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  1. We have a small groundhog that runs across the backyard a lot. Lately he has moved to the front yard and is eating some broad leaf weeds that grow in the cracks around raised flower bed stonework. He is getting rid of the weeds better than a string trimmer.
  2. I just got back from 20 days of dove hunting in Oklahoma. Full moon and extremely high temperatures ruined morning hunting. Most doves fed during the night and were coming off the fields right at daylight. Afternoon hunting wasn't too bad but hit or miss. Just got an e-mail from the guy I hunt with that the recent rains and cold front that passed through Oklahoma have brought in loads of new doves and fields are loading up. Missed the big migration as usual.
  3. A516

    UT vs GA State

    Has VFL changed from "Vol For Life" to "Vol Fans Leaving"?
  4. On an over and under you need to clean off the grease on the hinge pins and other metal to metal contact points after each use and re-apply. Otherwise, you can get galling and have trouble down the road. Also, need to clean the action and other internals when hunting in very dusty conditions (such as Oklahoma dove hunting). Also clean more after a firearm gets wet/used in the rain. And obviously you don't waterfowl hunt.
  5. With the recent frequency of bad storms we are getting a backup generator installed. I am tired of all of the outages.
  6. My wife and I went to the Williamsburg area a few years ago. We went out riding around, crossed the long bridge with the underwater section and somehow ended up on one of the D.C. outer perimeter loops at rush hour. The drivers were nuts. We had noticed the shrubs along the road looked terrible. Then we found out why. If a driver wanted to get down to a side road and the terrain would allow it, they would just cut off the road, drive over what was left of the small shrubs and drop down to the lower road. I haven't seen this in Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta or anywhere else.
  7. Have three 686 shotguns (one 12, two 20's). Great shotguns that I use for dove hunting.
  8. What is the choke and barrel length of this Sweet 16? Beautiful shotgun.
  9. What is the good or bad about these "NATO" loads? Any help is appreciated.
  10. A516

    1911 Information

    I must admit that I had one 1911 pass through my hands a few years ago. It was a Colt Delta Elite 10mm that I got from a friend who got in a bind while owning me money. Nice pistol but I wasn't interested in a 10mm as a shooter. Had the Colt gone over to make sure all springs, etc. were good shape by a gunsmith in Knoxville and gave it to my step-son.
  11. A516

    1911 Information

    Would like all steel frame, full size and will not be used for carry. Thanks for the information from everyone.
  12. A516

    1911 Information

    Not going to get into serious shooting. Just want a good 1911 to informally shoot.
  13. A516

    1911 Information

    I am a primarily a shotgun/revolver shooter. I would like any information and suggestions on buying a 1911 style pistol. I haven't decided on a 9mm or a .45 auto. I want a good, reliable pistol with a good trigger and adjustable sights. My budget on this is $1,000 or less. It will be used for shooting at the range primarily. Thanks,
  14. Nice shotgun. Two questions: What is the year of manufacture? Does it have a ventilated rib? Thanks,
  15. To answer the questions asked: We typically hunt fields 20 acres to 400 acres. Very few trees to climb (mostly Mesquite). Generally flat land. Tall grasses on edges some times. Also fields hunted over can be the wild native sunflower fields that are only partially bush hogged or cleared with very tall "weeds". Hunters are generally 50 to 100 yards apart with no hunters close by directly across the fields. You can generally shoot low birds in front of you but not down the line of shooters. We had about 30 to 35 "hogs" one day come through a 300 acre field. If not diverted by the outfitter with an AR would have gone near two hunters. A big boar attacked the truck of the outfitter when he was out scouting fields. A hunter with another outfitter was attacked by a hog, lost two fingers and generally cut up. It took 26 dove loads to kill that hog. I have thought about Buckshot or Slugs. I need to check with Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife to see about carrying them while hunting a migratory game bird. This is not east of the Mississippi dove hunting. Twenty-five to Fifty plus miles of travel from the meeting place, big fields, 2 to 40 hunters, so far have had Elk in the field and in the road in the dark, Hogs in the field, a Mountain Lion in the field, "domestic" bulls, a herd of cows in the road causing a predawn wreck on a 65 MPH two lane highway, wild hogs causing a cattle stampede through fences, multiple coyote packs howling at daylight and some years temperatures up to 113 degrees. And I have seen many instances where hogs have gone through fences and knocked down gates. I am more worried about a hog coming up behind me from another field or bumping one in the dark while setting up. A lot of the fences surrounding fields used for crops are pretty poor.

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