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  1. Sounds like a good time to buy SIG stock.
  2. deerslayer

    .38 super???

    I have a friend who converted one to 9mm. I believe he swapped barrels and magazines and tuned the extractor. He may have replaced the extractor. i think .38 Super initially had a bad reputation for accuracy due to headspacing off its rim instead of the case mouth. The .38 Super loaded to “major” power factor (bullet weight x velocity = at least 165,000) is popular in USPSA/IPSC Open division, but is losing ground to the 9mm. Rules were changed years ago to allow shooting major with 9mm. Yes, it can easily be done, but is a specialized load in a specialized gun (same as loading .38 Super major). Most off-the-shelf .38 Super won’t make major. The 9mm has the advantage of easily obtained brass. You can always identify .38 Super shooters at a match—they are the ones looking at the ground immediately after shooting a stage.
  3. I have no doubt that manufacturing is better than ever, but nothing touches hand-fitted by an expert. I've seen too many big dollar 1911s that had to be fine tuned by a 'smith before they would run.
  4. That's silly. You really believe one can't save $7.25 per hour of loading 9mm?
  5. Now Iran doesn’t want to give up the black box for the Ukrainian plane that went down right after takeoff from Tehran, allegedly in flames. If the plane’s initially reported mechanical failure was SAM-related, I can’t blame them.
  6. A $300 1911 can be as reliable and accurate as a $1000 1911. I personally don't like GI type guns because they usually have itty bitty sights and limited options for replacing them. Some would have you believe sights are a waste of time because you will always freak out and point shoot in a self defense situation. I don't adhere to this idea and want my sights set up a certain way.
  7. Unless they want to own guns.
  8. They can be handy in the range bag for a quick swipe during extended shooting (especially with a rimfire), but I think a rod and bore brush and patches do a much better job. There's nothing like getting clean white patches out the muzzle to know the barrel is clean.
  9. I've had access to a few. If I had $3000 to invest in a 1911, I would look at Ed Brown or (more likely) I would buy a bunch of Caspian and Ed Brown parts and have a smith build it. I've never handled a Nighthawk and don't know much about them. I've seen enough out-of-the-box Wilsons take a dump in the middle of an IDPA match that I wouldn't risk buying one, although I have to admit, the EDC is highly interesting.
  10. Magazines can eliminate some of the issues faced when running 9mm and .40 length cartridges in a .45 length action. Also, manufacturers are making 1911 style guns specifically for 9mm length rounds. The Springfield EMP series and the Wilson EDC are two examples. I have an EMP4 that is a fantastic shooter, is nice and flat, and only weighs 30 oz.
  11. Agreed, but from my experience, the $2500 1911s don't do anything any of my $1000-1200 1911s wouldn't do.
  12. Over the years, I have carried four different 1911s, all with the same Comp-tac CTAC IWB kydex holster. The only one I got tired of carrying was a 38 oz. steel frame gun. None had any significant wear from the kydex. All were $1000-ish guns (Springfield, STI, Colt). I wouldn't worry about wear and tear on a pricey gun as much as I would worry about what would happen to it if I had to use it. I wouldn't want it getting thrown around in a ziplock bag in an evidence room. Also, some police departments/Sheriff's offices may make you jump through hoops to get it back. I've heard of a few rightful owners never getting their guns back after a legitimate shooting or a theft.
  13. I think it was Massad Ayoob who said something like "shooting competitions are not gunfights, but gunfights are shooting competitions." Competitive shooting has its uses.
  14. I’m not talking about the guy who got shot. And I agree—it was tough watching his daughter run to him (the guy who did get shot). CNN or Fox (can’t remember which) quoted her. He died either on the way to or at the hospital.
  15. Wilson (on the left side if the screen, not the guy who got shot) reaches for his gun before the bad guy starts shooting and it’s 3-4 seconds before he draws. He then fires a shot 1.5-2 seconds later. He was clearly struggling to either get to his gun or to get it out of his holster. If he intended to hit the bad guy in the head, then kudos to him and his fondness for the front sight. Whatever the case, I’m glad Wilson went to church yesterday.

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