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  1. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Yea, i know PJ. That is why I am consulting with my Vet before I pull the trigger on her. I know she has been pined up in a 10X10 pin for 7 years of her life. I don't have a pin but I do have a big back yard and she can run and get a lot of exercise and I know she is a Border Collie but she is also a mix so I am hoping she maybe some what calmer than a full blood. I am not holding my breath on her because Vet knows my situation as has been my Vet for many years. She knew Kasey so well that she cried when she had to put her down also. She won't permit me to make a mistake I don't believe. Thank you very much for your input and concerns my friend. Oh yea, I can still throw a Frizzbie or a ball if she wants to play.
  2. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Thanks Hozzie, At first I thought I could get by with just having Kaseys ashes on my TV console and I did for a few weeks and I would look at her urn and after a while I realized that I don't just want another dog. I "NEED" another dog in my life. As much as I love Kasey and will forever!!! I need that companionship that I have had most of my life back in my life. I think anyone that has had a dog all their life kind of knows where I am at right now.
  3. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    I can understand your concerns Hozzie and that is why I am going to get in touch with my Vet and talk with her and have her check into the actual condition the dog is truly experiencing. She told me to contact her if I found a dog I was interested in adopting and she would do the research on the dog before making a recomendation whether it would be a dog I could handle. She knows my situation as far as income and expenses. I don't think she would allow me to adopt a dog that would be a money pit. I have left a msessage for her to call me back. The lady that answered the phone said they have done some work with this Dog Rescue service in the past so I guess it will be up to what Dr Ashley says more than anything but I do respect your views very much also. Thanks Bersa
  4. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    I know it has only been about a month since I lost my Kasey and it has been really hard coming home and not have a wagging tail meeting me at the door. I have been leaning towards getting another dog pretty hard. I was looking back over my life and except for the time I was out of country since age 6 I have had at least one dog in my life and sometimes a couple. Coming home to my home now is like it's not my house. I have been looking at some of the dog rescue locations near my home and each time I got look to see if any new ones have been added to their website and for some reason I keep getting drawn back to one dog that has a history. She is 7 years old and had a pretty tough life. I have done several searches over the weekend and I keep going back to her. I keep telling myself that yea she does have issues but if I could give her a good home for her later years I should do it. I know how much folks here love dogs so what say ye all. Do I look into possibly adopting Phoebe. I will check with my Vet prior to checking into her because the facility that has her is close by and my Vet can find out what I need to know about her and she will tell me if she is the dog for me. This is her history! Phoebe is a 7 year old Border collie mix. She lived most of her life in a 10x10 pen with her mother. The family decided to let Phoebe come into the rescue. As you can imagine, Phoebe is a little shy and learning how to be a house pet. She loves other dogs. Phoebe needs a home with another dog and someone to be patient with her. She did have ACL surgery and recovered well with it but because of her living in a small pen, she wasnât able to properly exercise so she has arthritis and will need to be on a strong glucosamine and maybe pain meds eventually. Adult, Female, Medium
  5. The 'good guy with a gun' theory is a myth.

    Ok, so in the article the school shooting was mentioned and it was stated that the bad guy doing the shooting was shot and killed by police officers. Am I missing something or are Police Officers not good guys with guns? Yea they responded after the fact but what would ahve happened had they not showed up? Same way with the Church shooting. How many more people would that maniac killed if it were not for the good guy with a gun shooting him as he exited the church and even persued him along with another good guy. There was another church 3 miles down the road. I think the guy that wrote this article has an issue wih his elevator not making it to the top floor, maybe not even leaving the basement. To reply to Brats statement! It's damn sure not the Military I served in............
  6. Man accidentally shoots himself, wife in church

    I also hope they do heal but at 80 + no one heals fast. I have bumped into friends while out somewhere and they are all packing also and the know I do so we might stand and talk a few minutes and talk about what we are packing that day. I have had a few times one of them or someone with them that has never see a Mod.85 and will ask to see it. All I do is open my windbreaker and show it to them and close my jacket back. Just to show them, yea I do have it but you ain't touchng it approach and that normally ends that. Any gun I am packing feels leather twice a day. When I place the gun in the holster and and when I get home ad take it out of the holster. At the range it will get more leather action as I do practice standard draw aim fire routine but not like Matt Dillion or Jesse James. Just normal stuff.
  7. My next project - 22lr Gatling Gun

    Now that would be 1 very cool project and if I were you I would begin buying 22 ammo pretty soon cause that baby will sure eat some up quick..................
  8. I'm not sure why Wade has not pulled this or at least marked it as sold. I bought that rifle a little over a month ago unless he has a clone to the one I bought.................
  9. Got to meet!!!

    It really does not matter to me regardless of the caliber, I don't want to be facing the muzzle of any caliber, especially one a woman is holding................... I have had several LEO's tell me they would rather go up against a 45 Caliber than a 22lr with a bullet proof vest. I don't know how true that is but that is what I have had some tell me.
  10. Got to meet!!!

    Now to begin with AJ did make me aware of the extraction issue with certain types of ammo and I also did own a couple Llama's over the years and didn't have any issues with ball ammo but they also did not like Critical defense style ammo rounds and would jam some but they would eat up ball ammo as fast as I could pull the trigger. I just got off the phone with a friend that is a gunsmith here that a bunch of folks know. He informed me that the issue the gun has is not the gun but the ammo. Like back with my old 22 rifle Sam said the older guns were not made to fire todays hotter ammo which most critical defense rounds are. They fire hotter and in many cases the action cannot keep up with it. He said that the FI should do fine using any type of FMJ ball ammo that is used mostly for target shooting but I can expect issues if I upgrade to Hotter ammo. I'm fine with that. I will take it to the range this coming week and run some rounds down range with it. I have done some research of this particular FI and it appears that is was assembled in 1974-1975 before they changed some things on the newer versions. I will talk with the folks at Triple K in California as I saw that they have magazines in stock for both the original series which is what I have and the newer version. He is a picture of the 2 different guns. Mine does have the loop at the bottom of the grip indicating one of the originals.
  11. 1945 Savage 22 jamming

    Back many moons ago I use to have a Revelation 22Lr semi auto that was a squirrel gun for sure. I could not count the tree rats I bagged with it and I began having the same issue of jamming when I switched to those new at the time CCI stingers. I finally went to a gun smith about the issue and he told me that my gun was to old to shoot the newer hotter ammo as it would make the action react faster then the magazine could position the round to insert in chamber. I don't know if that can be your issue but when I went back to some of the older HP long rifle rounds my problem went away.
  12. Got to meet!!!

    Thanks and I don't own any thing larger than a 380 any more. I have own about all calibers and shot all calibers that a man might carry for self defense and I do understand many folks don't feel a 380 Caliber is effective enough for self defense but I think it is all in what a person is comfortable with and being able to put the 1st couple of rounds where they need to be is more important than the caliber. 22LR's have killed a lot of people..............
  13. Got to meet!!!

    Ok, Here the pictures Ronald wanted.........
  14. Got to meet!!!

    I can I guess but after coffee. Slep in today with all the cloudy gloomy day out side.
  15. Got to meet!!!

    Will make a nice Night stand gun and will allow me to clean up my Model 85 and put it in my Safe and bring a Thunder to the place for me to lay my hands on in an emergency such as home intrusion or just going to the door at night to a knock.

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