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  1. Today was one of the worst games ever. Not heading in the right direction.
  2. That’s some bs right there. Obvious toy in his own room.
  3. Our house has a 8’x40’ porch. When it was being built I noticed the footings for the porch were at least 6’ deep. I asked the builder what are the plans for the porch. Normally the walls are built and filled with gravel and a slab poured on top. I told him to pour the porch footings at the same level as the house footings and build up block walls. We end up with a 8x40’ room With a concrete floor, poured and reinforced block and a poured in place 6” top. 8’ of the 10’ wall is under ground. I just need to add a 4’ door into the basement and we should have a pretty good storm shelter.
  4. I have a Ring spotlight and can't recommend it. Our's gives so many false alarms it is about worthless. Bugs set it off, rain sometimes sets it off, absolutely nothing sets it off. I used to get 20-30 false alarms each nite. Ring has a forum and when I posted there were hundred of the same complaints. Then overnight the complaints disappeared and there are no more negative posts. However I have a ring doorbell that works good. ???
  5. Here's another one with some great licks starting about 1:08. I'll stop now. I could do this all day
  6. Still love me some Johnny Winter. Just listen to the guitar in this
  7. I tried it once also. Took half a roll of tp to plug the leaks.
  8. The only gold in the “golden years” is the golden shower you get from life
  9. It's been a while but if my memory serves it is a German Variant Maxim. Like shooting a piece of history.
  10. Not an old photo but a old gun
  11. Still are some. A number are great technicians but don’t have the soul.
  12. Buddy Guy.............Just pick any one
  13. Stevie was incredible. If he had lived I think music might have taken a different track. Very few call themselves blues players anymore.
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