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  1. Sounds to me like two people got shot and then the perp started a fire to try and cover their tracks.
  2. What is wrong with me?!?!

    I wanted a 1911. I found a cure for that - I bought one and that got me over wanting one really quickly. Granted mine was just an ATI model but it was nice looking. Regardless of the problems with that, specific pistol I also came to realize that I am not crazy about the platform, in general. Don't get me wrong - I'll jump at the chance to shoot someone else's 1911. Thing is, I have decided that 1911s are like children - I like them best when they belong to other people who will be taking them home at the end of the day. I traded the one I had for a Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum and am much happier. My problem is kind of the opposite of yours. I have found the 'I don't care what others think this is the one for me' carry gun. For me it is a snubnosed revolver - right now a S&W 642. The make/model of the gun I carry most may change in the future but I doubt the basic platform will. My problem is that, although I certainly don't have a large collection of firearms based on what some, other folks on here have I simply can't think of too many that I still want. I mean, I would like to have a Ruger SP101 as a match for my GP100 and I wouldn't mind having a lever gun in .357 but that is about it - and I'm not really even actively looking for either of those. Literally every firearm I have seen from this year's SHOT show so far (with the possibly exception of the new Marlin lever .357 carbines although I'd rather have an older, used one) has left me saying, "Meh. Not interested."
  3. Ammo Prices Are Going Up

    Conspiracy? No. A conspiracy would be if I suggested that the NRA and gun industry were actually BEHIND the mass shootings and similar incidences in order to cause customers to buy more/members to donate more due to fears of gun/ammo bans. I am not suggesting that. I am simply saying that, just as the media uses such tragedies to generate ratings and just as anti-gun politicians use these tragedies to push for further loss of personal liberty the gun/ammo industry and the NRA will take advantage of tragedies and the rhetoric from the aforementioned anti-gun politicians in order to feed gun owner's fears so they can drum up more business/donations. Heck, the NRA pretty much called for a ban on bump stocks but you can guarantee they will fret how all of our gun rights are under threat due to such bans in their next propaganda mailer. Now, I would not be at all surprised to find out that the NRA and possibly the gun industry contributes to the campaigns of anti-gun politicians. Those folks are good for business, after all. They don't call Obama the best gun salesman of the last, several years for nothing.
  4. Property line legal question

    Just saw this post from DaveTN. My above post is an example of this.
  5. Property line legal question

    These things can be really strange. I am NOT suggesting the following as a solution as I think it is kind of underhanded - I am simply providing an real life example (to the best of my recollection - I was a kid when this happened and my parents are now both deceased so I can't ask for specific details) regarding the complex nature of such things. When I was a kid - think very early 1980s - my parents purchased a plot of land. Turned out that the people who lived next door to said land had put their fence up far inside the property line, thereby taking some of the land my parents had purchased - land which included a really nice apple tree. My parents pointed out that their fence was inside my parents' property line and asked them nicely to move the fence. They refused. Well, the whole thing went to court and the judgement was that, as the folks who put up the fence had been using that land and had the fence in place for X number of years, it became theirs. Sort of like squatters rights, I suppose. My parents would have basically just been screwed out of some of the land they purchased except that the person from whom they purchased the tract of land lived on the other side. Being an honest sort he made up for the land they lost on one side of the property by giving them an equal amount on the other side. Their purchase of the land was complete and had been for about a year or so by that point so he probably didn't have to do so but he did. Now, as I said that was dang near 40 years ago so laws, etc. might have changed but the bottom line is, if laws are still more or less the same, a case could possibly be made that if the outbuilding has been on that property for X number of years the land now belongs with the tract you are purchasing. Once, again, I am not saying this is the route to take and I think it would be pretty underhanded - not to mention not exactly getting off to a great start with the new neighbors. It is more that your case made me think of an interesting story about how screwy property laws can be.
  6. A Sad Day. Billie Graham is Gone.

