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  1. Looks like no hammer but a striker fired rifle. I once had a problem with a Colt Woodsman misfiring. Turns out the striker had broken. When things lined up perfect, it fired. When things didn't line up, no joy but a definite 'click' when I pulled the trigger. Only when disassembled was I able to see the striker was in two pieces. Not sure if you broke the rifle down this far, but checking the striker might be worth the time.
  2. Went into a LGS in Huntsville today. They had 9mm and 45ACP Blazer Brass for $25/box with a 4 box limit. They also had enough 223 to start a war - if you wanted to buy by the barrel.
  3. Thanks for digging this post up @corerftech! I guess I left this thread open for a reason. This had to be one of the easiest, if unexpected, deals I've ever done on TGO. Case gauges and bullets are packaged up and going out USPS tomorrow.
  4. It's definitely sharp enough to be dangerous. Haven't cut myself (yet).
  5. I wonder if he attached the rings using a stick welder.
  6. I had to move to Alabama to quit buying all the goodies he decides to sell.
  7. If a shot doesn't ring, you just yell out "bullseye!" and no one is the wiser.
  8. I've only had one semi-auto failure (my 1943 Colt Woodsman broke a firing pin once) which couldn't be cured with a mag change and racking the slide. I always carry a spare mag.
  9. I haven't cut myself (yet)... This one will definitely make the carry rotation. It's a great size carry knife for me. I'm more than happy with this ProTech.
  10. Got a new toy today. Sometimes it's really good to know people who know people. Thanks again @willis68!
  11. It takes a lot of testing, experience, research, etc. for me to commit to a new weapon light. Based on my research, the Olights seemed worth testing. So far, I've been impressed with the Olights I purchased but they are not intended to be defensive tools (at least by me) - just utility flashlights. The i5st is destined for my laptop bag for travel. I treat a defensive light much light a new defense gun. It doesn't make it into the defense role until its proven enough for me to bet my life on it.
  12. Got my lights today. The quality is way better than I expected. I'm going to use the M2R Pro Warrior to land some planes headed to HSV in my backyard. The i5T EOS is tiny. I can't imagine how they get so much light out of a AAA battery. Both lights have multiple modes so you can maximize your battery life until you need to blind someone or signal the spacestation. Kudos to willis68 as usual. Great price and I can't believe how quickly he got the lights to Alabama.
  13. I grew up on Lake Cumberland. Striper are what everyone goes after up there. I never could catch anything. But just sitting on the bank with a line in the water was always relaxing.
  14. Nice minnow. What are you fishing for?
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