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Found 72 results

  1. If I may.............

    While I'm convalescing my wife won't let me do anything meaningful. So, if y'all will indulge my posts here abouts, a few cartridges: These are some variations of old .45 caliber rounds, all commercial: The notes below are the headstamps of the rounds. The nickeled case round is from one of the first boxes of ammunition I bought many years ago for my Colt New Service. Some .44s: The .44 Remington is unmarked, but the case is Remington, but I believe the round is a reproduction. And, sort of the progression from .44 R.F. to .44 Magnum: I believe the .44 S&W is in reality just a centerfire Henry. The first Smith & Wesson No.3 submitted to the Army was rimfire, and the Army returned it wanting a centerfire. According to what I have read, it the gun was simply changed to centerfire without changing the chamber dimensions. Early cartridges loaded for the US Army: Thanks for looking. Bob Wright
  2. Does anyone use the Inline Fabrication System for mounting your reloading presses and other gear?
  3. 9mm ammo at PSA

    Fair deal on range ammo + free shipping on 20 boxes. I've shot quite a bit of this and never had a problem http://palmettostatearmory.com/blazer-9mm-luger-115gr-fmj-50rd.html
  4. Bellet seating....

    My RCBS seating dies use the same seating stem for .44 Special, .44 Magnum, and .45 Colt, so I keep the seating stems separate in a wooden box. (I have this affinity for wooden boxes) My die is already set for crimping, so in order to get the correct seating depth, I made up some inert rounds: I then run the correct dummy round up into the die, then insert the seating stem until it contacts the bullet nose. And, just for a newbie to show off, my shell holder box: Bob Wright tipoc
  5. Ive bought and shot probably 7-8000 rounds of Freedom Munitions before... This is my first time trying their "American Steel" line, I purchased it "New" not reman... So Im a bit saddened to see this...
  6. So DJT has been in office for roughly nine months. In that time .22LR has made it's way back on to the shelves just about everywhere. I've been places and seen cases and cases of .22LR on display for sale. Clearly the shortage is no longer there. That being said the price of a brick of cheep plinking .22LR is still above $25-30 in most places. I know that seeing $15 bricks is a thing of the past but what's keeping the price so high? Is it the manufactures, the wholesalers, or retailers?
  7. 22 Magnum VS 17HMR

    Having posted about the possibility of using a 22 magnum for coyotes, I got interested in the subject and saw many articles on using the 17HMR. It seemed to me that most articles favored the 22 mag to the 17HMR for larger predators such as coyotes. While I'm still on the side of a more reliable humane kill and feel that even the 22 mag is at the bottom of my list of coyote cartridges, I thought this information was very enlightening to both the 22 magnum guys and those that like the 17HMR. personally, I'm sticking with with a 44 magnum cause I really love to shoot the Marlin 1894 I have in that caliber and I have a lot of ammo for it I bought cheap from a neighbor that sold me the gun. http://www.chuckhawks.com/compared_17HMR_22WMR.htm
  8. Buddy got some 250gr hornady xtp .452 bullets instead of a .451 he's using Winchester 231 powder. All either of us can find is to use 5.1gr for 800-900fps. Does anyone have any other info on that setup by chance before he starts testing?
  9. I bought this from David but I'm not sure what I have, any help would be appreciated. I bought it a while back and don't have notes for it etc.
  10. My first squib!

