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  1. bersaguy

    sale-or-trade 1997 Chevy Suburban 4x4

    I cannot believe you still have this SUV.
  2. bersaguy

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    He better lose more than his HCP. He better lose some money in fines and do some jail time. He was evidently a Liberal with an HCP that took offense by someone supporting our President and country................JMHO
  3. I have been writing my elected officials and also emailing them every week but have not heard back from any of them. You can bet when election time comes around I will hear from them wanting my vote. When I do hear from them then I will remind them of the many times I wrote them and they never replied back and see what their excuse is then. Along with telling them my vote depends on their excuse for not replying back.................
  4. I don't think there can be a law written that will prevent criminals from getting guns. When laws are written and passed the only people that they effect are the people that legally own a gun and abide by all the laws written and passed. We all hear about many times a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun from doing a lot more killing then they would had the good guy not been there and reacted accordingly to stop the bad guy. Everytime this takes place the police call the man a hero for stepping in and stopping the bad guy. Those are the kind of stories the liberals don't want people to hear about because it goes against every one of their agendas. According to the Liberals there are no good guys with guns. If they had their way every gun owner would be a criminal and that is their real goal...........JMHO
  5. I don't believe even Oprah would admit to voting for him these days. I even wonder if she voted for him the second time. I do know several that voted for him the first time but not the second time. They realized the mistake they made the first time and didn't make it twice.
  6. After reading the post from the link again I am now wondering just what kind of Kangaroo court system they have in Neveda that they would even think about letting these guys walk out of court at all. And then it said there is a possibility they "MIGHT NOT" be able to posess a firearm again after their trial and if they get convicted and go to prison which I am doubting now that may even happen. Who has the shotgun they bought at the present time? This whole thing is a total joke and they may walk from all of it with a slap on the wrist if they even bother to appear in court at all.............JMHO
  7. I was thinking the same thing. That does seem strange that they would comit that type of crime and they release them with no bond. Like you said if I had done that I would end up waiting for trial in jail because my bond would be so high no bonding company would touch it..........JMHO
  8. Just because they have an R in front of their chosen party doesn't mean he/she doesn't think like they do about some things and it's evident this is one of those people and things!! I have been writing my elected officials and telling them to vote no to the RED FLAG bill coming up for a vote and hope to hear back from them soon.
  9. bersaguy

    Emojis locking up mobile browser

    Mine is kinda slow to load but never locked up or crashed. Mine had been slow since we got the format of them we have.
  10. I say if you give the gun grabbers an inch and they will take the whole state. Red Flag Laws are not meant to work with gun owners but just to get your guns any way they can and it will be our own fault if we don't do everything we can to stop them from writing laws that benefits only them..........JMO
  11. The shooter probably would not have stopped with just his wife. Wife was just main target but had it not been for the permit holder stopping him we will never know but I am sure glad the permit holder stepped up and ended it. If more things like this happened it might make these idiots stop and think before they act. The sheriff is correct in calling the permit holder a hero for sure.........JMHO
  12. There are so many things about these RED FLAG Bills/Laws that bother me I don't know where to begin!!!!
  13. bersaguy

    for-sale Faux Leather Couch For Sale

    You keep going and pretty soon you will be paying someone to haul it off. A friend on mine has a leather love seat and ottemen she has been trying to sell for over a year. Sometime it take s a little time for somethings to move......JMHO......
  14. bersaguy

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    Definately hug her a bunch and everyone hug their children every chance you get cause you never know when it might be the last hug. Also make sure you tell all of your family each day that you love them, each and everyone that you talk to. I am very glad your daughters Guardian Angel was riding with her this morning................
  15. bersaguy

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Just thought I would post a picture of my Rescue dog. I kind of think we rescued each other. . I don't know who owned here before but she is very well trained and I began learning this by accident. I was messing with her one day and I said I have to sit down and she sat down. Then I tried lay down and she laid down and I said roll over and she rolled over. She loves to play fetch both on dry ground and at the lake . I sure there are many of you that remmember the story behind my reason for getting her as many many folks here helped me in a time of need when I lost my Kasey and many of yall, contributed to allow me to have Kasey Cremated. At that time in my life I didn't know if I could take care of another dog so I decided to give it some thought. Well the house was empty with out Kasey begging for snacks or wanting to go out so I thought it won't hurt to look at some rescue dogs and I did look at probably 50+ dogs and they were probably all great dogs but I had just not felt it was the right one till one of the girls brought Darby to the visiting room . I knew in about 1 minute that this was the one going home with me . We visited for about 15 minutes and it took a few minutes to get her to more attentive to me and then even show signs of warming up to me . It about 10 minutes she was in my lap and the girls that brought her into the room where satnding behind the glass and 2 of them was crying. I told them to get me a collar for her. She was going home with me and it was only then that I learned she was scheduled to be put down in 3 days. She had been at another rescue center for 6 months before being transfered to this one and she was on her 87th day there and their policy is 90 days if they transfer in from another facility. So she saved me and I saved her. Her bed is a Twin size memory foam Matress and i just added the old comforter and threw Kaseys old one in a box after washing it so it is stored.

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