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  1. Brownells.com is running daily specials until Sunday.  You may have to be on their emailing list.  Today they had specials on barrels, lowers, mags, etc.
  2. I ditto what TGO David said. I love my 19. It's the perfect size for me whether I'm carrying or at the range.
  3. I either carry a Glock 26 or 19 in a crossbreed supertuck or a S&W 442 IWB or in a pocket holster.
  4. If you qualify for the Glock LE/mil discount you can order directly from Glock in Smyrna, GA. They will charge you TN sales tax and $10 for shipping which is still a good deal. If you need more info on this call them at 770-432-1202.
  5. Congratulations on your safe purchase. I bought the Liberty from GM a few years back. My wife wouldn't let me put it any place but in a closet, so I had to get the largest I could that would go through a 23' door.
  6. That could have turned out really bad. There have been customers in other places like this that were executed. Thank goodness this act didn't turn out like that.
  7. You guys are lucky to have a good place to shoot. Back when I was a kid through my forties, I had my dad's farm to shoot on. Now I live in a suburban area and don't have a place close by.
  8. mac12

    Outdoor Range

    This question has probably been asked before, but does anyone know of an outdoor range within fifty miles of Jackson, TN? I just bought a new AR and am looking for a place to shoot it.
  9. mac12

    S&W or Colt?

    I own a S&W 442 which I like a lot for its size. I can't comment on the Colt because I've never handled one.
  10. I am now facing this dilemma. I purchased a handgun for my son who lives in Texas. Can I legally let him carry the gun back to Texas to his FFL dealer and let them transfer it, or do I have to be present and carry it to Texas myself? Is the best option to let my FFL dealer ship it to his FFL? We're trying to hold down the expenses, but certainly don't want to do anything illegal.
  11. mac12

    help with 642

    I think I remember reading on another forum about a 642 that had a barrel that wasn't screwed in (or pressed in or however) straight and of course that would make a round go whichever way it was pointing. This is probably not what is wrong, but you could take a really close look.
  12. That is a bit of good news. Does anyone know if they still have a livestock auction there?
  13. Have you looked at the Walther PPS 40S&W? That could be my next gun if I have a next.
  14. Clint Eastwood and and and......I love all of the women.
  15. I believe that the LCP is what you are looking for.


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