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  1. The Beverly Hillbillies can show you what to do with that table. I know pool but know nothing about billiards.
  2. I was wondering if you had a breakage. I’m all about clean firearms and my ultrasonic goes all the time. I’m 65 and my granddad thought me that a man that won’t clean his guns won’t wipe his butt. He had advise on every subject. Born in 1901 he was a the wisest man I’ve ever known.
  3. I am a Sig nut and have several 226 pistols. I’ve carried the same 220 for over 30 years. Could I ask why you are removing the firing pin? Old dogs need to learn something new every day.
  4. Use a pipe cutter and tighten very,very slowly. Brownells has sight kits. Just take your time. Pm me and I can explain how to get exact measurements on barrel to keep you legal.
  5. You want to talk about hot. We lost power in Collierville at 5:30 PM yesterday and it didn’t come back on till 12:20 this morning. Cold showers ain’t that bad!
  6. Where do the bullets go? I only play military golf. Left, right , left, right. Nice club. Good luck with sale.
  7. Make sure your fuse is long or your fingers will be short. It’s a very easy system to figure out. Consult the anachist cookbook. Don’t know what your using them for but 12 gauge perimeter alerts may be cheaper and less lethal.
  8. Someone needs this. I was trying to figure out what kinda firearm it was. Had to google it and was barely able to do that. My FedEx management experience with secretarial and administrative support technically crippled me. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss!
  9. Surely that Sig P-210 won’t last long. I’ve got one of the newer ones and they shoot very tight groups. I’m sure it’s the gun and not me, just like my Browning Highpower.
  10. Absolutely. Go to the door and introduce yourself and assure them that you will leave there property in better shape than you found it. Just be yourself. Us old folks appreciate the younger folks being polite. Getting harder to find them like that. Ask about hogs too!
  11. I had a highway patrolman shine a light at me in the opposite lane headed right at me. I locked up the brakes and hit the shoulder of the road. He, of course, turned around with the whole Christmas tree lit up. I told him, nicely, that if he had blinded me and i hit someone head on because of his stupid action, that I might be dead but all survivors would be attached to his retirement. We both realized I was right , thank god, cause we were miles from anything and I’m sure he knew where to hide the bodies. He turned out to be a cool guy and I made it home with no ticket, water tight and all my teeth.
  12. You might want to take this kind of questioning to a PM. IMHO


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