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  1. First car I drove regularly was my mom's 1969 Dodge Dart w/a 225 slant six. First car I owned was a 1976 Buick Century with a 455 lean burn.
  2. The way that I understand it is that comprehensive coverage follows the vehicle whereas liability coverage follows the driver. That's why if there is a lien on the car the lien-holder isn't out the money if you loan your financed vehicle out to someone and they wreck it. The liability coverage covers the damage to another person's property.
  3. The government has laws in place to prevent a corrupt bidding process, and a dinner wouldn't cut it anyway. The laws pretty much limits you to a doughnut and a cup of coffee. That varies from state to state. Being in technical sales and dealing with a lot of local government accounts during my years, it is mostly bias towards a solution and then writing that bias into an RFP so that only a specific vendor or manufacturer can fulfill the requirements of the RFP. Cisco and their loyal users, for instance, does this a lot. They use a proprietary protocol, such as Cisco's EIGRP, (a routing protocol), and write that into the RFP as a requirement regardless of whether or not the agency is even going to use it so that only Cisco can fulfill the RFP requirement and "win" the business. To appear "fair" they'll even write in "or the equivalent" which is never the case for a proprietary feature. Cisco wins the business and the Cisco Certified whatever user keeps his Cisco certifications relevant to the organization for which he/she works.
  4. Yep, I have two grandsons living with me. I bought an old Jeep Compass for them to drive. Liability only insurance for them is over $5,000 per year.
  5. Or it's what their parents give them to drive. I know that my parents didn't give me a choice as to what I drove in high school.
  6. I should have said that I doubt that many people buy them for the giggles of it. I camped much more than that. Usually a couple of times per month in the spring and fall. I hated driving the truck and hitting a good bump or depression in the road when the 5th wheel wasn't hooked up. I also didn't like how the back end would walk around on me when traversing a rough cloverleaf.
  7. That looks like an 1800's drag queen.
  8. These trucks ain't exactly Cadillacs when they aren't under load so I doubt people buy them and drive them for the giggles of it. When my wife and I decided not to camp anymore and sell our 5th wheel, the first thing I did was go trade my 1 ton for a 1/2 ton. Now I can drive around town comfortably.
  9. Heck, I had a SRW 1 ton bought new without the front license plate bracket installed. I just assumed that it was optional to mount the plate up front.
  10. What Dave said, employment is "At will" and that means either party. You can quit for no reason and they can fire you for no reason. The difference in your case is that if they cite no reason for your termination then they must pay unemployment. If they cite that you broke a company rule that you were properly warned about then they don't have to pay unemployment.
  11. Bean-counters F-up most good products.
  12. Up for sale a female Border Collie born on 11/15/19. She's a few days over 8-weeks old, has had her 1st shots, and has had her second de-worming treatment. She's a sweetheart who loves to cuddle. We call her Feather because of the white pattern on her forehead. Take her home from the Lascassas area for $300.
  13. I am so glad that I'm no longer a police officer. Risking your life for others is one thing; throwing your life away because of indecision caused by societal pressure is quite another.

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