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  1. they are,,,hence the tracking and spying. I've been aware of this stuff longer than it has been in common use. used to try to maintain a low profile. now it's only possible if you live in the cave we talked of when discussing boycotts. eyes and ears are everywhere, literally.
  2. it does not http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server1900/pim8wt0m/products/370/images/724/cautH032-dangerofinfection__51122.1364785673.1280.1280.png?c=2
  3. Nothing about our southern border is truly funny, But one has to find humor somewhere among all the mess. I consider the lawsuits frivolous. Maybe thr US should sue the Federales for not securing the south side of the border. Maybe if firearms weren't so hard to obtain legally in Mexico it wouldn't be so corrupt.
  4. Now we know where the ammo is! CBP finds 16,000 rounds of ammo hidden in truck (msn.com)
  5. This might help you. Tennessee Gun Shows • 2022 list of TN gun shows (gunshowtrader.com)
  6. Love it! the two tone and wood grips really look great! I have a 945 and may just have the frame ceracoated black.
  7. agreed. the Taurus 669/689 are great. Never heard of them having issues with full magnum loads like what I'm reading about the S&W. The tracker would be a good choice for carry. never owned a S&W so I don't know what I'm missing. but I will
  8. Went to the Lafayette show today. Smaller more intimate show. Lots of collector knives and guns with absolutely no bug zapper salespersons. proportionate supply of ammo available at new normal pricing including 30-30 and 357 mag. (sorry, these are the two I'm looking for. Didn't notice anything else other than lots of 22) didn't buy any though. Gun prices were a tad high for most but there were some high quality arms available. Enjoyed myself immensely. Hope ammo availability holds because I'm out of primers.
  9. I was looking for a .40 when I ran across the first 9mm I ever bought. at the time, 40 and 44 mag were the only thing on the shelf. And there was a LOT of 40 cal on the shelf. I'll probably get a 10mm instead. cost is higher but most will run 40 ammo. Same logic as choosing a 357 mag over a 38 special for me. I have nothing against 40 S&W but sorry guys, glock makes 'homely pistols. That said, if I needed a budget handgun, the OP has a good point. I wouldn't have a problem with one of these turn ins.
  10. Really wish I hadn't broken the magnification ring on the Marlin 3-6x40 scope on my 336. Bet that would cover for not having the original box. LMAO
  11. I met June Carter-Cash at Baptist Hospital when dad had one of his by-pass surgeries. She drove in in a Rolls Royce and chatted with mom and my aunt like they were old friends. She was just going in for a check up.


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