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  1. I gave up saying "how stupid can people get" they took it as a challenge.
  2. This is great info guys! Now if I just had money in the budget for another .45 LMAO. When I get a .38 super I'm thinking another witness or two. Wait,what,,,did someone say they don't and have never had a .45? How is that possible?
  3. Welcome to the forum and the free (for now) state of allergy!
  4. Just saw a piece on ammo prices that included a letter from head over Federal, CCI, Speer, and Remington. as of 4/1/21 pricing will increase from 3 to 15%.
  5. I have a LEE progressive. you can take the shaft out and run as a single stage. I like LEEs carbide dies. Also with the LEE you can change the turret so it makes caliber changes faster. That's the opinion of a starter as I haven't loaded anything except 30-30 range loads. And for what I use normally it is cheaper per round.
  6. I started with 30-30 because I bought the press from a cowboy action shooter. I have dies for my .45 ACP now and still hanging on to the 45 LC dies. I'll have one I'm sure. Next is .32 ACP. Now someone have a clue where I can get some primers??
  7. yeah,,,I want one too. I've been looking for a .44 mag Bisley. I can justify it because every time I go to Sportsman's warehouse they have ammo.
  8. well ammo sales have now scratched one of my local stores from my visit/buy from list. Went in last night, said good evening, put my mask on and per the notice on the door proceeded to the table and "sanitized" my hands. I proceeded directly to the ammo isle and found what I wanted. One of the staff came over and asked if he could help me find anything. "No thank you, I found what I need" I made my choice between the two different bullets and picked up two boxes. As I straightened up he returned to tell me they have a limit of one box. (20 rds) in each caliber. Ok, put one box back and made a
  9. I get it, Levi's is bad. but I have to be careful who I boycott. Like it was written, we could be living naked in a cave. we all have a cell phone and I'm sure most here have a laptop or tablet. Do you know where lithium for the batteries comes from? and most jeans are made in sweatshops overseas BECAUSE we don't want to pay for them made in USA. trade offs in everything unfortunately
  10. papa61


    I own a Firestar in .45 and one on 9mm. This is my second .45 and neither has ever failed. It doesn't matter if you like them or not. I didn't buy them for you. By the same token, what I think of someone else's choice shouldn't matter. If it fits you and functions that's all that matters. So yeah, put it back up, I want to read it too. We're all adults aren't we?
  11. sorry, that came out really bad. this isjust my opinion and decision and should not be taken as advice
  12. I tried to avoid wally world because of their predatory practice of destroying the competition then lowering their selection. Then they began political statements, last year they pulled pistol ammo. this year? walmart is dead to me.
  13. did we have the same mother? toughskins were the worst
  14. Wore Levis and nothing else until they went overseas with production. Switched to Wrangler because they were made in U.S.A. Now just something cheap I can fit my fat a$$ into. I no longer do labor, had to take a desk due to my back so I can't speak to sturdiness. Overalls are comfortable, have to agree. good ones are hard to find now since wally world ran good retailers out of business. GREG, is macon dept store still in business?


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