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  1. A516


    All plastic shotgun shells. Wanda brand and many others.
  2. A516

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    I go out to hunt doves in southern Oklahoma each year. Hogs are really tearing up the area down there. Ruining crops, knocking down fences, stampeding cattle, etc. One dove hunter hunting with another outfitter lost some fingers to a hog that attacked him. Took 26 dove load shots to kill the hog. We had a group of hogs (about 30) run through a 400 acre corn field one morning. This was after a big boar attacked the outfitters truck two days earlier. A dove hunt turned into a hog hunt (with a Polaris Ranger and an AR). I steered from the passenger seat while the outfitter did the shooting and had his foot on the gas. Don't worry, the other 5 hunters were at the other end of the field and we had a background of hundreds of acres shooting 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Otherwise a circus we still laugh about. Many of the hunters (including me) carry a pistol or revolver while hunting.
  3. Take a look at the Henry Single-Shot rifles. Very nice rifles.
  4. Want To Buy. Browning B80 12 and/or 20 gauge shotguns. Also interested in any barrels for these shotguns. Thanks
  5. Culver's food is very good. Butter Burgers and a great fish sandwich. And the custard is very good. Been eating at Culver's since first seeing them in the Midwest while traveling. The cheese curds are also very good.
  6. A516

    Go Tigers!

    The Alabama and Georgia losses are not embarrassments to the SEC. They are major embarrassments to each of those school's football programs. The embarrassments to the SEC were the teams that did not go to a bowl game. Oh yes, that includes the Tennessee Vols. The supposed "embarrassing Alabama team" beat the mighty Tennessee Vols 55 to 21 in 2018 in Knoxville in "Kneeling Stadium" (Georgia beat UT 38-17). That's right, Alabama beat UT 45 to 7 in 2017 (and UT didn't win an SEC game or go to a bowl game that year). Georgia beat UT 41-0 in 2017). How many years in a row has the "embarrassing Alabama team" beaten UT (12 if you haven't been counting)? An embarrassment is a team that lowly Vanderbilt beat 5 out of the last 7 years. UT again (and we are not talking about the University of Texas). Now that is an embarrassment.
  7. A516

    Well New Years is only a couple days away!!

    Get back to structured cardio rehab exercises at Chattanooga Memorial Hospital. Enjoyed them after my triple bypass and they sure make me feel better. Also help in keeping my weight down.
  8. The oil dilution problem seems to be on the 2017 and 2018 Honda models. A real bummer.
  9. Well, I have decided to not buy the CRV. We were all set to buy one when the "oil dilution" problem with the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine came up. Consumer Reports even talked about it. Have switched over to a RAV4 depending on "fit" It's a shame. Otherwise, we loved the CRV.
  10. Went and checked out a 2018 CRV yesterday. The height and fit (I am a big guy) will work just fine.
  11. We already have a 2017 Highlander that we like very much. Need to replace a 2011 Honda Accord. The Accord has been a great vehicle but we need an vehicle that is easier to get into (we are in our 70's with health issues). Don't want another vehicle quite as big as the Highlander and that costs as much. Thanks for the replys so far.
  12. I would appreciate any opinions and information on the Honda CRV. We are thinking of buying one. Thanks
  13. Just had two cases 16 gauge delivered to my door from Cabelas. There is plenty of 16 gauge ammo out there. Great shotguns. I would be interested in it if I didn't already have three Sweet 16's.
  14. A516

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    I go out to southern Oklahoma every year to dove hunt three to four weeks. Hog sign is seen more and more everywhere we hunt. Two years ago a group of hogs stampeded a herd of cows. Hogs knocked down a fence to enter the field and ran the cows out through another portion of the fence. The rancher and two sons were out on horses trying to round up the cows. We were hunting doves in the morning on a three to four hundred acre harvested corn field. The guy that puts on the hunts had been out checking the field the day before and had his truck attacked by a big boar. He brought an AR15. We didn't see the big boar but three large sows with about 30 other assorted size pigs came running across the field. We were sitting in a UTV. We knew where the hunters were (behind us) and took off after the hogs. The outfitter did the shooting and had his foot on the gas while I steered from the passenger seat. What a circus. Several pigs went down in the field and other hogs were hit but made it to a brushy field. I went back to this field the next afternoon to see if any doves were flying. No doves but there were 9 or 10 vultures sitting in the field looking very full. They were not sitting on a hog. Must have found a dead hog in the brush. One dove hunter with another group was attacked by a hog. Lost a couple of fingers. You would be surprised how many dove hunters are carrying sidearms.
  15. A516

    What was your very first firearm?

    Beretta Silver Snipe 20 gauge o/u that my father ordered from Unity Buying Service around 1964. Total cost $129. I paid half of it from money I had saved up and my parents paid the rest of it as a Christmas present for me.

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