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  1. I am pro good cop as well, it does seem there are less of them than I thought. Seem like cops lying and taking advantage of people that do not know the law is being seen more and more now that everyone has cameras.
  2. I guess the way I read it was the bounty hunter had used his vehicle to block the guy in, It seems to me the BH was at his vehicle when the guy pulled up. The BH pulled his firearm and the guy hit reverse to get away thats when he was shot. That was what I got from the story. It does say the guy may have tried to hit the BH. I guess if he pulled up to the blocked gate or was it another exit gate that was just locked. The bounty hunter had found the man driving in the apartment complex’s parking lot and he blocked in the vehicle as it pulled up to a locked exit gate, the sheriff said. The bounty hunter got out of his car, pointed a gun at the wanted man, and fired into the vehicle as it drove in reverse, according to Gonzalez.
  3. Seems to me the guy driving in reverse trying to get away would be questionable use of deadly force.
  4. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2021/10/13/man-with-crowbar-shot-by-driver-during-road-rage-incident-n50880
  5. I just figured all the open carry fans here would enjoy seeing a place that makes it normal. I guess if your going to rob the place and there are 8 or 10 people open carrying how would they pic to target first. lol
  6. From the Our Story page. Shooters Grill is located on the South side of East 3rd Street in downtown Rifle. Gun-themed and old-timey American restaurant serving traditional breakfast, burgers & steaks. Stop by our restaurant and enjoy great food and a VERY safe place to eat it. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, our food and service will make you happy. That is our place: Happy, safe and fun. We’re armed and ready to feed you
  7. How is that click bait? Its the site of a Restaurant that most of the employees open carry.
  8. https://shootersgrill.com/ Looks like a great place to get a burger.
  9. https://www.rcreader.com/commentary/masks-dont-work-covid-a-review-of-science-relevant-to-covide-19-social-policy I guess you can make studies show whatever you want them to. You think they help go for it.
  10. Not sure a mask makes much difference. Maybe a N95 fitted properly would. Cloth mask are of no use at all, surgical mask may help with a cough or sneeze but it just redirects more than anything. The docs my wife works for say a mask may help 20%. Less if not worn properly. They also seem to need adjusted a lot while wearing so one tends to have their hands around their face a lot more. Most of the people i know that have gotten 19 wore a mask and got it from a mask wearer. The sickest guy I know that lived got it from his wife that worked in a med office, she got it from a PA there, all wore mask. I saw a report the the 6 feet social distancing was a arbitrary number not based on any science. So not sure how far away from people one needs to stay. Wash your hands a lot and protect our lungs. We have a nebulizer for the lungs.
  11. I thought it was interesting Newsweek tried to tie it to the new gun law.
  12. https://bearingarms.com/tomknighton/2021/09/20/permitless-carry-kids-n50100
  13. Glock 26 or vp9sk with 2 extra mags for each.
  14. 1000 federal, 1000 rds. of Winchester 165 gr FMJ. 380 American Eagle. I also have some self defense rounds as you can see. Not sure what is a fair price depending on how much you want. Open to trade. I looked on sgammo .com and the cheapest they have is .50. I will do .40 for the target ammo with a minimum of 1000 rds.


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