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  1. You are quite correct in your assessment. However, I keep myself abreast of where I cannot carry and I don't put myself in position of being searched legally. I have been carrying without a permit for over 30 years so that should tell you something. Years back, everyone in the Sherriff's office and half of the city police force knew I was armed. I've only been challenged twice, once and undercover "bump frisked" me in Kroger at 6:00 AM and the judge in my divorce/child support case told me I had to sell my firearms. The undercover just wanted to make sure I wasn't shoplifting I'm sure as he kept walking and never said a word. I called the judge's bluff and told her she didn't have that authority in open court. She didn't like it but she knew I was correct. If you mind your manners and know your rights you won't have a problem.
  2. had a co-worker ask me if I carried "that thing" all the time. I told him there was one sure way to find out...he said he didn't want to know LOL
  3. I searched last night and these are available for around $40. found them in tungsten and stainless from Amazon and the Knife Center. WWII models around $200 on ebey
  4. I've never seen one before. I like it very much and will have to find one myself.
  5. LOL, taken a turn, I see what you did there! I had a company truck that would run well over the speed limit once. I drove it all over the state. 3500 Chevy cut van with oversize Knapheid closed service body. That thing sold me on LS engines. For really weird, I had an old Eldorado years ago that would only start with the door open if it was raining. Never did figure that one out. My guess is it had a poor ground somewhere.
  6. I have myself for many years. I am not a criminal, not in the least. Not to throw shade on anyone who has a permit, I believe having one MYSELF would make me complicit, I don't wish to project this on anyone as it is my PERSONAL protest and I understand others who do have permits. My sister has her CCW and I am proud of her for taking that step. Below are why I do not have a CCW and I hope we get back to true constitutional carry soon, #1. Federal courts have ruled that you cannot attach a test or fee to any constitutionally guaranteed right. the current and all prior versions on CCW permits have done both, #2. Free men are not bound by unjust laws. the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed is perfectly clear. It is very true as we know that criminals by definition do not obey the law. Why should we be hamstrung in our effort to protect ourselves? The clown in chief says we need tanks and F16s to fight our own government if it comes to that. I say well,,,shall not be infringed and he don't know me vewy well do he?
  7. I worked on a 300ZX with 2200 miles that was towed in. took more than a week to find the throttle linkage was cutting into the wires to one injector blowing the two 30 amp fuses for the FI. that was 1986 and injector harnesses are STILL crappy. Raoul has a point, covid has helped deteriorate these things by lack of use. Could be worse though. Hooked up my friends Matrix and found two trans codes. That'll cost her.
  8. because 4 and 5 are bigger than 9 I prefer acp. Even the fact checkers aren't buying joe's bovine manure.
  9. I try not to think about it. I'll get a complex and go hide in the cave. Not joking.
  10. Just had my Buick in Monday. Battery control module was bad. Glad it's under warranty.
  11. I've stopped working in a shop. Only work on my own stuff now. Tony Day is still at it.
  12. papa61


    So after seeing some of the work you guys do I didn't want topost something as silly as a new pair of grip panels. But hey, I'm proud of what I have and I like it. So here is my Taurus 945 with new black linen micarta grip panels from Altamont. They fill out the hand without making the grip feel larger. May be only for show since the alloy frame contributes to extreme muzzle flip but we'll see after I get her to the range.
  13. son's truck could be bad #2 injector. stuck open injector will kill an O2 sensor,,,and cat converter too. don't ask me how I know. good luck.
  14. That is just gorgeous! And Dad built it for you makes it that much better. Hope your family passes it down for many, many generations. I've never seen a cherry stock in person but I have seen them. ask dad if he has a piece of walnut or if I need to bring my own! LOL!


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