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  1. I bought these tickets (2) a couple of months ago and now can't go on Sat. I paid something like $240 the two. Will sell them both for $120. Show is in Clarksville at 7pm on Sat 4/13. I can simply transfer you the tickets through Ticketmaster.
  2. Will sell this as a unit or individually. I took the custom barrel off to use on another gun. 1) TC 10/22 Action that has been internally threaded to receive a 3/4-16 barrel tenon for better accuracy. It has the Kidd Rear Tang attachment and will come with a Kidd Bolt/charging handle. $300 Stock is Sold 3) Kidd 3oz/3oz Trigger. $300 Buy action and Trigger: $550
  3. To be fair, someone else pointed it out to me at some point as well.
  4. Strategic Edge in Chapel Hill, but there is a wait list to become a member.
  5. Excellent condition. Glass is perfect. Comes with original boxes. I just don't use it. Only trades I would consider are a high end 22 (Vudoo (Gen 2 or 360) or Rim-X). $3300. Meet within a reasonable distance of Chapel Hill. Posted on multiple sites.
  6. Excellent condition Ergatta tower. Selling because I am going to the gym more and working out less at home. Great full body workout that makes it a little more entertaining by making it a bit game like. You can YouTube reviews, it’s a well liked machine by most. Looks like an actual piece of furniture and not just plastic. Not ridiculously heavy and moves easy on the rollers. Stands up if you want for storage. Just a nice machine if you have been considering a rower. $sold.
  7. I had this barreled and did about 20-30 rounds of load testing and it has sat since. Impact Precision 737 action. Custom 26" Muller 1-7.75 twist, threaded. Was shooting 1/2" at 100 with test loads and should do better with more rounds. I'm just not reloading or shooting centerfire anymore so this is part of my thinning the herd. No trigger, but the trigger hanger is included of course. It just takes Rem 700 trigger and stock. If you know custom actions, you know of these, they are great actions. Only trade would be for a RimX or Vudoo barreled action. $Sold. Meet within a reasonable distance of Chapel Hill.
  8. If parents know you are going to be on the real hook for their kids actions, I bet they would do more to make sure their kids don’t do them through better parenting. They aren’t throwing parents in jail for their kids stealing a candy bar. Shoot a bunch of people, that’s a different matter. Or you would really need to show you did everything you could to prevent it. I think we are talking about egregious actions here. Not trivial crimes. I’m ok with agreeing to disagree.
  9. I’m ok with it. Parents need to be held accountable. As mentioned it will be selective prosecution, but parents need to take more responsibility.
  10. Keep going higher up the food chain at the police. No way you can’t walk down a public road at any time of day walking your dog. Keep records of every time the confronts you. Don’t antagonize but be firm. Get a restraining order if necessary.
  11. Decided I don’t mind splitting up the scope and rifle if it makes a difference. Original post updated.
  12. I tried the same thing with an old house on my property. They wouldn’t do it due to asbestos in the floors but said if I removed the floors they would do it. I have a barn similar to yours I wouldn’t mind taking down as well. Good luck finding someone.
  13. Make them get a bond of some sort. It will very quickly separate those truly interested. Make it enough to hire someone to finish it and clean it up. Or see if you can get the fire dept to burn it and then clean up the metal yourself.
  14. Not fancy, but cheap and have held up well. I like being able to switch colors. I like that the fact they aren’t a fabric or metal. Clean up easy as well and don’t hold water. The black allows you to where it with anything. https://a.co/d/b1KccKZ


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