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  1. The Vietnam War

    Since we are discussing Vietnam which by the way I have been watching it and no dreams yet but I thought I would ask folks here if any of ya'll have seen any products made in Vietnam being sold in the U.S.A.? If not or if you have not been looking at tags on clothing you may be buying, there is some being imported and label reads "Made in the Republic of Vietnam" I didn't know that we had trade agreements with them till I was looking at a new Gortex Rain Suit at tackle shop here locally and the third label down it said "Made in Republic of Vietnam". If you own a Gortex Rain suit advertised under the Frogg Togg brand name it was made in Vietnam! I just hung it back up and walked out!

    I think China finally took some action against NK yesterday and told banks in China to stop doing business with NK after President Trump spoke the other day. I think they have finally figured out they are no longer dealing with Obama but dealing with some one with large Kahuna's ...............JMHO
  3. Vintage Gun Photos

    One barrel or two, choice is yours!!!!

    I hope if force is required to stop NK that it is done swiftly and decisive and does not require 1 pair of boots on the ground. Can spare as many innocent people as possible. I am not in favor of Collateral Damage when it can be avoided but if it has to happen I would much rather collateral damage be in NK than over here....................JMHO

    I would be willing to bet both of them flunked Kindergarden and Sandbox and probably never made it to high school...............JMHO
  6. .410 for Turkey

    Probably a good move and when you said your somewhat of a cheapscate if you compare the cost of 4.10 ammo to 12 gauge ammo you will probably save money by going with 12 gauge ammo cost wise. Good quality 4.10 ammo is very costly verses good quality 12 gauge ammo in my opinion..................
  7. .410 for Turkey

    I did kill a big bird once when I was kid with my 4.10 and it was Canada Goose that was alone and flying cattail high about the 10 yards above me and I led it as far as I could and destroyed it's head when I fired. Did this while walking back through the swamp behind my house from a duck hunt. Yea, I did hunt ducks with a 4.10 over decoys from a blind when I was kid and would get ducks gliding into decoys 15 yard shots max. Took me a few minutes to find the goose that went down in the reeds and cattails but that was my trophy bird with a 4.10. I have never been turkey hunting so don't know how tough and durable they are but I know most folks do use 12 gauge High Brass loads to hunt them...............JMHO
  8. Amazing sniper skills

    Another 4+ minutes wasted!!! Did'nt make any sense what so ever............JMHO
  9. Anyone else hear about this

    Thats good information HP but in my neighborhood about 1.5 miles down my road are 8 nice Rental Duplexes and 2 rental houses and it is musical chair type situation on how fast people move in and out of them. You will see a u-haul truck and people unloading it into the duplex and a week later you will see a u-haul backed up to a different unit and someone moving out. Houses not so much cause they are 3 bedroom houses and at least 1 car at each and several pickup trucks parked in around the driveways and once in a while you will see them out side. All of the trucks are gone every week day by 6 AM and come in about 4-5 PM. It is evident that there is at least 2 and maybe 3 imigrant families living in them but never seen any police cars there and none of the neighbors complain about them.....................
  10. I have 2 holsters I use and both a OWB type. Nothing fancy but get the job done for me. I wear a t-shirt tucked and just throw a light cover shirt over what I am wearing and sometimes don't even have to button it but normally will button two bottom buttons. It surprised my doctors nurse the first time she realized I was armed. She could not tell it till she ask me to remove my light jacket to check my BP and I just worn a light windbreaker jacket with no cover shirt that day. She took it in stride and did her job and when doctor came in she was smiling and told me that her nurse warned her that I was armed and she said he is always armed when he comes here..........
  11. Anyone else hear about this

    I use to walk down my driveway to get my mail out of my box at the road. Now days I go to my mail box in my Jeep and I am armed when I get out to get the mail out of the box and don't do that until there is no cars coming from either direction. There have been people robbed in this area while cutting their lawns and Grilling out on patio's. Man down about 10 houses down from me was robbed by knifepoint by 2 guys at his mailbox. I'm am almost hoping they approach me with a knife at my mail box. I will teach them why it's not a good idea to bring a knife to a gun fight...........JMHO
  12. Tactical perfection!

    I didn't watch it all..........LOL. I quit watching it when he rolled out of the back seat to the ground and dropped his gun in the process and I quit there...................
  13. Anyone else hear about this

    After I read the report I kind of think that the homeowner was the first shooter and the guns in the car where not expecting him to be out there when they arrived. The report said someone tried to set his house on fire the previous day so sounds like he was expecting them to come back. I'm guessing like a few have said and it was either a bad drug deal or gang related.............JMHO
  14. Tactical perfection!

    Well , just another case of "You can't Fix Stupid"..................JMHO
  15. Verizon vs Straightalk

    Dang son............ Do you get sunshine at all during the day? I know BT use to complain that his Verizon would not work on Dale Hollow lake and they brag about having the best coverage. These days they all seem to brag about their coverage but I think they all have dead zones regardless of who they are. I know last time I was on 840 going to the Boro right about the race track my AT&T lost coverage for about 6 miles and then picked it back up.............Hope you find something that will work for you.................

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