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  1. The little 'honda' units are quiet as can be, and will 'get you through'. They're expensive vs. the 5kw units but their form factor and sound level are worth the price of admission.
  2. I've got a secure coop and covered run attached, but we do let them out when home. We have lost a few to predators when they roost in the run, the coop has been good so far. We lure them in there over the winter to help them keep warm. We have them trained with a bell and scratch. Ring ring ring, throw scratch into the coop, takes about 8 seconds to get all 16 of the in there.
  3. Lol, I wasn't sure... I've got a plastic 'chucker', but its a might tough using it by myself! You may have yourself a deal...
  4. When you say manual.... you mean the plastic stick you use to chuck em into the field, or is this a mechanical contraption with springs and such you load discs on and trigger manually (vs. Electric powered)?
  5. Me neither... and as much as I hate to send eyeballs their way... boom: Little google-fu goes a long way!
  6. The AC-130 has got to be one of the most versatile planes ever designed.... sure got their moneys worth out of that airframe.
  7. Heck if it isn't ironic I stumble across this corner of the interwebs tonight.. http://www.youmeandtheafter.com/2021/10/vietnam-1967-1969-life-and-times-1-4.html?m=1
  8. Similair story with the mayor of Rochester, NY (my old home)... campaign money for personal expenses, cops a plea deal, 'retires' dec 31st, keeps all her bennies. Her husband got pulled over with a brick of coke and an AK...Ohhh, we're estranged, I dunno nuffin bout dat. Time to just shoot em.
  9. Thanks GOODNESS you're not around me! LOL.. Nice rifle, GLWS!
  10. Ha! Arm brace, extended mag.... how did they ever shoot that scene in Kalifornia?
  11. Finally got my neighbor to bring the kubota mounted tiller over! First 10 feet are greens (turnip, kale, mustard), rest are various clovers and cover crops... until Spring!
  12. If I'm not mistaken, there's a place in Mrrrrryville that has world famous bacon packaged in shelf-stable plastic... name escapes me. Bentons? Its a little hole in the wall on 441 or something? You'd never know.
  13. Good weekend to take a hike in the woods!


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