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  1. Google says a golf ball is 1.680" in diameter, so please provide regular updates on this project/friendly competition. Let us know when you guys get to the "consistent" part at 300yds ok. It sounds like it would be a blast to try with a 22LR.
  2. Mine had the opportunity for a free ride to college (me) but she wasn't willing to put forth the effort grade wise, so the free ride was no more. Hind sight has regrets now.
  3. I can relate to some extent. Daughter says nothing about my gun hobby, and goes to the range with me on occasion along with the grandson. But everything else is 100% democrat, anti Trump, pro whoever is against Trump so we just don't discuss politics at all. Wife can't figure out where she went wrong.
  4. Might consider this to mount the press, I have 2 LEE single stage presses mounted to it, easy to move, and it does break down to some extent for storage. Could store it in a corner somewhere. It fits thru a interior doorway w/o breaking it down, fairly stable as well. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012719865?pid=629993 I would avoid the "shed" as much as possible, it'll be hot or cold the majority of the time.
  5. Where does a Contender and Super 14" barrel fit in?
  6. Pretty much what I figured, so I can keep my tuner and front rider plate then.
  7. Hozzie; With the info you have about the changes and proposed changes in the ARA classes, what class do you think a stock Anschutz MPR 64 would land? Just curious?
  8. We've got some that pass thru old pasture land behind our house on a regular basis. I see them early or late in the day when I'm out smoking on the back porch. Sometimes they are just grazing along (seldom) and then can be really moving along on their way to/from their water hole on a nearby farm. Not seen any antlers but have seen a good size doe with a couple little ones following close.
  9. NOOOOOOO, the eyepiece gets an extra 200 fps outta them boolits.
  10. jpx2rk

    It's snowing

    From some of the news clips I've seen over the past few years, people in the snow belts are not any better at driving on/in snow than here in TN, even tho they've had lots more practice. I learned how to drive in the snow while I had my learners permit back in early '71, family was going to Callaway Gardens for spring break, it snowed the night before we left, and dad figured I might as well learn "how" to drive in snow, on a 2 lane North Carolina mountain road. Worst trip of my life, also the quietest as NOBODY said a word until we got down into GA and out of the snow.
  11. I've heard that saying for most of my life, but my mom would have no part of that growing up. I've done it a few times, and I've even seen her do it here lately at the ripe old age of 94.
  12. Great gesture, and any local toy drive for kids would appreciate those a lot.
  13. Have a buddy who gets him some every year over here in E TN, Watts Bar lake IIRC. Glad you had a good trip.
  14. I saw it within a few minutes of GT posting it up, I went into my gun room for about 5 hrs with no 'puter so I couldn't see them anymore. I was hoping they would go fast, and was right. Buyers will be pleased.
  15. jpx2rk

    What would TGO do?

    I would go with the Ruger based on the upfront cost, as you plainly stated "you THINK" you will shoot it/them more in your mind. IF you do shoot it (22 LR) more, then go for the S&W if the Ruger does not scratch all of the itch you have. You may end up with 2 quality 22LR's, but I can't see a down side of that from this side of the table.

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