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  1. Well Bobbie'sBBguns this "kid" attended his first Vanderbilt football game when Art Guepe was the head coach (look him up). Family had basketball season tickets starting in the 1950's. So Vanderbilt got rid of James Franklin when players were facing rape charges? So you wanted Vanderbilt to keep a coach who was running a program with questionable institutional controls and was tarnishing the university's image (no matter how much he won)? Now Eddie Fogler was a different story.
  2. Vanderbilt ran off James Franklin? He was offered a big pay increase at a big time football school.
  3. A516

    Weight Loss

    Gradually over 5 years went from 356 to 270 lbs. Was aided by three surgeries (two total knee replacements and a triple by-pass). Lost my last 25 lbs during the pandemic while having a diabetic ulcer on my foot that limited my walking. I can tell that my stomach capacity has greatly been reduced and am satisfied eating for taste and not bulk. In other words I eat one sugar free cookie instead of a bag of cookies (or my weakness potato chips). Would like to get down to 250 lbs.
  4. A516

    Memphis #1

    A bad day at work is better than a good day in Memphis. A good day in Memphis is better than well nothing.
  5. Pain103, "We have a Shih tsu that's about as dumb as can be running around the house. He's our stud that mates with our Zuchon to have Teddy Bear puppies". "The advantage with the Cavalier King Charles is that we can breed a female with our male Shih Tsu to have Cava Tsu puppies. I haven't seen any of those for sale around here".
  6. It seems all you care about is what you can breed for puppies and sell them. You talk about breeding two different dogs for puppies. Puppy mills come in all sizes.
  7. Sounds like you are more interested in having a puppy mill.
  8. My stepson has two Belgian Malinois. One he bought as a puppy. It has had training. The other one he got at about 6 months old and it has had very little training. He lives about one hundred miles from us. The older male that is trained is supposed to be ok to be around but none of the family goes near him while he has him on a leash. Now the younger female is another story. She was returned to the breeder at about six-months old. Nobody goes near her except my stepson. When we visit him he meets us at a restaurant. We don't go up to his house. You would be lucky if a Belgian Malinois got along with your other dogs.
  9. Bills by 3 TD's, IMO. Titans will get boat raced as they can't stop top tier teams, IMO. Another outstanding prediction brought to by the TGO Extinguished Football GooGoo Bobsguns. Remember the Alabama-Texas A&M prediction. I guess your opinion is highly suspect.
  10. The SEC is encouraged that UT will act better in the future. Of course they are having to bring in the University of Texas (UT) to have a "UT" with class.
  11. The song "Rocky Top" is having its name changed to "Rock Slop" for the way the UT fans garbage their own field.
  12. Neyland Neanderthals!!! Look it up Tennessee Fans.
  13. Why is anyone surprised? Classless UT fans as usual.
  14. The big car show and other things automotive is in Chattanooga this weekend. The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival is today and Saturday. Even having a 600 vehicle Mecum auction. All kinds of cars.
  15. Just think, not too long ago UT Vols fans were begging for Gruden to be their coach.


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