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  1. Hi guys I was looking for a 9mm die set and looks like Christmas 2021 maybe. I found a used set, but I don't think they are carbide. If I am not planning on loading a pickup truck load of 9mm's do you think non carbide ones will do the trick?? Thanks Mac
  2. They are from 1990 so I can’t find any info. Box doesn’t say. I don’t have a magnet handy. expandable thumbs:
  3. Both online sellers have almost nothing available & prices are stupid. 9mm-41.5 Cents a round @ ammoman.
  4. Are people really this stupid? He actually has two ad's on GOC................http://www.###.com/listings/firearms/rifles/512588.html Bill
  5. Found some 9mm Blackwater ammo locally and was wondering if anybody has used it. Looks like good ammo just never heard anything about it. Thanks
  6. Ammo and or reloading supplies, components for making your own. Seems we may have the need to use it, if things keep on going the way they are. If the zealots don't accept the results of this Nov. elections like they did the last one could get pretty exciting around the big cities this fall and winter. Ammo will be a valuable commodity.
  7. Does anyone have a box or two of 5MM ammo they don't need anymore and might want to sell? It is impossible to find it new. Thanks guys.
  8. I’m looking to get back into rifle reloading. I did the bulk pistol thing on a Dillon 550 when I was doing a lot of competitive shooting and just got sick of reloading. Once the word normalizes I plan to get a nicer single stage press to load rifle ammo. I’m really leaning heavily toward the Hornady Iron press but looking for some advice and recommendations. I would eventually get a trickle powder measure but would initially rely on manual powder dump. My main reason for the Hornady is to take advantage of the lock and load system.
  9. Finely used the last of my powder for 223/308. Got to go buy more. Things have changed a lot since I bought the surplus powder. What should I buy? 223-55 and 62gr 308-150 and 168gr
  10. Big problems at my last 'three' USPSA matches. I've got casings stuck so tightly in the barrel chamber they will not eject. I've had to hold the slide as hard as I can and punch the grip many times to eject the casing. Needless to say how my match results turned out. I use a number of brands of ammo and all new, never reloaded [best deals you know], I just dump a few hundred into my little ammo can to make sure I have more than enough for the day and go. Long story short and I'm going to get to the bottom of this issue. I dumped out the 200 rounds or so when I got home and inspected each of them. Of the 200, four of them the projectile was way too far pressed into the casing. I assume that would cause a casing expansion issue? Upon further inspection, it was all Winchester White Box. I don't know if this is normal quality control or just a bad batch I picked up? Anyone else had issues with WWB? You're zipping along doing pretty well and having fun when this time consuming jam occurs and wrecks your entire match and day. Disappointing. I suppose the best solution is to individually inspect each round for deformities before use... Who pays attention to the ammo when you're rushing to reload magazines for the next stage? Being a R.O. at 67 years old, having to pay the same match fees, not having the time to re-hydrate or sit down to relax a minute or two, having to rush my reloading, and these consistent severe jams are starting to wear me down and it's becoming work and not pleasure. Looks like with age I'm becoming a whiner.
  11. Lately I’ve been curious to know what I could get away with in the back yard. Have really wanted to try some CCI Quiets but none are readily available locally....as in I want them now without driving all over town. Went to Academy today needing something else and checked the .22 shelf just in case their online inventory was wrong. No CCI’s but they did have a couple of boxes of the Super Colibri. Known about these for years but never fooled with them because didn’t think they’d clear the barrel of my old 27” Winchester 67A. Well, today’s version of that ammo is not primer only. There is in fact a little bit of powder in there. Enough to easily clear a 27” barrel, punch right through an aluminum water bottle at 8 yards, and satisfy my immediate urge. Not any louder than a pellet gun at all. I’m about to rain hell on chipmunks.
  12. Anybody know what this stuff is worth these days? On 5 round strippers, in bandoleers.MF F4 83 headsatamp
  13. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/department-of-defense-chooses-hornady-65-creedmoor-ammo/375762 As a recent adopter of the 6.5 CM round I think this is pretty cool. I really think it’s going to eat into the .308’s market share in a serious way.
  14. I finally found the ammo my new orange man bought and paid for CZ 457 American target rifle likes. The price of $11.00 a box sux but if I can hit aspirin and plastic push pins @ 50 yards with it, I'll gladly pay to play the game. Bill
  15. I wanted to post a follow-up to a casting question I had late last year. I was looking into getting into casting and had a member here, @RedlegEd, respond and offer to show me the ropes. Ed had me over two times, once to check out his casting setup and another time to let me cast and powder coat before i invested in my own equipment. I had a great time and can't thank Ed enough for his help and guidance. I enjoyed it enough to invest in a Lee 4-20 pot, a 9mm mould, some lead and powder coat. I was recently was able to get it all setup and use it all for the first time to cast a couple hundred projectiles and powder coat them all. Here are some pictures of all I was able to accomplish. I wanted to give Ed a big shout out here for all his help and patience.
