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  1. I'm gonna try to get certified for the long range (200-600 yards) at my gun club. The problem is that until I do, I can only use the 100 yard range. So all I can really do is try to work up some real good loads for this rifle at 100 and hope they'll get the job done. Anybody got some good, tried and true 7.62X51 long range loads?
  2. Any reason to choose one over the other? I have both RCBS and Dillon equipment. I have never had to deal with RCBS on returns/warranty/repairs, but have with Dillon and they were stellar. Truly no BS. For that reason alone I would buy the Dillon even though it's a little more costly. Anyone with real use input on the subject? Thanks!
  3. Anyone have a 3d printer, and have you tried printing one of these parts? It's to keep primers from jumping out of the ram, so you don't have to keep the primer attachment on the ram, if you prime off the press. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1972400
  4. Guys, I inherited an older Dillon 650 press when my brother passed away 3 years ago. Is there anyone around the Murfreesboro area that would be willing to help with this thing? I had it set up for 45acp but my rounds where weak and had unspent power. Also I need help with 223 as we have had feeding issues. I would be willing to pay someone that knows how to operate this thing to help me get started. I have so many supplies I hate to not use the thing. Thanks guys
  5. I'm wanting to load some 300gn, hard cast, Hunter's Supply WFN bullets for my 5½" Ruger. I have Win296, IMR4227 & 2400 on hand, all of which I'm told are suitable powders. I'm really only wanting a load of around 1000-1100fps, so not stupid hot & heavy. I'm really REALLY struggling to find consistent data. Everything I have found is all over the place (literally I've seen minimum loads in one book that actually EXCEED the maximum load in another!) Lots of stuff for 240s & lots for jacketed 300s, but all I can find is forum data from 2012 & older. Not exactly trustworthy......... I'm really scratching my head. Can any if y'all help me here? Please feel free to PM data, if you're not comfortable doing it publicly.
  6. Looks like it passed from what I can tell does any one know when this will take affect.
  7. I found a really good supplier of fully prepped .223 / 5.56 MM rifle brass. This stuff is priced good. And is delivered, (free shipping), via. USPS Priority Mail in just a few days. And it comes ready to load. Fully cleaned inside and out, by wet tumbling in Stainless Steel pins. Fully trimmed, resized, with the primer pockets swaged. All that's left is to run it through the Dillon. All I did additional was to chamfer the case mouths with a VLD Chamfer Tool on my RCBS Case Prep Center to allow easier bullet seating. The primers seat beautifully in these cases, with just the right amount of pressure. All to the proper depth. And none stand proud. You can't beat the price. I bought 2,500 rounds for just $179.00. (It's $10.00 more now, and they're showing, "out of stock" at the moment. But they resupply fast. I'm going to order more as soon as they get more in. I load this stuff by the 30 pound bowl full, with the bulk 6,000 round boxed, Hornady 55 Gr. FMJ Boat Tail. With Hogdon CFE 223 Powder. That stuff burns clean and accurate. But more importantly, it flows through a Dillon powder measure like water. From there it goes into .50 Cal ammo cans. This ammo runs perfectly in all of my AR's. And it delivers MOA groups in calm conditions, in both my CZ-527 and Marlin X-7 bolt guns. For this price it just doesn't pay to buy non prepped brass any more. Resizing and prepping brass is the biggest PITA in reloading. This stuff makes your time at the reloading bench much more productive. All of the loaded rounds gage properly in my Dillon Case Gauge. And they chamber effortlessly. https://msprocessedbrass.com/product-category/rifle-brass
  8. Free shipping this weekend on orders over $99. With no shipping costs they are cheaper then SGAmmo https://www.ammunitiondepot.com
  9. See what you started Robtattoo? This 1000 rounds went pretty quick with the Jig you recommended. These are ready for powder and bullets...
  10. I have some Gallent 125 grain coated bullets that have to be loaded in 1.09-1.10 range to plunk in my G19. I have some load data that shows Accurate #5 with COL at1.05. I also have HP-38, Unique, and power Pistol powder I want to try. One of my manuals show any data for those powders with a COL any shorter than 1.13. Should I be OK using the data with a shorter COL as long as I do a work up load?
  11. Wondering of anyone has had any experience with lead free primers. Anything advice or suggestions for reloading with them? Does anyone carry them in stock around Nashville/ middle tn area?
  12. Anyone used Gallent bullets in 9mm? I just ordered 1,000 125 grain coated for $70 shipped ( they were out of 115 grain$66 shipped). Just wondering on were to start COL. I will be using Accurate no.5, Unique, HP-38 and pistol powder is what I have on hand.
