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  1. Welcome to the game... All I find are used at 50% more than new.
  2. Some tidbits. Too late for me to dig much more right now. http://www.fourten.org.uk/nostalgia16.html Sounds like went by Windsor? https://www.ebay.com/itm/G-and-M-Clyde-Bell-c1906-Glasgow-/371511669587?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  3. Do you shoot any revolvers calibers? A .44 or ,357 would make a good companion.
  4. This guy is a 92 expert. If he doesn't know all the options, I am not sure who would. He does deal with more traditional parts because he does lots of cowboy guns, but has a scope rail and red dot setup. I had to get him to fit an ejector to one I have. He sells the parts, but they have to be fitted. I could not find the parts anywhere else that did not require hacking off body parts or buying an entire action. https://stevesgunz.com/
  5. If you got it back to where you can see the external screen, you should be able to go back to that (Right-click the Windows desktop and select Display Settings), select the laptop display on that settings screen and choose the duplicate or extend options. You can hit identify here is you do not know which is which
  6. Not a Dell site, but this could be how you did it. You coukd havr turned off tge laptop display. https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht504128-how-to-auto-turn-off-laptop-screen-while-using-external-monitor-ideapad-windows
  7. I am with @Hozzie. Unhook from everything ekse, the laptop screen shoumd come on. Only extra suggedtion is when it is off, remove the battety if possible. Give it a couple minutes unpluged and with no battery. What brand and model is it?
  8. @Darrell Only thing I know about Washington state is that it is crazy to get a gun shipped from there...
  9. Yeah, I have been down that hole. Nothing seems to match their work. Suppossedly they marked all the rechambered ones on the barrel too. I will get back to it soon. I set it aside due to other projects for now. Worst it becomes parts for my other Mosin Nagants. Luckily the heavily sporterized 1903A3 I bought last is functional. Butter knife bolt handle and sorta blocky stock. Gonna get a scope on the added bases soon. I might have a thing for milsurps and ugly unloved guns... It is an expensive combo sometimes.
  10. My first deer rifle was a sporterized Enfield that my Papaw gave me. Dad had a scope mounted on it. I bought a rechambered Remington Mosin Nagant a while back. Still gotta get time to cerrosafe the chamber. Does not seem to be 30.06, but we will see. The barrel was cut back so that nothing but Remington shows on the top rear.
  11. You think it would have a mouth like a sailor? Cool piece of history. GLWS
  12. I heard Bigfoot and his kin are opening up a big ammo factory in Wisconsin. They will only be making 30-30 and .45 ACP since it matches the largest number of the guns they took off all those hunters and campers they have killed over the years. They do plan to retail some under the Sasquatch Munitions brand though.
  13. Welcome. Second section down. You must be a benefactor
  14. I have worked in retail before and some places consider retail to be retail. If you can sell jeans at Old Navy, you can sell guns too, right? Plus I find less and less staff of any retail to be knowledgeable about their stock. Some are good enough to look it up for you, but many won't even go that far. My brother-in-law has a auto mechanics degree and used to work at Wal-mart while in school for his welding degree. In their infinite wisdom they assigned him to ...... toys.
  15. Sounds like they also needed medics on standby. lmao
  16. Yep this was years ago. Never saw him besides that. My wife used to hang out at one of the places he played a bunch back while we were in college.
  17. A friend who used to live in Knoxville had kegs on tap and Tall Paul performing at his reception...
  18. Nope just backordered. I got the box of .38 a while back and they even just put the 9mm in a ziplock bag instead of a retail box when it came. Had some note about it allowing them to get it out faster, but I think it had to do with preventing people from reselling it since the bag is not marked with specs or a model #. I had to write it on it in sharpie. lol Now if I could just get time to actually set everything up and start loading.


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