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  1. Good, was not stressed before not stressed now. I tend to go with small adjustments anyway.
  2. So are you saying we should just ignore the inflation numbers.
  3. I have them in 4 cars. Not sure the brand. There is a local guy that installs them for me. I always get the ones with 2 cameras front and back. I have them in my daughters car as well and can track her if need be with it. I had a Lexus LS 460 one week and a guy side swiped me on a little curvy road close to home. I saw it coming as was almost stopped and in the ditch trying to avoid him. He was clearly way on my side of the road. He was very sorry when we talked while waiting for LE to arrive. Funny he was not sure he had crossed the center line when talking to LE. Fortunately the officer could tell what really happened and placed the blame on the guilty party. I had the car for one week and had to gotten the cams put in yet so it was my word and the experience of the officer that had me covered. Love the dash cams.
  4. Lumber was no where near as high last summer as it has been lately. Lumber PRICE Today _ Lumber Spot Price Chart _ Live Price of Lumber per Ounce _ Markets Insider
  5. Inflation last month was 5.4 % up. that means if you make 75 k a year you took a pay cut of over 4k. I think it will get worse as we keep righting off student loans and printing money. Not sure what the effect will be other that higher prices and lower buying power.
  6. I own and run a B to B barter exchange. In other words part of what I do is manage our currency. For 19 years now my practice has been to not extend loans or print money. It has worked well to protect the value of our currency. Wish the Fed Gov would try that. Currently our currency is tied to the US dollar. Looking at options for the future.
  7. Just wondering what others are doing to prepare for the inflation that is here and is going to get worse? I have a stock of silver, ammo and some food items. Thoughts?
  8. We have 4 rotating teams of 9. That includes the camera room watching around 30 cameras. We have had security in place for probably 10 years. We also pay the county for a uniformed LE there at every service. The county charge us $25 a hour. They park their car at the front of the building letting anyone know they are there that may have bad intentions. Everyone carries a radio. We met with the local DA and he is the one that recommended that we have a LE there. Helps if you have to put hands on someone that is just being unruly or trying to disrupt the activities. Protects the Church and if a member gets involved on the litigation part. We have a yearly appreciation dinner for the LE that work during our services and have several join our Church.
  9. We are not hiring him. We are paying the county to have him there.
  10. The DA suggested we pay to have a uniformed on duty LE for our services. $25 bucks a hour and well worth it. removes the members and the Church from liability if you have to go hands on or worse.
  11. I maybe would have called 911 to report his behavior knowing he was following you or saw that he was not getting over it quickly. It seems a good idea to report a crazed driver in case you did have to take action. Just my thought.
  12. I took the 4 day defensive HG class at Front Sight near Vegas. They had attorneys there for some presentations, that was pretty helpful.
  13. I took the class years ago. I do not think taking legal advice from a carry instructor is wise. Laws change, it is up to each person to stay informed and understand the laws. I carry class is not even the beginning of what one needs to be prepared to carry a firearm.
  14. Virginia has had open carry without a permit for a long time. I have not seen an abundance of businesses posted in my travels in the state. I also do not see many people open carrying there either. Sometimes I think we over think things. My guess is there will be very little noticeable difference after the new law takes affect.
  15. I have a 1000 rd case of 40 cal target ammo. I am down to one 40 so willing to sell a case. 50cent a round is lower than i have seen it out there if someone is interested.


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