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  1. It is a terrible loss for the whole world but they are promising to rebuild. They can rebuild the building but not the history behind it. I find it strange that the fire began in the most unaccessable area of the Catheral for fire men to get to. Directly in the center of the structure. They believe it was an electrical fire and not arson........JMHO
  2. It does take a little time to keep them filled but watching the birds makes it worth while for sure. When a bunch show up at the same time they can put on a good show for sure. I don't know if I will have any birds at the new place. My daughter said she put up 1 feeder last year and did have a couple birds from time to time but she didn't tend the feeder to much and would let it get empty or not change the food often enough and it would turn sour. At least knowing she had a couple means they are in the area so a couple feeders up and maintained should begin attracting more birds fairly quick.
  3. I plan to keep writing them. Those emails they send back that you know came from an intern with an auto signature can be useful when writing back to them again and pinning them down to get a more direct answer to my questions. They can't just resend the same form letter so eventually maybe the actual question asked will get a more direct reply.........JMHO
  4. I don't know about TVA land but I do know Corps has no issues with it. I was launching my boat last year at Lock 4 boat ramp and while waiting on my partner I stood and talked to a Sheriffs deputy and a game warden and I was semi concealed, as in not trying to hide it but not trying to show it off and we talked maybe 20 minutes before my partner showed up and he was also packing and nothing was said about it at all. They were still standing talking when we went fishing.
  5. Yep, grandson has already got that in the works. He is getting me another 500GB external hard drive and coming back to dub what he did yesterday and he will be holding onto it for me. I gave him a safe a couple years back when my ammo count to large for it and he will be keeping it in the safe.................
  6. Yea he is really good with this type of stuff. He just stays so busy him finding the time can be an issue but he made time for me yesterday..........lol
  7. Ok first off thank everyone for their opinions and ideas. They are very appreciated. Here is what I ended up doing. I have a grandson that is a trouble shooter for Verizon and has been for several years. He is a computer Geek for sure and if it anything to do with phones or computers he can fix it. I caught him on one of his few days off and had him come buy. Told him my concernes before he came. He said he uses Bitdefender which is the same company Verizon uses so he installed it on my Samsung 7 Smart Phone, my laptop computer and my desk top. Cost $82.00 for up to 5 devices and that is for 2 years. He said since I only had 3 devices he was going to split the cost with me and use the service on 2 of his devices so we would get our moneys worth from the service. After he downloaded and installed it he did total scans on all of my devices and now I am fully protected for 2 years anyway. As for a back up, he brought me a brand new external 500GB Hard drive and down loaded everything I wanted to back up and he said there is enough space left on it I should be able to store anything I want to store in the future. So that is where I am at with that. I feel much better knowing my devices are now protected and I have everything I wanted to save backed up.
  8. Thanks for all the advice and now I have something to look at. I have planned on putting all my important my pictures and other stuff I want to keep on Thumbdrives. Going to get some next time I am at Walmart. I do have Windows 7 I am using so I will look at what explorer has to offer for sure. Again, thanks for all the advice.
  9. Prayers being sent. GOD saw fit to give your mother a long life to be with family. I feel he will allow her a painless and gentle passing when the time comes.
  10. My computer security program account is coming up for renewal and I am looking to see what companies people use and think do a good job. The one I am with seems to work ok but they have all of a sudden gotten very proud of their service. I got my notice it will be coming due soon and the price went up by 40% from last year so it has got me shopping. I don't know that much about the companies so I would like to hear what folks are using and do they like them. Other than the one I am using I am aware of Norton and McAfee and have used them in the past. The one I am using now was the one that this computer had on it when I bought it which is AVG. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Bersaguy aka Doug
  11. Ok so when I write one I need to ask for a specific topic I want a reply to and not just an open door topic. I did specify Red Flag Laws and I did notice that the reply did not answer the specific subject I wrote her about. And yes the reply was a vague response but to be honest I was surprised I even got a reply at all. I guess the reply is a good place to start at least.
  12. Ok so by reading the replies to my post does that mean I should just quit writing to elected officials all together? Does it mean it's a waste of time writing them?
  13. I wrote Senator Marsha Blackburn about me concerns regarding the Red Flag bills being considered and below was her reply. April 1, 2019 Dear Mr. Richards, Thank you for writing regarding proposed restrictions on gun rights. I always appreciate hearing from Tennesseans. The Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, and this cherished right stems from the rich history of our country's founding. Law-abiding citizens who are gun owners should not be subjected to unconstitutional abridgements of their rights or targeted for persecution. Protection of our Second Amendment rights is dear to me. I am opposed to restrictions on firearms that could unfairly target hunters, homeowners, and law-abiding citizens. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, you be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind should any legislation limiting our Constitutional right to bear arms come before the committee or the full Senate. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. If you would like regular updates on my work for Tennessee, please sign up for my monthly newsletter or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Sincerely, Marsha Blackburn United States Senator
  14. Ok so maybe it's a permit to carry a fire arm of some kind in Tennessee. Anyway I will be moving to another town in Tennessee and just want to know if I can do a change of address on that and DL on line or do I need to do it in person. I don't need new ones as I just got new ones when I renewed last year and had to go in person for a new picture so I did both of them at same time as Drivers license was do for renewal a month later. So can I do change of address online for both of them? Thank you for any help on this Bersaguy aka Doug
  15. Most folks here know I will be moving to a new residence sometime in June probably, maybe a little earlier. My question is can I just do change of address on line for my CCW and Drivers license or does it have to be done in person. I have never thought I would be moving again in my life but it is what it is and I am moving. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Bersaguy aka Doug

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