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  1. What are you afraid of? "Nothing. Absolutely nothing."
  2. "ammo at a decent price"? Have you been drinking on a Tuesday? Beautiful rifle!
  3. The MGW Sight Pro works well. It’s a universal-ish tool. There are specific parts (can be purchased separately) which are gun specific. I’ve used mine with Glocks, Sigs, 1911s, HKs, and S&Ws. While it isn’t marked for how far you move the sight, I use a vice and a dial indicator when warranted. I’ve got a spreadsheet to calculate how far to move the sight to affect POI.
  4. A local HSV shop closed its doors back in October for the same reason. They simply couldn’t get inventory (guns or ammo). The owner kept his FFL to do NFA transfers out of his house.
  5. Where would "social media" be on the list?
  6. Technical debt is what happens when you choose the quick/easy route versus the correct approach in a software project. It almost always results in eventually having to significantly invest in reworking existing code to make further maintenance or extension possible. I've seen systems where I've recommend redeveloping from scratch due to the technical debt. They could have rewritten the application more economically than maintaining it.
  7. Once again, my bank account is happy I moved. Beautiful gun!
  8. One of my favorite knives is one I asked you to build several years ago. You asked for specifics and I basically said "do your magic". It turned out way better than anything I could imagine! I hope you keep creating your art.
  9. Great to hear - keep improving!
  10. I went with a G19 MOS for my RMR experiment. I found a new Gen 4 for 620 at a local dealer - which seemed somewhat reasonable (for an impatient person) in the crazy COVID, pre-election market. I’ve actually seen other dealers at 599 for non-MOS G19s around here. For me, the price difference between slide milling/refinishing vs buying another pistol made it an easy decision.
  11. Sorry to hear this robin48. Get well soon - prayers on the way.
  12. I'm at a loss for words. Steelharp will definitely be missed.
  13. Yep, the SEC is brutal. Easy wins are few and far between.
  14. Not for the last decade based on the game results. UT fans won't admit it but Vanderbilt is a bigger rival than Florida, Georgia, or Alabama the last ten years. 105 November 20, 2010 Nashville Tennessee 24–10 106 November 19, 2011 Knoxville Tennessee 27–21OT 107 November 17, 2012 Nashville Vanderbilt 41–18 108 November 23, 2013 Knoxville Vanderbilt 14–10 109 November 29, 2014 Nashville Tennessee 24–17 110 November 28, 2015 Knoxville Tennessee 53–28 111 November 26, 2016 Nashville Vanderbilt 45–34 112 November 25, 2017 Knoxville Vanderbilt 42–24 113 November 24, 2018 Nashville Vanderbilt 38–13 114 November 30, 2019 Knoxville Tennessee 28–10


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