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  1. deerslayer

    Shooting, at 100yds all for fun

    Another vote for a CZ .22. I've shot 5-shot 1&1/8" groups with my 455 at 100 yards (when the wind wasn't blowing). That's as good as many can do with their deer rifles.
  2. Check out a Springfield EMP 9mm. They make 3" and 4" versions and are not that much bigger than your Mustang. Some may consider them a little heavy for EDC, but they are neat little guns. I've had both and they are easy to carry and hide. Both are quite accurate as well.
  3. deerslayer

    What are you reading right now?

    Shogun by James Clavell.
  4. deerslayer

    High Shooting in Texas

    EXACTLY. Use a .38 wheelgun and an 870 and you get ignored. The more quickly this shooting is forgotten, the better as far as libs are concerned.
  5. Walther PPQ 4" 9mm, factory green frame, two magazines, bone stock and has approximately 400 rounds through it. $450 Face-to-face in the Memphis area. Must show a valid TN carry permit and be willing to sign a personal bill of sale. Thanks for looking!
  6. deerslayer

    Memphis Rifle Ranges?

    Natchez Trace state park used to have a 100 yard range. Also, TN Sports Foundation in Jackson is $150/year. Neither are very close, but are options.
  7. UPS has a new policy regarding packages brought to a customer counter to be shipped. It does not include packages with prepaid or customer generated labels. UPS personnel must see the contents of the package before it is sealed (or after if the customer is willing to open it). This policy was implemented after the Austin, TX/FedEx bombings and has nothing to do with guns. I don't see any mention of it on the UPS website, but customer counters have begun displaying signage explaining it. If FedEx hasn't' implemented a similar policy, I bet they will soon. On a side note, the UPS Stores, which are independently owned franchises, do not ship firearms.
  8. deerslayer

    Observation of pistol mags

    I shot the 2016 MS State IDPA match with an STI Trojan 9mm. The ground was covered with 2" of fine, powdery, dust (glad it didn't rain). Everybody's gun in my squad took a dump that day, even the Glocks. I ended up topping off (tac-loading) instead of reloading at slide-lock on the last two stages. With the mags constantly hitting the ground, I'm not sure what could have prevented malfunctions, short of cleaning the mags between every stage. Nobody's gun would run for long in that stuff.
  9. deerslayer

    Springfield EMP 4" 9mm

    https://dawsonprecision.com/springfield-emp-black-front-sights/ https://dawsonprecision.com/springfield-emp-fiber-optic-front-sights/
  10. deerslayer

    Springfield EMP 4" 9mm

    I had a 3" and now the 4" gun. Liked both a lot. Both went back to Springfield to have the chamber opened a bit and the feed ramp relieved a little. After that, they both ran like sewing machines. I still want the bobtail 4" version. Both hit where they looked, but a shorter or taller front sight can easily remedy regulation issues.
  11. And if the never-Trumpers had gotten their way, someone like this fruit loop would have replaced Scalia.
  12. deerslayer


    I have no idea what my 455 weighs, but I would bet the farm it makes the 8.5 lb cutoff. I am going to try to make it April 15.

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