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  1. same blades (shape, size, etc?)????? I seem to prefer the "tighter" jimping on this recent one over the wider spaced jimping. What color/type of materials on the handles are you thinking about??? Just wondering????
  2. Ain't got any FS that I see. What you hiding out in the shed????
  3. I got this one for a potential Xmas gift to daughters' BF, but now I'm having second thoughts about it, as it sure fits the hand so well. Maybe he'll give me a reason not to be in the giving mood between now and 12/25. LOL
  4. Got mine today (#3), beautiful as usual, fits the hand very nice.
  5. There are a couple meat processors in Madisonville, one is Keith's on Hwy 411, and Morgan's on Hwy 411 as well. Both are almost within spittin' distance from each other.
  6. Guess I'm a noob at this, just one in house and he's holding another one for me now. LOL
  7. jpx2rk


    I remember going thru the same thing with Roxy out boxer. RIP
  8. Definitely in the oven if that's your choice, but I'm not willing to try that by any means of the imagination. Granted, if you are hungry enough, lots of things look appealing, but I've never been that hungry and hopefully never will.
  9. How 'bout some baked skunk??
  10. IF the gubberment says it's safe, then it's safe......right???
  11. I had to have the windshield on wife's Ford CMax (about 40 acres of glass on this model), and it cost me around $500 at Safelite in Knoxville about 18 months ago or so. Took 'em about an hour at their shop somewhere in west Knoxville, in some business park off of Lovell Rd IIRC. I had a $1000 deductible then so my wallet hurt for a bit.
  12. jpx2rk

    UT vs GA State

    Yeah, the "faithful" will follow them anywhere.
  13. Years ago when we lived in the land of mickey mouse (Orlando surburb), wife started feeding a few of the backyard squirrels some pnuts from the store. Thought it was fun and they were cute how they would "sneak" up to get one from the pile she put out for them everyday. One day she ran out of pnuts, squirrels got PO'd in the worst way. Tore the screen (chewed a hole in it) on the screened in porch, ransacked the patio furniture, knick knacks, etc., would hang onto the screening material and chat up a storm at us (cussed us out really). Pretty funny until I busted one with a pellet rifle and left it out in the yard. No more squirrels around our house anymore. Wife wouldn't go outside for a week or two, and felt bad because she neglected the squirrels. I felt bad because I had to fix the screening material. GL with your endeavor.
  14. Guess I should go to AZ then. I've never seen anyone like that at my gun range.

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