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  1. I'm trying to find some ammo for the hog outfitter I use in Texas. He charges an extra $50 if you use one of his guns. Unfortunately they are mostly 7.62x39 sp. That went from dirt cheap to gold quickly.
  2. Always have something odd. I have a 25-20. Very few people have or shoot that cal. I also use Quickload to develop loads with powder people wouldn't normally use. For instance, I don't shoot Varget or H4350 in anything.
  3. I try to price stuff fair, but it's getting crazy. I just sold a tiller on Craigslist in about a minute and a half. I had people blowing up my email while I was loading it in the guys truck. A buddy is picking up 50k 5.56 and will probably have it sold before he gets home from the 6 hour drive. I just hate to price gouge someone.
  4. Look to trade 1680 for 2520. # for #
  5. She wanted it to come back that she was Jewish just to piss off her great grandfather. She 49% Scandinavian and 30 something % German. 0% Jewish. My best friends wife had it done and she was 40% Asian. The women in her family have always had pride in the face that they were beautiful successful black women. Well surprise you're a beautiful successful woman that happens to be a Heinz 57 like the rest of us. She took it in stride unlike her sister.
  6. My Daughter had it done. We've been lied to by my family. LOL
  7. You're on land taken from Indians. You should be ashamed of yourself. You support the murder and relocation of indigenous people. You're ancestors are probably the ones that gave infected blankets to Indians. I mean,...... if we are making assumptions and all.
  8. It would be interesting. I've got a few hundred hours behind a thermal and I'd like to hear it.
  9. I know a guy that has taken some classes with that kind of setup. The shooting style in unorthodox by my experience, but effective. He's killed several hogs. My nightvision experience is with a pvs30 and thermal so my shooting technique hasn't changed much.


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