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  1. Ever heard of a term such as mens rea?
  2. I can speak from experience. I personally would much rather have taken the Pfizer I and II (I did) than be in the state my Wife is in. She is fairing pretty well but for about two days now has felt horrible. Guess what. I had nearly zero side effects from the first shot (just a bruised shoulder) and mild to medium side effects from the second (for about 3-6 hours I had some cold chills and had an aching shoulder for about 24 hours). I was able to go about my normal day throughout that. My Wife is knocked down pretty good. I weighed my options and took the shots for the love of my family. I knew it would be hell if my Wife and I both had COVID at the same time while taking care of of our less than one year old. So far, I’m thankful I did. Now I can take care of them both. I do hope that there are not long term effects, I sincerely do. So far so good, depending on who you trust there shouldn’t be any. I am also insured…for my family. For what it’s worth, I feel 100% right now while my Wife and baby do not. Out of sincerity to others here, I will let you know if I fall ill.
  3. I'm vaccinated and feeling great right now. Unfortunately, my Wife can say the same for neither. Keep her in your prayers, if you don't mind. We are talking about the antibodies. She's young and healthy, we think she can easily fight it. One thing that stuck out to me is that while the antibodies treatment may make your short term suffering better, it may also limit your long term immunity/strength against COVID. It's a difficult decision, and that's assuming that the decision is even ours. I can also unfortunately say that our 9-month old son has his first fever, ever. 100.6°F. Hes super sweet right now but you can tell he is confused and uncomfortable.
  4. This is great. Perhaps you could start by hitting up @TGO David about a Vendor membership so you can actually advertise here at TGO. You know, boundaries and such.
  5. My buddy politely declined. Says he has too much already!
  6. I have a friend whom is head over heels in saltwater. Messaging him now. I’m in Cleveland and he is in Chattanooga.
  7. Maybe after we use the flipped side for a while we can hang it by the hind legs and beat it for a while. Heck, we could even blindfold ourselves and fill it with Ivermectin.
  8. Well, regardless of the number of jabs agreed upon, I found this tidbit in the above article more interesting: The research, published Friday in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Report, found hospitalizations and emergency room visits for children with Covid-19 increased from June to August. And in the two-week period in mid-to-late August, ER visits were 3.4 times higher in the states with the lowest vaccination rates while hospitalizations were 3.7 times higher than in states with the highest vaccination rates. The states with the lowest vaccination coverage were in the South.
  9. $75.00 Shipped or FTF Open to Offers I believe this is an older model, the closest to it I could find retails for $149.99. I figured I'd start at $75.00 asking.
  10. I am so lost but also so curious.
  11. And worse than that…entire state actors who are literally getting paid to undermine other countries.
  12. How much? In other words, you need to throw an asking price up.
  13. Depending on your source it’s supposed to be gone within weeks. But other sources say the spike proteins will kill us in 4-12 months.
  14. I do. Probably the only reason he is still around.
  15. The above post is made up.
  16. Moderna has one and it is fully approved by both the FDA, Fauci, and Kamaliden.
  17. Lol. I have no reason to delete you.
  18. Posts hidden unless another mod disagrees.
  19. Sorry Greg, I like you and all but I don’t think TGO is the place for that.
  20. I think he was calling all of us wussies for not getting the vaccine or contrarily commies for getting the vaccine. I never got to figure out which one.
  21. Very sorry for your losses. Regarding 11,000 deaths from the shots (all three tallied), you can find as much data as you'd ever want by querying VAERS. https://vaers.hhs.gov/data.html I searched and found the following: 5,310 Deaths Keep in mind that these are unverified to actually be in any way related to receiving the vaccine. You could technically, I think, report your 2 friends as deaths. I think your other friends could also all report those 2 friends as deaths. In other words, the data is there but view it all as sorta a clump of data rather than a source of data. There are also the following "side effects" listed on this dataset: DEATH OF PET FEAR OF DEATH MATERNAL DEATH DURING CHILDBIRTH NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE


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