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  1. Good luck AC. We been trying to find a landscaper to lay patio blocks and a little grounds work and no one want to bother! Mike
  2. I have 2 Glock 21, 13 rd Austria mags with a #3 on the follower if it matters. Also a Right hand Fobus GL-3 paddle holster for G21 and others ? I’ll take $40 for them. Might trade for equal value ? Powder, reloading stuff ? Try me. I’m in Winchester and can possibly meet within a reasonable distance at my convenience. I can ship at your expense. Thanks, Mike
  3. Message sent with questions Mike
  4. Sorry I don’t have a 30 to trade but what Series is that mini ? Nice looking and glws sir. Mike
  5. Sorry, not been able to pry money out of any hands. ‘So if I win something, I’m not letting them shoot it ! Fix them cheep ass’s Mike
  6. A smart man with the ‘know” of ammunition answered that question with, Best sd ammo is the type that functions 100% in your firearm, Ammo you can control recoil and follow up shots in your firearm. ‘Ammo that shoots to point of aim in your firearm. ‘Ammo you can afford, that’s in stock so you can practice with to do all of the above. I believe I just read Speer has a recall on 9mm 124g + p GDHP. Maybe just what was issued to NYPD. But if you carry this for SD, I’d give a shout to Speer with your lot number. ‘If this is old news then please ignore it. I’m a little slow sometimes. Mike
  7. I second what Swede said. ‘Question, are you tumble lubing as cast, sizing and lubing or powder coating ? what weight are you wanting ? Your 9’s can also be used in a 38/357 but again bullet fit is paramount to avoid gas cutting/leading. If your down this way I can give you some of each tc and rn. Mike
  8. Blue Dot powder. If it’s a real dry day, don’t be in the brush ! Lol. This is a Glock 29 loaded with blue dot and a gas checked lead cast bullet. Picture was a frame from a video of my buddy shooting my 29. Google your load date and work up for safety. Check several sources too. ‘There are better powders out there now, but BD was well known for its flash. The picture is the proof. Be safe, go slow and always work up your loads. Mike
  9. Morning all, Darrell, check out the Castboolit forum where the myth of lead in Glocks is debunked. A properly sized cast and loaded lead bullet shoots just like jacketed bullet in a Glock. Mistakes and sloppiness in any type of reloading jacketed or cast bullets leads to failures in any firearm. ‘My last sentence on the reloading forum was “ If you’re in a hurry to reload, DONT” !! Mike
  10. Thank you for the update. I have a bad sinus infection and decided not to go out and possibly spread any germs if it was other than sinus. ‘Glad you both found something of interest there. Maybe the next near by show I’ll get to attend. Mike
  11. Last time up top, moving to another site. Thank you for looking, Mike
  12. Last time up top then I will move to another site. Thank you, Mike


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