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Anyone been to Bristol lately?


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With the spring race coming up in a few weeks I'm thinking of planning a trip up to watch.  I'd like to take my dad to celebrate his recent retirement. He hasn't been since the 70's and I've never been.  Any advice on where to park, sit etc would be appreciated.  Also do you walk through metal detectors or get wanded?

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I'll be there for both the Sat & Sun races.  Haven't been wanded.  They just check bags to see what your bringing in.  Not really a bad place to sit, though from past experience I'd avoid being in row 1 or 2 anywhere around the track as your visibility of the cars is limited.  I always park on Exide Dr.  There's a parking lot on the left just before you get to 11E (on the right is the campground) It's $20 to park (free if you're driving a Toyota) and a short walk to the track.  Google map below.  You can see where I put the pin drop on Exide Dr.  GPS coordinates should you care to use them.  Bring lots of cash... food & drinks are expensive! Just my humble opinion but I recommend buy/rent the headphones with Racing Scanner (they'll have a booth there). You can listen to in car audio of all drivers.  Have fun and maybe I'll run into you two. :up: 


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I used to attend both races for years( during the sellout years and tickets were difficult to get) but grew tired of the crowds and haven't attended in several years.  You will probably have to use a clear bag to carry anything in, they did check coolers & such but it was more of a "I'm supposed to look" kind of deal.  things could have changed on that with current events as they are.

I had seats in section TT, (I think) which was just inside the backstretch (turns 3-4) and in row ~50.  I could see the entire track very well, see all the action.  Seats at either end of the track, up high but not behind a support pole for the suites is best, so aim for rows 45-65 if possible.  If you can look down the entire length of the track, you will be able to see all the action without turning your head constantly.  They do sell tickets that are directly behind a support pole, so ask.  

I sometimes had parking passes which are great, but then you have to wait for the rest of the 100K+ people to leave before you can get out.  I would park in peoples yards when I did not have access to a parking pass, everyone that lives w/in a mile of the track does it, they make enough over the race weekends to pay their property taxes and such.  LOL.  You can get blocked in there too, but not for long.  Best thing to do is have some food in the car, have a sammich and a beer, wait for the crowd to ease up.

Enjoy the race.

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I have attended a few over the last few years. I always park at Sunbelt Rentals at 3022 US-19, Bluff City, TN 37618. I think they just moved, but someone will be selling parking there. It is very close to the track and I think was $25 last time. If they are full, Lady Equipment Co. at 3077 Hwy 11 E, Bluff City, TN 37618 is just a little farther away and has a huge lot. These are on the Johnson City side of the track. There is a hill to walk up to get to the gates, but I think the other side is about the same.

I recommend getting there early and just hang out. It makes parking so much easier. When you leave from either place, take a left away from the track and things will thin out some. Juse don't be in s hurry anyway.

Also, unless you are driving back, you may want to look for a hotel ASAP. They fill up early. If you can drive back to Knoxville,  it might get better.


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@hlb14 Did you make the Saturday race?  Rain delay wasn't bad, at least they got it in.  (Curious how Xfinity series even survives... place was empty.  You could've parked at the track.)  Went up there this morning hoping for a miracle but by noon, they postponed it.  Amazing how many people still hang out at the Jack Daniels tent even though there's no race, but seeing the girls that are serving the drinks, I completely understand :love:  Oh well, 4 months til the night race.  

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No, my dad got sick a few weeks ago and we decided to postpone the trip. Thanks to all for the tips though, we're going to plan on attending the night race in a few months. 

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