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  1. I agree the 26 is capable of making those shots. I just do not practice those shots very much. I guess there are situations that I would need to make a tight shot under stress and time but I think the likely hood of the need for that shot is much smaller than a normal personal protection shot. I do plan on stretching out my practice shots with the 26. Also the class was more about muscle memory and technique that should translate to other firearms. I also know that they only rent full sized handguns. I figured there was a reason. I still felt like I was at a disadvantage on some of the skills going up against larger firearms, especially the malfunction tests. I know that holding off the target was not the adjustment I need to make but the situation called for a adjustment on the fly. I have attached a pic of the hostage target. In my world that is a tough shot.
  2. Overall it was a lot of fun. I ended up shooting around 1000 rds. We had 28 in the class to start off. 10 of those were in the 2 day class so the last 2 days we had 18. That meant more time shooting. Day one started a 6:30 am with check in. They exam your equipment to make sure it is compliant and then off to the classroom for the introduction. We had lectures during lunch and then after range time. The first day was dry practice(not dry firing because as they put it you are not firing anything). New term "dry practice" The ranges have 15 targets and everyone teams up with another classmate and we help coach each other along with 3 or 4 FS personnel there giving instruction. The first 2 days I teamed up with Rick. He and I both shot about the same but he was much sharper on his procedures than I was. During some down time (which was not often) I learned that he had been in that class 6 times and had already graduated and taken the advanced HG class. I felt a lot better about where I was after that. They are very strict about how they want you to do everything which I understand but when you have done things differently for so long it was hard to make some adjustments. One of the things I had never practiced was after fire drills. After EVERY shot we were to do after fire drills. Look over both shoulders, move from your original firing position, scan for more bad guys and tactical reload. I took a Gen 4 g26 because it is my carry gun and I wanted to shoot what I carry. That was a mistake for 2 reasons. 1. I was shooting the smallest gun in the class and do not normally practice head shots in a 3 inch by 2 inch box from 21 feet with my smaller guns. 2nd the dimples on the gen 4 felt like they had grown a half inch by the end of the first day. I kept looking at my hand expecting blood. I am used to lifting weights at the gym and the roughness of the bar but every time I grabbed the 26 it was painful. At the end of day 2 I looked everywhere to find a sleeve for that gun and every place was closed by the time we got to town. I ended up buying a bicycle tube from Walmart and made my own. It worked great. I would have taken my Walther PPQ gen 2 had I known what we would be doing and how many times I had to draw my gun and how much time we would spend with the gun in your hand. Also all the malfunction drills are easier with a larger guns. When you have to draw and fire in 1 1/2 seconds from 21 feet to a head shot the room for error is not much with a small gun. Day 1 and 2 we practiced presentation, clearing malfunctions, tactical reloading, trigger reset, and trigger control. Day 3 we did door breaching and room clearing and a lot of practice for the test on day 4. They also introduced shot timers on day 3. I will be picking up one of those. That thing owned me for 2 days. It is amazing how you forget everything when that buzzer goes off. Day 4 was the most fun. We did more malfunction drills and another round of the practice test skills. Around 10 we started the testing. To graduate you can have no more than 13 points taken off. To get the intermediate score you could have no more than -34. If it is a head shot and you make a good shot under the buzzer you get no points taken off. If you are outside the box but still under the time it is minus 3. The first round I had no defaults. The second round I was not only out of the headshot box but was outside of the silhouette of the target. – 19 points after round 2. The rest of the test was clearing 3 types of malfunctions and tactical reloads under time pressure. -6 for a total of -25 which was the intermediate score. I thought before that if I could score in the intermediate range I would be happy. After that we had a man on man challenge. They had 2 ranges set up with 3 targets. The first was about 15 feet away and it was steel silhouette hostage with a 5 inch by 5 inch steel head for the bad guy. Behind that about another 20 feet where 2 silhouette steel targets one red and one blue. They drew names to see who you would shoot against. If you hit the hostage you lost. If both hit the hostage neither one went to the next round. Naturally I was one of the first to shoot. I won the first round easily. I hit the head, dropped the red and hit the frame on the blue another shot and I dropped the blue. The guy I was shooting against had not hit the first target yet. The next round, same thing except I did not miss the blue. Dropped all 3 in before the other guy had hit the first one. That left me for the finals. The guy I would have to shoot against hit the hostage so it was just me. The range master said I still had to go through the course clean. So I took 3 shots for the hostage shot and dropped the other 2 with 2 shots. I WON. Because I did not have anyone to shoot against the range master got everyone behind me and when he said fire they all started screaming. Funny I did not really notice. I really appreciate all the guys that hit the hostage so I did not have to shoot against them. They teach to take your time on the head shots to "insure the hit". Well I have never practiced like that. When I get on target I pull the trigger. I knew I had been missing low and left on the timed shots so I held high and right knowing that I was not going to take the time to bare down with it being a race. Funny how trigger control goes out the window under pressure. We also spent time on day 4 for dealing with multiple targets up to 4. Each day was jam packed. After day one we had dry practice at 7:40am an usually were shooting until it got to dark to see. I met a lot of great people, not only the staff but the other classmates. One lady had never fired a gun before. We had 2 that graduated to the advanced class The whole experience was a blast. If you ever have a chance to do it I would highly recommend it. All the FS folks were great, they were very friendly. The facility is top notch.
