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  1. Fisher at a .500 level is better than UT has had in recent times, but could he do well at the college level. Freeze has recruitment issues hanging over him per news reports, so UT needs to be smarter than that. The one unemployed coach I've seen mentioned is Tom Herman from TX, who had a winning record there, he just wasn't winning the SWC and so the school let him go. Pruitt will naturally sue to keep his contract in force, $12 million is a lot to walk away from.
  2. I've had mixed results with USPS, lately it's not all that good as I mailed a check to a guy in NE for some bullets I agreed to buy. He rec'd the check in about 4 days, and he was trusting enough to mail the bullets the SAME day I mailed my check. It took about 13 days for USPS 2nd day priority mail to deliver the small priority mail box . The tracking # showed progress from NE to ATL processing center, and then it went "dark", didn't move for several days, then showed out for delivery for several days. It finally showed up undamaged, shipping label, etc., was in good shape, all addresses
  3. jpx2rk


    I used an index card, hopefully some will remember what those are. LOL
  4. I think it odd that the FBI is now observing things, did they wake up from their nap??? I saw similar warnings about the protests on late night news/opinion shows last night.
  5. Well, what was it that went so fast???????
  6. Maybe some liquid wrench penatrating solvent or kroil would help loosen up some of the grime and crud. GL with the project.
  7. If you have any of the Ryobi 18v tools, they have a inflator that works decent, I got it to carry in the TT to use as needed. It is a bit slow, but it gets the job done. The plug kits work pretty good as well. GL.
  8. I have a brick of Norma Tac 22lr (black box) I can trade for the LRP's if interested, or the other trade does not work out. I'm in or near Knoxville on a regular basis.
  9. I saw a news clip where the FDA (IIRC) was fining some or all of the distillers who made hand sanitizer during the great shortage of 2020 for some dumb gooberment policy
  10. I have the same one as ken_mays linked to, it's good for 200yds if the lighting conditions are good, mirage is not bad, etc. The splatter type targets that change to ugly green are easier to see, but I use a white background with orange/red diamond are visible as well to me and I've got crappy eyes with several different things going inside them.
  11. I like the way you look at knife making as a hobby, do it when you feel like "doing it" and don't when you don't feel like doing it. That's what makes the tasks of knife making a hobby, not a job. Enjoy your hobby as much as you can, or want to. I like your knives, and have bought 4, with 2 being gifts . I've been told the knives won't be used because they are "too nice" to use. I feel like I gave a good gift, but still hope they will be used so I can get a report on them.
  12. We've got over an inch south of Lenior City, using the reliable index finger as a ruler. Don't plan on going anywhere in the car. Saw a snow plow last night on one of the county roads last night, and a vehicle on the same road just a few minutes ago moving along w/o trouble, so maybe the roads are in decent shape for those that get out today going to grandma's house. Merry Christmas to everyone, stay safe and be well.
  13. The old addage about TN fans will go to any bowl game the Vols qualify for. Why do you think UT was invited to the Citrus Bowl, or any bowl game in FL with a .500 season, or worse for so many years. UT fans will travel to FL in Jan for a bowl game, don't matter the record, etc., going to FL is the main purpose.
  14. I don't think China would engage the US in a war with guns as the cost in human life would be too great for both sides. They will try and conquer the US thru economic and technological means, which the maroons in DC have turned a blind eye to. Businesses want to do business with China because they will make money, but they will lose their soles and technology to China.
  15. TN may have cause in the near future depending on the outcome of the current investigation, which could be one reason there is an investigation to begin with.


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