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  1. I'd like to know also. From the looks of it there are only a handful of WMA's to hunt them on and only during deer and/or bear season or on certain control days. Looks like I'm going to be putting the TRIP in hunting trip.
  2. I want to get an Annual license whenI get to Tennessee which would cover me for all the hunting I would like to do. I'm particularly interested in hogs and fowl and teaching my son. But TWRA seems rather vague about the hog hunting for WMA lands. I didn't find much except for a short list of a few places in region 1,3 and other few locations. All say that hogs are limited to deer season or special control days. So is that as far as it goes for hogs on WMA land? Or are other regions WMA's open for hogs for certain seasons just not specified? I was hoping someone could t
  3. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/98997-hello-all-moving-to-tennessee/?page=2 Our time table for a move changed somewhat with new baby and some other things taking precedent. But all is well and our decision to move hasn't changed. Just the time table. In a spur of the moment plan and getting a piece of good timing we've got a week planned to be in Middle Tennessee at the end of July. We fly into Nashville July 28 and we'll with the in laws for a week. Baby will be with grandma and the wife and I will be cruising around between restaurants and gun shops f
  4. The fit around the tang is solid and tight. A touch proud on the sides but no big deal. It's got a good bluing on the barrel, but the reciever is kind of matte. Wood is nice but could use some oil and a hand rub.
  5. Been looking at new lever guns lately and had trouble deciding on what to get. I'm a Marlin guy and had a hard time with the Remington quality. But after some research and finding out that.rhe 1894/5's had been retooled and overall quality was better than from 07-12, I decided I still had to have a Marlin. I ordered from Buds and my expectations were exceeded by far. Nice action, and quality fit and finish. Hopefully all of the new Remlins are this nice.
  6. What are you talking about...I only own just one old H&R Topper...Honest...
  7. Yep. This was all according to plan. They wanted this.
  8. I couldn't stand myself living my life like that. I'd even refuse the government assistance if I fell on hard times. I'd rather ask family or go recycle soda cans or something. Some people just have no shame and expect entitlement.
  9. No, I did a search for TN gun forums and the first that came up was TGO. But I saw you over there in that thread John. I actually started that topic. Haha. I use the same username over there too. Alot of Californians seem to be going northwest. But it's going to be the same fate one day in those blue states as well. I need to be down south where the culture is more rooted and relatable (at least to me) and where people aren't ready to give up their ideals. What works needs to stay that way!
  10. This is true. Lately I have been having a hard time finding 7.62x39 in person, .223 no problem. Just last year I could walk into walmart and get 500 rounds of 7.62 and could hardly find .223. Then just the other day I noticed a guy at the lgs bought an AK lower. I don't know many who build them out. Certainly not like AR's. Seems as if there is an AK crunch going on right now.
  11. Well, the more we plan and look into things a little more concrete they become. Probably end up a bit further south. Looking at Columbia. We would be closer to one of our churches, no smog laws in Maury Co (dislike that here) and it's cheaper. We would also be closer to her brother in Alabama. Things are looking good. Baby's first birthday is in June, wife wants to be here for that. But that's basically our deadline for leaving. My wife is a teacher and I work school bus, so we'll have all summer to settle in. We should be celebrating the 4th next year out there. I'm hoping the time goes
  12. Hopefully they are built here. I'm bummed because the Saiga's have been drying up or getting to be ridiculously priced.
  13. It's very rewarding building your own AR and once you've done one you see it's not that difficult. Congratulations!


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