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  1. Since you asked for thoughts on this situation, I'll share mine: Distance from disorder. HTH, Whisper
  2. Graith USA Specialist Wilderness Instructor 5-Stitch
  3. Sorry, that's not correct. Current TN driver's licenses are not REAL ID compliant. You'll be able to get one beginning July 1. An ID that's REAL ID compliant will have gold start in a circle on the face of the ID. https://www.tn.gov/tnrealid/what-is-real-id.html Hope this helps, Whisper
  4. Last bump for this one; I will take to Murfreesboro gun show this weekend. Also, if someone doesn't want all the magazines, I can sell them separately. Make an offer on the gun and however many mags you'd like. Also still open to trades. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  5. Actually, no -- I still have it, and was going to take it to a gun show, but there hasn't been one lately. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  6. Whisper

    Latest CC Setup

    As Garufa says, they are still in business but sell via mail order; no internet sales. You can check Gunbroker for secondary sales of T-grips -- Robertson's Trading Post right here in TN often has some in stock, and they do sell online.
  7. The SRO is right. Open carry of a knife on school property is prohibited. It was contained in SB1438 in 2014, but I don't know the precise sections of the TCA that it affected. It's practically the only knife law left in TN. You can carry a knife on school property; it just has to be covered up.
  8. It's sad to see the NRA getting bad publicity like this, but I fear it's necessary if we are to clean out the crooks and put the organization back on track and doing what it's supposed to do. Turn on the bright lights, open the books, and if the cockroaches all flee, the NRA will be better for it.
  9. It did. It got a limited release, about two weeks as I recall, in a few major markets. The part about Gault being unemployed and living with his daughter is one of the fairly few places where the movie varies from fact. Gault worked for the Highway Patrol after he and Hamer left the Texas Rangers, and he was still doing that when Hamer convinced him to join the trackdown of Bonnie and Clyde.
  10. My point is still the same: Why did you seize on this particular line of dialogue, from among all lines from all the characters in the film, and decide that this line represents the personal opinions of the screenplay author?
  11. Governors can have their insurance commissioners take exactly this sort of action. Of course it's corruption for a government to use its regulatory authority to attack legal businesses just because those in power don't like the organization...which is why the ACLU is supporting the NRA in its lawsuit against New York.
  12. The writer of The Highwaymen is John Fusco, who's written tons of Westerns, and the religious film The Shack. There are lots of varying opinions expressed in The Highwaymen, including comments by some characters in support of Bonnie and Clyde. Fusco wrote those lines, also. Do you think that Fusco is actually favorable toward Bonnie and Clyde? It's a screenplay about a series of historical events. Every line spoken by every character doesn't express the personal opinions of the author. So, can you explain precisely why you decided he's a liberal (I've not seen anything indicating his political opinions) and that he's writing out of total ignorance (from all accounts he researched the lives of Gault and Hamer carefully)?
  13. Excellent deal. I would jump on it also. Good for Kimber; it's excellent to see them doing the right thing for customers. Cheers, Whisper
  14. Now I really need to go back and watch it again....

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