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  1. So the wife nixed stripper tipping. Still for sale or trade. Great for birthday, graduation, or "I'm Sorry".. uh, I mean wedding gifts.
  2. So have you ever just been SO excited about a potential new hobby that you tell all your family? Being good people they want to help you pursue your new passion. They really don't know where to buy the stuff, but they try. Isn't that important part? Then you realize that the equipment for your other 42 hobbies pretty much prevents you from adding anything else. Or the wife says that anyway. About the time you realize (are told) this, work does it's best to suck out your soul by trippling the workload and reducing manpower. So another nail in the coffin of a new hobby. Then the final nail pounds in when you realize just how crazy it is having 2 kids in college. I mean, I know I am not the only one here that fits this situation. Well short story long. this leaves me holding some Dick's Sporting Goods gift cards that I am not going to let myself use. Yeah, I decided that all on my own. really..... I figure someone on here looking for golf, Kayak. Yeti. or other sports gear might find them more useful. I mean even if you don't like the store, the cash is already spent. Not like you are giving them anything. Maybe you already have a purchase in mind anyway. Stanley mugs anyone? So here is a chance to save some on that next sporty purchase if you read this far.. I have cards totaling $609.23. I would take $550 shipped for them. Or I can just provide you the card numbers to use online. These also work on the Public Lands website from my understanding. Might be open to some pretty limited partial trades, but like I said, space is part of the issue here. Question? PM me please. That way this thread doesn't get longer than it already is.
  3. For sale is a PTR 9 MP5 Type 9mm pistol This comes with everything from the factory. A really nice factory SKB rugged case, sling, 2 mags, sight adjustment tool, lock, and user manual. Good condition. $1800 Really looking to sell but might talk partial trades. Possible options are S&W revolvers, S&W Model 59, Sig all metal pistols, and Centerfire Savage 24s. I am in Upper East TN


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