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  1. Best gun shops in Murfreesboro are On Target and the Outpost Armory, although they're in the category of new and shiny rather than old and dusty. Both places do get some interesting used guns once in a while. Cheers, Whisper
  2. Being towed by a vehicle with an internal combusion engine?
  3. That's a question that's been raised a lot. The gas tax goes to support highway construction and maintenance, and as electric cars gain more market share, gas tax funding for highways will shrink. You can bet that the government will want to find a way to replace that lost revenue....
  4. Rats, too slow. You step away from the computer for a couple of hours.... Cheers, Whisper
  5. I'm moving two SIGs out of the safe to new homes where they'll get more use than I'm giving them. Offered for sale to TN resident legally able to purchase handguns. I'll drive a reasonable distance from Chattanooga. First up is a SIG P220, made in West Germany. Comes with two standard capacity OEM magazines, two 10-round SIG magazines with spacers, and one no-name 10-round magazine. Also has the Hogue rubber grips that it was wearing when I bought the gun, plus some much nicer Hogue G-10 grips. $800. Next is a SIG P226 Navy, lightly used in original box with all goodies and with three OEM magazines. Along with it comes a brand new (never mounted on a frame) SIG P226 upper (complete slide with barrel and recoil assembly with suppressor-height sights, and factory cut for SIG red dot sight). I had planned to mount a red dot on the spare upper and have a double-upper setup, but I must have gotten distracted by a bright shiny object because I never followed through on the project and am now on to something else. $1200. Will consider trades (currently looking for more HK handguns). Thanks for looking, Whisper
  6. I know what you mean. I had three kids and was tempted several times to sell off a couple of them. Now that they're grown, it's too late. Nice gun. Wish I had that kind of spare money sitting around....
  7. If you were a cop, and you knew that admitting to a negligent discharge would result in a suspension or loss of your job, wouldn't you blame that lousy gun and/or the administration that forced you to carry it?
  8. P365 for sure. Cheers, Whisper
  9. I love the SIG P365XL, and when SIG introduced the Macro, I liked the extra grip size and magazine capacity, but I didn't care for the questionable "compensator," so I decided to use the XL upper assembly with a Macro grip module and magazines. After shooting it a while, I liked the extra capacity, but discovered that the larger grip module didn't improve my draw time or my scores when compared to my XL with the Wilson Combat grip module. So I'm selling the parts that make the Macro. EDITED: The two magazines and the holster are gone. I still have remaining the lightly used grip module with spare backstraps. I'll sell this for $60, plus postage if you want it shipped someplace. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  10. The AARP started as a marketing device for selling insurance to old people. Today it still sells insurance, but it also is a large lobbying organization that, while officially nonpartisan, spends tens of millions of dollars each year lobbying for programs espoused by the Democratic Party. And of course, more gun control is one of those programs. Cheers, Whisper
  11. As Luckyforward has already suggested, there's a vast difference between being "thought to be mentally ill in any fashion" and being "adjudicated" to have mental problems. I don't think any of us expect mental health workers to guarantee that someone will be free of any kind of disorders, but I do believe that someone who has been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution should have a thorough mental evaluation before being allowed to purchase a firearm, even if such an evaluation is expensive and time-consuming.
  12. We've seen a ton of them this year on Elder Mountain (Chattanooga). There's one on the bird feeder even as I write this. Beautiful birds, but you don't see them except for a few weeks as they are passing through. Cheers, Whisper


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