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  1. LOL! I hear ya. I've done bathroom remodels and tile-work (laid the bathroom tile in our home we had built 2 years ago, but I paid someone to do the larger areas). Its back-breaking, knee-torturing work! Down here I'm surprised there aren't more... documentationally challenged laborers suppressing prices (seen it in landscaping stone work, which I've also done). But I don't do it professionally and can't recommrnd anyone, my builder was a total douche... you're quite a haul from me, too, otherwise I'd offer! LOL! - K
  2. I've been using a combination of different kinds of clover with good luck. You have to cut it up good when mulching in (green manure), but after a couple years I've noticed an improvement. Makes good bee food, too. I've got some kind of pea going in addition to an oat I plan to try to harvest for the chickens this year. Buckwheat makes a great cover crop, and can re-seed if you let it go. Knoxville seed over by the zoo usually has good stuff and saves shipping. I've also been putting daikons out in the pasture area to try breaking up the soil, and its been working well. I want to try a really
  3. Yeah, I have a small safe, bolting to the floor to secure it makes sense. 1000 lbs ain't going anywhere...
  4. Dang. Wife would kill me, and I'd need an excuse to drive to Nashville... but my 5.56 AR loves the wolf .223! Its what I stock! GLWS!!
  5. I've enjoyed getting together with TGO'ers every time I've had the opportunity. I've often thought, more so lately.... that we should have (verrrry loosely organized) TGO get togethers once or twice a year or something? In my past life I was a founding member of a big Saltwater reef aquarium club, and we'd have get togethers at each others homes every other month (because you can't haul a 210 gal reef tank to O'Charleys parkinglot). As is the way with strangers over the internet, it fell out of fashion (for good reason, someone got robbed - they stole corals out of the guys tank when
  6. Lmao @Chucktshoes I hate the inside of pumpkins, too. They're a customer of mine, usually get there 3-4x per week. Waiting to see this new kid. Size-wise the team does not impress me, but then I'm biased.
  7. LOL! Everytime I went to the range you'd see a dizzying array of guns in all shapes and sizes. ... and I dunno nuthin about ballistics and math that matters. But the only ones making echo's that literally rolled down the 'holler, were the 300 WinMag guys. They usually shot twice and left, too, but I'd digress...
  8. Sounds like you need a visit to the range, Jim! I've got a chair setup about 75 yds away from my "backstop", you can come plinking out here any day! I'm fairly new to the hobby, don't have any safe-queens yet. If ammo were cheaper (and one could get it!)..... At the cost of those big ones I'd probably only take it out on 4th of July. LOL!
  9. Lotsa nice stuff in EastTN (checkout S. Va, too). Have been to and would recommend Davy Crockett and Great South Fork parks. Lots of fishing around Morristown area if thats your thing.
  10. LOL. I'm upstream from Oak Ridge on the Tennessee river. These shouldn't be affected by anything coming from the plant there. LOLOLOLOL!
  11. Took the pawpaws about a week ago when they were still a little firm and finally got around to using them! They were a hit all around. Used this recipe: https://www.realtree.com/timber-2-table-wild-game-recipes/wild-pawpaw-pancakes Anyone need pawpaw seeds shoot me a pm with a mailing addy, and you can tell people you have a story about those mystery seeds from china, too.
  12. Seriously.... way nicer than the stack of old rottens logs I propped a pallette up against in my back corner.
  13. Ditto. What I did was get the regular permit, then when it was about to expire, I upgraded it to lifetime. I wanted the lifetime, but I believe as a new transplant from Yankeedom, they wouldn't let me. Since the OP has had one previously, might be otherwise? Regardless, you go down to a UPS store nearby and get fingerprinted in like 10 minutes, its digital, painless, no ink.
  14. Interesting thread, had to remove a visitor from the chicken coop earlier this week, and I almost posted b/c I couldn't ID it. Chicken snake was what my neighbor called it. We let it go down the end of the street (1/2 mile away, wooded preserve).
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