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  1. deerslayer

    185gr 9mm

    A couple local guys shot some 160s for a while. I think they were using 2.5 or 2.7 grains of Titegroup. They were SOFT. Some folks don't like them because they say the gun feels too sluggish. I'm still not sure about their velocity claims, but would be curious to see some chronograph results. With someone else's gun
  2. deerslayer

    185gr 9mm

    Something doesn't add up. I don't buy their claims that their 9mm round is equal to the momentum of a .45. Momentum (aka power factor) = bullet weight x velocity. An average 230 grain .45 travels at say 850 fps. Momentum = 195500. They claim 950 fps for their 185 9mm, which equates to 175570. Whatever. What is truly baffling is their claim that their 185 round feels softer due to slower burning powder. Slow powders usually result in more velocity and recoil because they take longer to build up a bigger bang. Fast powders shoot their wad before the party really gets going. That Newton fellow said for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that is true. However, one can manipulate the feel of that reaction. Competitive pistol shooters know that big (for caliber) bullets loaded with small charges of fast burning powder result in a softer "push" feeling recoil. However, some prefer a lighter faster bullet, sometimes loaded with a larger charge of slower burning powder, which gives more of a "pop" sensation. It depends on the shooter's preference of which one they believe helps them reacquire the sights. The problem is that bigger bullets cut down on the case capacity required to contain enough slower burning powder to work and their 185 load has almost no case capacity. Unless they are using a compressed load or some type of 8" test barrel, I'm not sure I believe their claims of 950 fps. I suppose a quick magazine through a chronograph would settle the matter.
  3. deerslayer

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    Fondled one today and it's noticeably thinner than a 19. A local store wanted $529 for one with plain sights. It's light and thin enough to even put in a belly band occasionally. It checks a lot of boxes for my ideal carry gun. I'll have one soon.
  4. deerslayer

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    Have manufacturers stopped selling guns that hold more than ten rounds?
  5. Set aside that M&P 15 .22 mag loader for me. I'll catch up to you when it quits raining
  6. deerslayer

    Clueless teens, 17, baffled by a rotary phone

    Yeah I miss them too. If the Norks EMPd us back to the 19th century, that would be a terrible thing. If they somehow EMPd us back to 1980, everyone under 35 would probably have lower blood pressure.
  7. deerslayer

    9mm subcompact choice

    Haven't shot the 2nd gen one. The hinged trigger contraption is just atrocious for me, but apparently works for some people. A lot of folks immediately put an Apex in them. Changing sights right out of the box is one thing, but swapping triggers is a bit much.
  8. ...and once they do half their sentence, all their rights should be restored and we should act like nothing ever happened.
  9. deerslayer

    9mm subcompact choice

    How are you going to carry it? IWB/OWB holster? Pocket? Belly band? Ankle holster? I have a Glock 43 that I bought specifically for the rare occasion I need to pocket carry. The 43 is small enough for me to pull it off, but the Shield and PPS are a hair bigger and are a different category of guns, IMO. If you are doing anything but pocket carry, the Shield and PPS are fine guns. I despise the Shield (mainly because of its trigger), but that is purely personal. I have some experience with the PPS and I like them. Depending on your build, you can probably comfortably carry a gun bigger than any of these IWB most of the time. The about-to-be-released Glock 48 comes to mind. Some slim guys say "I can't carry IWB" but then some chubby guys say "I can't carry IWB." With the right holster and a reasonably sized gun, it's easier than many think.
  10. Good luck finding a used 24. Glock makes them in batches every few years and some competitive shooters are quite fond of them. BTW, the 17L is the 9mm version of the 24. Both are gen 3 only. Neither weighs near 38 oz, more like 26 or 27. A 17L would be a sweet shooter, though. There are currently five on Gunbroker. A 34 in whatever gen would be an easy shooter, too.
  11. deerslayer

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    There is a good chance I will own one of the first ones sold in Memphis. Now if Comp-Tac would start making holsters for it asap...
  12. deerslayer

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    Well, this may be the Glock I have been wishing for for years--a 43 on roids or a 19 on slim-fast. In other words, a flat, 4" single stack 9mm Glock. Most of my carry is IWB and the 19 is chubby, often uncomfortably so. The easiest non-pocket pistol I have ever carried IWB was a Kahr CW9, but Kahr triggers are hideous. This appears to be slightly bigger, but similar. If it really weighs < 21 ounces, that's even better.

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