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  1. Glenn

    Gray pride!

    It's a common affliction of old men. noassatall
  2. I've managed to find a few boxes at gun shows..quite mild compared to what I used to hand load but did give me some brass.
  3. apparently you are correct. Years ago I went there and was told "we only sell to LEO"so I haven't been back. their website says open to the public.
  4. craigs is still there but is LEO only.
  5. This guys dad was a German guard and his mother was a Jewish nurse. I would like to know the details of that but it's way too personal to ask
  6. UPDATE apparently the lawyers in Germany took care of all the paperwork as my friend received a crate of personal items at customs. After signing a pile of papers he opened the crate and the mosin was included. I haven't seen it yet but he did say the front stock has been cut off. Cool to have a wwII rifle that you know the story.
  7. Thanks for the information. My friend will have to go it alone. I don't think I want to get involved. Seems like too much trouble, even for a family heirloom .
  8. Wow amazing for 1 gun when importers are bringing them in by the hundreds or thousands. I am sure my friend will not be able to afford that. That leaves his relatives in Germany to deal with it. It's hard to imagine what the rifle has been through. East Germany prohibited possession and I guess Germany still does
  9. Thanks for the link. I had searched ATF website but didn't find inherited. It looks cut and dried.
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to get an inherited relic into the US? A friend of mine has inherited a Mosin used by his father in WWII. The bizarre thing is his father was a German soldier who spent the latter part of the war as a camp guard. Apparently they were using whatever scrounged weapons they could get
  11. I still have a 357 maximum 10" contender. While the factory loads were rather anemic, 158 grain@1575 fps or so, handloads would produce 200 grain@ 2100 fps or so. Definatly get some attention.
  12. I always heard "a moon pie and a big yellar dope"
  13. Glenn

    Favorite Gun Oil

    here is an interesting test of lubes http://www.dayattherange.com/?page_id=3667
  14. I don't think the moisture is coming from outside. The outside walls are poured block and fully waterproofed and drained the same as the rest of the basement. the porch is under roof and does not get rained on. The concrete is poured on corrugated steel. (core form I believe it is called). I don't want to introduce outside air because the temperature fluctuations would make the room not suited for what I have in mind. I might try the sheets of insulation.
  15. The ceiling of the room is simply the corrugated steel form and about 5 inches of reinforced concrete. The room is not climate controlled. It opens to a large unfinished area of the basement thru a 4' door opening and seems to stay about 60 degrees year around. My intent was to install a vault type door but that is on hold because of the condensation. I tried running a dehumidifier,but that didn't seem to help and had to be emptied twice a day. I believe spray foam insulation on the ceiling is the only fix but I have been shocked at how much that costs. Wingshooter should consider this problem and plan for it.

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