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  1. bersaguy


    I use to love Waffle House till they put the no gun rule in and I have not been to one since. I know I could carry concealed but not going to break the law just to eat a meal.
  2. bersaguy


    We got about 3 inches here in Gordonsville and that was more than enough for me!! I hope it does like last time and goes away with the rain we are supposed to get Wednesday! We are already 2 snows ahead of what he got last year!!
  3. I am glad GA won the game just to prove to Saban that Bama and he was not unbeatable. The king was dethroned...... It was a great defensive game to watch!!!!
  4. bersaguy


    When I moved in here 2 years ago one of my first investment was in 4 heat tapes for my pipes and have not had to worry about frozen pipes. My main concern is power loss and no heat in the house other than small space heaters that would have to operate off generator. That would put a strain on the generator to heat the house and operate fridge and freezer and 1 lamp plus heat tapes. Tommy said the generator would more than handle it and I'm just glad I have not had to find out!!!!
  5. bersaguy


    My son-in-law just brought me the extension cords in case we need to fire up the generators for power outages. It's nice to know we have them for backups if we need them to keep Freezers and Fridge operating along with a few lights and small space heaters. They both are 30 AMP generators so will power what is necessary. Hope I don't need them but better to have and not need than to need and not have!!!!
  6. bersaguy


    We got about the same as the last one a few days ago and it is still spitting flurries. The bad part about this one is the cold weather that is with it. Last one melted a day of so later but this one will take longer to melt. This is what we have so far in Gordonsville.
  7. I remember those days like they were yesterday even though I can't remember what I had for supper last night....lol. When I was 8 my parents go me the double holster Fanner 50's and I thought when I put them on I was the fastest gun in the west....LOL. Thank you for the memories!!!!!
  8. bersaguy


    We got about 6 inches in most of this area and it is melting fairly fast but not fast enough for me....LOL.
  9. I want to take a minute to wish everyone on TGO and their families a HAPPY AND PROPEROUS NEW YEARS!!!!
  10. Glad you mentioned it. I think they have an issue with the camera as it has been panning 360 all morning. I guess they will have to send someone up to fix it but the field is full of Elk right now.
  11. Does anyone here go and look at the live Elk Camera the TWRA has set up in East Tennessee. I go quite often. There is only about 4 out in the field right now but I have counted s many as 25 or more many times. They are interesting to watch.....JMHO
  12. Believe me when I say I totally understand the need to have a dog in your life. I have had a dog or dogs in my life since I was 6 years old and a house to me is not complete without at least 1 or more in the house. Back when I was a kid I had as many as 4 or more at the same time and I would work doing odd jobs for folks to buy their food. That was my fathers only rule even though many times he would have to kick in a little, as long as I tried it was ok for me to have them....lol.
  13. I agree, it's very hard to bury a best friend so I found out about getting them cremated and the last 2 I lost I have cremated and they are still with me on top of my TV console in urns. I can thank many people here for being able to have Kasey cremated because at the time I could not afford to get it done and many folks here stepped up and helped me. I had Kasey almost 18 years. Then I was not sure I wanted another one and this one found me and her name was Darbby and I became very attached to her quick and had her about 5 years and she had health issues when I got her and finally she developed Kidney Failure and I had her put down and this time I was financially able to have her cremated so she is on the TV Console next to Kasey. If there comes a time for Rosie She will be up there on the TV Console also.
  14. Our family decided this year not to have a Christmas Dinner but instead we had a Christmas Country Breakfast since the kids are all up wanting to do the Santa thingy. Eggs both fried and scrambled, Bacon, sausage and Country Ham, big bowls of Home fries, homemade biscuits, red eye and Sawmill gravy and coffee. I ate way to much.....LOL. I brought enough home with me to have it for dinner last evening.
  15. This is Rosie and I have the same problem as a couple others when it comes to sleeping in late. In the morning she lets me know she is up and I should be up too. She starts howling like a hound on a treed Coon and won't stop till I'm up. She is a full blooded Basset Hound and I got her from a Breeder that had her fixed and wanted to rehome her. I enjoy listening to a hound bay and yodel, just not at 6AM.....lol


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