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  1. Thanks, for me it's not so much substantial as solid. I don't like flex.
  2. I got out of 300 BLK in the AR platform, but have considered getting one in a bolt gun for subsonic loads. How is the stock on the Ruger? I am usually not a big fan of their stability in similar style stocks on some of their other guns. I would rather put more money into a different gun than having to replace a stock on a new one.
  3. Sounds good. Glad you got it figured out.
  4. That's the issue, you never know what it was designed in to start with after the conversion. Maybe print it out and give me some measurements to confirm. It is really easy for me to do an internal thread. I may do both just to try it and see how it goes. It may be a couple of days before I get to it, but I will do it. Lots going on at work right now.
  5. No problem. If you give me the dimensions and thread types I will make you something. The hard part with trying to edit the STL is it can be hard to keep the dimensions correct. You have to convert them to something else before you can edit them. Or at least it is for me. I am a hobbyist with this stuff so someone that really knows what they are doing may not have that issue, but I have had a problem with a couple of other parts I have tried to edit.
  6. Probably just as easy to design a new part altogether as simple as it is. What are the dimensions and thread pitches you want inside and out? And do you mean take the head off or the tip on the end? To add, you can get Fusion 360 for personal use for free. There are a lot of youtube video's on how to use it. Something like this could be a good first attempt to create something.
  7. It can be done, but it isn't always simple. When you say modify, how big of modification? Maybe show what you want and I can see if I can help.
  8. I don’t know how it went down, but having been temporarily suspended for a joke, I know you cannot send a PM or do anything so that may not have worked. I would simply point out that it could have also been addressed by Chuck sending him a pm to ask details. Maybe that happened, maybe it didn’t, but being an Admin on a forum as well, it’s up to us to do our part to understand as well. I will add, just because you can ‘not’ delete a users account doesn’t make it right if it is done out of a position of “I will show you”. We should all have the right to request our accounts be removed if that is really what we want. Doing the right thing comes in many flavors.
  9. I bought this quick mount to use with my new Dillon XL750 and Forster Co-ax. My plan was to use for both presses and switch them out, but decided to just mount them both separately. I already had the Dillon strongmount and decided this was too tall for my workbench for the co-ax, so instead of sending it back and taking a hit because it was assembled, I figure I can save someone here a few bucks.. It is the 9-3/4" high version which is good for running a progressive while standing at a normal counter height. It includes the quick change top plate for a Dillon XL650/750, but could be drilled out to fit others. Just know the holes would have to be chamfered on the bottom which isn't a big deal. Goes for $100 new. Will sell for $70 picked up around me in Chapel Hill. Can meet in Franklin, Columbia, or Murfreesboro areas normally.
  10. OpticsPlanet is usually terrible with estimates. If they show they have it I have never had an issue. If they say 4 weeks, that means who knows, it could be 16. I would just leave them both and cancel the other after a shipping notice. And keep looking. One may pop up somewhere else.
  11. Agree with most above. I am an Endowment Member with the NRA, but it's been clear for a while that the leadership is out for themselves. I need to start giving more to the GOA it sounds like.
  12. Die manufacturer doesn’t matter for the press itself. I prefer Redding competition for precision things, but any will work. If you have other general reloading supplies you shohld be good. I do hand prime all of my rounds as it is just faster.
  13. If I was in better shape I would be all over this.
  14. If you are going up there, go to an FFL there and do the transfer. They should know what to do and as it is a long gun you should be able to drive home with it and not have to to anything here.
  15. Hozzie

    PSA AR Kit

    I never underestimate the ignorance of the general public. I hope you are right for all of our sakes.

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