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  1. Stop by Cracker Barrel when the SHTF

    Only if you let those of us who raid the shotguns into your group and give us some stylish threads! I love that one dog in the pic. You've got what appears to be a Lab with a ready-to-please look on its face, a couple of regal looking Spaniels and then that one dog that looks like it just simply doesn't give a damn. It looks cranky and grouchy, like it would just as soon pee on those well-dressed legs as look at the people attached to them.
  2. Going to Vet today!!

    My dog might not be the same as a human friend but she is certainly at least as loyal as any human friend. I hope the vet visit goes well and any issue is a minor one.
  3. Well, I placed a call to the restaurant where I ate last night asking if they found my knife. They said that no one who worked last night was there at the time but that they would check with those folks when they got there. Just got a call - they found my Resilience. I will go back and get it when I get a chance. I am glad they found it but would still like recommendations based on the criteria above if anyone has any. I like the Resilience and the D2 RAT 1 that I have been rotating for EDC lately but am kind of getting an itch to try some other (low cost) options. Thanks.
  4. My Spyderco Resilience, that is. I had it in my pocket yesterday and it wasn't there when I got home. I really liked it for EDC and might just end up getting another one to replace it. However, I thought this might also be an opportunity to try something else. I figured I would post up my parameters and see if anyone had any suggestions. I also have a particular folder in mind as a possibility if anyone has any experience with it. First the parameters: 1. Not a tanto. Drop point preferred. Spear point okay. Clip point considered if overall knife is too hard to resist. 2. No serrations. 3. Blade length over 4 inches, preferably at least 4.25 to 4.5 inches. A 5 inch blade might work depending on how the knife is made, handle to blade ratio, etc. I know some folks consider the Resilience too big for EDC but the blade length is my favorite part about it. 4. Pocket clip. 5. Right hand, tip up carry whether tip up only or an option to reposition the clip for tip up. I might budge on this if the knife is otherwise perfect but really don't like tip down carry very much. 6. Cost the same or less than a new Resilience ($50 or less.) I don't want to budge on that very much. I know some of you folks carry high end folders but, to me, losing that Resilience is no different than having a $50 bill fall out of my pocket. It isn't unusual for me to lose a pocket knife so I won't carry anything more expensive and would prefer less. 7. 8Cr13MoV steel is fine. Similar steels are fine. Even something in a 440 series would be okay if it is good 440 and the heat treat is right, etc. Of course I would prefer D2 - my D2 RAT 1 would be just about perfect if the blade weren't so short - but I'm not holding my breath for a folder with a 4.25 inch D2 blade for $50 or less. 8. Ganzo, Sarenmu, Enlan, etc. would be okay if folks have hands on experience and can recommend them. I have never owned a knife from any of these companies (at least not branded as such) but would be willing to try them. I don't think any of those companies make a knife of the type I want in the blade length I want, however. If someone knows of one, let me know. Most knives in the category I am talking about, including the Resilience, are going to be made in China, anyhow. 9. One hand opening. 'Spidey' hole, thumb studs or even a flipper - although the flipper would be at the bottom of the list because I find them a bit awkward to use. Assisted opening is okay but would honestly prefer a manual. Have had assisted opening knives open in my pocket and I think that turning off the safety on an assisted and then opening the blade is slower and much more awkward than just a practiced opening of a manual as long as the manual is fairly smooth. 10. Full flat grind would be best but a sabre grind would be fine. Prefer it not be a hollow grind but would consider a hollow for the 'right' knife. I'll likely be putting a convex secondary bevel on it eventually - especially if it has the likely, factory v-grind secondary. 11. Would, of course, like a good, strong lockup with little to no blade play. However, locking style isn't a huge concern. Would be fun to try out an axis type lock, etc. but frame lock, liner lock, back lock are all just fine with me as long as they give a reasonably strong lock. I don't generally use my EDC folders to pry, etc. Mostly I use them for slicing and specifically for food prep as in slicing cheese, maybe slicing summer sausage, etc. slicing bread, peeling apples and the like at lunch. Yeah, I know that some would say that a large knife like a Resilience is a bit of overkill for that but I like to have a nice, big folder with a good, 'stabby' tip and a large, sharp blade just in case I ever did have to use it for SD. 12. Would prefer it not look ultra tacticool. That is something else I like about the Resilience - while it is somewhat 'tactical' looking I don't think it is especially so nor do I think it gives a really 'scary' image. The knife I mentioned earlier that I would like to know more about as a possibility is the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman. Does anyone have any direct experience with one of those? Thanks in advance!
  5. Stop by Cracker Barrel when the SHTF

