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  1. Taking down the entire grid would be an astronomical feat to be able to do by any country other than this one IMO. If all grids went down at once it would be done by our own Government. There is more than 1 major grid and a foreign country may get one down at best before they could be stopped. We all know that the east coast where most of the population is will be the target with DC included. Places like the Pentagon and White House and most Government buildings have their own power sources that do not depend on the Public Grids so they will continue to function................JMHO
  2. LOL.........You beat me to it! I was gonna say the dog too...............
  3. I have several friends that have had this problem that live on Old Hickory Lake and I have spoke with a couple of them about the problem. They both had drawn the same conclusion and that was fire crackers and bottle rockets but only because they live there and can do it when ever needed. Another buddy that has a camp on Kentucky Lake said that unless you have something that will move around like a dog or something animated that can be triggered by a motion sensor the geese won't be afraid of anything that just sets in the same location motionless. He tried the Coyote decoys with little to no success after about a week because it didn't move. He finally figured out that if he could make the Coyote Decoy move it would scare the geese so he rigged up a wire system with motors connected to a motion detector and the decoy would activate by motion and stop when the motion stopped. It sounds fairly complicated to me but he said it has worked for about 2 years now.
  4. I thought I made a few posts in the gardens section back in the beginning but either I didn't and thought I did or they got removed during some of the site updates. Either way I will post one now. I read a few posts about folks with tillers workin the hard ground and remember on in particular where a member said he worked his butt off with brand new tiller and after 30 minutes of sweat and hard work he has only got about 5 foot of ground turned and after a few cold ones he had several patches of ground turned and said cold ones and tilling don't work well.........lol. I wanted to say back when I decided to put in my first garden back about 15 years ago here I wanted a space about 40X40 and had the perfect location behind an out building and back many many years ago it was an apple orchard but had been just yard for at least 10 years. Since I didn't own a tiller but remembered back when I was young and turned the garden spot for my father every year I was not about to try and turn fresh yard soil into a garden spot so I began asking around and located a really nice guy that turned garden spots with a tractor for $35.00 so I called him and he was here the following morning and I showed him the location of where I wanted the garden. He ask me if I had any fertlizer before he began tilling and I had purchased 3 bags at Co-op and he said for me to put it out in the garden spot so I quickly put it in the spreader and cover the ground with it. He not only tilled the ground but turned the fertilzer into the ground. It took him all of about 40 minutes to not only have the ground tilled but he went over it until it was ready to do a little raking and plant my garden. I used what I learned while watchng my father grow his garden every year to put mine together. My firs year even though it was learning experience I had enough assorted vegetables of all kinds that I invited some of my neighbors to come and pick some for their families rather than let it wilt and die on the plants. I had Cucumber vines growing on a lattus frame I made and had 2 rows of Okra producing, Yellow squash Zuccinni(spell) Squash Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, and other things I can't even remember but i have a great garden for about 5 or 6 years and the first couple neighbors would help with tending and then they wanted to veggies but were not helping tend it so I quit putting one in. I do miss doing it but now my health is in the way. So now I have a few friends that do bring me a few of this and that from their gardens so I get by with that.
  5. I know I am going back a few years with this post but I have been wanting to research my history with TGO and I have enjoyed reading some of the many old threads I posted in. I wanted to address one thing to 10 Rings post and that is -was when I had a Website of my own I did make a profit from it but it was designed to sell products I made to sell and paying to be on the bigger fishing forums was also a profit as I sold a lot of my baits to folks on those sites. One thing you eed to be on the watch for is when the site no longer if profitable you need to amke sure you either make necessary changes or pull the website which is what I did when the bottom fell out of the fishing industry. I went a year paying Yahoo Web hosting and in 2012 I lost money with low bait purchases verses web hosting costs so I shut the site down. My web site builder has everything stored and the site can be back up on the WWW in less the 48 hours but I told her if she wanted to she could just dump it because I don't plan on going back on the web.
  6. "Outlaws already have a chapter in Nashville" The Outlaws have had a chapter in Nashville since at least the late 70s that I know of because back then Where I lived in Donelson in a nice neighborhood 5 houses down from my home was a house rented by the Outlaws and there was about 8 or 10 members and their women that would come and go from the house every day. They were very respectful when coming down the street from either direction and always drove slow cause they knew their were children living in most homes on the street. Never threw any wild parties but they did have cook outs and a lot of other members showed up for it and they all also respected the speed and noise while coming and going. They lived there for about 2 or 3 years and then all at once they were gone. Rental truck showed up on a Saturday and they were gone. In the years they lived there no one in the community ever had an issue with them. I had one of them that hung around an Exxon Station I worked at name John Tomberland and he was a straight up dude that was curious in auto repair and wanted to see if I would teach him some stuff and my one condition was he had to remove his colors while he was at the business and he didn't argue at all, Hung them in the stock room while he was there. If we got real busy on the he would walk out and help pump gas and wash windshields so my boss began giving him a few bucks and some gas for his bike. He left when the pack left but did stop by and say good bye to us and boss filled his bike tank for him for free.
  7. for-sale

