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  1. I see this just like a hcp. Theres been several occasions during a traffic stop they ask if I'm carrying and when i say yes they ask where it is and we continue from there. So hypothetically let's say Beto comes to my door in 6 months asking me to turn over all my firearms. I say I lost them all in a boating accident. He then whips out a stack of paperwork showing i have "registered" 12 firearms in my name in the last year. From that point the situation is bound to run downhill but the point is why would he show up to my door but skip my liberal pu$$y neighbor? Could it be he has "evidence" i once owned some nefarious weaponry courtesy of those background checks ? And even those bgc aren't grounds for a search and seizure i bet my azz they'll spin it that way on the news....from the hostage situation....later that day....lol
  2. As of now it's pending so I removed it. If it falls through I'll let you know Thanks
  3. They saw an opportunity to capitalize where only they could and they did. If I find a deal on a new one I'll own one but otherwise I'll save my coin for the original.
  4. I think moped was thinking about the model's 30 & 31 which are both 32 caliber. People see 32 and their mind goes to the caliber. Happens often when discussing the S&W 41 model. "41 magnum ?" nooooo, 22 , That's a 57 ... "357 ?" , you know what nevermind lmao. Then I leave them standing there.
  5. All part of the roller coaster ride I think
  6. I thought you were being funny when you changed it to the NFA ad
  7. What are you looking for ? Maybe I can help sift through some of the BS and point you toward the authentic ones. CL and other like classifieds are more of a hassle if you aren't a veteran of those sites. Even Eflea is a good hunting place you just have to know how to play the game.


    THE HELL YOU SAY https://www.newschannel5.com/news/newschannel-5-investigates/tennessee-governor-says-he-ignores-his-own-mask-advice-if-he-personally-feels-safe?fbclid=IwAR1BCO6VDWPWEIJKATYrXRlS7dE-AhNY9EMS8hjetxQ3bc3oP08hXV4ocMI


    I'm not speaking for Erik but this snow ball of schitt was building long before his generation came along. Playing the system has become a career for many and has since before my generation. Politicians continuing to pass laws and present bills that give handouts to those that don't ( not can't) put into system, healthcare, welfare, etc, eventually breaks the system. This is the result of decades of that. I can give you a half dozen examples of people right now that DRAW from the dole more than a lot of people make in a year.
  10. There's more than 1 video? Only one I've seen is what the news is looping and thats from the pov of a bystander on the passenger side from another car through their windshield.
  11. Thats the one I just mentioned . Thanks Dave !

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