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  1. True, but the fact that the term "commercial" was used leads me to believe that someone regards what we call private sales as something different. I may be wrong. The licensed transfer agent is interesting. Someone on here the other day pointed out that, if background checks are so important, why isn't NICS available to everyone? The licensed transfer agent could be a step in that direction.
  2. Commercial sales are apparently anything that is not a private sale. An individual-to-individual sale at a gunshow would probably be illegal. Yawn. If this largely symbolic measure is all Trump will support, the "apologists" should be the ones on this forum who were calling Trump a gun grabber a few weeks ago.
  3. I handled one the other day and was impressed. They also recently released a 4” adjustable sight version similar to the one of 30 years ago. I shoot autos, but have a soft spot for wheelguns. Reviews of the new snake guns have been positive. I think Colt is on the right track.
  4. I was in an elevator at a Sandals resort in Jamaica going downstairs to check on my fiancee's wedding dress. A guy told me about the first tower. I went upstairs and turned on the TV and was getting dressed when the second plane hit. I got married a couple hours later. Happy 18th Anniversary to us.
  5. I still don't see the logic in Kroger's move, but logic is so 80s nowadays. What does OC have to do with a madman shooting someone inside their store and out in their parking lot? I don't have a problem with Kroger barring OCers, but their timing smells. I would not boycott Kroger just because they banned OC, but I would consider boycotting them if they banned OC as a knee-jerk reaction to a non-OC related shooting at a Wal-Mart. But good luck to anyone hoping to boycott Kroger in the Memphis area--there aren't many alternatives. Regarding the lawsuit, they are suing them in part because Kroger "had no policy in place to prevent the shooting." SERIOUSLY??
  6. I haven’t heard about the Kroger lawsuit. What's that all about?
  7. But why does Kroger have to pick a side?
  8. I'll go ahead and speak blasphemy. I was born and raised in Memphis and I'm not really into BBQ pork. HOWEVER, I have a couple favorite BBQ places--Baby Jack's in Bartlett and Interstate BBQ on S Third. The chicken w/ white sauce at Baby Jack's is the bomb and the smoked turkey at Interstate is worth the rude servers. There is also a hole-in-the-wall place in Abilene, TX I went and had beef brisket for the first time. I horrified a couple Texans when I said, "Man, that's good stuff. It ain't BBQ, but I like it."
  9. Looks like the Model 7 will fit a 4.25." IIRC, the compact is just a shorter grip, so the barrel length is the only thing that would matter for a holster. An extra 1/4" of holster wouldn't be too big a deal. Why the 3-slot? The Model 5 is an open end holster and would fit a Compact or a 5" gun, but has only 2 slots.
  10. Check out the Bianchi Model 7 Shadow. I have the two-slot version of this (Model 5 Black Widow) and like it.
  11. No, I do not. It's brief span was over several decades before I was born. However, I don't see how widespread alcohol availability and consumption has improved life in America, except maybe helping ugly people find fornication partners.
  12. Has the war on drugs worked? I don't know, we have nothing to compare it to. As far as banning drugs vs banning guns, I have no problem banning heroine/meth/cocaine etc. They have no legitimate purpose, as opposed to guns. Weed is arguably useful medically, but lots of people suddenly develop medical problems when it becomes medically legal in their locale. While cutting the grass earlier, I heard a commercial (for the first time) about how driving high is a DUI. These PSAs have probably been playing in CO for a couple years. Yes, people will get drugs whether legal or not, but making it a pain in the ass and/or legally treacherous doubtlessly cuts down on some of the stupidity. I was in CO last month. Beautiful state, until we pulled into just about any city. I saw more meth heads and junkies in CO Springs than I've ever seen in Shelby County. Wonder what it was like before the MJ revolution.
  13. I have never understood how making drugs legal and therefore cheaper and more available is supposed to improve things.

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