you will find out of the CMP. In one case there is zero wear on the lugs or the lug raceways. The other has so little I bet it hasn't been cycled 100 times. The only real downside is the bolt's don't match the guns, but that's basically the way it is with CMP guns. Anyway, I found a pair of excellent condition 20x Unertl's to go on them. I have had mounts on order for 8 weeks and they finally came in yesterday. Headed to a buddies this afternoon to shoot these. I love shooting my custom 22's, but something about shooting these old guns is so satisfying.


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