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  1. The only place I've found is Windrock in Oliver springs. That's a place I'd go for a full day of shooting. I'm only looking for about 30 minutes to pattern a couple of different loads at 5 - 15 yards. All the indoor ranges are out. Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. I'm looking for a Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Edition 357 7 round with 3" barrel or 2.5" barrel, either new or very good condition used. If you have one you're interested in selling or know of one for sale please let me know. Thanks
  3. My dad died in Sept 2022 and I inherited this rifle. I've since moved to Maryville due to the March 2020 tornado in Nashville. Looking for an appraiser and possible purchaser for this rifle in East TN, western NC, possibly western VA. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. Fired a couple of times about 30 years ago. only time it was every fired except for test fired as far as I know. The trigger and block had something in it presumably from the maker so that it could not be fired.
  5. 3 boxes brass, remainder is aluminum. Sale is pending for today.
  6. I've decided to let the remainder of my 9mm ammo go and convert to 38 special +P. I might be open to partial trades for high quality 38 Special +P ammo as I know it's hard to come by. Thanks Ammo Name Boxes Qty/Box 9 mm JHP 9 mm FMJ Federal 9MM Premium Law Enforcement Tactical Hydra Shock 124 grain 4 50 200 Federal 9mmPersonal Defense Punch 124 grain 6 20 120 Federal 9mmPersonal Defense Punch 124 grain 1 4 4 Speer Gold Dot 9mm and Misc hollow point 9mm 1 49 49 Federal Premium Personal Defense 9mm Hydra Shock 135 grain 1 5 5 Sig Sauer Elite Defense V Crown 9mm 124 grain 4 20 80 Browning X-Point Defense 9mm 147 grain 2 20 40 Remington UMN JHP 9mm 115 grain 1 100 100 Federal Premium Micro HST 9mm Personal Defense 150 grain 1 17 17 Misc 9mm JHP 23 0 CCI Blazer 9mm 115 grain FMJ 14 100 1,400 Totals 615 1,400 Equivalent Rounds per box 50 50 Equivalent boxes 12 28 Price per box $15 $12 Total Total for all. One lot. Will not spilt up I'm in Maryville TN, just south of Knoxville 9mm ammo for sale.pdf
  7. Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you but I wanted to say thank you for the information. This looks like a great place to find out more about the rifle an which way to go with it. Thank you very much for the information.
  8. My Dad died this past Sat at 102. One of his possessions was a Kentucky long rifle that my mother bought him from a pawn shop sometime in the early 1960’s. He took it somewhere in the 70’s and had it authenticated as original, but we have not been able to find the documentation. In addition, since that time he took it out and shot it and it looks like never cleaned it based on the tarnish and oxidation on the barrel at the lockup whereas the rest of the barrel looks very clean to me. The wood is all soldi with no cracks. It has the name Golcher on the side on the metal. I remember my name telling me this was supposed to have been on of the more notable makers. My dad recently decided to polish with WD-40. A friend of mine who restore antique guitars tells me naphtha will clean that off, but I’m leaving that to a professional. Any information about the weapon or a person I can take it too would be appreciated. I am in Maryville TN but willing to travel to have a knowledgeable person check it out. My goal is to sell it. Thank you very much. More pictures available on request.
  9. 9 mm Ammunition for sale Once again, I have found myself with too much ammo and not enough time or places to shoot. All ammo is in quality metal ammo cans which adds value to this package, but I am not trying to recover any cost for them. I am only selling as an entire lot for what I feel is a very fair offer. Please no low ball offers. If for some reason you cannot read this list PM me and I’ll send you a copy. Thank you.
  10. Purchased new Jan 2022 Like new condition. Might be needing a new battery before long. Very little use on a micro size 9 mm. I’ve decided that a good front sight and a laser works better for me. Every included that came with it originally. Best price I’ve found new is $195, Selling for $ cash. Willing to ship provided buyer pays shipping of their choice.
  11. It's on hold for someone. Just waiting on payment, which is on the way.


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