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  1. Looking to trade my spikes punisher lower for a spikes honey badger or a viking lower. The lower is complete with an psa ept lower kit. I have no issues swapping out the triggers around. Not looking to sell, only trade.
  2. Should a lower (complete or not) be posted under firearms or accessories?
  3. Yeah, these are both fully assembled already. Went the stripped upper route once and took me a while to figure out the front gas block was the issue. So completed is the way to go for me.
  4. I had no idea that was an option. I will check it out.
  5. It is 1750 cc, so its pretty much a bigger version of everything pre the new Milwaukee engines.
  6. Mine was the opposite, I returned a defective upper and was able to get two new ones with the exchange.
  7. Stupid thing has 80 something hp and i believe 100 lb ft. I got a 2020 Katana, 2011 GSX 1250 bandit and a 2020 MT-03. I dont need another bike.
  8. All the glocks deals are two hours from me every single time.
  9. Selling a 2019 sofltail slim that I helped a friend buy. After twenty years of friendship, he decided to #### me over and stopped paying for the bike. I took the bike back and I dont want it. Bike is in good shape but has a dent on the muffler and one on the tank. 9300 miles new tire and the service has been kept up with. Willing to take a hit and just be done with it and think of it as an expensive learning lesson to never financially help anyone ever again. Asking for $12000 and Ill pay for the remaining balance, which is $14xxx left, so around $2400 I think. If you want, we can do the rider thru rider program harley has and move the payments to your name and I will still give you $2xxx (enough to cover the remainder and still be within the 12k) cash if you would prefer to go that route. My loss, your again. Im going to try and get the dent on the tank removed when I get time off from work. It didnt damage the paint so it shouldn't be too hard for a shop to remove the dent. In case anyone is wondering, the bike came to almost 22k after taxes and dealer fees a couple of years ago. Used 2013' models are going for 15k before taxes and fees. This is a STEAL. I also have a copy of all the payments as well and can provide them. I never let it fall behind a single payment, but I got really tired of having to hunt down a 31 year old to pay for the damn thing every single month. Sold it to an out of state dealer. #### all these local jackasses and lowballing me. Not you guys, local dealers that is.
  10. David will probably ban me, but it was alright. Didn't find it or any of the others all that special. Instead, people need to focus on what a superb platform the mp5 is.
  11. Anyone got a lower laying around they no longer want? Got an extra upper now and it needs a new home. I can throw in 7.62x51 ammo as a trade since I no longer own a 308. This good german brass. No tulla.
  12. I will never understand the fascination people have with die hard.
  13. Selling a brand new series x, controller and three months of gamepass ultimate. Got it for a friend but he can no longer afford it. Just asking for what I payed newegg for the combo. So $643 was the total with tax and shipping. So I am asking exactly what I paid for it. Will take a stripped lower as partial payment as well. Sold
  14. Selling 40 rounds of black butterfly 350 grain brass 458 socom. I returned my upper and decided to go with 300 blackout instead. Now I have no need for them anymore. Ideally, I would like to trade them for either 9mm or .45 acp. Otherwise, $80 bucks gets them all.


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