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  1. Thanks! I didn't even know the option was there!
  2. I'd like to request a username change if possible. I'd like to set my username to TN_Hiker
  3. Well, I certainly want to keep shooting them. Haha! Most people don't plan for this stuff until they're old but anything can happen at any time so I am trying to think ahead now. It's a complicated situation that I just wanted to try and do my "homework" on and get a feel for my options. I was just running into the problem of not really understanding. I know I will end up needing to talk to a lawyer when I set it up and I would love to hear any suggestions on who to speak with. If anyone has worked with anyone and had a good experience with them or feel that they trust them. Unfortunately, while it's a generalization that lawyers are not great people, I've not really had any good experiences with any. The last one I spoke with on a different matter wouldn't even look me in the eye the entire hour-long conversation we had. I find it hard to trust anyone like that.
  4. Well, I am trying to consider the future and plan ahead in case of a worst case scenario (I'm dead). I do have life insurance that should cover everything, but even so, I wanted to still guarantee that the firearms ended up in the hands of their inheritors. Finances can change. My understanding is that the estate goes into probate upon death and items are sold to pay those debts first, even if those items are in a will. I would assume those items would be left for last by the executor, but that they could still end up possibly sold. Having them in the trust means they never see probate. That's my line of thinking in regards to why I'm pursuing this.
  5. I'm working on doing research and I'm looking at an NFA trust for future NFA purchases. I am also looking at transferring my nonNFA firearms into it as a way to pass them down to heirs without them going into probate if anything were to happen to me. I'm curious about how the process of transferring nonNFA items works. I'm looking at a very long ATF form (OMB No. 1140-0014) I see it looks like I need to pay a tax for each item I transfer into the trust. I am under the assumption that all my "normal" guns fall under the AOW category. I have about two dozen firearms I'd be looking at transferring, some new and some that are C&R. Is there an exception for C&R needing a tax stamp? Also, what happens with items attached to the firearm such as lights and scopes? Does that need to be registered to the trust in some way or is that considered part of the firearm as it's transferred in? I haven't been here in a while but I thought there used to be some advertisers who were lawyers but I don't see that anymore. If anyone can shed a little light in this dark hole it would be appreciated. I'm certainly a bit lost in understanding my options, at the moment. I certainly want to have a better understanding before I start the process of finding a lawyer and setting one up.
  6. Well, I certainly found that entertaining. By the way... did you guys find Waldo?
  7. I got mine in the mail just before work today, so I also did not get a chance to use it. Thanks for including the extras, not needed but appreciated nonetheless! Looks awesome!
  8. No hurry here either. Enjoy your Christmas and time with your family. I'm happy to wait until after the holidays if you want.
  9. I missed out on the last one so I'll definitely jump in on this one. I also was not aware that Orca was located here in Tennessee.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on some places. I have been giving thought to heading back towards Nashville to do the JD tour again with friends. I enjoyed it and it would be a good next stop to check out the Opry. Get a hotel and stay the night maybe. I had no idea they had lights set up in Bristol and I hadn't heard of Helen, GA. I've got to say from what I've looked up Helen looks like a lot of fun! Very beautiful looking place as well. I think this one is going to be top of the list!
  11. I know, it's early, but I need to do some planning. The girlfriend really really loves Christmas so I try to do something special each year. She's from Florida so she hasn't seen much of Tennessee, other than places I've taken her. The first year we went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and last year I took her to Rock City to see the lights. I also took her out to make a glass ornament at iGNiS Glass studio, which was cool but a short experience. I would really recommend checking out iGNiS,but I'd also go as a group to kind of extend the experience. I'd like to know of anything else in the area that I may be missing, be it lights or making something. It could be in the Chattanooga area or it could be a short day trip. I've kind of thought about doing the Biltmore House, but that's going to be more than a day trip. We've got people spread out everywhere, so I figure I can get some good suggestions!
  12. I feel like this fits perfectly...
  13. I've finally had the first incident that made me concerned with someone carrying a firearm. I'm working on a research paper for class and needed some supplies, so I head on down to Staples and get some things. I'm walking around and checking things out when I suddenly see a guy that is extremely out of place. I duck around a corner and kind of eyeball him to see what's going on. I see an old man, overweight, straggly grey hair, black beret with a variety of pins, wearing a greenish/grey button up shirt and shorts. He's also equipped with a cane, a satchel of some kind, and is open carrying his firearm and ammo pouches on his belt. My only thought was that I was sure I had seen this getup in an old 80s movie at some point.. I have no idea of this guys qualifications. He may be old military just enjoying himself or he's out playing dress up... He's done nothing wrong, done nothing suspicious, he's just extremely out of the ordinary. So I do my shopping and try to keep a note of where he is in the store. He's at the register when I get there. I do my best to look uninterested in him while still watching him out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly he puts his hand on his gun. I'm on full alert now and my mind starts to race. I try to keep doing my uninterested bit while watching him out of the corner of my eye hard and slide my hand closer to my gun I have under my shirt in case I need it fast. A few seconds later he suddenly starts to pull it out. I hear gun on kydex sound anytime you holster/unholster a firearm. I feel every hair on my body stand straight up and feel like I've had a jolt of lightning shot through me. At this point, I have my hand on my gun, still under my shirt. My head is racing on what's about to happen, what could happen, what I should be doing. Should I be pulling my gun, is this guy just screwing around and showing off, should I just wait and play it cool. A hundred thoughts racing like a freight train one after another. So I grip my gun and wait another heartbeat as he pulls it half way out.... and then slides it right back in. My first thought, of course, was WHAT THE F....! My next thought was to scream at him WHAT THE F... ARE YOU DOING! The lady in front finishes checking out and he moves up next in line... so instead of screaming I take a second to calm myself, take a breath I didn't know I had been holding, and go back to normal. It's the first time, as long as I've had my permit, that ever even thought I might actually need my gun and need to pull it.
  14. Yeah she had bought a brand new focus and constantly had to take it into the shop. The transmission was the biggest issue. I think she was in the shop 3 times for the alone. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk


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