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  1. And crap them all over your car!
  2. That was a very nice thing for both you and your buddy to do.
  3. Having been in a high-speed car chase with felony suspects over city streets, Interstate, and back roads, it may look cool to the observer, but not so much for the participant. It's not much different than being shot at. Fight or flight kicks in but instead of lasting for seconds it lasts for many minutes making you very angry. Just ask Rodney King why that's a bad thing.
  4. We want you to wear a mask because you might be a carrier - even though there's no evidence that you actually have the disease. You do realize that the same "logic" is applied to gun-control, right? We want to take your guns away because you might use it on someone - even though there no evidence that you will. Also, I see so many people either not wearing the mask properly or it simply doesn't fit their face well enough to make the act completely useless.
  5. At least you know that someone's paying attention.
  6. What would we ever do without Chinese slave labor?
  7. Whomever came up with that crap clearly hasn't be observing today's cheerleaders very closely. https://www.wattpad.com/434688309-the-fat-cheerleader-spirit-week
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