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  1. Thanks @KahrMan, that was a wicked pisser LOL. And a big thank you to whoever sent me an email and got me straightened out
  2. It would help to know what brand the gun is. I assume its an internal cocking coach and not a rabbit ear, although there are some that exist where you can cock the rabbit ears back then lock the chambers. The tang safety typically locks out the trigger or triggers but doesn't block the set firing pins from discharging during a fall. But there again it depends on the gun being discussed. Some of your newer HD coach models have a safety that freezes the entire internal operation so accidental discharges are minimized.
  3. I assume your coach has a tang safety ?
  4. NEW unfired Rossi Ranch Hand in 357 magnum. This is considered a "pistol" and NOT a rifle It sports a 12" barrel Large loop And shoots 38 or 357 It does have a saddle ring It does have the breech style safety this model is known for Bought new and never fired In addition to the lever pistol I also purchased a holster "resembling" one used by the bounty hunter Josh Randall in that show so many of us know and love That way you can walk around on your next Walmart trip and impress people.....or perhaps scare the hell out of them and get the law called lol. $1000 I'm in east tn
  5. He was also Ashley-Pitt in The Great Escape. Apparently his wife at the time later left him for Charles Bronson, his co star in that movie.
  6. I'm fairly certain there's a big ol bridge involved
  7. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/definition-engaged-business-dealer-firearms The noose tightens
  8. God help us ! https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2023/09/21/president-joe-biden-to-establish-first-ever-white-house-office-of-gun-violence-prevention-to-be-overseen-by-vice-president-kamala-harris/
  9. Site crashing special ! $300
  10. I can only imagine David. And let me say I just alerted every member that text me asking what happened that you got us back up and running. It may have something to do with me never closing my TGO window and constantly refreshing like normal lol.
  11. Well I for one am glad to be back Damn crazy how you get use to something


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