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  1. I always appreciate your posts even when we don't agree. Glad to hear You say this.
  2. Can't wait for the Trump supporters to spin this into a win for us or maybe even blame Hillary.
  3. Another shooting

    I read that he waited until just before classes let out because he knew the doors open at that time. I suspect your scenario is possible too. Either way, it's not like any of these schools would be that difficult to get into.
  4. Another shooting

    Pretty sure I heard he worked fast food somewhere. I can't remember where though. He had no car and presumably lived for free with that family.
  5. Another shooting

    Really good response from one of my favorite Youtube Gun channels below.
  6. Podcasts Coming Winter 2018

    I have found that for every one I enjoy there are 2 I have to skip. There are some really good ones out there though if you are willing to search. They are great for the drive to/from work or during slow stretches at the office.
  7. Another shooting

    19 of the "worst" 30 have happened in the last 10 years. Something has clearly changed in the past 2 decades. JMO.
  8. Another shooting

    Some of the worst shootings we've ever seen happened under BHO. You forget about Sandy Hook?
  9. [GUN SALES] I don’t email…

    Is that here on TGO? Personally, I won't meet anyone in person before I speak to them on the phone. I can get a much better feel for a person over the phone than I can via text or email. When I was trying to sell my car a few months ago I couldn't get this one person to call me. He kept emailing me. NEXT!
  10. Another shooting

    It bothers me that some in the media are portraying him as a troubled youth that never had a chance. It's like they are excusing his behavior because he had a crappy childhood. Lot's of people had a rough childhood and turned out to be great adults. They will do anything to deflect away from the shooter and to the gun debate I suppose.
  11. How do I stop Browser Notifications?

    Somewhat unrelated but I'm not getting notifications(on TGO) from the Swamp. Everything else is working. Was this intentional? It was working before it went to password required. thanks
  12. Another shooting

    In regards to CNN, yes actually. Didn't check MSNBC last night. Just thought it was in poor taste, not that CNN isn't guilty of doing the same thing. Anyways, I didn't ever hear what happened with the officer at Pulse. Thanks for clearing that up. I agree with your assessment that our schools are easy targets. I'd like to see funding set aside to make schools more secure.
  13. Another shooting

    I agree with this but it's also impossible to deny that the US has really cornered the market on mass shootings. I keep trying to remind myself that these events are still pretty rare but I am concerned with the current trend. I don't know what the solution is but doing nothing doesn't seem to be working.
  14. Another shooting

    Pretty tastelss headline by Fox. "BLOODBATH". As far as the gun free zone. It's a high school. Other than putting an officer in every school I'm really not sure what the solution would be. Even that isn't a guarantee. There was an officer at Pulse Nightclub too..
  15. If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    If I was forced to carry my G19 the rest of my life I'd be fine with that. There are probably better options but this one always works for me. I'd like to get my hands on the CZ P10c but they can't seem to produce enough. I've yet to even see one in person.

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