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  1. Back when I had the bait business over the 15 years I sold to the public I used priority mail to ship every package. I guess I am lucky Chuck bought the business from me or I would be suffering the effects with the mail as everyone else is. I order my Rosie's food and snacks from Chewy and they ship everything Fed-X and I ordered some stuff last Thursday and they delivered it on Sunday. Both UPS and Fed-X are both delivering 7 days a week now.
  2. I heard that Pelosi was making a statement that is was GOP members refusing to go through them and she fear for her life by them. Former President Bush made a statement "if you don't want to walk through them find another job!" It's easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback and make statements like that when you don't have to do it.........JMHO
  3. I don't know if this is the place for this but has anyone else heard about the metal detectors that have been installed at all entrances to the Congressional floor where the House and Senate meet and they are being met with a lot of objections from many elected officials to them and demanding they be removed or they will not be going in on the floor till they are.
  4. bersaguy


    Prayers being sent for a fast recovery and hope everything goes well for him!!
  5. bersaguy


    I have both of them stored, both are on desk top, in documents and in downloads plus I wrote them both down on paper......LOL.
  6. bersaguy


    I have that same problem.........LOL
  7. Well I have no intentions of leaving my house to go protest anything!! I have a line drawn in the sand also and it is right at my door and you are safe until you make any attempt to cross it such as try to kick my door in!!! I have heard about all the attacks planned in all 50 states and I sincerely hope it is only rumors as it would not accomplish anything except a big problem for law abiding gun owners such as folks here that love the 2nd Amendment and respect what it represents along with the rest of the Constitution!!!!!......JMHO
  8. I have my own opinion on what I have read so far and for the most part a lot of what I have read were also said when Obama was first elected and everyone said Obama would get the guns. Well it didn't happen but that time Joe Biden was VP. This time he is President and I am not as concerned with him as I am Harris. If Biden should not be able to continue as President do to health or any other reason Harris will become President and that does concern me. I don't think anyone really knows her views on anything yet!!....JMHO
  9. bersaguy


    I watched a news special the other night about the Broken Juvenile Legal system and it is not broken. It is almost non-existent. Some Officers have arrested a Juvenile for possession of a stolen fire arm at 7PM and arrested him 4 hours later and he had another gun when they arrested him the second time. He was released at 7:30 to his mother and she said he never went in the house but took off soon as she stopped her car at home. The police said that the system is just a swinging door. The singer that was killed during a car hijacking was shot by a 13 year old that had 5 prior arrests with 3 of
  10. I was just throwing some other options out there because I have seen Gelatin explosives in action in a Flagstone quarry and the blast is more of an orangish flash, and would not be as heavy to move or haul. Plus if his ex-girlfriend could tell what he was doing when she said making bombs it would be obvious what he was using looked like a stick style explosive. As far as her and her lawyer reporting his actions over a year ago it would appear that every law enforcement agency from Metro police to all the 3 letter or more all dropped the ball. FBI, ATF, CIA, and Homeland Security were a
  11. bersaguy


    I had a driveway alarm when I lived in Gallatin but don't have one here. If they make it past Tommy's house up front without getting stopped I figure it is someone we know. Mine was not an expensive one and came from Harbor Freight and the outside wireless unit was Battery operated and the base worked on 110 volt and it would react to anything moving including the UPS truck.
  12. I notice most folks are fixed on a fertilizer bomb but I have another idea that might throw a wrench into that idea. The guy was an electronic wizard to people that knew him. Fertilizer is one option but you would also need something such as diesel fuel in large amounts. The RV was not squatting so it would not appear to have that kind of weight in it. Now with all the construction going on in Nashville that means there would be a few trailers of Gelatin explosives setting around town and in them that require blasting caps to detonate so they must be kept in a different location. With this guy
  13. The only thing I am 99% sure of is the guy wanted to go out of the world in a Blaze of Glory and as of right now it appears he was successful in his endeavor. Beyond that I have no comment!
  14. Very similar to the Oklahoma bombing of the FBI building.....JMHO
  15. I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!


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