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  1. Well most folks know I am a big fan of Bersa 380 calibers and own several of them. We have had many discussions on the site regarding the stopping power behind a 380. I have spoke with people about this several times and some folks will say use Hornaday Critical Defense hollow points and you will be fine. Others say I should have all my 380's loaded with FMJ ball ammo. After many discussions with folks I decided I would split load my magazines. For every Hornaday round in the Magazine there is a Fiocchi FMJ ball round. Because I wanted to see how the guns reacted to the assorted rounds I went to the range with my Thunder and my model 85 and shot both of them. Both guns handled flawlessly and operated flawlessly so now that is how I am loaded with the ball ammo being the first round for penetration and the second round HHP for impact if it is needed. Opinions are welcome on my decision. Oh to add, I do also have about 8 back up mags for the Thunders and 3 back up mags for the Model 85 and at least one of them on the 85 is all Ball and 3 of the Thunders are al ball.
  2. Well my guess is that one I saw was passing thru because digging anywhere on this property in a challenge at best. Both of these houses were built on a rock formation. If you want to dig a hole bigger than a shovel itself you need a jackhammer to bust up the rock first. Tommy is planning on laying a new gravel driveway From the road back to my house but he said he will have to spend about a week or more with a jack hammer bust up rock in order to use a Bobcat to level it before the gravel can be put down. Getting in and out to my house is an adventure. Glad I have a vehicle with high ground clearance.
  3. Well I have seen a lot of critters since I moved here last June but saw a first the other morning. I let Darby out to do morning business and she started barking so I went out to see what it was. I knew what it was right away cause I have seen them many times. Just not around here. Darby was running around an Armadillo that had round up into a ball to protect itself from Darby. I made Darby come to me cause I didn't want the critter to decide all at once to stand it's ground instead of hiding in it's armor. Once in the house to watch it, it unrolled and ran off into the fence row and was gone. Tommy has lived here 17 years and said he saw 1 about 12 + years ago so evidently they are not common to this area...……
  4. bersaguy


    Glad it did not get a direct hit on those power lines and take out your power...…….
  5. I agree with you 100% on the repeat offenders issues but my problem is how soft they are on all of these kids that are committing adult crimes with firearms and getting a slap on the wrist and sent back out into Society to just repeat the crime again. They are becoming the repeat offenders more and more and not being held to a higher standard than they have been all along. The courts need to come down much harder on them than they did say 20 years ago...…….JMHO
  6. I think one of the best parts in #1 was how cool and calm the police officer was when he showed up at the house and politely ask John if he went back to work and John said no, just cleaning up a few things.....LOL.
  7. I enjoyed 1 & 2 and have not seen 3 yet. But to add this, how many times do you watch a sequel to an already outstanding movie that the sequel is anywhere near as good as the original? # 2 was good but not as good as 1 so I'm not expecting 3 to even be close to # 1 and probably a little closer to # 2..........JMHO
  8. Sorry for the drift but I didn't begin the drift but just replied to a post in it. Will try not to do any more drifting.........
  9. @ TomInMN The question is have you done any of the things you are asking other people if they have?? I know Dirtshooter and he raised some great children into very respectable adults and would be able to do it again if he had to. As far as those young/unborn children need a place to grow and be nurtured. If someone would do something about the Sorry Adoption System in this country many many of those children would have had all of that and more.There are 1000's of American couples that are turn down everyday for an adoption in this country that are more than qualified to be parents. When they get turned down here they apply for an adoption of a child in one of the foreign countries and get approved and bring home their future family from that country. I know this to be fact because I know two couples that applied to adopt here and were more than qualified and got turned down and now both couples have children from foreign countries and both have adopted not one but two or three because they didn't want to seperate siblings. Now they were allowed to adopt not one but more than one. I have known both of these families for many years and they have children attending colleges with two practicing Medicine already and one of them is at the Mayo Clinic. To think, those kids could have been American babies......JMHO
  10. Can't rememebr where I read it but it was an article from General Mathis to President Trump that our military was running extremely low on ammunitions and Small arms because OBama had put a freeze on the military buying anything war related during his first term and it was still in place. I heard that Trump sent an order to end the buying freeze imediately and told Mathis to rebuild our Military back to where it should be. This was back like Trumps 1st year as President. Well that would mean if they are back buying the military supplies again and must must be buying from somebody.....JMHO
  11. Well looks like Colt is throwing in the towel on AR 15's and not going to make any more for civilian use or purchase. Just hear that on the Evening News.
  12. I just got this in an email from GOA and thought I would forward it. I'm sure there are some folks here that are members of GOA but not all so here it is. There are links in the email in which to contact the Senators and if need be I can post the email link here so folks can see the links and possibly use the links. The Daily Caller has released a memo being circulated by Attorney General William Barr to coerce weak-kneed Republican Senators into passing gun control. He’s bringing the Toomey-Manchin Universal Background Check and Registration Bill back from the dead after Republicans defeated it in 2013. What’s different this time? Barr is lying to Senators about what this new bill would do. Here’s the truth: under this bill, virtually every single gun owner would have a Form 4473 or an indistinguishable “Bill of Sale / Chain of Title” for your firearm. And given that ATF is already illegitimately scanning 4473 forms into a national registry, this will only exacerbate an existing problem. We need your help cutting through Barr’s lies and getting the truth out to Republican Senators before they take our country down a dangerous road where Americans like YOU are added to a government registry for exercising our constitutional rights. William Barr claims that this bill would deal only with “commercial” transactions, but deceptively defines “commercial” to include virtually EVERY private sale. And because your purchase will be on file with the ATF, when a future President Beto O’Rourke (or Joe Biden) decides it’s time to come “take your AR-15,” they’ll know who has them and where you are. Gun Owners of America tried to warn the Senate and President Trump about nominating an anti-gunner like William Barr to be the Attorney General of the United States, given his previous support for a semi-auto ban. Now we’re seeing the consequences. We hope that this time -- with the help from voters like you -- we can successfully warn the Senate to strike down Barr’s gun control push and prevent America from taking a dark and dangerous turn. In Liberty, Erich Pratt Senior Vice President Gun Owners of America
  13. Well I have read about all of the posts here and no doubt the subject is a hot one. I read Garufa's post and also the link. I do admit it does make a little cause for alarm but then at the end of the Link was where it said that C Schumer and Nancy Pelosi both told Trump that it would be unacceptable for Trump to not pass the bill according to how it was written by the House!!! That would be giving Trump an "ultimatum of our way is the only way" and I'm not sure he accepts them to well, Especially from a couple people he really seems to not like to begin with. I'm not seeing Mitch McConnell moving to fast to jump on the Schumer/Pelosi band wagon either. Also right now Trumps numbers are down by about 9% and I don't think he wants to go against 85% of his base right now and have his ratings take a big hit. I think if Trump signs anything it will be what he wants and not what he is told by the enemy to sign...............JMHO
  14. I think one of the main problems with all these young kids in early to middle teens have got slaps on the wrist for way to long and they don't think if they get caught they will get much more than probabtion at most. I think it's time that the courts begin fitting the time to the crime regardless of the age. I have seen far to many cases of teenagers being caught with guns in schools. There was a kid caught today in a Nashville School with a 9MM semi - auto and he said he bought it on the street for $120.00. They didn't say if the gun was stolen but I bet it is one of the 275 guns taken from a vehicle this year so far..........JMHO
  15. Yep, thats why they travel in packs. Alone they are cowards. That is why I would hope if had to get involved and shoot any of them I would be able to pick out the leader first but I think shooting a couple would send the rest packing. Hope so anyway.

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