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  1. If anyone is interested, there is one at Academy Sports in Mt. Juliet for $600. In the display case as of tonight.
  2. Check out Zero Tolerance as well, the 0350 is pretty stout.
  3. Nice. Who did the mount?
  4. I'll take it, if still available. Would be next week before pick up
  5. Location? Duration? Ok for kids, 10 yr. old?
  6. Which safety lever are you running on the AK?
  7. I thought the same until I actually shot it and easier carry inside the waistband.
  8. Go ahead and consider a 19x too. You will not be disappointed. Its not that much bigger. Bumped.
  9. Any of the close range combative classes Randy offers should work with limited space. Pistol classes or even force on force would be cool. Just thinking a 2 day class might lure some of us middle TN guys up there.
  10. Along the same lines: Looks like everyone will be using plastic sporks for a while. https://www.dailywire.com/news/29179/londons-mayor-declares-intense-new-knife-control-emily-zanotti?amp
  11. Definitely worth the trip to see in person. Took the family up after Christmas last year and saw a herd of about 30. Beautiful area too.
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