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  1. I think if Trump is re-elected the left will double down on their craziness. They have been emboldened by what they’ve gotten away with the last 4 years. Now, they’re going to be even angrier. So, I expect the market to remain unchanged for some time. Plan accordingly.
  2. We may have seen the end of an era of low gun prices and availability. I’m not optimistic about ever seeing it come back. Same for ammo.
  3. If you’re a poor man like me you just look for deals. But, right now you may have a hard time just finding stuff. Prices are up, too.
  4. Two Glock and three KCI G19 mags for $50 on the north side of Nashville.
  5. I haven’t kept up on prices lately but for a long time 4 bills was common. And I meant the SKS was an equivalent type carbine. Arguably even better (sound of can of worms opening). The question was about a ranch gun. I couldn’t bring myself to carry a $1000 gun around in a 4 wheeler. Certainly not an original M1 carbine. An SKS or an old 30-30? No problem.
  6. An SKS can be found for $400. Actually very equivalent to a Carbine.
  7. Sell scope and rifle separately. ETA: even if the scope is discontinued it’s still a Leupold.
  8. You’re just getting started. There’s lots more to do wrong when you fool with ARs.
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