    I had my first and hopefully last squib today. I actually tried to cycle another round in the chamber but luckily it was far enough back not to let the slide close. Dumb move on my part! If something seems wrong stop and check it out. I thought I would pass this along so maybe somebody could learn from my stupid mistake.
  11. I got an email from AmmoFast.com today that showed "Aguila 12 Gauge MINISHELL". Has anyone used these? Looks like they come in 7.5 shot, slug and buckshot. They are 1 3/4 Inch, so they are touting that you can double the capacity of your pump. They are not for Semis. Interesting idea I guess if you worry about number of shots. At $1 a round, it is not the cheapest thing ever. The Remington Buckshot I just bought with a rebate comes out to about $0.40 per shot. So thoughts? Here is a link if anyone want to look. Buckshot Slug I have never bought from AmmoFast, but it seems like thye have lots of gimmick ammo.
  12. Just in case you need to stock up. TEMPORARY SALE - 1000 round case - 7.62x39 FMJ BT Golden Tiger 124 grain Russian Ammo $189.90 Estimated shipping: $22.00 http://www.sgammo.com/product/golden-tiger/temporary-sale-1000-round-case-762x39-fmj-bt-golden-tiger-124-grain-russian-amm
  13. Haven't seen deals like this in a bit. Get it while you can. Good shooting ammo if you don't need brass. Made to run in battle rifles like Fals and hk91's. Comes out to about $0.40 a round shipped. 540rd cases: http://www.sgammo.com/product/308-win-762x51-ammo/540-round-can-762x51mm-l2a2-ball-surplus-ammo-malaysia-146-grain-bi-meta also have 900rd cases at same price http://www.sgammo.com/product/308-win-762x51-ammo/900-round-crate-762x51mm-l2a2-ball-surplus-ammo-malaysia-146-grain-bi-me
  14. Home made shot?

    Yep I did it, been working on this for a few weeks. Picked up the pan and drippers from ebay. Coolant is cheap wally world fabric softener. Ammo cans stacked so the ramp is just clear of the coolant, large can to catch the over flow of coolant. I am using an electric stove top element and mapp torch to get things going and to keep the drippers flowing. The drippers will cool a bit and the torch keeps them warm. I made 5 lbs in about 30 mins, not bad for 3rd try. Size is 7 to 9 shot, some 11.
  15. 25ACP fun

    Yes it is a little round, 40 to 50 grans boolit, .5 to 1.5 grans of powder. Shell not much bigger than a 22 LR, and the small pistol primer fills the back end of the case. I cast for the little thing as well, a bit tedious at times, heck all the time. All that said I cast, powder coated and loaded a few this week end. I have 2 molds, a RCBS 25-50-RN, it drops a 50 gran boolit at .254, good looking boolit 2 at a time. The 2md ,mold a MeHic 25 HP that drops 3 at a time at 45 grans and .251. The green ones are the RCBS and the gray are the HP boolits. Since my powder measure will not drop less that 2.5 grans I made dippers, the top one is .5 for titegroup, the right one is 1.3 for green dot, the left was a test. Testing was good, no miss-feeds and hit a paper plate at 10 and 15 feet, with a less then 3 inch barrel I dont shoot out past 20 feet. It is a perfect round for getting varmints out of the chicken pen.
  16. CCI SV .22LR

  17. 30-06 M2 ball

    Does anyone know where to buy some in middle TN? I want to shoot my dad's Garand on the Fourth of July.
  18. So I know all you guys could fit the ammo you have in your house in a sandwich bag....lol So just curious how you would store your ammo if you had a decent amount. I am not real happy with my solution at the moment. I would like for it to be secure, but buying a safe just for ammo is probably not going to happen. Then there is protection from moisture. Not that I want to store it in an aquarium, but just to make sure my steel case does not rust. Also, having 25 ammo cans stacked up is not real handy if I need the bottom can. Plus space in my "armory" a.k.a. the garage is limited. So what do you guys use? Thanks in advance.
  19. Had a Thunderbolt fail to eject from my Ruger Mk IV Monday (yea I know about the recall from Ruger but mine is shooting fine and I'm following the rules so will continue shooting it till the box shows up to send it back) and this is what I found when I pried it out.
  20. I just saw it myself, CCI primers, no hazmat charge and FREE shipping. Coupon code on the home page-Bill
  21. Has anyone tested, or has seen a report on expansion of the PD HP bullets?
  22. 9mm

    SG Ammo has magtech 9mm pretty cheap right now.
  23. Midsouth Shooters Supply

    Does anyone have any discount codes for free shipping for Midsouth Shooters Supply? I need some bullets and the shipping for 75 miles is kinda high. Thanks!
  24. Where you find the best deals when you buy ammo in bulk?
  25. Just walked out the Gander Mountain in Hixson and they have a couple hundred boxes of 30.06 on sale at 40% off. Plenty of other calibers, but in half dozen to dozen lots. Almost out of 308 and three cases of 1000 round federal 223 left at .26 cents/Rd. picked up a RCBS Chargemaster at 40% off also have a large quantity of .40 brass available Only large pistol primers left, Winchester and Federal match

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