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  1. Judging from their recent comments about not selling any more ARs, it seems to me they have no interest in being in the gun business.
  2. I don't remember the charge, but I have used Unique behind a 115-gr SWC with good results in the .32 Long and .32 Mag. The 115-gr bullet was originally used for the .32-20, I believe, but lots of shooters of the smaller-capacity .32 cartridges have found 115-gr to be an accurate weight for the caliber -- often better than the lighter weight bullets. I expect I have the notes around someplace, and if I can find them I'll pass along info on the powder charge. But I expect any cast bullet handbook would have some recommendations (and I probably got mine from the Lyman book or something similar). Cheers, Whisper
  3. Excellent points all. In my original home state, there's a bill currently proposed that requires anonymous ex parte complaints (so the accused has no idea who complained and thus has no ability to argue against the charge) and specifies no process or timetable for having guns restored, but does specify that the police can assess storage fees against the accused while the guns are held in custody. Folks, these laws are written specifically so that they can be used to harass gun owners. And the sponsors know this.
  4. Here's some info on that very topic: https://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/after-arrest-of-curtis-watson-what-are-tennessee-officials-doing-with-57k-reward-/975426454
  5. I saw one at the gun show this weekend in Murfreesboro. It didn't feel that substantial to me -- the comparison with the Remington RP9 seems right. Of course I didn't shoot it, and that might change my opinion, but so far it hasn't called out to me.
  6. Come to the dark (Blackout) side....
  7. Hey, thanks for the offer, but I've cut down to only one .40 and am not looking for another. You have any other trade ideas? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  8. An excellent point -- the .300 Blackout is my preferred choice for an AR pistol. I believe much better than the .223 in that size.
  9. I was initially skeptical about the idea. but after I did some work on the range with one, I changed my mind. How much did you work with one before you decided they were a waste of money? What specifically did you not like about them?
  10. Trump would certainly be reelected if he would sit back, keep quiet, and let the performance of the economy be his campaign message. But because Trump is more focused on saying and doing childish and arrogant things than he is on anything else, including leading the country, I think it's entirely possible he many find a way to lose against the worst field of Democratic candidates in my lifetime.
  11. Price drop. Can bring it to Murfreesboro gun show next weekend if that would make it easier for someone. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  12. Yes, they will. You can even get sleeves for the full-size mags so they'll fit the SK better, but the mags will work fine without the sleeves. https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/VP9SK-P30SK-P2000SK-P30-VP9-Magazine-Sleeve-X-grip-p16669.htm Thanks for looking, Whisper

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