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  1. Decided to add something else to the list. So bump
  2. Looking to thin things a bit. I honestly do not go shooting and all my plans of actually going shooting have been a huge waste. So, here are some of my very seldom used guns that need a new home or another safe for them to sit in. PSA AR-15. Full Magpul furniture, sig Romeo red dot, back up flip sights, PSA enhanced trigger. I replaced the barrel with a heavy barrel from BCA and the rifle has around three mags thru it. Sold BCA AR-10. This thing is SWEET!!! accurate and fun. I did replace the stock, grip and trigger. Trigger is a PSA enhanced trigger, the stock is the ACL-S and the grip and handgrip are both Magpul as well. I have shot three mags thru it (60 rounds) and man oh man, it was terrific. Barely any more recoil than a 5.56 rifle. SOLD Ah screw it. CZ drake 12g over under. Great shotgun and took me months to find it. Like the side by side a lot more and really don't see myself shooting this thing again for a very long time. 44 shells thru it. Have the case and the extra chokes it came with. Asking $700 Kimber LW 1911. It's a Kimber, it shoots well, it's lighter than my other .45. nothing wrong with it, just want to get another 9mm 1911 so the group is balanced. I have a couple hundred rounds thru it and I had no issues except for the spring on a mag giving up on life. SOLD The only trade I'm looking for is a spring field garrison or ronin in 9mm or a Kimber in 9mm.
  3. Looking to get a new bike with cruise control. Otherwise, I would have loved to keep the kat. 1000cc's of fun and well maintained. Full service and battery in march and new pirreli tires last year. 8700 miles and counting. Only after market parts are the turn signals (ordered from Japan since I hated how the stock ones stuck out). I did add oem heated grips to the bike as well. Asking 9k
  4. No, it's long gone. I thought I closed this post
  5. Looks like the rifle is back on the menu boys!
  6. I know someone wants a nice kimber in .45 or maybe wants to trade their 9mm 1911 for it
  7. You and I are opposites when it comes to rails. I like a rail on anything thing but a 1911.
  8. oooo, this reminds me of reddits hardware swap now!
  9. Looking to make some room and possibly make some trades. I have gotten most of these thru tgo and figured I would give you guys first dibs. PSA AR 15 in 5.56. 90 rounds thru the lower and bolt carrier, replaced the barrel a few months ago, so the barrel is brand spanking new 1/8 twist. I added the psa polished trigger day one and splurged on the asc-l stock and have no regrets (all my rifles have the stock or the bigger version). Will come with the Sig Romeo 5. I can throw in five combat tan mags for a little extra. $680 for the rifle and red dot. PSA daggers. They are pretty good gen 3 Glock 19 clones, but my P07's have spoiled me. The black has an extra barrel and around 400 rounds thru it and I never shot the desert tan one. They came with one mag each, but I went and got 11 extra mags. Might be 12, I think I lost one somewhere (I have found out, I hate, and I do mean HATE reloading mags at the range). I would like to sell them both or I can split them up. The blank one will come with 7 mags and the desert tan will come with 6 (7 if I can find the possibly missing one). Asking $730 for everything. Both daggers are gone Kimber lw .45acp. It's actually a really nice pistol and I have put around 200 rounds with a single issue (it was the mag, not the Kimber). I tried replacing the grips with wooden ones and ended up stripping one bushing when taking the grips out (aluminum frames are notorious for that) so I went and got a oversized bushing and tap kit. Replaced the bushing, added lock tight and she's back to being wonderful. Really hate to see her go but I crave a different 1911 now (will come with tap and extra bushings). $700 Tisas 1911 9mm. Pretty simple with ambidextrous safety. Shots good, looks good and isn't expensive. Made by armscore and armscore makes my guilty pleasure, the rock islands. So asking $400 Sold Would like to trade the Kimber for another Kimber in 9mm or a Springfield garrison or ronin in 9mm


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