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  1. Use fertilizer around the house. You're welcome.
  2. I hear deer season is the worst time for coronavirus.
  3. No, and they won't. If I come in contact with someone with caronavorus and report it, I'm required to take 14 days off with pay and no vacation days will be used. It doesn't matter if we had a mask on or not. We don't have to test positive. We've had several guys do this. Out of 30k employees, zero have tested positive. I could use an extra 2 week vacation
  4. Work came out with a rule that you have to have a face mask on if you're 6' from someone else. The rule does not say it has to be worn over your nose and mouth so mine gets put on my belt loop.
  5. I just ignore it. They can ask me to go if they want.
  6. Yes. Accidents and suicides. My father hit several people in his career. There's always a camera. Dad always said the two worst things to hit was a pot hauler because it would kill you and a school bus because it would kill you a few days later.
  7. People like to try and beat a train. They don't always make it.
  8. We are drug tested constantly, but off duty alcohol is an issue. Most of it is stress. Guys deal with it in different ways. I've known several guys with more than one family. If a guy doesn't show up for work and you haven't heard of a violation, it's probably bad. The first time they kill someone at a crossing usually gets most to move on.
  9. I've been with the railroad for about 23 years. It's amazing how many divorces I've seen. It's also amazing how many people I've seen crack up and destroy a career.
  10. I use h335 in my 5.56 and 308. Super fast in a 308 with 125s.
  11. You don't know what a jammed bolt action rifle looks like and then you describe all the various jams you've seen. In 10,000 rounds you've never been chambering a round and had to back the bolt up a half an inch then push it home due to a mag issue. Bolt guns can and do have a multitude of problems that can occur. They are not bullet proof. They are more reliable than auto on average. To say any mechanical device is infallible is just being dishonest.
  12. I've seen plenty of bolt action rifles jam. They don't do it as easily as an auto, but they do jam.
  13. They are engineered for deer.

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