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Found 209 results

  1. I'm doing some loads to shoot out of a conversion cylinder in my 1851 Navy. The instructions for the cylinder are to use 38 Long Colt or 38 Special wad cutters. I've got a good bit of 38 LC brass and want to load 148 grain hollow base wadcutters to get better obturation/grip on the rifling. I haven't found any 38 LC load data for 148 grain wadcutters, but have the data for 38 special. The question is if it is safe to load the wadcutters in the 38 LC brass using the COL and powder charge listed for the 38 special loads. It seems to me that the space inside the case of the 38 LC with the bullet protruding 1/8 inch out of the case would be the same as in the 38 special case. The pressure listed in the Lee manual for the 38 special wadcutters is actually less than for the 150 grain round nose that I have been loading in the 38 LC brass so I think I'm safe there. I thought I'd bounce my logic off some experts before loading them. These are not hot loads by the way.
  2. My recent fruitless search for a pound of IMR4895 has led me to think about the future of reloading. It seems that fewer and fewer stores carry reloading supplies, and the ones that do are poorly stocked. I can order brass and bullets on the web, but hazmat fees make powder and primers a brick and mortar proposition. I guess we reloaders are a dying breed.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has used .380+p ammo. I know most modern firearms say + p is ok for occasional use if it meets saami specs. Since there is no .380 +P specs, there is none saami approved. However I know of two companies making .380 + P ammo, Buffalo Bore and Underwood Ammo.Just curious if anyone has tried it in their .380 pistols.
  4. We have guns, but many don’t have a simple BB or pellet gun. They can be useful for persuading critters off your property, training new shooter, or just plinking cans. I like it for setting my sights in the garage before i go shooting. If you own a 22, you can have both with Aguila Colibri 420fps ammo. I made a video to show the primer only round (no gunpowder) that has a simple pellet tip. Standard bb guns shoot 390 to 590 fps. Pellet guns shoot around 720 fps. No gunpowder means not a firearm .
  5. So my indoor reloading location isn't ready yet, it's going to be a while. My Daughter's only a freshman in HS, so at least a couple years before she moves out. We have a shed outside, with a sturdy workbench I could mount my press to permanently (Rockchucker single stage). If I kept the powder, primers, etc. indoors, and left the brass, bullets, dies, etc. outside (in a sealed container), would that be a suitable reloading location? I realize it's not ideal, but right now the press is attached to a board I clamp to the kitchen table.... and hardly ever do so as a result. I'm just wondering what negative effects the temperature fluctuations and humidity might have? The shed is vented to outside air, so will equalize with the ambient conditions. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks.
  6. What make a 22 dirty? The type of power, the way it's fired > rim instead of center? My 22 rifle (single, bolt) doesn't seem to get any "dirtier" than my 9mm handgun, with the same amount of rounds fired. ===== In my youth (20's I'm 69 now) I don't remember 22 being dirty.
  7. I’m interested in picking up some tracer rounds and I’ve been watching this video which has given me some questions. First, do you think something as small as a 22LR would be visible in overcast light with it being such a small round? Second, with these cartridges already being dirty do you think this will cause even more nastiness in the bore? Third, these are the most unreliable cartridges as it is, would tracers make them any more unreliable?
  8. You probably saw a couple of months ago where Walmart announced they wouldn't be selling pistol ammunition. I had been watching and while there had been some markdowns there wasn't any price that couldn't be beat with bulk buying and in particular with Black Friday Specials and rebates happening. That changed as it has now dropped to 50% off today, or at least it did at the Ft. Henry Drive Kingsport location. I was actually alerted to it by the clerk as I came up to check on prices. It was it won't last long if all the sporting goods clerks are that proactive in letting folks know, but you may be able to snag a deal or too. I couldn't pass up 9mm Rem UMC 250 rd mega packs for $25. It was also a good excuse to buy some premium self defense ammo at a great price. The earlier discounts had thinned some of the variety down, but it seemed that every common caliber still had something on the shelf. I don't know if this is system wide or just a single store, but its worth checking if you need more ammo.
  9. There is no reason I can see why 380 ammo is roughly twice the price of 9mm. That is all.
  10. I've been reloading for 5 years or so and now I'm thinking about getting in to casting. The main reason is to learn how and have that skill if needed. I've been to some websites like castboolits.com but I'm also looking for recommendations for videos or books that would help me learn. I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks
  11. I've got a problem with my new [to me] hi cap 45. I'm hoping someone with more experience with that caliber can help out. It's nose diving 3-4 times with each mag. I'm using 230 gr Montana Gold JHPs @ 1.225oal and 5gr solo 1000. I've only got .090 left before I run out of flat on the mouth of the case, so I can't go much shorter. Anybody got any suggestions?
