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  1. Property line legal question

    Yeah, ummm... I'm assuming you have a competent real estate attorney working on your behalf (you should, they're cheap). (S)He can answer the question knowledgeably (hopefully), and aid in drawing up any contracts of easements, or other stipulations, to be notarized, and signed at the closing. Personally, I would try to avoid the situation as much as possible (purchase the land, move the building, etc.) Just asking for trouble. That's not to say it can't work out, but... Just my 2-bits.
  2. Fishing line?

    I've had good luck with "SpiderWire" in the lighter tests. Though I think that may be primarily monofilament.
  3. LIVE PD last night

    Man, don't get me started.....
  4. for-sale Anschutz 2013 competition rifle. SPF

    Saw an Anshutz in 273 I think? out at the range one time. 2.5Oz trigger, @jpx2rk, this one's for you! GLWS!
  5. LIVE PD last night

    Bah, curmudgeonly old fart like the rest of us!
  6. Aye, third! Go right down the line, try everything you can. One of them will just feel right. As has been said, it's important that she feels comfortable with it and carries/uses it. Technical and caliber considerations are almost secondary. A 7-shot 380 on her hip is better than a 45 in the dresser.
  7. Knoxville FFL recommendation?

    I've had good luck at Frontier Firearms, and Fighting SheepDog boasts a flat-fee that's affordable.
  8. sale-or-trade Kegerator

    Bless your heart, but the missus would shoot me w/ my own gun, than hers, than run me over with my truck, before burying me in the backyard.
  9. free Free: Kayaks

    If they're still there after the weekend, I'll bring the truck to work Mon. and pick them up in the afternoon.
  10. sale-or-trade USP 45 V1

    Hats off for that bore pic. Dang, that's pretty good camera work! GLWS.
  11. Anyone doing a Knoxville to Nashville run this week?

    Going to Cookeville w/ a work-truck, leaving Knox about 11. Call me on the new cell# if you need to, will be out of pocket rest of the morning.
  12. Practice using your preps?

    That's great Prag! I grew shell beans for the first time this year, dried them, stored, and used them a half-dozen times cooking various meals. It was a success! This year I plan on planting far more beans, drying and storing again. I may even try a few varieties. I also grew rice, but have run into a roadblock trying to de-hull it. No easy way short of investing in a mechanism, aka grain mill, and I just can't justify the $$$ yet. Would be better served putting up a couple cases of bullets, but I'd digress. It is however great to hear that 6-8 year old dehydrated produce worked will. I probably have some stuff in the back corner of the freezer that age as well! - K
  13. Some Interesting Crime Stats

    Exactly. How many times is there a shooting in a residential area, cops interviews dozens of people, nobody saw nuthin. The guy that gets shot, didn't see whodunnit. You, me, and officer McGee know that's a crock O' BS. See Something, Say Something! Little Johnny was over there hanging out w/ his crackhead friends the other day, and I saw some other kids breaking into the basement of the abandon house a couple hours before and.... NOW the cop's have a lead.
  14. Some Interesting Crime Stats

    While not liberally correct, frankly I'm glad to see the situation becoming what it is in those parts of the country. You can make up news stories, hire 'experts', and have all kinds of propaganda, but for the average person, facts are facts, they believe what they see. You are now seeing some elements of these communities (aka Baltimore) coming forward and saying they want more police presence, they don't want the police to step back, and the activists and protesters who pushed for reduced police activity in the community did not represent nor speak for them. I say, you reap what you sow. You stood there in silence when the officer knocked on your door and asked if you knew anything about the gunshots that happened across the street last night. You stood there in silence while neighborhood kids conducted drug sales in the open. You stood there in silence while prostitutes walk up and down your street soliciting customers. You stood there in silence while bands of thugs played 'the knockout game' in tourist parts of your city. You stood there in silence.... until it started to affect you personally. Well, it's about damned time you stood up and said something. Sorry to see it took you so long. You knew what needed to be done to fix the problem before, you just weren't willing to do it. So it had to get THIS bad before you could break your silence. Now stand up and say something the next time someone asks if you know anything. It's YOUR community, YOUR neighbors, YOUR police, YOUR problem, YOUR chance to fix it. ... And hey, show of hands, how many people think the crime situation factored into the decision for Discovery Channel to relocate their HQ to Knoxville, vs. moving the Knox operation to Baltimore?

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