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  1. I've recently become interested in learning more about my family and I'm curious if we have any experts here. So far I've only been using findagrave.com which can be surprisingly useful. I have a relative that was killed in WWII that I'm trying to find out more info about. Has anyone been successful in obtaining old military records? It seems they have to be requested from the archives in St. Louis.
  2. This was a good suggestion. Not sure how I never knew about this. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Doesn't this seem like the very thing that the ATF would ban on a whim?
  4. Oh I see. I thought he just wanted a new(to him) vehicle. I didn't realize he just wanted something for fun. In that case a Jeep makes sense.
  5. Have you looked at the often forgotten 1st Gen Tundra(2000-2006)? They don't turn many heads so most people don't notice them. Nearly un-killable V8 in a truck that's not much bigger than a Tacoma. This is the engine that has gone a million miles 2-3 times now. I see 3-4 near you for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The biggest issue on these is frame rust but being in the South you have a decent shot of finding one. For some reason they never got the cult following that the Tacoma did which means they are priced substantially less. If he wanted 4 full doors the were offered from 04-06. Add
  6. I would have a hard time paying almost $9k for a 21 year old Jeep with a 4 banger but I don't know what it's worth and they tend to hold their value. Was it rust free underneath? I find it odd they already had to replace the engine at 100k miles but it is a Jeep so....?Ultimately it's your call. Might be worth paying for a Carfax at least.
  7. That's really neat. I've been trying to start some research but it's slow going. I'd like to do the DNA swab but don't really want to be in a database.
  8. @TGO David just wanted to follow up on this one. Wasn't sure if it got lost in all the madness the past few weeks. Do you know if this feature is gone? If it is, no big deal. If it isn't, let me know if I'm just missing it.
  9. I don't know if he is an idiot but I would ask what is the point of flying the rebel flag inside the capitol? I bet he's feeling like an idiot while he sits in jail facing many years in prison.
  10. Agreed. I had a custom bumper made for my truck last year and they shipped it LTL via YRC. Watching the tracking was almost comical. When it finally arrived in Knoxville I had to go pick it up at their cross dock and I was shocked when they told me to walk across the dock while forklifts were driving around. That place was an OSHA nightmare.
  11. Man, it would have been really tempting to mess with him and say "I've been hired by Mr Soros to give you your mandatory COVID vaccine".


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