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  1. My father worked in the IT department for Kansas City Life Insurance Company for decades. Around about the time of the moon landing, he took me to his work and showed me three huge floors with nothing but rows of reel-to-reel tape machines for the company's mainframe. It's hard to believe that my phone holds more data than all of those reel-to-reel tapes combined back then.
  2. Thanks, guys, but when I say "drag it onto the trailer" I really mean to pull it onto the trailer after releasing the bypass linkages. Even with the bypass linkages released it doesn't want to move very well, and after having two back surgeries I'm just not as capable as I was a few years ago. If my grandson's and I can't push it up onto the trailer I'll have to use a come-along to load it. Now that it's rained so much I have to wait for the field to dry too.
  3. Well, I went out with my voltmeter and looked around better. Saw quite a bit of oil on the grass/ground underneath the engine. I imagine there's a safety when the oil disappears to a certain level. Now I've got to drag it onto the trailer and take it to the shop. Really sucks that the mower is just a month over 2 years old.
  4. I'll check that. Also, just in case my vision has deteriorated and can't see fuses too well I replaced both of them and it still does not start and makes the same noises.
  5. I have a Husqvarna MZ52 zero turn mower that I bought a couple of years ago. While mowing my field the mower just suddenly slowed down and stopped. When I try to re-start the mower it clicks and you can hear a sound like a capacitor charging but it won't turn over the engine. I called the service department of SLE Power Equipment where I bought it and spoke to someone who sounded pretty disinterested but told me to check the fuses. I checked the two blade fuses indicated in the manual and they both looked normal. Husqvarna's support basically consists of "Contact and authorized repair station" when searching their site. Anybody familiar with these mowers that can give some good advice?
  6. I think many of you are missing the part where I said black doesn't NATURALLY occur in nature.
  7. What you perceive to be black is actually a very dark brown. Black does not naturally occur in nature because it's the absolute absence of reflected light.
  8. Well, since he's on this forum I assume that his computer is internet facing. There are other threats but I doubt they're a concern considering where he now lives.
  9. Is that a robot's tampon attached to the side?

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