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  1. Well after missing a CVA a while back, I met a guy today to buy what he said was a Knights Mk-85. Turns out it is. MML T-5 in 50 cal. Reading tells me this was Knights try at cheaper in lines back in the 90's. This is made in Italy. Price I paid still makes me feel ok. I got the tool and a partial tin of #11 caps with it. Nobody laugh, I paid $75 and it has a Simmons 3x9 scope with peek under rings. I did not notice until home that the ramrod looks short, maybe was broken??? Opinions? Now I have to figure out what the h3ll I am doing. Never used BP before, but since I am trying to get back hunting, it will help me extend my season. I already know I am useless with a bow. Anyone had one of these? A forum said Knights told them they are the same as the Wolverine. I downloaded the generic manual from Knights, but woulkd like some more info. Any idea how long the ramrod should be? I think the info said it was a 22 inch barrel. Looks like Numrich sells an aluminum one that is 22 inches and threaded at each end for $5. I am still looking around, but any input would be nice. Oh and the bad side, I barely missed a sweet Ruger Security Six .357 he had up for sale with a bunch of accessories.... Can't win them all. Pics:
  2. TWD Season 8

    The tank would not have gotten far enough to make good progress if they had been paying attention. A tank is strong, but slow to maneuver. And fences can be rebuilt. Well since the one girl killed the other, not sure they would still be around either way.....
  3. TWD Season 8

    The group's make so many tactical and organizational errors that the TV show is the only reason they are still alive. I agree the prison would have been a perfect spot. Clear cell block by cell block by piking them through the bars BEFORE opening the door. And close all the doors at night... Go out from the prison and set up some noise makers like the Governor to pull them away from your area. Maybe even put up some stakes like Morgan did to let them trap themselves. Find some sligshots to let people kill the fence ones off so no one has to get close to them routinely. A few good rocks should do it since they can crush the skull by stomping in it. If not, one person with a 12 foot j hook rebar and another with the same sharpened off could clear them. No one needs to be using pocket knives on them. Even with the back of the prison down, they could just lock off that area or repair the back fence. Then if people attacked just move deeper and engage them from safe positions. I mean in reality no one is attacking with a tank and you not hear them coming to send people to flank them. And on one final note, save the rpgs until you really need them. They waste so much firepower on crap.
  4. TWD Season 8

    Maybe by sculpting him "without those"...
  5. TWD Season 8

    The big thing that bugs me lately is all the nick of time arrival of people. They just show up at the right time ....... a dozen times?????
  6. TWD Season 8

    Eh...They played it up as huge...not to me. It is a big exit of a long time character but not life changing for the show really. Once again Rick could have shot Neegan, but did not. After going out the window he still had his gun. Stand upland blast Neegan already. He can't reach you and did not seem to have a gun. Neegan is not bulletproof. Kill him already.
  7. Vintage Gun Photos

    Poor poor truck......
  8. Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting

    So you run the Mozambique Drill then. LAPD calls it the Failure Drill. Not having a standard place to practice, I do not have specific drills, but I consider all my rounds in a 6 inch circle to be "combat accurate". That is either with a pistol or rifle. At that level, I can reasonably kill anything that I need to. I would love to be better, but aging eyes and lack of time are against me. @hipower I agree. It is a down day on this end too. Lots of reasons why.
  9. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Now that is one big rack. Great job.
  10. Buying two guns at the same time question.

    Never heard this and I have picked up enough at a time that they had to use as second form. These were transfers.
  11. Seriously....What doe you want for Christmas?

    Can we go back to just celebrating the Winter Solstice? I mean that is what it started as. I know better than to wish for something like that doe. Be more likely to find Santa in my living room with Rudolf than that. My luck and all. I could stand something like this
  12. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    So to chime in again. I like a lot of the knives mentioned, but does anyone carry a 1/2 serrated model? And does anyone carry a model that is not above about $75? My new gig is more lucrative overall, but leaves me with less mad money to play with. You know the kind the wife does not see..... I have been carrying a Gerber Bear Grylls folder that is 1/2 serrated for a while. Not a bad knife for knock around at I think $20 to $30. The only issue is that after a couple years I can't get it to keep an edge now. I also am wearing the rubber handle covering off.
  13. ad closed SOLD Smith & Wesson M&P 45 package

    Ok, so how Did I miss something selling this close? I guess for the best. I have a 2.0 already.
  14. Vintage Gun Photos

    Hot pants and a girl with overalls with no top...yep I want to know the story too...
  15. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    I saw one of the Hi-Points on Black Friday for $86. Thought about it I have nothing against these except the low cap.mags. My son took his first deer with a 9mm carbine. That said, I ended up with a 9mm AR pistol that uses Glock mags. They cost more, but have a bunch of extra customization options. If you watch. You might get one for not a ton above the Hi-point retail price. Now. I can see buying multiples of the Hi-Points if you wanted to stock the car, boat, truck, cabin, or wherever with something you can just leave there.

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