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  1. Their show at the Ryman on Feb. 22. 2017. It was the third time I saw them. First time, back in 1974, Dusty and Billy Gibbons didn't have beards.
  2. There used to be an IDPA club that shot monthly matches at Terry Walden's range just outside Manchester. I shot a few matches there when I lived closer to Manchester. I bet if you called him -- (931) 728-0223 --he could tell you if the club still shoots there. Cheers, Whisper
  3. Another session with mine yesterday. It ran well, although I still didn't bench it at 50 yards. Next time. The gun cries out to the heavens for a red dot sight, and I'm going to see that this happens. Cheers, Whisper
  4. I've had a 9mm version for an entire day now. First day of shooting went well and the gun was a lot of fun. Handles well. Trigger is similar to that of a 10/22 trigger, but it's better. Still needs an aftermarket improvement. which I'll give it soon. Easy three-inch groups at 10 yards offhand with factory sights. (I was mainly shooting pistols yesterday and didn't focus on the PCC.) I plan to bench test it 50 yards next range session. I had a takedown 10/22 that I thought was rather flimsy, and this uses the same takedown mechanism but it seems more robust.
  5. When I was a kid my mother used to make squirrel salad, using her recipe for chicken salad but substituting squirrel for chicken. She made a rabbit variant also. Tasted fine to me
  6. Target Sports USA, my favorite online ammo dealer, has a bunch of 9mm training and self-defense ammo in stock -- Federal, Hornady, CCI, Winchester. Prices range from .44/round on up. I greatly like the Federal Syntech 147gr for training ammo in mid- or full-size guns, and it's one of the types available. Free shipping if you buy 500 rounds or more. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/9mm-luger-ammo-c-51.aspx Cheers, Whisper
  7. Aggressive panhandlers assaulting your car = why you have a can of pepper spray in your door pocket.
  8. Update -- A new Holosun 507K X2 from a different Amazon vendor arrived yesterday and is totally acceptable. I'm a satisfied customer...but will never order anything from the Holosun Store again. Cheers, Whisper
  9. This sign was posted at the range on Monday.
  10. Yeah, I've said for years I'm going to go, and with this one being the last, I'm going to do it.
  11. Kenzie's Optics, one of the more reliable dealers selling Holosun products, used to have tables at the Murfreesboro gun shows, and that's where I bought mine back before the pandemic ended gun shows. Now that things are easing up, maybe Kenzie's will be back (and maybe they were at the show this past weekend -- I didn't make it to that one). Cheers, Whisper
  12. Rent a pallet jack and a pry bar. My wife and I moved two large Browning safes this way, and she's not particularly strong.
  13. Sig Sauer optics are actually made for them by Holosun.


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