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  1. The anti-2A crowd will probably use this case to say, "See, a 4473 isn't enough!"
  2. Joe said he will not pardon Hunter or commute his sentence. He may mean what he says - I suspect Hunter's status as a felon won't change his life much and I doubt he'll be sentencted to do any time. He may get a suspended sentence, but I suspect a hefty fine (chump change for a Biden) and probation. Joe can claim he took the high road because he knows there will be no real consequences.
  3. Yep, people have told me I'm crazy when I say Target used to sell guns. I stilll remembering drooling over a Winchester junior model pump 20 ga. they had way back in the early 80s.
  4. Too bad her friend’s death did not motivate her to pursue meaningful change.
  5. Mark IV, Browning Buckmark, or Victory.
  6. A Harris will be a lot easier on the wallet.
  7. A Shockbottle is pretty useful if you are loading in volume at all. I can gauge 100 rounds in a minute or so with it and I don't have to go get my gun and take it apart. Even if f I already have my gun barrel in hand, the Shockbottle is still much faster. Gauging 500 rounds one at a time with a gun barrel can get nerve racking.
  8. We are similar. She occasionally goes on girl trips to places where I would be bored or miserable; I go to out of town shooting matches with a couple buddies or on a hiking trip (neither interest her). We also do some trips together, but not that often. I know people who would never be ok with their spouse going out of town without them and I think that’s nuts. Hopefully, she checked her purse for loose ammo.
  9. I work at a company where much (not all) of the management are promoted from within. Some of them can definitely still walk the walk. Others, not so much lol. Whether they moved up the ladder or were hired from the street, IMO the folks who become proficient at making sure people are doing the work are often harder to replace than the people doing the work. The more basic the work, the more this is true. Also, half the people who do the work wouldn't do anything if there was no boss around. In theory, I like the idea of getting workers of all stripes motivated to make the organization prosper and share in some of that success. Keep in mind, however, that the management/worker ratio is probably 10:1 or even 100:1 in some places. The sheer number of workers may make such a plan that was actually meaningful financially difficult.
  10. I'm not knocking them either, but if they do a job most anyone can learn to do, have less to offer, or aren't capable of what others can do, they shouldn't be arguing about financial equity. This would be counterintuitive to why most organizations even offer employees stock - most stock programs award employees more heavily after a good year and less so after a bad year. Most management types who are told that stock rewards are part of their compensation end up with XYZ dollar amount, determined by a given formula each year, which may result in say 25 shares after a good year and five shares (or maybe zero) after a bad year. Awarding pre-determined X% of workers' gross pay regardless of how the organization performed could result in workers getting more shares (albeit worth less each) after a bad year. This would seem to disincentivize performance, which is usually what drives these type rewards in the first place. In a unionized company, the unions would never allow a performance-based stock program for their members to even be discussed because it would (gasp!) encourage employees to increase production! BLASPHEMY! Middle/lower level management is always getting hosed. Ask me how I know
  11. Call me weird, but anyone who truly believes this should be motivated to move from worker to executive/investor instead of bitching about people who have more than they do. A quick, superficial glance would seem to confirm this comparison, but let those workers do without investors/executives/management who steer the company through technological change, ensure payroll is able to be completed, administer employee insurance/healthcare programs, hire new employees, fire the ones bleeding the company, prevent .gov from regulating them to non-profit status, and find new services or goods to offer to remain profitable and stable. The workers can't function without the executives and vice versa, but there are more potential workers available than there are executives. There are workers who pull more than their own weight and there are executives who can't tie their shoes, but generally, who is more easily replaced?
  12. Right, labor unions were a free-market response to these conditions as well, but here we are in 2024 and people still claim they are being exploited and nothing has changed.
  13. Able-bodied, healthy people deserve whatever wage/compensation they earn. Determining a fair price for labor should be no different from other commodities - the price that a buyer (employer) is willing to pay and a seller (employee) is willing to accept. I don’t get why .gov thinks it should interfere in this two party transaction. The whole thing has an odor of communism because the script is sometimes flipped and instead of arguing that a buyer must pay the seller more (employer/employee), suddenly a seller is charging too much and is "price gouging" (manufacturer/consumer). There is no such thing as long as the seller is allowed to own his own his property, which (fortunately) is still mostly in fashion in the US.
  14. The Prodigy amounts to an intro 2011 - it's one of the cheapest available. It's fairly common for people to buy them and upgrade some stuff. The triggers are not particularly impressive out of the box, but neither are some more expensive 2011s (talking about you, Staccato). The stock parts can be tuned, but MIM parts are sometimes problematic. It looks like he has added almost $1000 in parts, plus $150 or so for two more magazines. Most people add aluminum or steel grips for weight - the polymer grips are durable enough. I changed many of the same parts on mine (except the grip), but I didn't spend anywhere near $1K. The gun is probably well worth $1700 IF whoever put the parts in knew what he was doing and IF you actually want it. I bet it's a shooter.


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