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  1. Last I checked the game, they were only down 7 with something like 13 minutes left in the 4th. Thought I had my spread covered with no issue. Not so much.
  2. I took the 24.5 points UT is getting.
  3. I bought a Boyds unfinished and painted it. I cut in and did the cheek riser myself, but I found the stock for like $80 on clearance somewhere. if you are comfortable doing a little work, you can get a pretty decent stock in the end. I have been happy with it for what it is.
  4. I have a whole house and large gas genset if needed. I look at it like ammo, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I also live in a location where if something major happens I will be one of the last with power restored. I prefer to be able to sleep in comfort regardless if it is 30 degrees or 100 degrees. I also consider things like being able to run machinery if needed to fix things in a worst case. I guess we each have our own tolerances. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for inconvenience within my own home and property.
  5. I will take UT fans throwing things over that stupid ass Vandy Whistler all day every day. Only thing better would be a UT fan throwing the Whistler on the field from the upper deck.
  6. I am Endowment and got a call tonight. I told the lady they can pound sand until LaPierre is gone. She actually tried to tell me that he was investigated and cleared by the board so it was all good. I politely informed her again until that scumbag was gone, take me off the list.
  7. I would guess it's more of a follower issue and it not being at the optimum angle. I would bend up the very tips of the magazine just a bit and see if it helps. Two different things of course, but if the follower can push the round up just slight more, it may solve the issue.
  8. I haven't used the Waltz die, but did think about getting one simply to make some hunting rounds. I only use match ammo in competition and for the most part shoot midgrade ammo (SK variants and CCI Standard velocity) for my plinking. My plinking also mostly consists of shooting at targets for moderate accuracy/precision (NRL, Silhouettes, etc). At the end of the day, there is no solution to make cheap ammo shoot like expensive ammo. People have tried all kinds of things including sorting based on weight, length, and even using something like the Waltz die. It can possibly help make cheap ammo shoot closer to midgrade ammo, but the reason is in simplest terms round to round consistency. The more expensive you get, the better round to round consistency you get (generalization, but mostly true). For what I do, even buying expensive ammo doesn't guarantee you anything. It's really about ammo testing and finding lots of ammo that shoot best in that gun/barrel. Every barrel/ammo combination is different. If I was looking to gain some accuracy at a lower cost, I would simply buy something like SK standard plus and even the Norma match has been pretty decent. It all comes down to time for me. I would rather shoot than spend time trying to filter out ammo hoping it helps. If you want to make your ammo better for hunting, the Waltz die is probably worth it. As a side note, Bruno's has some cases of 22lr in stock. I personally like SK Pistol Match overall. Not the cheapest, but actually not terrible. Normal price is around $680 for a case, so with free shipping $750 isn't terrible. https://www.brunoshooters.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=rimfirecase
  9. Agree with Red, it is a magazine issue.
  10. Why do you think you need the longest OAL? Or are you just looking for something that will cycle the bolt better? You wouldn't catch me shooting stingers in any of my guns, but I am pretty picky.
  11. I am starting to believe a complete failure of the power grid may be a good thing for this country. It would suck, but at least we wouldn't have to have everyone telling everyone else how they need to live their life. On a side note, I am flabbergasted that no one has managed to convince those that disagree with them that they are right. Who would have thunk it. Keep at it guys, I have faith someone will break the barrier soon!
  12. Completely remove it from the dock and do that. Have nothing connected to the laptop at all. If the laptop screen doesn't come on after you hold down the power until it shuts off and then back on, something is wrong with the laptop. It should always revert back to the laptop screen if it is connected to nothing else. You should absolutely see it loading the bios/splash screen as a minimum when it starts.
  13. Worst case, hold the power button down until the machine turns off. Then turn it back on, the screen(s) should come back up and you can try again. If needed, unplug the external monitors (dock) from the laptop when starting it back up.


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