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  1. My GP Doctor told me to double up on BP meds and if it continues to be high go to the ER. My Sugar is also higher than it has been and I don't think the Metformin is working any longer. I was on Metformin and Insulin and my heart doctor took me off the insulin when they did my last heart surgery and my sugar has not really been good since they did that. I will be talking to my GP on my next appointment about putting me back on Insulin. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I think if you remain on the same medication to long sooner or later it quits working as it should or just quits all together. I will be having a long talk with my GP on my next office visit. She has been my doctor 20+ years and I trust her. That is why even since I moved I drive to 120 mile round trip to be treated by her. Thank all of you for prayers!!!
  2. Thank you very much for all the ideas as I have put my quest on hold as my health has gotten out of control the past few weeks or so and now working on getting my body back in line. My meds have evidently quit working like they have been for last 10 years and I have lost control of my sugar levels and also my BP and need to get in and see my doctors and see what is going on. If my BP does not begin coming back in line I will be going to ER since my doctors can't fit me in till early October. I will try and keep you updated. Very sorry to hear about Gibbs!!!
  3. Hunter training Courses/Classes teaches basic gun safety but in no way comes close to the education one should have to carry a hand gun to defend your self or a family member from harm. They are as different as day and night. The training one needs to be able to carry a concealed hand gun is much more intense and requires much more training and should not be mistaken for a hunter safety course.......JMHO
  4. I have read all of the posts in this thread and my views are few. One can never fully plan for the unknown and the unknown is exactly what all Americans are facing. I have done all I can do to prepare for what I think might be the future. That is all I can do. I do believe it is mostly in GODS hands and I say my prayers every night asking GOD to protect America and everyone that is not trying to destroy it. I pray that GOD protects all my family and friends here from harm. I'm expecting the next few months to be a very bumpy ride and when the ride is over that once again we can begin making plans to rebuild what we have left of America to work with. I am expecting the Democrats to do everything legal and illegal to steal this election because they know they don't have a winning plan with an honest vote. They thought they would win in 2016 with a rigged election and they lost. It put them in a total meltdown and they set out to destroy Trump at all costs and they have failed in every case. If Trump does win I sincerely hope that a new House is seated with a Red House and Senate and no Pelosi and no Schumer. I think for the most part the American people have got a good look at what the Democrats have planned for America and it is not good. Lets get out and vote and get rid of them!!
  5. When I lived in Gallatin I always had a gun on me while at home. The neighborhood I lived in had people being robbed while cutting their lawns and even a couple folks were robbed while grilling out in the own back yards. The bad guys were always the same ones and were using knives as weapons. Two were robbed on the way to get their mail from the box near the road. I would walk to my mailbox each day with my gun concealed hoping that they showed up and brought a knife to a gun fight cause I was prepared to end their rein of terror but they never got to me before I moved. When I moved out here in the country for a short time I quit wearing my gun around the house but I felt uncomfortable without it even out here so I began wearing it once again. This day in time with all that is going on one never knows where these crazy people will show up!!............JMHO
  6. It is not just what people see in a picture like this one. It is what we are seeing everyday in the news about buildings being burned down and people being killed by money, and power. People with money are determined to destroy this country. The rich people are flying trouble makers all over the country to instigate violence in cities across America. I have heard law enforcement say they know who these people are that are being flown around yet they have not arrested any of them. Why you say? Because they are being protected by judges who have also been bought by the rich guys and law enforcement can't get warrants as long as they are destroying towns controlled by Democrats. I am hoping that the rein of the Democratic Party is put to a stop in November so our nation can begin to fix itself once again......JMHO
  7. Sending a prayer hoping it will comfort you in this period in your families loss.
  8. I make it by the gallon also but my jug is marked Hummingbird.....
  9. I'm sure most everyone here knows this date in history but I wanted to mention it in Remembrance for all that died on this day on 9/11/2001.
  10. You may be correct but I normally have birds till mid October but as you have said the migration may have started early because Mother Nature determines that and maybe there is something she knows that we don't so she has them leaving early. Maybe because they are calling for quite a few major storms all across the gulf to begin forming and there will be a shortage of food for them if they wait. Just a thought!!!
  11. Well the other day when I put out the fresh food they all came and ate and the next morning all of them were out there fighting and eating and after that first cool night they were still here and feeding but began disappearing after the 3rd cool night. Have not seen any today.
  12. Well, I'm not sure what's going on but for last couple days I have only had 3 birds at most and was having 15-20 fighting over feeders. I don't think it's been cold enough to cause them to begin the migration or all of them would be gone! Does everyone else still have your birds??
  13. Were you expecting the main stream media to post a positive story when it is much easier for them to lie???......
  14. Hi Dave, I prefer a female mutt about the size of Darby and Kasey. Anything bigger or to small can't use the doggie door! I'm not a pure bred person. My daughter has Bassett Hounds and she offered to buy me a Bassett Hound puppy as she is planning on getting one more from her breeder and said she would just get 2 but I declined her offer. I'm not into puppies at my age. If I was 50 maybe but at 72 and underlying issues a puppy is the last thing I need. This is the right size for me and something between 2 and 6 years. Thanks for helping as it is always appreciated.
  15. Hi Dave and thank you for the links and yes I have checked into both facilities. The top one is closed as the owner passed away and they are sending everyone to Smith County Humane site. I have glanced through that one but going to try it again. I have not been able to get the dog picture section open yet but will keep trying. I have friends and family with their ears to the ground to see if they can hear of anyone that might have a female mutt about Darby's size and not to old. I did have one facility that had a dog they were hoping I would adopt and I really gave it some serious thought. The things that I had to think of was the dog was already 8 years old and had a thyroid issue and will have to be on medicine for the rest of her life. The medicine was affordable but I finally decided against her because I can't deal with possibly becoming attached to a dog that already has underlying issues and most likely a ticking timebomb. They listed that her problem was not life threatening as long as she got her medication but I went and researched what other things it could cause and what they didn't post in her description was the 9 other side effects that could likely result from her problem. Again thank you for the links as never know when someone will send me the link of my new companion!!

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