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  1. Wanted a savage 220 20ga slug gun, fort campbell only allows slugs or muzzle loaders to hunt deer there, let me know what you have, north nashville here, all local state and federal laws apply
  2. wanted 300 norma magnum brass new or once fired and a set of dies
  3. Wanted a LEM big bite meat grinder size 22, have Lake City 7.62mm Ball 147gr FMJ to trade 1000 rounds
  4. have 1000rd of 5.56mm 77gr Matchking head stamp WWC with year date and cannelure, loose boxed in ammo can for long term storage, cash or paypal (discreet) meet greater nashville
  5. Have: about 600 rounds of Lake City 7.62 Nato/308 Win orange tracers about 1500 rounds of Lake City 5.56mm orange tracers Want: Bullets for reloading .308 165gr for hunting, gamekings etc... .308 180-220gr for subsonic, no lead or lead coated I'm greater nashville area, I'm looking for bulk amounts not wanting to drive and meet for a 100 round box, thanks for your time
  6. Never hurts to ask and don't hate me if this is the wrong place for this, but i have a Tracker Nitro 18" boat in need of carpet, all carpet have been removed and will bring it you, maybe gelcoat clean up to, I been cleaning up and have to guns/ammo/reloading stuff to offer in trade, I have made the jump to flintlocks and modern guns are boring me, I could do it myself but hoping to find someone out there that does that for a living or close to it, not looking for someone who thinks they can but well you know. I'm thinking it worth an M1 garand Mk 2 .308 or AR or Mini 30 or Mini 14 in 300 blackout or ammo have 9mm/5.56/.308/300 win mag/300 blackout/.22 long rifle/12ga AA/12ga OO Buck in bulk Dont ask if i want to sell
  7. I jumped into casting my own muzzle loader balls, looking for lead, pure lead hardness 3-5, maybe some harder for my 20ga slugs, I'm Nashville area, thank you for your time
  8. Wanted Ar lower to finish a deer rifle for a good friends little girl, greater nashville area, all local laws apply, I will sign bill of sale provide copy of DL or transfer via dealer, just message me here have cash or ammo to trade
  9. I have alot of free time on my hand and doing some reloading. I have check midsouth shooters to reloaders bench. Hoping to get lucky here. In need of a pound of Unique powder. Im nashville area. Have cash or primers to trade. Thank you for your time.
  10. Danlee thank you for the information and introducing me to a new local site to buy and sale. I just texted and emailed them. Maybe a christmas present for me.
  11. Never hurts to ask but looking for a Lyman great plains 50 cal flint lock left hand parts number 6031137. Or what other flint lock you may have. I have cash or ammo guns gun stuff to trade. Thanks for your time
  12. Never hurts to ask but I'm looking for a LEM Big Bite grinder .75 HP #12 or 1 HP #22 or 1.5 HP #32 used is fine, have 1500 rounds of lake city M193 55gr FMJ 5.56mm and 500 round of Lake City orange tracer to offer in trade, I'm Nashville area
  13. Have 1500 round of Lake City M193 55gr 5.56mm would like to trade it for a Savage 220 used is ok. Just message me here. Im nashville area all state local and federal laws apply will sign bill of sale and provide copy of Tn drivers license or transfer via FFL
  14. I need a 1000 cci magnum 209m primers. Have cash and basement full of gun stuff and ammo to trade.
  15. Not sure of your location but clarksville is full of army surplus stores with fort campbell and its 30,000 soldiers there. Can get some killer deals there on camo/boots/field gear etc...


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