  3. I would suggest shooting both firearms before deciding. I have both and would chose the 19 over the 43. if you are going to carry it I would chose the 26. the size difference is minimal. The 43 I did not shoot will. My wife carries that one.
  4. I just came back from the 4 day defensive handgun class at Front Sight. Pretty intense class. I pulled my firearm so many times my side had bruises. Has anyone else been out there out there for training? Anyone interested in my experience?
  5. What we did. Paid off the lowest payment first. Added that money to the next lowest payment until it was paid off. Added that to the next and so forth. It was not long before all we had left was the house. The key is to not add any more dept during this process. Doing it this way we were living off the same money. A earlier post was correct. 1 extra payment a year on a 30 year mortgage will save you 13 years worth of interest. If your house payment is $500 a month that would save you $78,000 worth of interest. Once you have your house paid for you can get a home equity line of credit for emergencies. We also have a car savings account so each month we put what would be a car payment in that account. When it is time to buy a car that is what we use. We have not had a car payment in 25 years.
  6. Making a bad decision does not mean these are bad people.  They made a bad choice.  It probably seemed innocent enough at the time. They will have to live with this the rest of their life.  Whatever happens to them will not be as bad as knowing what they allowed to happen.    We have all made bad choices in life, I am lucky mine never cost someone's life.  I have been accused of things, been tarried a feathered by a lot of people that  read a highly inaccurate news article even though they did not know a thing about me.  Through that I have a lot of more compassion for people that are going through tough times.  I also do not believe much I read in the newspapers.    It is very easy to armchair this but I will withhold judgement. 
  7. I do not see any filters selected.  Any other ideas anyone?
  8. When I come to this web-site and login I usually hit the view new content button,  lately when I do it says "no new content".  If I log out and do the same thing as a visitor it shows all the new content as it should.    Any ideas?
  9.   I think you are probably correct about why they are open carrying but does that really matter.  If what they are doing is not illegal they should not be harassed.  Also the cops should know also that they are probably looking for a confrontation and should be extra careful with their interaction.  There are several YouTube videos of thinks going both ways, cops being respectful, asking a few questions and moving on.  Then some that the go really bad for the gun owner.  I personally would never open carry if I thought it would cause the cops to get involved.  My experience has been even if you are right the cops can make your life a living hell.  I have seen people arrested and their face plastered all over the news only to have the charges later dropped, but the damage has already been done.      I am not anti cop, I am pro citizen.    
  10. There is something about being questioned for no reasonable suspicion that bothers me.  What he was doing was perfectly legal.  I am not in favor of being a jerk at any time but at the same time I should not have to explain to a cop that I am not doing anything illegal.  When I worked in a grocery store if I suspected someone as a shoplifter and I stood in front of them and impeded their moving in the store I had made an arrest and was subject to a law suit.  I was taught never to question/approach  someone unless I  witnessed them concealing merchandise.  Cops have a tough job but we still should not have to explain ourselves for no apparent reason.    I am not anti cop I am pro citizen.
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade to a lifetime permit holder before the permit needs to be renewed?
  12. My only concern is I try to NEVER have a weapon pointing towards my junk.
  13. I have both. Between the sr9c and the 27 I would have to say you should own both. The Ruger has a great trigger and higher capacity, you can find them for as little as 350.00 bucks, the 27 packs a little more punch along with plenty of aftermarket products. Both are keepers in my book.
  14. I would shoot a PPQ in 40 before buying one.  I have the 9 and the 40 and the 40 is very snappy.  I would consider the G27 if you want a 40.  If you live in the Tri-Cites area you can try my PPQ and G27 if you like.   Welcome

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