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  1. If it is already overgassed, I think you may have issues. Being that it is a 30 cal can on a 5.56 it will have a bit less pressure, but probably not enough to not cause issues. You will get a lot of blowback I would guess. I don't think you will hurt anything trying it though and see if it is tolerable. Or get something like a flaming pig to push the blast forward more.
  2. One things for sure, even if the world wasn't going to end, people are hell bent on talking it into existence. Go outside and get some fresh air. People need to put down their phones and computers and focus on something other than doom and gloom. I would love to see a 14 day internet ban so people can stop being crazed idiots.
  3. I was watching the Kilcher's (whatever the show is called) this week and their son made one out of a pump sprayer. Just cut the end off of the hose and use the pumper. It was in an outhouse so the hose was just fixed to spray up out of the box. Pretty funny.
  4. I saw a guy yesterday while I was getting groceries at Kroger (normal shopping not panic) that literally had to have had 100 rolls of toilet paper. He looked at me and said "that's the only thing I need". I told him if you need that much, you have something majorly wrong. If I had thought of it I would have said, if there is any Karma you will need to use every single sheet of that this week. As he was buying the cheapest crap they make, he wouldn't have been able to sit down anyway if he had to use all of it. I don't do well with idiots.
  5. I literally just book a flight for the end of the month today. Curious to see how the airlines handle this.
  6. In China sure. It would have probably made it here, but being travel was much different, it may not have been here at all.
  7. I guess I am a bad person as I just don't care about this at all. Seems to me all of the impact is caused by proliferation of the apparent societal desire that only the worst possible outcomes will happen regardless of reality. Is it contagious, sure. Is it deadly to a few, yes. Is it going to stop the world as we know it, of course not. It's simply a self fulfilling prophecy which is being exacerbated by the media looking for the most sensational story possible. If this was 30 years ago we probably wouldn't have heard about it and probably would have been better off.
  8. Who knows, in a chopper he can be in Putnam county in 25 minutes. Wouldn't surprise me if they at least do a flyover. Maybe not.
  9. Wish you were closer. That's a heck of a deal even though I don't need another. Great deal for someone. If you are coming to Nashville for some reason, I would take it. I don't have plans to be up that way until May unfortunately.
  10. Thanks guys. If someone is seriously interested I can take some better pictures. Most that have dealt with me know I am pretty picky.
  11. Not sure if many of you know of this site, but it brings me a chuckle a day on the political front. I expect most here will agree. https://babylonbee.com/ Thought everyone could use a laugh in these crazy times. One of my favorites from the last couple of days as an example. https://babylonbee.com/news/bernie-sanders-confused-by-new-hampshire-state-motto-live-free-or-die--both-of-those-options-sound-horrible

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