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  1. FYI, the images aren't showing up for me. Of course, everyone should know what a M9 looks like!
  2. Welcome back to TGO! We moved away in 2017 too but returned to middle TN in 2021. I never left TGO as it was a piece of sanity in my time away. It's the same crazy place you left; with many of the same crazy inmates.
  3. None of us want to admit it, but it could happen to any of us.
  4. Great advice from David. I've had great luck dealing with TGO'ers over the years. I have had a couple of potential deals with new members where things just "felt off" and so we didn't agree to terms. In every one of those cases, they were soon on a permanent vacation from TGO. Trust your instincts!
  5. Sorry to hear this. I think I'd send them the cut-up remains of my Discover card.
  6. Ah, my bad. My mind immediately went to a helicopter. I didn’t have the stomach to match enough footage to figure out it wasn’t. Thanks!
  7. Good advice - I'm going to steal this strategy and tell my wife the same.
  8. I've only seen a few lowlights but MacGyver is right: it is awful. I've seen enough and have no desire to watch any more. I can't image a trial will go well for any of them. All the prosecutor has to do is show the body cam and helicopter video.
  9. Price drop - $1300 I did find the original trigger bow and ejection port cover, so they come along too.
  10. Should this cost extra with the "ATF Compliant" callout on the box? Sorry, couldn't resist! GLWS
  11. For sale is my Tavor SAR. It is the model with the 16" barrel chambered for 556/223. It comes with a Geissele trigger bow, Gear Head Works ejection port cover, and a sling. One mag and cleaning kit are included just as it came from the factory, in the original box. Very low round count on this one. If you really want the original trigger bow or ejection port cover, I can search for them. Trust me - the Geissele and Gear Head Works are significant upgrades! $1400 $1300 in the Mt. Juliet area
  12. Oh, I don't think the turnovers would have made a difference in the outcome. But they could have kept the game somewhat close without the turnovers. By halftime, TCU's confidence was shot. Georgia was just the better team.


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