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  1. How many are you looking for ? Brand ? I see your in tullahoma. Good. Mike
  2. The SDB is a pistol cartridge progressive loader. Lots of you tube videos on its operation, reviews. I own 2 and love them. Mike
  3. Post it at what you want and a big OBO, if some likes what you have they will buy. Market was flooded with brass and when prices fell, seems they are still down some. Mike
  4. Nice man cave there. Needs a little green and red at the back wall bench area, Blue is fine, just looks lonely ! Mike
  5. I’m sure like in the past Ammo will appear at thanksgiving time when gun sales rise. its really sad how high Ammo has got. I guess the Dems killed two birds with one stone, broke the country and took all ammunition off the shelves ! Bats and golf clubs will disappear off the shelves next. Mike
  6. What are you going to cast ? You need soft or hard lead and how many pounds are you looking for ? wheel weight lead is around 11 -12 bnh~, and lead as in pure runs 5-6 bnh. So you doing black powder casting, pistol, or rifle Mike
  7. Beautiful, glws. Where did you find that sling ? Very nice looking Mike
  8. As far as I know he moved away, hence all the sales of his reloading equipment. Mike
  9. Wasn’t there a member always sayin “ If it was only the correct hand bolt”, or sum in to that effect ? Nice looking correct hand bolt there !! Mike
  10. I think most of us are. Your not alone brother !
  11. This is cut n dry, if you never had one, then you need one ! 87 prolly lonely !
  12. I’d like to help you out and take both those off your hands fer $20 sir. ill send you a message and we work out a meet. Mike
  13. My bad boys, got the 22/45 mixed w/ mark III, sorry. Mike
  14. Glad you all are safe. Some were not so fortunate ! If you wind up having to split it up later I’d be interested in some. Mike
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