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  1. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    I just signed up my 12 year old Grandson and his 23 year old brother with 2 year memberships. I call them both and told them what I was going to do and they both said great and I ask each of them which magazine they wanted to receive. I think they will both receive a duffle bag also but not sure............
  2. Back Ground checks????

    Yep and they are all up there in DC for three things! Money, Power and Control. Doing something for the people that elected is a NO NO unless they will make money off of it, Get more power from it and have complete control of it. I look for it to get a whole lot worse before it gets better because the present group of Millinums have an exact Zero clue on what their doing and right now they seem to be gaining control and power quick! I am glad I am old and maybe I won't be alive when they finally destroy the Country I love............JMHO
  3. I'm sure glad he didn't get that door kicked in with all those police officers out side the door cause the guy with the deer rifle in the house probably would have got arrested. Charged with over-kill of a bad guy. Charged him with using to big a gun to protect his home and himself from harm!!!
  4. I never thought they were!!! I have always thought they were in it for their own personal gains but I could be mistaken.................
  5. Back Ground checks????

    The 2 key sentences in this post is: " The hard part is the government systems that do not talk to each other." Part of the problems is the lack of data in these databases. These two issues right here could have prevented the school shooting in Florida but because of these 2 sentences the shooter was able to carry it out. The Anti-gun people want to blame to in-animated (GUN) for their failure to their own systems not working! I was under the impression that the Department of Homeland Security was developed and put into action to correct this exact problem and get these Alphabet Federal Departments Communicating but I have not seen the Department of Homeland Security do squat to correct this problem and because of their inability to do their job it always comes back to the in-animated object (GUN) is at fault.....................JMHO
  6. Back Ground checks????

    If that is their goal it is going to be an almost impossible task to get done. That would require one HELL of an honor system if they think every time someone wants to sell a gun to another local person it would mean they would both have to make a trip to an FF dealer, pay FFL fees and back ground check fees. I just don't see that happening. I can kind of understand the closing the loop hole at gun shows on parking lot sales. The seller has no clue if he is selling a gun to a wanted felon where in a local FTF a seller can require ID, HCP, and bill of sale that is not done at Gun Show parking lot sales. Thing is if a wanted dangerous felon wants a gun they will get one some how some way. I just don't see the anti-gun people getting that type of background check passed..................JMHO
  7. Citi group sides with gun control folks

    You have a point but if I am wanting to buy a gun that will require a credit card I am the type that will wait till a used one comes up for sale and do a FTF or buy one in state that can be shipped and pay cash. I will just put the cash back until I have enough to buy said gun. I do realize that what the seller does with the money I have no control over but I have avoided me using a card to get what I want.........JMHO
  8. If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    I realize a lot of folks don't think a 380 is enough gun to do the job. Practice with the gun till your as good as you can get, use the right ammo and put the first 2 rounds where they need to be and I would trust a 380 as much as any caliber I could possibly want to carry.......JMHO
  9. Back Ground checks????

    I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer so sometimes I have to ask questions. I keep hearing and reading all these anti-gun people screaming for back ground checks. Every time I have purchased a gun from any retail outlet, licensed Gun store etc they run a back ground check on me before they will allow me to purchase a firearm. JUst what BACK GROUND CHECKS are these anti-gun people wanting since I go through one everytime I purchase a gun. Someone please explain this to me. Thanks You for your help. Bersaguy
  10. Citi group sides with gun control folks

    Do you really feel these banks would be willing to give up the dollar figures they make each day off of sales of firearms, ammo, firearm parts or anything shooting related that take place on any given day?
  11. Ok, I won't worry about it. I was not gonna loose much sleep over it anyway. This country was founded and built with guns and I have a feeling guns will keep it up and operational regardless of how the anti gun folks feel about it............jmho
  12. Sorry, does this mean I need to worrry about renewing my HCP in August?
  13. Gun Store Burglary Arrests

    It's great that they caught them but I wonder how many of the guns they recovered besides the one they caught the 19 years old with?
  14. Does that mean I need to worry about renewing my CCP in August since I am 70 years old?

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