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Found 108 results

  1. We're coming up on fishing... and snake season. What are some effective snake shot rounds you've loaded for the 38 Special, without using the plastic capsules? I like the complete "roll your own" loads. Some say the larger size bird shot penetrate better and others say the smaller #12 shot effects more of the nervous system and there's no wriggling after the shot. I've also seen some vids that seem to suggest a shorter barrel patterns better than a longer barrel. Anybody got any experience with their loads in the field...or on the river bank?
  2. Sierra Bullets has been acquired by Clarus Corporation (NASDAQ: CLAR) for the sum of $79,000,000, “subject to a post-closing working capital adjustment”. Sierra is one of the world’s leading producers of bullets for hunters, sportsmen, and target shooters. With revenues topping $30,000,000 per year, Sierra has long been a major force in the firearms world. Clarus, formerly Black Diamond Inc., is a Utah-based holding company which “seeks opportunities to acquire and grow businesses that can generate attractive shareholder returns”. Clarus also owns Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., maker of outdoor equipment/clothing for the climbing, skiing and mountain sports markets. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2017/08/sierra-bullets-being-acquired-by-clarus-corporation/
  3. bersaguy


    If any of the guys that have said they wanted some of my brass reloads 10MM I will send you 70 pieces of 10mm free. It was all I found during the sorting.
  4. Tired of the noise and wear with my vibrating tumbler. Any thoughts about rotary tumblers (wet or dry) and brand suggestions? Considering Frankfort Arsenal Platinum Series
  5. Has anybody but me had a problem with cases splitting on once fired 30-30? 9 out of 10 of mine split at the neck the first time I try to reload them. After trying 50 or so cases I gave up.
  6. 350 round Remington range buckets for $65 including tax and free shipping. Not as cheap as they were on Black Friday with the rebates but still about as cheap as I could find any online. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/remington-umc-9mm-brass-115-grain-pistol-target-ammunition-bucket#repChildCatid=3376324 Also posted this in the general chat but I just realized Academy offers 5% cash back through active junky and if you sign up through my referral link below you’ll get $10 extra after your first purchase of $25 or more. Also PSA and Brownells are on there. You’ll need to go through active junky when you make the purchase though not the academy link. https://www.activejunky.com/invite/1065765 Also Winchester is currently doing 25% rebates on all centerfire pistol ammo excluding 9mm.
  7. CZ9MM

    Polymer Cases

    I found an article very interesting in Guns & Ammo this month. The manufacturer of the topic is: http://www.truevelocityinc.com/ I immediately thought of weight savings in using polymer instead of brass casings, but something that did not occur to me is that weapons will operate cooler on the polymer casings. Brass transfers heat quite well, polymer doesn't. As such, when fired, once the casing is ejected, most of the heat goes with it. Of course the barrel will still get hot, but the brass will no longer directly transfer heat to the chamber and surournding parts. I found that interesting. Through their tests, an M134 minigun operates 20% cooler at the bore on these rounds. I am now convinced that polymer ammo will likely be the future of shooting, at least until we get ray guns. The article didn't mention anything about it, but I doubt that these casings can be reloaded. I'm sure there will always be a brass segment to the market for reloading, but if factory brass ammunition widely disappears, it will have to contribute to a rise in the cost of reloading. I'd like to buy a box of 5.56 from them, but I don't think they are selling commercially yet. I just think the rounds look cool, and I'd like to buy a box to keep just in case some flaw is found in the idea and never catches on.
  8. What do you guys do to settle a load of powder? When I use stick powder like Varget in a bottleneck cartridge " 308" that there are times when, even though I am using a long tube on my powder funnel and all the same brand of case I don't have enough room for all the powder. I'd have to check, but I think I drop 37 gr. of varget out of the powder measure into the case. After tapping the case on the bench top a dozen of so time almost the whole inside if the neck is showing. This is a butt pain, it breaks my concentration, and it slows me down. What do you guys do in a case like this?
  9. Gotthegoods

