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  1. The G21 is awesome. I had two .45's. A 1911 and a G21. I'll get flamed for this but I sold the 1911. The G21 is so much more enjoyable to shoot and 13 rounds of .45ACP adds testosterone to the body.
  2. I remember that story. I believe a snapping turtle was consumed that summer as well. Possibly even a opussum.
  3. That's fair. I still don't understand why the other windshield was over $600.
  4. Some of us tried to warn you to not get cheap glass man. This is why.
  5. I would try to find out why that windshield is so expensive? I know some of the new vehicles haven tech and sensors in them but I don't understand what a 2007 would have. I know people on the Tundra forum got aftermarket glass and regretted it. Cheap glass scratches and chips easily. I probably wouldn't do it. I also wouldn't file a claim unless it was free. I'm gonna preach for a minute because my wife worked in insurance. Gutting your insurance is a terrible idea. That's one of the last things you should cheap out on. Also, you'll find that there isn't much difference in your premium with going from $1,000 to $500 deductibles. You should change your other 2 cars and up your coverage limits. My wife and I carry a $1M umbrella policy and it's less than $200 year.
  6. Erik88

    UT vs GA State

    Jennings is the man but Shrout was great too. And yes, JG stepped up today.
  7. Erik88

    Burn Accident

    So sorry to hear this.
  8. Erik88

    UT vs GA State

    How about the 3rd string quarterback? The Vols looked good today. I was proud of them.
  9. Maybe the picture is making it look smaller but is that cage even big enough for a ground hog?
  10. You and I have both agreed on this in the past. The current system is not working. Now that's a stretch. I never said Sturgill deserved it. But leaving your door unlocked while you sleep, the NEXT DAY, is stupid. He's a slow learner it seems.
  11. I recently listened to a podcast about Ed Edwards, a serial killer. He had a terrible childhood. That doesn't excuse his behavior, it only explains it. My point is, having a crappy childhood is not an excuse to break into homes. If they know about 14 break-ins, he likely did a lot more than that. Sturgill's comments that the system is "throwing his life away" is ridiculous. I have no doubt the kid needed guidance, but that doesn't mean he gets a pass. Lot's of people grow up in bad situations and go on to make a decent life. My dad is a good example. I disagree. The man had a break in, and then left his door unlocked the very next day. That's stupid. He also had an alarm he apparently does not use. I'm simply pointing out how flawed this guys home security plan is.
  12. I seriously doubt convicted felons are calling the TBI to argue that they are entitled to buy a gun.
  13. Thanks exactly what I did Dave. I had an old tackle box laying around that I re-purposed into my gun cleaning kit. It's been perfect. All those little dividers make it easy to keep everything organized. There is a space in the bottom big enough to put some of the bigger items. I keep this under my work bench in the garage where my guns get cleaned. Now, I don't like mixing my range items with this though so I have 2 separate bags for the gun range. One small one I got from LA Police gear and one bigger one from Midway USA. I'm sure you could find a way to keep both in the same bag if that's what you desire.
  14. I think the key here is that Greg won't HAVE to work. If he gets bored, he can always find another job but having the freedom to choose is pretty sweet. That's what I'm aiming for.

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