    As a reformed Baptist who is now more or less a Deist Graham was one of the few televangelists who I could stand. I didn't agree with him on everything but I do think he was genuinely a good person as opposed to a scam artist. Heck, though, the man was 99. He had a good run!
  7. Ammo Prices Are Going Up

    Many times I have said that I would consider the ammo shortage to be 'over' when I can walk into a Walmart and consistently see .22LR ammo on the shelves. That has been mostly the case for the past, few months. The real 'end' for me, however, was when I was in the Turkey Creek Walmart on Monday evening and saw that they not only had .22LR ammo on the shelf but that they had bulk packs of Remington, Winchester and Federal .22LR - shelves full of them - and the prices were more or less what they were before the shortage began (especially when we adjust for four or five years of inflation and natural, what would have been gradual, price increases.) To put the cherry on top, I have been consistently seeing one or another type of .22WMR ammo on Wally shelves - including Winchester Super X (the original WMR load) that are still going for a bit over ten bucks for fifty. For the past, few years WMR ammo has been a veritable leprechaun riding a unicorn while chasing a gryphon through the streets of El Dorado. Consistently seeing WMR ammo - and often more than one type - on the shelves of Wally World is, to me, a sign that the ammo shortage - at least for common (and maybe slightly less common) - calibers has 'ended' (well, more likely hit a lull, I think.) I know that Walmart isn't the be all and end all of ammo retailers. However, like it or not they are one of the most prolific chains that sells ammo (they sell ammo in all of the locations of which I am aware, at least.) Because so many people shop there and they tend to have pretty good prices Wally locations are also among the first places to run dry when there is an ammo scare and one of the last places to be completely restocked when the scare is over and demand goes back to normal. Sadly, I don't expect this lull to last more than a couple of months before there is panic in the Sporting Goods department and people are once again going online and into Walmart, Academy, and their LGS to buy up every round of ammo, every box of reloading supplies and every Nerf dart they can get their hands on once again. My suspicion is that many of those first-time gun buyers who purchased guns during the scare (because they thought they soon might not be able to get them) and purchased a lot of ammo either to 'stock up' or because they wanted to practice shooting have probably grown tired of their new 'hobby', put the gun in the closet or their sock drawer and gone back to collecting stamps or whatever. Heck, some of them might even be helping to drive the new-purchase market down by selling off some (or all) of the guns they bought as well as some (or all) of the ammo. In other words, I think that the high demand was a temporary uptick that was sometimes falsely inflated by guys who were buying everything they could get their hands on to resell at inflated prices. Unfortunately, with the general ammo shortage coming so closely on the heels of the previous shortage that was pretty specific to .380 ammo, the industry has now seen how much of a boon such a scare can be just as the NRA learned long ago that allowing threats to our gun rights is good for their business model so I expect them to do all they can to 'encourage' such scares in the future - but only after they have raised their prices due to 'decreased demand' (and them raise them again due to 'increased demand' once the next scare begins.)
  8. When I got my HCP back around '08 the instructor's wife assisted him with the class. She was (I guess still is) a school teacher. I can't remember if she taught elementary or middle school. Like him, she also shot competition. As part of a conversation during the class break she said that she wished she could carry at school. She also said that she had done what could be the closest she could legally do - she had made the resource officer aware of her proficiency with handguns and told him that if there were ever an 'incident' at the school if he could get a gun in her hands then he would have backup.
  9. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    That stinks about the Colt getting stolen. I would like to have one of those convertible Blackhawks. I have heard good things about .41 Magnum but have no experience with it. Not to take the thread in a different direction but just out of curiosity, as you have a penchant for SA revolvers, did you ever have a Blackhawk in .30 Carbine? I saw one in a gun shop years ago but didn't have the carbine to go with it at the time. Now that I have a carbine I can't help but wonder how good a combo those would make. Not that I would be likely to buy the Blackhawk at this point unless the price were just amazing - seems like I have more guns than I have time to shoot them as it is - but I still can't help but wonder.
