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  1. In all honesty my issue is with the Senate and the House more than with Trump. They began preaching back in 2012 that is we the voters would give them the House and Senate they would begin working on a plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare right away. In 2014 voters gave them the House and the Senate and they did exactly nothing from 2014 right up until the voters gave them the White House and then they go into Panick mode trying to rush something together. They should have had a complete Repeal and Replace bill complete and ready to lay on Trumps desk on day 1 after his inaguration and swearing in. Problem is they failed to believe they would win the White House so they didn't bother. OOOOPPS!!!! Not Trumps fault but they want to blame him for their lack of doing their job. Now they had better get their ducks in a row cause 2018 is another election and the voters are watching very closely!!! And you can bet the Democrats are also watching and praying that they don't get things done and will fight the GOP tooth and nail at every step to get them to fail...............jmho
  2. I am not advocating that the Government just move in and take all of them over. I'm saying that the Government get all of them to sit down at a table with them, hash out something that each of them can afford to make a fair and reasonable profit with out a bunch of gouging at 1 level that forces the other 2 to raise their prices to compensate for the gouger. Once they have came up with a fair plan that they will profit from and a plan that the American people can afford and still receive quality health care. Once they have reached that the Federal Government will apply regulations to that, locking it in place and the lobbyists for all of them can find a new job. Then the Feds are actually out of the Medical business and just make sure that all of them follow the regulations that have been set forth with the Supreme Court if necessary.
  3. Well I look at it this way right or wrong!!! The Medical industry and the Pharmacutical Companies kept raising their prices constantly on all services and products which in turn was driving up the Insurance Preminums back way before Obama was ever elected. If the Federal Government wants to really making health care affordable for Americans they need to start with where the problem is and that is Medical Industry and Pharma Industry. Get them in line and the Insurance Companies will follow. I can say this with a clear mind. I have spent over my years over two years added together in different times in hospitals for accidents and medical needs beginning back in 1978 and as soon as 2 years ago. I got to see copies of all my statements that my insurance companies were billed over the years. Back in 1978 I spent 9.5 months in a hospital after being struck by a running pick up that jumped out park and into reverse pinning me between it and a brick wall at about 25 MPH. Each month my employer got a copy of the bill my Workers Comp insurance company was paying. In April when I entered the hospital with doctors struggling to keep me alive and I went through 3 emergency surgeries in 4 days to save my life. For the next 9 months I was xrayed some many times I should still glow in the dark but each month for 9 months (this is just 1 example ) My chest Xrays to see if my ribs were staying in place that had been pinned back to my breast bone in one of the surgeries were taken every day for 4 months and in the first month the cost of that 1 xray was $72.00 and that same xray 4 month later was $397.00. That is a $325.00 difference for the same exact Xray and by the time I left the hospital the last 4 chest Xrays they took the week I was released were all over $450.00 for the exact same xray. Chest Xray I had 2 years ago before my last surgery was $660.00 for 1 Xray with a dye added to see an Aneurysm they were getting ready to repair. Until things like this are fixed the affordable health care for Americans will never get fixed....................JMHO
  4. My son and I were talking the other day about insurance as he is waiting to see what Trump and Ryan roll out. He said he would not have minded paying the Preminums in ACA if the deductables would not have been rediculously out of site. He said that those plans were just not affordable for him or his sons which are all of working age with families. They also said that it was the $4,500.00 deductables per person in the policy that made it impossible to afford. I spoke with my doctor sometime back about the ACA and she said she would not accept it or sign up on it because most people could not pay the deductables much less the preminums. She said the only real people that benefitted from it were the ones with pre-existing catatrophic illesses that insurance companies were force to write or drop out of the plan which most of them did do. That part was bankrupting insurance companies so they dropped out to survive. Myself, I don't look for the New insurance program to be much better then the ACA until they go after the Medical and Pharma industries and try and bring costs down in that end of it.........................jmho
  5. I'm not really sure Trump wants to do a full first term much less a second. He would be 74 years old at the end of his first term. As I watch V.P. Pence criss crossing the country in an almost campaign mode one would believe he is wanting more and more people to know who and what he stands for and supports. If Trump does do a full 1st term I would be willing to bet they run Pence in 2020.............JMHO
  6. Is this all not typical government mumbo jumbo without any factual definition of the law. If the laws are not going to be enforced remove the damn cameras and the problem is fixed. All the politicians are doing to what they always do and that is write laws that keep folks confused and jumping through hoops and never fixing anything...........jmho
  7. If there is one thing I have learned over my 69 years it is never call any company that has the word BUDGET in it's name. They are referring to their BUDGET and not yours....................
  8. Glad to hear they are still stocking the creeks. I think one of the others was Hurricane Creek. Only issue I had about fishing down there is the locals didn't much like folks parking near their property and gaining access to the creek back then could be hard. I also learned that when the locals learned that the trout were put in they would get their seine nets out and stretch them across the creeks and drive the fish into the nets. They would have lookouts on all the roads going along Mill Creek and if the wardens showed up them and their nets would dissappear into the woods. I got to see them doing it one time and glad they didn't see me. Back then there we no cell phones and of course I was never armed back then. Don't know if the locals still do that or not since the TWRA now has drones they can use to watch the creeks for stuff like that...................
  9. I dont know if they still do or not but back in the late 70's early 80's TWRA use to stock several wading creeks in Hickman County (Mill Creek in Wrighley) every year and I would go down there and take a limit a couple times and have a Trout fry with a few friends. Have not been back since I got my first Bass Boat if that tells ya'll anything. Bass Fishing is an addiction and I quit competing back in 2012 but still experience withdrawls and will float the Skeeter and just go and compete against the fish. I guess I am somewhat rusty cause the last few outings the Bass have won out........
  10. Gosh Raoul, your really cutting the guy a lot of slack. I can think of a lot of things better than dumbass...........
  11. My Son in law is into fly fishing and he catches a lot of trout on the Caney river in Carthage. Well, let me rephrase that. He use to love fly fishing a lot. Then I introduced him into bass fishing and my daughter has told me I ruined her husband andshe never gets trout for supper any more. She says he's alway bass fishing and releasing them back in the lake............
  12. Gonna be a great duo right there! glad you got sent on that assignment and rescued such a beautiful pup............
  13. The snowflakes and libtards won't move out of America because most other countries would not put up with all the crap they talk and spread around without putting them in jail. We are going to be stuck with them, like it or not............jmho
  14. Thats just about what we got about 10 miles northeast of Nashville in Gallatin but was gone by 9AM
  15. Well since I don't plan on doing anything beyond growing older each day and maybe going fishing some I will not lose much sleep over all of this. Ain't nothing I can do to change it and not going to be holding any signs and protesting anything so other than taking care of my mutt and maybe going fishing I'm all good..............jmho

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