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  1. As a right-handed but left-eye dominate shooter, I've found rotating the gun slightly helps me more than pivoting my head. Instead of bringing the sights up to 12 oclock, I bring them up to about 1030 - it greatly helps me quickly align the sights (or dot).
  2. My wife's go to answer when I mention buying another gun is "go ahead". She trusts me not to be too stupid. Of course, my most expensive gun was a gift from her.
  3. Anyone have a TJ and need a factory service manual? All of these are free in the Mt. Juliet area. Prefer someone take all four.
  4. We used this SimplySafe security system in our rental house when we relocated back to middle TN. It was purchased new in July 2021. The house we purchased had a security system installed during the build. The SimplySafe system works well. Comes with the base station, one keypad, two motion sensors, one indoor camera, and six trip sensors (good for doors, windows, gun safes). $150 in the Mt. Juliet/Nashville area.
  5. I've got a couple of pump action 22 rifles. One of my prized possessions is a bolt action shotgun. It was the first shotgun I ever shot. Eventually I inherited it from my Grandfather. It's probably a $200 shotgun to most people but to me it's priceless.
  6. For moving a safe, they are the only way to go. Way easier than an appliance dolly.
  7. I simply do not have time or space to pursue reloading after relocating. For sale is my Dillon SDB, dies for 40S&W/10mm, 9mm, 45 ACP. Includes the Dillon strong mount, toolkit, and maintenance kit. Also including a Midway case tumbler and media separator. Sold
  8. I guess technically these are furniture movers. Hu-Lift FM60 1320 lbs Manual Furniture Mover, to be precise. I've used them to move my safes multiple times. My wife and I were able to move a safe without any problem using these. Stock photo below. These sit on either side of the safe and you use the attached ratchet straps to hold them in place. Then crank the handles and they lift the safe and you are now riding on the casters. $125 in the Mt. Juliet area. SOLD
  9. Using logic to decompose a problem into solvable chunks... What a novel concept!
  10. Sounds very familiar. I bought my first house in 2001 and had a 7.25% rate. We bought late last year and are at 2.375% but with a 15 year mortgage and had a much larger down payment %.
  11. Sorry to your inner John Wick, but this one is sold. Thanks for all the interest.


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