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  1. Dwayne Johnson also supports BLM and thinks Veep Harris is right in supporting them as well.
  2. There are many people that are Anti Gun to hear them talk that all own a gun. Many Democrats preach about being anti gunners that own a gun and many own several. Those like Pelosi and other politicians are the ones that do the most preaching about gun control are surrounded by people protecting them with guns. It's easy to be against owning guns when you are surrounded by people protecting them with them!! Then there are actors like Liam Nieseom (spelling) that is totally anti 2nd Amendment but uses them in about every movie he makes in Hollywood. I won't watch any of his movies. I wi
  3. I know several people that are serving in active duty in all branches and the question of could you or would you fire on Americans on American soil and and you can't get a direct answer from any of them. I have heard a few say that they might if they were fired on and provoked and left with no choice. That tells me most would not if just ordered to but would have to be provoked. Some one mentioned the National Guard at Kent University that shot students protesting the Vietnam war. The National Guard was told that their guns were loaded with Rubber bullets and not live ammunition. They believed
  4. Prayers to Chip and his family. So sorry to hear this!!
  5. I tried not to go out except to feed the birds on my back deck. I filled the feeders and then scattered some food on the Table in the breakfast nook on the deck for the birds that can't feed on the tube feeders such as Doves and Cardinals and bigger birds. The only real issue I had with ice was about the 3rd day of going out to fill the feeders when I opened the door to go out it was blocked. I had some of the largest Ice Cycles I have ever seen and they had the doorway blocked. It took 4 real hard hits with a claw hammer to break them and then I pushed them off the deck and fed the birds. Has
  6. So far I have gone through 50lbs of Wild bird food and still have a ton of birds I'm feeding.
  7. I can't remember this much snow in Tennessee but then my memory sucks too. I wonder how the Nashville Snow Service knew this was coming and to have such a large supply of salt and other chemicals on hand for this kind of storm. Was it just a lucky guess of did someone know something was coming and just got ready for it??
  8. Well, we got an additional 3-4 inches of fresh snow last night but no new ice yet!!! Our lights flickered a couple times yesterday but we never lost power. I hope Dirtshooter gets his power back soon before he needs a referee from cabin fever!!!! Hope everyone stays safe till this all melts over the weekend and then we will hear about all the flooding on the news!! I also am glad I don't live in Texas.
  9. Well, I have generator ready to go with extra gas and back up Propane indoor heaters, 2 burner camper stove and gas grill if I need to cook anything and have plenty of food and paper supplies so I guess I am ready as I can get. I have been in touch with Dirt shooter and his power is down due to a large tree across the road from his house. He is doing ok and hoping to have power back on tomorrow. He has plenty of wood and generator running.
  10. Well I am now a member of the NRA so I'm working on joining as I can afford at present.
  11. I have joined so many different 2nd Amendment Programs I can't be sure who I am a member of and who I still need to join. I will try and check into it today and see which ones I still need to join. I know for sure I am in NRA, GOA and TGO but not sure about the rest but will join as I find ones I have not joined yet!!
  12. I will be writing them as soon as I close out of TGO!!! We definately need this to happen!!!!


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