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  1. I’ve got a Remington 700 tactical in 308 I would trade but it may not be exactly what you want. It’s got a heavy 20” barrel. It shoots .5” at 100 with my reloads. I use it for 1000yd fun shooting but the short barrel is slowing me down a little and I would like to go longer. About 200 rounds through it. All reloads and nothing over book max.
  2. For my chattanooga brothers, Anthony's Armory in Redbank charges $20 plus $10 BGC. He does a lot of transfers and knows the business.
  3. Also I'm not bashing cabelas. I like there selection in reloading stuff. I was just curious on the law claim. Sportsmans and GT distributors are both perfectly happy once you show that the gun is unloaded. It just amazed me that Cabelas wasn't the same.
  4. I brought my revolver, 640 Smith, into Cabelas to try the fit on some holsters for concealed carry. I went to the check in desk where they opened my case, checked my revolver, and placed a trigger lock and chamber flag into it. Then an employee carried it for me (I wasn't allowed to touch it) back to the holsters. We selected a couple and the employee carried the pistol behind the counter, removed all the locks, tried it for fit, showed it to me ('I can't allow you to touch it') and then locked it back up. I asked why they went through all of this when other stores don't and I got a multi
  5. Tasco Varmint. Killed ALOT of squirrels with this scope on my cz 452 American. Owned it and shot it for 5 years or so now. Zero issues. I used it for three seasons of smallbore silhouette, making constant elevation adjustments and shooting into the AA class, still going strong. http://www.opticsplanet.com/tasco-25-10x42-targetvarmint.html?gclid=CNjHg6mm3LsCFTJp7Aod5TsAZw&ef_id=Ud8FNAAABFxqJSlM:20140101060033:s
  6. Taken last week. Asked if it was at a $20 profit per and was informed that it was more of a profit margin than that. I do a lot of business with this store and will NOT divulge the name.
  7. I've got the regular one in 243 and it is a fine rifle at the price point. Shoots into or under MOA at 100yds depending on how much coffee I've had. Cheap parts: trigger/safety housing. Pot metal, painted black. Mine was chipping the first day. Bolt shroud is thin plastic. Cool points: Decent trigger. I dig the stock ergonomics. Pleasant looking if you like black. Big beefy bolt that travels smooth. magazine goes in easy. Safety is easy to deal with. Minor irritations: The way you load the magazine is bothersome to me. I don't like pushing the shells down into it. Feels like I'm
  8. I bet if you asked him he would have no idea. Probably a decision at the GM level.
  9. Second the mothers Mag. Just did a super blackhawk hunter.
  10. I had a 10" 223. Very accurate barrel, but the noise level was uncomfortable. Like setting off firecrackers in your hand.
  11. Your not prying. No one ever asks. Cory Richardson 423-653-2778 If you want to talk contenders some time.
  12. I no longer own any contenders as I went revolver for a time and swapped them all.   My nickname is a joke among friends, but follows along the line of the old, 'two dogs', joke.


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