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  1. The left wants the Firearms manufacturer, the seller, a trainer, and anyone else that is involved in the legal sale or training having to do with weapons used in mass murders to be held accountable. If that's the case Auto makers and truck builders along with drivers Education teachers could also be arrested. Trucks and cars have both been used in mass killings/Murders! I am beginning to think the people in Virginia Politics have gone brain dead when it comes to writing common sense laws.....JMHO
  2. You did pretty good considering you went to Tennessee Public schools and had a few nips before posting....All you really did was put to many numbers in the first sentence of the first post but it was enough to get a few replies to maybe get your friend what he is looking for.....
  3. A lot of people have been shot for less by people that don't have common walking around sense and should not own a gun...JMHO
  4. The gun is not as much an issue as the fact that it still killed and wounded children. The shooter did shoot himself and was hospitalized with a head wound and I heard on the news last night that he died in the hospital. I'm very glad he only had 1 magazine and could not reload and continue shooting!!! Prayers for all the children lost or wounded and their families!!!
  5. bersaguy


    I don't know if she can read a clock or not but her stomach can sure tell time......
  6. bersaguy


    It's that time again!! Time to turn back the clocks Saturday 1 hour! I feel sorry for Darby. Just about the time she gets her stomach adjusted to when to begin begging for her supper the time changes and her retraining and reprograming of her stomach has to start all over again....
  7. A person that won't eat ground hog has never really been hungry because they would find ground hog a wonderful meal. Groundhog in an oven surrounded with Potatoes carrots and maybe a few slices of onion slow cooked is a delicacy fit for a king...……… They are also great slow cooked in a smoker wrapped in foil with an assortment of veggies and spices!!!!
  8. If you have never seen a groundhog after it is cleaned and ready to cook you would be very surprised at how clean the meat is and , very little fat and bright red and their hide after skinned is white as snow. I have ate them most of my life growing up and most of them were corn fed and harvested from corn fields or fence rows in corn fields.
  9. Ground hogs are very good eating. I grew up eating them and hunted them a lot. If I get a chance to get one in the cross hairs of my Marlin 60 I will be eating high on the hog again. I have a buddy that said he will cook it on his smoker for me if I get one.
  10. Well most folks know I am a big fan of Bersa 380 calibers and own several of them. We have had many discussions on the site regarding the stopping power behind a 380. I have spoke with people about this several times and some folks will say use Hornaday Critical Defense hollow points and you will be fine. Others say I should have all my 380's loaded with FMJ ball ammo. After many discussions with folks I decided I would split load my magazines. For every Hornaday round in the Magazine there is a Fiocchi FMJ ball round. Because I wanted to see how the guns reacted to the assorted rounds I went to the range with my Thunder and my model 85 and shot both of them. Both guns handled flawlessly and operated flawlessly so now that is how I am loaded with the ball ammo being the first round for penetration and the second round HHP for impact if it is needed. Opinions are welcome on my decision. Oh to add, I do also have about 8 back up mags for the Thunders and 3 back up mags for the Model 85 and at least one of them on the 85 is all Ball and 3 of the Thunders are al ball.
  11. Well my guess is that one I saw was passing thru because digging anywhere on this property in a challenge at best. Both of these houses were built on a rock formation. If you want to dig a hole bigger than a shovel itself you need a jackhammer to bust up the rock first. Tommy is planning on laying a new gravel driveway From the road back to my house but he said he will have to spend about a week or more with a jack hammer bust up rock in order to use a Bobcat to level it before the gravel can be put down. Getting in and out to my house is an adventure. Glad I have a vehicle with high ground clearance.
  12. Well I have seen a lot of critters since I moved here last June but saw a first the other morning. I let Darby out to do morning business and she started barking so I went out to see what it was. I knew what it was right away cause I have seen them many times. Just not around here. Darby was running around an Armadillo that had round up into a ball to protect itself from Darby. I made Darby come to me cause I didn't want the critter to decide all at once to stand it's ground instead of hiding in it's armor. Once in the house to watch it, it unrolled and ran off into the fence row and was gone. Tommy has lived here 17 years and said he saw 1 about 12 + years ago so evidently they are not common to this area...……
  13. bersaguy


    Glad it did not get a direct hit on those power lines and take out your power...…….
  14. I agree with you 100% on the repeat offenders issues but my problem is how soft they are on all of these kids that are committing adult crimes with firearms and getting a slap on the wrist and sent back out into Society to just repeat the crime again. They are becoming the repeat offenders more and more and not being held to a higher standard than they have been all along. The courts need to come down much harder on them than they did say 20 years ago...…….JMHO
  15. I think one of the best parts in #1 was how cool and calm the police officer was when he showed up at the house and politely ask John if he went back to work and John said no, just cleaning up a few things.....LOL.

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