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  1. Well, I don't know about all that stuff but do want to wish all of you Dads a very nice and Happy Daddy's day and hope you are surrounded by family on this day...............
  2. I have not been gun shopping for some time. I might need to do a litle just to see whats out there I might can afford...............
  3. Yes he did get lucky. Probabtion does not teach them anything. All it might do is stop them from doing what they were doing till it's over and many times you hear on the news that the perp violated their probation and was arrested again. The only real way to stop a burglar and home invaders is like the young lady in my previous post. A 9mm or larger, does not have to be a Glock, just any large caliber will work if used properly!!
  4. A friend of mine lived in a subdivision that was having a rash of home breakins and they thought it was kids doing it until one day a young lady was home sick from work and her car was in the garage when they kicked in the back door while she was laying down in a bedroom in the back of the house. She heard them talking and call 911 as she quietly got her Glock 9 mm out of the night stand. She didn't say anything to the 911 operator but theoperator heard all the shots and told the police that shots had been fired. She said later that she was in fear for her life till she got the Glock and then she was in fear of their lives. Her worst fears came true when two big men came running into the bedroom. She never hesitated. she began popping caps and both men went down and a third broke and ran and a neighbor saw them break in and had already called the police and they caught the third guy while he was running for the getaway vehicle. Neither one in the bedroom needed emergency assistance. They needed the coroner wagon and body bags. These were all men in mid to upper 20's. That ended all the home breakins in that subdivision. All it takes is one wrong house and that day they picked the wrong house.
  5. You mentioned you live quite far off the beaten path. My Daughter and SIL's house has been burgularized twice and they also live on a country road off the beaten path. They finally had a security system put in and so far so good but I don't plan on putting one in when I move out there in the back house and my parking area is behind the house so good luck is all I can say...............
  6. There would be zero doubt about what I am going to do if someone is in my house uninvited that should not be there. He will get shot until he is no longer a threat and anyone with him will also be shot until they are no longer a threat unless they are heading for an exit. I won't back shoot any one leaving because they have made the decision to end the threat on their own and the police will already be in route so they will probably catch the other guy fairly fast. That is not to say they may be bleeding cause I will shoot them all as long as they are facing me and a threat. I do have extended magazines with lots of rounds.
  7. I guess that will work but I was thinking more like naming the Tennessee Tree Stumps.............
  8. I have always had the utmost respect for your posts and this one is no different. You have raised some many great points in this post also and being a former police officer I have no doubt that what you say is totally correct. It's just my knowledge of what I have learned over my time in the military that I refer to many times about this subject. And yea, my emotions do play a role in my posts when it comes to some crazy person in a school killing children that would draw me towards the gun fire without hesitation even knowing I might get shot or killed. If I can draw the perps attention away from killing kids long enough to give other officers time to get in place to kill him I have done my part. You mentions a swat team or 10 other members could not stop a crazy person from taking lives if that is their goal and of course you are correct. It is not the fact that we could not stop the shooter from killing or wounding people . The point is to limit the amount of carnage the shooter can do before he is stopped that I am referring to I guess. ..............JMHO
  9. A while back I read a post and someone said that the Construction cones are now call Tennessee Trees I believe. If that is what they cal the cones what do they call the barrels????.............LOL? I drove down Hwy 109 yesterday and I bet they have a couple 1000 barrels lining both sides of the hwy, so just wondering if we have a name for those too?
  10. Thank you Greg and I would like to think I am a better man then him. I have always been a person that in a case where a mass shooter is in a school shooter children that I would run as fast as possible towards the gun fire to try and end the carnage as fast as possible.
  11. If I would have been one of the first responders on the scene and he was trying to stop me from going in I would have ignored him and went in because that is where he should have been was inside and not out side........JMHO
  12. If it is not their job to serve and protect people from harm, especially our children just what are they paid to do and why are they needed at all ??????
  13. I double check all of my doors before going to bed to make sure they are locked and dead bolted. Windows have never been unlocked since I have lived here almost 20 years. I did add wooden doll rods to each window track so it won't slide upward. If anyone gets in my house they will have to break something to get in period. One simple kick on my doors won't get it done I have the security dead bolts that go through the door frame and into the wood the door frame is mounted to. If they do get inside they will still be inside when the police arrive. Most likely bleeding and maybe not breathing but that will be entirely their drcision. Will just depend on how stupid they really are!!!
  14. GLWS............... If I had a moving sale I would have to pay people to haul my junk off................

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