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  1. I hope everyone is making sure their pets are taken care of in this heat.....
  2. I put my feeders up the 1st day of April like I do every year and it was about a month before I saw 1 bird. It went like that for almost the whole month before a second on showed up giving me 2 birds. As time went on I got another and then another and I changed out the food (sugar water) and now I have about 8 birds. Last year I had about 15+. I don't have a clue why there are not more birds.
  3. All these laws the politicians are trying to pass that is trying to take away the Second Amendment is causing many of these shootings. Bad guys don't care about the laws and I think if they cause enough gun havoc while the politicians debate new gun laws that will prevent the law abiding Americans from owning guns it will make the bad guys actions safer knowing less good guys will have guns to protect themselves with. That is if existing gun owners will begin to use common sense and quit leaving guns in unlocked vehicles in their driveways to arm the bad guys with!........JMHO
  4. I have heard several stories about the attack on Pearl Harbor was supposed to have a second attack on the west coast by the Japanese army and it was called off by the Fleet commander and his reason is their army would be defeated because behind every blade of grass is an American with a gun!! That was back in 1941. Just imagine what they would think today about an attack!!! All because of the 2nd Amendment stopped an attack in 1941. I have heard about that from Vets from WWII.
  5. I have heard the bullet travels 3 times the speed of sound but that is the first time for the speed of light???
  6. Prayers being sent for everyone involved except the shooter. There is a special place for him and it ain't HEAVEN
  7. This incident is about as close to a copycat act as I have heard about. Take a look back at Sandy Hook and then look at this one. Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother before going to the school and this punk shot his grandmother before going to the school. Is there any comparison between the 2?........JMHO
  8. I meant to finish that quote you started Chuck. My Grandmother used it for most of my life. it is "Idle hands are the Devils workshop!" Sorry for the delay in the response!!!
  9. No Doubt that young man had a co-pilot riding with him that day. I'm glad it turned out great for him...
  10. Here is a link that might interest those that don't already know about it. [1] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.usgs.gov/news/national-news-release/usgs-releases-oil-and-gas-assessment-bakken-and-three-forks-formations__;!!OSngg4lOVAs!35I5G1LhRyfjaT1AEJucBdqjU0F35HTJMsoV_wu1uH3QtQKXe7VVwMvcsPYImGpSsw$
  11. My guess and this is a guess but I would say they were just doing their job and working at catching bad guys. If your not doing anything wrong then you don't any reason to worry about it. JMHO
  12. At one point someone said no one has ever been shot and killed with live ammo on a movie set is a lie. Brandon Lee was shot and killed by a prop gun during the movie making The Crow.
  13. I have a drive way next to my house that belongs to my neighbor behind me. My house number is 235 and next door behind me is 233 and I can't count the times I have walked out on my back deck and one of their packages was left on my deck. It got so regular that the gentleman gave me his phone number so I could call him if I got a package. He would bring me a dozen fresh eggs as payment for putting up with his packages. I had to tell him not to bring eggs sometimes because I didn't need any.
  14. Thank you very much for the email about the scam. It is very much appreciated. Right now I'm not looking for anything to buy but warnings are always nice to get.
  15. Sorry I missed it! I should have caught that one!


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