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  1. The bolt pattern on these is 6x139.7 which actually fit a lot of Toyota vehicles. Pretty sure they work on the FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, 1st gen Tundra, 4Runner, and more. I'd like to have them but I don't see myself in middle TN anytime soon. I would list them on Facbebook marketplace and be sure to tag all the different models they fit.
  2. Wow. I told myself to not even bother posting in this thread and yet I did it anyways. Thanks for the reminder to stop wasting my time.
  3. I think the criticism of GPS is fair but I will point out one thing that has changed in the past 20-30 years. Traffic. Back in the 80-90's it was easier to glance at a map or directions without fear of missing your exit or running into someone. Now traffic is so bad in most cities that having the hands free GPS call out directions really makes things easier and safer. I couldn't imagine trying to drive through a new city today while relying on just a map. You'd have to constantly be searching for mile markers and thus not really focusing on the road. Think about all the times your GPS tells you your exit is coming up in 1 mile and it takes half a mile before someone lets you safely change lanes. Without GPS road trips would be hell today. If an EMP happens I'm sure my non-functioning GPS will be the least of my worries.
  4. I think you nailed it A.J. People are being manipulated. I've refrained from posting in the other "socialism" thread but I really believe the media is only trying to sell stories and divide us. I'm 31 years old now. I know a lot of younger people from 21-35. I have friends in San Diego, Portland OR, Orlando, Omaha and places in between. In all my years meeting people my age I have never met anyone who advocated for socialism. I would say I have an equal amount of friends that lean right and left. This idea that all young people are hoping to overthrow capitalism is simply not true. I really wish people would stop lumping us all into buckets. Now, I have heard people complain about the need for affordable healthcare and I happen to agree with them. Does that mean I want to live in a socialistic society? No. But I also don't believe that all forms of socialism are horrible. In my recent tour of Europe I can tell you the people seem to be doing just fine. They were happy, healthy(you literally couldn't find an overweight person), and seemed to be going about their lives just like us. They just pay an assload more in taxes. If you really think about it, we're either going to pay more for healthcare by having our employer suck it out of our paycheck or having the government collect more in taxes. I find it very hypocritical that the same people complaining about socialism have no problem using medicare. You can bet your ass that if the gub'ment suddenly offered medicare for all, the same folks rallying against it would be signing up the next week. Going back to the academia point. I can only speak to my time at Pellissippi State and UTK. I'm not denying that the professors are largely liberal. But the idea that they are shoving that agenda down our throats, or brainwashing us, is simply not true. In my 4 years I can only remember one time when politics came up and it was when TN was considering allowing guns on campus. Of course they complained. I would really encourage some of our older crowd to actually have some conversations with younger people and stop believing everything you read on The Blaze.
  5. Just finished a few more good ones. Dr. Death by Wondery. This one will make you do a lot more research before you ever go in for surgery. It's a tale of hospitals putting profits over patients and not suffering any consequences. It's believed to be the first time a Dr has ever been criminally charged for actions during a surgery. It's worth a listen. I found another podcast called Something's Not Right. They cover true crime specific to Tennessee. The production quality and commentary isn't great but it's interesting to hear about local cases. They have a lot of cases from Nashville and Knoxville. Lastly, if you haven't listened to the one MacGyver mentioned(In the Dark), you really should go listen to it. It's made it all the way to the Supreme Court and even Justice Thomas has some interesting remarks. If memory serves, it's only the 2nd time in his nearly 30 years on the court that he's asked a question during oral arguments. Powerful case.
  6. I'm gonna drop this to $495 and throw in 2 more PMags for a total of 5. It cost me $800 to build this back when prices were a lot higher. Take advantage of my poor timing.
  7. This is horrible. My wife and I visted the Prague castle last week which dates back to 870. You really can't appreciate buildings this old until you see it in person. I have no idea how they built something so amazing back then. Really sad to hear this.
  8. Up for consideration is my AR-15 Pistol. PSA 10.5" upper PSA pistol lower Magpul furniture Sig arm brace 5 unopened 30rd P Mags round count is less than 300. I've barely shot this gun since I put it together back around 2014. Now SOLD! ***red dot is not included I live in Lenoir City but work in West Knoxville. Willing it meet within a reasonable distance if I get a decent offer. I'll try to post some better pictures later.
  9. I'm so very sorry to hear this.
  10. Up for consideration is my seldom shot LCR .38+P. The gun has an XS tritium front sight which glows but isn't extremely bright. Included is the following: -Original box, manual, case etc. -DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster -50 rds target ammo -partial box of Gold Dot+P $350 I can meet someone within a reasonable distance of Knoxville. Buyer should have a valid HCP.
  11. This is a good deal. That collapsible brace alone costs over $200. It's a great upgrade over the original. Someone needs to snatch this up. Good luck with your sale!
  12. Kydex holster still available. Rest is gone pending meet.

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