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  1. bersaguy

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    Well I know I am not smart enough to go very deep into this topic so I will tread lightly. I think that the Millennials are entitled to the same opportunities the Boomers had. I think that would only be fair. Thing is what I see is they are not and probably will never settle for what we boomers had or have. They want much much more. Thing I see is they want it but don't want to work for it. Like I said I am not going to get any deeper than that because my high school education expired and went obselete about 35 to 40 yeats ago.
  2. bersaguy

    Memory Teaser test

    Glad you got it back. In 1988 our home was burglarized and they got 10 Long guns and 8 hand guns and I have never got any of mine back and don't expect to after this long.
  3. bersaguy

    Memory Teaser test

    I had 1 of those when I was 12 and it was a 12 gauge and got it for Christmas. Had to send it back and they replaced it cause the frame cracked on both sides in front of trigger guard. It was a metal alloy of some type but new one they send me was steel.
  4. bersaguy

    for-sale CZ 75D Compact 9mm

    This gun is still for sale!!
  5. bersaguy

    Memory Teaser test

    I thought it might be cool to start a thread for everyone to test their memory by answering a question. Can you remember the first gun you ever owned? New, Used, Hand me down, family heirloom or what ever but it had to be your gun. No toy guns allowed. Mine was a J.C Higgings 4.10 single shot bolt action and I got it for Christmas. Parents got it at Sears-Roebuck.
  6. bersaguy

    One of my favorites.........

    I have always thought the Single action 6 was one of the greatest guns of all times and I still feel that way roday. I don't have a high end single 6 but I do have a plinker Rough rider 22lr Single 6 that I still enjoy shooting. Not a great gun but mine is very accurate and a pleasure to shoot.
  7. bersaguy

    What are you listening to now?

    Neighbors fighting beginning last night and still going today!!!!!....................
  8. bersaguy

    Carrying on a charter boat.

    That and I think the shots made by those Navy Seals at night firing from one moving ship to a much smaller moving vessel ending the lives of 3 of the pirates and saving Captain Roberts also slowed down some of the pirates causing them to think twice about what could happen to them if they just happen to pick the wrong ship to go after................JMHO
  9. bersaguy

    for-sale CZ 75D Compact 9mm

    I sent you a PM and my Phone number
  10. bersaguy

    for-sale CZ 75D Compact 9mm

    yes it is the all steel
  11. bersaguy

    future deer hunter (hopefully)

    Back years ago I use to hunt the Cheatham WMA and it offered some great areas to hunt. I bagged quite a few deer while hunting it. Last year after not being down there for 20+ years I took a drive through the Reserve. Where I use to hunt now have houses built of them. That tells me that many of the leases of the land that made up the Cheatham WMA ended and the new generations that inherited the land sold it rather than re lease it back to the state. That means the reserve had gotten a lot smaller so don't know if it would be as good as it once was.
  12. bersaguy

    Carrying on a charter boat.

    There is no state own part of any ocean so once you are on a boat and away from any dock or launch site you are in neutral ocean waters. Once you reach the 12 mile boundary and go beyond that distance you are in International Waters which are somewhat controlled by the UN for what that is worth?? Inside the 12 mile boundary the United States Coast Guard is the law enforcement surrounding any and all coastal territories of the United States. The UN has given the United States Coast Guard the authority to enforce laws in International Waters in the event they are in persuit of any law breakers that took place in US controlled water and required the Coast Guard to chase their lawbreaker beyond the 12 mile boundary. Beyond the 12 mile boundaries your pretty much at the control of the boat captain and having the authority to enforce any rule of law on his water craft. If it were me I would check in with the boat owner/operator of the Charter prior to booking the charter to get what he authorizes and what he does not...........JMHO! You may want to check with other Charter Companies if they do not allow concealed carry and you want to carry...............JMHO
  13. bersaguy

    It's that time again!!!!

    Has anyone got any birds on their feeders???? I have been changing the food in my feeders every week but still don't have anything except that retarded woodpecker that has 1 feeder he will drink out of and then use the water to groom himself about every other day. He is fun to watch but I would like to have some Hummingbirds too.
  14. CZ 75D Compact 9MM has has 2 magazines fired through it. Comes with 2 magazines and original Box. Price is $550.00 FTF TN.HCP Gun is is pristine condition If interested PM me here. Price is not edged in stone!
  15. Walther Pk380 auto nickel new in box made in Germany. new and never been fired and comes with 1 magazine. Sweet piece priced @ $350.00. If interested Pm me. Prefer TN HCP and FTF. Price is NOT edged in stone. SOLD pending meet and payment

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