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  1. The Triple Crown is the largest Rimfire Benchrest shoot in the country each year. It is 6 days of different shoots with Sat/Sun being what we call the Triple Crown. The reason it is called that is there are 3 main sanctioning bodies in Rimfire BR and we shoot 3 of each target over those two days to crown an overall winner. We will have around 120 shooters this year. The other shoots that week are the official state shoots and the Professional Shooting League qualifier on Friday. It is held at the Rimfire Range at Kettlefoot in Bristol. If anyone is in that vicinity and would like to come out and check it out, please do. We will have the top shooters in the country as well as some shooters from the UK, Ireland, and maybe Australia. If anyone is really into BR, there are few spots left. I suspect if you are into BR you already know about it, but it is a cool experience to see even if you aren't into BR and just want to visit. If someone decides to go, ask for Jamie. Most should know me. Would be glad to meet some other TGO'rs.
  2. Hozzie

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    For a nice value gun, I like the CZ 527 American. Not super expensive, but very good quality and accuracy in most cases. I am not even sure they made it, but a Ruger #1 in 22 Hornet could be fun too. The CZ's are out there pretty readily. IF you don't mind expensive, I find the Cooper Western Classics about the prettiest gun out there. I love the case hardening. https://hendershots.net/product/cooper-38-western-classic-22-hornet/
  3. I have shipped a lot of guns from the Seaboard Dr. location in Franklin. Just show them the FFL. They have never asked a question.
  4. Thanks. I have a pretty good lay of the land in that area. It is more expensive than it used to be, but still reasonable by comparison to Williamson county. I am considering about a 20 mile area around Columbia at this point. Just depends what I feel is the best land for the money.
  5. Hozzie

    Sometimes life just SUCKS!!!!!

    I haven’t, and it isn’t meant to be personal, but it doesn’t change the facts. Everyone is ok with things when it is good for them. When it is no longer beneficial, then it becomes an issue and worse it leads to ways to get payback. None of us should accept that even though it makes us feel good. I have it good, I am not saying I don’t, but having it hard also doesn’t excuse what is being discussed IMO.
  6. Hozzie

    Sometimes life just SUCKS!!!!!

    One should ask themselves if it is so bad, why only make a deal of it now or after you are out. Seems a bit hypocritical. So long as it has been good for you it’s ok, but now it is a safety issue? I get it, you’re upset as you have to move, but you should also realize that as a renter you take that chance at any time. Life isn’t fair. We have all got the short end of some stick. You have time to plan, consider yourself lucky, but realize what you are talking about doing comes across just as bad. Serious question, if it is so bad, why take the risk of living there. We know why and that is ok, but you also can’t fault a landlord for wanting to improve their situation either.
  7. Hozzie

    Looking for a GRS

    For that money, I would be looking at the Tikka T3X TAC A1. I like Savages, but I think the Tikka is the better gun in this case. I found mine new for just over $1500 with 2 Magazines.
  8. Ha. My parents actually live just outside of Columbia and my best friend has 35 acres in between Columbia and Spring Hill. I am looking more in the Santa Fe area if I can find something I like. It's a pretty area out that way. East of 65 is nothing but rock.
  9. Maybe both . It's getting more crowded by the day as well. Time to move out to the "boonies" otherwise known as Maury county . I don't have a work commute so being out a bit isn't a big deal for me.
  10. Decided it's time to get some land. Nice older ranch home on 1 acre lot in Franklin if anyone knows of someone looking in the area. Great workshop in walkout basement. I have my tablesaw, lathe, and Mill down there. https://click.mail.zillow.com/f/a/iBsnrWCB_ttNkP1T-TxYZQ~~/AAAAAQA~/RgRcr11VP0UWZW1vLXNlbmR0b2ZyaWVuZC1pbWFnZQRXBnppbGxvd1gEAAAAAEIKAAVV2MxaygPYSlIWaG9za2lucy5qYW1pZUBsaXZlLmNvbQ~~?target=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zillow.com%2Fhomedetails%2F42642963_zpid%2F%3Futm_source%3Demail%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3Demo-sendtofriend-image%26rtoken%3D99f56e5e-c9e7-429c-8444-530cf3b5efd2~X1-ZU12eyqpf8yaadl_9abc3 Any questions, just let me know. Selling by owner for now. Thanks!
  11. Hozzie

    Tapatalk Upgraded 3/28/2018

    For me it happens in the unread thread area. Haven’t watched it that close recently but I have got the same message as Hershmeister before.
  12. Hozzie

    Tapatalk Upgraded 3/28/2018

    I couldn't before the upgrade either. It asked me the password once and then seemed to stop working. I just chalked it up to something Tapatalk wasn't good for. I took it as a sign to spend less time arguing about politics
  13. Hozzie

    Tapatalk Upgraded 3/28/2018

    Thanks David!
  14. Hozzie

    Tapatalk Upgraded 3/28/2018

    Got an error at login

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