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  1. Ronald_55

    Electronic ear muffs

    I see how it is, gotta wear the dark glasses to hide your eyes when you wear that hat....
  2. Ronald_55

    wanted 4mm Schutzen ammo

    I looked rifles like this up. That is an interesting segment of firearms.
  3. Ronald_55

    National Preparedness Month - Are you prepared?

    @robtattoo I don't know, I have been talking it up for a year. Lol
  4. Ronald_55

    question about comcast

    I have Comcast and I added the in-house wiring coverage for like 6 bucks a month before I had them come and work. They rewired from my cable box to the pole instead of shrugging me off as customer wiring issues. Then they could not ignore the equipment at the end of the street that needed replaced. Otherwise the tech will blame your wiring, your router, the cable box , or anything else to get out fast. You can cancel that feature at any time.
  5. Ronald_55

    question about comcast

    Welcome to legacy of the government selling its soul ( actually our souls) to the telephone utilities. Rules were put in place in exchange for the companies building service out into less populated (read less profitable) areas way back when. So the government is involved...just on the side of the utilities. Everytime repealing these laws comes up, millions of dollars get poured into lobbying to keep them. Of course on the other hand, it could be worse for you. My parent's live in a dead zone that no utility provides internet to. And they are less than 30 minutes out of Knoxville.
  6. Ronald_55

    Hello TGO

  7. Ronald_55

    My 80% 45 build.

    Nice I envy that job you spoke of. Sadly by the time I came of working age most opportunities like that were gone from the area I was in.
  8. Ronald_55

    wanted WTB Hunting Scope, up to 12x

    Any interest in a Leupold? I can get specs when I get home. It is brand new.
  9. Ronald_55

    Playing around with a new holster design

    That is some quality work.
  10. Ronald_55

    Anyone use Ar500.com Armor ?

    @Danger Rane and @gjohnsoniv Thanks for the feedback. What has held me back from this before and makes it a harder decision is that this will be insurance only. I won't be wearing on a daily basis unless the world falls apart. I don't compete or go places I think it would be needed. In fact my job would prevent me from having it with me outside the car. If I need it, I want it to work, but it will ride in my car or on a peg mostly. So that makes cost a big factor. Plus as with all things, I gotta keep my better half from having me committed. She thinks I am overly paranoid about stuff. From what I have read of ceramic, I don't think it is for me. I don't want it cracked from getting tossed around and I can't be testing and replacing the panels every couple of years. I understand that the upgrade to curved and better spall mitigation costs, but is a good idea. I will have to look at carriers. I do want to avoid the bottom end, but I have to see how high I am comfortable going. Do you guys use trauma pads?
  11. Ronald_55

    12 gauge 9mm insert length/accuracy?

    In my eyes they are a backup short term plan. Now, I just by the right type of ammo and have several calibers guns. If things all went to crap, long term I would plan to reload the calibers I needed. These are somewhere in the middle.
  12. Ronald_55

    12 gauge 9mm insert length/accuracy?

    Even though I obviously like this idea, Another thought on 'scavenged' ammo is to be set up to pull the bullets, melt them, cast buckshot, and load buckshot shells with the retrieved powder. Not ideal to mix a bunch of powders, but we are not talking about normal day-to-day life. Not a lot needed to do this small scale. A perfect scenario might be doing both. Use the ammo you have guns or adaptors for and recycle the rest when you can safely set up to reload.
  13. Ronald_55

    12 gauge 9mm insert length/accuracy?

    "Smoothbore" I think is the term. No problem. I keep looking. I need to pick up a set myself. I at least want to do the 12ga that let you shoot 20ga and .410
  14. Ronald_55

    New from Hendersonville

    Welcome from NE TN!
  15. Ronald_55

    12 gauge 9mm insert length/accuracy?

    No first-hand experience, but lots of reading. One thing to be sure is that the adaptor is rifled. At one point some were not that were out there. Obviously that made a huge difference in accuracy. Of course these seem aimed at emergency situations, so some degradion in accuracy would be acceptable since it would be a last ditch effort. There are several makers out there. I think Short Lane seems to be one if the best. https://www.gunadapters.com/ They also make a12ga to 209 blackpowder primer cap. So you can convert your break action shotgun to a muzzleloader. It is an interesting SHTF idea I have seen. https://www.gunadapters.com/12-gauge-to-209-muzzle-loading-adapter-1/

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