    WWB and WM

    First time I've been in a WM in a while to do any shopping. Strolled through gunz n ammo. Good to great selection of WWB. I was forced to buy a 150 value pack of 124 9mm for $27 and change. As a side note, I haven't bought any Win ammo in 10 years (and I couldn't tell you why) Across the brands on the shelf, 9mm target ammo seems to be hovering around $10- $11 / 50 round box
  10. Looking to pick up 1000 rounds of brass 5.56, since that is the only caliber i dont stock. What would be the best place to get it. All the local store prices are kinda crappy. I also need to pick up more 00 buck for my shotgun. And its almost $1 a round everywhere i have looked. Is that even right?
  11. Ive bought and shot probably 7-8000 rounds of Freedom Munitions before... This is my first time trying their "American Steel" line, I purchased it "New" not reman... So Im a bit saddened to see this...
  12. Anyone have a 3d printer, and have you tried printing one of these parts? It's to keep primers from jumping out of the ram, so you don't have to keep the primer attachment on the ram, if you prime off the press. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1972400
  13. bersaguy

    sorting brass

    Ok so I been sorting out this bucket of brass I have and what I have been sorting is 38 Spl, 40 Cal, 10MM, 9mm, 45 cal and 380 calibers. Are there any of these that I am wasting my time sorting. If there is a caliber that folks don't reload there is no sense in saving the brass. I have no clue what people reload so any input would be greatly appreciated. Bersaguy
  14. Well the sorting is done and the 5 gallon bucket is empty. Now the counting and bagging begins. I'm sure it will be as boring as the sorting was but it at least gave me something to do which is about what the counting will do. If I don't get any one interested in the 38 Spl brass I'm not going to count it and bag it till someone speaks up wanting it. No sense in wasting the bags till it has a new home. I was not aware that the 38 Specials were so popular till I started sorting the brass.........................
  15. Had been having problems with static electricity, in my funnel with CFE powder. Tried different things/suggestions, some helped for a while, always returned. Got to prowling on the 'net, & found an aluminum funnel that is static free. It's also caliber specific ( only fits one caliber). I ordered one for my 9MM, it works like a charm....no more static, plus, it sits on the mouth of the case, don't have to hold it up. Ordered from Brownells, about $12 = S/H. Worth it. Some of you guys may already be aware of this , but this is for some of the newbees, that may be having the same issue.
  16. Any cast bullet guys try Trailboss for 45/70? I recently picked up an H&R that I want to play with. Bought some Missouri 300 gr. cast that I'd like to make some plinking loads with. Any past experience on such?
  17. Found one orange tipped round in a bag of 30 Carbine ammo that I bought @ an auction a few months ago . Just got it into the daylight this (Sunday) afternoon . Any one know what it designates ? I don't have a Carbine but now have some to trade or shoot. Thanks !
  18. Looking for a little 'baseline' info. I am not 'new' to reloading, but something I thought would be a walk in the park now has me seeking advice. I picked up a boat-load of German (MEN) 7.62 which has proven reliable in my FAL. I've been chasing the brass around for a while now and figured I'd re-load some. Got another deal on Hornady 155 gn BTHP from Midway, and I was enthusiastic about this particular bullet as it has a cannalure exactly where it should be and these are destined for the FAL, a good solid crimp seems prudent... and it was really inexpensive. Looked up some load data for 155 gr bullets to select a powder and settled on Hodgdon BL-C (2). Hodgdon data recommends a 45 gr starting load with a maximum of 48 gr. Now it gets interesting. Brass was de-capped full length re-sized using a Lee .308 Winchester die, and tumbled for a day. MEN does not appear to stake in primers so I did not need to mess with primer pockets. I seated Winchester WLR Standard Large Rifle primers. I dropped my first charge in the case (45 gr) and it was REALLY close to the neck. Puzzled, I threw a 48 gr charge and put this in a second case. This was well into the neck of the case... there is no way this is gonna work! I checked calibration on my digital scale and it's perfect. I did a little looking around on the internet and discovered that 7.62 brass is 'typically' thicker and may have a heaver 'web' than .308. I have not attempted to do a case volume measurement, I've never messed with this before. I am assuming (and you know what that means) the MEN cases are markedly smaller internally than the Winchester brass used to produce the Hodgdon data. From what I am 'observing, it looks to me like 45 grs is going to be about max without compressing, and there is no way I want to start compressing a ball powder! With bullet at the cannalure, LOA will be exactly 2.80 inches. So the question here, is how far back should I go to select a 'starting' charge. My gut is telling me maybe 42 gr, and work up in half grs from there. Any thoughts??
  19. What are you guys carrying that feeds great and is reliable in 45ACP in 230 grains ? I am talking about carry ammunition and not range stuff. I reload but I keep hearing that people should carry factory ammo for "liability" and all. I will be carrying this ammo in a Glock 30 , 21 , and a 1911 .
  20. We just can't win Weak sales and a declining gun market increased the price of ammunition in recent months, and companies are gearing up for another price increase this spring, Bloomberg News reports. After record sales in 2016, the gun industry is seeing declining purchases, and that downturn is steadily driving up the cost for ammunition. “Shooting Sports recorded third-quarter sales of $286 million, down 21 percent from $361 million in the prior year quarter, as a result of persistent lower demand in the market for ammunition and firearms,” Vista Outdoor Inc CEO Chris Metz said during an earnings call Thursday. Vista, which owns dozens of ammunition brands, saw profits decline 47 percent in 2017. The company raised ammunition prices once in January and plans to raise prices modestly in April. It expects competitors to do the same. Other companies have noticed declining sales, and Remington Outdoor Co., one of America’s oldest gunsmiths, filed for bankruptcy protection Monday in the midst of the slump. “There is no fear-based buying right now,” James Debney, CEO of American Outdoor Brands Corp., formerly Smith & Wesson, said on a December call with investors. Between 2006 and 2016, gun sales reached several record highs, if one measures sales through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. http://dailycaller.com/2018/02/16/ammo-prices-are-going-up-heres-why/
  21. http://www.sgammo.com/product/223-556mm-ammo/1000-round-can-magtech-556mm-ball-m193-military-surplus-ammo-cbc-556mil Is anyone familiar with this? Generally good reviews on the internet.
  22. I’m looking for 243 ammo. The price of Sellier & Bellot is pretty low. Is it any good for range use?
  23. I’m thinking about buying one of these 2 and curious if any of you guys have experience with them. Is the Lab radar worth the extra money? I like that you can shoot for groups and record velocity at the same time with the Lab Radar since it’s not hanging from the barrel. I’ve looked call over for a used one but it looks like folks hold onto them once they buy one.
  24. Dolomite_supafly

