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  1. I'm retiring myself on Dec. 3. I've had many, many guns over my lifetime but have never worn out a gun barrel. I plan to try. Cheers, Whisper
  2. They're moving HQ and their Massachusetts assembly plant here. This is a major slap at Massachusetts for proposing to ban manufacture of ARs. Also selling their Columbia, MO distribution site and relocating it to TN. Happy day, Whisper
  3. Bobsguns, it's good you like your T-bolt, but the one derf is selling is the original 1960s model, not the current one offered by Browning that you appear to have. No heavy barrel or synthetic stocks were offered; it's just a light and trim hunting rifle with one of the fastest-operating bolt actions ever made. If I didn't already have three I'd buy this one from derf...and if he keeps dropping the price I might have to buy it anyway. Cheers, Whisper
  4. It shoots the same ammo, but 10-Ring, I'm thinking your gun is a K11 and not a K31.
  5. So, it's now 20 hours after the incident, and there's still not been the slightest info about the killer. Usually by now we have his ID, social media postings, comments from friends/family, speculation (or actual info) about his motivation, etc. But so far there's nothing. Seems unusual. Something strange about the case, or the killer?
  6. This applies not only to RKBA but to other issues as well.
  7. Shane, that's an interesting test I will need to try. One question: When does the timer stop -- after you fire the last shot of the 10th evolution at the 7-yard line, or do you have to make one more sprint back to the 100-yard line while the clock is running? (Man, 9 sprints of 93 yards is a workout in itself at my age....) Thanks, Whisper
  8. New ones are too costly and I can't find a used one anywhere else so I figured I'd try here: Wanting to buy a used brush cutter, 48-inch with three-point hitch, for my elderly John Deere tractor. Woods, Bush Hog, King Cutter, or anything is fine as long as it has a stump bumper. Well-used is OK but shouldn't need major repairs. I'll drive a reasonable distance from Manchester to pick up. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  9. Reading the preseason predictions by all the sportswriters in the Tennessean on Saturday and then seeing the game on Sunday convinced me that this Nashville and theirs are not in the same universe. The Titans were laughably bad. I bet even the players' mothers turned the game off. Now, that Cleveland-Kansas City game....
  10. This has been an important line in the sand, and there are a number of RKBA groups, including the Firearms Policy Coalition and the Second Amendment Foundation, that have been fighting hard against Chipman, who is the poster boy for jack-booted federal thuggery. Withdrawal of his nomination is a major victory for the cause of freedom, and thus we should look for it to be largely ignored in the mainstream news media. And yes, the administration will certainly nominate another authoritarian gun-grabber for the post, but he or she won't be as bad as Chipman...simply because there probably aren't any others that bad. The enemies of freedom intended this nomination as a major blow against gun owners, and that blow has been successfully blocked. We should take a moment to savor that fact, even though we know more attempts are coming. Cheers, Whisper
  11. Looking on the FedEx site I just found the same page that Erik88 linked. I'm getting suspicious about these unsourced reports of a new policy....
  12. I doubt that their HR department has anything to do with it. However, I will bet dollars to donuts that someone in the current administration has had some conversations with the High Muckety Mucks at FedEx about staying on the administration's good side. "Nice little shipping company you have here; be a shame if something happened to it...." A little federal legislation can have some major effects on the profitability of industries.
  13. NewsNation (formerly WGN America) seems pretty balanced although it's not available on all cable services. No hysteria, no wild claims.
  14. She's not saying it dropped; she alleges her purse just swung out and the gun fired. Sounds less blameworthy than "I was fiddling with my holstered gun in my purse and accidentally fired it."


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