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  1. This is an excellent point. One could possibly argue that maintaining health and fitness is patriotic, since it’s good for the well being of the country and can reduce an individual’s impact on society when a pandemic arrives by being less likely to get it and/or more likely to recover quickly. I’m no fitness fanatic or health guru, but I try not abandon common sense when eating and I can run five miles in less than 45 minutes. My blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol are good. I’ve had the virus and fully recovered without issues. I like my unvaccinated odds, but would p
  2. USPS has never liked delivering bullets or any other heavy packages. A friend and I used to routinely order from Precision Delta in MS. Most of the time we had to go get them at the PO after the mailman indicated that they were “undeliverable.” We started getting them shipped to his work, where the mailman could park a few feet from the front door. Still undeliverable. They have delivered bullets to my front door once in my life. One other time, they dropped them next to my mailbox. It rained later the same day. With all that’s going on lately, I have no idea why businesses are usin
  3. Dang Legion, I could have sworn you were already a TN Gun Owners member lol. Already an NRA member but I joined SAF, TFA, and FPC.
  4. I know several officers and while I have a lot of respect for them, I wouldn’t want their jobs. They don’t speak highly of all their co-workers. For political reasons, city government has prevented MPD from hiring outside Shelby County for years and has instead lowered standards for new recruits. MPD has been 300-400 officers short for several years. The lowered standards result in some with iffy backgrounds getting hired and stories of misconduct are becoming more common.
  5. Meanwhile the city council refuses to let citizens vote on whether MPD can hire people who live outside Shelby County. Reducing your hiring pool when the department is short staffed and qualified recruits are hard to find is a great idea...
  6. Well maybe we have different opinions or maybe they are not so different. I would definitely spend a lot of time with an unloaded gun first. Since I am a competitive shooter and have trained a few shooters, I may be thinking in terms of how to make them proficient vs. a simple introduction, but someone going to permit class will probably need more than 50 rounds under their belt. Whatever the case, I agree that a raging liberal who owns guns is better than a raging liberal who doesn't. However, if I take them to the range and they continue to gladly vote for people who want you and me to b
  7. I would normally agree, but times are different. Ammunition and components are difficult or impossible to get with no improvement in sight. Do you sacrifice 500-1000 rounds of your ammo to teach a few Democrats to shoot, a couple who are almost certainly lost causes?
  8. This is news to me too and I do occasionally get out.
  9. So who are these people and what do they believe? Did they buy guns because they didn't like the lawlessness they saw during riots last year? Cops not responding/being told to stand down? Are they now politically motivated to protect their right to self-defense and therefore gun ownership? Some probably are, but many are probably not. How many of these people were Democrat voters and will continue to be? I have three Democrat acquaintances who have recently expressed interest in learning to use a handgun and buying one. One of them is a Cal-Berkely graduate and is a pretty rabid lef
  10. Exxxxactly. I don't trust Romney/Murkowski/Collins any farther than I can throw them. I've been through one assault weapons ban and it's dumb luck good fortune that it's not still law. Times are different now--this wacky left acts like the wife of 20 years who gave up her career to raise the kids and put her husband through med school, only to be traded in for a 25 year old beauty queen after he made millions. They want the right's spleen in a jar. Establishment career types like Pelosi and Biden may be posturing and bluffing some, but I don't think Kamala and AOC are. They wan
  11. Sounds like Shelby County Fugitive Squad or similar team getting ready for some festivities. Some of those guys look like they just jumped off a Viking longship.
  12. You sure that's a gen 4? Looks kinda like a gen 3.


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