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  1. Dang wish I was closer. Wife's Prius is a 2012.
  2. I have been in more than one job where I did most of my manager's work for him... My wife's workplace say some people fail upward until they are high enough they don't have to do work anyway.
  3. I am amazed we do not have morw bridge collapses in general. Lots of them are way past their prime and have much more traffic than they were designed for. Even newly build ones probably suffer from the same corner cutting I saw in construction. 10% less rebar is more prifi6t
  4. I have been working from home for about a year. Wife a bit longer. My commute was not long (15 to 20 minutes), but I too like rolling down to my desk at 7:50. 95+% of my job can be done from anywhere I have internet. The rest is so minor that asking the mailroom to mail out a piece of equipment from storage is about the largest part I have to hand off. All I did before was carry the box to the mailroom myself. They still shipped it. My wife is pretty much 100%. I feel I can be more productive at home because my boss tends to wander around showing off funny YouTube videos or telling you what fu
  5. At my last job a flaw in a vendor software allowed us to get hacked. We ended up having to pay a few thousand dollars to get the decrypt codes and they were different for each PC hit. Took a few minutes to encrypt, but hours to decrypt. I actually negotiated with the hackers to get a All for one deal instead of paying per PC. Not my proudest day it happened on my watch, but given the company's refusal to buy an upgrade to the software and the fact that the owner insisted it be internet facing so people could work from homes without VPNs, not a lot I could have done about it. Was already
  6. I worked for a company that did Gas & Go setups back in the late 90's. We piloted a new setup at Sam's in Asheville when they were trying to win Wal-Mart. I sat there in a shed for a few months watching out a 2 way mirror window in case anything broke. They had the best price on the street plus they had also started the 5 cents off with a Walmart Gift Card. That station with 12 pumps, pumped 26,000 gallons of gas a day. They had an automatic tank monitor that faxed in orders 24 hours a day when the levels reached a certain level. They would get 3 or 4 trucks deliveries a day. I actua
  7. Put me down in the will? Being in IT, I so want an IBM one.
  8. Passed 4 gas stations on my run out just now. 2 had all Unleaded pumps bagged. Food City is limiting to a fill up and 1 5 gallon gas can per car. The other gas station was lined up with 3 cars at each pump. $2.99 which is a 20 cent jump since last night. Wife comes home to say she is almost out of gas, but I can go get it for her later....... *sigh* At least I filled up 2 5 gallon gas cans Sunday.
  9. Most of tgese ifiots coukd have just bought a gas can.. probably inside the store.
  10. One of the warehouse guys spilt 5 gallons of gas in a Jeep Cherokee my previous employer used as a errand car. They eventually just sold it cheap. It still gave you a headache to drive 6 months later.
  11. He must have had a lot of cool stuff for the ATF to come onsite. LOL
  12. This kind of crap is what got us those suck a$$ gas cans. She is lucky to pick it up. I can't carry a single 2 liter in one of those bags without it shredding.
  13. Would not be hard to imagine that is a photoshop....or that I had all those in my possession. Do you think the sailors will say " We lost our guns in a boating accident"...ial seizure?
  14. I have dabbled in Wix for a friend. It was not bad, I have a hosting plan and run Wordpress, but admittedly not in the simplest format


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