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  1. Alcohol is just another drug that happens to be legal. Kids are told “never do drugs” by the same people who give them their first drink. Its potential for addiction and destructiveness should be respected as much as any other drug, but isn’t.
  2. We were until 2023 hit us. I had shoulder surgery, we moved, and two weeks after we signed the contract, my wife totaled her 2013 4Runner. She got a 2023 RAV4. I was way up in MO a couple weeks before the power steering snafu. I suppose I could have made it home, but I decided that my 17 year old truck was about to become a local only vehicle. I bought a 2022 4Runner, but still mostly drive the Tacoma. 2023 was expensive. My daughter is about to start driving and may inherit the Tacoma.
  3. Definitely not perfect, but better than most. The Taco recently sprang a big leak. $2k later I had a new rack and pinion and a new power steering pump. It is 17 years old though.
  4. My sister has an XTerra that has been boringly reliable.
  5. 2006 Tacoma. This was it two years ago:
  6. Except they aren’t having many trials, at least around here. Shelby County held less than 40 criminal trials in 2023. This is not due to increased plea bargains and such; on the contrary, nothing is getting done and the backlog is getting bigger. On any given day, you can walk around at 201 and it’s a ghost town.
  7. Amen. Already hard enough to get enough sleep without some alert in the middle of the night about a crime six or seven hours away.
  8. He was calling newer cars those that recommend 0w20 or 0w16 vs those whose manuals recommend 5w30, so I’m thinking by “newer” he meant 5-10 years old. I don’t think he had the cars of yesteryear that used 10w40 or 20w50 in mind. He didn’t say engines are blowing up, but oil consumption is on the rise.
  9. I would think the quality of the oil (maybe synthetic vs dino) would be a bigger factor than the viscosity. Probably barely measurable, but every bit counts when the EPA is sniping at you. I’m not sure if I buy my mechanic friend’s theory about running thicker oil from the beginning, but I know for certain that an engine that already uses oil will use thinner oil more quickly. Back in the day, I had a Ford Ranger with bad rings. It would foul a plug in three months. I switched to 20-50 and the oil consumption slowed somewhat.
  10. I’ve always changed my own oil and there is always a definite difference in the appearance of the oil that came out vs. the oil that goes in, whether it’s 10w-40 or 0w-16.
  11. My Tacoma is American made and it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. My wife has a Canadian made RAV4 that is too new to conclude it will be a long lasting vehicle, but so far, so good, and I have little reason to believe it won’t be reliable. 4Runners are still made in Japan. A mechanic friend swears that newer vehicle engines generally don’t last as long due to thinner oil being used nowadays, which he believes offers less protection (unless you floor it immediately after starting when it’s 10F outside) and burns easier. He told me he sees newer vehicles using oil sooner and his solution is to switch to 0W-30 or 5W-30. The problem often goes away for another 50-100k miles. He believes if we still used 5W-30 from the get-go, this trend wouldn’t exist. Older Toyotas (15-20 years ago) used 10w-30 or 5w-30. My wife’s RAV4 says to use 0W-16. I didn’t even know such watery oil existed.
  12. I got only one. It took me a few seconds to realize that it wasn’t my alarm. Then my concern became my wife not waking up and listening to her raise hell because she thought work was calling me in the middle of the night again.
  13. Another heartless bastard here - as of this morning, I have Amber alerts and public safety alerts turned off. Do blue alerts fall under public safety alerts? And what time was that anyway?
  14. That song was his masterpiece.


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