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  1. I was actually fixing to pick up a sky redline but then it got sold before I could buy it. So the X3 was a fallback. Having a six speed again is nice, but I have to deal with the 2.5l instead of the 3.0l that I wish it had. Now, all I need to do is pay off the Katana and I will be free. (BMW was bought cash)
  2. Life pulled me away for a bit, work, stress, you know the usual. But I did do a few things this year so far. Traded in my Boulevard for a sweet Katana and got my brother on two wheels as well with a new MT-03. Sold my subaru crosstrek and got me a bmw x3 (manual, had to drive to baltimore to pick it up). Paid off all the debt that I could and been saving money since. Almost forgot this forum even existed. (I did a quick peak at the politics section and that was enough for me). After all of this, I might just reward myself with a new pistol before the end of the year. I think I will pick up a nice glock 19. And before you guys ask, the flag was a hold over from the subaru. Didnt want to get rid of it. https://i.imgur.com/lDhYZ8g.mp4
  3. 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis. My dad was a firm believer of a big car. I remember being extremely exited when I got it. I also remember being ridiculed for driving a "grandmas" car. Jokes on them. I had power everything, leather everything and a nice 4.6l V8. Too bad it was governed at 95 Still dont know how I ended up with a crossover. First the 93 Then a 99 silverado 96 Ram 91 silverado 02 cavalier 92 F250 03 altima 04 RX8 68 Bel air (Unfortunately, I sold it after 7 years of torture) 01 Miata 06 VR6 GTI 99 BWM 328i 96 bmw Z3 91 Miata 91 RX7 06 Mazda 3 16 Mazda 3 and now to the 17 crosstrek. I had a LOT of those cars at once too. I miss the GTI and the RX7 the most. Followed closely by the miata.
  4. You are right, he payed for all the range fees
  5. Last time my dad went shooting was before he met my mom. I been trying to get him to go shooting for over 10 years now.
  6. I wonder who will side with Iran. Will Russia say anything? I am concerned if this will cause more groups in Saudi Arabia to do more stupid #### such as the attack on the airforce base. We keep focusing in Iran as the "only" threat in in the area and ignoring everyone else. Saudi Arabia needs to be watched as well.
  7. Its been decades since my dad has shot anything. And I mean anything (last time he went shooting, I wasnt even alive). I actually found out he bought a norinco sks and brought it with him. Turned out, hes a good shot. Turned out, he never cleaned the cosmoline out of the sks. How did I find this out? My ak and ar got covered in brown ####, and I saw it dripping from the sks as he was shooting it (once I noticed the everything being covered in brown). Overall, a good weekend. I think I might get him to get a glock. (He didnt like my 1911 )
  8. I had the exact same issue with mine. Bought it, was all giddy about it. Took it to the range and HATED it. This will make an awesome pistol for someone who hasn't been tainted by glock's.
  9. RC3

    Going down a dark path

    ooooo.....Thank you hipower, its been too long but I will check them out. I was at an estate sale a few months ago. Picked up a 1929 mosin 91, a 19xx enfield in .303 (hate it) and a norinco sks (going to turn it into a bullpup) Thats going down the deep end, I LOVE IT. If only I could grow a beard to go with it. You know, at this rate, I might just pick up the coveted .45-70 AND build me a .458 soccom rifle. You know, old meets modern. I
  10. It pains me to say this, but I need some help in finding a lever action rifle. I shot my friends marlin 30-30 and for all the #### I have given him over the years for having a "cowboy gun", it sure was a blast. What are some good brands and models and what to stay away from. This is will be a range toy, so .357 or .44 would be cool. .45-70 would be way out there, but looks to be the most fun.
  11. Sorry, I should have been a bit more specific, I want to color in the letters and the emblem on the lower. This is the lower I got.
  12. Im looking to add some pizzaz to a psa lower I got and would like some pointers. I want to use green, yellow and red paint on it. Whats the best way to go about this project?
  13. What is up with the insane prices on the mosins lately? I mean, $400+ for one seams crazy. Is it because the countless millions of surplus ones are drying up or embargo stuff?
  14. RC3

    Hot Sauce

    A good sauce shouldn't be about heat but flavor. I have yet to find the right one.

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