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  1. Land Between the Lakes

    If you’re staying at the Paris Landing State Park then give their Inn’s restaurant a try, I’ve been favorably impressed with their buffets. I’ll also highly recommend going to Pattie’s which is fairly close by and having a meal. They’re famous for their stuffed pork chops and flowerpot bread, if you don’t want to make a lunch or dinner reservation or wait for an exceptionally long period of time then Mr. Bill’s is there too.
  2. Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 for $199

    I don't own a PT-111 9mmP but have extended family members who do and I've run several hundred rounds through a coupe of them. Ergonomics and reliability were good, trigger pulls kind of mediocre but tolerable, fit and finish are acceptable. All in all it's a good buy for the money and I'd recommend one to anyone interested. But if you want to go a step up and spend another hundred or so dollars for a new pistol then I'd suggest the S&W SD 9mmP.
  3. Glock 46

    If this is actually a prospective commercial model I'd consider the rotating barrel and ability to remove the slide w/o pulling the trigger favorably. But I'd be happier if the did away with that gosh awful guard with the grab onto me booger hook on it, I've hated that darn thing from the first Glock I owned.
  4. M1a or ar10

    I've owned a lot of different semi auto 7.62x51's. Of them all I liked the BM-59 that was briefly available the best. But if I had to choose between only an M1A or an AR-10 I'd choose the M1A.
  5. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    I know it's a bit late but one of the best remedy's I've found is run a tub of bathwater as hot as I could stand it pouring about 1/4 or so of a cup of concentrated bleach into the water as the tub filled. I'd soak in the tub until the water cooled down. Then stand up, sluice of the water as the tub dries and towel dry. It dries the skin oil and really reduces the itching. I've used topical ointments, Benadryl and cortisone too.
  6. Good observation on the utility of the G-19 and popularity of that sized platform. I'll be interested in taking a look at this new S&W since I've been considering a replacement to the G-19 I traded/sold sometime back. I'm not crazy about a high capacity service pistol (which is what this still is) for EDC though.
  7. S&W SD 9mm VE, any one have one?

    I purchased a Sigma as soon as they hit the marketplace and almost immediately traded it for a Glock 22 and have been soured on S&W pistols since. But the SD 9mm is a solid product and a great value for the dollar, enough so that I'm probably going to buy one specifically to keep inside my truck secured in my disaster bag. I'd meant to do this a while back and forgot about it so thanks for the reminder.
  8. Need some advice????

    Honestly if she can handle the recoil in a BG or Bersa then she should be able to handle the recoil in a standard barrel S&W Model 10 or a Colt Police Positive. A Ruger Security Six or Speed Six would do the trick as well. Just stick with a standard velocity .38 Special round in it for her. Buffalo Bore offers one for older short barrel .38 Special revolvers. https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=111 I've yet to encounter an older S&W K frame or Colt PP that a good cleaning and proper lubrication failed to improve the trigger pull. But if that fails to do the trick spring kits are easy installations. Thumb cocking a DA/SA works just fine for folks as well. I don't have a problem with a .32 S&W Long set up with a good defensive load instead of a .22 Magnum
  9. Does anyone here fly Paramotors

    I'm guessing that your going the backpack ultra-light route and not the Light Sport paramotor trike. Neither of them are much fun in very much wind FWIW
  10. Smith & Wesson Model 31-1

    That looks to be in mint condition. I've got a 31.1 from about the same time period with the 3" barrel and it really surprised me with its accuracy. The 32 S&W Long is just a great caliber for recreational shooting.
  11. Caracal returns

    I'm interested in one but considering I only just got around to finally buying a G-43 this past Wed. it'll probably be a long time before I drop any coin on one.
  12. Welding For Dummies

    I agree with Dolomite's comments on the Hobart 140, it's a great value for the money, particularly for home or farm use. I haven't tried or needed a TIG yet but will be needing to purchase a decent stick welder and Oxy-Acetylene set for my hobby blacksmithing.
  13. Patch Knife headed to a new home

    I really like how that turned out and the visual results of the differential heat treating process, very nicely done.
  14. The Mummy

    Cruise isn't terrible in The Mummy but if you've watched more then a couple of his movies over the last few years you'll realize he keeps playing Tom Cruise acting like Tom Cruise acting in all of them. The special effects and a few of the co-stars in The Mummy make it worth viewing. I'd just go the least expensive option on viewing it that I could.
  15. The Mummy

    It is and FWIW the two female leads and the partner Cruise's character had did the best acting. Garufa already pointed out that the two "big name" actors in this movie aren't what they used to be acting wise.

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