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  1. Ronald_55

    New mega gun parts sets web sight.

    Damn, I am trying to save money guys. I see some stuff there that is calling me...
  2. Ronald_55

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    Can we deploy drone mounted tasers next? Then we could video the antics.
  3. Ronald_55

    Words I had given up on hearing!!!!

    Great to here those will be coming home.
  4. Ronald_55

    The Garden Thread

    Striking out mostly. Got a few strawberries and a couple onions. My tomatoes seem to have bloom rot. Couple one inch cucumbers trying to grow, but the watermelon and cantaloupe vines are not growing. Pepper plants bloom, then no fruit... I got things out late and not in the best place, but normally I get a few things off what I plant.
  5. Ronald_55

    2018 Trail Camera Pictures

    Good looking deer you have there. Came out to see this in my back yard the other day. Rare to see deer on my acre. I think this is the 4th time in 17 years. Looking later it seems like they ate the tops out of all my volunteer tomatoes plants at that stump. Lol Then noticed momma was ahead but still watching. Then they were gone...
  6. Ronald_55

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Powdered metal as in powder coated or as in compressed powder sorta like sawdust board, but with metal?
  7. Ronald_55

    ad closed REDUCED: GLOCK 36 SLIMLINE .45ACP, $299.00

    I don't even really want it and I would have bought it for that. DAMN
  8. Ronald_55

    IWB tuckable and printing

    Black shirts are keeping Steelharp out of Folsom Prison?????
  9. Ronald_55

    An Educated choice in a first Handgun

    In the end it is all personal choice. I have bought things I regret. Guns, cars, computers, etc. I can't say alot because within the first few handguns I bought was an Iver Johnson top break .38 S&W. And it was broken to boot. Lol. Repaired it is fun to shoot, but is far from a carry gun or even a 100% reliable gun. @RatchetyClank just be aware. Despite as you might, claiming you can't afford a second gun, will not keep you from buying one once you have your first. Lol
  10. Ronald_55

    Well, it's official!!

    @Erik88 and @dralarms Basically I was just chiming in because lots of people are hesitant to look into it. Either they feel it is too much trouble or will hurt their credit. Really it is not and will not. All cases are different though. I just hate to see people paying more than they have to. At one point my mortgage was such a burden I actually contemplated filing bankruptcy on it. So I have been where I could not afford to refinance.
  11. Ronald_55

    Well, it's official!!

    Proof that you can get one. Just so you know on mine, we had a 1st and second mortgage. It started at a total of 100% of the house value when we got them. We were less than 1/3rd way into the 1st mortgage and had mediocre credit (at best) at that point. My credit union barely blinked before they approved me for the savings above. As easy as applying is in the scheme of things, it is worth the bit if time to get the numbers from them. Worst you might have to do is set up a checking or savings with the financial institution you get it through. Probably won't even need much cash in it unless they are auto drafting it out of that account. Here is a random mortgage calculator I pulled up. To be easy you could use 5% at this point as the APR. Actual interest rate might be less than that though depending on your credit and the bank/cu https://www.mortgagecalculator.org I waited too long and did not save as much as I could have myself. And I regret that now. If you need help, PM me, I can give you more specific info.
  12. Ronald_55

    Vintage Gun Photos

    They definitely are not prime self defense weapons and I have mine more for novelty. Despite quality issues, there are a bunch of them around because huge amounts were made. They filled a niche as a glove box, tackle box, and "throw away" gun. I don't think anyone expected a S&W equal at that price though. Mine has gone bang at every trigger pull though.
  13. Ronald_55

    Well, it's official!!

    If you want to refi, do it soon. Rates are climbing. We refied a few years ago. Cut 5 years off the loan and $200 A month.
  14. Ronald_55

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Right you are, but it is a fun little thing. Barrel wobble and all.it would make a good trap line gun. .22 Short would be good enough for that.
  15. Ronald_55

    IWB tuckable and printing


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