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  1. Well as usual I'm late to this party too. I was watching the news and it was like watching the moneys at the zoo in grocery stores and warehouse stores. I was wondering how long it would take before the stores began putting limits on many items and adding new limits everyday on products. On Monday my daughter went to Sam's in Hendersonville and then the one is Antioch and then she called me to inform me that they were out of Toilet paper and water so I asked he if there was any cases of Kleenix Tissues and she said yea and I said get 2 cases and then I asked her if there were any paper napkins and she said yes and I told her to get 2 cases of those also. Just as good as toilet paper as far as I'm concerned. Then on Wednesday we went to Walmart in Lebanon and they had about 500 cases of water in the entrance and store was well stocked with limits on many items. It was announced that the manufacturers of paper products has increased their production to keep up with demands and with the limits in stores things should be back on shelves soon.
  2. I am not sure Greg. I do know a lot of trees down and we were without power from 2AM till about 8:30 am and my SIL's preacher called him and ask for help cutting some trees off houses in Carthage and when they arrived with all the equipment they got turned away by authorities and told to come back today because they had not finished checking all the houses damaged for anyone injured of killed. The school closings are mostly because of power in some areas and trees and power poles on many of the county roads the school buses travel. My grandson's school is only 20 minutes from our house but there are trees all over that road. That's about all I know about it.
  3. No problem Larry, I was just concerned that the area close to you house was in the path and I was just calling to make sure you and your wife were ok. Sorry to hear about Cookeville and all the carnage and loss of life in that area. Prayers going out for all effected. We dodged a real bullet here the other. SIL and Daughter and I stood out on front deck at about 2:20 am and had to back under the roof when quarter size hail covered the yard and we could hear tat monster moving about 1.5 to 2 miles north of us on it's way to Cookeville. Prayers being sent to all affected!!!
  4. Thanks Greg. For a little while last night I was having my doubts which way that monster was going and it missed us by about 2 miles but we could hear it and got the hail from it and some wind, not as much as I would have expected after seeing all the damage it produced!
  5. I hear a man from the National Weather Service said that the tornado first landed right at the Tennessee River in West Tennessee and according to their calculations the twister was actually on the ground for 200 miles as it traveled to Cookeville in Putnam County. They said they are getting reports of damage on the entire path it took. I stood on my front porch with SIL and Daughter at 2 AM this morning and we could hear it pass within 2 miles of the houses here and had to back away a little to prevent getting hit by quarter size hail as it passed by. No damage here and SIL is down the road in Carthage helping people from his church cut trees off about 20 houses. Prayers to all that have suffered loss and to the families with loss of life.
  6. I have mixed feelings about this. I agree with Constitutional right to bear arms and Constitutional carry is a right. My feelings are also it might not be the best idea to allow a person over age 21 to just go out and buy a gun and carry it without some type of education on gun ownership. Maybe a class like the ones we had to pass to get our permits to at least make sure the person that has never owned a gun knows which end the projectile(bullet) exits when the trigger is pulled!! Then they must provide that to be able to purchase a gun. That is JMHO!
  7. No ads but he specializes in diagnostics and transmission rebuilds and is ASE Certified Master Mechanic. He can do everything from oil changes to engine replacement's and everything repair related to cars and light trucks. Thanks for asking!!!
  8. Thanks for the vote on confidence that you would use him if you were closer. There has been a few members that live in Bellevue and west Nashville that have used him several times and always pleased with his work and prices!!
  9. As many of you know my son Ronnie lost his tools in a fire at the shop he was employed at and had to start all over. With the help of many people here he has been able to build back a good assortment of tools and is ready to begin looking for work. Until he can secure a job he is working out of the shop beside his home in Kingston Springs. There has been a few folks here that have used him to fix their vehicles and what he is looking for now is work he can perform at his shop till he can locate new employment. If there is anyone here that might live in the west Nashville area that might need some vehicle repairs he is ready to begin doing repairs again. If anyone needs work just send me a PM and I will make arrangements to get you in touch with him. Any jobs will be appreciated big or small. Thank you !! Doug aka Bersaguy
  10. Believe me Dave, I agree with you 100% when it comes to metro not doing anywhere near enough to curb the gun thefts in Metro considering the 700 plus guns are just in Nashville area according to the news. They know they have a problem and have done nothing to address the issue. They know what areas are targeted the most so place some unmarked cars with officers in those areas and catch these kids checking vehicles doors to see if they are unlocked would be a good start. If you catch them before they can steal a gun good but if you catch them with a gun then put them in jail till Momma can come and bail them out which happens all to often also. If my son was caught doing that he would sit it out in jail till court day. They have made a decision that two of the kids that killed that singer will be tried in adult court. I think all of them involved should be tried in Adult court. They need to quit treating these kids with a slap on the wrist for committing adult crimes. They say that the kids are not really aware of what they are doing is wrong. That is a crock!! They know right from wrong long before they reach teenagers and many of them have been caught several times so they know its wrong but the slap on the wrist doesn't teach them anything except if that is all I'm going to get I will do it again......JMHO
  11. I have been watching that news on channel 5 where they are talking about the Broken Juvenile Justice System and they are taking to parents that have lost children being shot by guns stolen from unlocked unsecured cars and trucks and there was a couple elected officials talking about charging people who leave their guns in unlocked and unsecured vehicles and their guns are used in a crime. I figured sooner or later that issue was going to come up with over 700+ guns taken from unlocked vehicles just this year and most of them by kids. I have no clue why anyone would leave a loaded firearm in an unlocked vehicle to begin with but if it continues I'm sure steps are going to be taken to prosecute anyone who has a gun taken from an unlocked unsecured firearm in their vehicle and may even be charged as part of the crime the gun is used in. My Gun is never left unattended in my vehicle. When I get in my Jeep my gun is on my hip in a holster and when I get out my gun gets out also. I do have a secured lock box in my Jeep for an instance I need to go in someplace I am not allowed to carry it but I avoid those places when at all possible. Can anyone give me a reason why anyone would leave a gun in an unlocked car/truck when they arrive home and go in the house for the night???? I would be interested in hearing some!!!
  12. I want to take a minute to thank each and everyone that contributed to my GFM account and also sent funds not on the GFM account. It has been a tough road but we are on our way to getting him enough tools that he can begin looking for work again thanks to the help from all the folks here. I can't thank you all enough!! Doug aka Bersaguy
  13. This is going to be the last bump!!! BUMP!!!!

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