  16. I have the following 20-gauge self-defense ammo for sale. I am in Hermitage but am in Nashville several times a week. 5 boxes Winchester Super X Deer and Predator 20 gauge 2 3/4-inch 1200 FPS 20 pellets #3 buck 5 boxes Federal Premium Personal Defense 20 gauge 2 3/4-inch 1100 FPS 24 pellets #4 buck 5 boxes Federal Premium Vital Shock Rifled Slug 20 gauge 2 3/4-inch 1600 FPS 3/4 oz 5 boxes Federal Premium Power Shok Rifled Slug 20 gauge 2 3/4-inch 1600 FPS 3/4 oz 4 rounds Federal Premium Power Shok Rifled Slug 20 gauge 2 3/4-inch 1600 FPS 3/4 oz 11 rounds Rio 20-gauge Buckshot 2 3/4 9 # pellet 4 rounds Federal Premium PD #4 buck 3 20-gauge snap caps $125 for all. Selling as a lot only. Will not separate. Not interested in trades. Thank you.
  17. My recent fruitless search for a pound of IMR4895 has led me to think about the future of reloading. It seems that fewer and fewer stores carry reloading supplies, and the ones that do are poorly stocked. I can order brass and bullets on the web, but hazmat fees make powder and primers a brick and mortar proposition. I guess we reloaders are a dying breed.
  18. SGAmmo, LuckyGunner, Ammoman…..No new orders, no availability. Things are really getting stupid.
  19. Some of them are known and/or obvious to me (hollow point), other's not so much? What's the point to all the _____ they're doing to bullets these days? I mean besides moving more product. Specifically to my Sunday problem, I'm shopping for more reloading bullets at Berry's bullets (berrysmfg.com). I have a few boxes of their 124 gr round-nose 9mm plated target bullet, have used it for a few years, works just fine for me (I carry w/ 124 gr gold dot, so want to practice with similar). But I noticed now they've got flat-nosed, and several with a large empty cavity at the back of the bullet (vs. the typical boat-tail style I see and am familiar with its purpose in rifle rounds). They also carry a 'target hollow point'...huh? Thick plate vs. thin plate? Whycome? I always bought the round-nosed practice rounds because they were supposed to feed better. Liked it better when I only had 2 choices, LOL! I was just going to order another couple boxes of the usual, but curious about the purpose or purported benefit to the added features I'm seeing in the marketplace. Product description doesn't list a reason for the feature. Thanks. - K
  20. Below is a comparison photo I took of my 14 rnd extended 45 acp M&P mag next to my 15 rnd 40 S&W M&P mag. (The 15 rnd 40 M&P mag is the same size as a 17 rnd 9mm for reference.) One might say, duh, the 45 is a larger round, what did you expect? I just thought it was a good visual of how much more space the 45 round requires when it comes to magazine capacity.
  21. Does the flat point on a pistol bullet have any other function besides not going through a bulletproof vest?
  22. I know we've all seen and discussed the current run on ammo and the value of having the ability to load your own. I've also read many posts here over the past few years encouraging folks to stock up because of the historically low prices and availability . I imagine most heeded that advice. If this editorial is factual, it looks like another shortage may be upon us. I am glad I took advantage of the Black Friday deals members recommended and got some great buys on components as I primarily shoot handloads. What are your thoughts on this editorial and it's content? https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/economics-ammunition/374730?fbclid=IwAR33LUzNvC__tD5skk8giwUjQfdiGTgUh22JD_xQS4IV5jS4Li4JGysX2aQ
  23. The newbies and have not's are in for a surprise that could last for the foreseeable future, I'm glad not to be included in those groups. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/economics-ammunition/374730?fbclid=IwAR33LUzNvC__tD5skk8giwUjQfdiGTgUh22JD_xQS4IV5jS4Li4JGysX2aQ
  24. Looking at a vintage double hammered, double triggered, double barrel JJ Weston (Belgium made) with Damascus barrels. Assuming the gunsmith gives the green light on safety, where's a source for period safe 2-1/2" shells? Not planning to shoot much, but I can't resist just once or twice
  25. I wondered if anybody has had experience with this. I'm shooting out of a 2' barreled .357 Magnum. The load is a +p level .38 Spl. I think its the ahort barrel and soft lead. They shoot good out of a 6" gun.

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