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  1. Looking to buy or trade for an m1 carbine. Got a 30 caliber itch that needs scratching.
  2. I think Magpul is saying F it lets see how far we can get
  3. If we have learned anything in the last 9-12 months you don't need money when you have credit. Just run it up and wait for someone to forgive you for being an irresponsible dumbass in life. Personal responsibility? Soooo last gen !
  4. Looking at recent ended auctions it will get worse before it gets better. There are those that will pay that if they have a 22 firearm and zero ammo.
  5. It was suppose to be a giphy but my phone skills are weak. I find theres a Peter Griffin moment just about everyday.
  6. I missed a low mileage CRD 05 liberty not long ago. A little turbo tweaking and those things are red light rockets. A lot of people never knew they even stuck a diesel in those.
  7. I would avoid it at that price. About 2k over market. As Erik mentioned the new mill at 100k miles is a big flag for me especially considering that 4 banger is a tough engine. Trouble you run into is anything larger than stock tires it will be underpowered. Also be aware 1997 models and up are bad to rust. Ive owned several and will buy another one if all the stars align and I avoid the above things I pointed out. Hope this helps.
  8. Southern heritage is usually confederate war hero and Cherokee princess. At least that's mine
  9. Funny you should mention that. Ive noticed a huge push lately with mailing your DNA in to find your ancestory. Since I'm born and raised RIGHT HERE I'm content with adhering to the Rafe Hollister ancestory logic .
  10. Is it just me or is this is awful convenient timing on their part. Did NY just become corrupt ?
  11. The best advice I can give anyone who's concerned about the ever changing local political climate is to get involved in their community. As many here have admitted to the "text rather than talk" won't get it done. If you don't show up and voice your opinion and choose a passionate email instead then you better be prepared to lose your argument. I saw it first hand 20 years ago in my county when someone didn't like "lean to's" for a dog house. That led to wanting to tell me how I kept my yard 20 miles out in the country. I showed up as well as a lot of other "passionate" residents and it was ta
  12. STI Spartan V 45 acp 5" fiber optic front sight Adjustable target rear sight Includes 1 magazine Factory box $800 East Tn
  13. I didn't click on the link but all one needs to do is attend a town hall meeting every now and then. I wouldn't say it was specifically gun laws they want to change but the threat of making it like the democrat ran city they escaped from has been prevalent for decades now. Luckily there are still enough natives to keep the new guys in check.


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