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  1. I would NEVER go to the Cheatham range by myself. Never.
  2. Yeah, I went out to the garage today & looked at mine. Yours is a LOT bigger than mine (that's what SHE said! LOL!). Two healthy, strapping young men could do it though. An old fart like me though, no way.
  3. I've owned Colt SA gun myself, I get what you're saying. But even a half-cock position will possibly allow a primer firing should it let go. Besides, Baldwin says he didn't do it. Isn't that enough? (Yes, sarcasm)
  4. All were in Nashville. Sadly, a lawyer is the only way to walk into a courthouse anymore. Even small claims, which mine was, I was told by the judge to "get a lawyer."
  5. It looks just like the Granite safe I have. If so, about 425lbs or so. These are darn good safes too! I moved mine by myself & I'm 63, no spring chicken. I used my utility trailer so it was lower than my truck. Tilt it back onto the trailer, door facing up. Lift the bottom & slide it onto the trailer, strap it down with MULTIPLE straps. Easy peasy. Use a four-wheel appliance dolly to move it inside the house/garage. The key to a safe is NEVER pick it up completely off the ground. Tilt it, slide it, whatever you need to do but don't lift the whole thing at once. Pic at bottom.
  6. I'm betting closed until New Years. Hope it's sooner though.
  7. Those aren't TRUCKS! THIS is a truck!!!!!!!
  8. Wow, lots of coaching moves this week! Kelly leaves ND for LSU. He'll have success there, I bet. Curious to see how he takes to the SEC shark waters. Riley leaves OK for USC. I think he'll do well there also. Other than Oregon, not much happening in the Pac 12. The Florida hire puzzles me a bit. I'd have thought they'd have wanted a "name" coach. Could be no one wanted to go there that Florida wanted, who knows? And the Lady Vols are still undefeated!!!!!!
  9. TWRA range in Montgomery Co, TWRA range in Cheatham Co. Depending on where you live & which hiways are closest, it may be an hour to get there. May be 45 minutes, but I doubt any less. It is what it is.
  10. My small claims was thrown out by the judge & he told me to go hire a lawyer. He wouldn't even listen to what I had to say.
  11. No disrespect, but the BBB is a joke, a toothless hound. I've sicced them on 2-3 businesses that essentially ripped me off & all of them basically told the BBB to pound sand. The BBB has NO legal standing nor will they engage in any. Sadly, these days the only thing that does work is hiring a lawyer.
  12. Walnut allows density, stiffness, durability & looks. That's the reason a lot of furniture was/is made from it. While not totally immune from rain, moisture & humidity, it's the best "natural" wood for rifle stock material. Laminates came along later to help offer other wood options as well as different looks. Walnut grips were a S&W (and others) staple for decades. Darn good stuff for gun thingies.
  13. Not to be obnoxious, but the public range may well be your best bet, IMO.
  14. All true. I would also add it could fire were it cocked & fell off of said table onto a hard surface, enough for it to jar the sear loose. Obviously it would have to be cocked given the hammer. Baldwin thinks everyone is going to be enamored enough of his fame to give him a pass & believe his BS. He'll soon learn he's not in NYC nor LA. People in fly-over country don't give a fat furry rat's behind about either his fame nor his lies. I hope he ends up bankrupt, convicted & has nightmares every night for the rest of his life. He is the epitome of what's wrong with Hollyweird & a poster child for liberal eliteness.
  15. Actually, they can. Any gun with a hammer & sear combo can have the hammer fall due to the sear not doing its job. If a gun is old, for example, it may have a well-worn sear. Another example is the 1911 hammer/sear kits that so many owners use in building their own 1911. They keep stoning the sear, trying to get it as smooth & light as possible. Eventually, they simply remove too much metal. George Patton almost had his military career ruined over this. As a butterball 2nd Lt he performed a "trigger job" on his 1911. He then took it to the range to test fire it & the thing ran full auto! Somehow he dodged a court martial, probably intervention by a higher up. Short story long, a modern, well-kept handgun that's not been monkeyed with will in no way "fire on its own". Any half-assed DA should have the gun tested as well as examined by a top notch gunsmith to ensure it's functioning as it should. Baldwin is nothing more than a #### weasel liar. Always has been, for that matter.


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