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  1. jpx2rk

    It snowed last night so....

    Saw that somewhere else, funny but sad because that could have really happened.
  2. jpx2rk

    Tired of being tired.....

    When I was still in the "work force", it got to the point where missing one day of work for a legal holiday on Monday for example, it seemed like that Tuesday after the holiday was hell trying to get caught up. I got to the point where I dreaded the holidays that fell on Monday, much less taking a couple days or even a week off for vacation. Sure someone else did my job while I was out for vacation, (but just the bare minimum), and then having to deal with all the related issues from a half azz job being done when I returned. I dreaded the vacations as well. Today's "management" believes that one person can do the work 2 or 3 year round since that one person has done it when the other 2 or 3 were out in the past for whatever reason. Burnout is a very common thing, but everyone needs the job/paycheck for what ever reason they have. Not many people truly "like" their job and enjoy going to work, it's just gotten to "try and survive another day". I don't miss the work force days at all, and enjoy doing things on my own schedule. LOL
  3. jpx2rk

    Cold Barrel Shot Testing

    Could just take a 2nd firearm to shoot while you wait for the other one to cool down. I usually take a 22RF in these circumstances, takes 5+ minutes to set up the 22RF, load it and shoot it for a few minutes, put it aside and go again on the cold bore testing. Repeat
  4. Glad to see or read about a good outcome in these types of situations. Props to her for keeping her cool and aiming straight. She really paid attention in class didn't she.
  5. Nothing wrong with that,
  6. jpx2rk

    Primed hornady brass

    I've "recylced" live primers, not an issue for me IF I know brand, etc.. Some do, some don't.
  7. I've got family in JC and Kingsport, grew up in Jonesboro (pre "hysterical"). I'm amazed at the number of condo/apt complexes being built or have been built, along with all the related traffic. Seems like no one works up there based on the traffic during the daytime.
  8. jpx2rk

    Primed hornady brass

    It's fairly easy to punch out the live primers with a LEE de capper die, it won't resize them, just punch the primer out. Go EASY & SLOW, wear PPE, keep your body parts away from the press as best you can. If you have a Wilson case gage or any brand, you can see if they have been FL sized or not. Or see if they will fit in your gun without issues. Some say just load the primered case in gun and pull the trigger to set off the primer, and start over on case prep. If you have a FL sizing die, could decap and resize with well lubed cases. Not recommended to actually size cases with live primers.
  9. jpx2rk

    The IT Crowd

    Thought UT was bringing back its diversity program when I read the thread title. LOL
  10. Don't forget E TN is in a major fault area as well. Wonder what us "hillbillies" would do in a major earthquake.
  11. jpx2rk

    Christmas Avatar Time?

    All of 'em are good ones. Where do you guys find 'em online??
  12. jpx2rk

    Hopeful new resident soon!

    Oak Ridge Sportsmens Assn (ORSA) is located in Oak Ridge TN. ORSAONLINE.ORG is the website so you can roam around there and see if it is of any interest to you. I'm a member there, lots of good people along with a few not so good people, but it's that way anywhere you go I would guess. There is another range north of Oak Ridge but cannot remember the name at this time, a more relaxed place from what I've heard. There is a public gun range on Rifle Range Road in N Knoxville IIRC as well, but have not been to either of the last two places. Another private gun range is located outside Athens TN, mid way between Knoxville and Chattanooga, off I-75S, exit 49. I have not been to the one near Athens either. Guess it will depend on what area you re-locate to, and go from there. GL
  13. jpx2rk

    How bullets move through the air

    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing/posting.
  14. jpx2rk

    My dog has diabetes...

    Sorry to hear about your pet, best wishes.
  15. jpx2rk

    Packing wheel bearings on a trailer...

    I've heard/read that using the zerk & grease gun method to grease the bearings you should jack the trailer up and slowly spin the wheel while pumping grease in to avoid blowing the rear seal(s) out.

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