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  1. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
  2. That's gold right there. Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks for the thoughts and idea's everyone! Creek's too far away, but the mechanical motion idea made me think about one of those windmill's you see for sale at Rural King (that the missus said she likes)... I'm just moving water, Archimede's came up with a nifty idea a little while back that would work.... Man, now it's morphing into a science project, but I reckon I just blew my budget! LMAO!
  4. Does anyone have experience working with small home-brew type solar/battery powered projects? I've got one coming down the pike at me, figured I'd ask here since we're such a swell group of people! My 12 year old son likes to fish, play in the creek that runs behind our property, have all sorts of good, clean fun. I'm quite happy to encourage this sort of activity. Last summer he took to catching some of the baby fish from the creek and keeping them in an old feed bucket up near our property.... But we had to harass him to eventually release the things, as they quickly outgrew the old feed-bucket! So long story short, Dad promised him a fish pond this year... Hole is (mostly) dug (I need a deal on a couple skids of stone delivered?), there will be a little creek and waterfall, maybe one day some (LED) lights, ergo, I need a pump, which needs juice! Running conduit/wire isn't going to happen, but I could drag a collection of extension cords out there once a week with a battery charger to top-off the system when sunlight won't. I'm envisioning one of those Harbor-Freight solar panels and an old car-battery (maybe two, I can easily swap, keep one on a charger in the shed, switch it out once a week?) Don't have a pump/flow characteristics... suppose I'm coming at that problem from the back-end - I'll size the flow/pump to match the power (realistically) available from the solar system? Cost is a factor (it's the wee one's play-place to grow bait... but the missus wants it to look like a water-feature/landscaped pond when it's done), I have some sunny locations within 50-feet of the pond I can mount some panels. A quick search shows a wealth of 12V pond pumps exist, but I don't know the what and where-for's of chargers/controllers and that end of things. Before I run down to the local China Mart and pickup some used car-batteries off Craigslist, does anyone here have experience with this sort of thing that could save me some headaches and $$$? LOL! In my head it's a simple project once you get passed the physical work. I'm good with the pond and the plumbing, but know nothing about solar setups. Thanks for the advice! - K
  5. Thanks guys! That stand is 'purty. The lube is more in my budget, unfortunately! I realize the shed is less than ideal, but I'm hoping I'm able to use it more, it just sits in the closet now, and worse, I don't have ammo to shoot! LOL! Thanks again.
  6. Thanks guys! Trying to avoid insulating and heating it, LOL! I do have electric out there, so in a pinch I could throw a heater (on the OTHER side of the shed) to take the chill off. Mounting the press to a board was my answer to the portable thing... But I just don't do it (takes 20 minutes to set the thing up, wife complains about the kitchen table, 15 minutes to break it down... I get 12 rounds made in an hour, LOL!) If I had it setup somewhere semi-permanent, I'd size and clean a bunch of brass in a bucket, then prime and load as time allows... or so the theory goes! Thanks again! -K
  7. So my indoor reloading location isn't ready yet, it's going to be a while. My Daughter's only a freshman in HS, so at least a couple years before she moves out. We have a shed outside, with a sturdy workbench I could mount my press to permanently (Rockchucker single stage). If I kept the powder, primers, etc. indoors, and left the brass, bullets, dies, etc. outside (in a sealed container), would that be a suitable reloading location? I realize it's not ideal, but right now the press is attached to a board I clamp to the kitchen table.... and hardly ever do so as a result. I'm just wondering what negative effects the temperature fluctuations and humidity might have? The shed is vented to outside air, so will equalize with the ambient conditions. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks.
  8. I wanna hear the "how I lost my fingertip" part of this story ..
  9. Jeeze, for 200 clams thats a nice rifle. Someone buy this thing before it tortures me some more!!!
  10. Does that .308 have the AcuTrigger? Man, the wife'd kill me, but thats a great price! How many rounds through it? - K
  11. Thanks for the suggestions.... there was a TGO branded T-shirt printed a couple years ago. Kicking myself for only getting one... I like the TGO design and want to support the board, too (heard they got a small break on orders). Thanks. - K
  12. Would love to see a re-print of the "What part of 'shall not be infringed' don't you understand" t-shirts.... Especially given the election cycle coming up. I absolutely love wearing mine out in public. I'd buy 2 for myself right now (and probably a 3rd for a friend!) Thanks. - Kevin
  13. LMAO @TripleGGG.... I understand OPSEC, but could you narrow down the West Knox part? I'm a little west of you and we have coyote around, too. Fortunately I already talked to TWRA, and if its harassing my family, pets, or livestock, the 2 gentlemen who cover Roane county said Im free to do whatever whenever... I've seen one here repeatedly, lost 4 chickens this year (cost of free ranging). I agree with the airsoft idea, or msybe a supressed .22? I mean, folks here are really good at helping one buy toys! LOL! If population is that dense, I'm surprised the coyote is so bold... THAT would make me nervous. Mine is very shy. Interested to see how this pans out? I have a friend who traps, I reached out and will let you know if he is interested.
  14. Thanks everyone. I have a couple on the edge of an area we cleared for pasture, and they just look burned up... yellow leaves year round, first to turn brown and drop. I'll keep an eye on them and hopefully they'll adjust (though it's been a few years). Most of the one's I've seen deeper in the woods by me are smaller tree's surrounding a larger specimen (those 30-40 footers). Probably root propagation then. There are several stands however, and I've seen some fruit, so there must be a couple... I think I might try to dig a few out and transplant them up near the edge of the pasture to see if I can get them to adapt? Thanks again for the info and discourse! - Kevin

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