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  1. WME


    just to see what it looks like
  2. I was certified by the B.S.A.C. and a member in the mid 60's.  Did several trips and then was married and had kids which ended my diving.  I don't see much B.S.A.C.activity these days.
  3. Response to letter regarding 2nd amendment discussions......     "Thank you for writing.  I am unaware of any legislation at the state level that would ban assault rifles, body armor, piercing bullets or high capacity magazines.  I do realize Congress has taken up the issue.  I do support having officers in the schools and would vote to allow such measures if brought to the floor.  While I will probably vote not to ban weapons, I would also vote not to add anymore as well.  We need to enforce what is currently on the books. Contact me anytime. Best, Darren"  
  4. I just checked my renewal date and it expires in a few days. There doesn't seem to be an option to renew, even a few days early. Will something show up on or after the renewal date?
  5. Just to clear it up a bit; Your (or my) Ham License doesn't allow you to transmit on Public Safety Frequencies nor are Ham Radios approved for such use. There are relatively simple mods that will allow them to transmit on other than the authorized Ham Bands. If you have a life or death emergency you may use whatever means necessary to get help so using an illegal radio is not a big problem but fines for interference to a PS agency are big $. However, the Ham systems often are as good as or better than the PS systems so you should be able to get help through fellow Ham operators. Also, many PS systems are using digital modes and you radio won't work on these systems.
  6. Here is a picture of my last Autocross a couple years ago. It's fun in a 50 year old car!
  7. Am I the last to find out Owl Hollow is now closed on Thursdays? I took the day off today but there was a closed Thursdays sign on the gate. Oh well, maybe another day soon.
  8. WME

    Anyone do cars?

    It's one of two similar cars built in Livonia by Roush in stock bodied GT's. It has the R2300 engine package with the forged bottom end, 8:1 Pistons but with 16PSI boost. Same power unit used in the P51A. The only visual is the boost gauge in vent pod. When I found it I was skeptical but Roush sent me the build docs and the story behind the build, Roush lists the VIN in their DB as "Custom-P51"
  9. WME

    Anyone do cars?

    I have a couple of interesting cars, 09 Mustang with a Roush P51 510 HP "Sleeper". It looks completely stock until you punch it and light up the tires. And, a 58 Austin Healey Sprite (Bugeye), 1275 CC with a Datsun 210 transmission. BIG difference in the cars but both are fun toys. I have been into old British cars for many years and have only had this Mustang for about a year. The British cars will make a mechanic out of you even if you don't want to!
  10. WME

    Kimber Solo

    Anybody had their hands on one yet? Range Report?
  11. Interesting View Point KnoxViews endorses Haslam in GOP primary for governor | KnoxViews
  12. WME


    A long time ago I promised myself that I would someday buy a Corvette. Well, the years are going faster and faster so it is about time. I am looking at used C6 coupe's but am quickly realizing that there is much to learn about these cars before I pop down some cash. Do any of you folks have first hand knowledge for a newbe? I need tips on where to look for potential problems, I know cars in general be not much about vette's.. Also, leads on a good low mileage car would be helpful. I have looked and eliminated a couple already.

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