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  1. exactly why I'd like to see pics. May be meme worthy!
  2. Pics please, lol!
  3. ac3boyz

    Shield plus

    from some fine TGO members. don't have many to spare but pm me if you need a few.
  4. ac3boyz

    Shield plus

    I put about 100 hand loads and 50 Speer 124 gr. gold dots through mine last week. No issues.
  5. The mini wasn't available at BladeHQ when I first checked, so I used the "notify me" option. Received an email about a week later that it was available. Purchased one and a few days later it was out of stock again. I didn't see any other websites at the time that had them available. I've carried this knife since I received it and like it a lot. Very smooth operation. Specs show it's heavier than most of my usual auto's that I carry but it's not noticeable in the pocket.
  6. Georgia Arms "Canned Heat" 40 S&W 165gr plated TMJ ammo for sale. Sold in increments of 250 rounds at $150 (0.60 per round) Entire lot of 1090 rounds at $600 (0.55 per round) Plus Ammo can. Meet in Mount Juliet area
  7. Trade Pending - Trade for factory .38 special ammo 200 rounds total. Remington UMC 158gr semi-wadcutter x 100 Monarch 158gr semi-jacketed hollow point x 50 Federal American Eagle 158gr High Velocity jacketed soft point x 50 I would prefer to trade but would sell for $200. Using Ammoseek, the cheapest I see available is over $1.50 per round! FTF meet between Hermitage and Lebanon
  8. Shield Plus - 10 and 13 round mags https://www.brownells.com/firearms/handguns/semi-auto/m-p-9-shield-plus-9mm-nts-10-13-rnd-3-1--prod141007.aspx?avs|Make~~Model_1=Smith%20%26%20Wesson__M%26P%20Shield%20Plus&utm_source=SMS&utm_medium=Keyword&utm_campaign=Shield_Plus
  9. not nice, lol. maybe they were getting ladies jeans!
  10. I've given up on Levy's (politics) and Wrangler both due to inconsistent fit. They're not the most durable or price friendly but I've really found I like Lucky jeans. You can usually find them on sale for $50-60. interesting note, when you unzip the fly, there's a tag that says "you got lucky". I assume that's for someone other than yourself that's doing the unzipping.
  11. If you're interested in taking a training class but don't have the 400-500 round for the day, Agape is currently providing ammo for participants. At a cost of course.
  12. Our church security team has used Agape for about 3 years now. Quality, experienced instructors, and as Safety-First stated, they're more interested in teaching than bragging on what they can do. Handgun classes begin with the basics, safety and shooting fundamentals and proceed through shooting on the move and using cover to room clearing in a shoot house. A Tac4 classes introduces physical and mental stress. Our team also took their non-firearm classes, non-aggressive subject control, hard empty hand (spear technique) and disarming techniques. Overall, I would highly recomme
  13. Just got home today. No issues with SW on either end. Also, props for the Apache case from Harbor Freight.
  14. Heck, he showed me at least 10 and I bet he had another 10 I didn't see, lol


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