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  1. A simple happy birthday would have sufficed. To him and more so to his son, this may be a gun that’s been his family for a while and the young man may have been waiting a while to get it. I don’t think the issue was that you busted on the gun but that you kinda questioned what he was giving his son. I hope you understand that. If I told you my son was turning 18 and I was giving him a high point, could be the same issue. Hell I offered a happy birthday and a box of bullets for the young man. I didn’t work at a gun shop, I owned one. I’m gonna rummage through my box of old mags and if I have any I’m gonna make sure he gets them. “Happy Birthday “
  2. Happy birthday young “Man”. Let me know if he needs any ammo for that. I left for boot camp at 17. At 21 I had a home mortgage, car note, two kids and two jobs. We did what was needed to get by. We weren’t coddled by our parents. If you can die for your country at 18 you damn sure should have the right to buy whatever firearm you want. If a gun is needed to commit crimes, you can be sure criminals will have them. If you feel an 18 year old is not an adult, it’s time they grow up and are aloud to grow a pair.
  3. They started out as a mediocre site, not much more than a garage sale with no advertisers. It’s turned into a slick site, just better than Craigslist. With viewer comes advertisers and free money. They are killing themselves. Don’t fret, just let it die a natural death. Don’t view the site and the advertisers with go away and so will their money. If they don’t realize that, it will simply return once again to a garage sale site. About Money? Oh Yeah. Too many thing are!
  4. I just found the scope on eBay for $1,299. Just the scope. How has this not sold in 2 minutes. SMG01 you gotta stop cause I’m gonna buy something if you keep this up.
  5. I have ARs in everyone of those calibers. The average Joe may have heard of a 300BO but not the rest. I would stay with .556\223. Plus availability would be less of an issue.
  6. Gun was with my brother in an old house he was renting and he found out he had roommates, squirrels! The house had been empty for 2 years. He had several adventures before he got rid of them.
  7. I will definitely be in touch with them before I do anything.
  8. Yes squirrels will eat anything. Smith Wesson Shield 9mm. Has anyone ever repaired a polymer frame. I’m thinking of having my local body shop plastic weld it. Several YouTube videos use epoxy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I played EMT in the Memphis area for 12 years and I’ve seen a few things. DO NOT use items or procedures beyond your training. That will get you in legal trouble very quickly. With that said I carry a kit from North American Rescue. My kit ran just over $1,700. You don’t need much. I have made due with a semi clean tee shirts and a few menstrual pads. These are sterile and absorb lots of fluids. As long as you DO NOT exceed your training the Good Samaritan laws cover you very well. give these folks a look, https://www.narescue.com/
  10. You never know. I take trades too. Shoot me a message,
  11. The checks in the mail , Delta is ready when you are and….. I can’t remember the rest of the old saying! Thanks, Don


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