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  1. 700gr .458 prototype hp subsonic expander and 700 gr non expander.
  2. Savage MSR 10 rifles have a different hole spacing than an AR10 or an AR15. No vice blocks that I could find available so I got some aluminum and made one. Now if I could just find a barrel .
  3. I GOT RL26!!!! I GOT RL26!!!! I GOT RL26!!!!
  4. They were clearing land next to my cabin that day. My mother-in-law said a guy ran up to the cabin asking for a fire extinguisher. She gave him one and he ran off. I don't know if they started it or not.
  5. https://www.wate.com/news/local-news/crews-battling-wildfire-in-wears-valley/ We however didn't get interviewed. On a side note, don't get between a man and his family when smoke and fire are all around the cabin they are in.
  6. To be honest, I've always had a "thing" for her.
  7. 1: figure out what you want plant. 2: get a soil sample. I have on field that requires zero lime and very little fertilizer year after year. A second field requires about 2 tons. They are 2 hundred yards from one another. To make matters worse I planted alfalfa in the second field. LOL
  8. TFW I told my Wife I was in the middle of the active shooter incident in South Nashville the other day and she asked me if I was the shooter. I love that woman. TFW told my boss what was going on and she asked me if I knew it wasn't bring your gun to work day. A coworkers car was totaled out about 8 months ago in a shoot out when 4 guys tried to car jack him and shot up his car. He returned fire, but was conservative with his rounds. He just didn't think it was that big of a deal. LOL
  9. TWF I got all of my soil samples done today. TFW I got the name of the farm registered. TFW the rest of the seed is on the way. TFW the Wife said goats
  10. Going to Pigeon Forge tomorrow. I can bring the 33.
  11. For me, I have a hard time thinking of a government agency that doesn't have my fingerprints. My Wife is in the same boat unfortunately.


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