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  1. Lots of places at running deals on takeout. Even like BK has this 3 cheeseburger, 3 whopper, 3 fry deal for $13. I was past a Chili's last night and noticed they are doing curbside bar in their front to go parking. Not sure how that works legaly, but I am sure not selling alcohol woukd slam their profit margin. Most are just trying to keep the business rolling in. I am sure they have a refuced staff due to not needing many servers. @Raoul is right thapt it is interesting to see people try to figure out how to do more than open a menu or at best a can. We know tons of familys that consider store bought hot dogs and frozen french fries home cooking.
  2. I for one will admit that I was less prepared for this slow moving situation. I had tried to plan more for things like no electricity or having to leave in a hurry. The simply fact that the family is home all day is weighing on things. Plus, I don't get a ton of support on my ideas for things like this. No one is in survival mode, so beans and rice don't cut it. Everyone wants to eat like I can stop at the grocery store any time. We have plenty but things that I never took into consideration like the wife needing pastry flour because she is making sweets to keep herself busy. She is home all day with both kids, 2 cats and a dog, so keeping her from going insane keeps me from catching an ice pick to the chest in the middle of the night. lol We have septic, but I would like a well also. As I have said before, we do not have running water close to us. Even a well that was not used often could be outfitted with a well bucket (like this example https://preparednessadvice.com/well/make-your-own-deep-well-bucket/). No need to hook power to it at all. Though a good solar setup to run the pump would be nice. Not sure if any regulations limit me on my land. I am not in the city, but my little street is officially listed a a "subdivision." Does anyone do any serious amount of rainwater collection? I have looked at it a few times, but a few barrels around the house seem limited. I would love to have a water tank (something like this https://www.backwoodshome.com/build-a-6500-gallon-concrete-water-tank-for-1500/) but my land layout and family's opinion will probably prevent that. I have pondered a generator, but it is low on the list. It is expensive to have one of any decent size and fuel storage is an issue, I do have a large propane tank to run the logs in the basement but not sure how long it would run a generator. I would have it plumbed to the gas grill on the deck above it before i worried about a generator. Other than the food in the fridge, I feel we could live without electricity. We might all have to move to the basement if it was too hot or too cold, but that is doable. I feel generators are just a stop gap measure in a long term emergency. Savings, is there ever really enough? With 2 kids, the mortgage, a car payment, etc. life is expensive. If we both were out of work a while, I guess we could take the penalty and dip into our 401ks, but that 20% would hurt. That is if things were decent enough to be able to get to our 401ks. I have a Ring doorbell and spotlight cam. I would like more, I just have a hard time mounting them where I want. I have a kit from Simplysafe for windows and such that I need to get up. That will probably suffice for the moment. Limited entry points to my house unless you start breaking out windows. Plus, my house is the last one on the street that anyone would come into looking for anything good. The wife says we are the white trash house on the street. lol I tell her camouflage is key. My wife is a board game addict, so we have 2 HUGE 5 shelf shelving units full of games. I think that will keep us when the family runs out of Netflix to binge. Though that may be a while. I am not sure how she and the kids sit that many hours in from of the TV or tablet. Older I get the harder it is for me to sit down that long. Too much to do. I am still going into work every day, so that is making it harder to work on things I need to at home. hard to get into doing reports and such that seem trivial when I am thinking about the extra stuff I could do to insure us against things if it keeps sliding downhill.
  3. Definitely a good sense of humor on that driver....
  4. Just checking in as we have all had a while to deal with the closings, shortages, and other difficulties of the situation. Just like any plan, until you enact it you fail to see certain shortcomings. What holes or shortcomings have you found in your bug in .. I mean "Shelter In Place" plan?
  5. Or just being crazy despite his race, religion,or politics......
  6. Financial institution too. We have Interactive Teller Machines built into our ATMs that can do 99% of what a counter teller can via video link. We already ran them 12 hours a day 6 days a week, That has been a life saver. Lobby is closed except for limited appointments too and Drive Through is normal hours. Biggest issue has been needing to move people all around to split up departments in case someone comes down with it, Being IT, that means we seem to have found every network drop and power outlet that doesn't work. While we had disaster plan in place, I think the day-to-day considerations are going to get a lot more light. Like not having all the members of one department in one room every day.
  7. I have found a big down side of the family staying home. My wife is cooking more because we have the time. That is great. Healthier and much better food. Plus she is doing things like bread and cakes. So what is bad you say? Guess who gets dishes duty?
  8. May be the old 'something is better than nothing' and the placebo affect to calm people
  9. Sounds like a good choice on both regards. Nothing stopping him from doing by appointment sales for good customers who need something he still has though.
  10. Hope they are on the mend and feel better soon
  11. By sheer stupid luck I had picked up a partial box of N95 that were gonna get tossed at the place I used to work. Tgry used then for dusk masks. I mean I had everyone other type masks, but not N95. Wife never so happy for once that I carried "junk" home. Not a lot but 2 for each of us. If I run into a source I will toss it out here. Maybe the government will hand out some of the million that they confiscated from that guy. I really hope there is more to tgat store than they just came and took them .
  12. I had to go to Lowe's last weekend because I needed some hardware to repair the mower. I saw the same thing. Tons of people essentially buying landscape supplies. Mulching my plants is the last thing on my mind right now. And if I didn't want the mower secondarily as a means to haul stuff on the property, I would have probably just waited. Plus 1/2 or more of the people I saw were 50+.

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