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  1. The 308 is a good all-around caliber. I purchased an AR 15 last year. I did not practically like the 556/223 caliber as I carried one in Vietnam. Still not much on that caliber however I just decided to purchase my Springfield Armory Saint because I still can. I went to Outpost Armory, in Murfreesboro, after a S W AR, but the sales guy convinced me to purchase the Saint. The all metal rifle along with metal sights appealed to me even though it weighs a tad bit more. I have always favored metal guns. Go for it if you think you want it. I did. I will say I did have a Ruger Ranch Hand Gen II, in 223/556, and have really enjoyed plinking with it. The gen II's are a little more accurate than the I's were. I like mine.
  2. Even if this bill passes the House, and Senate IMO the Govenor will NOT sign it. Deerslayer, the reason other teachers don't want guns in the school is simply FEAR of guns. IF an SRO can be trained to carry a gun to protect children in schools, a teacher can be trained just as well. Now that is a "common sense" gun law. This will be all over soon.
  3. Sad to say, but justice will be paid now. If he did kill them, no slick lawyer or jury will get him off now. I pray he didn't, but that is OJ's ball game. Once you go where he is, and the Bible says he is in the realm of departed spirits (Luke 16:19-31), no changing things there. It will be what it will be. Wouldn't want to wish hell on anyone, and I am by no means inferring OJ was guilty. God knows. I prayed God will have mercy upon OJ's soul. Edited to add; when we arrive at the point OJ just passed, eternity is ahead. I am trying to go to the good place, torment is not my goal. Bible says "Abrahams's bosom, (Jewish term "A place of great comfort") or torment. My goal is for A's Bosom. I have accomplished the things to put myself into a position to be able to take advantage of God's saving grace through faith in His Son, Jesus the Christ. Hope you have also. We all will only answer for ourselves.
  4. TWRA re-introduced Black Bears, about 8-10 years ago, in the Big South Fork Park. When we checked in, they told us no left food left outside. The last time we camped there the Rangers patrolled the park constantly looking for campers that left food or unlocked coolers out. The bears roamed the park, and they did not want them to get accustomed to eating people food. The bears migrated down to Cookville a couple years back and I guess they are moving this way as well. I really don't care to have them roaming my yard, at night, but guess I can't do anything about that.
  5. Two farmers has spotted a black bear, on Jefferson Pike, in Lascassas this week. Black Bears! "Howed they ever get here?"
  6. I am gong to teach a 5 member family about guns in the near future. A young father at my church has stated he want his boys, and wife to be introduced to guns, and I am the man for the job. Even told me last Sunday the boys have inherited a shotgun from an uncle and he wants to bring it. Told him yes. SOON
  7. If you want to inform yourself google armed teachers in Ohio. You can read some of the pros and cons on that site. Ohio has had armed teachers since 2019 except for a short time. The lame media has blown the subject out of proportion predicting blood in the halls, so to speak. All kinds of news stories reporting about terrified teachers. Their predictions have not happened, and it seems to be working well for the 46 school districts where armed teachers are allowed. One story states there are other county's considering the practice. I read aa story where the writer stated most of these teachers do practice often on their own time and dollar. You, as an honorable citizen, if you were armed teacher would do you own training as well. You and I both practice just to carry concealed. These teachers are schooled for 24 hrs of mandatory training along with active scenario training and qualification yearly. The carriers must be competent or they don't get to carry. Most Police do about the same amount of formal training per year. A couple other states have done the same and armed teachers. Seems to be working for them volunteers as well. No school district has made carry mandatory, and TN bill does not make it mandatory either. There are a lot of military veterans in the teaching field and some may be good candidates to volunteer. I am for the bill. Think it will be a good thing. The Nashville shooter passed over several schools because she thought they had good security. IMO, I think armed teachers will be a good deterrent and the "possible" faster response will hold down the count. Edited for spelling.
