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  1. I have never open carried and never will. It is just an advertisement for a bad guy to shoot me 1st. The only people outside of my family and my doctor and staff know that I carry. Most times if I have a belt holster I'm wearing a long loose shirt or light jacket. If I have my shoulder holster on normally I have on a light windbreaker. This is just my opinion on OC. I think if you do see an open carry chances are he/she is a new gun owner or does not have an HCP and is using the new law just to show off mostly and probably never thought they might be a target for a bad guy!!
  2. That is not a teachers fault there. That is a parents fault. All children should be able to tell time before ever reaching school age.......JMHO
  3. I have seen this problem coming for a long time. If it was not for the cash registers telling the clerk how much change to give you back many of them don't know how to count backwards to make the change for you!!!
  4. The deer not only spared the rabbit but was not going to let any other deer near it was what seemed odd also. That doe had a run in with a hawk before at one time or another evidently. Still very interesting video to say the least.
  5. There are some great Bar-B-Que places here around Middle Tennessee if you know where to look....JMHO
  6. Maybe at some point our Governor will come to his senses and rewrite this law to include the correct Constitutional Carry law and make it much easier for people to understand. Until then all I can say is good luck if you carry and don't have an HCP....JMHO
  7. My guess is Memphis paid Time Magazine big bucks to run that story because people are moving out of Memphis about as fast as Chicago and so are the tax dollars and they need to convince folks that Memphis would be a great place to move to. I think everyone leaving Chicago should move to Memphis. They would fit right in down there.......JMHO
  8. There was a 3000 Sq. ft. house being built about 1/2 mile up the road from us in Gordonsville and had 5 acres of land with it. It was started building pre-pandemic and it stall construction for almost a year. Since the construction began back post-pandemic the price of the house has gone up 3 times and it is about 85% complete. The builder says it will probably go up at least once more before it sells. The builder blames the increases in the price of lumber. I wonder why he didn't have all the lumber ordered when he began building?
  9. I don't think Wells Fargo has ever recovered completely from that last problem they had when the Housing Bubble busted and they got caught up it and a scandal with credit cards back then also....JMHO
  10. With all of the guns floating around Chicago if he was going to be forced to go there for any reason I would say he didn't have enough with him if he would have had to defend himself and he would be seriously out gunned.
  11. Can anyone here confirm that 2 guns and 4 magazines can be considered an Arsenal as the Mayor has declared it to be??
  12. I doubt he will beat it. It will cost him something. This is Chicago we are talking about here!!!!!
  13. Well I am taking all of what I am reading with a grain of salt by Sun Times and what is coming out of CNN cause if there isn't really anything in the beginning by the time they get done he will be a mass murderer and have 20 guns in the room. The guy made two mistakes.1 Going to Chicago and 2 taking firearms with him. I spoke with a friend that lives in Lockport Illinois 28 miles from Chicago and he has not been to Chicago in 11 years and has no plans in going any time soon. He actually avoids going to anything in Cook county period.
  14. Being Chicago I can see a hand gun for protection. But to have that type of rifle with him along with 5 back up loaded magazines leaves me wondering what was this guy up to?.......JMHO
  15. FORD= Found On Road Dead!!!! JMHO


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