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  1. Zarate aquited because of a "Hair Trigger".

    Yeah, DACA is a bunch of horse malarky. I understand that those folks didn't come here illegally on their own but so what? As young adults they have stayed here illegally. If a kid's parents rob a bank, use part of the money to buy their kid a car and then get caught does the kid get to keep the car and benefit from the parents' crime just because he or she wasn't actually involved in the robbery? Further, when people bemoan that several hundred thousand DACA members - many of whom have received an education here - could be deported rather than being allowed to stay and get jobs I say, "Good. That is several hundred thousand jobs for the people who are here legally." These aren't the (mostly fictional, I believe) illegals who are going to be doing jobs that legal citizens supposedly won't do. By the way the media (which is very sympathetic to their cause, in general) describes them, these are people competing with legal residents and citizens for good jobs, many that require college degrees. So removing them as competition for American jobs is a good thing. Further, maybe having a large influx of American educated, motivated young people coming into their countries of origin (and, let's face it - most of them are probably from Mexico or Central America) can help those countries fix their own problems so people don't need to illegally invade our country. As far as the freebies, etc. I saw something recently that said 80% of immigrant-led households receive some type of government assistance. I don't remember the source that was reporting the number but I do remember being amazed because it was a source that was supportive of illegals staying, etc. I figure we have enough poor people in this country - many who are 'working poor' - who need help. We don't need to import them and we certainly shouldn't be rewarding people for coming and/or staying illegally..
  2. Zarate aquited because of a "Hair Trigger".

    Well, here is where I say something to which some - maybe even a lot - may object. I believe that Constitutional protections should apply only to those who are legally in the country. Illegal invaders should have no, such protections or rights. Basic, human rights - sure but not the same rights under the Constitution as citizens or legal immigrants. Illegal aliens should be considered to be outside the standard justice system which should be reserved for people who are here legally. They should be considered to be exactly what they are - foreign invaders who have illegally breached our borders. As such, they should have no standing for them or their representatives, supporters, etc. to even attempt to bring a case to the courts, period, let alone the Supreme Court.
  3. Zarate aquited because of a "Hair Trigger".

    Deport them? Nah. Arrest them, bring back chain gangs/work gangs and put them to work doing the grunt work of building the wall. That would be one way to make Mexico help build the wall. People who come to the U.S. legally to make a life for themselves and families should be lauded. Those who illegally invade should be punished - and just because someone gets away with it for years or even decades doesn't mean they should not be punished when caught. The current attempts to equate opposition to illegal immigration with opposition to all immigration as well as racism in order to present those who oppose illegal immigration as racist are disgusting to me. I also get tired of hearing about 'non-criminal' illegals. There is no, such thing. Illegal means just that - they are criminals by being here. Treat them as such.
  4. Zarate aquited because of a "Hair Trigger".

    I would like to see a double whammy - the state, city, county, etc lose federal funding and the family of the victim win a case in which they sue the city and county, at least, into oblivion. We always hear how it is the taxpayers who are footing the bill when someone gets a big payout in such a case. Well, maybe this will inspire the local taxpayers to elect officials who know what the word 'illegal' means - especially if the lawsuit depletes coffers to the point that the city/county can't afford to pay for the law enforcement to protect them from said 'illegals' and other criminals - the same law enforcement that let Zarate go so he could be on that pier in the first place.
  5. It is okay not to agree. Everything does not have to be a concensus. As for 'collecting', well, if my bet is right then I will have a greater chance of still being alive and keeping those about whom I care alive. That's a pretty good payout, I think.
  6. To each their own. I'd rather be primitive and alive - and help my friends and family stay alive - than civilized and dead or watch my loved ones die. You can bet that most other people who survive the initial days will quickly let go of the illusion of social nicety. In the end, when the fetters of social norms come off, the stark reality is that might most often is right - or at least needn't be concerned with what others believe to be wrong.
  7. hope ya'll understand!!!

    Awesome! Good luck! Just from the way you talked about Kasey and your relationship with her I think whatever dog you end up with will be one lucky mutt!
  8. hope ya'll understand!!!

