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  1. And they are apparently a waste of money. A friend of a friend works at a local hospital and revealed that they are lumping tests into batches of 15, testing one of them, and then calling all 15 whatever the result was for the one. So there's really no point in even getting tested.
  2. Wow, the knife guy was out for a run off the beaten path and didn't even have a knife. Even my dumb ass carries at least a small fixed blade when I go for a run.
  3. Maybe. The bottom line is that some dude is taking a once fired or twice fired or 12 times fired case and reloading it on a Camdex, or maybe a Lee Pro 1000. From my experience, commercial reloads (or remanufactured, their fancier name) have quality control that varies from decent to hideous. I would put the qc of my loads against any commercial reloader. But then, I am using my ammo to win, not to make a buck. Mine has to work.
  4. Oh I don’t doubt they are out there; I’ve just never been to one (indoor or outdoor). I wonder what the logic is behind the ban. Many indoor ranges sell reloads, so I would be tempted to call BS on the insurance thing.
  5. I’ve never seen a range that didn’t allow reloads.
  6. I want an M1 Carbine someday. I was at the CMP range in Talledega in August and they had a room full of Garands and Springfields in surprisingly good shape for $650. I asked about M1 Carbines and they just laughed.
  7. $112/1000 of .40 cal 180 coated using range pickup brass and components purchased in the last three months. $100/1000 for 9mm 147 coated and $135/1000 for 9mm 147 jacketed.
  8. 1.09 with a 115 is probably ok. What brand are they? Different bullet designs of the same weight can have different shapes/lengths. What powder are you using? Are you using load data for jacketed? Lead/coated typically uses a lighter charge. Also, what gun are you shooting? Have you taken the barrel out of the gun and done the plunk/spin test? Put a dummy round in your chamber and if it drops in ok and spins freely, you are short enough (and may can go longer). Some guns are notorious for having short chambers and require shorter OALs. The diameter (.355 vs .356) and bullet
  9. But are these local gun shops certified hazmat shippers? Many people don’t realize that you can’t just slap a label on a box of primers and send it across the country.
  10. I still wonder how these Gunbroker sellers are shipping their primers. Primers are hazmat and there are hoops to jump through to become a legit hazmat shipper. If somebody ships hazmat stuff and is not a hazmat shipper, they can end up in all kinds of federal felony hot water. There were lots of new rules created after the Valujet crash 20 some odd years ago.
  11. Withdraw the sale and meet us at the sporting clays range!
  12. I'm a big fan of capitalism and might argue (after consuming a few beers) that there is no such thing as price gouging because a fair price is whatever a buyer is willing to pay and whatever the owner is willing to accept. But these guys are asking for it.
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