    It is not that folks are not interested. Many folks that are here during the week are not here on weekends. They are spending time with family. Don't give up cause you have posted it and I am sure they will come and look..................
  8. I honestly don't believe The Out laws give a hoot about Tennessee being a DMZ!..........
  9. I think at one time over the years most of us have rode and many wore leathers and some didn't but when I rode it was with at least 8 or 10 friends and it was just a kind of club ride and lasted for a day and once in a while an over night trip but not often. Never went to Sturgess and really never wanted to.
  10. Gosh I have often wondered what Utopia is or was of will be and if this is it, I sure wasted a bunch of time wondering about it. I thought it was suppose to be something nice........................
  11. I agree and I look for their advertisers to start dropping like hail stones in a tornado blow.................jmho
  12. I think kids back when many of us were growing up just had a lot more common sense than most young people or kids have today but it was only because our parents in stowed it in us because they cared about us being a useful part of the community and concerned about our future. It seems today parents want to allow the teachers and educators to raise their children and we can see almost every day on any news network how that is working out. Most children today almost cannot think for them selves because the teachers/educators never use common sense in their teaching anymore. Even back when I was kid going to school the teachers taught common sense in their classes..................JMHO
  13. I think you offer the perfect point and I have thought that way also. I was just thinking about the issue of folks being upset with Senator Ryans decision to not bring the issue up in this session. I really think it should be a state by state decision and I am thinking the Supreme Court also feels that way. They do have the option to leave it up to the lower courts but with all of the radical federal judges out there right now that is also a scary thought............JMHO
  14. for-sale

    Ok I need to bump this boat with some new pictures and information. The boat has been put back in a bass fishing mode and no longer Float-N-Fly Smallmouth mode. It does have some extra stuff to go with it and I will try and list a few more items. There is about 3 or 4 extra boat seats & poles with it, an extra back up trolling motor and 1 back up stainless steel prop, and Hot Foot, and hydraulic jack plate. The new price on the boat is $12,000.00. See new pictures. Folks I know this boat and knew the owner for 30+ years. I know how well he maintained this boat. I had fished tournaments wit him out of it for 5 years before the heat began getting to me. He was fishing for Small mouths on Dale Hollow when he suffered a heart attack that took his life but he died doing one of the things he loved doing the most. I would not even attempt to sell this boat if I didn't know what great shape it is in to be a 2003 model. Also let me explain one more item that I know may have folks backing away is because it said Evinrude on the motor. Folks that is a Bombardier Motor under an Evinrude cover. On the front of the cover it clearly says Bombardier on it. That was the year Bombardier bought OMC motor division and began putting their power heads on the Stratos boat motors. The cowling says 225 HP but in all readlity the motor dynos at 248 hp at the prop That is about all I have to say about it but if your interested come and take a ride.
  15. sold

    Me too!! Now if I could just sell his Bass Boat all the big items would be gone.......

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