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Found 147 results

  1. Experimenting with some 125 grain blue bullets in 9mm. Anyone have any experience with these? I have a good load worked up with HP-38 working on one with Accurate No5 and just picked up some Unique. So far I have found that you must put a good amount of bell on the case. These will be shot mostly in a Glock 19, S&W SD9VE and M&P 2.0 compact and will most like get shot from my dad’s hi power and shield.
  2. I own a Remington 673 in 6.5mm Remington Magnum. From searching all over various online sellers, I can't find anybody who sells this caliber (not even listed on Remington's own website). Any suggestions on where to source some? Or, has it been totally discontinued?
  3. Devastating rounds. Wonder how long these will last before they get outlawed by the government? https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/g9-bullets-review/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20190311_BlogDigest_320&utm_campaign=/digest/g9-bullets-review/ http://www.g9bullets.com/
  4. felinesNfreedom

    5.45X39 On sale at On Target

    Just a heads up, On target in Murfreesboro has their 5.45 on clearance at 3.75 a box for wolf and WPA for 4.99 I think.... I picked up 500 rounds of the black box wolf today.
  5. Can someone tell me what kind of 7.62 ammo this is?
  6. Today I stopped by Walmart in need of 30-06 as I don’t want to break into my stash of HXP M2 ball held in reserve to feed the Garand. They have Federal Power-Shock 150 gr SP for $11.97/box. Cheapest they sell so that’s what I wanted. Looked it up later to see what I bought and it appears Federal is running a $5 per box rebate. Score. It might take three months to get that $10 back but when it’s all said and done that’s a mighty fine price for ammo. I’m cheap like that.
  7. tnron

    22 tcm updates

    is anyone else reloading for the 22 tcm ? i have been for around 5 yrs now . so what powders and bullets do you like ?
  8. Reading elsewhere I saw a statement that Tennessee has a special tax on ammo. Since we will soon be moving to Tennessee, should I be bringing a truckload of ammo with me?
  9. bigun

    Good news

    Just got a notice from MidwayUSA that powder and primers can now be shipped together.
  10. Ray Z

    Loading 45/70

    Has anyone here loaded 45/70? I'm trying, but my shoulder is giving out. I'm shooting a Marlin 1895. I'm loading star brass with Speer 300gr HP's, 55grs of Varget. According to Lyman's book top load for Varget is 63grs. I've got a 12" gong at 165 yards that I'm using for a target. I've got it set on two chains from a saw horse. When I hit it, it almost spins all the way around. The rifle has almost dislocated my shoulder. Even after I put a recoil pad on it. No signs of pressure, except my busted arm. Any suggestions?
  11. I am relatively new to this shooting game (started in Dec 2015 with a SR22 Ruger and have added some more 22's and a 9MM and 380). Just saying not much of an expert on anything. A buddy does a lot of shopping online and locally in Sevierville, TN (Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo, Floyds Golf and Guns, BUD's Guns). He has helped with my ammo purchases above my own shopping. We sometimes share a large quantity purchase from online source to get FREE SHIPPING with large quantity (small quantities ADD SHIPPING and that generally throws price per round way off). Some sites save state tax as well. Anyway, I have a list of book marks for buying AMMO and will present a couple. Just thought maybe condense information. Maybe, someone benefit or provide some good ones from their experience. Target Sports USA (just recently bought some 380 from them - Blazer Brass 350 Rouds at $99.99 (will get $2 per 50 rounds or $14 back via Blazzer Brass Rebate = $12,28 per 50 round box = c$0.246 per round). TargetSportsUSA.com NOTE: Reason I don't like a 380 is AMMO Cost (best deal locally is $12.99 plus tax about $1.20 = $14.19 per box. Palmetto State Armory (friend and I shared a 22LR AMMO some months ago, he buys from them often) PalmettoStateArmory.com Bulk Ammo (I have not used, just one I had in bookmarks) BulkAmmo.com RKGuns (I have not used, my friend has -- they have local TN Stores, so tax I guess is a problem). RK Guns.com FFL Thing: Smky Mtn Guns & Ammo is $10 Fee and $10 Background check. BUD's is $10 if shipping to BUD's in TN from Online BUD's in KY. Save TN Sales Tax on guns shipped from some places. .
  12. A.J. Holst

