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New folder recommendations? I've lost resilience

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My Spyderco Resilience, that is.  I had it in my pocket yesterday and it wasn't there when I got home.  I really liked it for EDC and might just end up getting another one to replace it.  However, I thought this might also be an opportunity to try something else.  I figured I would post up my parameters and see if anyone had any suggestions.  I also have a particular folder in mind as a possibility if anyone has any experience with it.

First the parameters:

1. Not a tanto.  Drop point preferred.  Spear point okay.  Clip point considered if overall knife is too hard to resist.

2. No serrations.

3. Blade length over 4 inches, preferably at least 4.25 to 4.5 inches.  A 5 inch blade might work depending on how the knife is made, handle to blade ratio, etc.  I know some folks consider the Resilience too big for EDC but the blade length is my favorite part about it.

4. Pocket clip.

5. Right hand, tip up carry whether tip up only or an option to reposition the clip for tip up.  I might budge on this if the knife is otherwise perfect but really don't like tip down carry very much.

6. Cost the same or less than a new Resilience ($50 or less.)  I don't want to budge on that very much.  I know some of you folks carry high end folders but, to me, losing that Resilience is no different than having a $50 bill fall out of my pocket.  It isn't unusual for me to lose a pocket knife so I won't carry anything more expensive and would prefer less.

7. 8Cr13MoV steel is fine.  Similar steels are fine.  Even something in a 440 series would be okay if it is good 440 and the heat treat is right, etc.  Of course I would prefer D2 - my D2 RAT 1 would be just about perfect if the blade weren't so short - but I'm not holding my breath for a folder with a 4.25 inch D2 blade for $50 or less.

8. Ganzo, Sarenmu, Enlan, etc. would be okay if folks have hands on experience and can recommend them.  I have never owned a knife from any of these companies (at least not branded as such) but would be willing to try them.  I don't think any of those companies make a knife of the type I want in the blade length I want, however.  If someone knows of one, let me know.  Most knives in the category I am talking about, including the Resilience, are going to be made in China, anyhow.

9. One hand opening.  'Spidey' hole, thumb studs or even a flipper - although the flipper would be at the bottom of the list because I find them a bit awkward to use.  Assisted opening is okay but would honestly prefer a manual.  Have had assisted opening knives open in my pocket and I think that turning off the safety on an assisted and then opening the blade is slower and much more awkward than just a practiced opening of a manual as long as the manual is fairly smooth.

10. Full flat grind would be best but a sabre grind would be fine.  Prefer it not be a hollow grind but would consider a hollow for the 'right' knife.  I'll likely be putting a convex secondary bevel on it eventually - especially if it has the likely, factory v-grind secondary.

11. Would, of course, like a good, strong lockup with little to no blade play.  However, locking style isn't a huge concern.  Would be fun to try out an axis type lock, etc. but frame lock, liner lock, back lock are all just fine with me as long as they give a reasonably strong lock.  I don't generally use my EDC folders to pry, etc.  Mostly I use them for slicing and specifically for food prep as in slicing cheese, maybe slicing summer sausage, etc. slicing bread, peeling apples and the like at lunch.  Yeah, I know that some would say that a large knife like a Resilience is a bit of overkill for that but I like to have a nice, big folder with a good, 'stabby' tip and a large, sharp blade just in case I ever did have to use it for SD.

12. Would prefer it not look ultra tacticool.  That is something else I like about the Resilience - while it is somewhat 'tactical' looking I don't think it is especially so nor do I think it gives a really 'scary' image.


The knife I mentioned earlier that I would like to know more about as a possibility is the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman.  Does anyone have any direct experience with one of those?

Thanks in advance!


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Well, I placed a call to the restaurant where I ate last night asking if they found my knife.  They said that no one who worked last night was there at the time but that they would check with those folks when they got there.  Just got a call - they found my Resilience.  I will go back and get it when I get a chance.  I am glad they found it but would still like recommendations based on the criteria above if anyone has any.  I like the Resilience and the D2 RAT 1 that I have been rotating for EDC lately but am kind of getting an itch to try some other (low cost) options.


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