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  1. Very true. I agree. However, word of warning.... Years ago in a passed life I had several saltwater reef aquariums, helped startup a local hobby club, and participated in online chat forums regularly on Reefcentral (TGO for reefers!) We started having club meetings at peoples homes (cuz you can't haul a 200 gallon aquarium to the park!) Really good times: pizza, chips, soda, coffee, great conversations, faces to names, and the trading, OMG the trading... people pull up with 50 gal coolers filled with little plastic baggies... but I digress. One longtime member hosted a meeting a
  2. I believe someone was held to account?
  3. I too feel that the world has gone nuts. Very comforting to have a place like this where we can commiserate and share our thoughts. Just think, soon they'll try to outlaw that, too. I have found that 'speaking with my wallet' to be effective at making me feel better. I haven't gone into that place since they started their shenanigans with gun sales. Never will, either. Hope to see you in bankruptcy! Yelling at the manager is pointless with big corporations like that. They don't have a choice in what the policy is, and failure to enforce could = losing their job. I will politely infor
  4. a classic tell that someones being played! The lying in the media is a real problem. I don't think most folks 'get it' (present company excluded). The bulk of the population is simply too stupid. They are easily led, hence the 'sheep' moniker and memes.
  5. I used to do that... Try to present cogent arguments in the comments section of my local tee vee news website. Noticed others as well. Then low and behold, they turned commenting off on their sites. Funny aye?
  6. Casual or professional? I've contemplated doing so as a hobby/casually. Like most things, I'm certain its more work than one thinks, and the economics don't always work out.... a friend started breeding blue heelers, and had several get returned, so now lives in a house with 6 dogs and doesn't breed them anymore. I have successfully converted hobbies into $$$. Not get rich money, but I was able to sell/trade enough corals that my Saltwater reef tank was budget neutral. That was a couple hundred bucks every month for those outside the big glass boxes. From my hobby I was doing anywa
  7. Ya know, I get the idea and where you're coming from @leafinthewind. The problem is thats a very naieve view of how the world IS. Take off the rose colored glasses man. Most people are a$$holes! We're talking about ammo, not food! And despite the trend in society at large, nobody reading this is in imminent life threatening danger. You can argue wether action A is morally permissable, but nothing in this life is obligated to follow your definition of moral (regardless of the consensus). If someone charges price $###.## for a product and someone else pays it, why are you even i
  8. Nice gun at a nice price brother. GLWS!! You were in Knox that would prolly be gone, lol.
  9. Shudder... don't forget to put the seat down!
  10. Take off Hoser. I'll give you a personally guided tour of EastTN for two-four of Export. Gawd, its been a while since I had any of the good stuff.... Ontario? Forgive me if I missed it in the thread, kinda skimmed it once I saw you're from the great white north! Buffalo born and bred, moved down here about 5 years ago. Your description of the politics tells me you'll like it here. Though its getting purpler by the day... Chattanooga is a little bluer than Knox IMO, Nashville=big city. Not as big as Toronto, but all the same issues. Never been to Memphis.... for good reason. We
  11. Relax folks, he's one of us.... LMAO. Welcome. I can see already you're going to get along just fine! Where in Southern Canadia? I escaped here to America from WesternNY about 5 years ago. Should have done it years before.
  12. Its all about the West Side in Knox-vegas.... Third recommendation for the ORSA club, was a member there for a few years, fantastic place. If you shoot once a month, its worth the $$$ to become a member. Great facility, multiple ranges of every flavor (skeet, pistol, rifle, steel), and great people! Bench rifle range available to all members out to 200 yds, beyond that you need to join the High Power Rifle club (free), and access to longer range targets (up to 1000yds) is limited to certain days/times. My first year I was able to join without a sponsor, but I'd wager someone here wou
  13. I remember when I was a Pup those were just coming out... pressure sensitive pens and all get out. Never did seem to catch on, not sure why? I thought they were pretty neat!
  14. Every time I rotated my phone around to see the pic....
  15. Very nice gizmo, if I wasn't already broke from spring landscaping expenses... GLWS.


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