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  1. Maybe they should be expected to. These same actors want to hang a gunowner out to dry when someone steals their gun and uses it in a crime. Responsibility goes both ways.
  2. $25 per gun purchase is bad enough, but 5 cents a round is lunacy... https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/cookcounty-illinois-gunrights-secondamendmen/2021/10/23/id/1041716/
  3. I wasn’t there and don’t know the whole story, but I occasionally deal with people who claim they are “constantly being harassed.” After doing a little digging, it often means “I don’t like being told what to do.”
  4. I mean Shelby County has problems and all, but at least we are not having mullet competitions… https://www.wreg.com/news/mid-south/feathered-to-near-perfection-east-tn-boys-compete-in-national-mullet-competition/
  5. It is becoming more apparent every day that one choice was a lot worse than the other one.
  6. Looks like people who got the shot have no reason to be concerned...
  7. I haven’t read it (probably not published anyway), but I know more vaccinated people who have died than I do unvaccinated. 3 vax 2 un
  8. How much are those rides and how far/long do they go?
  9. Sounds similar to “Grandpa was an obese diabetic chain smoker who was rushed to the ER after having a heart attack, but his death got chalked up as covid…”
  10. How many cases of myocarditis/pericarditis? I don't understand how anyone could dispute VAERS numbers. VAERS uses the same methods that were used to report covid cases and deaths.
  11. I have been shooting primers lately that were stored in a non-temp controlled storage building for ten years and they are fine. I wouldn't use them for home defense or dangerous game hunting, but I bet both are ok. Try a few and see.
  12. I’m sure it is possible. It’s also possible for some people to “suffer” or “get knocked down” or “get sick” (three different ways to describe the same reaction) for days or weeks. Some get myocarditis or blood clots after getting the shot. I asked the question because it seems that some people on here are making the assumption that feeling bad for more than 12-24 hours after getting the shot must be from something else. That’s often not the case, but some don’t want to acknowledge reality.
  13. Why do some people get sick after getting the shot?
  14. +1 on the Franchi. I have an Instinct 20 ga and a 686 12 ga. The Franchi is the "funner" of the two and costs half as much (or did).


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