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  1. 3.7 million NICS background checks last month. An all time high. https://www.fbi.gov/file-repository/nics_firearm_checks_-_month_year.pdf/view
  2. Trump made a good point about this being a good time with interest rates being so low. But holy sh*t guys. Can we take a pause for a minute? We've not even seen what the first $2T is gonna do. It's like saying, well we've already screwed up the budget, we might as well go on a shopping spree... Toss in some new bridges here, a few dams there, maybe a new aircraft carrier. And the dems with sprinkle it with student loan forgiveness during checkout.
  3. I gotcha. I heard about all that. He mentioned the Patriot Act so I thought it had something to do with losing freedom/liberty. @No_0ne had a good summary on that funding in another thread.
  4. I missed it. What was it, and which group?
  5. My mom called me recently. She voted for Trump once and likely will again. Her exact words were "Trump has been great for the economy, but he's the last person you want to guide us through a pandemic." I've since had a few Trump supporting friends text me and say they can't believe how much he's lied during these press conferences. As for your last sentence, let's not forget it's Trump's DOJ(the same one he demanded ban bump stocks) that has already asked for the ability to detain people indefinitely without trial. We'll never know what Hillary would or wouldn't do but we can see what Trump appointed Bill Barr is trying to do. Thankfully Rand Paul and a few others are trying to stop it.
  6. You wait until 5? :nervous laughter:
  7. We lose 1,300 Tennesseans a month to heart disease and another 1,300 a month to cancer.. I'm trying to keep things in perspective. If we make it through the first 6 months of a highly contagious pandemic and only lose 5,000 people I feel like it could have been a lot worse. It certainly appears other states are going to do a lot worse. Again, maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way.
  8. 5,000 deaths out of 6.8 million residents doesn't seem that bad. Am I wrong? The bed shortage seems more concerning. But this also assumes we continue social distancing measures until August which is a depressing thought.
  9. I'm not proud of how many times I attempted to refresh TGO today.... Glad David was able to fix it. I enjoyed the computer smashing dude.
  10. I had to go into work earlier today and you would hardly know anything was different. People were out and about everywhere. I'm not advocating for anything in particular but the list of "essential" businesses is too long to have any meaningful impact. Even liquor stores are open.
  11. I'm on day 6 of employment and finally got my computer working. Also, I'm happy to report we put our house on the market Friday and had a full price offer accepted within 24 hours. We then disinfected anything people may have touched. I'm honestly shocked people are still buying houses but I guess the rates are too good for some to pass up..
  12. I think I'm still in shock we just printed $2 trillion dollars, most of which is going to save corporations. Somehow, the rich will get richer in all this and we will get our $1,200... There is apparently no spending limit our government will not cross. The only rep that spoke out against it was Massie and he got raped by Trump and the press. Amazing times.
  13. It appeared most of Knoxville ignored the social distancing rules yesterday. Cruz Farm on Gay St had a line out the door for people buying "essential" ice cream. Every park was full. People were hanging out in the parking lots in camping chairs. Does anyone feel like our numbers are accurate? We are reporting 1,512 total cases. It seems that even with people ignoring the rules TN isn't really seeing that many cases. I'm not sure what to conclude from that but Bill Lee is catching a ton of grief online for not doing more. Seems like a mandatory quarantine would almost be overkill for us at this point.
  14. When I lived in Florida we could vote by mail and it was great. I wish that was an option here.
  15. He did that a week ago. Is he actually going to use it now?

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