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  1. JAB


    My hair color is more or less what I call 'dirty dark blonde' with reddish tones and my beard is more or less red (which makes my hair look more red.) Lately, though, I have found a few stark white hairs in my beard. If mine changes I hope I go snowy white instead of gray. Guys with dark hair can pull off some gray - it often looks 'distinguished' on them. In my case, I am afraid that gray would just make mine look dingy. White would be better. I have a great uncle whose hair and beard - both still full - both went pure white and it actually looks pretty cool, I think.
  2. JAB

    Barrel Length

    I don't know but suspect that convenience is a big part of the reason. It is a lot easier to tell where the actual barrel on a revolver begins because of the cylinder gap, With a semi - especially a fixed barrel - it might not be as visually obvious without getting into the internals of the pistol. I guess there might be some argument that the lack of a cylinder gap makes it all one, continuous unit but then we have the Nagant revolver just to make things more complicated. As the cylinder cams forward to seal the cylinder gap when firing does that mean the barrel length of a Nagant revolve
  3. The best part is that it sounds like he will be getting to your cottage last. This means that if Codes condemns the place it will be AFTER he spends all the money 'renovating' the other units. You can bet that such 'renovations' will likely only be cosmetic so that he can flip the place or charge more rent. Doubtful that he will address the safety issues. I think you should definitely go through with the plan to inform Codes as soon as you leave. If nothing else you just might be saving a potential, future tenant or tenants from being victims of a fire. The fact that it will screw over t
  4. I have been wanting an SP101 for some time as a 'little brother' to my GP100. Bought a DAO version this last Saturday at a shop in Loudon and $549 was the price tag on it so that is apparently pretty much the going rate for new, now. In fact, as I originally really wanted the hammered version, I called a couple of other shops to see if they had a hammered SP101. They only had the DAO version in the standard models, as well and the price at at least one of those shops was $20 or so more than the one I bought. One place had a 'match grade' version - which I assume is hammered and am sure wou
  5. JAB

    Barrel Length

    I think you are correct and that is the reason however, when you think about it, that really doesn't make a lot of sense. I say that because in the semi a live round is sitting in and (at least mostly) filling the length of the chamber so that the bullet isn't actually travelling the length of the chamber in a semi any more than it is in a revolver. Truthfully, the length of barrel should probably be measured from where the front end of the average bullet sits when a round is chambered forward to the muzzle. Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."
  6. Won't happen. Someone will label them as 'utensil identity fluid' and they will be protected.
  7. JAB


    Heck, I'm betting he'd have to hit about 70mph in order to be able to run across the lake! I've been through chemo (colon cancer) and still have a head full of hair. My dad went through a couple rounds of chemo and radiation (stomach cancer) and still had hair when he died - it was thin around his crown but that was probably because he wore a cap most of the time. In fact, a couple of weeks before he died he told me he wished he could go get a haircut but just didn't feel up to it so I had him sit on a stool in the bathroom and used the clippers to give him his last hai
  8. So, since gun control completely and totally stopped all murders in the UK it seems the government there has decided that knives can no longer be ordered online and delivered to a person's home. I guess pretty soon they will be cutting down all of the trees and paving every inch of the UK in order to prevent people from getting hold of deadly sticks and rocks. Of course, a few years after that they will have to figure a way to stop people from killing each other with chunks of broken pavement. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/ban-on-home-deliveries-of-knives-in-government-crackdown-
  9. Thanks for the reassurances, fellahs. As for the analogy, I thought it would get the point across and it seems it did but maybe I should have said, "It felt sort of like finding out that Ruger had started making Redhawk and Blackhawk revolvers out of polymer and zamak."
  10. Yesterday I was in a Walmart that is one of the locations I am not in very often. I noticed a sort of end cap rack/display of Ontario Old Hickory knives. At first I was kind of excited because I have always loved those knives and haven't seen them in a Walmart - or many brick and mortar stores, really - in years. My initial excitement quickly turned to disgust, however, as I noticed the word 'stainless' printed on the packaging. What?! To me the whole point of Old Hickory knives is that they are made of 1095 high carbon steel. Sure you get a little rust if you don't care for them but the
  11. I am coming late to this thread and you may have already found a solution. Just in case, though: I put a set of Pachmayr Compacts on my 642 to replace the torture devices cleverly disguised as grips that it came with from the factory. The Compacts fill my hand better - making the gun more controllable - and, as they cover the backstrap (which I am pretty sure the 'Professional' does not), are much more comfortable when shooting. While they are slightly larger than the original grips they do not impact pocket carry very much and do not seem to slow my presentation of the gun from the po
  12. A search didn't turn up anything on these so I thought I would post about them. Has anyone here heard of the Midland folding shotguns? Someone on another forum posted about them and I think they look interesting. I like that they have an 18 inch model - I haven't seen many if any 'security' length barrels on singles from the factory. I also like that it accepts chokes. Something like that and a good set of chamber adapters would be one heck of a good survival/subsistance/camping/just plain fun setup to have. Being used to my singles with no manual safety and external hammers it would ta
  13. You certainly have a point about convincing the big name makers and that just might be a bit difficult. Even if there would be people standing in line yelling, "Shut up and take my money," they may well be so stuck in their tacticool ways - just because that is where the money has been for the last, few years - that they will lose lots of money and we will lose many, potential members of the gun owning community. It is entirely possible that the suits in the corporate offices won't budge and may continue to refuse to budge until it is too late. I guess that is the cost of having corporate t
  14. I disagree. Black and tactical is where the money from a lot of folks who are already 'in' to firearms is whether it is their first purchase or their fiftieth. There are likely some folks who are new to guns who gravitate in that direction, as well. However, I still say that there is a very large, untapped market for blued steel and wood and that such a market is about to grow as societal attitudes potentially prevent growth and possibly even result in some losses in the black and tactical market segment. Doesn't have to be fine walnut - think Marlin's Glenfield line and others where the f
  15. I first wrote this as a response in the thread about Remington filing for bankruptcy but, realizing it went far afield from the topic, I decided to start a new thread. I realize that Remington's woes haven't come solely from a slump in sales but that bankruptcy combined with the current zeitgeist have me thinking how firearms companies - and the firearms community, in general - might need to weather the storm that is potentially coming. So these are my thoughts: Personally, I think that the future for Remington (and Marlin - and Winchester, too) may well lie in the past. Right now ther


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