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  1. All this does is make the NRA look worse. They didn't do anything to fix this issue themselves and allowed it to continue for years. I'm not sure why anyone would look at this and think it proves the NRA might change for the better.
  2. Sorry to hear this. It's a bad problem. I've heard some people say lately that in 20 years alcohol will be seen as the new tobacco. A lot more people are starting to talk about how terrible it is for us. I've known 3 people between 25-40 that have died from it.
  3. I'm still on my original 22 year old rack and pinion but I'm about to replace the inner tie rods. Last year I replaced the 21 year old alternator that was still working fine as preventative maintenance. I didn't want to get stranded in a remote spot while camping.
  4. I'm also in the no car payment club. I still have my 2002 Tundra. 191k miles. Last year we drove it from Knoxville to to the Grand Canyon and back. Planning on going to Moab, UT this year. My wife's DD is a 2012 RAV4 we bought new and have no plans to get rid of. In 12 years the only repair I've had to make on it is a upper radiator hose.
  5. I'm surprised this guy hasn't been found yet. Dead or alive. I'm sure someone is helping him.
  6. How new? I thought that modern engines are typically more reliable. 30-40 years ago going 150k miles was considered a lot. Most modern vehicles can do that with ease. Plenty of guys on the Toyota forum pushing 300-400k. A few have hit 1 million which is insane.
  7. Yes. Go into your settings and search for it. Depending on what type of phone you have, it's not too hard to find and turn off.
  8. I got two. One at 0023 and a second one at 0104. I don't have an option for Blue alerts so I turned off "public safety messages" this morning.
  9. Sad situation. Hopefully he's caught without anyone else getting hurt. Side note, am I the only heartless bastard that has amber alerts turned off? I don't have an option to turn the Blue alerts off.
  10. It's not remotely close to double. He paid the same amount for a house as I did in Knoxville and like TN, they have no state tax. His life is quite a bit better there than here. Who would want to do the same hard job for 50% less?
  11. Companies like this aren't moving to TN out of kindness or some love for our state. They are doing it for cheap labor and a lower tax burden. Our pay here is substantially less than other parts of the country. As long as people keep walking in the door willing to assemble guns for $16/hour, they don't have to pay more. My friend left TN and moved to Washington St where he makes over $120k as a nurse. The same job in TN was paying him $55k.
  12. I don't know what this has to do with anything. What generation of people do you think moved all the manufacturing overseas the last 50+ years? Here's a hint- it wasn't young people.
  13. I have a Jackery 500. I also have their 60W solar panel but it doesn't work great. Wish I would have invested in a better one.
  14. Recently I had ammo delivered. The box arrived and it was sealed but there was no ammo inside. Just some packing paper. Bass Pro sent me a replacement order.
  15. Old dudes have been saying this about every generation behind them since the beginning of time. Including yours.


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