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  1. At normal hunting distances, you're better off just picking the cartridge that you think looks the coolest. Anything based off the 308 or 30-06 will work fine for deer. Bullet selection makes more of a difference than if you shoot a 270 or a 243. Push it out past 400 yards and things change quickly. Shooting targets at 1k is a whole different matter.
  2. One of the best smokeless sabotless muzzleloader conversion guns out there.
  3. Okay, I have this cracked windshield......
  4. I looked at tha Kimber Adirondack. I want something that's easy to suppress without the adapter. With the Kimber, that would mean a custom suppressor or an off the shelf suppressor with a custom fast attach. The Nosler also has more range. I think I could get it under 8.5 lbs with suppressor and scope.
  5. Has anyone played with a Nosler rifle? How's the action? Is it worth the $$$$?
  6. You can get a used flir breach for a decent price now. Everyone is selling off demo stuff in anticipation of Shot Show
  7. I can run by Strategic Edge this weekend and let you play with it.
  8. If I'm going to sit in one spot for an extended period, I use an aluminum tripod with a large ball head. We usually walk about 4 miles each night so we take a very light weight tripod. The gun can't be mounted to that tripod, but I use a sling wrapped around the tripod in such a way that 300 yard shots are doable.( this took practice ) We don't use a scanner. It's a good idea. I use my rifle as a scanner, but it's kind of like using a rifle scope instead of binoculars. We really should get a scanner and if you go that route, you wouldn't be making a mistake. If you are close to Colombia or Chapel Hill, I'd be happy to let you play with mine.
  9. Talked to the TWRA officer that issues my permits. He said they don't actually issue permits for small game (Coyotes). They have to be actively harming your person or property for you to shoot them. He also said if you're having problems, call the local officer and something would be "worked out".
  10. The 12 micron core is better than the 17 and 60 hz is better than 30hz. The issue is identifying. Some of the scopes are night and day difference. I've looked through ATNs that were unusable in my opinion. You have detection range and identifying range. The range will change a bit when you get more experience. It's a lot like learning a new language. The image will also change with condition. If it's been 60° all day the background will be muddy, but the critters will look good. If it's been 75° and drops to 60° with low humidity. the image will be stunning
  11. They need to be actively harming animals or people when you shoot them. If they killed your chickens and three days later are walking across your yard at night without doing damage, you can't shoot. You need the permit. The game warden will come out and give you one. Just point out the dead chickens.
  12. Trijicon an N-Vision have the best, but they are expensive. Flir 233 if you're on a budget. I run a Trijicon reap, but my hunting buddy uses a Halo LR 50. Pulsar is another to look at. Just remember, you can hunt coyotes at night without a permit. You can defend yourself or you animals, but you can't hunt.
  13. Well, it's a bit of a subject. I use thermal. With it I've killed pig, deer, and coyotes out to 300 yards at night in three different states. The deer are on permits. Pigs and coyotes are legal at night in the other states. I've also run a PVS 30 with an illuminator. You really need movement if you're using NV. Identifying your target is initially easier with NV. After learning the language of thermal, identifying your target is almost as easy. I can't tell you how much easier it is with thermal. I use an ir designator to point out pigs to the guys with NV. If you get a permit from TWRA, you can use what ever gun you want. You'll have to prove the coyotes are a problem.
  14. I see packs of them running around in neighborhoods at night. Upscale neighborhoods at that. We watched some take down a small deer several months back. Coyotes are off limits at night in Tennessee.

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