  10. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    Nah. I'll wish it were a 12 gauge pump with an extended tube mag loaded up with 00 Buckshot. Otherwise, I am really not convinced that it would make all that much difference. Once you get to the level of .38 +P or so - as long as you get good hits - my belief is that a person who isn't going to be stopped by a few rounds from that probably isn't going to be stopped by the same number of rounds from any common, defensive handgun. For handgun defense against big critters who might want to have me for dinner I want something with 'magnum' in the name. All that doesn't mean I still wouldn't like to have a Bulldog, though - that is if, as you say, the ammo were more available and less expensive, particularly good SD ammo.
  11. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    Sounds like a nice project. Just curious - do you still have it after all these years? I was feeling all jealous of the gun prices you mentioned but then decided to try and find out what they would be in 2018 money. According to an inflation calculator I found here: http://www.in2013dollars.com/1954-dollars-in-2018?amount=100 $32.95 in 1954 dollars is about $303.61 in 2018 dollars so I guess the relative prices of police trade ins haven't really changed that much over the years. Would still be really nice if we could pick up good shooters for $32.95, though. Oh, and you got our first .44 Magnum the year I was born. Thanks for helping me not feel as old.
  12. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    I have a 7 inch SBH in .44 Mag and a 4 inch Taurus Tracker in .44 Mag (no laughter from me, hipower - I like it.) I have an old (partial) box of Remington LRN .44 Special ammo that belonged to my late father (I don't remember his ever having a .44 of any flavor so he must have had that box of ammo for a looong time before he passed and I got it.) I tried a few of them out in the SBH when I first got it and out of that big, heavy hogleg they felt about like shooting mild .38 Special loads. Thing is, though, I bought .44 Magnum revolvers because I want to shoot .44 Magnum. I probably would shoot .44 Special out of them sometimes just for fun but with the price for .44 Special ammo being the same as for .44 Magnum ammo I kind of don't really see the point. Now, if either of them were used mainly for defense against two legged varmints I would probably feel differently but they aren't. Not trying to take anything away from the .44 Special as I am sure it is a great round and, if .44 Special ammo weren't so expensive, I wouldn't mind having a Charter Bulldog. It just doesn't currently fit all that well into my rotation for my purposes is all.
  13. I used my five inch S&W .22A. This was back around 2008 and I think the instructors might have had more autonomy as to where to set the targets. We did six shot strings for a total of 48 rounds fired. We qualified using B27 (full sized human silhouette) targets. IIRC, we did six rounds at three yards, six at five yards, six at seven yards, six at ten yards, six at about fifteen or twenty yards and six that was our choice of distance (I ran it out to twenty five yards for 'my choice', just for the heck of it.) Our shots just had to be somewhere - anywhere - in the black to count. The instructor had us count our own hits and walked down the line as we did, kind of to keep us honest (he shot competition so he could probably tell at a glance if someone qualified or not.) When he walked behind me and saw that all of my shots were in the black he said, "Don't bother counting. You passed." I think I was the only person in my group to whom he said that but am pretty sure that we all passed - except for the one guy who was taking the test for the third or fourth time and still couldn't pass the written part. Generally I believe that pretty much every adult should have the right to carry for personal defense but must admit that, in his case, I mentally made and exception and was kind of glad that the qualification requirement was in place.
  14. No flaming from me, just an opposing viewpoint. Personally, I believe that having the Feds occupy a field that has, until now, been mostly a state decided issue will never, ever be a good thing - no matter the issue. The Fed is already overgrown and bloated - I don't believe we need to be supporting the idea of it getting even bigger and even more involved in such things even if it appears to benefit us, at least in the short term. A Fed that can tell all states that they must allow carry can, when the wind blows another direction, tell all states that they can no longer allow carry - or that they have to meet California, New York and Illinois 'standards' in order to do so, that they can only authorize people to carry handguns that are on the California approved list, etc. Think I am being paranoid? Ask yourself who the Fed and the EPA look to when they want to put new regulations in place. It ain't lower Alabama. It tends to be California. I believe it would be no different when it came to Federal carry regulation. No, thanks. I'd rather avoid those states where I can't currently legally carry or, worst case, deal with not being able to carry while I am there.
  15. Kimber Camp Guard

    That is a beautiful pistol. Still, I have yet to see a single firearm that I thought was worth spending a grand (or more) to me. I'll just have to continue hoping that my .357 and/or .44 Magnums will be 'enough' to guard a camp. That isn't to take anything away from the Kimber. Those are just my own, personal thoughts.

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