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  1. Agreed. Most politicians despise the whole Bill of Rights.
  2. These are great old guns and are a particular interest of mine. What derf didn't mention is that this is the T-2 model, which came with checkered stock, unlike the plainer T-1 model. Cheers, Whisper
  3. This is important. When you decide not to patronize a store because of its statist policies, the store manager needs to know it. And needs to know that you'll be sharing your experience on social media with all your friends. Good job, Reefer. Cheers, Whisper
  4. I read it also. Pretty disgraceful. If it was one of us, we'd be in jail.
  5. Sale is still pending and I am confident the guy who said he would take it will keep his word. However, I will be selling a regular (non-Tactical) VP9 soon, so keep a watch for that one. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  6. Some fun history of these little guns here: http://meridenfirearms.com/pistol.html Also, apparently Numrich has parts from time to time, and I just checked and they have a few right now: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/howard-arms-co
  7. Interesting heater. I know you say it's not a shooter, but does it seem to function as it should? No missing or broken parts?
  8. Haven't seen one of these in a while but I believe that's a 6-inch barrel and not a 4. Cheers, Whisper
  9. Bump to the top. I know there must be somebody out there who needs this and just hasn't realized it yet. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  10. WDT, I didn't find anything locally. There's the guys in Loretto that billmeek mentioned, and I found a guy in Memphis, but no one around Nashville. Also, I can't find a local gunsmith who does bead blasting and seems confident of what he's doing. Maybe I need to start training for a new career.... Cheers, Whisper
  11. Sold This one comes with a bit of a story, so bear with me. I've always liked the look of unfluted revolver cylinders and thought it would be fun someday to have a Colt SAA with an unfluted cylinder. One day in the early 1990s, I ran across this one. It's a Colt Horse Pistol Special Edition -- a .45 Colt with 7.5-inch barrel and gold Colt logo inlaid on the top strap. Third generation, made in 1984. Depending on which reference book you read, there were either 198 or 250 of these guns made. There were two variations -- some had rosewood grips and some had ivory, and some had tra
  12. Might be too late for this to help, but I agree with RandyB. One of my nephews has a EAA Witness 10mm, and although I was never particularly interested in the Witness, I recently had a chance to shoot it, and that thing is nice. I had a Colt Delta 10mm when they first came out and I wound up selling it partly because I didn't think it would hold up under heavy use (something that was subsequently borne out). But that Witness handles the 10mm well...mainly because it's heavy as a boat anchor, but if you're buying a 10mm, you're not looking for a lightweight gun. Straight shooting, well man
  13. This is a high-back. Low-backs went out around 1974.
  14. Yes. Several folks have kicked the tires a little, but no one has pulled out a wallet yet.
  15. I've been selling off a few duplicate guns so that I an buy more, but one gun I'm having trouble finding locally is a Sig P229 in 9mm. These were abundant the last time I noticed, but now they seem to have disappeared from stores. Surely someone here must have one they decided they didn't love, right? I want the one without the beavertail. Doesn't have to be new -- one of the police trade-ins that were common as dirt a few years ago would be fine -- but does need to be in good working condition. I'll be happy to pay cash or trade any of the other guns I have listed on this board.


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