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  1. When I first started reloading our rental house was a bit small. I mounted my press and powder unit to a board, and routed some slots to hold my scale and ammo boxes. When it was time to load I clamped that board to the kitchen table or coffee table, and took it down when done (or the wife started bitching). Now that board is (semi) permanently to the workbench in my shed. Not perfect, but it got me loading earlier.
  2. Don't 'spose you ever get out towards Knox in your travels? Think shipping would be prohibitive.... K
  3. Best of luck to you. In the hunt myself!
  4. heck, I'd give you 20 bucks for the cases if you were closer! GLWS!
  5. Thats the second reference to Mandibles I've seen in a minute.. guess its time to check that one out.
  6. Short the USD. I think it will be a wild ride. Looking to commodities and metals, no coin. A great investment I've had repeatedly over the years are pipeline companies. Great dividend, and more stable than drillers and refiners. I have found it a good place to park money for a while when I don't have a specific investing goal. Currently in MMP.
  7. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't on my mind 5 years ago when I moved down here..... if you study history, you saw this coming. Those that don't think it will turn hot, are in for a surprise, IMHO. Human nature hasn't changed, thats why we always repeat the same mistakes. Why history has regular cycles.
  8. Actually...... .... the drug companies demanded the fedgov indemnify them from all lawsuits related to the vaccine (due to rushing the approval process, which normally takes years). It could simply be a smart lawyer, or something else. Regardless, its one reason this body won't be getting the jab any time soon. If the manufacturer is demanding a free pass, there must be a good reason. I prefer to let other people stride into the unknown. Talk to me in a few years when there is more data.
  9. Yes, true, there were a few "current events" that made the topic bubble back to the surface.. I've wondered about everything going dark (aka marshall law, emp, etc.) and with that assumption I have concluded gasoline will be highly valuable, so simply running across town, if thats even possible (nevermind practical), could prove challenging. When I was a kid my friend had some walkie-talkies we used, were maybe 1.5 mile apart... but after bed time Mom wouldn't let us use the phone! LOL! That memory, and the ability to 'listen' to a lot is why I got the handheld baeofengs. Worst case
  10. So with all thats going on in the world I got to thinking about alternative communications. What are folks here doing in the event phone and internet communications become unstable, unreliable, or all together non-existent? Read some interesting stuff online about IRC chat and direct dial BBS sites. Gawd, when was the last time... But with the current control and censorship issues, what would you do if it all went *poof* and your txt messages never got replied to. How would you communicate locally in your neighborhood? In town? Relatives nearby or across the state/country?
  11. As a father to3, one a teenage girl, I find the hair on my neck starts to stand up when I see some of this Pedo stuff... that being said, I don't get that vibe here. Kids are stupid and we all know the lengths they will go to feel special, popular, accepted, etc. The number of followers you have is like notches on your bed post, its how kids rank each other. It doesn't matter that you don't actually KNOW any of these people, or if they are real, or even exist! They just want to quote a number that is high enough. So.... Vista Print sends you 1k biz cards for 25 bucks, or you whip th


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