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  1. That is exactly what these bills/laws will do more and more times. If the Sheriff would have done even a little investigation before just telling the guy to turn in his guns the sheriff could have went to the judge with the proof they had served the orders on the wrong man and then focused on arresting the real bad guy instead of leaving the bad guy walk. Just a poor job of the sheriff doing the right thing........JMHO
  2. I'm sure as more of these bills get signed we all will be reading more horror stories very much like this one..........JMHO
  3. I will keep watching it and maybe they will have a night game on or have some on tomorrow.
  4. Well the reason I had it on ABC is it's one of the only channels I can get here in NO MANS LAND..............lol.
  5. I thought some where suppose to be also but I have had ABC on all day and not seen any games yet............
  6. Back in my younger days I thought about going hog hunting. That was until my little brother went. This was back when Catoosa had hog hunts and my brother went with a couple other guys and a guide with dogs. My brother Cory was using a Blackhawk 44 mag and he did kill a hog. It to was also a head shot. Thing is it was a head shot from directly above the hog that sent my little brother up a tree and he had to shoot the hog while hanging above it in the tree. That was enough to change my mind about hunting hogs...........
  7. I agree with you Mac, there is always a few people wantin to ruin a nice thing for the many. The fair is suppose to be a fun time for people of all ages but some people just can;t let it happen without trying to mess it up for all.....JMHO
  8. Prayers being sent as I type this...........
  9. Just rub my nose in it................. I have watched them since they began putting them on TV till this year and I moved out into no mans land..........
  10. LOL.... not where I live. I don't have any places nearby at all. I looked into getting cable here and they said it would cost about $1,000.00+ for the install and cost $125.00 a month after the install. They will be offering Fiber-Optics here in January and it will be offered to everyone in the area but they have not got any pricing available yet. They ran the main lines past my house last week on the poles along the road. I'm betting it is going to be exspensive once they get it installed and ready to start putting it in homes. I know a few folks that have satelite and they are paying big bucks to have it. In this area because they know they don't have any competition in this area yet so they can pretty much get what they want for Dish and U-Verse if you want it bad enough.
  11. I have never streamed anything but SIL said streaming eats up your data time fast!!!
  12. Thanks Dave. I just got an email from GOA asking that all the GOA members send emails or call and tell Trump not to sign the Red Flag Bill he has laying on his desk and said that the anti-gun people are making a big push after that shooting of police officers in Phili the other day. And again it was done by a felon/Criminal that should not have had a gun in the first place and not a law abiding citizen. Time after time when shootings like that one take place it is done by a criminal but the Anti-Gunners want to punish the law abiding citizens for it. I was sure glad to hear that all of the police officers made it that were wounded. I thought they would have to end up killing him to get him out but he got out unscaved!!! He was actually shooting threw his ceiling trying to kill to officers in the upper level of his house. He was determind to kill police officers.
  13. The only thng I want in all Red Flag Laws is DUE PROCESS and as of yet I'm not seeing that being discussed even remotely by politicians looking at passing them in their states. Due process evens up the playing field somewhat. At least the person losing their guns knows who filed the complaint so they can provide a defense against the claim filed.
  14. The only reason I could see why people want to put someone to death is politics. Governors and the President do have the power to release people from Prison with Pardons before leaving office. That almost happened back years ago here in Tennessee and there was some really bad guys on a list that the Governor was set to pardon when he was leaving office but it got stopped 3 days before he left office and the Governor elect Lamar Alexander was sworn in and the former Governor Ray Blanton was arrested along with several other people that were involved in a Pardons and Parole scandal where prisoners had bought and paid for them to be released. That could be a scary situation. I don't think you were living here back then Dave. I can specially remember two names on the list were serving life sentences for the murder for hire of a doctors wife in Chattanooga and the doctor got scared of the 2 guys and turned them in and admitted he paid them to kill his wife and they let the doctor go for admitting what he did but they got 2 cold blooded murderers that were being hunted for years for several other murders. That is why I think some people are still in favor of the death penalty but I could be wrong!! https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/17/lamar-alexander-ray-blanton-tennessee-governor-fbi-clemency/2575822002/
  15. I was hoping to get to watch the Games again this year but they are locked in on Cable and Satelite and I can't get either here so guess I won't get to see them this year.................

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