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  1. House bill 508

    The baker won!!!! Remember??
  2. House bill 508

    This is easy for me! If there is any type of sign of any type that refers to any type of firearms restriction on the premises I just take my business elsewhere, except in goverment buildings that I am required to go in for legal business and then my gun is locked in my vehicle out of sight. I just don't feel right giving someone my money that does not believe like I do when I have other options................
  3. Malls in general!!

    I have even avoided driving through their parking lots for years much less actually walk through one..........
  4. Malls in general!!

    I thought I heard on the news the other day that the huge Shopping Malls like Rivergate and Cool Springs are on the way out. They say that Mall stores are losing money and looks like the brick and mortar malls will be going away!!!
  5. Tell me if BPS has bought Cabela's

    Well I did very little business with Cabela's and even less than that with BPS so I guess I will not be doing as much as I use to and save even more money................
  6. It's Frickin' Freezing....

    Well I don't feel so bad now. I also did that back when I was younger and dumber "ONCE" I didn't win anything except being stupid trophy for even going. Now with that said about 6 or 7 years ago we had a real cold spell show up like in April after trees had all budded and flowers were blooming. I'm sure some folks will remember that. Being to loyal partner on the back of another guys boat knowing I should not go with it spitting sleet I layered up and went and got to fish about 15 minutes before I was about to freeze to death and told my partner I had to get off of the boat so called a buddy to pick me up and my boater took me to a launch ramp where a buddy picked me up. The 15 minutes I did get to fish I did catch 2 bass. 1 weighed 5.95 lbs and the other one weighed 6.76lbs. My partner called me at home about 2 PM and asked me if I wanted him to bring me my money? I said what money and he told me that my two fish weighed 12.71 lbs and won the entire tournament. All 5 places and took 1st and 2nd big fish. There was 57 boats fishing and our boat was the only one to weigh in a keeper fish and we had 2. My partner went right back where I boated those 2 and never got another bite the rest of the day. I had told my partner on Thursday that I had found some big fish in practice which that day weather was 74 degrees. That was where we went 1st thing. 7 mile run from Tournament site. I was about froze by the time he sat the boat down to begin fishing. That did make up for the one back when I was younger but it also told me I am to damn old to do that again...............
  7. Rose Bowl OT/and Sugar

    OK dominated most of the first 1/2 and when the dogs came back out after 1/2 time they came out to play ball and they did play ball for sure. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of either team when it comes down to Bull Dogs or BAMA tide but I do enjoy a good College game regardless of who is playing. I have been a N. Dame fan since I began watching College ball. With that said I also did enjoy that TCM game too. That was a slugfest down to the wire also.........
  8. It's Frickin' Freezing....

    Back in 1985 while I lived in Kingston Springs Tennessee one night the weather man said that last night Kingston Springs Tennessee recorded the lowest temperature in the United States including Alaska. I think it was something like -17 degrees below zero
  9. Rose Bowl OT/and Sugar

    Well I watched both games. Rose Bowl Game was a great game for sure. I thought Bama would blow Clemson out but they struggled with them but did win. If Bama does not play any better against the Dogs than they did Clemson the dogs will eat their lunch. Either way we will have an SEC National Champ............
  10. It's Frickin' Freezing....

    I got up at 7AM this morning to a balmy -1 on thermometer or front porch. Darby wanted to go out an pee. Normally she runs out and goe and then plays around some. This morning she went out, did business and was back at the door in about 40 seconds.............She likes to go out and play fetch and every day she takes a toy to the door letting me know she is ready to go play. I bundle up like going to Alaska and we go out and she plays about 5 minutes and then grabs her toy and heads for the door to get back inside. When it was warmer out she would play for 30 minutes or more...........
  11. Looking for some scales for!!

    I have some friends up in east Tennessee that operate a small bass trail and last Fall their scales bit the dust so unless they can find another set reasonable they won't be able to have a trail this year. Anybody here know anyone in that business that might have a set of scales they could buy? I know it's a reach but don't know till ya ask!!!
  12. Happy New Year

    According to thermometer on my front porch it was 2 degrees here this morning at 6 AM and I don't think my central heat turned off all night!!!!
  13. Happy New Year

    Happy New Years To all TGO folks and families and hope everyone has a Prosperous and Healthy 2018!!!!
  14. The Garden Thread

    It might, I don't know but if I went that route I would not have a reason to go fishing as often and it would just run my water bill up when the lake is 1 mile away and the water is free!!!
  15. The Garden Thread

    My only issues back when I was growing big gardens was weather. I could never ge enough rain and would end up watering about every 3 days with hose and sprinklers and city water is just not that good for gardens. I have drums at the down spouts of about 5 different locations on my out buildings but with no rain that was useless. It would rain in Portland 10 miles north or Lagardo 10 miles south of me but not rain on my garden. It was like I was in an armpit and rain just wouldn't fall here. I can make a trip to the lake now and pump enough lake water into drums on a buddys trailer I borrow to keep the patio plants watered. Can even do a little fishing while I am filing the barrels..........

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