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  1. Ruger Mini 14 GB in Stainless Steel 186 series with Sheriffs Dept stampings Also has factory bayonet lug and flash hider Very clean condition $750 I'll add more pics when time allows
  2. I can't watch the video but if ol nancy jowls is in it you can bet it will be some liberal spewing.

    Clueless teens, 17, baffled by a rotary phone

    Thanks to a childhood of being around these type things I can say neither are particular hurdles. No more than driving damn near anything that will move IF the situation calls for it. Thats the difference I see going forward. So many out there aren't being taught essential things modern tech won't do for you. While the rotary phone was obviously a poor choice in an attempt to prove a point I understand what they were trying to convey. I believe the rotary phone was chosen because a "phone" is the single most important thing in life to so many. It's how they start and end their day and countless decisions emotions and reactions all start with it. An example : I encounter this far too often. I use cash as payment ( the horror I know ) and the cashier has to think about the change to give me back. We aren't talking rocket science, we are LITERALLY talking simple math and yet without their register in front of them they are lost. I've had several tell me "wait, let me just grab my phone and pull up my calculator" all the while me telling them what change I should be given because I done the math in my head as they were attempting to understand the situation. And for the record the register was out of paper, offline, some other BS which is why I paid in cash to start with. My point is while "outdated tech" is not necessarily the goto thing there are plenty out there that are letting society, media, and the newest tech tool teach their kids and letting the basic fundamentals fall to the wayside. Much like OS commented somewhere else on here that I was reading last night its attrition pure and simple. Yes we are stronger as a society that has the latest and greatest and latest at our fingertips but take that away and a great deal of our population would be F**KED !

    Hobbit Village Being Built in Knoxville

    Add to that no concrete and no electricity so the building process alone ought to be a treat to watch lol. I have several friends in that area that are already hating it and him.

    ad closed Glock 43 package $480

    Looks great from here !
  6. Clearly this isn't me, not enough facial hair and way too calm looking
  7. Lmao. Well now I'm jinxed for sure !
  8. Thank God I didn't leave anyone to have to wade through the "snowflake" future which is our country.

    Hobbit Village Being Built in Knoxville

    I'll have you know cars are not allowed at this majestic marriott . Thou shall watch for wooden cart pulled by trusty steed or perhaps oxen
  10. And here i thought those mexican jumping beans didn't work
  11. FUJIMO


  12. FUJIMO

    Hobbit Village Being Built in Knoxville

    Do we not already have enough weirdos visiting this area ?
  13. That's the full target model HP. Nicks has 2 of the 4 features.

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