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  1. You know, the SRO in Florida stayed outside and got crucified for doing too little. This cop went in and handled the treat and now they are saying the police were too aggressive. I'm fine with criticizing the police when they deserve it, but I'm starting to think some people just won't be happy no matter what they do.
  2. Good lesson here. I don't even talk to friends about how many guns I own. I don't like people to know when we're on vacation. When we have people over I make sure valuables(we don't have many ) are out of sight and guns are put away. Basically, the less people know, the better.
  3. The comments from the community about this are getting ridiculous. They are acting as if the kid is a victim and hoping to paint this as another case of police brutality. I rarely engage with these people but couldn't stop myself last night. One woman said the cop should have allowed the kid to surrender after he started shooting. I told her next time we'll send in the social worker to disarm the kid and asked if she would volunteer.
  4. That's embarrassing. This part is still confusing "According to the TBI, Thompson's handgun was fired during a struggle after officers responded to reports of a student armed with a gun and located him in a restroom." So they got in a physical struggle? Why not just clarify all this.
  5. I get your frustration but there is a reason they say not to shoot the messenger. Check out lady, and even the store manager probably have zero decision making ability on that one. I'm sure that's a corporate policy.
  6. Yes she picked up the top of the line Garmin which I think is overkill for my needs. I was looking at the Zoleo as it had really good reviews.
  7. I'm thinking about returning the inReach she got me. There are some really bad reviews online. For $500 the damn thing should work and that doesn't include the monthly subscription. There are other competitors out there that I'm looking at which cost around $200.
  8. Both my MIL and her mom were supposed to get the J&J vaccine tomorrow. I hope they will give them another one rather than cancel all together. Neither of them would do well if they got COVID.
  9. Didn't you hear, their plan is to throw a bunch of money at the problem. Surely that will work. On a serious note, I'm not sure what they can and should do. It's not an easy fix.
  10. Man the Knoxville reddit comments are pure cancer. Folks are blaming guns, Governor Lee, Mayor Jacobs. Anyone but the shooter of course. Somehow the new law(which doesn't even start until July) is to blame for an underage child bringing a gun to school.
  11. I met a guy last week that was excited because he bought 1000 rounds of 9mm for $750... As long as people continue to pay those prices we're going to be stuck in this situation a while.
  12. Good point. We had folks here saying that it was really ANTIFA that stormed the Capitol. Hell maybe it was Antifa and BLM in disguise. There is a difference in the phrase BLM and the group. You can utter the words BLM but that doesn't make you a "member". If such membership even exists. My point was that BLM has become a catch-all anytime someone does something stupid. It's about the same as when they say every Trump supporter is racist.
  13. Everyone needs a boogeyman and BLM is filling that role nicely. They get way more credit than they deserve. I have no idea what percentage of the riots last year were caused by BLM but my guess is that it's not has high as people claim. They are not that organized. What I saw were a bunch of angry losers looking for an excuse to burn #### down. It wasn't about helping black people and a lot of the rioters were white. I sincerely doubt the guys that Rittenhouse killed cared about black people. They looked like nerdy anarchists. The people that stormed the Capitol are no better.
  14. These tests are not 100% accurate, especially the rapid test. My wife currently has a fever, cough, and sore throat. She got the rapid test earlier and it came by negative. They said that the more days you've had symptoms the more accurate they are.


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