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  1. This made me laugh. I told my wife they are probably worried too many Republican voters might die if they don't do something. Can't lose another election.
  2. Not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing there @RED333
  3. Ya'll need to go down to your local CBD shop and buy something to take care of that insomnia. Through some strange loophole, they can now sell Delta 8 in Tennessee. No idea how it's legal.
  4. Yes but the sign has to meet specific criteria. I'd guess that of all the places I see attempting to ban guns only about half get it right.
  5. It looks like it hit a kitchen cabinet. It's typically hard to replace just one cabinet and find a match. This is going to be a very expensive mistake for that guy. At our last house, my neighbor came home one day and found a hole in her window and a bullet laying on her kitchen floor. Scary stuff.
  6. I agree but I'm pleasantly surprised the good guy hasn't been charged since I think it's really difficult to get a carry permit there from what I've read.
  7. This seems like a very legitimate concern to me. It's at least something PDP owners should be aware of if nothing else.
  8. My dad got a check engine light last week. I used my $15 code reader to scan it and figure out it was related to the MAF sensor. Start looking closer under the hood and his air filter cover wasn't on. The idiots at Jiffy lube installed a new air filter and didn't even put the cover on right. So he was sucking in dirt for a week. I'm thankful I've learned how to work on both vehicles. The only thing I've paid a shop to do recently was an alignment. I would never trust a place like Jiffy Lube.
  9. My wife was a few blocks away from this shooting when it happened, having drinks with a friend. Everyone on the patio ran inside and hid. That video was wild.
  10. How old is Phil? He looks young. My 64 year old dad was helping me hang drywall today and told me he's to finally decided to get the vaccine. I was thrilled.
  11. The cause has changed some over the years, but the overall claim that the sky is falling has remained constant on TGO for 10 years now. Somehow I'm still alive.
  12. I've noticed more cops are starting to put these optics on their duty guns. I wonder which optic they are picking the most as I haven't been able to tell in the videos.


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