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  1. No, this was happening in a regular OWB leather holster.
  2. Personally, I computed the lifetime versus 8-yr and figured I'd be dead before the lifetime made sense.
  3. IIRC, it was around $500, but it didn't come with as many mags.
  4. Check the function of the mag release. I had a M&P 9mm compact that kept dropping the mag while holstered, so when I drew it the mag would fall onto the floor. I told S&W about it and they sent me another mag release. It proceeded to do the same thing after the install, so I got rid of it.
  5. Guys, I closed this add for the carry-size .357/.40 yesterday because I decided to give it to my grandson who's getting out of the Navy next month, and I've already sent the slide off to have it milled for an RMR optic. The full-size P320 in .357/9mm is still up for sale, and I dropped the price to $500. According to Gallaway Precision, the 9mm slide can't be milled, (at least they can't/don't want to), but the .357 Sig slide can be milled for $175 + shipping.
  6. While not a pocket rocket, I love my P365X- Macro. It is my EDC. For pocket carry and up close defense I use my Taurus Slim 9. It has never failed me with around a decade of use. I got it because it had a better trigger than the Keltec and Ruger.
  7. Relax y'all. Mayor Rump-Ranger is on the case...he's stated this morning on FOX that the government is going to pay for the bridge to be rebuilt and that it'll take more than 5 years.
  8. According to the news it's a Singapore-flagged ship, and they are sending their crews to the US to "help" with the investigation. That'll help!
  9. The problem with that is the setting for pressure unless it's one of the auto-titrating models like I have. GLWS
  10. I will add that my granddad traded me his 20 gauge side-by-side for a cheap .25 semi-auto that I had from when I was on the Sheriff's department in 1982. Granddad tried to get my dad into hunting like he was, and he used it extensively while my dad used a .410. After I left the P.D. in 1993, life got extremely tough for us for the next 11-years or so that included numerous moves, and his shotgun was broken and rusted. I felt that it was too bad to fix, so I got rid of it. I loved my granddad but I wasn't all THAT close to him because he lived in Enid, OK when I grew-up in Kansas City, MO. However, it's a decision that I regret to this day now that he and my father have passed. Really, it was my only connection to him, and it's gone.
  11. I should have thought of that but didn't. I was mostly thinking about a Python, and later decided to post how awestruck I was at the sight of it.
  12. This doesn't surprise me in the least. I flat told my VA doctor that I wouldn't confirm or deny gun ownership. He said good, but he's an actual American citizen. I feel sorry for those who have H-1b doctors.


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