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  1. Go into a situation with someone shooting at you in a confined space where bullet can Ricochet and try to stop the threat. It’s a risk these cops take everyday. These decisions are made in a split second. not directed at you Chuck, but I think too many lose sight of the reality that things happen so fast you just react. Sometimes bad things happen. Doesn’t mean anyone did anything wrong.
  2. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. Do what makes you feel good...or don't.. That's ok. To each his own. If a brand spanking new guy comes to market with a gun I want at a fair price, I will at least inquire. You can tell most times if they are trouble or not just by the way they respond to questions.
  3. Lightly used M&P22 Compact. Two magazines, box, paperwork, etc. $SPF firm. Not looking for trades. Meet within a reasonable distance (20-30 min) of Chapel Hill.
  4. Excellent condition Ruger Single Nine. I have shot maybe two cylinders through it. It does have a couple of small marks on top as shown. I am sure they could be polished out without any issue. Just moving a couple of things I don't shoot. $sold firm. Not looking for trades. Meet within a reasonable (20-30 minutes) distance of Chapel Hill.
  5. I haven't had that issue, but I would certainly leave negative feedback for someone that didn't show up. That is about the only recourse we have. If they post without a price listed, they are probably new to TGO so a good indication to not get your hopes up too much. It is unfortunately a part of the current situation. On the other side, I have dealt with some new guys that have been great. I feel it is important we don't lump them all in to one group, but certainly we need to hold all to our standards (at least when selling ).
  6. Seems to be the outcome was decided by the shooter. So be it. Until people in the communities decide they want different, this is what they are going to get. The fix has to come from within. That takes too much responsibility and commitment.
  7. There are enough dogs in this world. The fact that you are looking at this as a simple business should be enough to tell you what you need to know. Please don’t.
  8. I would take that money and buy an air gun.
  9. Phew, I feel safer already. I didn't really care what they were anyway. As I have said before, I'll simply be a criminal when the time comes. The way it's going I will have more rights at that point....... Oh yeah, I'm a white male. Scratch that.
  10. My fault. I read this sentence "while she clearly hasn't changed her tune on guns in the broad sense, she was able to get through the training by focusing on the fact that, by learning how to properly handle a gun, she would be in the best possible position if she were ever absolutely forced to use one." I glanced over the big quote below that thinking it was some type of advertising. Yes, that is laughable. I still will watch her with a smile on my face
  11. To be fair, she didn't say anything close to that. She simply said were she ever forced to use one, she would be in the best possible position meaning she had training. I have no doubt she's not on our side, but I'll watch her train with a smile on my face.
  12. If you can live with black, the absolute best value Weber is the SE-335. Here is a good site that reviews and explains why. https://www.bbqguys.com/weber-grills/genesis-ii-se-335-special-edition-propane-gas-grill-black-61016201-2019 I was going to get this but really didn’t want the side burner. I was also looking for all stainless originally. If this was made in a stainless top I probably still would have bought it. Any major retailer including Ace, etc can order it.
  13. I went through a similar process last fall. I also had a Weber Genesis Gold C that I finally decided it was time to retire after 20 years. It actually still cooked fine, but it was looking a bit rough. I have a Kamado Joe (basically a BGE with a couple of better features (sorry, had to take a jab at my BGE brothers :)), but I still wanted a propane grill for quick cooks. I ruled out a pellet grill simply because most don't sear as well. I was similar to you in that I wanted a good grill, but didn't want things like side burners, etc. I did want stainless burners and ideally grates.
  14. Good point above. I am in the process of putting in a Generac as I type this. One thing the people that built my house did was put a hand pump on the well where you could get water even if the power was out. You don't want to do it a lot, but it does give you the ability to get water for emergency purposes in a worst case scenario.


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