  8. Teacher "Volunteers" have been carrying in Ohio for a few years (3-4) now. Same old, same old blood will be running in the streets/hallway's thing happened there when they first decided to allow teacher to be armed. HAS NOT happened in Ohio. Those trained for the Ohio program are more highly training than most Police Departments are. You guys are holding up SRO's but you know Cop hit rates are, in many cases, much lower that armed citizens. SRO have some additional training, but not that much. I am glad we have SRO in Rutherford County, and have had for years. I am not against SRO's, but believe volunteers could be an asset to them. You guys are sounding like the TN Dems on Capitol hill. I watched the head Democrat leader saying just about the same as you guys, a week ago when this bill came up, and just about every time a new gun bill comes onto the scene. Blood has NEVER ran in the streets, because of one of these new laws, and it will not in schools if volunteers get to conceal carry. The evidence is "TOTALLY" "NO DOUBT" "CLEAR", one needs to be on scene ASAP to stop continued/prolonged carnage. Young, capable, "well trained" people, on scene, is/has a much faster response than 3- 6 minutes away. Nashville handled the Covenant shooting as good as it could have been handled, and yet they still had carnage. The Lakewood church, in Houston Tx, was handled, IMMEDIATELLY upon entry by the shooter, by security on scene. Don't know if paid or volunteer, but both work. Just consider the Texas church of Christ that the shooting was on film. That volunteer did a head shot at 40 feet with a room full of people. Out of the 3 shot there, out of 170 or so people, was the perp after he killed 2 the two. Only Seconds passed before he was stopped. What would they have done if they waited for 3-6 min for the Police to respond. Open your eyes guys, please! The church shooter, at the church of Christ, had 8 more rounds on him. By no means bragging, but I could have been a volunteer when younger because I could shoot and had a level head on me. I am sure some of you could have also. I can't now because I am "old", however the young can. I don't compare myself to the young now because I know better, and so do most of you old guys. Let the young "WELL TRAINED" guys and gals do it, IF THEY WANT TOO. Many of them can and will if given the chance. Not going to say there will never be any collateral damage, that is an impossibility. I am saying it will not out weigh the good that can possibly be accomplished by allowing them to protect themselves.
  9. Why can't the teacher simply protect himself in a school? That is what I do at church. Been doing it since TN passed the Concealed carry laws years ago. You guys are worry warts! Edited to add; How is it working now? By all means pass the law.
  10. I have had good luck with Taurus. I have 4 Revolvers and 1 TX C 22 pistol. Have 1 38 Spl 7 shot 2" ultra lite revolver, 2 38/357 2" brl 7 shot revolvers, and 1 22 Mag 3" 8 shot revolver. All have been good. Never had what your looking at but I would not be afraid of the Taurus revolvers.
  11. IMO, there is not very little difference between the MP, Hellcat, P 365, Glocks, Ruger Max 9/ LCP, or any of the mid-range priced "Fantastic Plastic" Mini or Micro pistols. These are pistols in the 400 to 500 dollar range. All are fairly cheap and very reliable pistols. My 3 MP have been flawless with anyone I allow to shoot them.
  12. I did the sleep study in Murfreesboro. They said, in my worst hour of sleep, I stopped breathing 61 times. Hard to believe. I am on C-pap and have been for 9 years. It helps my sleep. A lot of drawbacks. Can't snuggle with wifie as the face gear is intrusive. I need the full facemask (covers both mouth and nose) because I breath thru my mouth when I sleep. Have a chin strap to help with that. The machine has stopped my snoring, for the most part. Medicare pays for my setup. It is expensive. It helps me. YMMV
  13. I have 2 with 4" brls, one with a manual safety and one without, and If memory serves me, I gave around 450.00 for mine NIB at Outpost Armory in Murfreesboro TN. The one without the safety is my go-to carry, in a Comp Tac IWB holster. Really like the platform. Purchased a 4" MP EZ in 9MM also. Arthritis!!!! All 3 of mine has been flawless. Highly recommend the MP's.
  14. I hear all these people on TV say they are for "Common Sense Gun Laws". What exactly does that mean? No one ever says what it is they're asking for.
  15. Thanks for the well wishes guys. Going to Physical Therapy now. It is going well, and I am surprised because of all the pain that the shoulder had before surgery. I guess when they relieved the compression on the nerve most of the pain went with it. Dr told my wife he removed 2 large bone spurs along with dressing the frayed rotator cuff that the spurs caused. All I know is it feels much better. Now trying to build strength in the arms. Not easy to do at 76, but I am slowly plugging away at it. I think P T is for 6 weeks, 2 times per week and every day at home. Going to do it. Thanks again.


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