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  1. Guess they are trying to salvage that model after the issues. https://www.sigsauer.com/promotions/myp320-photo-video-contest/?utm_source=Sig+Emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MYP320-CONTEST&utm_content=P320+Contest
  2. wanted WTB: Keymod rail pieces and adapters

    Looks like I am going to have to order them somewhere. I just thought someone might have some around cluttering up their parts bin.
  3. wanted WTB: Keymod rail pieces and adapters

    Bump...with my new schedule I am probably only going to be able to deal with shipped stuff. Willing to cover shipping though. Anyone?
  4. Vintage Gun Photos

    Do you just put a guy in overalls soaked in Hoppes 9 and let him crawl tgrough?
  5. Ok! need some technical help

    A flash drive or external hard drive is a good idea, but again you have to store it "off-site" yourself. it is possible a flash drive could not have enough space if you have a huge amount. Backblaze is a service that will back up one computer for $50 a year. It gives you unlimited storage online too. I think you simply install some software and tell it what to backup. One thing it will not do is let you back up a flash or external drive. That was so people could not back up several computers under one plan. Backblaze Personal Backup
  6. ad closed keeping it

    Pretty wheel gun, but me too. I woukd be scared to shoot it. Lol
  7. Fear the Walking Dead Gun mixup?

    The writing is better on TWD. I think a lot on Fear feels contrived, it I still watch.
  8. My Best Friend

    Doug I hate to hear that for both you and Kasey.
  9. Sagging pants explained

    Don't forget, if you are like me....no a$$...
  10. Hello everyone!

    Glad to meet ya. You might try ebay for the 10 round stuff as they will not let you sell larger, but all of us around here like our hi cap. mags. Saves time at the range. Even one of my Mosin Nagants holds more than 10 rounds. Lol Well I guess unless you want to unload them really cheap.
  11. Ugly Guns: It's not their fault.

    I just think someone took all their gun ideas from bad video games...
  12. FMJ..... a tool for the tuff jobs.

    If I tried any of this, the first one would bounce back and take my head off.
  13. Ugly Guns: It's not their fault.

    A new one for you guys.....
  14. Black Walnuts

    Well when 2 walnut trees really like each other......

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