    M&P Sport II owners

    Hi all, I have shot mine very little, but need to buy some ammo. Is there a particular off the shelf .223/.556 that seems to be more accurate? Thanks AJ
  13. Ronald_55

    300 Ham'r Released

    Just saw this today. They are calling it the 30-30 for the AR. Anyone know anything about it? https://www.ammoland.com/2018/08/new-300-hamr-cartridge-rifles-loaded-ammunition-barrels-components-and-accessor/#axzz5P8f87qij
  14. I'm getting ready to start reloading 357mag for a carbine rifle. I've got some Magnus 158gr JSP's (J-119) and I'll be using H110. Hodgdon's data shows that with a Hornady 158gr XTP the starting load is 15gr and max is 16.7 at COL of 1.580. I think I'll follow this being that it's the closest data to the Magnus bullet I can find. Does anyone load Magnus bullets? All advice welcome. Thanks. Her's a pic of the XTP and the Magnus J-119.
  15. Hi guys, does anyone reload for AR pistol 5.56? I am looking something with as little muzzle flash as possible. I use IMR-4895 and it is pretty bright out of 10.5 inch barrel. Any comments appreciated. Thanks Mac
  16. No longer content to just sell bullets, Sierra is entering the factory ammo world. I can't wait to try these out. https://www.recoilweb.com/sierra-steps-up-their-game-with-gamechanger-ammunition-145411.html
  17. Capbyrd

    185gr 9mm

    I want to see the numbers on this. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/01/21/shot-2019-seismic-ammunition-high-mass-loads/ No way that carries much energy. And two piece cases? Are we just making things too complicated now?
  18. CCI has announced a few new 22 loads. https://www.recoilweb.com/new-silencer-food-from-cci-145228.html There is a lot more at the link and its worth reading. I'm very interested in the blue nose as I've gotten to where I rarely shoot anything fast these days.
  19. GoneBallistic

    Reloading Aluminum Case

    I recently received some empty aluminum 9mm cases in a batch of misc. brass. I don't see why these can't be reloaded, but I've personally never heard of anyone actually doing it. Anyone have experience or potential issues I should be aware of? Thanks in advance. I did a brief search on this but came up empty. My apologies if it's already been discussed.
  20. Are people still looking for this ammunition? I am unsure of what it’s worth, don’t ever plan on shooting it so...may decide to sell. This is the 7N6 ammo Obama had banned from importation.
  21. I’m curious about the Whidden blackout trim die. It’s $60 where the Dillon is close to $190 (with tool head). Will the Whidden make the conversion or will a rough cut be necessary? Also need to know if their die will work with the Dillon tool head and vacuum setup. I can’t see any reason to spen $190 if $60 will do.
  22. Wade195

    338 Federal

    Hello everyone. recently I have been looking at the 338 Federal. I am curious if anyone has any experience with this round. From the outside looking in it looks good? Blessings Doug
  23. hey guys, I recently ran across a rare find ( I guess). Found 420 rounds of 5.56 ball ammunition still in bandoliers with the stripper clips and quick loaders all in the original green military steel ammo can. the bandoliers have a date of Mar 1971 (iirc). Anybody have any insight on if its safe to shoot? it looks like any other ammo ive ever seen but the brass is tarnished. A193 is the nomenclature of the ammo I believe. What would it be worth? as I no longer have an AR.
  24. I plan to use my Marlin 336 this year for whitetail. My shots won’t be over 50 yards max. Having never hunted with a 30-30 what ammo have you had the best luck with?
  25. Purchased the software about a year ago. Then realized ‘garbage in=garbage out’ so I then purchased a Pro Chrono for velocity measurements. I would like to spend some time with someone who is experienced with the software to learn “tip,tricks and traps” to get me over the initial hump of learning how to use Quickload. I’m a little overwhelmed with what the software can do and I am over analyzing everything. “Analysis Paralysis” I’ve printed out the Quickload manual and read through it several times. I do have many years of reloading behind my belt and recently got back into it after divorce, college, raising family and other life events that shifted my priorities. Could some kind soul allow me to spend an afternoon with them so I can pick their brains and experience? Willing to travel an hour or so and provide pizza and refreshments for your time.

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