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  1. And the hits just keep on coming: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gop-senators-demand-second-hearing-chipman
  2. Dan Mandis said today that they are having a hard time locating an EKMO machine in middle Tennessee.
  3. I've tried all sorts of over-the-counter stuff and prescribed medicines. The only thing that works reliably is getting drunk, and that ain't good for me. I'm actually fed-up with what the VA has been trying, so I'm going to The Sleep Center next month to see what the civilians can do. They can prescribe better drugs.
  4. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Part of my brain likes to torture the rest of it. It's why I battle with insomnia.
  5. Phil has claimed that he is in good shape for his age and not at risk. He's run a risk analysis based on the information available and felt he wasn't at risk of death. People can be wrong, or sometimes the odds just bite you in the ass.
  6. @MacGyver Listened to Dan Mandis a little while going to the store today. He couldn't give specifics but did say that Phil Valentine is fighting for his life. I wonder if Phil's re-thought his stance on the vaccine?
  7. That would have taken out 3 other souls with him. The 80-something old woman had a pretty cool history. She was a test pilot of the Mercury Program at age 22. She'd always wanted to go into space but didn't get to go. She mentored other women who piloted the space shuttles. The dick's brother is a firefighter, and the teenager was just some rich kid.
  8. My autistic grandson worked for Amazon. He's earned the hate.
  9. I've had both doses too, but I still use hand sanitizer to lessen my chances of picking up some rug-rat's cold.
  10. It was the world's most expensive drop ride.
  11. When I was a LEO in the late 80's I was sent through a class called Red Handle Gun. In that class they used real revolvers loaded with cartridges filled with a cotton ball and a magnum primer. You would be amazed at the pain and resulting red welts left by those when you are "shot" up close.
  12. Yes, the bones behind the eye forming the back of the eye socket, (sphenoid and lacrimal), are VERY thin. You were luckier than you might have thought at the time.


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