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  1. Then I'm screwed, I've got 110,000 primers and 55# of powder. Oh well.
  2. I'm looking for a 41mag, 22's, or any older models of Smith&Wessons Revolvers in good condition. Thanks
  3. Like Forest Gump said. "Stupid is as Stupid does" she definitely needs to be either fired or put on permanent desk duty for sure.
  4. Happy New Year everyone, let's hope 2022 is a better one for everyone. Enjoy and stay safe.
  5. Oh well bye Raaaamshakled, and good luck with that attitude. What a f×*k tard that's what you get when you shoot your mouth off, and just join to sell something. Merry Christmas .
  6. Just seen were 50 people died in Mayfield KY.
  7. I feel your hurt. I've been on Chemotherapy Treatments for a year now and I developed numbness in my hands and feet due to the side effects from my treatment. My hands sometimes are buzzy or feel thick and I get a burning feeling in the tips of my fingers and it sometimes keeps me from doing any small tack. My feet are numb but they don't have the burning sensation like my hands do, and the skin on my hands peel sometimes and crack. It's hard to bend my fingers sometimes. I to took the Gabapentin 300mg four times a day but I quit it due to it combined with my other meds that for a week straight I would literally pass out two or three times a day during that week, so I quit it. I really don't know what to tell you to use for the pain, so far I've learned to just live with it for now, but it sucks. If you find something that works for you please PM me and tell me about it. Good luck sir.
  8. I've had that happen to me to. I gave up on Gunbroker due to the sales tax charge (9.25% TN. Tax), that can add up quick on a $2000+ Gun. That's why I just stick to buying on the forums I belong to, or just go to one of the local shops and ask if they can do better if I pay cash, that way the tax doesn't feel so bad. You can't hardly find anything on line anymore that you don't have to pay taxes on it, it's just convenient to order everything online anymore, and that's sad.
  9. To bad you can't ship it, that's a great deal on this. Good luck with the sale, someone is going to get a great deal.
  10. Box it up, I'LL TAKE IT per our conversation. Thanks
  11. I'LL TAKE IT per our conversation. Thanks this will look good in my collection of Smith&Wesson's
  12. Yeah glad you sold it, you saved me some money for something else.
  13. Thanks I sent him a text this morning but I'm sure he's busy, it's fine by me if he sold it to the other guy. I'm not upset another High Power will come around sometime.
  14. Good buy on that one, to bad I never heard back from the seller in time to come together on a deal. Oh well it happens. Congrats on getting this one.
  15. I just had a PET SCAN for my Cancer that I have. The scan showed that I had a few smaller ones, well I've p!$$ed about 6 small ones in the last 3 weeks. I had a bladder stone when I was working in PA about 2yrs ago and couldn't pee for about 3 days, only dribbles. Went to a clinic and got a prescription for TAMULOSIN (not sure if I spelled that right) it helps to open up the pee vein, well I passed that one and thought I was going to pass out but once it popped out I bet I peed 4 gallons out at least it felt like it. The pain from that one was terrible especially trying to work.
  16. Those were give away prices on those Smith&Wesson Grips. Wish I would have checked in before now. Who ever brought them got a good deal.
  17. I wear a 30X STETSON Beaver Felt Hat. Keeps the rain and snow off my head and provides pretty decent warmth.
  18. Got 36yrs as a Pipe Welder, started when I was 18 working with my father doing Pipeline Maintenance on high pressure Natural Gas Lines in PA were I was raised. The last job I worked with him was a 36" line that stretched 68mi on our part, the rest went down into WVA. to a pumping station. I got out of that line of work for a little while. Moved here to TN and started welding for the Pipefitters Local 572 in Nashville, did that up until a year ago. I went in the hospital for some basic stents, but that turned out to me having heart surgery. Well 5 bypasses later while I was getting ready for the bypass surgery, I got digonased with stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer. Been almost a year on Chemotherapy Treatments and they seem to be working. I had to take a disability retirement early (I'm 55yrs old) they gave me a 5yr window so hopefully I can beat this. But I can tell you this I enjoy being retired, just not this way but I don't miss crawling around in the dirt, or being 200' in the air welding.


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