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  1. I bet when all the smoke clears your going to find out he is a Vet but no guarantees on that. Just sounds like he was cool under fire and reacted accordingly. .......jmho
  2. Well got to meet another TGO member today. Went and picked up the washer and dryer and got to meet btq96r and he is a very nice guy for sure. Didn't get to spend a lot of time visiting but he was more than glad to help us load the appliances. I enjoyed meeting another member and being able to put a face with a name. I want to thank you again B for the appliances and your help. It is greatly appreciated.....
  3. I heard them say on CBS Local news last evening that if she says she did go with him willingly they might or will drop the aggrevated Kidnapping Charges. If they drop them the world is worse off than I am thinking it is..............jmho
  4. Well I guess only time will tell but won't believe it until I hear it from a reliable source. I have my reason for knowing how those rewards work..........jmho
  5. I had a brother like that also and he did something similar. Have not spoke to him in 25 years and don't even know if he is still alive...........
  6. How many folks here think that guy that turned them in will get that big fat reward they said was out there? I bet he does not see a dime of it. If he says anything they will just tell him it was his civil duty to call police.............jmho
  7. I tell them what they told me when BHO got elected, Give him a chance he might surprise you!!! He didn't, Obama surprised me. He did a lot worst than I expected him to do for 8 complete years or more cause I'm not sure he is done yet......... I actually thought he came in office with something to prove. He did but it was nothing good.........jmho
  8. Why would you worry about the lie about Hawaii and birth certificate. Obama did it and spent 8 years in the White House. If you meaning he will be turning into another Obama yea I do agree it would be time to worry...........
  9. I was never an O'Reilly fan persay. He seemed to act like he was Fox News and they could not exist without him. Well, I guess we are going to get to find out huh? They still Have Hannity for now!
  10. True, I think all of the so called super powers have all been guilty of Sabre Rattling with less than sharp Sabre's.....................
  11. I was watching a news broadcast yesterday and they were showing clips of back in the late 50's in Moscow as the Russia dragged Mock Missiles in a parade to show off their power to the world and the Missiles had to actually be tied down to the Trailers so they would not blow off when the winds kicked because they were made of heavy cardboard. Most all those countries that try and bluff America will build up mock military armament to try and show power that they don't have. many of them still have not changed even today............jmho
  12. Well I have often wondered how they can come up with a body count inan explosion such as that cause they said it closed at least 3 caves so how do they know just how many were in the caves if they closed them in the explosion? I think the News Media's throw a number at the wall and see if it sticks like a string of Pasta.
  13. I was in error when I posted that 18 bad guys were killed. It was actually 36. I first heard 18 but since then that number has doubled...........
  14. Happy Easter to all the folks and their families here on TGO. I hope everyone is Blessed with family and friends on this very Special Day.
  15. Does anyone here know of a Flea Market booth operator that operates big time and does not just dabble in stuff. Reason I am asking is I might end up taking BT's Jig making business apart and selling it off in pieces if I don't find someone interested in getting into making jigs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks bersaguy

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