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  1. I don't get the propensity many have towards conspiracy. Who exactly are the puppet masters here? It would be easier to believe if this was only happening in the USA but the entire world is fighting COVID in some capacity. As for why it's spreading in Knoxville.. Social distancing is a thing of the past. Every age, race and sex seems to have stopped caring. I'm seeing maybe 10-15% of people wearing masks.
  2. Man that was really generous of you. That was a great price for that vehicle. I hope that young man appreciates it.
  3. Government tells us we have to wear pants in public. How is this different? I don't like being told what to do either but this is a pretty minor inconvenience. If it keeps us from having to close businesses again I see it as a win.
  4. I can't believe how passionate some people are about not wearing a mask. Talk about 1st world problems. Is it really that big of an inconvenience?
  5. Edward Jones has value for someone who 1)knows little to nothing about investing and 2) isn't interested in learning. They were perfect for me at 26 when I first opened my Roth IRA.
  6. That's a good point I left out. My friends that invest on their own consistently see higher rates of return than I do. I realize we're likely invested in different funds but if I'm paying a premium for Edward Jones I expect more than I'm getting. I'm going to see how 2020 ends. If my Fidelity account does better than Edward Jones that will say a lot.
  7. I've been with Edward Jones since 2014. The fees are too high. I've been slowly educating myself on investing and I'll be firing Edward Jones soon. I can't even say the service has been that amazing. I recently moved my previous 401k to my new one with Fidelity. I like their platform and I've been buying low cost index funds. Vanguard also has a great reputation. You seem to have a decent grasp on this already. I don't think you need the high cost service from E.J.
  8. I'm not sure that's true. "Two hair stylists in Missouri interacted with a total of 140 clients and six coworkers before learning they both had COVID-19 — thankfully, the stylists didn't pass the virus on to any of these contacts, according to a statement from the local health department. " https://www.livescience.com/hair-stylists-infected-covid19-face-masks.html
  9. Yeah but I can't keep a bar of soap in my truck and wash my hands every time I leave a business. As soon as my wife and I leave the store we lather up with sanitizer. I've always done this though as shopping carts are nasty!
  10. I also have a Halosun on my MPX. Can't remember which model but as soon as you pick up the gun it comes on which is neat. Definitely wouldn't want this feature if it's in a vehicle though.
  11. Erik88

    gun safe

    +2 on the Safe House. I used their Knoxville location and they were great to work with. It's always advised to buy more safe than you think you need. I actually ended up buying 2. One Browning, and one Cannon. Both were used but you couldn't tell. I think the fire rating is more important than the manufacturer so I wouldn't get caught up on a specific company but instead buy one with a good rating that suits your needs. The reason I bought two is because I filled the 2nd one with around 80% of my ammunition.
  12. This is a scenario where I'm glad I have dash cams in both vehicles. If they are just blocking the road and not threatening me I'm going to wait before just ramming a bunch of people. I'm not going to be the next Reginald Denny though. If it looks like they are going to do me harm then I'll do what I have to. I'm not going to get into specifics.
  13. I just want to say that what you see on TV is not really an accurate representation of this country, especially for young people. Yes, there are a lot of far left young people in the country but don't let the media fool you into believing this reflects all of us. Have some faith. Twice in the past month I've been around different groups of 25-35 year olds and politics has been brought up. These are all working professionals with careers. NONE of them like Biden. Not one. Most of them admitted they think Trump is divisive, and they wish he would shut up, but they still plan on voting for him. I'm sure a few silent ones may have disagreed but the majority of those I was with will vote for Trump. It almost seems like the ones that speak out against capitalism seem to be the young people that can't get a good job and feel like they have been left behind. They are probably buried in student loan debt too. When democrats start offering them debt forgiveness you might see why it appeals to them. Just trying to offer some perspective. I don't think he will be the LAST Republican president but it might be a while. That's a long winded way of saying I still think the GOP has a chance to turn this around. Don't think we're doomed and that every young person is just banging the socialism drum.
  14. The real reason the GOP is so against mail in voting is because it will encourage more poor people to vote. There is no evidence it's going to lead to more voter fraud. Trump even established that voter fraud committee at the beginning of his term and they had to disband it after not finding the proof they were looking for. When I lived in Florida we always did mail in ballots and it was nice. After thinking about it, a lot of older people here are going to vote for Trump but they are also high risk and may want to stay home. Seems like the GOP might want to reconsider their stance or risk having people chose to stay home rather than go stand in a huge crowd. We know Georgia just failed miserably because they had fewer machines set up to help encourage social distancing. Elderly people can't stand in line for 3-4 hours.
  15. 6 people out of 470,000 residents. Only 114 active cases. Not that anyone asked, but I don't believe the data supports closing the entire country again. It made sense in population dense areas like NY. It doesn't make sense for us. We have hospitals here in Knoxville that have only seen 1-2 COVID patients. I'd like to see an option where high risk individuals could choose to stay home and receive unemployment assistance. I'm seeing elderly folks that are out and about and not even wearing masks. Apparently they don't care about COVID anymore.

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