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  1. Great price for a solid pump action.
  2. Erik88


    I've known several people who have moved here from up North. They legitimately could not understand some people with a thick southern accent. I'd recommend watching Deliverance a few times to brush up on your country.
  3. Erik88

    MagLite LED Upgrade

    New flashlights are just so much better than maglights in every concievable way and they really aren't that expensive. I couldn't imagine paying to upgrade one unless it was under $10. In their day they were the best but not today.
  4. Erik88

    Words I had given up on hearing!!!!

    It's wild to think that despite being missing 30 years they stayed in TN. Doesn't seem they traveled very far.
  5. Erik88


    I used Glen Cornell with Woody Creek Realty. He was great to work with. I'm sure everyone will have a different recommendation. The thing to be aware of is that the market in Knoxville(and much of the country) is moving really fast. A lot of houses are ending up with multiple offers and a bidding war scenario. Be prepared to move fast on a listing you like. http://woodycreekrealty.com/about-woody-creek-realty/ Call Glenn Cornell (865) 777-1700 or email glenn.cornell@woodycreekrealty.com
  6. For $30 did that include the LED bulbs as well? I spent $30 just on 2 bulbs alone last weekend.
  7. If you're going to bypass the ballast they call this retrofit. Look for LED tubes that say "no ballast" or something along those lines. From there, you can further narrow it down to LED tubes that have power at one end or both. That's really a personal choice. I just thought it was faster and easier to only rewire power to one end of the fixture. Also, you'll want to pick the "color" light you prefer. Some don't like the super bright daylight look and opt for the softer color. As I mentioned before, some come with the new hangers and some don't. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Utilitech-32-W-Equivalent-Bright-White-T8-LED-Tube-Light-Bulb/1000083437
  8. Erik88

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    I understand the desire to clear your name but me thinks this probably could have been handled better via private message. I went to your post history and couldn't find when this was or what thread this happened in. If you're going to make this public, let's see what was said. I've known Chuckie a long time, he doesn't typically throw out baseless accusations.
  9. Erik88

    Well, it's official!!

    We're probably making some unfair assumptions about DrAlarms situation. Not everyone is in the position to refinance. Having said that. @dralarms, it would probably be a great idea to at least try to refinance. If analog Kidd is right(which I assume he is), you could basically cut your monthly payment in half. Or better yet, keep the same payment and pay it off in 1/2 the time. You would save thousands in interest.
  10. Erik88

    An Educated choice in a first Handgun

    I'm lost, is the OP still going with the Jerico? I'm not as knowledgeable about guns as many here but I had never even heard of 41AE until this thread. In gun stores from TX-FL-TN and parts in between I have never seen this caliber ammo on a shelf.
  11. Erik88

    for-sale FN FNX45 Tactical FDE $900

    You don't see these very often and certainly not at this price. Someone will be getting a great deal.
  12. Erik88

    Where to go in Maine?

    From Reddit.
  13. On her person? That's good. I'd rather my wife not carry at all that put it in her purse.
  14. I'm impressed that not only is your wife carrying on her person, but it's also a real gun and not some wimpy pocket gun. Good for her! I hope that doesn't sound sexist, I just don't know many women that committed.
  15. Erik88

    Where to go in Maine?

    My wife spent a summer there. She really enjoyed Camden and Rockland. Honestly, the entire state looks beautiful. I'm sure you'll have a great time no matter where you venture. If I'm going that far, I'd probably have to visit NH as well. Let us know how you like it.

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