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  1. It's Fernando Lamas, who often appeared as a Latin lover but was also in a large number of Western TV shows and movies. He later moved into directing; mainly TV shows, I think. And he's the father of Lorenzo Lamas.
  2. Rats. Something like this always happens if I go a day without checking TGO. Congrats, Cajun. I hate you.
  3. Leaving bad feedback for welshers = looking out for the other decent sellers on the forum.
  4. NAGR -- Much talk, much demonizing of other RKBA groups, much claiming credit for work done by state-level groups, little genuine action. My opinion, and worth what you paid for it, Whisper
  5. I shot a little more than 7,700 rounds in 2019. This year I'm just slightly over 2,000 due to an illness (not CV) that restricted my shooting for several months.
  6. I saw this yesterday myself. Woman behind the checkout counter was defending the price to a customer who commented that it seemed mighty high. As a defender of the free enterprise system and the open marketplace, I don't hate gougers for taking advantage of the law of supply and demand when it's in their favor. Neither do I have sympathy for them when the tide turns and customers remember their friends.... Cheers, Whisper
  7. Garufa is correct. When S&W started giving their guns model numbers in 1957, the Model 32 was initially an I frame, but the .32 and .38 S&W switched to the J frame in 1961. The .22s have a different history. S&W didn't ever do things the easy way.... Cheers, Whisper
  8. Whisper


    I had one 10/22 that I bought mainly for the receiver, and I put on a new stock and ultralight barrel and had the bolt and trigger worked over. I think bought another used one that came with two stocks, and I gave that one to my youngest son some years ago and still had one stock left over. But I may be misremembering; I've worked on a lot of guns over the years and keep finding parts turn up in various places.
  9. Whisper


    My cleanup is continuing and I've found another 10/22 stock. Can't imagine where I got it. Wish I had found it before I sent those others out your way.
  10. That's the best reason for selling a safe. However, you might consider an alternative -- just keep it and buy another one. That way if anyone ever does try to steal your guns, he'll have to break into two safes rather than just one. Cheers, Whisper
  11. Buying a handgun from a resident of another state requires transfer through an FFL. As with all laws, enforceability depends on the awareness of relevant officials.
  12. My prediction: If Biden is elected, no one will ever see ammo prices lower than they are today.
  13. Thanks. I love the old Bodyguard revolvers and would probably have had to jump on one.
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