    If your energy levels don't match then better to let Obi go to a family that can match his energy. I think that was a pretty clear-headed and responsible thing to do. Honestly, it sounds to me as if you may have a rare opportunity. I know that many people want young dogs and puppies and I understand why. At the same time, there are surely lots of older dogs - perhaps like Marilyn - who may be wonderful, loving dogs but who might have trouble getting adopted because, again, many people want young dogs and puppies. You might be in a position to adopt and love such an older dog while reaping the benefits of a companion who is already settled down and ready to take things a bit easier. Of course, for practicalities sake, I can understand that you or anyone else would be hesitant to take on a dog that is potentially only going to be around for a few years - especially when that could mean rather quickly increasing medical expenses, not to mention possibly setting oneself up to lose another companion so relatively soon. At the same time, your Kasey lived to be sixteen, if I recall correctly. Given good, overall health and so on that means even a dog that is already six or even eight years old (like Marilyn) could potentially be with you for another decade or close to it. On the other hand, if you do decide you want a puppy perhaps your best fit at this stage would be more of a 'lap dog' type breed of a type that doesn't really want to be out of your sight. Just something else to consider. Whatever you decide - puppy, adult dog or no dog, at all I think you have your head on straight about the whole thing and what you can handle.
  9. So a smart person or persons just might be tempted to have enough supplies stocked up to weather the immediate event so he/she/they will not even have to go out at all in the early aftermath. Such a smart person could, hypothetically, let the less prepared and more confrontational or desperate members of society fight it out over what is left at the store, etc. Then, after those confrontational and desperate individuals, with assistance from starvation, accidents and disease have thinned each other out (and the survivors among them have potentially expended much of their ammo, taken losses and casualties and received injuries doing so) said smart person or persons could potentially come from a position of having been well supplied, well fed and well rested to pick off said survivors and reap the benefits of all that stuff having already been scavenged and so conveniently brought to a few, well stocked places. Theoretically.
  10. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    I have generally come to prefer the temperament of female dogs, as well, but that is a face that would be hard to resist. It looks like he is thinking, "Okay, boss - what trouble do we get into, now?" Congratulations on the new friend. I have never met you in person and never got to meet Kasey but based on all the things you have told us about her in the past and the relationship you already seem to be forming I have a feeling that she would approve.
  11. Just a couple. Nice.
  12. Recently - as in last month - went to an event at the Civic Auditorium (same building) with my girlfriend. Had uniformed officers as security, had tables for people to empty their pockets and we were wanded. She had me put her cash and I.D. in my pocket so she didn't have to carry a bag but I imagine they would have searched it if she had.
  13. You might be a prepper if... Whenever you try a new canned or shelf stable item you reflexively consider 1. How well it would work as part of your food stores, 2. How economical it would be for stocking vs other options, 3. How easily it could be heated/prepared without access to electricity, 4. How 'edible' it would be if there were no option for preparing/heating it, at all. 5. Rather than stocking up on dog food you evaluate these things partly based on the ability to share them with the dog (and you have made the decision ahead of time that not only will you not eat your dog but you will shoot anyone else who attempts to do so - and if things are really dire consider eating THEM, and sharing with the dog, to be a possibility. 6. Part of the evaluation is also very much how the product impacts your digestive system because toilet paper stocks are limited, not to mention that potable water might be at a premium, intestinal upset can cause dehydration and dehydration kills so you don't want to stock anything that will cause intestinal upset. You might be a prepper if... Rather than throwing away that can of food you find on the back of your shelf that has a 'best by' date of two years ago you inspect and then eat it - again, so you will know what impact (if any) it has on you that 'in date' cans do not. After all, even if you are the type that is more concerned with prepping for possible, short term situations if there were a long term event eventually ALL of your cans would be out of date. Might as well get confident in eating them after the date, now.
  14. Black Friday 2017 Deals

    I agree. I also think that maybe the impact of online sellers like Amazon is evening out. Further, I have noticed that, just in general and on a daily basis, Amazon doesn't always undercut everyone else on prices, anymore. For instance, I was just looking at prices on the Schrade SCHF 36, 37 and 38 and was surprised to find that Smoky Mountain Knife Works (which, of course, also offers online ordering in addition to their brick and mortar presence) had the best price on all three in comparison to Amazon, Knife Center and Walmart Online. Now that many of the traditional brick and mortar stores have developed stronger online presences - and because special relationships with the manufacturers and wholesellers or just plain, huge buying power allows them to sometimes sell for a little less - I am beginning to wonder if Cyber Monday isn't becoming the real measure of sales and good deals. Speaking of Walmart, they have their Black Friday (and pre-Black Friday) specials up on their own website, now. https://www.walmart.com/cp/black-friday/1076614

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