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  1. Thanks cause I didn't know that but I did know I don't want any of them hitting my jeep..................
  2. Yea, the 2 guns I mentioned he showed me were the guns his 2 teenage sons I went to school with deer hunted with and put meat on the table back then. They hunter our ranch with me many times because we had about 1000 acres of timber that backed up to Cheatham County Game Reserve and only thing seperating our land from theirs was Barbed wire fence so we always had plenty of deer back then to hunt.
  3. I have had a few folks ask me about my avatar so I guess I will explain it. That is an actual picture of a female Doberman giving the fireman a kiss because he risked his life to go back into a burning building to rescue her 5 pups that were less than a month old and when he layed them down beside her on a blanket and sat down she came up and thanked him with a kiss and a reporter caught it and shot a picture of it. People said dogs are not to smart but she knew what he did without any doubt in my mind anyway...........
  4. Back when I was kid my grandfather gave me a rifle that he said a friend of his down the road had sporterized back many years ago. I took it out with some of the ammo he had left and shot it. After shooting it because the gun shot very good and was very accurate I went to seek out hunting grade ammo for it. I didn't even know what caliber or manufacturer was but the guy at the store knew. He told me it was a 7 MM Mauser and they did have some hunting ammo for it. I was 17 at the time and used it that season for deer hunting. Bagged 3 deer with it and only fire 3 rounds. I went and spoke to the man that had sporterized it and he showed me a 6.5 Japanese rifle and a 6.5 Intalian Carcano that he had also sporterized. The latter of the 2 was the same type rifle that Oswald used to shoot kennedy in 1963 but his was not sporterized. Today when I think about all of the guns the man sporterized and I often wonder what those same guns would be worth today if they were still in original condition?....................
  5. I was watching the weather channel and hopping back and forth between the race and weather and I got to see a video of a guy holding a league size baseball in one hand and a hail stone in the other and the hail stone was bigger than the baseball so I went out in all the down pour and put my Jeep inside just in case. A little while later they said that hail like that was found to be most common in states of Nebraska Wyoming and Colorado but I was not taking any chances. They explained how hail forms and they said a drop of rain is drawn up into the colder air and becomes hail as it falls back to earth. If that is the case I would like to see the rain drop that created that hail stone??????.................
  6. If I lived in the country I might try and stick it out but I don't so if there is any notice what so ever I will be a NC resident in 24 hours.
  7. That is the issue I am running into. Finding one for a Bersa double stack Magazine. I have found a single stack but no doubles yet.
  8. Don't let it bother you that your thoughts maybe incoherent about that day or many days following it. Everyone had different thoughts and feelings about what was going on back then. Your remembering what took place that night in the restaurant was point on. I have said many times that if the news medias were required to show the films of the planes hitting the towers every time they broadcasted the daily news it would remain a reminder of what America experienced that day and maybe all of the young people would feel differently today and appreciate what America stands for. For a brief period of time America was 1 nation under God and indivisable but like you said, "Sadly it didn't last." Politics got in the way.............JMHO
  9. Wel I don't have 10 mags to load so a speed loader would help me and save my thumbs for sure. I have been looking on line and it looks like I will be buying the Maglula Uplula when I find one that does the Bersa 380 double stacks.
  10. My dream came true when I got to see Janice Joplin and Jimmie Hendrix perform together on stage at the same time. Hendrix was on stage and had done a few songs and then he called on Janice to join him on stage to close out his show. That made it all worth going for sure.............. I also got to see CCR perform which was outstanding also. There was so many bands and so many stages you could not get to see all of them............JMHO
  11. I was there for a short stay. 1 months later till got ressigned to Chu Lai.
  12. I am noticing as I have gotten older I find it gettng harder for me to load magazines at the range. Fingers don't work as well as they use to. I know I have heard of a tool that makes it easier to assist in loading magazines, especially double stacks. Can someone recomend any of them and which ones are best and where they can be bought. I have line on a Bersa Thunder Plus that I will probably buy so it will be even more vital I find one of these tools. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bersaguy
  13. After thinking about Gregg Allman it got me thinking and remembering back. I know that the ABB did not perform at Woodstock but a great many fantastic bands did. I was wondering if anyone here made it to Woodstock 1969 besides me. I was about to ship out for Southeast Asia in a month and was on leave so I decided to attend it and was sure glad I did. It was a fantastic experience and I saw some great bands, musicians and singers and many of them are also gone but not forgotten......................
  14. Rest in Peace Gregg Allman.................
  15. Thats the way all things should sell !!!..................

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