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  1. How is me commenting on a post is me doing you? You seem a bit defensive.
  2. No, after it expands into a red giant in 5 million years it'll burn for another 130 million years.
  3. I would argue that in the vastly numerous gunfights you are likely to encounter, if your weapon jams you don't have time to clear it. The fight is over already, and you lost.
  4. Why would you be skeptical? After all, they've counted a motorcycle accident death to covid.
  5. Welp, scientists say that our sun is going to expand as it turns into a red giant, and consume several of the planets including earth. Personally, I don't think man will be around in 5 million years. Too many liberals around to make it that far.
  6. Me neither. It's some mighty long odds that this 60 year old, gimpy man is going to get into a gun battle lasting longer than a few shots. I'd have better odds with winning the Powerball.
  7. Not according to Marine Artillery in the 80's. I've been on howitzers and guns. Found this to explain: https://zittara.com/2018/08/07/difference-artillery-howitzer-mortar-gun/
  8. Not exactly. Mortar, howitzer and guns refer to the common trajectory classification. Motars shoot high trajectory, guns shoot low trajectory, with howitzers being in the middle range.
  9. We aren't in New York. It's your body, and you have the power to insist on what's done with it. You also have the ability to sue for negligence and harm - not speaking of the doctors per se here. It's called, practicing medicine without a license.
  10. I honestly don't understand why some people are so predisposed to believe the media these days. How about listening to YOUR doctor?
  11. A couple hundred years ago, cutting edge science was to perform blood-letting and leeches. Ignoring the crazy doctor, it's very foolish to ignore the power that the AMA has over their doctors and the power that pharmaceutical companies have over the AMA. The only valid study is one that is a double-blind study of a broad pool of patients. Ask yourself why this isn't being done.
  12. When liberals get together. It explains why they're opposed to guns.

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