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  1. Note to self: If I die after my wife then only give the safe combination to my children.
  2. That's good to hear. Thanks for posting.
  3. I agree with the first sentence. Congress knee-jerks legislation that they never read with the mindset that it'll be fixed later which, of course, never happens. My belief is that the majority of society doesn't give a rip about your right to an AR-15 and will force legislation upon us, so why not apply pressure to ensure that due process in ensured?
  4. "However, the state has now seized the home and Stolarczyk has no place to go" WTF???
  5. Well, as a former LEO I wouldn't take someone's word for it without any corroborating evidence.
  6. Why is it incumbent on him to prove what he says and you don't have to prove your position?
  7. Dave said that he supports due process in any Red Flag law; not the law itself.
  8. I'm sorry, but just where did Dave say that he wanted Red Flag laws?
  9. I used to feel the same way...until DNA starting proving people on death row innocent and more reports of prosecutorial misconduct became prevalent.
  10. IMHO, you can't go wrong with 1911alltheway.
  11. That's cool...if you want a Glock.
  12. It's a static reminder every time you turn off the engine unless you shut it off in the system configuration for the vehicle. My wife and I don't have any young kids, (we're grandparents), so we've shut it off in both of our vehicles.
  13. There is. Both my GMC truck and my wife's Cadillac have back seat reminders that chime and show a warning on the console when you shut-off the engine. You have to go into the system settings to turn them off.
  14. I had a Rottweiler who was able to get a skunk before the skunk got him. That's pretty amazing outright, but the dog had a blown-out knee when he did it too! I miss that dog!

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