  13. Today I stopped by Walmart in need of 30-06 as I don’t want to break into my stash of HXP M2 ball held in reserve to feed the Garand. They have Federal Power-Shock 150 gr SP for $11.97/box. Cheapest they sell so that’s what I wanted. Looked it up later to see what I bought and it appears Federal is running a $5 per box rebate. Score. It might take three months to get that $10 back but when it’s all said and done that’s a mighty fine price for ammo. I’m cheap like that.
  14. Need to re-stock .30cal carbine. 2 options, same price, PPU or S&B? Have had excellent results with PPU. Also curious about Geco 9mm or a "cleaner" brand than WWB 124 NATO from WM. Burned through over 1200 rounds, no issues though it seems to leave a lot of residue and brass filings. Not particularly brand loyal with most 115/124 available for less than $.20/rouund. Thanks!
  15. Experimenting with some 125 grain blue bullets in 9mm. Anyone have any experience with these? I have a good load worked up with HP-38 working on one with Accurate No5 and just picked up some Unique. So far I have found that you must put a good amount of bell on the case. These will be shot mostly in a Glock 19, S&W SD9VE and M&P 2.0 compact and will most like get shot from my dad’s hi power and shield.
  16. What is the good or bad about these "NATO" loads? Any help is appreciated.
  17. I own a Remington 673 in 6.5mm Remington Magnum. From searching all over various online sellers, I can't find anybody who sells this caliber (not even listed on Remington's own website). Any suggestions on where to source some? Or, has it been totally discontinued?
  18. Devastating rounds. Wonder how long these will last before they get outlawed by the government? https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/g9-bullets-review/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20190311_BlogDigest_320&utm_campaign=/digest/g9-bullets-review/ http://www.g9bullets.com/
  19. Just a heads up, On target in Murfreesboro has their 5.45 on clearance at 3.75 a box for wolf and WPA for 4.99 I think.... I picked up 500 rounds of the black box wolf today.
  20. Can someone tell me what kind of 7.62 ammo this is?
  21. is anyone else reloading for the 22 tcm ? i have been for around 5 yrs now . so what powders and bullets do you like ?
  22. Reading elsewhere I saw a statement that Tennessee has a special tax on ammo. Since we will soon be moving to Tennessee, should I be bringing a truckload of ammo with me?
  23. Just got a notice from MidwayUSA that powder and primers can now be shipped together.
  24. Has anyone here loaded 45/70? I'm trying, but my shoulder is giving out. I'm shooting a Marlin 1895. I'm loading star brass with Speer 300gr HP's, 55grs of Varget. According to Lyman's book top load for Varget is 63grs. I've got a 12" gong at 165 yards that I'm using for a target. I've got it set on two chains from a saw horse. When I hit it, it almost spins all the way around. The rifle has almost dislocated my shoulder. Even after I put a recoil pad on it. No signs of pressure, except my busted arm. Any suggestions?
  25. I am relatively new to this shooting game (started in Dec 2015 with a SR22 Ruger and have added some more 22's and a 9MM and 380). Just saying not much of an expert on anything. A buddy does a lot of shopping online and locally in Sevierville, TN (Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo, Floyds Golf and Guns, BUD's Guns). He has helped with my ammo purchases above my own shopping. We sometimes share a large quantity purchase from online source to get FREE SHIPPING with large quantity (small quantities ADD SHIPPING and that generally throws price per round way off). Some sites save state tax as well. Anyway, I have a list of book marks for buying AMMO and will present a couple. Just thought maybe condense information. Maybe, someone benefit or provide some good ones from their experience. Target Sports USA (just recently bought some 380 from them - Blazer Brass 350 Rouds at $99.99 (will get $2 per 50 rounds or $14 back via Blazzer Brass Rebate = $12,28 per 50 round box = c$0.246 per round). TargetSportsUSA.com NOTE: Reason I don't like a 380 is AMMO Cost (best deal locally is $12.99 plus tax about $1.20 = $14.19 per box. Palmetto State Armory (friend and I shared a 22LR AMMO some months ago, he buys from them often) PalmettoStateArmory.com Bulk Ammo (I have not used, just one I had in bookmarks) BulkAmmo.com RKGuns (I have not used, my friend has -- they have local TN Stores, so tax I guess is a problem). RK Guns.com FFL Thing: Smky Mtn Guns & Ammo is $10 Fee and $10 Background check. BUD's is $10 if shipping to BUD's in TN from Online BUD's in KY. Save TN Sales Tax on guns shipped from some places. .

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