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  1. I ran into Win M855 5.56 at Academy in Johnson City last night at $10 per 20 round box. Limit 3 boxes. Not far off from what pre-panic prices were since this is not the cheapest stuff. But I bet the 50 boxes were gone before they closed. My normal pick up there used to be Tula or their Monarch at $5 or $6 per box. Not as cheap as buying bulk, but sometimes easier to swing 5 boxes of that at a time especially after all the online places had to start collecting tax.
  2. And he cannot lie..... Please return to your regularly scheduled discussion
  3. Looking for a few shell holders. Hornady #8, #6, and #1 or equivalent. Also might be interested in die sets that contain these if you don't want to split them up and the price is right.
  4. I read that with no context and I did not take it AT ALL like it was meant.... @bersaguy Good looking dog. The Lab/Sheppard mix we have had just less than a year and is still in full pup mode. Too much energy for me some days. Glad my son is the main caretaker.
  5. We did just the immediate family at home since my in-laws understandably canceled theirs. Splurged and got a prepped meal from an upscale place. Took the stress off the wife and got some different stuff. The wife did make her homemade holiday rolls. Meal said it would feed 6, but we will probably still get 6 more meals out of it after we 4 ate. So we had turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni & smoked gouda cheese (with bacon ), chestnut oregano stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, and white chocolate cheesecake. Kids were a bit bummed not seeing everyone, but
  6. That they suck, but are still the largest platform online to sell things at the moment. I have been able to sell everything on there from an old Harley gas tank to a prepaid cell phone. Right now, I can sell it, print a label, and put it at my mailbox and never have to go to the post office. That is why people are still selling on it. Plus, same as Gunbroker in that I don"t have to go meet a guy in a parking lot and the potential buyer pool is much larger. I see them staying the dominant auction platform for a while. Like corporations in other industries, they tend to buy or run start up
  7. Well I found large pistol magnum primers online today. I didn't know the difference either, but I bought 500. lol
  8. Hope you are well soon.
  9. They tend to knock ads off when other people complain. I had some software I was selling at one point and I really think a competitor reported the item, not some software company that had been closed for years. And all their things seem inconsistent. I sold a phone as non-working/for parts in THAT category and when the buyer complained they tried to make me refund him. They would have if he had returned it to me, but he could not because he had already shipped it out if the country and was just fishing for a free item. If he had I would have been out shipping. One move eBay is good
  10. Yeah, that is cool. I probably have enough materials around to make it. Wife keeps talking about moving the treadmill to the basement. Maybe I need to move that along. I am no where close to needing that much capacity right now though. I have yet to load my first cartridge, so maybe I wait until I see if I need it.
  11. I have a treadmill, it about shakes the entire house. Not sure the wife would like that. Interested how it works though. Got any pics? I had read about the lizard bedding. May have to try it, not finding much media locally. Ever used any Harbor Freight media. Also, can you just use corn cob to do it all? I was thinking of putting the tumbler in a plastic bin with a small hole for the cord and setting outside the garage. Unfortunately that is right below our bedroom window, but would isolate it from the house slab and flooring.
  12. Bump. I know it is a rough time. Only looking for a 100 pack of small pistol or small pistol magnum in exchange.
  13. So since I have ventured into reloading, I find that I need a tumbler and media before I start using a lot of the range brass I have. Not much to discuss on types because most are sold out. I can find these 2. Anyone got experience of reason to go with one or the other? The Hornady is $20 more where i can find it and says it has a sifter. Other than that look the same to me. Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Case Tumbler Hornady M-1 Case Tumbler Thanks
  14. Yesterday (11-18-20) at Academy in Johnson city there was NO ammo on the shelf. Normally there has been a box or 2 of some odd stuff but not even a box of .350 Legend. The other night I bought a pack of .22 short and saw a couple boxes of odd ball calibers.


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