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  1. Funny DENSO has been in Maryville for years (looked it up, since 1988). How hard would it have been to see that they suck up a lot of the manufacturing labor force? Also, their wages should not have been a total secret. This is sorta like someone needing people with the same skill set as Eastman in the Tricities moving in. They need to come in with some kind of angle to get an edge. Mediocre pay and benefits wont cut it. $17 an hour pay sounds OK until you see the "including benefits" . Makes me wonder what the actual per hour was. Never had one of their guns, but I know they come in to the low end of cost. Gives them less to work with unless they can keep sales volume up. Anyway, was kind of hoping to see this happen. The more gun manufactures we have in the state, the more our politicians will be apt to vote in ways that keep them in business.
  2. My only question is what is beyond those trees? Especially when you get into rifle, you have a lot farther to think about. You have to always take into account the people who might wander onto your land, intentional or not, in the line of fire as you set up to shoot. People pop up in the worst places and at the worst times. Of course something as simple as a earthen berm helps with that if you can get equipment there. If not, you could always look into building a backstop out of logs to help mitigate the risk some. I am jealous too. I have just enough land to shoot.. If I was not surrounded on all 4 sides by houses. Enjoy it.
  3. Met a lot of people who don't understand that. Looked at a cheap car once where the guy wanted to slap $1500 extra on a $3000 car because of the stereo he had installed. In fact sometimes, I would pay LESS for something with 'upgrades' because I have no idea if they were installed right or maybe in order to cover up issues.Kinda like the guys used to use diamond plate to cover all the rust on jeeps.
  4. I've got 1k rounds of .223 I would give you for it. Sounds like a good deal, right?
  5. That Cash for Clunkers always pissed me off. Not because they gave people cash, but because the "clunkers" has to be rendered inoperable by something like putting liquid glass in the engine and running it a few minutes to destroy the engine. Then they had to be crushed. Lots and lots of good spare parts went down the tube. Now try finding a decent size junk yard with a large stock of anything in the last 20 years is a wild goose chase. On top of that a lot of the "clunkers" that ended up coming in were not the low gas mileage units they wanted off the road. Or they were running just enough to get on the lot instead of to the scrap yard. Basically the program did little except to give the car industry sales and feed the steel scrap to China.
  6. I buckled a while back on a great deal on a DPMS 16" barreled .308. Really wanted 18" minimum, so I may have to swap it out later Your looks nice. I did not feel like trying to navigate the AR-10 compatibility maze and build one.
  7. Same thing happened when we got my wife's 2012 Prius. One out of warranty and 3 years old was only $2k less than brand new. Plus we could pick what we wanted on the new one. Made no sense to not go new. Rates were lower on new too.
  8. Likely not a rattle snake. Wrong head shape. Plus coloring is off for either 2 types that are listed as being found in Tennessee. Timber Rattler Pygmy Rattler
  9. DeKay’s Brownsnake maybe? https://www.tn.gov/twra/wildlife/reptiles/snakes/dekays-brownsnake.html
  10. I imagine him having a 2 liter Mountain Dew and a serving bowl of sugar for breakfast every morning to have that much energy. lol He seems like a big kid at heart just getting to do something he loves, If I could consistently shoot 10% as good as him I would be estatic.
  11. Tread carefully.. see my above comment...
  12. Not to sound jaded, but this account joined an hour ago and is offering $500 in bullets free....... @GlockSpock
  13. No, I know that small production levels will not compete with the large scale processes and that materials are totally different. This is more of an intellectual spur of the moment question. I would not spend a lot of time on it unless you want to try it out on your own. Some reasons that sprang to mind to cause me to ask are Potential mag shortage - if it got as bad as ammo, then some people might want mags and not care for the higher cost or about long term durability. An AR-15 with no mag is a slow single shot. So demand might cause printed mags to be viable. Customized items - Some people may be building a emerald green AR-15 for themselves and want a mag to match, even if it is really only for display purposes when not using it. Or a group wants some thing similar for everyone. Replacement parts - Maybe you have a cracked mag body but the follower, spring, and baseplate are good, Might be feasible to print a body and then just load it up with the guts if you don't want to toss it ot try to track down one online. Like I said more an intellectual exercise.
  14. Spent a few minutes looking. Looks like most designers went with a generic block to be used on a range of gun types. Times like this is when I really wish I had a 3d scanner to run over items. This might be something that could be modified though. Thicken the base and turn the posts into holes. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3011475
  15. @Mseals22 Just curious and this may not be the best model. How long would it take to print a 30 round magazine to usable spec. I am sure it would be more economical on most days to just order a few Magpul, I am just curious how it would compare. https://grabcad.com/library/ar15-30-round-magazine-2

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