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  1. Come ride with us at Pandora's! This is your chance to ride a BMW R18, R 18 B, and R 18 Transcontinental. We'll take you on a route that will showcase the bikes' real-world ability and bring you back to the shop to get your impressions on the bike. Our bikes, our fuel, our tires, all you need to bring is your riding gear. Riders must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid motorcycle license. Pandora's is the Chattanooga BMW dealership. They also do Ducati, Triumph, KTM, GasGas & Husqvarna. Best of all, they're good folks. They're on Facebook as well. Located off of Exit 1, I-75, GA/TN line.
  2. He got to ragging on Hitlery when he guested on The View. Joy Behar about #### herself trying to get him off that subject. It's on youtube if anyone wants to have a good laugh.
  3. Just found this & thought I'd post it in case anyone wants to go. Fall leaves may be turning by then, so one could double up with a nice drive through the non-crowded mountains of SE TN. Good trout fishing here as well, for those whom do that sort of thing. Even drag someone's dad along as well, IMO. There's always nice cars at these shows, older stuff. Plan ahead, gents!
  4. Tractor Show @ Boy's & Girl's Club, Benton, TN. Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 6:00 AM. Show is located about 3/4 mile off of Hwy 411 in Benton, TN. Located on Parksville Road. Should be great weather according to the forecast. Mostly antique tractors, if not exclusively. Great opportunity for city kids to see the old stuff and for adults to remanence about grand-dad's old tractor. Admission is free! Doesn't get any better than that, IMO. Should anyone need info about the area or restaurants, etc, feel free to ask!
  5. Perhaps. But we KNOW Vandy is really, really bad.
  6. Titans get slaughtered in their home opener where they were a 3 point favorite & Vandy WINS on the road at Colorado State? On a lesser note, Arkansas thumps Texas as well? Welcome to the SEC, Longhorns! LOL! To quote Gomez Adams in the Family Values movie, "Has the world gone MAD????"
  7. Sounds like he's gonna be just fine. Unless someone has a severe underlying medical condition, covid is NOT a death sentence. It has a survival rate around 97% or so. Not trying to negate any concern over a family member whom has it, of course. Heck, my 89 year old mother had/has it & all she got was loss of smell & taste (thank goodness) but she also has a pacemaker. Best wishes to all of your family, sir!
  8. I clicked on the link. It looked official to me. Also has "FedEx" in the domain name. I highly doubt lawyers would allow a parody or pirate site to exist. But I am certainly by no means a tech weinee.
  9. Almost anyone nominated to be an agency head has a track record for acts, speeches, emails, memos and so forth. They don't come in completely bland, IOW. I'm not sure Chipman was a true nominee or if he was sent to be trash nominee so they could then slip in a less militant one in order to say, "See, this one isn't so bad"? There's no doubt at all Chipman is a lying, weaseling little punk. Anyone who posed for pics at Waco, over the bodies of women & children, isn't right in the head, IMO. Sadly, I feel the ATF is much like the FBI these days. Too far corrupted by political activists to be able to properly do their job. Both agencies would benefit from a mass retiring of their top 5-6 levels of management, IMO. We may never again see both competence and political neutrality again from either agency. Both sad & infuriating.
  10. Nah, too low profile for him. He wants to be POTUS, not some agency head.
  11. Eh, I don't punch senile people. Nor do I desire a visit from the Secret Service over something written on the internet. LOL!
  12. Well, it WAS on FedEx dot com. Aside from that, I can't tell you anything else as I neither work for FedEx nor use them. Could be their web site got hacked, I don't know?
  13. I've never seen a more "punchable" face than Chipman's.
  14. I doubt a conversation was needed. FedEx fought tooth & nail when TN passed the "guns in trunks" law allowing employees to have their carry guns in their cars while at work. They spent I don't know how many thousands of dollars fighting it. They also have a HUGE theft rate at their main hub in Memphis. Recently an entire truck full of firearms was driven off of from the hub., As far as I know, it has not been recovered nor the thieves caught. Welcome to Memphis.
  15. Not quite sure how this policy "ensures the safety of their employees and the general public". Nor have any laws changed in regards to shipping firearms, something they've no doubt conjured up out of thin air. Sounds like their HR dept is running their company rather than vice versa.


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