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  1. Been here less than a year. Post when I feel like I should. Try to stay out of the dog house with other members. I have only made on purchase from another member and had no issues whatsoever. In the few months I've been a member I have seen a change myself in the members both new and established. I believe it is a sign of the time we are in. Everyone is nervous and edgy, there is very little trust and zero tolerance. If I am buying I expect to go to where the seller is or chooses. If I am uncomfortable, I would just back out. Some seem to believe they should just not show. As for sales,,
  2. big bullets let in a lot of air and let out a lot of blood. Elmer Keith P.S. I like big bullets!
  3. Always had good experience in Smyrna. Staff is always friendly and accommodating. I hope it's just the on store.
  4. as far as the new admin, it was on every news outlet. For the prior studies, prior service and personal knowledge.
  5. I got a 4 in barrel stainless 608 and a PT 945 stainless also. I'm a .45 ACP nut! the fact that I paid too much is offset by the fact that there were only one of either on GB or Armslist so she gets that and the fact that all guns are high right now.
  6. Oh yeah. I got a puppy too!
  7. Ladies and gentlemen I am here to BRAG! I have the greatest wife ever. I just purchased two new to me Taurus handguns this evening from Gunbroker. So y'all know I overpaid on these. No matter, I've wanted these two since they first came out and that isn't the topic. I forgot that GB is now charging tax on out of state sales so the total was over what I expected. She didn't complain, when I stopped bidding on one she said the total wasn't bad for two pistols I wanted. She is a saint, these are not "needed" purchases like what I bought last year. These two were purely wants. and now I have to fi
  8. This is why the new administration is trying to purge conservative troops from the military. Not a new idea, ther have been studies done in the past asking just this question.
  9. I have a Browning Baby .25 and an Iver Johnson single 12 gauge and both will be refinished. in 20 years a refinished piece will be worth more than an un-useable rusty paperweight. It looks beautiful, the way it should. let the barn finders keep their high priced junk and enjoy!
  10. maybe. but I don't believe we should stay on defense. The GCA of 1968 is unconstitutional. That means SBR is not a thing just like ghost guns. these things are smoke and mirrors to make gun owners look bad. just look back at hot rodding in it's beginning and how it was demonized and you will understand. just because your choice of firearm doesn't fit someone's idea of what is reasonable is not justifiable for banning it.
  11. Are you referring to the executive orders or something more? Pretty sure Obama passed several E.O's on gun control. we have not seen the office of the president backing a seek and destroy cancel culture. if you disagree with the leftists now you become a racist, sexist, amoral, nazi type bigot
  12. true this is not constitutional carry. restrictions on WHERE and when and allthe other tripe. But it is a bite of the big elephant sandwich. remember, we didn't get here all at once, it took years, decades, to erode our freedoms. we won't get it back all at once either.
  13. David you opened abig can of worms. I have a new puppy so haven't had time to post my usual whine and geez so here: I voted Trump twice on two issues. Guns and abortion. Did I like him? No. Did I think he was the greatest president ever? No. Did I think he would have been better if someone took his twitter account? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! Now did I believe biden would try to take arms away at the first opportunity? Yes,,,yes I did. I knew he was a liar, everyone knew it like they knew Clinton was when they re-elected him. I also knew he would try to wreck the economy and make Americans d
  14. this is true. $650 does seem a tad high depending on the model and extras. for a base 1911 I would expect $450-500. with extra mags, aftermarket grips, etc it climbs quickly.


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