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  1. I have a metal box of ammunition. It says Made in Russia, small arms ammunition. 7.62x39mm L.C.B. non- corrosive, 640 RDS, and the lot #. The box has never been opened and has what appears to be a tax stamp on it, and the price stamp of $300. Offered at $200. Morristown/Rogersville area
  2. Crimson Trace Laserguard , NIB. Fits Sig Sauer P238 and P938. LG-492. $125.
  3. Crimson Trace Laserguard , NIB. Fits Sig Sauer P238 and P938. LG-492. $125.
  4. Glock 42 with Crimson Trace Laser, w/case. 4 magazines included and a kydex belt holster specifically made for this gunw/laser. $500
  5. Glock 17 rifle. All work done by a certified Glock armorer. Mech-Tech systems stock. Matchdot II scope 7 magazines & velcro carrying case. Light. $900. Original slide for Glock 17 included
  6. Stag Arms AR 15 Model 3G 5.56MM(.223 Cal) 18" SS fluted Heavy Barrel, Stag 3 Gun Comp, Samson Evolution Handguard, Geissele Super 3-Gun trigger, Magpul ACS buttstock & Moe pistol grip, Accushot scope, lots of extras, including 7 magazines. Excellent condition, not many rounds through it. Over 600 rounds included. Purchaser must have valid drivers license or valid HCP. I will provide Bill of Sale. $1,500. A neighbor stopped by to look at this, He said "This is a Lexus, not a Prius."
  7. Smith and Wesson Model 41 22 cal. Has Ultradot Marchdot II sights. Total of eight S&W magazines and carrying pouch for magazines. Comes with case. Purchase must provide valid divers license or valid HCP. I will provide Bill of Sale. $1,100.00
  8. Glock 34, 9mm, in excellent condition. Reduced trigger pull. Comes w/magazine and case. 2 Glock holsters included. Purchaser must provide valid drivers license or valid HCP. I will provide Bill of Sale. $475. This is a Gen 3 Glock, purchased new in 2008, lightly used.
  9. An Advantage Arms .22 Caliber Conversion Kit for Glock. With Cleaning Kit. The box says "L.E. 17-22 w/Cleaning Kit. Fits: Glock 17,17L, 22, 31, 34, 35, 37". New In Box. $200. ne Tenn, near Rogersville/Morristown.
  10. A neighbor who is very gun-knowledgeable stopped by to help w/my inventory and showed me how to turn on the Matchdot, which he calls red-dot. I am trying to whittle down the collection to guns of easy-to-load magazines. This Ruger fits the bill. I want to keep at least one gun to shoot snapping turtles and my neighbor said I could do it w/this Ruger or my Remington 66 rifle, which also takes 22s. I am hoping a 22 hollow point should dispatch a turtle. My husband used a larger capacity rifle, he wanted to get the job done. My neighbor is very nice, sincerely helping me. That being said, his terminologies are different than how I've heard items described. He calls Glocks automatics, while I refer to them as semi-automatic. When we talk(he is rather a good ole'southern-boy, no disparagement intended) I listen and attempt to learn/remember, as he knows where all releases/safetys are on most any gun/rifle I have.
  11. Well, the instruction manual did it. It showed me where to pull back . I had already tried this but lightly, this time I gave it a tad harder pull and, voila. The round was chambered. I fired the pistol, no recoil, great. I have a feeling my husband had this for a target pistol as there are some weird sights on it, Matchdot II. Now I have to figure out how to use the Matchdot, when I look through the sights it is a greenish tinge. I remember my husband showing me a sight onetime that when held correctly crosshairs came into the view. I do not know if this is the sight or not. More learning to do.....A big thanks for the manual and also thanks to others who offered suggestions. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out another persons interest. Oh yes, I cannot get the safety to move. I'll go back to the instruction manual to see if they offer any suggestions. Found it. The manual said the hammer must be cocked(the bolt pulled back, in my terms) before the safety can be put to On.
  12. As to 6 visible rounds in the magazine, I only put a few bullets in the magazine to try it out. None from the magazine went into the chamber, I am confident of that.
  13. Thanks. I am quite competent, I may not have the correct "terminology" but am quite comfortable around guns and definitely know enough to keep my finger away from the trigger and always point any gun away from people et al and to assume any gun is loaded. That being said, this particular handgun had no magazine in it. On the left side of the pistol there are three small buttons. The lower left one releases the magazine. I assume the upper right button is the safety(I use a SigSauer P238 as my carry, so trying to compare). I press this, try to slide it, it does not budge. The button on the upper left , I have no idea of its purpose. My husband had different handguns and rifles and I attempted to be knowledgeable but not using them from time to time I could not keep current.
  14. No, I cannot pull the bolt back. I do know how to chamber a bullet(I have a Glock 26). I have a basic knowledge of guns but finer points are not my area of expertise(they were my husbands keen interest). I am not sure 1- if the magazine is the correct one, though it seems to fit perfectly 2- if the bullets are the correct ones. I do have somewhere I can take it for answers to my questions, just attempting to learn on my own. Nancy

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