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  1. @loadedp3at Just to give you a comparison of S&W to Colt frames. These are .32s, but still similar comparison. S&W .32 Hand Ejector and Colt Police Positive .32 New Police
  2. You might look at a S&W 642 unless you are looking for something longer than a snubby. From just my general obserbation the 2.5 barrel Police Positives do not show up as often as the 4 and 6. Not a real scientific observation though.
  3. Ah, how I wish for the days when you could buy an armload of auto or select fire guns with cash and just walk on out. Of course with the decline in intelligence of the masses... I might not get the outcome I wanted if that happened today.
  4. I regret not buying the Lifetime when I first renewed my yearly. On the other hand, I do agree that making potential buyers pay just to contact sellers is a bit much on Armslist. Paying to list is pretty much how most places are going to end up since a lot of ad revenue generation streams are seeing lower and lower returns. Ad views has always been the way "free" sites paid the bills. For small sites it was pretty much nothing. I think Google ads requires a $100 balance to withdraw your earnings. I have been running my little low traffic site for 3 1/2 years and have not got to cash any
  5. A truly serious suggestion. Swing by the dumpsters at any marinas or boat launches around.
  6. I remember a project online where they necked down a 50 BMG case to fit a .22 bullet. I might consider that for defense. Physics are physics though and a 29gr bullet can only do so much. I would take it if it is all I could get, but there are too many other options.
  7. Ronald_55


    That squeal was louder than the ones on a hog hunting video I was watching earlier. lol Something about the sound of the gun hitting the ground made me thing it might not be real. Just my thought.
  8. Last person I know that got robbed, it was his nephew that did it. Took all the guns he had from his dad. Last I heard only one of maybe 10 got recovered. Thsi is a kid he let live with him for a few moths to get back on his feet too. With family like that who needs enemies.
  9. As long as ammo keeps selling as soon as stock cones in, primers are gping to be scarce. The ammo makers are not going to sell 100 priners for $5.99 when they can use them in their own ammo that sells for a lot more.
  10. I usually stay out of all the political stuff here, but I have some opinions. 1. The stytem is broken. The so called checks and balances have just become quicksand to keep anything constructive from getting done. Bills about X are passed containing so much fat , you need a bypass after reading them. Politicians do just enough to get reelected so they can get all the side benefits. Even if we don't elect them again, they go into lucrative lobbing or public speaking gigs. They make the money and don't give a crap about anyone else. The average person has very little control of how things
  11. I have one of the Rhom RG 10s. Mine is a .22 Short only. I bought it for giggles for $20 and a no name set of plastic AR takeoff furniture. I probably paid too much. lol I have shot it, but I would say I had stouter feeling cap guns as a kid. My barrel even wiggles a bit. Since yours has family history, I would say that trumps any money. I would suggest you write up the info on it and store it with it so future generations can appreciate it. When my Dad cleaned out my Papaw's house he found guns he had never seen, but has no idea if they were war bring backs or just something he b
  12. Here is an article right from the makers of the Raspberry Pi https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/pi-hole-raspberry-pi/
  13. Like suggested, just load it as is, sell it to someone cheap to reclaim a bit of cash, or melt it to ingots. Any of those is less insanity inducing than seperating it.


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