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  1. Welcome Brenda! My wife has the same Ruger. Lots of good advice, great idea to get some training! The more you can shoot, the better. There are also dry-training techniques worth inquiring about with your trainer, especially if you don't have a location to shoot. - K
  2. See, I look at it the way a local brick and mortar store owner explained it to me... theres a home brewing supply store located next door to a "head shop" on Kingston Pike. I was talking to him about some of the distilling equipment he was offering for sale: "Hey man, if he can sell 'tobacco pipes' next door, I can sell you 'essential oil extractors' here." It wouldn't be the first time I threw 60 bucks away?
  3. Some company in Idaho recently started appearing in my googleads.... I've got to admit, for 60 bucks, I'm tempted to try one. Perhaps it will improve the ahhh, fuel economy? Anyone here ever try one out? https://www.lafoauto.com/products/type-e-1-2-28-5-8-24-single-core-fuel-filter-6-black-titanium
  4. Update: Father-in-Law lives not-too-far, I spoke to him the last time he came to visit (big aficionado, used to shoot target .22, in his advanced age he carry's a .22 Magnum). She went to see him for a visit Monday, and low and behold he sent her home with one of his .22 semi-auto's to 'practice' with. (lately she has been bringing her Ruger with her in the car when she travels, we're going to try some practice with it these next few weeks, since, well, there ain't much else to do! Thinking about putting together some softer loads on the press, but find the gun has trouble cycling if I do that). Thanks.
  5. You laugh quacker... was wondering when they're going to find out the Kung Flu can spread by mosquito!
  6. I don't have one for trade, I want to keep mine, but the Ruger American .22 we bought for the kids to use is a blast to shoot, and very accurate. Simple bolt-action rifle, iron-sights (tapped for scope if you prefer), affordable, and Made in America, too!
  7. Dozen chickens free ranging for the winter did NOTHING! Pulled one off me, one off my youngest yesterday. Mine was not a lone-star tick, either. Good times! Fortunately neither one bit us. Just not looking forward to the chiggers starting, either. Looks like it's going to be a bad year for them.
  8. It's the panic of crowds that you're seeing in the stores and on the Tee Vee today. There's a concept called "The Golden Horde" among survivalist circles, but can be easily imagined in a variety of shapes and sizes. Google it for some ideas? If this stuff going on gets really bad.... how bad will people behave? Will it reach the point where people load up in cars and commit violence to feed their family (or prey on those less fortunate)? Hungry people will do remarkable things, and frankly I have a pretty low opinion of us humans in general. So use your imagination, browse a few Hollywood plot-lines, and.... yeah, I'll admit it: I started carrying with the extended magazine instead of the compact one last week. It's less easily concealed because it sticks out further, but frankly, I look at that as a benefit today!
  9. Thanks for suggestions fella's. I talked with her about it last night and she agreed to try shooting her 9mm again one of these weekends. She agree's with my assessment of the need to carry more regularly. I've started reloading again recently. Might try putting together a few mags of lighter-touch, maybe 115 gr instead of the 124 I usually use? I'm concerned however that some Winchester 115gr. I've used caused FTF's and stove-pipes. I could reload HP's, but would prefer factory ammo from a reliability stand-point. I use Speer Gold Dots and HST's in 124 gr., and match my target ammo as well. For plinking around I use Berry's 124gr round nose and 4.5-4.7 gr Titegroup. Never chrono'd the rounds, but it feels about the same as when I use commercial target rounds.
  10. Thanks everyone! Went into my local store today, got to paw a Glock 44 for a good 20 minutes. Oh. My. Gawd. Listen, I'm of German descent, you don't have to convince me a whisker about the quality of German/Swiss/Austrian engineered devices. Honest. I own a plastic pistola myself (S&W M&P 9C) but Oh My GAWD!!!! Seriously, I've held airsofts that felt more robust! I'm sure it's a fine gun, really, Glock's name says it all... And I get they're trying to manufacture to a price point... BUT OH MY GAWD! I wouldn't give you 200 bucks for that piece of plastic, let alone 360 + tax. Honest, I'm sure it's great, if you have one and love it, more power to you! But I'll never spend that kind of cake for something that looks and feels like chinese crap, I don't care who's logo is on it. Period. Put some damned metal into the gun! The stinking guide rod is plastic! Frankly I wasn't 100% sure about the barrel, either (kidding!) Wow... Maybe I really am getting old?
  11. Thanks for sharing PopPop. I haven't seen Ms. Jolley since the fall. Think I'll pay her another visit!
  12. Someone else suggested a revolver, too. Those never fail, just suck to reload. Thanks!
  13. LOL.. man. In this crowd I figured... SMH, YMMV. LOL. Yuks aside, I (used to) lament about not being able to scrounge up enough to get that free-shipping deal on a case of target loads at <internet retailer of choice here>... can never seem to find the budget to stock up and fill those ammo cans in one shot... but I've got 20 bucks in my wallet, I'm driving right by my LGS (ahem, Local Gun Store), I can get a couple boxes for 10-12 bucks each... hey whaddyaknow? That ammo can is full now. BLOAT!
  14. Planted ginseng and ramps all over the woods this winter... prarie-plant seeds are germinating, first batch of taters should go in the ground after breakfast! Who's getting started for Kung Flu quarantines in 2020?
  15. Thanks for all the ideas and info. Her father used to shoot competition with a Ruger .22 MkIII I think? Carrys a .22Mag nowadays (he's too old for his .45s). She likes the size/form/factor of her Ruger, but yeah, won't carry because of Owweee... I just don't like where the worlds headed these days, and something is better than nothing, IMHO. I think I just found an excuse to go to the gun store! I keep a stock of .22 LR on hand b/c we have a couple rifles. Copper plated HP mostly (and some snake charmers). I'd rather not get another round to inventory? Rather find some extended mags? I mean, jeeze, if you're going to pack a .22, least you could do is gimme a 25 rd mag to dump while running to get a real gun? LOL! Thanks again.

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