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  1. Another shooting at Austin East HS, makes the 3rd, maybe 4th shooting related to this particular school. One deceased, LEO treated at UTMC and is ok, no life threatening injuries to the LEO. ATF is involved somehow as well.
  2. Is this a good "plug & play" kit to get, or are you talking about building a pi-hole. I like the idea of striking back at the internet world and their cookies. https://www.adafruit.com/product/4475?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0-Lv7fnd7wIV4w6tBh2bPwfeEAQYASABEgJQh_D_BwE Or could you provide a link or 2 about this that helps the non tech savy guys. LOL
  3. The dealer where I got all of mine offers a "wallet size" version that is laminated, so I carry that in my wallet, but have never been asked to show it by anyone.
  4. Bill's Outpost in Mrrrrrrville will do that as well.
  5. my brother has two green eggs, the small one and next size up. His son and SIL have one or more green eggs as well. I have owned Weber gas grills for the last 30+ yrs, rebuilt a couple of them as the hood and bottom portion were still in great condition, so I got the rebuild parts from weber for each of them after 10 or so yrs of weekly use, or more. I currently have a Weber Genesis LXII that I found at a discount store in pieces (NIB but no box LOL) for $100, and a natural gas model as well. These retail for over $1000, so...only thing missing was the grates, I called Weber to orde
  6. We had heavy rains at times, on and off, but nothing more. I was outside yesterday on the porch, and hear a roar off in the distance, no rain at the time, and then all of the surrounding trees (none in our yard) starting swaying to beat the band. Had some wind gusts for 5 minutes or so, and then back to normal. I've heard that roar before and it's never a good thing for sure. I saw the moon and lightning last night after dark, never seen that combo before. This morning the open fields surrounding our house have a couple new small ponds that show up when we get rains like this. Luck
  7. I find the Wrangler carpenter style shorts (& pants) very comfy, and wear well. I prefer my clothes on the loose side so I'm not all bound up when sitting, etc., or mowing the yard, yada yada yada.
  8. I've shot my 204R with can several times at the range, and every time I do, someone wants to know what it is, and says it's super quite, hence the "mouse fart".
  9. Suppressors on 204R's are fun, just a tad more than a 22lr. Sound like a mouse fart on a 26" barrel. GLWS
  10. Money can be a driving force for many people, or climbing the ladder. Where will the higher paying job lead you in the future? More responsibility, more $$ ?? More responsibility and $$ usually leads to more stress in your life whether you admit it or not. The union association can cause stress as well. If you are happy & content doing what you currently do, I would suggest you stay where you are. If your employer knows you can do a good job w/o supervision, they will remember that, up to a point. GL.
  11. I use the FA wet tumblers, have the large and small, they may be less $$, very satisfied with both of them. Get the wet/dry media separator, very useful. I've not found a SS pin in any brass after the dry cycle when i continue on with the brass processing for reloading.
  12. HF has some cleaning media that is reasonable, I've used the fine grit media but I usually wet tumble as well. https://www.harborfreight.com/25-lbs-fine-grade-walnut-shell-blast-media-92155.html?_br_psugg_q=cleaning+media
  13. Do I see some gonads way up high??? What does this say about men????
  14. I renewed my fishing license last week, and qualified for the "old fart" lifetime license, so I'm set going forward. Now if the wind will lay down. Tried to go yesterday, and just ended up towing the boat for about 30 miles, white caps at the ramp, so I came home.
  15. I enjoy watching it. I prefer Fords but not Carharts. LOL. The challenges are pretty good, people trying to do something they have little to no experience with for the most part, sometimes their background helps, sometimes not. Not as much of a "social experiment" like Survivor, and no where near the drama either which is good.


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