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  1. New to TN

    Welcome to TN and TGO! A transplanted Yankee myself, Rochester/Buffalo area for the first 40-years of this short life. - K
  2. Hello from Idaho - Soon to be Tennessee

    Welcome! Sevierville/Pigeon Forge is very tourist-y. Fine if that's what you're looking for, but worth a trip out here scouting before to commit. East TN. Tri-Cities area along Rt. 81 has pretty mountain views w/o all the riff-raff. - K
  3. Relocation suggestions

    Yep, yep, 2 years and counting. And, errr, umm, Welcome! Bought land a year ago, working on the house plans w/ a builder now. When it's all done, I hope to have a modest house on the 15 acre's we bought, for about what you quoted. Having 3 kids, we found hunting for a school district to be the most important thing. If you have/plan on reproducing, and aren't into home-schooling, look very closely at the local district. We initially thought we wanted to live in one area, due to the affordable property and sweeping views. Barbed wire around the schools kinda gave us a hint that all wasn't well. We opted for another suburb, similar qualities, much better schools, and are quite happy. Do your research. The dog grooming thing is going to require you to be near(er) a city. Country folks don't groom their dogs. Heck, most of the time they don't even keep them on their own property! That being said, if you invested in a van/portable grooming facility, it would give you more flexibility. That is likely the key to success - flexibility. I have a Bachelor's and 20-years working in the printing biz. My first job down here was remodeling and landscaping with a local fellow. Then I got to working w/ a tree company (have a CDL license as well), now I'm the Transportation Supervisor and Sales Associate for the Knoxville area with a multi-national produce distributor. So much for the graphic arts! Take a trip out here, drive around, stop at local diners (don't eat at a chain restaurant, find the local hole-in-the-wall). The Eastern half of the state suited us best. Nashville and Memphis were simply 'too big city' for our taste, and there's a radius around each and every big city. We're just about on that bubble where we are, that's a 45-min. commute to downtown Knox. Nashville you're talking 1.5 hours... The corridor between Knox and Chattanooga is a really nice part of the country, as is the Eastern end of the state (Tri-Cities area - gorgeous mountain views, Johnson City is a lot bigger than it looks on the map, ETSU helps with that). Some great advice here, re-read it twice. I've found folks to be very warm and welcoming, even to a Yankee. Having the right attitude helps, and you seem to. - Kevin
  4. for-sale Trap Loads

    Pics of the wood cases (in 20 ga.?) - K
  5. for-sale FS: Amazing DDI AK

    I've tried the trigger... it is sublime. Wish I had the cake, I'd put it next to my AR! I can host any interested parties out at Oak Ridge Sportsman Association for a test run (just lemme put a few mag's through it while we're there!) - K
  6. Church security

    Here in Roane County there has been a Sheriff's car and officer posted outside. I have stopped and introduced myself each week, handed them my carry permit, and told them I appreciate them coming by. - K
  7. Experience with Comcast Knoxville?

    Had comcast for a year or two, service was fine, then they jacked the rates, we switched to U-Verse. When they jack the rates, will switch to someone else. Have reached the conclusion internet access is a utility, and frankly, I'm still glad there is competition. One day the Goobermint will declare 10-gig internet a basic human right, and it will be socialized like the electric grid, and you'll pay twice as much for even poorer service.
  8. That It for Butch?

    LOL! As a lifelong Buffalo Sports fan, it's called a "Rebuilding Year" (after year, after year, after year....) I'd say they're fighting for the first round draft pick, but alas this is college ball.
  9. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    That seems like something that would be a 2-person job? Wouldn't want you to hurt your back or anything. - K
  10. https://postimg.org/
  11. WTB - Silver

    I would be very leery of whom I purchase PM's from these days. I'm sure you've all seen the articles about the fake gold bar in Canada complete with Royal Mint Packaging, etc...? Ditto APMEX here, I like their MintDirect products.
  12. ad closed closed

    If you were closer to Knox, that Ruger in 7mm would be gone. The wife would probably kill me, but I'll deal with her separately! - K
  13. That It for Butch?

    I'd agree... this season is toast. Let him finish, pay him less, gives time to find a new coach. Very practical way to do it.
  14. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    Hahaha, now there's an endorsement no publisher wants!
  15. That It for Butch?

    "The Rock" this morning sayeth: Enough is enough Fire his Ass - K

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