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  1. As new. Nice scope, just standardizing all of my rimfire competition guns on Nightforce Competitions. Somehow I misplaced the sunshade as I never use them. Price reflects that and if I find it I will send it to you. Save $300 over new. $1200. Meet within a reasonable distance of Franklin.
  2. I am turning in my lease at the end of September, but figured if someone was looking for this type of car right now, it may save you some money vs. buying from the dealer. I can just pay it off and sell it like any other car. Payoff will be right at $32,200. KBB shows price right at 37k for private party value. NADA showed similar. You will have to pay tax on either but you could avoid dealer fees and probably save 3-5k in the process. I am sure they will turn this into a CPO car. I had a 36k lease, but the car only has 23,350 miles on it right now. It is Alpine white with black leather interior. 99% condition. It has the M package, heated seats, etc. It has most things except blind spot warning and heads up display. This is what it looks like. If you're seriously interested, PM me and I can provide full details. I obviously am not taking less than payoff because it would make no sense.
  3. I would hope and do believe the police will do some investigation before going to the courts. I work with the police everyday. I don't think the vast majority of them are looking to take away peoples rights with no consideration of the accused. It doesn't take much to have a simple conversation with someone and get a feel for if they are potentially a threat or not. There will still be issues going both ways, but at least they have to present something to a court and not be the judges themselves alone.
  4. Hozzie

    Metal Garage info sought

    How nice do you want it? Morton buildings is also in the Boro, but they can be a bit on the high side. My buddies dad just had a nice metal building built by the Mennonites which is equivalent to the Morton. I think they were out of Sparta.
  5. I don't see the issue. They are going to a judge and getting a signed warrant. This is exactly what they should be doing unless you believe that under no circumstances whatsoever someone should be able to have their guns taken. My only real question is what is the process to get them back. That should be well defined.
  6. Hozzie

    Firearms burnout

    I shoot more now than I ever have, but it is only one thing, Rimfire Bemchrest. I agree with the sentiment for many that it isn’t fun to shoot alone, but what has really kept me interested and invested in Rimfire BR is the people. I go as much to matches to see people as I do shoot. I travel all over the Southeast and Midwest competing and have met a lot of great people I consider dear friends I would suggest for some to maybe find a firearm sport where they can go shoot and meet new people. Some do idpa, some do BR, it doesn’t matter, just go find a match you think you might like. I won’t lie, depending what you are doing it isn’t cheap and I know that is a barrier for some, but here is a huge list of matches out there. There is surely one to fit most, but you have to look.
  7. Hozzie


    My recommendation, don't use one at all. I understand not being from the area and maybe wanting someone who knows to take you around, but with everything available on the internet now, I would create a list of houses I wanted to see and make an appointment with each individual selling agent. I will disclose that I dislike real estate agents and have no real use for them. I don't see the value, but know it is an intimidating process for some so I don't care if someone wants to use one, just realize you are paying for it. With that said, the basics are any listed home has a seller and buyers agent fee percentage. Typically this is 3% to each for a total of 6%, but can vary from 1% to 3% each depending. The way I look at it is that I can represent myself as a buyer. I can make an appointment to look at any house I want with the sellers agent. If I like a house, I immediately take 3% off the top of any price I may consider offering as they do not have to pay a buyer's agent. This can be a fair amount of money. They love people that don't understand these items so they can double dip. I actually make it a point to make sure the sellers know why I am asking 3% less as it shouldn't be on them to take the hit for my lower asking price all on their own. The agent should agree take some of the cost since they don't have to pay it out. This all of course depends on how desirable a house is and how fast it may sell, but don't pay an agent any more than you need to and use it to your advantage. If you feel 3% is fair to represent you by all means do it. Some argue they are not paying so they don't care. You are paying it, they just want to make it feel like someone else is paying it. You also feel it when you go to sell. YMMV
  8. If the other guy gives you permission, just copy the folder structure to a new folder in the root of the web server and then make updates. You will of course need a domain. Shouldn't be too hard.
  9. Hozzie

    Shooting, at 100yds all for fun

    Are you looking for a challenge or are you looking more for within an inch is ok? Big difference in options and what it takes depending on what you really want to do. There are lots of options in calibers, but very few that can obtain extreme accuracy without some work put into it. Do you reload or are you willing to reload? Full disclosure, accuracy to me is much different than accuracy to most others. I shoot competition rimfire at 50 yards and it can challenge anyone as much as anything out there. It's not really about how far, but how accurate at how far that would sway my answer. What would you prefer, lower noise and lower recoil at a shorter distance, or more noise and more recoil at a longer distance? Basically I am trying to determine if Rimfire or Centerfire makes more sense.
  10. Hozzie


    I would be lying if I said I have not thought about running some people over at Walmart. I don't go a lot, but when I do, I inevitably get the jackwagons that think the middle of the aisles in the parking lot are for a leisurely Sunday stroll. They even look back at you like "why in the heck are you doing driving in the middle of the road behind me?" It never crosses their mind to move to one side of the aisle. I am sure the OP wasn't doing this so not directed at him. It's just my Walmart experience every time I go.
  11. I am selling this Lyman Borescope. Works good for checking things out inside your barrel. Only selling because I bought a Hawkeye. The battery pack does not come with it. You can either plug into the wall or get a usb battery pack like I did $150. Meet around Franklin.
  12. Hozzie

    Boat dealer recommendation

    Heck, they may have models from last year or even a nice trade in. Can't hurt to call and see what they say. I also would prefer prices to show online, but on the flip side, they always end up either putting MSRP which no one pays or the lowest price with no real options included which also doesn't give a realistic price. On things like this I would call and talk to someone or preferably go and put my hands on them. I buy a lot of things based on my comfort level with the people as much as the product. Products for the most part are easy to compare. Service isn't.
  13. Hozzie

    Boat dealer recommendation

    There is a Lund dealer in Somerset KY. I think they make a pretty decent boat. May be worth a call to see what they have to look at. Not terribly far from you. https://www.lookoutmarine.com/s/search/inventory/availability/In Stock/brand/Lund/sort/best-match

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