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  1. Idiot that destroys AR on YouTube

    How about we do a video of building an AR to be donated for use by a school resource officer? If these idiots really cared, they would just turn the guns into a police office to be used to . PROTECT students. Destroying their guns does absolutely zip to protect students.
  2. Cool pics from around the World

    Highlands near Kinlochleven, Scotland.
  3. What kind of bug is this?

    No it was like a gray and black woolly worm with longer black stinging hairs over its entire body. I have seen packsaddles with one spot of longer stinging hairs, but they are usually white, green, or yellow. I did not recover it and never saw a pic that looked exactly like it.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested in less loading at the range. Glock .40 Cal 50 Round Drum Magazine $29.99 at Classic Firearms. Classic Firearms .40 cal drum
  5. Cool pics from around the World

    Wreck of the SS City of Adelaide off the coast of Magnetic Island in Australia
  6. What kind of bug is this?

    I have new respect for bugs after STILL having a u shaped scar on my arm from being stung by a stinging caterpillar 5 years ago... The walk in clinic in NC had everyone look at my forearm swelled up to the size of a football... Apparently it got discussed in a medical seminar later. No one could identify what type it was.
  7. Happy President's Day

    1st time I have ever got it off as a paid holiday. Just one perk of my new job. I wife doesn't. She was kinda cranky about having to go to work while I had a day off. Lol
  8. wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    I understand, I have a few items like that on my list. Plus the FFL fees really hurt getting cheaper things online. The LGS I use has gone from $5 for each additional item, to $10, to the same fee of $20 per item in the last year or so. Did that right as I was about to order 5 $30 stripped lowers. Would have still been cheaper than buying ones they stock, but not by a lot and that is before tax. They do not even need to know a transfer is coming in. I usually email about it though.
  9. wanted Smith & Wesson Model 39

    So Gunbroker is not an option? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/747394243
  10. Hog Hunting in TN?

    I can't afford a lot of special gear or long trips. Probably just use my .308 or 30-30 like I would with deer. I just would like to get to do it once and Dad has always talked about it. Would like to get him out to do it. He had a health scare recently, so I am thinking it is now or never. Might just be stuck with saving up to do a reserve. Not the worst thing and probably get a better chance at one than if I just ended up hunting somewhere I do not know. Be interested in at least bringing back some meat to share around in the family.
  11. Hog Hunting in TN?

    So how does that work? Do you retrieve the kills? I can;t imagine you would from the helo.
  12. Henry AR7 MAKE OVER

    Nice work! It is a thing of beauty when projects come together.
  13. [GUN SALES] I don’t email…

    It could also be that they get a flood of emails, so they just don't check it.
  14. I can't say that about any funds that come in at my house. Of course we still have a mortgage and younger kids. That eats a lot that I get. If you can spare it, spend it. For me some day I will have a '68 Camaro SS in my garage. I may get arrested for 'procuring' it the day after, but I will have it for that day.

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