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  1. Wish I would have seen this sooner. Prayers being sent for Molly and a full recovery. I include Rosie in all my prayers every night and tonight Molly will be be included!!!! Glad to hear about the improvement and GOD does answer prayers for sure.
  2. You beat me to it BJB. I was just beginning to type that when you posted it....LOL
  3. If the Indians are smart they won't take it back now that the white man has destroyed it....JMHO
  4. Living on a farm/Ranch encounters with snakes was not uncommon. Believe it or not there are a few good types of snakes and my grandfather made sure I knew which ones not to kill, Blue Racer snakes always got a pass as they would keep the mice and rats under control in most cases. When I first moved down here with my parents in 1967 I was taught about snakes and I thought a Black Snake and a Blue Racer were the same snake but learned that they are not the same snake. A Blue Racer will kill and eat a mouse but a Black Snake will killed and eat Rats, mice and venomous snakes also. I got to witnes
  5. Well since we are talking snake stories I have one from years back. I had an older brother that was crippled from polio when he was 4 years old and he could do most things for himself because we had his home built to make him independent. He worked for the Federal Government as an accountant. Well when you live alone if something is moved in your house you will know it. He kept coming home from work and things had been moved in his house several times in a week. Nothing big, little nick knacks on end tables and coffee table, a coffee cup knocked of the kitchen counter and broke so he called me
  6. Brain wifi is what your trying to say. If they cannot see each other it won't work!!!!
  7. This is not a new problem for the Memphis post office Hub. As best I can tell it was going on long before Covid became their excuse. Every time I had to send baits to Texas I used UPS.
  8. Lets be honest hipower, do you honesty think biden is capable of saying anything uplifting? I'm surprised he can find the mic when he walks out on stage. Has anyone else besides me noticed the VP Harris is always with him when he is speaking on stage. I always heard that both the President and VP when never suppose to be in the same room or area at the same time. When did that rule change?
  9. They saved a bunch of ships from ending up on the rocks over the years and I don't think many silo's did that...lol. They all have some kind of history behind them. If nothing else you can keep your better half happy on the trip...LOL
  10. Just down here in Gordonsville trying to stay out of trouble and I come and read a lot but don't always post.....lol
  11. I bought my 1st Bersa Thunder from Mikey at Sumner Gun and supply too many years back to remember and spoke to him to many times to remember but each time was great and that Bersa is still on my nightstand and will be as long as I am breathing. I'm sure he is still playing music in Heaven for a much more special audience!!!!
  12. Had one of those cubs fallen into that yard things would not have turn out as well as they did. She is a very lucky lady for sure.......jmho
  13. Stupid is as stupid does and to me they were both stupid....jmho
  14. I had a friend of mine ask me, if I was going to buy a new car what would I buy. My reply to him was a 1965 Chevy Impala Super sport. He looked at me and said your kidding, Right? And I said nope. I would begin checking salvage yards for a complete car maybe minus a motor and tranny and buy it for about $100.00 dollars and begin restoring it from the ground up. There are many shops out their that do complete restorations. When the car is completely restored you will have between 8 to $10,000.00 in the car but you will have a very nice new 65 Chevy SS and it would be new to you so it would be


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