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  1. Ronald_55

    Shooting in OK, Good Guy Wins

    I don't think he will face criminal issues, but I would not be surprised if someone sues them over it. Maybe a family member, maybe a witness, maybe a victim. People look for any way to manipulate it into a cash payout.
  2. Ronald_55

    Who lost their Springfield?

    I thought maintaining control of your firearm was the first safety rule....
  3. Ronald_55

    Vintage Gun Photos

    You would hear bells for weeks after getting out. Wonder if anyone ever thought of firing a grappling hook from a rifle mounted grenade launcher and just dragging the wire back to be removed or at an angle to the side until it breaks?
  4. Ronald_55

    Shooting in OK, Good Guy Wins

    I can't believe someone broke tgeir leg running from the restaurant.. The guy that stopped this shooter will still go through lots of crap before it is over.
  5. Ronald_55

    Amazon is helping Law enforcement

    So many people were so obsessed with that. I had no desire to watch a total stranger's wedding.
  6. Ronald_55

    Carbon Fiber anyone??

    Looks nice. How slick are the scales when wet?
  7. Ronald_55

    Amazon is helping Law enforcement

    Is there a story link or something on this?
  8. Ronald_55

    My Mexico EDC

    Precisely why I have no desire to go south of the border. Good kit. I recently had to fly on a last minute work trip. I had little time or transportation while there. So I threw some paracord, electrical tape (small and explainable by my job), a small pen light, a carabiner (secondary use like the bottle opener) and a sturdy pen in my bag. Once there I did have dinner free the 1st night. I had a fantastic prime rib washed down with a Drafty Kilt Ale...or 2...in the hotel resturaunt. On the way out I might have palmed my steak knife. Back in the room, I made a makeshift sheath from paperboard and electrical tape. That rode nicely in my sock for the rest of the days. At the end, I tossed the sheath and left the knife in my room as seemingly a room service forgotten item. Now I know this was far from ideal, but it got me a option.
  9. Ronald_55

    Some Interesting MP5 Insights

    That was so worth the read. I think I woke my wife when I snorted at the instructor interaction.... Different cultures breed very different tactics and weapons.
  10. Ronald_55

    My Mexico EDC

    Ok, I give on how the knife and "bottle" opener" work together. Unless... you need a cigar cutter...? Defensive uses and cutting restraints I see.
  11. Yeah, I know. Trying to avoid hot water at home since I can't ship to work any more. Lol But is out of stock online too now. That woukd have been sweet. I bought 2 9mm and 1 .45 bucket when they had that.
  12. Ronald_55

    Porn star gives up her gun

    Well since she stored it like this, I would day it was more for show..More like wall art....Definitely not the best idea. Either it is loaded (I doubt) or the ammo is not real close....
  13. Went to get some a few days ago and was out locally. Hope it comes back in before sale runs out.
  14. Ronald_55


    Welcome. I am within spitting distance of you.
  15. Ronald_55

    My Mexico EDC

    Zebra, another model pen, and sharpie - for writing and other things.. Handcuff keys - high kidnapping rate in Mexico Small and large flashlights Tourniquet FAK ? "Bottle opener" Dental Floss - traditional use, repairs, cordage Neck knife Lighter Duct tape around a card Wallet with cash and cards Secondary wallet for more important cards and such. Lets you hand off some cash and misc useless cards to a mugger without losing your real items and larger stash of cash. Cigars - for social and be friending. Also can be used as a deversion in the hand if needing to off balance someone and draw them in closer. If distance or longer range options not at hand. A real last ditch effort. Or maybe I am analyzing it too much. Lol

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