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  1. bersaguy


    I hope I am worthy of his grace and I have a spot reserved in Paradise. I'm also glad you are still with us today Pop Pop!!!!
  2. Late to the show as usual, But Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here on TGO!!!!
  3. And Biden wants to hire 75,000+ more arms IRS employees???? That should be interesting!!!!
  4. That is what happens when they disarm the people that could legally own a firearm!....JMHO
  5. Memphis is becoming another Chicago!.....JMHO
  6. The Feds want to know about everything. Guns and ammo is just at the top of the list......JMHO
  7. Since I probably should not even post in this topic but is the Can-Am ATV's a good product or piece of junk?
  8. Well I got my sugar supply for next year. Sam's just put their supply of 30 lb bags out and my Son-in-law got me 3 bags of it.
  9. If the dead guy was just a Mule he probably had got rid of his load and seldom does a Mule handle the money so there most likely was none found at the scene....JMHO
  10. We have been losing a lot of people in Hollywood recently and except for Olivia Newton John it appears that many of them lived long lives. 80's-90's in most cases......JMHO
  11. Sounds more like they are there to eliminate competition. The dead guy was probably a Mule that was bringing in a competitors drugs and they sent a message that the area already had a business operating there and new business was being discouraged! Welcome to Memphis!!!!!
  12. I wonder if the robber got the point? Might be time to get a new occupation!!
  13. I went from about 8 birds in May to about 25 birds today and had to add 3 feeders so all the birds could feed. I sat on the deck and watched them for about an hour today and I noticed 2 things I had not been paying much attention too till today. I have about 10 adult birds and about that many or more birds 1/2 the size of the adults. I also noticed that there might be 3 or more birds on the same feeder without fighting. I called a buddy of mine at TWRA and told him what I was seeing and he said that the smaller birds were this years hatch and the adults on the feeders with the smaller birds where most likely the parents and that is why they we not fighting. He said next year I should prepare to have a lot of birds next year as most of these will return next year and have young again. I guess I will have to put all 15 feeders up next year. I probably better buy a bunch of sugar this year before there is none to get.
  14. You may end up looking for a place out side of Nashville to find what your looking for....JMHO


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