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  1. Have 1000 rounds of wolf steel cased 123gr FMJ 7.62x39 for 350.00 cash, comes in usgi ammo can, shoots great in my ruger ranch, im north of Nashville Joelton area up I24 exit 31, meet my area, thank you for your time, just message me here.
  2. Wanted: tires 265 65 18 for pickup truck but want highway tires not mud ones Been cleaning my man cave out and have ammo, guns, scopes, reloaders, fishing kayak. I have identified that needs to go, so I have man stuff to trade or cash, I'm nashville area Latenighthunter2000@yahoo.com
  3. Wanted a Ruger Mk IV .22 Frame/Grip I'm Nashville area for FTF meet or ship it's not the Sn# part Have cash and a basement full of gun stuff to trade email best: Latenighthunter2000@yahoo.com
  4. Wanted fish finder for a gheenoe, im thinking humminbird helix or ? This is my caney fork trout boat but wanting to hit wilbur lake for lake trout, i have limited knowledge on fish finder any and all information is welcomed, have cash and or guns gun stuff and ammo to trade nashville area
  5. Of all the crazy stuff I have heard, fabric softener ! You know the chemicals in them will cause the primers to burn hotter. You really need to watch what people say here. Please be careful and limit the dryer on high to 30 minutes. Disclaimer: I'm being a smart ass, dont try this at home but if you do, video tape it for our entertainment upon your death.
  6. The answer is so simple you guys are over looking it ! They were washed now just put them in the dryer on high for 30 minutes ! Disclaimer: that was a joke.
  7. Go look under the NRA website, there is a guy in Russellville Ky (not to fare away) that runs the NRA reloading course, nice thing about going that route is you will come away NRA certified reloader.
  8. Have: .308 win federal once fired,head stamp FC 14, full lenght size primer pocket swaged (dillion 1050) polished with stainless steel media and dried, cases checked in dillion case gage, have a couple 5 gallon buckets LC 5.56mm year date 2020/2021 trim to 1.35 full lenght sized to 300 blackout, primer pocket sawaged (dillion 1050) polished with stainless steel media and dried, cases check in a dillion case gage, have a couple 5 gallon buckets Want: new or once fired, reloadable 6.5 grendel 7.82x39 hornady .308 190gr sub x bullets or ?? heavier .308 bullets for blackout subsonic (in bulk) mail or meet greater Nashville area best to just email me at latenighthunter2000@yahoo.com
  9. Wanted: Fish finder, large screen (old man eyes) going to be on a smaller boat i use for river fishing Have: cash ammo to trade: lake city M80 ball 247gr fmj 308 win 5.56mm 77gr match .308 win match 300 win mag match 9mm 124gr fmj 45 acp 230gr fmj Nashville area email best latenighthunter2000@yahoo.com
  10. Wanted: 6.5 Grendel Brass new or once fired Have: Lake City M118LR once fired brass, polished Lake City 5.56mm once fired that has been trim/sized/primer pocket swaged/polished to .300 Blackout Lake City 5.56mm once fired, polished Federal .308 Win once fired head stamp FC 14, polished email is best: latenighthunter2000@yahoo.com
  11. Have: 1200 rounds of Lake City M80 Ball 147gr FMJ loose packed delinked and 660 rounds of Fiocchi .223 exacta rifle match 77gr matchking factory 20rd boxes Want: Ruger SR22 in black and or Ruger preicsion .22 long rifle in black, used or new for both if willing to trade I'm sure we could work something out, can add or subtract from the above numbers also looking for a 3 wt fly rod setup for euro nymphing I'm Nashville area email is best latenighthunter2000@yahoo.com
  12. Wanted: Ruger .22 Long Rifle Precision new or used, black in color Have cash and basement full of guns and ammo to trade, I'm Nashville area Just message me here, Thank you for your time
  13. Check with midsouthshootersupply.com Off exit 11 I24 clarksville Its my subsonic powder in place of trailboss Also it goes by N32C
  14. Wanted: trailboss powder Have cash and trade items 5.56mm match 77gr ammo Cci 450 small rifle magnum primers .308 win 175gr match ammo .300 win mag 190gr match ammo Ar parts Greater nashville area please
  15. Wanted: SYNTHETIC STOCK SET FOR MARLIN 336 used is ok, i dont collect guns i shoot them Im unable to find a Marlin 336 dark so I'm going to make me one Have cash and a basement full of ammo and gun stuff to trade


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