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  1. I'm not normally a fanatic but this one would be mine could I afford it.
  2. 3 o'clock. barely noticeable under a t-shirt. specifically, pistol is at 3. puts the mag a little to the front.
  3. my son just received his new holster and loves it. He bought my M43 Firestar and size 2 fits very well. seems to be well made and looks as good as the pictures. of course he doesn't have my spare tire to reach across. lol
  4. papa61


    I'm not trying to be a snob,,,it just comes naturally. I have never owned, shot, or touched a Glock. They are not astheticaly pleasing to my eyes. I also prefer hammer fired guns. I'm not saying they are bad, I just don't like them. What David said is of high importance. A handgun should feel good in your grip. This helps with natural point of aim and control. My favorite shooter fits me. Yours should fit you. I'm not a gun nut, or a car or motorcycle nut. I'm a machine nut and my firearms for the most part, reflect that. I think the AR is ugly. But I have one anyway because I know they work.
  5. papa61


    There are many more aspects to law enforcement so those who have little or no interest in firearms figure if they pass they are good enough. No disrespect intended there, a sidearm is just a tool for them. I can use a hammer but that does not make me a carpenter, just someone who can hit a nail if I need to.
  6. papa61


    We are here specifically to pass time on gun forum. so that is not a valid point. MOST law enforcement officers are not shooters and many only shoot when they have to qualify. so again, not a strong argument. I could give some long drawn out stories of my experience in the military or some great analogies from other sports. I could quote those who teach modern combat hand-gunning or competent gunsmiths. But no need. What is most important is the shooter. One must be prepared mentally and physically to use a handgun in order to save life by possibly taking another's. In a gunfight, every possible edge gets you infinitesimally closer to survival. I'll pay my money for what makes me comfortable and go thank you.
  7. I remember RBS being washed away. Also remember downtown being flooded in 1976 or 77.
  8. This place has been on the news magazine shows a few times. The owner is now a US congressperson. She has been in the news frequently. We need a place like that in Mid-Tenn
  9. papa61


    no issues, I can even one hand it with my off hand and maintain control.
  10. had a hankering for a cross draw for one of my .45s. put a straight drop on my off side and couldn't reach it with my strong hand. mind you I am overweight and have had spine surgeries that limit my twisting. On the bright side, it pushed me to lose the belly.
  11. nothing I have ever seen is as awesome as the A10 on an attack run! BRRRP! and GON on a wingtip 180 turn
  12. Ah the memories! When I was stationed on Hood with 1st Cav I rented a second floor apartment that was in the flight path of choppers ferrying in and out from a foreign places. couldn't keep ANYTHING on a wall or shelf LOL. When the Apache came out I had one scare the crap out of ne as I drove the edge of a tree line. He came in at treetop level from my right oblique and I never heard him coming. Love the Hueys, once you hear one you know it forever.
  13. never seen this one though I have seen VersaCarry. might be a bit awkward with my belly, but I actually like it. this is a good price for this brand as I have seen them at twice this for a speed scabbard style. When you carry oddball guns like I do you find a lot of oddball holsters


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