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  1. Individuals can be smart; people are dumb.
  2. Naw, saw one of my parents friends lose a finger between a dock and the sailboat. They got hit by a wave just as she reached out to grab the dock and lost her right ringer finger in an instant.
  3. If it swelled up that bad I certainly recommend that you see a specialist because that indicates that something tore. The last thing you want is excessive scare tissue forming costing you mobility and constant pain.
  4. My father and uncle put like this, "Growing old ain't for the faint at heart!" It's certainly true.
  5. When I was a kid my parents raced sailboats every Sunday, and go on weekend regattas. I've seen quite a few disasters on the boat ramp. I'd keep my wife far from there so that if something went wrong it wasn't her fault.
  6. 300 times worse than CO2? We should pit the climate change activists against the PETA activists and watch the fun!
  7. Doesn't the seller determine what's fair when he posted his price?
  8. I've known people who have been both shot and stabbed, and they said the stabbing was a hell-of-a-lot more painful. My guess is it has a lot to do with the speed and shock of which the injury occurs. It could also be the location of the injury too.
  9. I think that if one digs deep enough, they will find that big pharma is behind a lot of the criticism. They don't want a generic drug that has been used for scores of years to be the solution everyone seeks. They want to come up with their custom cocktails so they can charge out the butt for it. And even though criticism is coming from doctors people need to remember two things: the majority of doctors make their money solely off of pushing drugs, and big pharma is known to use the AMA to pressure their doctors to accomplish their agenda.
  10. I would have pointed out that O.J. Simpson killed two people with a knife in a matter of minutes.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. When I was a cop I could tell the difference between those that were given corporal punishment and the "Time Out Kids " that I arrested. The latter were always shocked that they were actually being severely punished by the legal system. Some would even go so far as to beg mommy & daddy to get them out of it. I grew up with parents who had no problems whipping my butt when I deserved it. A few years after I graduated from high school, my mother earned her Master's of Psychology and used it to counsel abused children. She took custody of my oldest niece and became a time out parent. You could tell the difference between her and my two sisters, and it wasn't good.
  12. Something like these two. I like the strong, contrasting wood grain and a good seal/polish. If you could do a knife like in the OP with that kind of slabs then I'd be your Huckleberry for one. PS: I have very big hands so you can be generous on the handle part.

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