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  1. bersaguy

    It snowed last night so....

    Has anyone ever wondered with all the Global Warming/Clmate Change why many of the snowflakes don't melt and go away. I have finally figured it out. They are made of and it don't melt................JMHO
  2. bersaguy

    for-sale GLOCKS SOLD, Shield 2.0 NTS (Knoxville)

    Thats how to do it T-GGG. Go big or go home................................GLWP
  3. Great looking Mosin-Nagants for sure. I would think anyone that has been wanting one and not bought one by now would be jumping all over one of these and maybe a box of ammo................GLWS
  4. bersaguy


    I can only remember being in 1 quake back when I was about 10 years old and one struck the Fault Madrid back in the 50's while I still lived in Illinois. I can remember it because at the time I had about 5 or 6 dogs that I had rescued that people brought out of Chicago to farm country and dropped them. Anyway all of the dogs began barking and jumping around wildly and running around in the back yard and about a minute or two later our house began shaking. Some of my mothers knick knacks fell off here end tables onto the carpet floor and a few dishes got broke in the kitchen. It lasted about 2 to 3 minutes and there were 2 after shocks that were much smaller in size. I have always tried to have a dog or two after that because they do make short but good early warning services for quakes. I have heard of dogs reacting as long as 5 minutes before one hits. People just need to be able to realize what the dogs are acting the way they are and react accordingly such as getting outside a building and away from power lines till it's over...............JMHO
  5. bersaguy

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    One thing I will never understand is why when decisions like arming all the staff in a school is just announcing to any future shooters make sure you shoot the staff near you first and get rid of that threat. That is what all the night club shooters do. They shoot security first.................JMHO.
  6. bersaguy

    Tired of being tired.....

    Well, I had a job for 35 years I dearly loved back when I was working fixing cars and light trucks. I looked forward to going to work every day. My if a shop I was working in closed down I would load my tool box and make no more than two stops at other shops around Nashville area. I finally had a friend tell me to check out a location in Brentwood and I did. I went in an asked if I could fill out an app and the man handed me one ad he said is your name Doug and I said yes sir. He looked out at my pickup with all the boxes in the back and he said you hvae a job. Just finish your app and for the record. I turned in the app and he took me out in the shop and said you will be working in bay 3. I said ok and I asked him about how the pay works and he began laughing and he said yea, I am getting ahead of my self and he too me in his office and explained his entire format. I said can I get some help with unloading my tools and he said yes, the other techs in the shop will help you. When we shook hands he looked at me and said your reputation preceeds and I have wished for long time I could have a mechanic of your caliber working for us. I didn't have 1 guy that was happy I was hired without his approval and that was the Service manager and he was always allowed to interview all new mechanics and he didn't me. The shop owner hired me personally. The service Mgr. got over his bad mood pretty quick and for the last 10.5 years I worked I loved my job. zero stress at all. I even set my own hours and would be in at 8AM and leave when I had my work done. Sometimes 5 but most times between 6 and 7 PM. Once the Service Mgr found out I was pretty able to fix anything wrong so he would have my work order pegs fill before I ever got to work. I still miss not being able to work on cars back when cars were still cars. Now my son get to work on what they call cars now days...........lol
  7. bersaguy


    That quake reminds me of my mother searching for new homeowners insurance and I was at her house when the agent came by. Now taking into consideration my mother lived in Greenbrier and it is up on a hill so high that when you drive up it your ears will pop. She tells him what she wants and ever so often he would butt in on her. That was his first mistake so after about 4 interuptions she stopped what she was talking to let him talk and he told my mother that she forgot her flood insurance. She looked at him and said son, did you come from Nashville up here and he said yes. She said do you remember coming up a great big long hill to get here and he thought for a minute and said yes. She said that is why I did not include flood insurance cause the only flood that would have reached that house has already happened. Now I do want Earthquake insurance was her next statement. He opened up a folder and searched for it and turned out his company didn't offer it. She looked at him and said then you can't help me. I showed him to the door and on the way to the door he asked me if she was serious about Earthquake Insurance and I said Yep and that is why your leaving.
  8. bersaguy

    Exceptional gun collection auction

    There are some very collectable guns listed for sure.........JMHO
  9. bersaguy

    Exceptional gun collection auction

    Now that is a gun collection for sure..............JMHO
  10. bersaguy


    I believe you Eric. I was going by what the Fake News here in Nashvile said. It was not a typo error. It was a fake new error...........
  11. bersaguy


    I was just watching the news and they said ya'll had 2 quakes. 1st one was 3.3 which can be scary but I imagine the one most of ya'll felt was the 8.8 according the earthquake center.
  12. bersaguy


    And that Fault Line is still there so it can still happen at any time but research had shown the fault line has been quiet since the early 1900's
  13. bersaguy


    That quake form Reel Foot lake in extreme west Tennessee.
  14. I just think Red Flag laws do more harm than good. Anyone that does not like you for any reason can file a complaint and get your guns taken away before any Due Process has taken place in court. I think there should be very strict guidelines in which a complaint can be filed. Then I think it should be required that the Accused and Complaintant should be required to face each other in a court of law and the complaintant must prove his/her case beyond a shadow of a doubt before he can get the complaint filed. If the complaintant cannot prove their case they should be required to pay all court costs and attorneys fees for both people involved. Knowing that they could end up losing and paying all of this may cause them to think twice before filing a false report...................JMHO
  15. bersaguy

    sale-or-trade 1997 Chevy Suburban 4x4

    I cannot believe you still have this truck!!!!....................

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