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  1. Note especially the durability section and which red dots they report with "no failures."
  2. Whisper

    Sig Build kits

    Keep watching GB. Like Grayfox54 said, they have parts for the plastic SIGs come up. I've bought interesting things a couple of times. They're not on there constantly, but keep checking.
  3. I agree that a handgun is best because it can be carried at all times, but for most people needing a long arm for defensive purposes, I think a shotgun is best. While I understand the attractiveness of recommending a battle rifle like the AR-10, it requires a reasonable amount of training to use an AR-10 effectively at close quarters, and when you start talking about shooting people at ranges of many hundreds of yards, you're no longer talking about self defense.
  4. Maybe. Depends on how the election turns out.
  5. Whisper

    gun safe

    +1 on The Safe House. They also sell used safes and occasionally have scratch-and-dent sales. I'm a satisfied customer and would buy from them again.
  6. Welcome. I was a member of the DPRC in the 1980s, back when they had the old range inside the city limits. I moved when the current range was under construction.
  7. These are fantastic guns. I sing their praises to anyone who will listen. The best tiny .45 you can find. Somebody buy this one.
  8. Well, I'm sure the GOP believes it will encourage more poor people to vote, but I'm not convinced that's the case, and I've not seen any studies that support the theory. As mentioned earlier, voting by mail may increase turnout among the elderly, and the older the voter, the more likely it's a GOP vote.
  9. Let me get this straight --you're talking about selling ammo after you've already bought it? How would that even work?
  10. Nutjobs on both the left and the right are warning that the evil "other side" won't accept the results of the election and suggesting that perhaps one should buy ammo. Meanwhile, as Ronald_55 just noted, anyone who was paying attention has been laying up supplies for years....
  11. I think the full-auto versions have a pull start, don't they?
  12. A buddy and I were looking at them in 1978 or 1979, I believe it was, and they were $470. He bought one. I couldn't spring that kind of insane money for a handgun, so I passed. I should have taken out a loan and loaded up a Ford F350 full of them....
  13. I have no need for this little gun, but someone else needs to buy it to prevent me.
  14. All full boxes? What's our total round count here? I'm not familiar with the Remington bucket or the three boxes next to it. Thanks, Whisper

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