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  1. ReeferMac

    T Shirt Reprints?

    Thank you Sir!
  2. ReeferMac

    T Shirt Reprints?

    I know it hasn't been that long, but it's fairly worn from all the use and washings..... Can we request a reprinting of the 2nd Amendment T-shirts w/ TGO Logo (What part of the "Shall not be infringed don't you understand")? I usually get a lot of compliments when wearing it, but it's fading and getting holes in it. Would love to order another one or two, if it were possible? Thanks. - Kevin
  3. I've got that rifle in .22 LR. Great gun, accurate as can be. GLWS!
  4. ReeferMac

    When will it all implode?

    Agree on the issue of critical mass RockHopper. Too many people are ignorant and stupid these days, as a result of the indoctrination routine called "Education". Critical thought and self examination are not merely left untaught, but actively discouraged. Just do what you're told and take this simple math problem that's been unnecessarily complicated and solve it the way you're told - no credit if you don't do it the right way, we are concerned with process, not results! I moved to the great state of Tennessee 3 years ago, from similar circumstances you describe up in NY. I had heard it for years, but it took me a long time to understand and appreciate the concept of 'voting with my feet'. Don't be afraid, it's really not as bad as it seems, and frankly, after the fact now, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Wish I would have, would have been easier on the kids! By your description, it sounds like that's no longer a concern for you.... so do it. Get the *&^#! out of dodge, and move somewhere you are welcome. If enough people do so, then those states, area's, regions, neighborhoods, will achieve 'critical mass', and be able to defend against the issues you express concern over.
  5. ReeferMac

    On line stock and mutual fund trading

    I believe that is FINRA, not Robinhood. I had my account locked up a few times at TDA because of coming and going too frequently, too soon. You have to register as a day trader, and your account is monitored differently than an 'average joe' trader.
  6. ReeferMac

    for-sale Reloading stuff

    If you're interested in splitting off the tumbler and powder measurer, throw me a price? Local Pickup. - Kevin
  7. ReeferMac

    The Garden Thread

    Agree, nice looking Garden Greg! I've seen people using those 250-330 gal caged plastic containers you see on Craigslist for rainwater catch. Need screen netting to keep mosquito's out the top, and a few pieces of PVC to reduce the 1" valve at the bottom to hose-bib, but are fairly easy to setup elevated on cinder-block foundations, etc.
  8. ReeferMac

    Show me your FAST cars and trucks!

    LOL! I was privileged growing up. At about 13 my Dad decided it was mid-life crisis time, and bought a 1977 red MGB. About 2 years later, he outgrew it. There that car sat in the garage, and I'd just turned 16. I swear it's the reason I lost my virginity, she just loved riding around in that car.
  9. ReeferMac

    Poke sallet....it's what's fer dinner

    What we need to do is ask @Highwalker to stop by and comment, as no doubt he teaches something about eating Poke greens in his very enjoyable and informative "Wild Edibles Class" offered free several times throughout the year.
  10. ReeferMac

    for-sale $50 Canada Gold Coin

    That's a nice Maple!
  11. ReeferMac

    What's a dad to do

    Yeah, what Murgatory said (good friend lives near the lake, hear's gang bangers on summer nights). Crime is beyond rampant. Chicago is an amazingly fun town, but I wouldn't want to live there. Best of luck.
  12. ReeferMac

    Poke sallet....it's what's fer dinner

    Can't say I've ever heard or seen it (as he trundles off to The Goog...) - K
  13. ReeferMac

    Information overload

    Ditto what's been said so far, depends on your application. If it's just punching holes in paper and letting off steam, a 22 will do the job. I've got a Ruger American Bolt Action, very happy, fun to shoot, cheap to own. Of course, the ubiquitous AR platform is begging to be mentioned. On top of all the other great features, you'll piss off a liberal, and who doesn't love doing that? - K
  14. ReeferMac

    M&P M2.0 3.6" Compact

    Thanks fella's, that helps clear things up for me! - K
  15. Nice furniture.... house we're building is at the "bulldozers and excavators" stage, but in a few months I may be the market, LOL! GLWS!

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