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  1. Wow, nobody wants a nagant? Thats a first.
  2. Still got plenty of stuff guys, dont be afraid to make an offer.
  3. Depending how things go, I might snag that AT hauler at the end of the week if you still have it.
  4. There is nothing wrong with a dual sport. I plan on getting one some day.
  5. So, I was cleaning things out and came across a bunch of magazines for rifles I no longer have (except for the ak, I got different ones). Then after even more digging, I found a bunch of #### I bought years ago and forgot I even had. So, time for a clean out. AK 74 mags. Six are tapco and two are from bulgaria. All are composite. Seven are 30 rounders and one is a 40 rounder. Asking $11 each for the 30's and $14 each for the two bulgarian and one 40. HK G3 and PTR 91 mags. Yeah, I sold my PTR and CETMET. Why? Because I wanted to consolidate parts and calibers. $15 each. Th
  6. Thanks. Shows how much I handled this thing. I think this is the second time out of the safe in about a year.
  7. Sold So, here it is, another "oh great, a mosin nagant ad". Well, it is old soviet surplus, numbers matching, HEX receiver Zhevsk arsenal goodness. My father gave it to me years ago and quite frankly, I dont give two ####s about it. Didnt like the M44 I had before, dont like the M1891/30 I have now. The receiver is dated to 1929, so after the revolution but pre WWII. It is still coated in cosmoline and I never fired it. It takes up room and I could use something else. Ideally, I would like a partial trade on it. I am looking for a lower to finish a build and instead of buying
  8. If you arent using the minimum the manufacture specifies, then you are just asking for more issues down the road. I dont think I have owned a car recently that didnt use full synthetic. The only exception is ford and their weird synthetic blend. Hell, even all my motorcycles run on full synthetic. The oil on my katana still looks amazing clean and it has only been 4000 miles since the last oil chance. If you have a modern turbo charged or supercharged car or truck and you arent running synthetic, you are doing it wrong. The last two vehicles I ran conventional oil was my 91 RX7 and 04 RX
  9. More like people rubbing in a smart choice that someone of us didnt make.
  10. I had an M44. Would not get one again.


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