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  1. There is no doubt that it is. People post way too much personal stuff online - even if they think their privacy setting protects them, which they don't. It may not even be a "friend" but your friend might mention what you have in casual conversation to another, or overheard by another, who decides that they want what you have.
  2. Good for you. I don't trust that easy. People have to show me an investment in the group before I accept them - particularly at my house. When people have 1 or 2 posts and it's a for sale ad it's not an investment; it's sales, and it's no better than meeting someone from Craig's List.
  3. I, plain and simple, do not do business with new members on this forum. I do not trust those that become members just to sell ____. I look for members who actually contribute to the forum, and I get a read of what they are like. Those that come here to sell _____ do not care about negative feedback. In fact, I wish that Dave would constrict the ability to sell items beyond being a benefactor - like benefactor for a year.
  4. Friendly fire is pretty common in the chaos of police encounters.
  5. Welcome to Tennessee. As far as places to shoot near you: http://www.strategicedge.us/gun-range There's also ranges in Columbia and Franklin.
  6. Or dying of general anesthesia: 1 in 100,000 Or dying from crossing the street: 1 in 556 Or dying in a car crash: 1 in 103
  7. Just reporting what the news was saying; not qualifying the shoot.
  8. They did in Murfreesboro, but at one month rather than the recommended 2-weeks.
  9. Are you seriously suggesting that the zeal for arrests are the same? How many capital "siege" people have been bailed out by Harris?
  10. https://www.wsmv.com/news/tennessee/multiple-people-shot-including-police-officer-at-knoxville-high-school/article_67fee010-9bca-11eb-98a5-8b4a290a94ee.html?block_id=994460 Not much info yet.
  11. Well, they cannot fabricate a DNA test result without having the cooperation of the expert witness giving testimony to back it up. Experts for the prosecution must testify as to the procedures used and the analysis thereof. The defense will hire their own expert to try to punch holes in it. It's pretty hard to falsify that.
  12. I would agree with you under the right circumstances. There have been numerous cases of people wrongly convicted of rape and murder only to be found innocent by DNA testing, so the evidence would have to be absolute for me. Then use a firing squad.
  13. It might surprise you of how open-minded I am on many things, (the 2nd Amendment not being one of them), and I don't think that even with my two Master degrees that I'm even remotely qualified to speak for most of the world.


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