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  1. I carry a Glock 48 IWB in a Comp-Tac CTAC holster at about 8 o’clock (lefty). The CTAC is a 43 holster that I drimeled the opening for a 48. This combo is comfortable all day and hides well under a t-shirt. I’m 5’10/185 and am relatively fit, but will never be mistaken for Mr. Olympia. Several portly-type friends have insisted that IWB could never work for them, only to eventually find a combination that works. I just can’t do the appendix thing—a striker fired gun pointed at junk and femoral stuff is just a deal breaker.
  2. I think The Legion had a gen 2 PST for sale in the classifieds.
  3. We could let out every non-violent drug offender and make the rest serve their entire sentences and we would still run out of space. And enough of the "allow them to reenter society" stuff. I work for a Fortune 500 company that hires criminals with 10 year old felonies and it's been a policy for the last 15 years or so. I bet lots of other companies do the same thing, especially now that so many are adopting wokeness as their official company stance. There are lots of opportunities out there, especially now that many in society don't want to work.
  4. I agree, but TGO had a full political section that was recently nuked. The result is that the website is probably half the size it was.
  5. If the political section were restored, we could find proof AND I could answer your question. Not that I really miss the political section...
  6. You have made your disdain for white Christian males with guns abundantly clear numerous times in the past. Greg probably can’t adequately respond to Daniel’s question without venturing heavily into non-2A related political discussion territory. Perhaps Greg should not have made his comment given the new forum rules, but his response would probably make it clear to anyone willing to listen that the vast majority of Republican-voting gunowners were also not single issue voters.
  7. Plus Amazon. I don’t do business with them not only because they like suppressing speech, but also because they are trying to put everyone out of business.
  8. On the surface, his EOs don’t seem to be earth-shattering. They are pretty much what I expected. He could have tried more and may still. However, I do like the pendelum to keep swinging the other way and this changes that. Of potentially greater consequence is Biden’s new “AFT” nominee, who is a certified gun-grabber and is pushing a new AWB because (he apparently claims) they were used to shoot down helicopters by the Branch Davidians. But propaganda is cool nowadays. Elections have consequences. I have a feeling never-Trumpers are going to get tired of hearing this.
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I was unhappy about what Trump did, but I don’t think Biden’s announcements today would have been any different without the bump stock debacle. I do tire of folks (not directed at you) who claim to be pro-2A, but supported a guy who is obviously after our guns over a guy who was a smartass on twitter and made what appears to be an uncalculated bonehead move against bump stocks, but was overall much friendlier to gun owners than the current regime.
  10. The only person I know that has been lost to covid died five weeks after getting her second vaccine shot. She was healthy before being vaccinated. I can’t blame her family for being in the “iffy” crowd.
  11. Oh I have no doubt the Biden admin will cite such as precedent, but I don’t believe for one second that what is about to happen or be attempted would somehow not be possible without Trump’s actions. They will do or try whatever they want with or without precedent. Trump’s prior actions are irrelevant.
  12. Bump stocks are idiotic and I would never own one, but I’m all for keeping them legal because it potentially adds another obstacle for gun grabbers to un-do before they get what they want. However, I don’t see how banning them somehow paved the way for Joe and the hoe’s schemes. I doubt they need some precedent to proceed with whatever they have planned.
  13. A classic. “Since I am your host, and you are my guest, what’s your pleasure? What do you like to do?” ”Oh, I don’t know, play chess...screw?” ”Well let’s play chess”
  14. Universal background checks are unenforceable and merely provide the logic for establishing databases. And I doubt both sides could come together and compile a list of those “that we all agree should not have them.” I thought Pincus was smarter than this.


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