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  1. Tolliver's Pawn Shop in Manchester had one, too, but I guess Knoxville is closer to you.
  2. For a gun as nice as this I'd probably try Ford's Custom Refinishing in Crystal River, FL. Won't be cheap, but guns I've seen from that shop are truly eye-popping. Cheers, Whisper
  3. I'd like for someone from TFA to weigh in on this. I'm a state government retiree who attended legislative session every year I was employed, and I never saw or heard of a GOA rep there. I saw several from the NRA (some were problematic, but they were there). Does the GOA in fact attend our General Assembly meetings?
  4. I don't know that they have mishandled funds. Their Form 990s (essentially their tax return) show that they spend zero money per year on lobbying. The NRA spent $4.92 million on lobbying just in 2021 (latest data available). But GOA doesn't really claim to be a lobbying organization. In 2022, GOA's total expenses were $10,698,495, and 16.2% of ($1,738,156) that went to salaries. Looking up their Form 990s year to year is a tedious task, but you can hit the high points on Pro Publica (Gun Owners Of America Inc - Nonprofit Explorer - ProPublica). Cheers, Whisper
  5. GOA spends most of its money on salaries and, last time I looked, there were lots of family members employed there. Little money actually goes to lobbying. FPC and SAF actually seem to do some things, and I give modestly to them. I've been an NRA Life Member since the 1970s and gave regularly to them until I realized that Wayne and his criminal cronies were looting the store. I am still a member, but I won't give another dime until all the old board members are gone and some new bylaws are put in place to prevent the type of corruption that Wayne established as a general operating principle. I always tell people to give to the state RKBA organization if they have one that's decent. TN and NC are good examples of states with effective freedom lobbies. Cheers, Whisper
  6. Welcome. Seems like we have a good number of members from the Manchester area. Cheers, Whisper
  7. SOLD Still slimming down the collection. Up for a new home is this Colt Junior .25 ACP, good condition, serial number 80xxxCC indicates 1968 manufacture. Checkered grips in excellent shape. One factory magazine. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  8. Let's bump this one up. Somebody must be looking for one of these. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  9. You'll want to post this in the classified ads.
  10. For sale -- S&W Model 41 .22 semiautomatic, excellent condition. This gun is a pre-1969 model (serial no. 77xxx) with cocking indicator and two factory magazines. Comes with original box. All yours for $1100, if you're a TN resident legally able to purchase handguns. I'm in Chattanooga but will travel a little bit for a deal. Not really looking for trades right now except that I do need a 2" Model 12 or 2" Model 15. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  11. Red333, I was thinking maybe you would buy it to protect me.
  12. Oh my, this is tempting. It's probably good for me you aren't closer.
  13. Yes, that's *mainly* who they're targeting, but it's the ATF, so if they can write a regulation that's wide enough to catch up more people in addition to the ones who are actually targeted, that's fine with them -- it improves their arrest stats, helps support the case that it was a widespread problem, and (like all poorly explained gun restrictions) has a chilling effect on honest gun owners who might decide to spend their money on something else instead of risking having their dogs and family members shot in a paramilitary raid.


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