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  1.       Sorry about your brother~I hate ticks!  Plants are good to eat though, I've been on a plant based diet going on 4 yrs now...luckily my own decision.  My health was going downhill fast and decided to eat a plant based diet because of all the health benefits.  Eating plant based meals in addition to regular exercising has truly changed my life, and i'm sure it will your brothers.  Ironically, that little blood sucker probably added a couple more years to your brother's life lol.  Not to mention save him $$$.  
  2. I went hiking with my wife and dogs.  It was an amazing day!  
  3. People that make apple butter with store bought applesauce and use red hots (candy) to flavor it :mad:   People that park in a handicap parking place without a tag   Most kids and youngsters these days :bored:
  4. Hipsters.     Animal abusers.    Anything or anyone affiliated with Comcast cable.   Lazy workers and bad contractors.   Rafters...when i'm fishing the Nolichucky River.   Anyone that has the nerve to pull right up beside you and fish, out of the whole entire lake, while you're on your favorite fishing spot.   That guy that looks like he can barely afford a pack of smokes buying $50 worth of random lotto tix, and takes 5mins in line to decide when all i need is my receipt from the gas pump-which was out of receipt paper.  ARRRH! multiple
  5.   I have a 40x60 garage/man cave and I'm very happy with it
  6. The spray foam is the bee's knees, but is more expensive.  It maybe overkill for a garage, but the more climate controlled it is the better if you ask me.  My dad keeps a 22 rifle in our uninsulated garage at the sawmill and we constantly battle rust.  They make a spray insulation that is not foam.  It's just recycled carpet I think.  I'd use this in my attic.  It's just so much easier.  You'll have to rent a blower machine.  Have someone in the attic spraying and another feeding the machine on the ground.  Lowes or Home Depot have the blowers. &nbs
  7.   I'm 6'10, 230 pounds, and I fit reasonably well in my wifes Subaru Forrester.  Better than my little Toyota Tacoma.  
  8. My wife and I have a 2014 Subaru Forrester.  We love it.  0 problems. 
  9. Did you allow an overhang on your roof? 18''-2' is what i would recommend with slotted or bb'd soffit.  If i was gonna have a lift in there I agree 56Fordguy on having a minimum of 12' walls.  Lay 4' worth of block off your pad and use 8' boards is what i would do.  Use 2 salt treated sil plates( 2"x8's") bolted onto the block.  You'll have bolts concreted into the block, drill holes in your sil plate and use a washer and nut to connect the sil to the block.  I'd do it every 4' or so- I really don't know what the code is or even if there is one.  I'd use 2 2"x4's
  10. Mwhiskey


    Yeah, its a mess out here!!  Getting ready to go play around in it all day!!!! 
  11. I just got mine renewed.  I paid for it on 1.5.16 and recieved my card on 1.22.16, and It cost $37.50.  It expires 9.26.18 as does my license. So, I'm good for another 3 years almost. 
  12.   Yeah, npgunner said something about it. I'm saving it for a rainy day. 


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