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  1. From where I'm sitting we have lost a great many teachers ( elders) and that's the key, or it was for me. My rearing was done by an older generation and now with each passing generation the circle grows smaller.
  2. He was an arrogant d!ck long before I knew his politics. That aside though, 1. He took on the role of producer in addition to actor and it's my opinion THAT makes him more responsible for what happens on both sides of that gun. 2. Instead of owning up to firing the gun, even accidentally toward her or in her direction he goes on national TV with George Snuggleupmypuss and proclaims he never touched the trigger. I feel a lot of actors would have at least said " you know what ,I was told to pull the trigger, I did, and now this whole thing is a terrible tragedy/accident. I feel like his multiple roles make him the main fall guy in this case. Unless I heard it wrong there are suppose to be a crew of 3 on the set when weapons are involved and he cut 1 out due to budget. That's as good as saying "we could have been safer but I wanted to cut corners".
  3. EIG 22 pepperbox Made in Italy 4 shot Has a rotating hammer $300
  4. BBC and NHK both mentioned it on the nightly broadcast
  5. NEW unfired Marlin 45 - 70 Newer production model non JM stamped. 22" barrel Deluxe wood Includes box papers etc $1250 Only trades would be collector S&W's Colts Rugers Marlins etc Located in east tn I'll be coming to Nashville tomorrow or Thursday for anyone interested.
  6. Sunday Bump. I'm coming to Nashville Wednesday. This needs a new home. Someone throw some offers
  7. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-01-22/la-me-monterey-park-mass-shooting
  8. Just had this conversation today about what people in general do knowing full well they are being filmed . Agreed.
  9. From everything I've been following and the ER pics I imagine some or all of them are suspected of beating his ass like he owed them money. And that ultimately led to this death I guess.


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