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  1. https://powdersvalley.com/ https://brownellsarms.com/
  2. They had one where a large hole was cut into the side of the building.
  3. Now just imagine one of the guns used in a crime. ATF shows up wanting to know who purchased the gun. FGS give them your name because it's on the 4473, but officer...I didn't purchase that firearm. What do you think FGS would have said? I do wonder what happened to the "hundreds" of guns.
  4. It's been hard not to talk about this one.
  5. I get trash I have to pick up because of people taking stuff to the dump several miles down the road. Sometimes it's an entire bag. I will always go through it. If I find an address, I unload their garage and everything else I've collected. I don't leave it in the bag though. If it's deer season, they get something extra.
  6. Sealed up all the lights and the vent. Used a leaf blower on the soffits to make sure they were clear after.
  7. The 900 square foot I did yesterday stayed the same temperature as the rest of the house last night. So far so good.
  8. Well, I can't say that part of the house does have enough insulation now. If anyone ever falls in, they will be lost forever. It's 2 foot minimum everywhere.
  9. Killed a 10 pt yesterday. Had a really nice 9 walk 30 yards from me today. Got to watch him for 20 minutes. I'm hoping I didn't see my target deer in the neighbor's truck this afternoon .
  10. We got a bill today that reflected the cost of defective water heater. Definitely see a difference. Just one bill though. It was $340. The weather was nice that 30 days. I've replaced the incandescent can lights with LEDs in the part of the house I plan on putting insulation in. I did not want to build boxes around the old lights. I have enough insulation to do 1300 square feet sitting in the living room. It's going in tomorrow. Did an experiment with downstairs wood stove. I basically left the door open. This is something I can't do with my youngest Daughter home. I kept the stove at 550°. After an hour I had to close the door halfway. 8 hours and the heater never came on. Probably going to get a vented door or a vent with a fan above the door. The fan motor is about 20 watts. I can't run the stove every day, but 3 days a week would be easy.
  11. I've recently renegotiate my work schedule. I work the same amount of hours, but now I'm off the same amount of days that I work. It's given me time to look at things I didn't have time for. I'm finding the problems slowly. We adopted 3 kid several years ago. They are all three meet the definition of "special needs", but one is severely handicapped, one is 40% , and one is 30%. They were/are taking up most of our time. I've pretty much adopted a 4th. He is normal and an outstanding individual. He's the only person I've ever recommended at work in 25 years. They immediately hired him. The upstairs ac unit is controlled by the kids. Kids who close all of the doors. The thermostat is in the hallway. The hallway that doesn't have vents. That's being addressed. The insulation is not what I want it to be. That's being fixed this weekend. Talked to the oldest kid. He wants to help with the installation and cost of insulation. He also wants to help with bills, but the Wife is hesitant. Every dollar he saves goes towards a home, but he's doing well working with me. We are going to have the power company check and see if the problem is on their end or the meter. I'm on vacation this week, so I'm having plenty of panic attacks. LOL
  12. I've used it to locate studs in the wall. LOL
  13. I found one problem with the hot water heater. I had 2, but they were not split systems. They were fighting each other so one was doing nothing but eating electricity. It's been disconnected and capped of. Not hot water issues yesterday or today. 60% of the main floor isn't installed in the crawl space. The other 40% stays cooler so I'm going to check the insulation in that roof section. It's floor is insulated. The wood stove downstairs is below that part. Downstairs gets to 80° with the stove, but I get very little benefit other then a warm chimney going up the center of the house. Probably going to vent that hot air to the main floor. Testing that today.
  14. It's usually between 500 and 650. The $750 kind of shocked me. The heat hasn't been on all day. I stacked woods for days. LOL


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