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  1. I won't unless I hold off on lesser things LOL. I'd dearly love to have a high end SAA or 1911. And of course, this one after the wood is put to it.
  2. SHHH, "THEY" will be after you! LOL
  3. I couldn't get past top cause of death in children the first time. We know that is manipulated data. Got to Feinstien and the "assault weapons ban" the second try. FBI statistics prove that had no effect on crime. FJB still can't stop repeating stupidity like are the deer wearing Kevlar. I don't understand why anyone is still listening.
  4. It's like mudslinging, trow everything you can and see what sticks. They have to know this will go through the court system like a runaway freight train. where is the line between a hobby and a business? Anyone can make a "profit" but can you sustain it and actually make a living at it.
  5. Can't find a good pic but this is currently in the garage waiting for me to rebuild the engine. Got a little too rough with her and spun a rod bearing. She'll have to get a respray as the clear is peeling off now. She's a beast
  6. OK, I have to ask the dumb question. Have you used the FTX in 300BO loads? FTX is what I run in my 30-30. The 300 likes heavier bullets and sub-sonic loads but it's fun with lighter bullets.
  7. That's funny! yeah, Dad traded me the 73 Polara, it had a 400 CID. I tried to trade fro a 68 Super Bee with a 440 4 speed and he nixed it. Said the 440 was too much. Hell the Polara would probably outrun the Bee! I had a 96 Regal 4 door. That pea green that it seemed most of them were. It was a very sweet car as long as I didn't look at the outside. Mama and I bought an 18 Regal TourX new, probably keep it till we die. But DMAN! a 69 RR for 3 grand was a bargain even in the 90s
  8. Similar here, but mine was a 73 Polara retired interceptor. What it lacked in looks it made up for on the road. But MAN it rode rough. Traded it off for something with A/C. Guys I ran with all made fun until they saw it run. May have been a match for my 98 Trans Am. The T/A rides better though.
  9. I agree the remake sucked. Loved the original but The California Kid may be my favorite. Not that I root for the bad guy but the Sheriff's car was bad cool and the coupe is an icon. My cousin had a 68 Marina blue 396 auto Chevelle SS. One of the prettiest Chevys ever.
  10. Just as reference, there are a couple of beautiful unfired collector's pieces that came up on our classifieds today. I felt they were quite reasonably priced. I am not ashamed to say they are out of my price range but if I bought them (which I would) It would be unrealistic to expect I wouldn't shoot at least one of them. @monkeylizard There is always the option of carrying two, one for each hand or a New York reload.
  11. just another example of what happens to gun owners when we "compromise"
  12. problem being burden of proof. And cost of defense. Also of note should be Fed control over intrastate commerce.
  13. president and ATF can't enact or change the law. you would think the congressional yank on ATFs chain would deter this type of crap. Just another example of the fascist over-reach of the current admin.
  14. I had a 66 notch (not a coupe don't get me started LOL) in dark green almost the same as highland green. One of the cars I wish I'd kept. Just a plain 289 auto but it was fun. The first gen Ponies were fairly bulletproof and very light.


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