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  1. I watch Fox news as well, and have noticed for quite some time the hosts will cut the "experts" off about the time the expert is stating the answer I or everyone wants to hear. They try and cover as much news or opinions as they can, and it can be frustrating for sure.
  2. I've heard rumors of various issues with cell phone towers, wife had trouble making a phone call yesterday, and her eyephone was acting weird earlier today.
  3. Probably a dumb ?, but WHO has the license? The nurse or the hospital. The nurse is the one that spent hours and hours in school to learn/know almost as much, if not more than a doctor as that is their desire to do. How can a hospital yank a nurse's license. Bad referral for being a bad employee I see that, but what I read above seems a bit far fetched to me, but that's why I'm asking.
  4. Heard on the news that some of the patients at the hospital ship had the C19 virus, so I hope they can control it so the whole ship can be utilized.
  5. Auto pay means your payment is one less that someone has deal with in some form or fashion. Eventually, one less employee on the payroll, and less customer service when there are issues.
  6. If you took the C19 issue as serious as YOU say guys who go fishing should then maybe you should not go driving around doing your appraisal work. While doing your "drive-bys" as you call them, you could be involved in a vehicle accident and cause injury, forcing someone to go to a hospital, and potentially increase the risk exposing them to the C19 virus. Just because you don't enjoy the sport of fishing, be a man and don't criticize someone else doing something that is currently legal.
  7. Wife mentioned something similar to this happening in the New England area, hospital staff being furloughed or laid off due to lack of patients. My brother had his 2nd knee replacement done on 3/17/20, and doctor told him he was one of the last 3 he would probably do because of the C19 issue.
  8. If they don't take C19 patients at the hospital ship, and it appears it will be under utilized, then send some of the ships medical team over to the hospitals to help or relieve the land based hospital staffs so they can get some rest.
  9. Both of us are retired, I have lots and lots of odd jobs to do around the house and spend a lot of time in the "hobby room" on rainy days. On sunny days I try and do an odd job or two outside just to get out of the house, and I did go fishing today, ramp parking lot was OVER FLOWING. Next week the weather looks crappy again, so. We go thru a drive thru at times, run to the grocery store once a week as needed but stay home for the most part.
  10. So you had autopay "on" for AT&T correct?? They can change the billing cycle anytime they desire, suits their mood. Same for going up in price but it's usually on an annual basis with AT&T based on my experience. Only ones I have on auto pay are the local electric and water/sewer/gas bills. All others I pay thru electronic banking so I don't have to pay postage every month. I get a notice/email from AT&T/DirectV that the bill can be viewed, but I don't have this one on autopay. I wait for the paper bill to come before I pay 'em, and I can set the date/amount for the electronic pmt to be made for each one of my bills, even my CC bills, but I pay all in full every month. I don't sign up for the "e" bills, all are paper version.
  11. Fishing is legal as long as you practice the social distancing/safe health guidelines. I'm going fishing today, solo so I'll be distancing myself from everyone else as I usually do.
  12. I'll wear a scuba mask then. LOL Apparently other fishermen (people ??) didn't get that memo, drove to 2 different boat ramps today, parking lots were half full at one, and maybe 10 max at the other.
  13. I've seen a boat being pulled in my area almost everytime I get out going to the store. I'm thinking I will find out tomorrow if the weather holds.
  14. It would be accurate too as those asterisks cover a lot of ground.

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