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  1. Well I have been stuck watching basic networks like CBS NBC ABC etc etc Fox when I can get it on antenna. Before the virus I was on the verge of getting Fiber Optic TV and then I would never watched another local network ever again but they have not started back with the Fiber installations so stuck watching local junk. When I get Fiber my TV will have the History channel, TLC(the learning Channel) the National Geographic, Discovery channel will for the most part all I will be watching. I checked into satellite when I first moved here and all of them told me that no Satellites will work out here were I live. I thought satellite would work where they aimed the dish but this small area never has a satellite in view.....go figure!!!! I do have one bright spot in all of this and smart TV's I have been able to search out some upper ban channels and can watch all kinds of oldies and every night I get all 4 of Gene Roddenberry's Star Treks series and during the days they have Numbers, Nash Bridges, JAG, and Monk.
  2. Who ever buys this will be surprised and impressed at what the screen shows when it is turned on. The shallow water verses the main channels are very well defined. If you run in shallow water with this unit it is completely your fault and not the Garmin's!!
  3. This post has had a lot of views and probably a few buyers but don't wait on me. I would like to have it but don't want to stand in anyone else's way of buying it!! I do have arrangements to get the gun picked up but have not heard back from 221 Fireball about approval for a courier pick up by a fellow member from here.
  4. bersaguy

    TWRA fun

    Ok black is ground and red is hot. Add a fuse link in hot wire between the unit and the hot from TM just to be safe. Not necessary but I always lean on the side of caution.
  5. I would buy that in a heartbeat but I have no way of getting to meet up with you cause my Jeep is still broke down. If you would be willing to bring it to me I would give an extra $25.00 for your troubles!!! If $25.00 is not enough let me know what it would take to get you to come to Gordonsville and bring the LCP.
  6. PICTURES ADDED!!!!! I have a Garmin GPS 172C colored unit for sale. This is the unit with the built in antenna so it does not need an external puck. I realize it is not a big fancy impressive unit but if you are on the water and want a unit that will keep you from running aground and damaging your boat of maybe suffering injury this unit is for you. It will work on any lake you travel to in the Continual United States. No need to buy extra chips or anything else. Just mount it wire it up and turn it on. It would still be on my Skeeter but my SIL had a better idea and since I have kind of turned the Skeeter over to him he went out and spent about $800.00 on a GPS, Depth finder, fish finder unit that's looks like a small television unit and Ram mount on the console. I asked him if it would wipe his butt to and got a dirty look. The Garmin is a great unit and actually was only used a year. Up until then I had a Garmin Gray Line gray screen and it worked great but I wanted a color unit as they were easier to see at night. I need to sell it rather than it just lay around here and go to waste. I gave 229.95 for it and will sell it for $100.00 plus shipping if not FTF here at my house. If you are willing to pick it up here I will drop the price to $80.00.
  7. bersaguy

    TWRA fun

    Your welcome!! I had a friend tell me how to do that 20+ years ago. My only question to you is do you have a 12 volt Trolling motor or a 24 volt. If you have a 24 volt just use the Black and Red wire and same on a 12 volt TM.
  8. bersaguy

    TWRA fun

    If you have not ran the wires yet for your depth finder/GPS you can save your self a lot of trouble if you just use the hot and ground on your trolling motor wiring that is already up front. That is how I have been operating my GPS on my Skeeter for over 20 years with no issues. Just make sure you put a fuse link in the hot side of the wire between the unit and the hot wire to the TM and you should be good to go.
  9. Like I mentioned earlier. I got a 22 Phoenix in a gun and the guy wanted what I had to trade but was a few bucks short so he threw the Phoenix in the mix and I made the deal. I found most folks don't like them because they say the gun has to many safeties' with 3. I use one and leave the other two off. the guns are a little heavy but very accurate to shoot. I got Sam to fix the mags so they hold the action open on the last round. I like the weight cause there is almost zero recoil. I had a guy offer me $150.00 for it and I told him I would have to pass. I almost laughed at him but then I remembered he was offering me new gun price for a used gun as they sold for 159.00 new In most stores.
  10. you can bet they are being moved by people. Back several years ago I saw a big ski boat with ropes hooked to a channel marker and I went over to them and told them that if they move that marker I will call TWRA and report your boat numbers and tell them what you are doing. They cut the ropes and took off. I still called and reported the boat numbers to my buddy Hooper that is a game warden and he sent a boat out and the boat found the rope still attached to the channel marker. I don't know what ever came from it but I didn't see that boat again. All they do it for is meanness and wanted to hurt someone. I knew folks did it but most did it at night and these idiots were doing it in the late morning around 10AM.
  11. I don't know how many of you have been listening to the news but they have been talking about the channel Markers on the lake not being where they are suppose to be. Some of the main channel markers he moved out of the main channel and are in shallow water knee deep and they need to be put back on the deep water. I did see yesterday that the Corps had boats out there putting the markers back where they are suppose to be but they said it will take a couple more weeks to get all of them where they need to be. Just thought I would post this for folks that may be planning an outing on the 4th weekend on Priest Lake that if you don't know the lake well make sure you have your GPS on and are watching it so you don't tear up a lower unit of worse get hurt by running a ground. Just be careful if your going to Priest Lake. If it is not to far out of your way you may want to go to Old Hickory Lake as those channel markers are where they are suppose to be. My so in law was on Priest Lake 3 weeks ago and he told me that many of the markers were in the wrong place but he knows the lake well but he still had his GPS on and was running by it. Be safe!!
  12. I hope the Indian tribe does buy the company. It would be better than the company just closing down. I'm sure the Native American tribe will do a good job of keeping the company in operation. They have proven over the years that they are good smart business people. Also the Indian tribes operate under different laws in many cases such as tax exempt in many of their existing companies such as the Casinos they already operate. ....JMHO
  13. Any positive habit is better than what the alternative could be! I have heard several doctors say that the Virus can't survive long in direct sunlight yet look at all the people that have tested positive after a day at a hot sunny beach. So what does one believe?? I actually have not changed much except I just stay home. My Daughter and Son In law do all my shopping for me cause they are out everyday for work and they both wear masks and do the hand sanitizers routines before bringing my food in the house and I have also got Lysol and other spray sanitizers that I spray the counters with after I put my food up. The doctors have all agreed that the food packages are not likely to contain many if any viruses. After I get the food up I wash my hands with sanitizing soap and then follow it up with hand sanitizer lotion. I also live in the sticks about 25 miles from the nearest town and 50+ miles from the nearest big city which is Nashville. I do have times I would like to just go out for a drive in the evening but Jeep is broke down and won't be fixed for at least a week or longer. It's funny but I never use to watch golf on TV but recently I look forward to it coming on so I can watch it. I do have a good friend I email quit often and he replies back pretty regally and that helps also. I do hope everyone here stays safe and we all get through this un-harmed!!!
  14. Does anyone know the proper way to wear the face mask to protect yourself and others around you? I asked a doctor friend about all these people running around with their noses uncovered and the mask on only their mouth. He said that they might as well not be wearing one if they are not going to cover their noses as well as the mouth. That is why they test people by putting a swap up the nose because that is were they find the spores for the virus. I was going to look at buying a few masks till my son In law gave me 10 N95 masks which is my understanding are the best on the market. His company buys them by the pallet because his company does spray fire proofing of commercial buildings under construction and they are required to wear the N95 masks to perform their job. I just thought I would bring this up so people that are wearing the masks need to make sure your nose is covered along with your mouth!!
  15. Sorry Chuck I guess I am 3rds and I didn't really want it but at that price I would have bought it!!!!

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