    I call dibs on the black powder shotgun. I have been told (by someone who has worked there for years) that every, single Cracker Barrel has an old (antique) long gun of some type hanging over the fireplace or somewhere else in the restaurant. One in particular that I am thinking of has a nice, solid looking, muzzle-loader SxS shotgun. Non functional? Maybe but it isn't like making it functional would be all that complex. I am thinking that a few hand tools, likely also hanging somewhere on the wall or from the ceiling, would be sufficient to accomplish the task. It would probably be a lot easier than trying to build a good one from scratch. I have plenty of firearms, of course but in a long term or TEOTWAWKI event I think that eventually having a muzzle loading shotgun could come in very handy. If caps are unavailable if nothing else maybe it could be converted to a matchlock setup or similar.
  6. I turn my gas grill off the same way. Of course, since I set up a sort of 'pioneer kitchen' in the yard I generally do my outdoor cooking/grilling over wood. I think the cylinder for my gas grill has been empty for about two years, now. I need to get it filled or exchange it just because gas grill cooking is so convenient. I have to replace the grids before I can use it again, anyhow.
  7. I see this as the basis for a commercial for one or another brand/make of pickup truck: (Scene of an SUV moving along leisurely on a country road) If you are going for a nice drive in the country an SUV will do but if you really want to haul stuff... (cut to scene of a pickup hauling lots of things in the bed) ...get a truck.
  8. advice on a decent 9mm

    Does it have to be a 9mm? If he is comfortable with a .380 that may or may not work then a good .380 that would work would certainly be an upgrade. Going to .380 would also open up more options for guns that are easy to conceal, etc. Also, off topic, where is this 'Harvey's' of which so many of you speak?
  9. New Wheel Gun

    Yes, it will. I can tell you, however, that Hornady Critical Defense does slightly better out of my 6.5 inch Heritage. The Gold Dot is certainly no slouch. In my unscientific gallon water jug test Gold Dot kind of over expanded a little out of the Heritage - in other words the petals bent back far enough that it reduced in size, again, after expanding but still does well. Out of the longer barrel the Gold Dot dumped a lot of energy early and very impressively split the first jug in line. The Gold Dots kick the crap out of the performance of the Hornady out of my 1 5/8 inch barreled NAA mini revolver, however. The Hornady was actually very disappointing out of the NAA - not much expansion and seemed to barely get into the third jug. The Gold Dot out of the NAA looked almost identical to the picture of the expanded round on the box, went through three gallon jugs, poked a hole in the face of a fourth, rebounded and was found in the third. It wouldn't be my first choice but I honestly would not in any way feel 'unarmed' even against a two-legged critter with a reliable handgun loaded with those Gold Dots.
  10. New Wheel Gun

    Beautiful gun. I don't have a Ruger Single Six but I do have a much less expensive Heritage Rough Rider .22 combo. A single action .22 is a heck of a lot of fun and a .22WMR from a 6.5 inch barrel can quickly and humanely dispatch a nuisance possum.
  11. Eclipse talk at a fever pitch!

    Sounds like a good way to get their 'new' locations wrecked when a few hundred people who thought they had reservations show up to find that they are being screwed over by crooked owners/management.

    I can just see some of the people who are paying for hotel rooms and buying eclipse viewing event tickets wanting their money back - as if the hotel management and event organizers control the weather. If it rains I just hope there isn't some huge traffic incident like a multi-car pile up or something as a bunch of ticked off, disappointed people who aren't familiar with the roads all try to leave the area at once.
  13. Eclipse talk at a fever pitch!

