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  1. I like corn that comes from a mason jar, but 23 quarts would last me a couple years!
  2. There is a worm/caterpillar that bores into the stem/vine on squash, have seen that same thing happen before as well. Seems to impact the winter squash more than summer type. Short of weather induced, or physical damage (stem broken upstream), thats about all I can think of? Squash are usually pretty tough.
  3. I've been grabbing an ear to test every night. Tasty stuff, I think some of mine is ready. For 3 years I've been trying to get a patch to come in, this year is the first I've actually eaten any. The local wildlife has really enjoyed my efforts....
  4. Hey there! Checkout tge Oak Ridge Sportsman Association for local competitions. Would definitely pay to be a member. I was for several years, its a great facility, and some really great people.
  5. I saw Ralph selling signed Giclee prints at what I thought reasonable prices... tempted to get one for myself, but I don't have an office to hang it in! Would look nice above my reloading press out in the shed... https://www.steadmanclassics.com/
  6. Checkout the meat between Chattanooga, Knox, and Crossville. Dayton, Pikeville come to mind. Likewise the strip between I-40/I-81 and the mountain range (Greeneville, etc.) from Johnson City to Sevierville has a lot of 'that'. I'm happy on the West side of Knox, checkout Route 58 southbound.
  7. That was my take on it. I dropped 100 bucks yesterday, tax man got 10: Perhaps prices and availability will come down in the near term. So I overpaid pandemic prices for a few items from a locally owned vendor (I see the guy at school, church, kroger, barber, etc., he is a part of my community). I'm ok with supporting his business, he sponsored my kids ball team, has good inventory of new/used guns and supplies, nice range, knowledgeable staff, access to a gunsmith, cerakote, etc. Availability of either item has been ZERO the last 6 months for me. Worst case, a pound of quality modern smokeless propellant, and 3 loads for my revolver could end up being priceless!
  8. I hear ya, new acquisition... gotta get at least a few personal defense loads for it. I recall clocking most of my Gold Dots and HSTs at about $1-1.25/rd for 9mm when I stocked up back before in the long ago time. Figured I was lucky to get the 1 box they were willing to sell me (43.99/20 Barnes). I reload for 9mm now, and will likely focus on acquiring dies and boolits as funds allow. If nothing else, need to get started on a big 'ol pile of brass!
  9. They did, saw 1 jug. I got the last pistol powder on the shelf (Ram Silhouette, perhaps more in back?) Were charging 53-57 per lb. I'm working Sat, but if they're still open afterwards I'll try to swing by and grab it for you.
  10. 7/23/21 had a few Lbs of various Hodgson and Ramshot rifle powders, 5 boxes Rifle primers and a supply of some ammo, various calibers. Paid 2 bucks each for HP .357 factory rounds... but at least they had some!
  11. I remember hearing about a few instances of that sort of thing in my past life in the print biz up in NY. Interesting stuff, especially with all the stuff going on.
  12. Well I didn't get skunked, but either someone got in ahead of us or the storms knocked a lot off. Only got 1 gal. worth of berries today. Looks like peak is passed. Might try one more time, or look for another location. For now I washed and froze the berries.
  13. Gotcha. Now granted, we were discussing making jam, so that may have been a benefit in that situation! Funny, last year I made a batch of jam, and apparently I didn't add enough pectin, as it turned out as syrup instead of jam! Was good for pancakes! Made sure to add enough this go 'round.
  14. Haha, thats wild... I just started working in the fire sprinkler biz!


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