    Goodbye Russian ammunition

    Our Republican congress has passed sanctions that will affect the importation of Russian ammunition. If you shoot ANY ammunition that is made in or imported from the Russian republics this will affect you. Tula is the biggest brand that is going to be banned but it will also affect a lot more brands as well. It requires Trump to put into effect five different sanctions. Any one of the list would greatly affect us but he must choose five off the list. That ensures we will never see this ammunition again. Remember this was passed by "conservative" representatives WE put into office. Our representatives are the ones who banned VEPR rifles and now they are going to ban a lot more things, including ammunition, from importation. Baikal, manufacturer of budget shotguns will also be banned form import. Here is a list of companies that are banned from doing business in the US. It also has a list of the sanctions that will be imposed on those companies come January 29th. https://www.whitecase.com/publications/alert/state-department-identifies-parties-operating-defense-and-intelligence-sectors The sanctions were voted on and passed by the congress that WE put in office and will go into affect 29 January. So once again our "conservative" leaders have screwed over gun owners. I am telling you they want the populace unarmed so they can exert even more control over us. That is why they are refusing to do ANYTHING to advance gun rights, unless it gives them control over us or increases their personal wealth. There is plenty of pro gun legislation they could easily pass, with popular opinion, yet they refuse to do so. Washington is corrupt and broken as well as almost every single representative in our state. I am done voting for any conservative because they have continued to lie, cheat and steal their way into office and once there they refuse to listen to those they represent. Four years, that is how long I have been trying to get a response from one of my representatives, four years. They have zero interest in listening to those who have elected them. It sickens me to think I voted for them the last election, I will not make that mistake ever again. So from now on I am no longer voting party lines, if it has an "R" next to its name I will not vote for them. If no independent is on the ballot I will default to voting for a "D". I would rather deal with a "enemy" that is honest about what they are trying to steal rather than a "ally" who steals from me when I am not looking.
  25. pop pop

    Cor Bon DPX

    the-armory.com Has Corbon DPX on sale for 19.99 + Shipping. Just purchased 8 boxes of 115 gr 9MM + P DPX. Good price guys.

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