    Honestly, I think it was kind of insane that they were planning to have classes. Think of this: Just 'next door' in Sweetwater they are predicting tens of thousands of visitors. Hotels there have apparently been booked up for about a year, from what I have been told. Loudon is closing the freaking bridge - the only way to get into town from the highway (as in not using the Interstate) so people can stand and watch the eclipse there. The eclipse event at Fort Loudoun State Park (yeah, it is spelled differently) is sold out. Sweetwater, Loudon - these are very small, rural towns. The streets are not designed to take this kind of traffic load. Trying to get kids to and from school that day would be an absolute nightmare because of traffic, etc. Kids trying to wait to catch the bus would probably create a dangerous situation for the kids. It is going to be chaos. I think it is only sensible to close the schools - not because everyone needs to be out to see a 2.5 minute eclipse but because of the massive cluster**** that will ensue when that many people who aren't from the area and have no clue where they are going try to pack into a few, small towns and then start freaking out because a tree or hill or tree on a hill is blocking them from having the absolute, perfectly unobstructed view of the eclipse and so try to start moving around to see it better.. No need adding to the insanity with buses, cars, etc. bringing kids to and from school. Besides, this way if several hundred Elementary School students wind up being blind on the 22nd it will be on the parents/guardians/etc. and not the schools. EDIT: I checked out of curiosity and the message on the Loudon County Schools website basically echoes what I was saying, above:
  14. Do You Still Own Your First Gun?

    Yep. And my second. First was a Savage/Stevens .410 single. I got it for Christmas from my parents when I was about 14 or so. Second was a 12 gauge single made by a company in Brazil whose name escapes me, right now - CTE or something like that? Third gun was a Titan .25 I got as a present from my mom on my 18th birthday. It was stolen from her house at some point (not a break in robbery - she kept it 'where she could get to it' and I think a visiting relative found and pocketed it.) So that was my first handgun and I don't still have it. I bought one just like it at a gun show a couple of years back, though, just for memories and because I honestly like shooting the little dude. Don't shoot it much, though, because .25acp ammo is so danged expensive.
  15. I actually haven't had too many interactions with police while armed but in the one or two instances I did - which didn't have anything to do with me being detained for any reason, I've said something like, "I have a permit to carry and a .38 in my pocket." That was to avoid simply blurting out, "I have a gun." The one or two times this has happened, the response has been, "As long as it stays there it's not a problem." That was actually why I made the comment along those lines to begin with. In fact, I guess since the interaction wasn't because of any wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing on my part, I've never even been asked to see the permit, just if I have one. Those are the 'good officers' who are reasonable and who, sadly, get lumped in with those who probably have no business being in law enforcement in the first place. One of the best interactions was with the then Sheriff of a small town near where I live (Vonore). This was a few years ago so I don't know if he is still Sheriff or not. I was at Farnsworth's. He had just come out and was heading toward his vehicle. I had just gotten out of my vehicle to go inside when he stopped me in the parking lot. Although I generally don't fully open carry (usually at least 'casually concealed) at that, particular time, I was carrying a Rossi snubnosed .357 OWB with no cover garment. This was before car carry was legal and I was also in public - in the parking lot - at the time so he could have asked if I had a permit. Instead he said, "I see you're carrying. Going in there to the range?" I told him that I was. Then he said, "Good. I like to see people not only carrying but also practicing in case they need to use it. I've got to bust your balls, a little, though [I specifically remember him saying "bust your balls" because I thought it was great.] You have your gun but where is your light? I have to harp on my guys all the time that if you are carrying a gun you should be carrying a light so you will be able to see your target if you are in the dark." I then said, "I believe the same thing and I carry a light even when I am not carrying a gun," and showed him both the pocket flashlight I was carrying and the backup Photon on my keychain at that time. He responded that he was impressed, told me to have a nice day and we both went about our business. I don't know much about him but I have to say that if I lived in Vonore, barring any really good reason to the contrary, he would have had my vote in the next election.

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