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  1. According to the article this came directly from the White House. Can't wait for the Trump apologists to blame this on anyone but Trump, just like the bump stock ban.
  2. No good options from that list. Look at this, "City Council Seat B David Hayes: We need to expand what the government typically does. Removing guns from the public is important. Making it as hard as possible to sell guns in Knoxville. " Yikes...
  3. I read today that we're approaching the point where we have lost more people to 9/11 related illness than we did on 9/11. That is equally heartbreaking.
  4. Erik88

    UT vs GA State

    I'd like to go ahead and get this on the record. There is a good chance we go 0-12 this year. I'm thinking best case is 1-11. Player morale has to be at an all time low right now. If they lose Saturday I can't see them winning any game after.
  5. We shop almost exclusively at Aldi. Their new decision won't stop me from shopping there. If I tried to boycott every store that didn't fully support the 2A I'm not sure where that would leave. I save enough money at Aldi that I just don't care.
  6. What about an older Jeep Wrangler? You'll still have a slow, unreliable, convertible but at least you'll be able to take it places the Bug won't go. I've always wanted a Wrangler. I believe they are very easy to work on at least.
  7. Ah, I missed the fact that it was a convertible. That helps. I'm not sure on suggestions. When you said it was ready to go I assumed it was not a cheap bug. I just know the one I drove was one of the more underpowered vehicles I've ever been in. If I'm going to have a toy in the garage I'd like something that has some balls. But that's just me. It's your money and all that matters is that YOU like it. So apologies for crapping on your idea. If you can sell the wife on it, and you'll enjoy it, then get it!
  8. I guess they are unique but are there not more fun vehicles you could buy for the money? Years ago I dated a girl who's mom had an old restored bug. It was fun to drive for about 15 minutes. In the 4 years I dated her I was the only person that I saw drive it. It sat in their garage collecting dust.
  9. There is a huge nest on Norris Lake that is re-used by a set of bald eagles every year. I've been lucky enough to study it from a boat with binoculars. Very neat experience.
  10. Yeah same. This place isn't legally posted so I was not concerned. My dad didn't even see the sign until I mentioned it.
  11. As an update to this old post. The last time I was at this theater they had a massive, and I mean obnoxiously big, gunbuster sign on every door. I've never seen signs that big. Fast forward to last weekend and those are now gone. Now they have one very small sign indicating guns are not allowed. The sign does NOT meet legal requirements though.
  12. It's $28 Greg. This tells me that after 7 years and 110k miles our Rav4 is still healthy. It's a small price to pay for helping me decide to keep the car another 7 years and barely took any of my time. The worst part of this test is having to step foot in a post office.
  13. It can give you overall engine health down to more specific issues. If a certain metal count if off the charts they can identify the specific issue it may be having. Here are a few examples from their website. It looks blurry. Here's the link if you care, https://www.blackstone-labs.com/engine-types/gasoline/#
  14. I cropped out the top part that had my address. That had the oil packages too. I believe the contaminants are covered in the bottom portion. He did mention fuel in the comments but said it wasn't enough for concern.

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