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  1. This is no different than any other law today. People can accuse you of anything. Doesn't make it right, just pointing out that this is not unique. Cops should be able to do a basic determination if someone is accused and it is an obvious attempt to simply cause trouble.
  2. So long as there is true due process, I have no issue with this. It cannot simply be because of the word of a single person and law enforcement should not have the right to arbitrarily or prematurely take guns. If someone goes to court and proves it, I don't know how you can argue. Will it be perfect, no, but we also can't say under no circumstances should someone never be able to have a gun taken away.
  3. Hozzie

    FFP or SFP scope?

    It completely depends what you are doing. If you plan to use it for a PRS type of application where you are changing distances and magnification frequently, FFP is best. For bench shooting or if you always lean towards a single magnification, meaning you always use 9x on a 3-9 scope, SFP is better. Neither is better than another overall in general. Completely depends on usage.
  4. Hozzie

    Choosing a rifle for my son.

    I will take a different tact. Get what you want. Your son is not going to know or care what caliber it is at first. What he will eventually care about is maybe getting his dads gun. He will certainly start shooting with a BB gun or 22. When he is ready, then figure out what would be good for him. I think 243 is hard to beat for a first deer gun. I am not a fan of the 30-06 as there are much better calibers out there now. Long story short, your getting ahead of yourself. Your gun will be something he wants someday and it won’t matter what caliber it is. He will always have his first gun and eventually yours. Best of both worlds. I also personally agree that 25 cal is a perfect caliber for here. Unless you are going out west and need something bigger, there is no need for a 30 cal. I personally shoot an x-bolt 25-06 and Rem 700 257 Roberts.
  5. The Fed Gov doesn’t seem to go after States that have Marijuana laws. Seems a good precedent has been set. What’s good for the Goose.....
  6. Hozzie

    Need some help from the Video guys..

    I will check those out. Thanks.
  7. Hozzie

    Need some help from the Video guys..

    Our scoring detail is pretty precise so the bigger the image the better. We wouldn’t be using it to score as the targets are scanned but in or out can be measured in thousandths if an inch. Plus it will keep everyone from having to be on top of one another to see it. My goal would be to switch cameras to the benches most interesting each target meaning the guys in contention to see how they are doing.
  8. Hozzie

    Need some help from the Video guys..

    I just ran across these Android TV boxes. I think I could simply attach one box to each TV and run a switch. Figuring out a decent PoE camera that won't break the bank is the next trick. I don't want to use Wifi if I don't have to simply to avoid channel conflicts and dropping signals. I would rather run Cat6.
  9. Hozzie

    Need some help from the Video guys..

    Yeah, I thought about the security cam system like that, but they typically don't support that many channels. I think I would be paying for a lot of things I don't need. I think there are some Video Switches out three where I can run things via IP Multicast, but not sure how to control which video gets shown on what tv's. I know I can make a complicated solution, but as I don't need audio or recording I was thinking maybe there was a simpler solution.
  10. I know we have at least one, but probably more guys on here that are into Video, Surveillance, etc for work. I am a techie, but not sure what the best solution for my need is in this situation. I want get some feedback on maybe some possible options that won't break the bank. I know it is still going to cost a fair amount, but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on this as I am planning to do this for him as a nice gesture. A friend of mine just built a new Indoor Rimfire BR range on his farm in Ga. We shoot 50 yards. This is the setup for reference. One of the things that always happens is a lot of us setup spotting scopes behind the line to watch fellow competitors shoot their target. I have discussed with him the potential to setup a live feed from camera's mounted near the targets and stream the video back to a number of large TV's turned sideways to display the target. The targets are 11x17 and most of us shoot them in the vertical position so TV's upright make sense in this case. As there are 25 benches I know we can't put cameras on all of them right now,, but it would be nice as a start to get 5-6 cameras and stream them to maybe 3 50-55" TV's setup in the general cleaning area where all of us put our things and BS while waiting on the line to shoot. This would add another level of interest to the competition which I think would be fun. I suspect camera's that are PoE capable would make the most sense, but not sure if there are other options that would be cheaper. This doesn't have to be state of the art, but I also don't want to skimp and make it impossible to add to later. I would like to eventually have the option to have a camera at each target with maybe 5 TV's total. I would guess there may be some type of video control that could receive all of the feeds and we can select which ones we want to show on what TV. Maybe it's simply a black box like a home video camera setup or maybe it is a computer with something like Microsoft Home Center on it (not even sure that still exists). I am capable of setting up just about anything, but I would like it to be easy to use as my friend is not the most technically literate. Some of the challenges I can see are getting the camera's close enough to the target to get a good picture without being in the way. Most likely the picture would be skewed as the camera would need to be a decent amount above (most likely place to install) the target stand so if there is software that allows this to be adjusted slightly, that would be good. So, does anyone who is experienced in this area have any ideas? I am sure I could pick something and make it work, but if there is an obvious easy solution, I am all ears. Thanks, Jamie
  11. I wonder if they asked the nra to give a presentation like Moms Demand Action is getting. I don’t have kids but if I did I would be requesting presentations from both.
  12. Hozzie

    My dog has diabetes...

    No, essentially 55 days. So about $125/month if it was $275/10ml and the other calculations are correct.
  13. I am moving and am clearing out things I am not going to take. I have approx 100 board feet (probably quite a bit more but I didn’t calculate it) of air dried white oak of various sizes. Some 8/4, some 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2. It has not been planed or jointed. Some board are 12 wide. There is some nice wood in this. It has been air drying inside for about 7 years. It is ready for use. It was stickered, but there is still some bowing and cupping on some pieces as to be expected. Of course it rained as soon as I took it out of the shed but at least it lets you see some of the grain Price is $zzz picked up in Franklin at my house. That’s probably well below half of what it’s worth. Thanks
  14. Hozzie

    Should I take a chance on a Tikka T3

    Can't go wrong. I have a couple as well. They are essentially Sako's. You won't be disappointed.
  15. Hozzie

    I lost my best friend

    RIP Mario. May he greet you one day to reminisce. It's heartbreaking, but such a blessing to have an unbreakable bond with an animal. It will get easier in time, but he will never be forgotten. Condolences.

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