  12. I do not reload so looking for some ideas for this project. I need 25 .45 Long Colts for display in Cowboy belt.after talking to some Cowboy shooters they say Nickel ammo ,new or cleaned with no primer. Brass will tarnish on leather. Round nose lead,250 grain or so.. How would I crimp with no reloader? Tried David and several vendors at gun shows,no luck. Thanks Will
  13. What is causing this and how do I fix it? I'm using a Dillon 550. Seating die in station 3 only seats the bullet. I have a Lee Factory Crimp die in station 4. Everything is perfect until the 4th station where I feel the case buckle. I reseated the crimp die. I put a good round in there, raise a dummy round and screw in the die until it makes contact. Lower the dummy round and turn in 1/4 of a turn. I raise it up, no issue; very slight crimp but not enough to hold the bullet well (I'm able to push hard and lower the bullet). I screw in the crimp die 1/8 of a turn; and what you see below is what I get. I've tried several cases including new never fired cases. I must have loaded several thousand rounds of 223 by now and this is the first I've seen this. I did not make any drastic changes. In fact, prior to this, I was had loaded about 20 perfect rounds.
  14. Hello. I recently picked up a Dan Wesson CBob (Classic bobtail) in 45ACP. I tried my typicaly 200 Gr + 4.0 gr of Bullseye. That load has been consistently accurate out of other 1911s and Sig p220s. On the Dan Wesson, while groups can cover a playing card, POI is consistenly about 3 inches high. At 7-10 years, they are about 1-2 inches high. I'm shooting with a sandbag. I'm curious on a few things... My loads are light; do light loads tend to shift POI higher? I read that light bullets print lower; I wonder if I make some 185s and see if that makes a difference. Are DW 1911 barrels better with different bullet weights? My mistake is I did not bring any factory rounds; I'll try that next week. Any feedback or lessons would be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I have some range pick up 7.62x51 brass I picked up. I have a good load for my 308 brass using Reloader 15. I know 762 brass is sometimes thicker and less capacity. Will it be enough to cause a problem or should I back up my powder charge when using 7.62 brass? I have read both ways.
  16. What are good prices now? I just bought 200 rounds for 53.53$ out the door. Brass case federal 55 grain. That is just under 27¢ per round.
  17. I noticed the other day that I was very low on .38 factory ammo. My preferred SD round has always been the tried and true 158gr SWCHP +P. Commonly referred to as the "FBI Load". it was pretty much the standard Police load back when wheel guns were king. Over the years this load has been made by Federal, Remington and Winchester. I got to searching the internet and it seems that this load is getting hard to find. It just ain't out there. I did find some Winchester at $46 per box. After a bit of searching I found Lucky Gunner had Federal for $20 per box of 50. Depending on how much you buy, with shipping and tax, it'll run about $22-23 per box. That's a heck of a deal folks! So if you're like me and have a fondness for revolvers, now is a good time to stock up on this ammo. Lucky Gunner .38 Spl 158gr SWCHP
  18. At an auction the other night the seller had a case of Remington 22 LR ammo, 500 ct per box. He never ran it for auction. As the request section of the auction started I asked about them. He wants $20 per box. The auction company adds 10% onto all sales. So now that box will cost $22. I did a walk through at walmart, I don't shop there. They had 2 different boxes of Remington 22 LR , both are 550 ct boxes. Ones is $19.49 and the other is $19.97. Get to know prices before you head to an auction.
  19. I have some 125 grain Gallent coated bullets I want to load with unique. The only cast data I have with 124/125 grain cast bullets is with Speer #15 data. It shows 125 cast with 4.1-4.5 grains of unique at 1.13 COL. 1.13 wont plunk I loaded 1.10 at 4.2 grain and the slide didn’t lock open. Should I try this load again or bump up to 4.2-4.4?. Just want to make sure I was not riding the slide lock. Any suggestions? Still fairly new to this.
  20. http://cartridgecollectors.org/?page=headstampcodes Just a FYI.
  21. I bought a box of this at Cookeville Academy. .45 ACP 230 gr. hp. It was $24.00 for 100 rd. box.
  22. I found this company through THR and they have good prices and free shipping. I wish they sold lead projectiles though. https://www.rmrbullets.com/ Bill
  23. Anyone a member? Decent pricing and discounts? PRIME MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Buy Ammo at Wholesale Pricing Buy ammo at discounted pricing all year long and save! Free Shipping on ALL Orders
  24. This is a unique combination https://leeprecision.com/app-automatic-processing-press/

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